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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 22, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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but this is as close as they'll get to their classrooms as this is day 3 of their strike. we'll talk to them coming up in a live report. >>more problems for people with california's new real id how the dmv is trying to correct the problem. daria pulse of and i'm james fletcher we've got a a fun show on tap for you this hour i will give it all a lot. we'll talk more about that in minute. hot spots are no fight. >>clear but the name it's still a tough commute. it's recover and making all kinds of promises hears that way good weather so at least we've got that in our direction today, not just for your 7 o'clock hour either, but all day long a nice blue skies over the golden gate bridge
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were there for areas further south in the bay likes to know where you can see still a good layer cloud cover hanging out. so no san jose you held on to your showers into the early morning, but you are even now clearing out further south of the bay. so we're all entering the same boat very sunny situation for the rest of the day, 60's and 70's for your eventual daytime highs making for a warm afternoon down in san jose. i'm talking this favorable weather and how long it will last for still to come rob and i'm counting on this favorites back up to last hours it's already stacked up. >>the maze we've had no major issues us a lot of heavy traffic coming into san francisco right now as expected so the commute definitely underway. but it's quiet and we like that no problems across the upper deck but slowing across the upper deck to fremont street. so you're just under 20 minutes for your average. here's a peek at some drive times and i want you to take a look at the name it. we had a hot spot in fremont southbound it clear it was a crash and stevenson but it left a lot of heavy traffic behind so roughly 40 minutes from to 38 to to 37. one on
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one is picking up northbound 46 minutes, san jose to menlo park and getting busy on west for the contra costa county butano major trouble spots tame starting. >>thank you very much. >>happening now police are working to identify human remains found in the home of a 73 year-old man in san francisco who was reported missing kron four sarah stenson's on that story for us. >>live this morning from the actual home in the city sarah. >>yeah i'm live here at that home and belmont montae streets right behind me we're still waiting for. police who arrived they're not done processing the scene and that's why you can still see that crime tape up here at the scene and we have a police car guarding the scene making sure they keep it intact. so that theyccan get here and finish processing it. now we do know the fbi is helping the department with this criminal investigation. we just don't know exactly why it. those all started on monday when someone contacted police around 11 40 at night reporting a possible
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missing person that won 61 d-mont a street which as you can see on the map is the outer mission neighborhood of the city. now police found out that that missing man a 73 year-old benedict chain when officers arrived at his home they discovered human remains. they believe this is an extremely suspicious. that's why this is a criminal investigation. now the medical examiner's office has not identified the remains or determined a cause of death yet. there was word that neighbors were starting to smell something that i haven't been able to confirm that with anybody on the street. so far i did speak to one of the man's neighbors who said she did hear something take a listen. >>well we defense mail something. we just can't something phone 90's in the wall. maybe they filed. >>there's still a lot more to learn about this you know the examiner's office still has to
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come here and identify the body released that information to us and we also are still trying to figure out why the fbi is involved if they have you know a suspect in mind say the person that they're looking for in terms of who is responsible for this, but they do believe this to be suspicious and this is a criminal investigation will bring you the latest as soon as we learn more. i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah. >>also making big headlines today we've got teachers in union city now back on the picket line for day 3 of their strike. the strike is wearing on with no in the works travelers will tran is joining us live with the impact it's having on students. >>it's having an impact on the students because it's getting near the end of the year, so they have to do their finals. they have to get ready for college and obviously they have to worry about their education that students are expected to show up but over the past couple of days. james endure is just a fraction of the 11,000 students within the
