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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 22, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>medium day we're halfway there let's see if. >>you're halfway through your commute or if you're slowed up in places i come in and throwing them >>king 2 lanes on 06:00am and traffic is at a >>a major issue for people trying to head north this morning coming out of san ramon into danville it's a crash at sycamore valley in the northbound direction they blocked off the 2 left lanes and see it we decided to issue a special traffic alert for this so it is crew calling from crow canyon. all the way up to the scene as they try and move this out of your way now the rest of the trip going north after the crash will be
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fine. >>southbound you have a lot of commute traffic but it's standing out, so we'll say 23 minutes for highway for 2 danville the bay bridge traffic pretty much looks the same i don't see it improving not yet if you want to use it just know that you're going to be sitting in heavy traffic from the oakland may's all connectors right of the eastern span. >>what will do weather in just a man we want to take was seen live with reaction has with the president. a follow up to me and we had a few weeks ago where we at read on that dollar figure well we agree on that the percentage of age 28 terms of responsibility and we discussed some priorities that infrastructure. it was agreed at that time that we return. today she talk about how we wage covers the cost of such a proposal. last night, of times
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time in between the president was making some sound son. we question how serious he could be if he s saying saying last night he put forth the letter saying that unless we passed the us mexico, canada, free trade agreement there was no reason for us to you know we couldn't go for it was infrastructures we didn't see those 2 s related. but the fact is i'm hopeful optimistic and seeing the necessity for big infrastructure. initiative for country. we and this period bipartisanship to find common ground with the president on that. just he came into the room made a statement that he made was. want characterize it, but i will say this and i said after he left. thomas jefferson when he was president of the united states. task his secretary of the treasury gallatin 2 put forth and infrastructure proposal for that initiative for the country. and we
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followed lewis and clark expedition of louisiana purchase it would be about it would be about showed erie canal. cumberland road things like that to build into america. a 100 years later. a 100 years later teddy roosevelt did his infrastructure. they'd initiative and it was called then at the of the national park service, the green infrastructure of america. we had hoped that we could give this president an opportunity to have a signature infrastructure initiative to create jobs to improve the quality of life a 2 to just do so much for our country and on an ongoing jobs created by building. >>the commerce it would promote. and that included a roads and bridges and a mass chances it out that broadband
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into rural america and other underserved areas. clean water wastewater all of the things that had known this needs a cash the american society of a civil engineer says it's in the trillions the deficit we have we're talking about a couple billion dollars. for some reason maybe it was a lack of confidence on his part that he really couldn't come match. and the greatness of the challenge that we have. didn't wasn't really. respectful and of that congress and the white house working together. and it just makes me wonder why. why he did that in any event i pray for the president of the united states. and i pray for the united states of america and please deal now to the distinguished democratic leader of the senate. shooter.
