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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>after all these on for a side is really important that we come in parts of hundreds of people coming out to support the new haven school district teachers who are on strike for a 3rd. >>day. thanks for joining us. i'm can way and i'm pam or hundreds of educators are demanding higher wages and this time they held their demonstrations after school. >>well for skill and is live in union city tonight with the latest on this strike kale. >>ham another day of demonstrations. students and parents telling us they are frustrated with the school board a son getting up close and personal with the superintendent. what started
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as a peaceful march. did teachers students and parents demanding answers from new haven superintendent our >>he tried to leave through the back door but this james logan high school teacher talked him out of it when they called the meeting adjourned. he walked out like mike drop on down an and people were saying hey this kid is still talking his route. he should be ashamed of yourself. the bottom line is he said what can i do he's asking us what coming to us. it will number i know you can listen as the teachers union and school district trying to find compromise. supporters took to the streets, many of them in red showing solidarity with the hundreds of new haven educators fighting for a fair contract. i'm archean for students now martine for teachers new teachers, my daughter. >>want to become a teacher she's she's a substitute teacher right now in this
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district so i'm fighting for them and their rights because they are from our front line they are that they are educating our future and how can you tell me that they're not worth that i feel i'm. >>that a lot of media members parents teachers or sympathizing with the idea that students need our help and the only way to do that is to give them proper teachers that are well paid and i get the cuts that they deserve >>the teachers want a 10% raise over 2 years. the raise and a one-time bonus of 3% the 2 sides have been negotiatin in an attempt to find common ground. >>kind of got us to a better place we're going to continue that conversation tomorrow and it is our home by tomorrow afternoon will be in full negotiations in a statement the district says the informal meeting was a positive and productive step in the right
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direction, meanwhile, attendance was down across the district to about 14% whether students decided to show up for class. >>many of them gathered at william can park for a rally. then they marched over a mile to the district office right into a board meeting kind of bring home the messes something needs to change. >>in particular to board of education. >>the teachers union and the teachers at the school district rather they plan to meet again for another informal meeting with that county supervisor tomorrow morning in the meantime today was day 3 of the strike and there is no end in sight live in union city along kron 4 news. thank you gail. >>breaking news tonight, a deadly highway shooting in yuba county. 2 people were shot one of them died at the scene. this happened along highway, 70 south of plumas lake boulevard just south of marysville police say there was some sort of verbal exchange between people in the 2 cars before the shooting occurred. >>the victim was sitting in the backseat of one car when
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another car fired a number of shots. police are currently looking for the suspects but the only description provided so far is 3 men in a gold ford focus and this just in oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting in the 7800 block of well street that's in east oakland. >>officers arrived on the scene just before 7 o'clock tonight and found the victim suffering from a gunshot wound that victim died at the scene police have not given any information about possible suspects and they have not identified the victim. cutting edge technology for firefighters developed here in the bay area it's called see through and allows firefighters to seize through open. they're battling fired at them from san francisco came up with the idea he talk force taylor bus aqi and she's live tonight to tell us about it so. >>taylor, some of the technology is already been tested by a local fire department. >>yeah, that's right the menlo park fire department tried in the state to life. it's a game changer and it could be a life
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changer because during testing this technology shaved off minutes when they catch the neck to be the difference between life and death. >>our team of 60 folks as we're trying to navigate inside a volcano can see where we're going at present a hazard inside that active smoke-filled volcano nearly 5 years ago, explore sam cause men realize the need to restore vision in high stress hazardous conditions, not just for volcano explorers, but also for firefighters, especially after his own scare last year as russian hill home away was filled with smoke and there are 4 ladder trucks outsider. >>for ladders on the outside of our structure here, i'm with first responders coming to the snowfall conditions and trying to find i sell to save curay safely. and it really reinforced you're and the rationale behind why we're doing this. we saw the tools that they're using and i was right reminded again. how they've not really changed and you know 30 plus years reinforcing a project he was
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already working on called see through i pulled together this side this team of avengers and we came from very different backgrounds. >>we wanted to get a pull our collective skills to start thinking about how to solve the problem of senior smoke. >>in a essentially see through combines for technologies, including a firefighter mask, a thermal camera fomented reality and the mini computer. >>many prototypes and designs later cosmin and his team left it to the pros the menlo park fire district to test out last mixture straight to be able to. >>out this new technology that you think about you're watching a >>everything as far as you could see. >>from wall to wall in the room. >>this takes it to that next level you can use both your hands it was clearly the fastest that i found the victim and all 3 bureaus in comparison to. >>the traditional technologies that are currently using hand-held managers relative to see through. firefighters are able to go inside a smoke-filled condition find