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school district. you can see the teachers behind me there are parked in front of their school. this is about as close as they plan to get to their classrooms because they are still looking for their 10% pay raise here's wallace, one of the teachers here at logan high school. if i'm waking up this morning and i'm a parent. without being. taking sides but i got to worry about my students needs my sons or daughters needs what do you say to them because they have finals to take care of. >>i want to say first and foremost i'm a parent as well i have a child that as a student here in this school district. but i know that the highly educated teachers here have been doing their job all year long. i know that this is a disruption in their schedule and i respect the concerns that they have for their children. it is our hope. the bargaining team look at together and they will end
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this strike as soon as possible we're not even close to reaching a deal you looking for 10% the school district is offering one percent. >>and i know that i think that there's things that can be done and both sides say to be able to move a little bit we need to be able to compromise on certain things but the idea and i think the thing that is making people really frustrated is that the district wants to put this narrative out that there is no money. thank you so much will continue to talk to people actually see some students arriving off in the distance right there. so they're showing up but they're being taught by substitute teachers as well as the administrators and obviously not the regular teachers and the teachers they their union they're saying this is not an accident. it is a horrible time for it to them to do to go on strike as they said, but he gives them maximum advantage to get what they're looking for which is that raising the school district says we will try. but we're already thinking about budget cuts for the upcoming year. lana tells me that hopefully sometime today the 2 sides will get together and
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plan a meeting to try to end the strike this being day 3 back to you. >>news in the south bay 6 people have been arrested after a deadly stabbing at a dollar tree store in san jose last month and these are pictures of the suspects. police say the victim ryan rouse was chased around that store before being stabbed all of the suspects are from san jose ross's death marks the city's 11 stabbing this year. another big story we're following police in san francisco have arrested a man accused of kidnapping and raping a 74 year-old woman. the attack happened earlier this month police say that woman was walking near park when a man grabbed her and pulled her into a house and attacked her. police arrested a man for that attack he's due in court tomorrow morning. >>in the south bay, hundreds of demonstrators, san jose are rallying against abortion laws that have been passed around the country advocates of the group called stop the bans rally outside of san jose city
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hall yesterday carrying signs calling for safe legal abortion bans on abortions have been making their way through state legislatures all across the country last week alabama's governor signed the strictest abortion law in the nation yet. it makes abortion all of them illegal even in cases of rape and incest and that's just one of many bands that are prompting these protests. supporters however of the bands are hoping to undo the supreme court decision that legalized abortion. a san francisco father faces a year in prison after he admitted that he cheated the college admissions with the us. company that was set up by red cent rick singer here is the father he's in the middle between these 2 men here his name is august an as junior any pleaded guilty in boston in court yesterday. he admits he pay $300,000 to rig is daughters s a t scores a and he had her pose as a polo
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player water polo player. so she could be recruited her face was photo shopped on the picture on another athlete's body play. today one of 20 parents who've been charged in the scheme and now faces. a year in prison and the $95,000 fine. >>yes san francisco has gone from bad to worse over the years and many now are blaming rideshare companies like uber and lyft and now some city officials are looking to tax. you the writer to help fix the problem. city supervisor aaron peskin is proposing a 3.2 5% surcharge on every dollar spent with these rideshare companies paskin says that that would add millions of dollars to fix congestion problems. some riders. >>3% i mean that adds up especially if you are already wanting to tip the driver because they're good driver given the volume. >>of lyft and uber rides that's worth about $30 million a year which can be used to mitigate some of the impacts from the congestion.