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well thank you. speaker, pelosi and to watch what happened in the white house would make your jaw drop. >>we democrats believe in infrastructure. we believe our roads and bridges need repair. we believe that rural america as wl as ier city america needs broadband we believe that to brinkley new energy around the country we need a power grid. modernized and update us. we believe in modernizing our transportation fleet with electric cars. we believe in all these things and so despite signals in the previous few weeks. that he might not be serious. we went forward we came here very seriously. the president asked in his letter last night where with democrats spend the money on infrastructure, i was prepared to give him. a 35 page plan detail in this. in all the areas i mentioned and more that had the broad support us senate and house
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democrats. we were interested we are interested in doing infrastructure. it's clear the president isn't. he is looking for every excuse. whether it was let's to trade first or whether it was he's not going to pay for any funding. or whether today that there are investigations going on below investigations going on 3 weeks ago when we met. and he still met with us. but now that he was forced to actually say how he'd pay for it. he had to run away. and he came up with this preplanned excuse and one final point is clear that this was not a spontaneous move on the president's part. it was planned. we are in the room the curtains were closed. the president there was a place for him at the front so he could stand in attempt to tell us why he wopldn't to infrastructure. and of course
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then he went to the rose garden with repay prepared signs that have been printed up long before our meeting. we want the president to do infrastructure. we want ever our congress to perform its constitutional responsibilities and create jobs create income create wealth for the average american we can do both. it's clear the president doesn't want to do. any of that. just add this one k that plea had a very distinguished delegation to the congress very powerful house and senate. >>as you can see. distinguished leader on the appropriations committee pat congress senator patty mister karr present the ranking member on the committee of jurisdiction that oversee some of what we're talking she knew all the chairs the ways and means committee in the house. our distinguished a democratic leader in the house steny hoyer the commercial german is
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he senate with sure stanley whatever the title is in the senate to it. debbie stabenow of a leader on all of these issues and her committees in the congress, ours are opposed assistant most people mr. and then a little high of a new mexico. i just english with of the house democratic whip of the house next to kyron. the chair of island chain share. this chaz but haitian infrastructure mmittee appropriate time to this discussion. mister defazio and and the top democrat on the finance committee and the united states senate 9 wide. so we came with with commitment with knowledge. but bush hope for the shared vision of creating this great jobs initiative for a country
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and spirit of front of president eisenhower. when he instituted a highway. interstate highway system. it was important for jobs and mobility it was a national security initiative and it was bipartisan lyndon johnson and sam rayburn. and president of the united states to light eyes and how we had hoped that we could do something a comparable. unfortunately the president is it ready for that thank you off all right so that nancy pelosi and the rest of the democrats reacting to the president trump's aside a news conference or as she says planned a news conference reacting to. >>her a statement earlier this joining us from our analysis on this we want to go to our national correspondent alexandra moen in dc so i like you watched as we did. >>the back and forth continues, and looks like the infrastructure, the grand infrastructure plan that
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they've agreed to in principle weeks ago is no more. >>great and it's been interesting to watch this all play out because he could all see it come after speaker pelosi made those comments that the president was engaged in a cover up. asked do you think you can still just head to the white. hold this meeting with the president on infrastructure if not they have and then she walked away and still have headed there with leader schumer and others from the democratic party is showing that the president was pretty upset by. a lengthy speech in the rose garden. you know infrastructure has been the president's kind of key issue the one single thing that. said they believe they can work together. trump supporters. it's interesting
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to see the president call. infrastructure meeting, especially keeping in mind. that speaker pelosi did not. the house of representatives was going to begin impeachment proceedings. >>nancy pelosi go out. and say that the president of the united states engaged in a cover up now. we've had a house investigation. we have senate investigations. we have investigations like nobody's ever had before there's nothing we did nothing wrong. they would have loved to have said we. they would have loved it these people were out. was committed on the other side. this whole thing was a take down. at the president of the united states. >>president trump also at i did that he is the most
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transparent president in the history of this country and said i do not do cover ups. so clearly a moment of tension here we're going continue to watch as this plays out. that infrastructure meeting called out called off. we'll continue to monitor the events on capitol hill but things really are getting. he did here as many democrats in congress now continued to call for the president's impeachment. >>all right, thanks on alex see >>anything can get done between now and the
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again major up to 20 minutes from the east bay all the space station's. >>heading to sfo millbrae and daly city so plan ahead earlier issues resolved medical emergencies equipment problems all of that combined led to that delay so they are trying to recover, but you've been warned to leave as early as you can same for 6.80 northbound 6 80 at sycamore valley as you work your way from san ramon to danville there's an accident. the 2 left lanes are blocked so we have a traffic alert in place from chp they're working on moving this off to the side that you see it's crawling there right up to the scene backed up about one exit or so and then southbound secure new direction its standing out so we call that moderate crowding 19 minutes my way for out to danville so southbound traffic is improving i don't see a huge improvement yet behind the bay bridge toll plaza. it is still stacked up from the maze but it is getting better on the suspension as you head toward downtown so overall this is not bad and at least it's very quiet into san francisco. here's a great
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commute 5.82 the richmond center fell bridge. delay free and wide open 8 minutes from the tolls to one oh one john. >>well robin wide open in the skies to not too many clouds blocking out your view of that sunshine this morning regardless of where you're at the bay berkeley looks beautiful and clear satellite radar showing in just the same so traded in those showers for a couple of dry days ahead of us tomorrow afternoon. you may see just a couple of afternoon showers down in the south bay, but besides that tomorrow remains tried to come friday more dry conditions to expect well areas towards the central valley and then eventually on up into the sierra to look at a mix of rain thunderstorms and snow fall, the bay canada jing, most of that rainfall potential so we are on a drier note, the next few days and that will be great for any outdoor plans you have 40's are rather 60's 70's for your highs today. thank goodness, it's not the 40's that is not may like 70's continue tomorrow on into friday, a bit cooler into saturday, a few showers possible early sunday, the memorial day looking great.
