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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 22, 2019 7:30pm-7:59pm PDT

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rumors to rest. >> you're stuck with me because i just signed for three more years. >> what's motivatinger to stay and was kelly clarkson's new talk show a factor. plus -- inside the hollywood romance we've been waiting for. >> my friend leo here. >> brad and leo's love fest in cannes and the awkward question that nearly ruined their movie moment. then -- abby lee miller on her life in prison. >> it was really bad. >> her warning to lori loughlin plus -- >> you ain't never seen a premiere like this. will smith and the aladdin crew shut down hollywood for a magic red carpet. this is "entertainment tonight." welcome and thanks for joining us. >> brad and leo mobbed at cannes and things got a little tense and we got the star-studded story from france. once upon a time in hollywood, ellen hintd that she might end her talk show instead
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ellen has reupped with blockbuster new deal. >> 16 years is a pretty good run. you're stuck with me because i just signed for three more years. >> after a ton of speculation that ellen would retire, nope, she's staying. one of the reasons -- >> lamborghinis are expensive. >> money won't be issue. she negotiated a massive deal that includes ownership in her show and numerous projects with nbc. ellen is already worth an estimated $275 million. >> you know, i'll walk away really when >> "e.t." was with ellen a few weeks ago, starting september 9th she'll air back to back with the kelly clarkson show in major cities. >> i did give her advice and i want her to succeed. she's my lead-in, also, she's my friend. we need women out there and
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we'll see -- if she succeeds she took my advice and if she doesn't, she didn't. >> your show is sold out in 99% of the country. kelly clarkson tv show. >> i'm very excited. i'm like, really excited about it. i'm slightly terrified that people have that much confidence in me. >> we went back through our "e.t." vault and described ellen and kelly have shared a near-ver bat imoutlook. >> it will be good. >> it's going to when it's going to be. watch as johnover at her legend and blake shelton battled last night on finale. john got the win, was his celebrationless than legendary. listen what john called blake. but right now, brad and lee yo conquer cannes.
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the megastars are in one movie together and once a upon in time hollywood received a ten-minute standing ovation. there was one awkward moment as everybody wanted a piece of the star. >> brad, can we take -- >> an all-out brad pitt frenzy in cannes today after a photo call with leo, the 57-year-old actor stopped for selfies. then it was off to an international press conference where leo joined dicaprio talked about their sin mattic bond. >> it was a comfort to work alongside brad. >> i'd agree. it was great fun. >> the movie out the july 26th is set in the today's pressrence turned tense when "the new york times" asked trarantino about robbie's role. >> a great deal of acting talent
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but you haven't given her many lines in the movie, i guess that was a deliberate choice on your part, i want to know why was that? >> i just reject your hypothesis. >> i think the moment that i got on screen gave an opportunity to sharing. >> i'm in movie, i'm sharon tate. >> robbie plays sharon tate who was murdered by charlie manson's followers. leo's character lives next door to tate. powerful reasons audiences are so captivated by her murder. >> the movie beautifully address and can't wait to see this. the l.a. premiere of that movie will be late july. a star-studded affair. the will smith and the cast of aladdin literally shut down
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hollywood boulevard for a magical carpet ride. >> this is a little late-night genie vibes. you know, i was just feeling sexy by myself. am i doing too much? be honest. i trust your judgment. >> i'm going to taell you the truth -- >> how do you feel about that. >> we'll take a picture and we'll bring it back to you in like a year or two. >> jada brought her fashion game, just like will, she dressed like his character genie. the kids came out to support, too. 18-year-old willow was all leg and it looked protective dad will was not okay with that ♪ >> the red carpet was also a mini-fresh prince reunion. alfonso r ribeiro. tatyana ali brought her family.