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>>uber and lyft are on board with these new surcharges in fact they're hoping to get on the november ballot. if past san francisco will be the first city in the state to adopt attacks like this. >>we'll take a break a 79 coming up on the cross for morning news, real id changes for people in the state. we'll tell you about a notice that's being mailed out now to you you thought you had to rely the all taken care of not so fast. and the governor has a new plan to help with the state's homeless issue we're going to have a look at what his new task force will do. >>he was sam mama mama they go. >>after the break a california mother demanding answers after her 12 year-old son is detained by police and it could placed over his head will tell you what the family plans on doing next. and after yesterday's rainfall today clearing out really nicely some sunshine to expect for your wednesday, but how long will it last for your forecast account. >>and a lot of slow traffic
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out there waiting for you especially if you need to drive into san francisco are checking the bay bridge. the heavy traffic spilling back into t
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>>back at 7.13 or taking a look at the weather and sings definitely look like they're cleared up now totally really nice start to the morning. but it's going to stay that way. >>is it ok. are you questions of yet it is going say this you're looking today is definitely not a day that is going to really raise any hackles as far as any concerns that you may have for planning your afternoon. >>we're going to be looking at sunshine all day long looking at the east bay right now bright and clear no rainfall that's the furthest thing from what we're seeing across the bay at the moment, you could see some showers earlier on this morning in san jose those
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have since cleared out in from north to south across the bay area will be looking lot of this sunshine to carry us through the afternoon now come tomorrow, you're going to see a few clouds drifting in and the possibility of a light shower in san jose come tomorrow evening, but besides that the bay area also remain strive for your day tomorrow on thursday friday, even clear yet with dry skies and saturday looking pretty good to see our get spoiled the next couple of days. finally some mayweather to look forward to far as temperatures go upper 60's for many areas on the peninsula and then some 70's elsewhere in the bay like down in the south bay with san jose at 73 east bay, a range of numbers from the upper 60's to the low 70's. do expect abundant sunshine during this time really the only catch to today is the fact that winds are staying with us gusting as high as 20 miles per hour at times. so you may want to keep that jacket and your package you're stepping outside even into the afternoon as temperatures rise into the 70's 70's will stay with us through the remainder of the
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week for inland areas, upper 60's and some coastal spots come saturday night a chance of showers returns lingering into sunday morning just a few light showers look unlikely though come monday memorial day looking great highs in the mid 70's inland with 60's along the coast. that's a look at your forecast rob and how's it going on the roads it's pretty busy out there. john but i'm not tracking any major problems to the richmond center fell bridger's a peak was found 5 of the traffic you see it at a crawl. >>that backup goes beyond. through the tolls it's a slow down and then traffic on the bridge itself looks pretty good. it's just that heavy traffic here leading up to the tolls that you have to deal with so we're averaging 15 minutes and that's not bad into the north bay from oakland to san francisco long line at the bay bridge toll plaza as expected. it's spilling into the maze what it's been a trouble free so far coming in a little busy on the suspension the eastern span as well but open on the skyway and only 15 minutes after fremont street. so here's a look at some numbers and especially your connectors
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and and major ramps leading into the maze. they are crash. how did but not bad. the shore freeway 30 minutes crockett's oakland, 24 only 17 minutes much better than yesterday right for monitoring to the maze and then no problems for a 5 80 or the nemitz leaving to 38 to downtown oakland just a lot of traffic filling in heading toward downtown james. >>all right. thank you very much robinson 17 is the time. big story this morning a 12 year-old boy detained by sacramento police is handcuffed and then a mesh bag is placed over his head. the video has gone viral officers say the boy was spitting at them and that hood is a tool that they have to deal with people who do that the family though says the officers methods have gone too far bit extreme. joe khaleel has the story. >>this is the image sparking a motion outrage and possibly a lawsuit, a 12 year-old boy detained by sacramento, police