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>>time now to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us to talk about serious stuff, but also fun stuff. israel. i want to talk a bit about stranger things season 3 coming out this summer and i guess they're doing will tie in with coke that little 80's nostalgia coming, but although maybe not so nostalgic for some because we're talking little car key lesson little advertising austin for sure 34 years ago as a much younger man but i remember when coca-cola change their secret formula. >>and introduce something called new cocos available for 79 day overall. was kind of sleep. long story short the new stranger things and we sat in the same time period 1985, new coke is considered the at soul of the soda world, i'm going to reintroduce that which i think is brilliant because it'll be just al tickle be able to show it to my kids and i go what is this. the 3rd season set in the 80's is getting ready to coca cola angered and this is the marquee lesson don't change
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what's working coca cola angered soda drinkers with a new version the drink. fear not now though if you want to get some the new coke you don't have hoard the old coke because it's going to be available for the limited time. and you'll be able to get online which is kind of fun. you can get upside down vending machine which replicate something from the show i'm not quite sure why. but have your to be able to go coca-cola store and be able to order the cans be kind of a stout take i'm not in a style that kind of guy but it shows the bible s now with making advertising partnerships because here i am promoting netflix's stranger things but it also shows you that like they made a major mistake in a fixed it. it only took 79 days to fix it. but they did fix it stranger things and coca cola new coke, all of the bill out there for you all right well speaking of branding it a door saying, yes that's i on williamson, the. >>basketball feed on that everybody's watching here at the nba draft and when it comes to endorsement deals. he's probably going to rack up a pretty big one.
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>>and it's pretty interesting to know that endorsement deals don't typically work out for the companies, duke star zion williams and he's going to go to new orleans pelicans i assume i'm not a basketball analyst eyes are on taken a from me a basketball, but the 6 foot 7 is a power for he famously blew through a nike sneaker last year making made him a custom sneakers. >>maybe making a relationship with them and given the edge over adidas. >>or mom or chinese sneaker brand lake. lee mean or on top they're all be trying to land him. there is no brand loyalty it's all about show me the money roger federer or get nike and he jumped into a 10 year deal with you know glow so it happens. kevin duran he's got to deal with nike. he left that deal for under armor steph curry he's like you don't want to visit week ankles. so he went own company. long story short these deals very very early work out for the shoe
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companies transcript nike deal about 8 and a half million dollars is i'm going about 10 plus million for 10 years $100 million deal. it's good to be ham and again it shows the power of the nikkei and the dos and such because they don't have to make money on the deal. they just have to get the brand awareness which they just write down on for >>all right then lastly will wrap up with a quick your question this one from alicia. and probably she wants to know how can i how could i stop supporting my post college kid how to get him out on their own in the financial planning world, this is a real issue people are posts pushing off their own retirement to let their kids left for them in their 20's slim their 30's and such. >>here's some options for you give them an allowance i know that sounds crazy give them a big chunk of change to cover a year not months and months kind of wean them off that i needed every month come back to you. consider things like come. lynn dean, if you can help them with a car that they have to pay back a low interest rate maybe a boomerang twist where they live with you, the charge them a little bit of red but not a lot of rent. discuss things
9:22 am
like emergency funds that's super important good credit. you have a lot of lessons to pass on your kids are still living with you in your 20's and into their 30's. one thing you can't do is bust your retirement because when you retired they may not give you a place to live like you're giving them a place to live right now. >>all right rob, thank you as always keep those questions flowing you can e-mail rob directly fight about facebook twitter and of course on our kron four do