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their victim and make their way too safety in one minute relative to the 5 minutes that it took them to use with the traditional technologies we're talking about shaving minutes off not just seconds 10 seconds even matter in this industry. >>team are still working on software for the see through technology. they hope to have it on the market in the next 12 to 18 months reporting live in san francisco tailored to sack econ 4 news. >>fascinating taylor. thank you let's take a live look outside tonight. we hear that it's partly cloudy around the bay area but pretty clear along san francisco's embarcadero but let's to have the expert explain it all to us now oh yeah well, you know really tricky pattern coming up over the next 2 days and it just happened to fall right within the holiday. so yeah we've got an air low pressure that's going continue to spin around of course we saw the showers move out of town today finally get that sunshine back boy did it feel good to see the sun and temperatures really just headed back to normal fact they jumped big time today as much as 10 to 12 degrees warmer than just yesterday all the showers moved through yesterday kept
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the school with that cold air coming right on the gulf of alaska today feel more like normal info good to 70 degrees right on the average there and caucus, 77 and 65 for a high today in oakland 69 in oakland, a 72 degrees in san jose 72 in little more so, yeah, some nice weather settling in although the showers trying to pop up again you can see some of that rotating around that area of low pressure look at that all the swirl here and this is what's going make this a pattern complex this last finding in the kick to the east only to be replaced by another area of low pressure that is going to settle in for the weekend could bring some more rain our way winds so not as windy as yesterday, although that sea breeze continues outside tonight, 12 miles per hour in a mill valley, 12 into oakland to 7 miles per hour less to and to hayward and the generated by the swells off the coastline. you've got the storms out there. they're generates big time served 20 foot breakers out there near the coastal areas so a high surf advisory continues in effect until tomorrow morning although it's going to be large all day long this is going to take some time for those wells has put
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some side. we're looking at partly cloudy skies overnight with some patchy fog along the coast line tomorrow, partly cloudy. there is a slight chance just a slight chance of showers in the afternoon parts of the east and the south bay that over the weekend partly cloudy too and i think a better chance of a couple raindrops specially into sunday. temperatures outside right now still very nice in the san jose 61 degrees 62 in mount to 63 in redwood city some patchy fog of 54 degrees in pacifica 57 degrees in the san francisco, 57 also in petaluma here's where it gets tricky. got high pressure here. it's trying to hold on it just can't build all the way across the west coast. that means the gestion continues to lag well to the south all the way down in the ball. this low is going to get a kick east tomorrow. we have some wraparound moisture that is going to back in the bay area possibly bringing a couple of scattered light showers over the mountain tops after that high pressure holds on but then we got another low the drops right over the top of that ridge, and it's going to settle just to the east of us again that is going to bring more that wrap around moisture back in the bay area and a chance of overnight tonight see those
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clouds are kind of rotating on through on and off and early tomorrow morning. that looks like the commute should be mainly dry. watch wh happens in the afternoon there you go you start to see a couple of pop-up showers. we may see a little bit more over the job will range in. well, i think maybe more significant over the weekend. we've got another storm system that is likely going to drop and by at least sunday bringing some cold air and some more rain possibly the bay area will haveore on that you're 10 to 10 coming up to 2 minutes. thank you. >>online that's what police are calling a 57 year-old peninsula man who faces sexual-assault charges tonight can the salmon tale sheriff's office says the jeffrey rams and use a dating app to connect with an under-age teen in san carlos, and officials say there may be additional victims. of course they are so has the latest on the investigation. >>astronomy. >>by force and then also oral copulation those are the charges against 57 year-old jeffrey rams 10 a man who authorities say used a dating app to meet an underage teen.
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ramsden is that accused of meeting up with that teen and sexually assaulting him on 2 different occasions. >>i'm so incredibly shocked and i think they may have seen him around take concerns me greatly this is a very family friendly area. >>ramsden san carlos neighbors were shocked to hear the news saying they are hopeful that there are any more victims. >>so the notion that he was living in and amongst all of us and interacted with other children perhaps not on an online dating site is quite possible and very frightening. >>i went to ramsden's home at the briton apartments in san carlos, but no one answered the door. the 57 year-old is facing 2 felony charges. 40's though say this is an open investigation and are urging anyone who has had contact with grams tinned to come forward. >>and we want to make sure that if there were any other potential victims out there that they come forward so we can get them the services and resources and they deserve.