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officers in hand comes on the ground what appears to be interviews. >>my hands, handling them like oh my god. i hope this is not another tamir rice, the boy's mother latoya down says when she arrived on scene in this parking lot and el paso heights. she feared for her son isaiah's life. >>he was crying. he was sam mama mama they won't let me go at it know it was going to get edge a cinema set up outrage. i don't know what to do from police say the 2 officers witnessed this private security guard chasing isaiah and stopped to how >>according to sec. pd sergeant vance chandler, the security guard told officers the child of interest passing and stealing something isaiah and his family tonight. the officers ordered trying to protect themselves. and chandler says this bag at the heart of the controversy is actually a spit hood he says using it even on a child is protocol. so jake spit on the
7:19 am
officer. >>in the face multiple times and they put a spit mask on him in the video you can hear isaiah reference spitting on an officer. >>but the family's attorney marty harris says officers should have shown some leniency given isaiah is just 12 years old it was shameful i've been practicing for 40 years and never have i seen an adult. >>with a bag placed over their head. let alone a child. >>ultimately police never cited as first crime other than spending the boy's family maintains he should have never been detained to begin with. >>second the police are still reviewing body camera footage, they say they'll be releasing its soon to the public. the boy's family says they're considering a lawsuit now against the department. >>freeman is mourning night he and other shoe companies are pleading for an end to the trade war and american airlines is getting rid of oversize bag fees for some
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items. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hi james this tide are a good morning other dropping the fees on some of these things so this includes. >>sports music gear bikes skis surfboards so this big items like that those will be $30 now for domestic flights, a set of one 50 and those changes to go into effect immediately home depot upping its delivery game is says it will offer next day delivery to about 50% of the country by the end of this quarter. so what that means for customers is still have that same day delivery available foreigners place by 02:00pm in the next day after that time and a 170 foot where companies have sent a letter to president trump asking the trade war with china be stopped, the companies include nike adidas converse foot locker and skechers they've asked the trump remove footwear from the list of chinese imports to be hit with an additional tariff of up to 25% that proposed tariff they say would be catastrophic for consumers companies and the american economy live from the nasdaq, i'm djing
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>>many clothes, you think i can send a case. >>this. >>and a setback for california's high-speed rail will talk about the reason the state now suing. the trump administration over this project. plus if you think your sunscreen isn't doing the job. well turns out you're not alone talk about the reason why some of these products just part of the fda standards and here's a quick live look outside the bay bridge approach, yes traffic heavy in spots, robin update us on that. a little sunshine, we've got john travel in the weather center wi
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>>7.24 on this very clear start to the morning here in the bay you're also looking at clearing skies up in the sierra after some new snow fall overnight. look at those picnic tables there at the bottom of the screen. just a dusting there at diamond peak, but some of your mountain passes are definitely on the slick side. if you have plans on heading up 80 this morning, we'll stay dry. the rest of the day today on into the beginning of tomorrow a few beginning of tomorrow a few afternoon showers maybe even a night come friday some evening showers as well and that's potential continues on into saturday. rob. >>we have some slight us traffic on south one to one leaving nevado from before 37 continuing into sandra fail but after that it's going to be great continuing south to san francisco little busy coming in but not bad at all for the drive across the golden gate so your drive time is only 31 minutes, much
7:25 am
heavier here on a tease you need to use the bay bridge. you are going to be sitting in traffic from the maze 5.80 from 24 the east shore out of hercules from highway 4 just under 20 minutes after fremont street chains. >>thank you very much rob. a new this morning nearly 2 thirds of sunscreens on the market probably don't do. the job and are likely on safe at least is according to a new study which says that those sunscreens would fail new standards proposed by the fda. the group behind the study says that many of the sunscreens have a chemical linked to hormone changes in men and shorter pregnancies for women, another sunscreen just don't meet fda standards for uva protection altogether. we have a more detailed report on sunscreen safety on our website across 4 dot com. so look for it there. time now 7.25. more news developments on the go ship warehouse fire trial find out what oakland fire says happened. >>that night. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay.