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>>to the kron four morning news bart is recovering from earlier issues there was a medical emergency on one particular train. it's been cleared. and so they are still behind schedule this morning that's causing delays up to 20 minutes as they try to recover from all the space station's to downtown san francisco sfo. millbrae and daly city so once again the issue was resolved trains are moving. but they are 20 minutes late so make sure you plan ahead also tracking a hot spot on northbound 6.80 it's at sycamore valley we have this crash in your left lane. it's in blocking since a 26 this morning so they are still working on it for fear for a lot of heavy traffic from right before crow canyon through the scene john. >>well robin skies really clear announced today compared to what we've gotten used to it seems like just so far this month may has been historically wet. but now you've got some sunshine finally in a dry day ahead of us, not just for san francisco, but all across the bay area. temperatures are much different than they were at the same point yesterday but that'll change as the sun
9:26 am
continues to rise higher in the horizon and you get some of that daytime heating we're going to look at numbers this afternoon a lot warmer than what we had yesterday right now it's 50's 60's later today, it's 60's and 70's daria. >>thanks a lot 9 26 in new this morning, california lawmakers want teenagers to get more sleep. so the state senate has passed a bill that would require high schools, not to start classes before 08:30am that would be the earliest california's pta and others are behind that bill which now goes to the assembly because studies show that teens are healthier and they perform better at school when they have more sleep but there are opponents who say that this you know later start time
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>>and we are looking at what we had the hot. so really that's what it a crash on 6.80 blocking 2 lanes and we have a bar delay because of earlier problems there is a medical emergency on one particular train. it's clear to the trains are still behind schedule and up to 20 minutes, you know like what if you're going to the airport the >>and that could mean this is like all trains coming from the east bay into san francis guys the a 20 minute on bar delay versus like traffic is always like our exactly you will definitely miss your flight if you're not paying attention and planning ahead so once again. they resolve the issue was a medical emergency on one train that's gone, they're working to get trains back on schedule but still reporting delays up to 20 minutes from all the space station's to downtown sfo millbrae and also daly city so
9:31 am
keep that in mind as you plan out your commute. here's a traffic problem, a crash on northbound 6 80 at sycamore valley. this is left over from the 8 o'clock hour still wrapping up still blocking your too left lanes so it's crawling there from coral canyon all the way up to the scene there is a traffic alert for that one and the south and you're looking good at spinning out 19 minutes highway for to danville one more here is the bay bridge and yes, it's still slow. >>crawling from the oakland a's, trump. >>well robin skies, at least fear for your slow commute this morning just rolled down the window and take advantage of the time to yourself looking at that sun shine golden gate bridge looking good out there this morning as you make that crossing a is going to be breezy today. so it's real your catch 2 otherwise is going to be really nice may forecast. clear skies on satellite radar and you're going to see temperatures back into the 60's and 70's today, making for really comfortable one is it going to stay so dry in nice though i've got your details in your full forecast still ahead back to you guys,
9:32 am
thanks john. >>happening now police are working to identify a dismembered human remains that were found inside a san francisco home a home of a 73 year-old man who was reported missing kron four sarah stinson has been following this all morning live from san francisco. what's the latest. >>well we're really hoping to get more information from the san francisco police department about their investigation but still haven't heard back. it's been few hours now they still have their patrols here making sure that nobody goes inside the home here in belmont a street that's because they're not done processing. this scene it still has crime tape all over around it and we do know that police did go to nearby homes and they were looking for that security cameras. they're trying to get a good idea of what happened here and obviously we now know that these dismembered a human remains were found at the missing 73 year-old house that's the missing 73 year-old names benedict chain this all
9:33 am