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>>it is also important to note that rams than has pled not guilty to those 2 felony charges against him. in san mateo county jr stone from foreign to us. >>a big story tonight a missing person case has turned into a homicide investigation in san francisco. officers found dismembered body inside a home grand lotus joins us now live in the studio with more on really. >>as our investigation they indeed kemp and we started covering this last night as a missing persons case because a neighbor. >>according to police called 911 last night to report 73 year-old benedict touching as missing. officers however found a body inside chang's home on belmont street that's near mission street in geneva avenue close to 2.80. a coroner is now working to identify the remains neighbors say there has been some unusual activity and sounds coming from that home recently. ->those on fighting going on in the neighbors said that
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they could hear that my on my long yelling and screaming to care. always wonder who's screaming outside. >>weeks we just can't something 90's in the wall. >>the fbi has stepped in to help with this investigation. the police department has not identified any suspects in this case or a potential motive for the homicide, we'll keep you posted panic and now back to you. thank you grant, san francisco police say a 74 year-old woman was kidnapped off a street in the crocker amazon neighborhood. >>and repeatedly raped for hours. a suspect has been arrested and is due to make his first appearance in court tomorrow morning. force maureen kelly tells us the victim is still in the hospital and this been there for more than a week since this ordeal. >>so this was yet crime that occurred early in the morning, very brazen and disturbing crime police say the 74 yeaold woman. >>was walking on the 1000 block of prague street just before 08:00am the morning of
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may 10th when she was grabbed by the suspect, according to a court document detailing the crime. the suspect then well hey seuss on door drag the elderly victim to his home when they reached the door to his home, a pit bull belonging to the defendants roommate that her multiple times once inside the defendant proceeded to repeatedly raped her for 4 to 5 hours. she also recalled being strangled the suspect brought her outside where a passer by a good samaritan called 911. >>an ambulance took him to the hospital. >>police say their investigation led them to ahmed or according to the court records. the suspect who has no prior criminal convictions confessed to raping his elderly victim. he's set to be arraigned. thursday morning because of the heinous us of the crimes, he's accused of the district attorney's office has filed a motion requesting that he be denied bail. if convicted he
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faces a possible life sentence maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>daytime auto burglaries remain a problem in the town of danville and in one case suspects wanted in connection was recent burglaries were caught on camera using stolen credit cards, gone for sleep juggle shows us who police are now looking for. >>turns out what seems like a safe quiet environment, an attractive to criminals is the exact opposite the store for auto burglaries typically tends to be open ring the day. >>and that's when people are out and about people. purses backpacks and the cars and so you have to shop in the stores open and for auto burglaries and thefts from vehicles. that's a great time. >>shocked and police chief alan shields sharing these photos of 2 men and 2 women who literally went shopping after being connected to at least 2 auto burglaries reported at half muggy ranch park on may 6th chief shield says these for use credit cards that's a 40 stores in alamo and walnut creek after they were taken from cars
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parked in the lot near the dog park in broad daylight to these were 2 locked vehicles right so there they are taking preventive steps to try to make it as difficult as they possibly can, although shield says overall crime is down in is down from year to year. >>auto burglaries consistently continue to happen i don't lose my stuff in plain sight. but i duly stuff in my car just by a slump in chico and it's a lot an issue of their side gotten in the habit of. >>keeping anything that might look enticing and might try tech and they're my chairs i think that. >>safe than sorry she shields says that's all good advice just don't look like you're hiding something by the time you actually park. you never know who's watching in danville felipe should all kron 4 news. >>another big story tonight, a bankruptcy judge is allowing pz any to make million available to victims of the campfire and the 2017 north they wildfires. the money is
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meant to help people who are uninsured and who need help with alternative living expenses or other urgent needs. company officials say the money will come from cash reserves and will not be passed on to customers, a 3rd party will be selected to oversee the disbursement of the money eligibility requirements have not been determined yet however victims who are most in need will get priority, including people without adequate shelter. >>this as the genie says it will be more aggressive this year about its new plan that involves turning off the power in battle utility is calling this plan the public safety power shut off program and it's called for just the woman reports tonight, the genie is warning people to be prepared for the power to be off. for as many as 5 days. >>it's destroyed communities now pg e customers could have their power shut off during fire season, so power lines do not spark war flames, we do anticipate that this may happen several times this year