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>>taking a wednesday morning things getting any better. yeah still hot spots cleared but the bridges are still very so it's like the bridges are getting slower than the major issues of getting better the weather's cleared looks pretty nice and these cameras cleared out really nice skies finally some sunshine from start to finish today. >>and we're going to keep that sunshine for a couple of days too. this is your look from alcatraz down a san francisco or conditions are nice and clear you do see a few clouds out there in the distance for the south of the peninsula, not really resulting in the shower activity though satellite radar showing clear skies from the south bay all the way through the north bay this morning and we're going to stay that way through the rest of the day so 60's 70's for your highs, really the one catch to today, let's going to be on the breezy side still so keep the light jacket with you i'm talking the rest of your forecast still to come robert. thank you john back to the bay bridge. one of our busiest because we have a lot of heavy traffic. >>heading in from oakland to san francisco he goes back
7:30 am
into the maze so be prepared for that it's on to 5.80 on to the shore on to the nimitz freeway connector, but they're all quiet. so no major issues are hot spots are averaging roughly 20 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. here's another bridge, the richmond center fell in traffic is moving up we across the span but just not behind the toll plaza, so this morning once again it's your approach to the pay gates at all stacked up and it's be on richmond parkway so here averaging roughly 15 minutes to make it across and over to one on one james started. >>thanks a lot rob and happening now the dmv is sending notices to people who may have faulty real ideas like they submitted all of it they got it back but turns out. >>not all the paperwork really all great and apparently it's millions of californians that effectively it. this means we all get to go back. to do we get to go best is yet be now and fix it christina a. guess
7:31 am
what i too am going to be receiving one of those letters which means i probably get to 8 and some of those lines. but actually so there are 3.4 million of us californians who already have are real i d and by october 2 first 2020 it is required that all of us do have them. now dmv originally tell the people who did have that did not have them provide a second proof of residence. >>residency which means that. now you're going to have to that's federal guidelines. cities letters are going out, but get this. do you have to click a little check mark. inside of that actual letter that is going to be how you do it mean to your mailing. i dress is cracked at that the point you then mailed back their prepaid on below the and that letter to the dmv and that will serve as your second proof of residency so for some you may not need to go in however they do say. depending on the you know case by case basis and your residency or if you've moved between that time
7:32 am
and getting your first real i d and now you may need to walk into the store so be prepared of that now and you do have a real id and you have not received one of these notices. go ahead and check in with the dmv to make sure that your real id is valid come october 1st of 2020 because again that is going to meet federal law that you do. that's all the information we have now but if you are looking for more information on the real i d the dmv does have people work here at the brick and mortar locations as well as online and will go ahead and get to those on our web story over a crime for dot com reporting live in one a creek christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>never easy at the dmv thank my is it me. 7.32 right now and. bush to help the homeless. governor gavin newsome and oakland mayor libby shaft fed just announced a new task force and it's been a few weeks since news set aside $1 billion in his budget to address homelessness across the state so the goal of this task force is there going to
7:33 am
travel across the state and find ways to address the problem. >>everywhere i go people are outraged, they're angry about what's happened or not happened on the streets. it's no longer coastal issue. this defines the state of california grass valley. meet the mayor what's your number one issue homelessness i'm in riverside. mayor what's number one issue homelessness. >>i used to be just in on the big cities and he mentioned other places and now it's the whole state that is having a similar problem. time now is 7.33. the problem california suing the trump administration over a billion dollars for the high speed rail project. despite the loss of money potentially project leaders are still moving forward with the plans to cooplete the first phase which would go from bakersfield timmer said the federal railroad administration though says that the progress or the does not me. the original promise for a bullet train from san francisco to anaheim. we asked the federal railroad administration for comment on
7:34 am