started on monday around 11 40 at night after someone contacted police reporting chain missing. i've to this whole that won 61 d-mont a street this is me out or mission neighborhood they found human remains inside. now investigators believe the circumstances of this case to be suspicious. >>and i spoke to several neighbors. a lot of people not too surprised that something like this would happen at this home, not necessarily on their street but at this home in her they say that they heard a lot of commotion a lot of the loud noises coming from this home often take a listen. >>and in neighbors said that they could hear that night all night long yelling and screaming care. always one of the screaming outside. >>from several people in this neighborhood saying they heard loud bangs on the wall the next door neighbor told me that as well. people said the last time they actually saw ching was last week and we're
9:34 am
told that he was living here 2 grandsons and a daughter, but still nothing confirmed from police were still waiting on the medical examiner's office too tell us that they've been able to identify those dismembered human remains and tell us the cause of death how did this all happen. we do know that the fbi is involved with this investigation to what capacity why that's still major question in this case as well so stay tuned, work still asking those questions we haven't heard any answers back, but we hope to get those soon i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson crime for news. thank sarah. >>also happening now the dmv is sending notices out to everybody who's received a real id so far to let them know that. >>not so fast. yeah. there's something wrong and so that means millions of californians are going to have to take the steps to get a new one concourse christina tetreault is live in walnut creek and that may mean just a computer fix or it may mean going into the dmv find you.
9:35 am
>>yes exactly it's going to be one of the 2 so what the dmv is doing to about 3 and a half california and they're sending us a letter saying the you need to prove your second form of residency that something they forgot to do and the first steps for all the people of inciting the dmv here within the past year to get their new real i d so if you dr. where the people who do receive those letters. what they're asking you to do is to go ahead and open up the letter check a little box on there that says that your current mailing address is indeed correct send that back in and you sending that back in actually means that that that is indeed your second form of residency, however they do say there are a lot of cases where people argue are going to need to come back into the brick and mortar locations because you know differences instances, people moving people. address is not being updated if you're already in the process of doing something with a dmv with your license. that's
9:36 am
another thing if you're already in there they're going to have you go ahead and take those steps as well and it is a federal law that 10/1/2020 that you do have that real i d or you're going to have to carry your passport with you if you want to fly or if you want to go into any type of federal building now the department of homeland security they will that the people that started issuing out these real ideas and they were asking and they realize that the people the dmv was not asking customers for that to improve a form of residency. now also according. excuse me. according to the dmv they do say they started sending out these letters on monday and they're going to continue to do so through the summer and you have until the fall to go ahead and send them back. now the dmv also does have more information on what a real id is and information you need to take in order to get one if you haven't already thought on their website as well as here at the locations, reporting live in walnut creek christina teatro kron 4 news. thank you christina.
9:37 am
>>another big story this morning, the trump administration says it's moving forward with plans to evict undocumented immigrants from public housing, it's a move the administration says will open up much needed housing to legal citizens. but democrats are not happy about it. our washington dc correspondent raquel march and has more. despicable house democrats ripped housing and urban development secretary ben carson for plans to evict thousands of immigrant families from public housing. >>you will rip apart families and the throwing children on to the street. >>the new hud policy would have so-called mixed status families where at least one member is a legal citizen and another is undocumented democrats say at least 55,000 children live in these mixed that is homes. carson defended the policy saying the mix families take housing away from legal citizen spot that were cruel. i mean hard it said we are logical. >>this is common sense you take care of your own first.