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just smith with pg need tells me the public safety power shut off program could impact all of pg knees 5 million electric customers, especially people the darker areas on this map which have a higher fire threat. lighter areas are at an elevated fire risk but because of the web of the power grid. no matter what where you are a blackout could come this summer the decision of when to turn power off involves a variety of factors, including the combination of red flag warnings low humidity, high winds and super dry conditions pg any wants to give a 48 hour notice before a planned blackout which could last almost a week likely 2 to 5 days we would. >>expect to get most customers back within the first 48 hours however, because some customers might extend beyond that we want our customers to be prepared for multiple day out. >>to turn the power back on crews will need to inspect every inch of line in the impacted area. whether that's
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by drone helicopter or on foot people seem to support the plan now all in the name of safety. >>i think anything that we can. boy the situation like there was. >>our customers rely on power. and we honestly understand that there are really risks on both sides of doing this and not doing this and we understand it what it does have the potential of a tremendous impact on our customers we don't take that lightly. >>pg e says the best way to find out about these possible power outages is to sign up for alerts we made it easy by putting a link on our web site kron four dot com. i'm just involvement kron 4 news. >>in national news tonight, a
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meeting that was supposed to be about the nation's infrastructure was cut short and turn into a meeting about impeachment president donald trump walked out of a follow-up meeting with congressional democrats. those supposed to be about how to pay for trillion in infrastructure. the president didn't like earlier comments mape by house speaker nancy pelosi when she said she believes the president is engaged in a cover up the president is now putting all legislation on hold until the investigations end and instead of. look it in happily into a meeting. i walk into look at people that are just said as that. i was doing a cover up i coverups i told. senator schumer speaker pelosi. i want to do infrastructure. but you know what you can't do it under these circumstances so get. these phony. the investigation is over with. despite the speaker's comments, nancy pelosi did not
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say that house democrats would begin impeachment proceedings. she's continue to say democrats should remain patients and that is not the right time now for impeachment of the president happening are in county man known as the american taliban is set to be released from prison after serving close to 20 years. >>john walker lindh joined the taliban before the september 11th attacks and was captured by us forces in the invasion of afghanistan. he was sentenced to 20 years, but had 3 years knocked off for good behavior. he will serve his supervised release and or restrictions, including monitoring of his internet devices also he will not be allowed to leave the country. >>place at the right time hear from a witness who saw a woman's car plunged off a north bay cliff and immediately called for help the grand lake is more than just a movie theater in oakland is an institution that people love ahead, we take a look at what makes a local movie theater mean so much to
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so many. >>and last year 52 children
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet.
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maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. >>last year 52 children died in this country because they were accidentally left in vehicles that got too hot, it is something that's now called vehicular heatstroke and today on capitol hill, lawmakers safety advocates first responders and families who lost loved ones car incidents
10:25 pm
all promised to work to prevent more of these senseless death as our washington dc correspondent morgan wright tells us the group is focused on actions. all care givers should take to keep children safe. >>i still have not forgiven myself. and don't know if i have the capacity to do so alongside his wife and lawmakers miles scarce and talked about his shame and guilt associated with a fatal mistake. 11 years ago harris and went to work thinking he had dropped his son chase off at day care i rushed to the car and take him up on the side window. short chase instead his son was in the back seat of his car all day i had killed my son. i pushed little boy. last year alone, 52 children lost their lives in hot car deaths in nearly 900 deaths have occurred since 1990 another 50 plus this year. last. parents do the right thing. connecticut
10:26 pm
senator richard blumenthal says there is technology available that could alert parents if they accidentally leave a child inside the car. senator blumenthal is legislation the hot cars act would require new vehicles to include technology that alerts the driver if a child is left alone in the back seat congresswoman jan schakowsky believes the warning should be easy to implement think of all the bells and whistles that we have in our car. you have to have a warning the perfect example. >>of something that congress can act on to actually save lives. congressman tim ryan says as the weather starts to heat up. >>congress must act to save lives. in washington. morgan right. >>coming up an update on that wild high speed are the police chase through the streets of la we're going to tell you about the dog right there seen jumping from the moving vehicle. another harrowing story almost burned alive hear