this filing it with the lawsuit but we have not yet heard back. >>in the north bay, a sonoma county woman is accused of stabbing her boyfriend during a fight. it happened at a home on skaggs island road. the victim told police it was his girlfriend, 40 year-old. dolly a court as a costa who stabbed him in the arm during an argument. that woman left the home then before deputies arrived they were able to find her she's been now taken to the santa sonoma county jail. >>time now is 7.34 and in the east bay, a former oakland fire investigator says that there were no signs of arson when she inspected the ghost ship warehouse where that fire happened 20 16 at but defense attorneys tell kron four that she told them prior to trial that she could not rule it out prof or special case that has the very latest now from the courthouse. >>defense attorneys questioning former oakland fire investigator maria 17 a woman they believe is civilly responsible for the ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people back in december 2016 they say they have evidence that proves she had been inside the warehouse years
7:35 am
before the fire he saw today, beginning the end. 17 he investigated the deadly warehouse fire and on tuesday. she told the court the fire started on the first floor along the back wall between a trailer in the kitchen, but says the cause remains undetermined though they found no signs of arson however defense attorneys to suggest the fire was started by arsonists say during preliminary hearings 17 he said she couldn't say it was an arson. >>what i see now is a complete different. her son. she doing everything possible to the you know prospect that this fire was caused by arson oakland building and planning official david harlan also testified on tuesday defense attorneys said elise that defended derick almena sign showed a different address from the one the city had on record for the ghost ship warehouse. >>they say this implicates the building's owners who are not on trial never had one
7:36 am
inspection never got one permit polled. and so ultimately if there was if there's any liability for these deaths because nobody pulled apart it should be family. >>we also saw a lot of pictures in court on tuesday, but the warehouse looks like inside just after the fire. we saw a lot of unrecognizable are these burned to break walls and a lot of debris in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>and kron four is following the go ship trial each day the court is in session you can also track major developments in a special section on the website across 4 dot com. that's where you can find witness testimony about the night of the fire including a witness who described the moments that he tried to save people. again it's all their kron four dot com or on our kron four mobile app. comedian dave chappelle joined bay area comedians in a push to keep the punchline comedy club from being evicted comedians were on the steps of city hall speaking out about the importance of the punchline the 47 year-old club's lease expires this summer
7:37 am
supervisor. aaron peskin says the board of supervisors has nominated the punch line as a legacy business and dave chappelle calls the comedy club sacred ground. >>this is stored wound throughout stand of time people come from all over the country the world. to play that little to and receive or michigan on the lane. >>it's very sacred place was a very special place for us is what we have. >>supervisor aaron peskin is introducing a zoning moratorium that would keep non nightlife entertainment businesses from moving into that building where the punch line is it's scheduled for a vote on june 4th. >>it's 7.37 and still ahead, find out how this dramatic. >>harvey chase took over the san fernando valley. and after the break video of a woman who crashed her car into a cliff and how she was able to survive. 450 foot drop. >>and it's the day we've been waiting for finally some sunshine after so much
7:38 am
rainfall so far this may a nice clear day ahead of us i got your forecast. yes, finally, hello, sunshine, we'll check in on the bay bridge traffic. the drive into san francisco very slow officially backed up through the maze now but very quiet also across the upper deck, so no major pr
7:39 am
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(vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ about to change. >>7.41 on this wednesday morning look how nice it is a sfo right now we don't have any delays that any of our airports really the only thing
7:41 am
that may slow you down if you're taken to a flight today is the fact that it is on the breezy side yet again winds will gust as high as 15 to 20 miles per hour, especially later on into the afternoon. sides that skies are clear conditions, nice and dry air travel should be great today. robin well for those of you who have to take 92 the san mateo bridge. >>be prepared for some heavy traffic levy hayward is starting back on the nemitz and then from the nimitz freeway connector to us 92 you're going to be sitting in this back up and it sticks with you by the way over to the high rise are averaging just under 30 minutes, the bay bridge traffic not letting up not yet still backed of heavily into the maze for that's exactly what we expect for this time of morning already looks better on the suspension and no major issues on the skyway really quick peek at the richmond center fell bridge just prepare to capping the brakes, wes 5.80 from richmond parkway to the toll plaza james. thank you robin. >>let's go to the north in our woman is in the hospital after her car flew off a cliff in napa county we actually have video from the chp when they
7:42 am