9:38 am
>>carson says the policy is legal in argue the democrats should address the root of the problem. the crisis on the southern border, wisconsin republican sean duffy agrees i would encourage my friends across the aisle to but the mirror and say maybe we have to deal to prob carson says the policy will also save money and help get to a proposed 18% budget cut and federal housing programs, it's really a betrayal of these these. renters ohio senator sherrod brown says the trump administration needs to do more to help low income families of all types and the administration should be working with local housing authorities to provide more housing. >>not to deny people. >>access to the mix that is rule change is now open for public comment. and house democrats are considering a proposal to block it and washington raquel martin. quarterback jimmy garoppolo throwing passes again after his season ending injury. >>the 49 ers getting back on
9:39 am
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>>back to the crime for morning news still tracking some mark delays and its major up to 20 minutes. we had some problems earlier this morning a medical emergency on a train that was cleared for trains are still late son up to 20 minutes traveling from all east bay destinations. 2 sfo millbrae and also to daly city so plan ahead for that delay, better news for 6.80 all lanes open northbound 6.80 sycamore
9:42 am
valley that hot spot clear but it's still slow from crow canyon daryn coming up. yeah, yeah drake hold on drake is collin staff on the cell because the raptors are little closer to taking on golden state. >>jimmy g is getting closer to plan
9:43 am
9:44 am
>>and that will hold the phone drake is on the line but listed the weather for us to help or we need some during
9:45 am
don't make him wait no we do not. but what he had to wait for that those clouds to clear though finally where there is a blue off look and move very blue out there this morning. very nice skies over san francisco over the south bay as well, san jose looking for any inviting a lot more so than yesterday at this time. and also looking great living up to its sunday name after yesterday's rainfall as far as settle and raiders concerned there you go now looking at a whole lot of activity there. it's just nice and dry compared to yesterday's heavy rain at times. now let's work our way through your futurecast tomorrow watch this line of showers right here it will diminish but potentially roll through the south bay come tomorrow afternoon, the rest of the bay area looks to remain dry for today and tomorrow after that south began which that just a couple of sprinkles possible early on friday, but otherwise, the bay area is dodging a lot of the storms that the central valley and the sierra nevada are going to see in the days to come that bodes very well for us in the in the outdoor plans
9:46 am
you have to finish up the week as conditions are going to continue to be very nice much like we're seeing today, 60's and 70's for your daytime highs today making for a very pleasant one in a warmer one than what we saw yesterday the catch to today, it's still breezy out there so keep the jackets with even as we do warm up into the afternoon. oakland 68 for your high while the creek at 75 will the north bay not much different. a lot of 70's to be taken in a few 60's if you're closer to the coast. here's a look at your next 7 days. we do stay dry primarily today tomorrow into friday again. tomorrow we do see that chance of showers most likely for the south bay. other than that your best chance of rain all across the bay area won't come till saturday night into early sunday, otherwise it's nice and dry and pretty comfortable out there too. robin thank you john checking back in on bar bart's reporting a 20 minute delay because of an earlier medical emergency that was clear they're working to get the trains back on. >>schedule but that has not happened yet so you need to leave early and plan ahead. we
9:47 am
have delays up to 20 minutes from all the space station's to downtown san francisco. sfo millbrae and also daly city so you've been warned, we're checking in on 92, this is a driver crossed the san mateo bridge. and it's not about so earlier it was about 30 minutes now we're down to 20 minutes which is decent right so no major issues making it to the peninsula from oakland to san francisco. we're looking back at the bay bridge to traffic leading up to the toll plaza and yes, it's still slow from the maze and this will continue right through 9 o'clock into the 10 o'clock hour, but it's still quiet and still hot spot free so i'll take 40 minutes that's not bad. the richmond center fell bridge looks good right no delays here at the tolls it was packed earlier. it says one bridge that has thinned out nicely so 8 minutes from the pay gates out a one to one. take a look at what i want to san francisco are actually from the peninsula to san francisco. that's about a 14 minute trip very busy but it's winding down and then 2 8013 minutes from daly city to downtown san francisco. you
9:48 am