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from the man who escaped this deadly warehouse fire in oakland. >>but not without some serious injuries. and it seems to be the rainy season without and but could we soon be talking about some warm
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>>credible rescue a young woman survives after her car plunges 450 feet down a cliff in napa county the highway
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patrol says a bicycle us coming down that same stretch of road saw it happen. >>and called 911 from fortune while bellow spoke with that man who says just have to be in the right place at the right time. it's or straighten out for a little bit and then just slowly drove right off the cliff, it was just after 09:00am tuesday morning when have the bicycle is charles doyle says he watched a car vanished. >>you know very area totally quiet nobody around he was heading down the windy and narrow monticello road just south of wooden valley in napa. >>when he says he watched the car making you turn. >>but it was just like i said i believe it was turning around in the middle of the road. and when it started heading back down and never turned to go around the corner, it just slowly drove straight over the cliff. >>she immediately called 911 chp arrived 10 minutes later. >>and we could hear her screaming. i couldn't understand anything that she said that here so we knew she was alive. >>chp says she's lucky. someone saw her go over the edge because. really it's
10:31 pm
beneath this cliff is so thick. they couldn't even see her car. >>buy this 20 year-old now a resident carla hernandez zambrano. >>chp says her car was wedged against a tree and it took them 45 minutes to lift her to safety. chp says they still don't know why bruneau went over the cliff, but she was wearing her seat belt. >>and somehow survived with no major injuries. >>to the right spot at the right time that's about all you can say. >>and now but noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>a survivor of the ghost ship warehouse fire told an open courtroom today. he's done
10:32 pm
he's going to be burned alive imagine the terror of samuel maxwell escape the deadly fire but not without injury. he lost the use of his legs. >>he suffered brain damage and he had burns to his body are grant lotus joins us in the studio with more on is a gripping testimony grant that's a lot of his speeches also compromise can pan and with the help of a speech therapist today. samuel maxwell told the court that he smelled smoke when he was on the second floor of that warehouse, he says he saw that 80 people run for the exit and he waited for them to get down to the first level before he went he said he thought he was going to be burned alive while on the staircase which he said was poorly made. ben fritz is the brother of for al pines and pines is one of the 36 people who died in that warehouse fire. he said in on today's testimony listening to maxwell. >>and just you know how scary it was when the flames started 10 to know that my sister was you know. was was there for that and that's and that's how
10:33 pm
she died. >>we're confident that the jury can see the difference between mr. maxwell situation. he's in physically at his testimony. >>and retired oakland fire investigator maria 17 he returned for cross examination today. defense attorney andy stein asked her a series of questions throughout the afternoon like who assisted her in her investigation and what time she arrives in what time she left how many buckets of debris were removed, 17, he said there were no signs of arson but it could not be ruled out. the defense is arguing the fire was started by an arsonist but the cause of the fire has not been determined 17 he returns to court for her 3rd day of testimony. tomorrow, panic and back to hugh grant. thank you ron for is following the ghost ship warehouse trial each day court is in session. >>you can also track major developments in a special section on kron four dot com. there you can find testimony from survivors today in court
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including that witness who described the moments he tried to save some people. it's on kron four dot com and on our crime for mobile app. >>areas may be a little more difficult to fight and and a bit more expensive for the next week or 2 or at least until we get a stretch of sunshine and some warmer temperatures. that's because much of the crop that should be headed for the market right now is rotting in the fields. force raaf edible reports from watsonville. >>here in watsonville and pretty much anywhere fresh strawberries are grown the damage inflicted by the recent rains is not a pretty sight. as growers are assessing the damage and trying to move on. >>it's cracked through to try through because of the rain so we did. the rain has stopped for now, but the damage is done strawberry grower peter navarro estimates he has lost 85% of what was right after his 50 acre farm was hit with an inch and a half of rain last the skin of the strawberry plan is very sensitive to a any type moisture. so any rainfall is
10:35 pm