used a helicopter to hoist her to safety. that car turns out dropped 450 feet and it wasn't for a bicyclist who was in the area riding along that road and saw the car go off the cliff who knows how long it taken rescuers to find her but that my school is called 911 straight away. the driver taken to the hospital and is listed now in stable condition. take a look at this the coast guard also had to use their helicopter to hoist the captain of a container ship to safety. they flew him to a hospital turns out he collapsed the ship was headed towards your blunt island when that 54 year-old captain just collapsed right then and there. no word on his condition this morning. but it was considered a successful rescue from that container ship. >>is somebody to and coming up on the ground or morning was drake might be collins death on his cell phone. because the rafters are a little closer to taking golden state. jimmy g is a little closer to plan a real football game again as the sharks can finally get no teeth because their season is
7:43 am
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kellogg's raisin bran with bananas. two scoops meet real banana slices. i've done a good job of raisin ya. two scoops meet real banana slices. wednesday big difference from yesterday at the same time our shower activity was really kicking into gear around this times yesterday with some heavy rainfall pushing over the golden gate bridge. >>now this morning as just sunny skies and some really inviting looking conditions, san jose also clearing out over the past few minutes, she still have some cloud cover hovering over the south bay, your shower activity lasted through the early that morning this morning, sir roadways still be may be wet in a few spots. so no really clearing out too nice clear skies
7:46 am
overhead yesterday at the same time so no was also looking at some moderate to even heavy rain pushing overhead as for skies go they are nice and dry you do see that on your web cams on satellite radar and that's the way it's going to stay today skies will remain clear throughout the course of your afternoon now come tomorrow, a couple showers are possible just east of san jose possibly drifting down into lower elevations you see right there on into tomorrow evening. besides that the rest of the bay remains dry tomorrow and will continue to remain dry on into friday, too. the start of memorial day weekend looking really nice and comfortable some 60's and 70's today and that's the way we're going to stay but all the way through the holiday weekend ahead of us really the best chance of rain we have in this forecast are some light showers possible late into the evening saturday into early sunday, a memorial day on monday looking great mostly sunny skies and some 60's and 70's. robin all right, thank you john, no major. >>trouble spots for bay area
7:47 am
bridges but they are very slow and we also have some crowding on highway one on one too for people trying to get into san francisco, but first let's to the golden gate. i want to show you the traffic here heading into and out of san francisco actually 92 sorry about that backwards 92 west leaving hayward slow from the limits on to the flat section finally improving for you at the high rise, so right now we're clocking in et about 30 minutes to make it over to the peninsula that is normal and at least it's not raining. so this is it ok commute from the east bay off to one on one. now the bay bridge 80 west only thinning out for you car pullers but the cash payers and the fast records to lobby stock. this backup goes all the way into the maze all 5.80 24 the shore freeway, the nimitz freeway they're all jammed up it's 17 minutes to make it into fremont street. now back to want to live every job in north and south here both directions between 3rd and cesar chavez to 18 north that's going to be crowded daly city right after the highway one split through the once fled, that's pretty typical and then the 2.80 extension continuing to
7:48 am
downtown san francisco is wide open for you really quick peak at 17 yesterday. it was a mess we have to overturn crashes this morning. not so bad look for crowding northbound 17 north of the summit approaching the lexington reservoir. you think is stephon i show where bed last night with the kids watching the eastern conference finals. >>to see the words into play. the just like us. well 7 the matching pj's what's with that how many guys are willing to wear matching footy pajamas. i've never seen such an and this is why because he's a comeback taught to these pictures they will i know we have matching pajamas you know for the family. >>well, it's only christmas team won so that we can make a christmas morning. i know i want that picture picture okay guys will do that. anyway, here's what the fletchers watching last night in a matching pj's the raptors beat bucks in game 4 last i won 21
7:49 am
out too. so now the eastern conference series is hide so you know that drink is calling carry on a cell phone you up cover you. drake is he even though he's a toronto super fan. he actually has steph and key these numbers tattooed on his arm. the warriors do not matching foot seas that i have seen, but yomay have seen the meringue they're wearing their matching hoodies huddling around some random guy that stepped pulled over before game 4 in that win that sent him to the finals. now they usually whole around kd but you know he has been there. now dream. thanks that bad guy i is good luck. so we want some of the finals. >>my can you talk about who's good luck today. you guys enough i me down for the finals absolutely our couches today op-ed for the ticket myself. let's get together after this is over i ran about his flight to the finals. i have total. all he's a
7:50 am