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the aladdin cast just shot their musical yesterday. it airs on the late late show with james corden. did will bring out of those '80s >> you'll see them. >> all dangerous it's going to be there. we got there and i was like, this is actually dangerous. >> naomi scott killed her premiere fashion. her co-star, her stylist and even me. >> you're doing a great job. >> you know, if you ever need another job you got one. >> wonder how this one pays? >> kevin frazier doesn't hold my train. >> i hold a princess' train. when you see a princess you hold her train. but you're a queen so much more aladdin on the way. we'll break down the major
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differences between the animated film classic and the musical and who will smith mistook his co-star it's craziness. let's move on to abby lee miller. the dance moms star was diagnosed with cancer. before that, served time in prison for tax evasion. >> she can relate to hollywood moms in the middle of the college admissions scandal. some other celebrities who have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble, lori loughlin and felicity huffman. any advice in. >> a lot of advice. be open with people. if they share their stories and their tales of woe and all that, they'll be just fine. >> what's the worst thing that you would prepare them for? >> the guards. more so the female guards than the male. you don't need a lot of credentials to be a prison guard in a federal prison.
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and you know, you give them a set of keys and a weapon and they're in power. >> how did the other women in prison react to you coming? were they fans? >> it's just like any place i go. some people love me. some people hated me. one lady took the shoes off and. >> on june 4th all drama returns when dance moms resurrection premieres on lifetime. >> you guys want to meet abby? >> abby has been wheelchaired bound ever since taking chemotherapy. >> right now, we're kind of a plateau, i'm walking, but when i try to walk out my right leg to take a step with my left i just crumble. i'm dependent on strangers and
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kindness of other people so, i think that has changed me. >> still ahead -- the "game of thrones" spin-offs are coming. will arya live to slay again? we got new scoop. >> there's so much more to this bloody story. plus -- sorry, not sorry, why chrissy teigen is clapping back at fans of the voice after johnny's big victory. then -- >> she could be the next simon cowell.
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mint away from flip to flop to fresh start. hgtv's
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♪ i don't know. >> that's where i'm going. >> adventure in a spin-off. but i hate to break the bad news, three
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feature any characters from the original. >> it also means there's no jon snow. >> boo, hiss. >> speaking of finales the voice crowned the winner of season 6 last night. it was a legendary triumph! >> team john legend. >> more than 7 million watched frequent winner blake's stack crumble. john legend had to gloat a little. >> i really love blake. he's a very arrogant -- i had a >> she also overcome odds singing with a hearing >> times i couldn't hear anything because i never use an ear piece before. that was very difficult for me. >> after her win, controversy. cue john's wife chrissy.
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>> she was very excited. >> so excited teigen tweeted the winner info before the entire country got to see the show. >> we're on the west coast and we don't get to see it live on television. she was asking, when do they announce? >> after getting slack, chrissy tweeted an apology -- kind of. i'll will make sure that when my husband wins -- i will wait for each state and every country before i get excited. some winners struggle after the voice but legend -- >> we'll have your family all h. >> we saw chrissy teigen's life can be ex maelin comes over for dinner. coming up -- >> we're with the agt revealing their kids' big talent. >> her side-eye. >> from gabby's girl to simon's goal to make son a star.