just kind of split wide open. you know cause right is just damage is approved. the ferocious here are filled with cracked and rotting berries which must be cold or cleaned to guard against the spread of mildew and rot to the green and still healthy fruit nearby if you don't clean the plan now they will also cause eventual stress on the plan so we just have to go in clean the plant out and basically start over. crews that should be picking healthy berries are busy calling the bad fruit. there is still some pre rain-free to supply chain but when that's gone tomorrow says fresh strawberries will be scarce for a week or 2 and prices will go up for a time these next couple of days are going to notice a less berries being picked unless various means in town right now is prime time for strawberries navarro says his fields can usually whether a little short lived rain but back to back to back storms here like this past week is every barry farmer's worst nightmare very
10:36 pm
frustrating, you know this is we were entering. this is the time him a hand the june when you get your best varies you know my size and. >>you know when your plants really starting to come in and to have this rain event and just set you back and it's it's it's demoralizing when you drive and you see all the various here that you have to throw away or. >>navarro tells me that some of the damage fruit can be salvaged and is headed for the juice market but with the extra labor costs. he says his bottom line will be anything to write home about this year. in watsonville rough lot kron 4 news. >>let's check in now with the weather talking about the rain and so on lords cardinal at the weather center. yeah i lild to kind of wind things not only just for the crops just i think for a personal health as we like to get some sunshine and we have that today still on settled out there you see more showers up in the sierra nevada and a few more snow flurries across the mountains are not done jest yet, here's a long-range forecasts and you see what's going to happen here low pressure that moved through the bay area slide in the
10:37 pm
south but still some wraparound moisture around that system could a touch off a few scattered light showers the east bay by tomorrow afternoon more showers in the sierra nevada more snow up there as well as we get into friday, not bad and we'll just see some partly cloudy skies and then the weekend we've got another of low pressure begins to drop and you see a lot of rain up in the mouser going camping out there be careful expect some showers and some snow. the watch what happens here. another area of low pressure more impressive begin to drop down toward the bay area, this is 00:45am in the morning on sunday and that sweeps across the bay area during the middle the day on sunday so be prepared we're going to see some rain with that system as it moves on by behind that looks like we'll get a little bit of a break for memorial day and then after finally looks like high pressure begins to take over. and our weather begins to turn. temperatures are going to cool down as we head toward the whole day weekend chance of showers on sunday dry a memorial day that looks like we're talking about some 80's toward the end of next week. they are a central valley status. allemand joaquin was back in the state capital today for the first time since march.
10:38 pm
>>after the president lawmaker was acquitted of misdemeanor child abuse our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us how he is moving forward. >>looking on to the assembly floor for the first time in 2 months assemblyman walking around the law is greeted with many handshakes and hugs felt as if there was a warm embrace for a colleague who had been missing, i wanted to be able to return to make sure that they know that i miss this place too. i like my job and like the opportunity to be able to working to fight for my community and felt good to be back to work. >>wednesday morning session started in prayer something around the less as helped him on his first day that i was baptized this past year and my faith has meant a lot going through recent experience and it has provided a bedrock for me and. >>just hearing that prayer really allowed me to connect rebalance and make sure i was in good place entering today's session. >>members voters with his name
10:39 pm
back on the board around bluff cast votes and listen to colleagues pitching legislation wednesday, the fresno assemblyman says he plans to come up with legislation as a result of his recent experience an arrest and trial on misdemeanor child abuse charges only to be exonerated in a jury trial. >>now i have an opportunity to provide a voice often times people don't feel that opportunity but those of us who are in government and have a chance to make sure that our laws are reflective and now all of our communities that's our responsibility as well moving forward around the less is expanding health care access is one of his priorities 2 of his education related bills will also be heard on the floor this week it's nice to be up here voting participating in making sure. >>that all of our voices are being heard here in sacramento. >>i'm alive said to address his colleagues on the assembly floor for the very first time thursday, sacramento, actually zavala kron 4 news. >>an intense and dangerous police chase involving an rv
10:40 pm
in los angeles yesterday and part of the video, a dog is seen clinging to the rv as it races down the roadway. another dog was inside. officials say the 2 dogs are now recovering from their injuries that an area say the massive mixi see here is doing well considering the circumstances, she went in for emergency care last night with significant lacerations animal control now has custody of both dogs and then checking for microchips to see if the dogs belong to the suspect involved or to somebody else. >>so it's heartbreaking you know any time we see the animal you know, thanks to sir, you know in trouble or certainly you know getting hurt, it's just heartbreaking she lets us clean her paul all she let us place the band is on her paul, you know, she's really she's really sweet dog. >>the police purse that pursuit suspect 52 year-old julian rainbird was taken into custody and to the hospital with minor injuries. police say she already had 2 previous warrants out for her arrest