reporter for the oregonian ok, here's the thing. around the guy they also have huddled around the ball and won't accept pulled a broom in. so are they going make sure that those are there right it's not a big dream was really going to know, yeah. when he says raym raym on is the guy who like a handle candles that sort of the handler. the san jose sharks. they can watch the nba finals and their footy pajamas now that the louis blues have put them to bed the blue is not the shark out of the playoffs with a 5 to one when last night and that puts an end to a. the series for the sharks, especially for a team captain joe pavelski who couldn't play last night because he was hurt yet again. the blues go to the finals for the first time since 9. gosh i'm getting younger every day. yes, there was born in the 1966 the last time that a team went to the nba finals. 5
7:51 am
straight times where this goes look good. goodbye all the 49 ers are back on the practice field and weegot our first chance to see jimmy g throw the ball since he tore his acl last season where you can erase. >>rob lowe made some passes in day 2 of o 2 i don't if there's a good but richard sure it does and he says go rock is threading it. >>well a second day obviously not doing the team stuff yet so i felt another step in in the right direction, but you know the change that coaches but you know nice plan to give the rest of 77 insanity defense safeties things like that it's it's good to be back out there and you never see honest opinion. >>i can just watching with the sound off waffle boroff of want that model. >>but you know what he's only played 3 games, right i'm not going to set a 100 bucks on a know we will see he is throwing looked all right got to keep the elbows in keep that spar a little tighter it really doing him a call give him a call. that's of us.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>>well a six-week-old kitten was rescued from a storm drain by santa clara county sheriff's deputy we had some help are all about it around or is the cat there's the whole had to go all the way down and there says a fire
7:55 am
help them out as well so basically woman was walking with her to that all right. this was yesterday morning she heard the sound coming from the nearby storm drain dry and of course you think all trapped in there so she called the authorities the sheriff's deputy. they came out there able to lift the lid get down to that drain which empties by the way the saratoga creek, so it's a good thing they're able to so kitty was all by herself or his own way. >>you know what don't firefighters usually have to do that the cats total san jose fire was there to help kick his at the tree, i just firefighters right that they're saying again the fire the cats just fine, they're trying take it to the shelter now so can get all fixed up and hoping find the owners the family that the cap alongs to have not. >>it will be looking for a forever home >>7.55 right now, we've got lots more ahead. following some breaking news out of washington d c speaker of the house nancy pelosi accusing president trump. we've got a live report. top of the hour.
7:56 am
>>and a body found at a home in san francisco have the latest software that initiated investigation stands this morning. we'll have a live report on that and bay area uber and lyft users be ready to pay more for your right to details on a plan to start actually new for that service. here's a live look outside at the san mateo bridge traffic seems to be moving along here all right robert winston. we'll have a complete commute check for you in the moment and then john tribal looking at the skies and the sunshine. we'll have his forecast coming up in just a little bit stay tuned. a cropper morning news at 8 starts next. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
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right in the middle and daria fulsome have. >>james fletcher yet midway through the week let's find out how traffic and weather looking for you this morning, how the roads midway through the commute was sort of holding steady it's no better it's no worse bridges are still packed. >>but at least on a hot spots are rain. all for a while i think we can all agree that least there's no rain or hot spots this morning. so this is a good wednesday. so far you're looking at conditions out there, nice and clear the bay area. >>san francisco looking nice and clear to not a cloud in the sky will you do have some behind the city but not above and also some fog, no fog sitting across the day either as for satellite and radar showing those nice and dry conditions that i think we're
8:00 am
all really get to enjoy as we make our way through your wednesday, 60's and 70's for today's daytime highs making for a warmer one than yesterday. winds are still present so keep the light jacket with know we get to go for the day. >>i've got more your forecast still to come robert alright, we're checking the bridges and they are still packed, let's take a look at 92, the drive across the san mateo bridge you see it's still moving in slow motion here out of hayward. >>over to the peninsula, not only heavy on 92, but spilling over to the southbound 8.80 connector to 92, so you're averaging 30 minutes here at the bay bridge things are quiet as is they've been all morning so no major issues just a lot of heavy traffic and yes it goes back into the maze but at least here in the 20 minutes to make it in and another bridge to richmond center fell from the east bay to the north bay backed of heavily at the tolls from richmond parkway but still moving well across the span. >>and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover up. >>the breaking news out of washington dc you just hea


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