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then, aladdin from then to now. plus, behind the secrets from the cast. how he accidentally shaded his co-star on set. >> it was feeling like a security situation you know. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ this season's america's got
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talent trailer. >> can i ask you something? why do i have to wear this through a voice-over. >> think of them as the new america's got talent avengers. a new crew but the same old simon. now, here's the deal, simon seems to have mellowed out since the birth of his 5-year-old son eric. when i sat down with him you could feel the love with father and son. being able to do things now -- >> i love it. i was arguing with someone about earlier on going to camp. i was like, no, i'd rher he hung out with me. >> he comes to the show, i always hope that one day he'll beoing what i have done. >> you want him to take over? >> of course. >> really? >> five years ago i would have
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sold it. >> you're going to keep it for him? >> yes. you end hopefully when he can take over. >> eric may be getting groomed to take over the family business. simon's mini-me is going to have some competition. new judge gabrielle union's new daughter is coming for it. >> she can the next simon cowell. her side-eye, she's very judgy. >> is this what we call a stunt. i don't foe if you saw the swimming video where a woman joined her swim class and she n.fused to swim. it matched perfectly. >> you people have nothing to do to sit around here hogging up the taxpayers' money. she's just very particular. >> season 14 of america's got talent returns to nbc june 14th. it seems julianne's not
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completecomplete ly leaving dancing. >> i taught simon how to shimmy yesterday. it is all in the shoulders. >> julianne and gabrielle have taken over for mel b. and heidi klum. >> will you miss mel b. and heidi? >> yes. >> you'll do other stuff together in. >> for sure. all right, let's get back to disney live-action aladdin. fans are wondering how it will pay homage to the original. we got the answers. last night's premiere, will smith confessed to me that he had no idea who mimi the guy who played aladdin was. >> i recognize him. >> the great one. >> so what happened. we're on set. this dude just comes up and he's
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like standing in our conversation. and i'm like, that's a bold dancing. in the middle of the genie's condition ver sags. he just stood there. don't hurt him, genie. no, it is not. hat. >> his castmates were more than happy to get jiggy with the geinie. >> yeah, okay. cool. >> will smith is a big deal in our household. my brothers never been excited about anything i have done up until now. ♪ a whole new world ♪ don't you dare close your eyes ♪ >> they grew up watching the animated classic. the big difference in their remake that's their voices singing the song and a more powerful jasmine has a solo. ♪ >> she's a feminist.
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it's a natural progression, you know, it's been 27 years since the original. i just want to make her human. >> jasmine also gets a bff who's not a tiger and a whole new wardrobe with nine different outfits. >> my favorite was the purple. that was really comfortable, actually. >> other changes to the live-action aladdin will's genie gets a love interest. and the villain went from a creepy old guy36-year-old. >> i love the f gorgeous. >> he certainly never took his shirt off for me. we trained together for a days andas inspiring to look like that. >> how does he feel as his new status as hot jafar in. >> it's flattering. >> you're viral. you're an internet sensation.
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>> i'm very appreciative. >> a hot villain. >> let me tell you this, to the london premiere he wear old sneeshgs and khakis. last night, jafar wore a tuxedo. >> there you go. it's all working it. up -- christina anstead talks about her new hom he's worked with on the outside in the niners in helping him try to get back into shape. but it's you know not just below it was jerick mckinnon didn't really get to see much of him yesterday he although he was out there, but he wasn't taking any drills that i got to and the niners as a matter of fact have. 12 players who are limited or not play at all in ot, a is so you
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know that's that's a lot of guys so i feel like there's i'm going to be a lot. you know we're kind of coming into this time of year with more questions than answers and it could
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- ♪ here's a story >> of an "e.t." exclusive. only one show can take you inside the very brady renovation revealed. >> it's now a version of the brady house. >> tomorrow on "e.t." oh, i want to live here. oh, my gosh. >> is keltie all right? keltie knight as you can see, absolutely flipped over
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christina's new home in california. that's where christina married ant anstead. >> interesting they're expecting their first childtogether. she got an update. >> i'm in the second trimester. >> were you guys planning, was this is a surprise. >> a surprise. pleasant surprise. i kind of just thought maybe it wasn't going to happen for us. >> christina's new hgtv show debuts tomorrow night. she's also still making flip or flop with her ex-. ant is happy for them. flop with her ex-. ant is happy for them. >> he genuinely feels that man, that's a cool looking hot tub.
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we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. >>now at age as we head into a new fire season pg any
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announces extreme measures that could leave millions of bay area residents without power for days. >>it was very hard to hear someone who was in the fire. >>reaction from family members who lost loved ones as a survivor testifies in the goes to ship trial for straightened out for a little bit. and then just slowly drove right off the cliff. and we talked to the napa valley bicycle is he's quick thinking helped to save a woman whose car plunged hundreds of feet off a mountain road. >>the gene is new plan during wildfires involves turning off the power good evening,


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