think is stephon i show where bed last night with the kids watching the eastern conference finals to see the words into play. just like us. well 7. >>matching pj's what's with that how many guys are willing to wear matching footy pajamas. i have never seen such an and this is why because he's a comeback taught to these pictures today. well, i know we have. >>matching pajamas you know for the family. well, it's only christmas team won so that we can make of chris was what i know i want that picture ok guys will do that. anyway, here's what the fletchers watching last night in a matching deejays. >>the route hers before sunday before last i won 21 out too. so now the eastern conference series is hide so you know the drink is calling carry on a cell phone. you up. cover you. it's all good effect drake is he even though he's a toronto super fan. steph and key these
9:49 am
numbers tattooed on his arm. the warriors do not have matching foot seas that i have seen, but you may have seen the meringue they're wearing their matching hoodies huddling around some random guy that stepped pulled over before game 4 in that win that sent him to the finals. now they usually whole around kd but you know he has been there now house dream. thanks ed bad guy i is good luck. so we want some of the finals. >>i can you talk about who's good look today. the eyes and finding out for the finals absolutely our couches today upper for the ticket myself. let's get together after this is over. i ran my about his flight to the finals. i have total. he's a reporter for the oregonian ok, here's it. well and won't accept pulled a broom in. so are they going make sure that those are there right it's not a big dream was
9:50 am
really going to know when he who raym raym on is the guy like a knows that sort of thing the handler. the san jose sharks. they can watch the nba finals and their footy pajamas now that the st. louis blues have put them to bed the blue is not the shark out of the playoffs and a 5 to one when last night and that puts an end to a. the series for the sharks, especially for team captain joe pavelski who couldn't play last night because he was hurt yet again. the blues go to the finals for the first time since 9. gosh i'm getting younger every day yesterday was born in the 1966 the last time that a team went to the nba finals. 5 straight times. when goes look good. goodbye all the 49 ers are back on the practice field and we got our first chance to see jimmy g throw the ball since he tore his acl last season wearing a brace. rob lowe made
9:51 am
some passes in day 2 of o 2 i don't if there's a good but richard sure it does and he says girl rock is threading it. >>second day obviously not doing the team stuff yet so i felt another step in in the right direction, but feel the change that coaches of the plan you just get the rest of 77 insanity defense safeties things like that it's it's good to be back out there and you never see all that stuff again. >>nike just watching with the sound off boroff of want that model. >>but you know what he's only played 3 games, right i'm not going 100 bucks on a know we will see he is throwing looked all right got to keep the elbows in keep that spar a little tighter really doing him a call give him a call on that service.
9:52 am
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fact that it can be raining all weekend into the weekend. i do think there's going to be a drop in visitors. >>as we get through that we will see a drop in aurora fall off and all the way up and told basically school gets out. that's when we'll see the big ramp up and that's something we're ready for and that has effect that is the scene that some or so. >>it's to shifting gears from one season to the next round follow these days and we're right where we like it >>you know maybe some warmer weather on the run.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>cops yeah, he's like ok, so don't and it's just so anyway. the dogs are ok. she was arrested and hop over this fence into somebody's backyard, innocent with her. >>even sir l a this was like an president made it an easy kind of a rough arrest and there they are damage to look at the 7 day with a fork and yes we'll finish with that we've got a look ahead here as we round out the work week heading towards the weekend don't forget. it is a holiday weekend york on monday i am so but if you've got plans to be outside should be great we're looking at partly cloudy sky maybe a slight chance and then we'll talk more about it. >>that was john between now and that but for the meantime looks good or you can just keep going because it never ends on kron on you got to get the app. >>go to cars. t need to sign
9:57 am
up daryn myself robin john we'll see you tomorrow morning.
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." she claims her husband is having an affair. >> leslie was pregnant. it might be joe's child. >> dr. phil: i haven't seen one shred of evidence he's have an affair. >> that child was not joe's. >> dr. phil: why do you need so desperately for him to be having an affair? >> i don't. i feel like my feelings are not being validated. >> announcer: is it a love trained? or a wife's delusion. >> there was someone in bed with joe having sex next to me. >> dr. phil: i've been with the biggest psychopaths in the world and they don't have sex next to their wives. >> dr. phil: today will be a changing day in your life.


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