10:41 pm
today is harvey milk day the former san francisco supervisor served as california's first openly-gay elected official. >>before he was assassinated alongside mayor george moscone in san francisco 31 years ago, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger established milk's birthday may 22th. as harvey milk day 10 years ago today, politicians and family members took to social media to remember the bay area pioneer governor gavin, newsome took to twitter to say harvey milk's bravery is another reminder of our commitment to demand justice and freedom for all presidential candidate. peter, the footage age edge who did shed rather tweeted we are forever indebted to him for showing the world what in out lgbtq elected leader could do. milk's nephew stuart paid tribute to his uncle saying your dream comes alive every day. today was most birthday he would have been 89. >>it is so much more than a
10:42 pm
regular movie megaplex the grand lake is an old-style movie house that filmmakers native to oakland have used to premiere their blockbuster films, we'll look at what makes the grand lake. so special. >>couple warriors players being recognized now for this flash shots before their defense mark has sports coming up. >>for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day. if you haven't tried caught on yet. here's what you're missing. today was bad some are worse. just over into the just over into the oakland hills. are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. >>are you really few cities in the nation have the special relationship with a local movie theater as does oakland with the grand land located near lake merritt the 1400 see theaters are iconic and the owner is feisty and a river progressive much like oakland itself. it's a spot for movie premieres and leisurely matinees but even more the grand lake is a place where memories are made. >>i've been coming here for quite a long time for something that's really grand that going and see a movie. i think it really evokes out of it was a place where we came on the
10:46 pm
>>use a very pretty cold. they told me the grand lake theater dominates one of oakland's busiest intersections when it opened back in 1926 it was a vaudeville house, this is called a movie palace and allan nice job who has run it since 1980 and who bought it in 2018 loves the land and grand houses of that this is really one of the great elegance survivors of the golden age of the movie palace, i mean it's sort of a. >>a french renaissance a interior which really great creates this is wonderful romantic feel to the room over the shot has spent millions on renovations. he says the popcorn has real butter his prices are lower and the theater does not show commercials just reviews. >>and on friday and saturday there's music from an old rule and before the show. >>imagination is buyers more of an enjoyment. it's not like sitting in a box with curtains
10:47 pm
on the wall the chandelier ys tiffany glass and works of art. >>people do react to the way the grand lake fields. >>it was more than and others. >>i just really like to see to a time. >>i love the on the outs of it i love the like you know it's just takes you back to the days when the gators were like the thing you know last year we had 3 major films here by local directors, those films were ryan coogler's blockbuster black panther, the oakland native also directed fruitvale station and creed sorry to bother you set in oakland by director boots riley. >>and in line spotting said in open by ravel sell all 3 give credit to watching films as kids at the grand lake from premier we just had. >>so much. karen and perry energy in the world and the ground like a star, like you mean that these are like that was your place that would ever
10:48 pm
let it be its full selves and the theater marquees took on more than movies in the year 2000 when the us supreme court stopped the presidential election vote count in florida. >>on that day something staffed within me. and i decided to put up on the marquee this is america every vote should be counted. >>since then the marquee messages take on all kinds of issues and give voice to concerns much of oakland cares about there was this this beacon being projected up all 8 on the marshy of this this massive establishment that we know in our whole lives like yes, the inner. it's writes a judge in as the messages and the movies come and go, but it is still the theater that in spite. they look at the amazing place. >>it is amazing the owner alan neish on now plans to work to get the grand lake theater place on the national registry of historic places and he's an interesting character. he quit school at cal, the open his first theater that was in berkeley at one point he had
10:49 pm
30 theaters now just the one he says he wants his family to carry on so that the grand lake is in oakland to stay and you saw several movies there is no doubt that the couple that man's titanic shed a tear inside but what a it's just the on the on sun just the feeling of being. >>it's not the eels movie plex yeah, you know it's there for one movie it's amazing it sure is all right time now. >>brought to you by making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>almost quiet in sports department without any playoff threw us off to an early way way what what's happening tonight, maybe it would have been game 5 for warriors blazers but the warriors took care of that. so now we wait for the finals year ago knows no a playoff games tonight baseball taken center stage, let's go to oracle park. the young giants fan enjoying her first game. top second braves. dan's piece wants it. they
10:50 pm
suggest some are just takes the shark deep to left center field gone for a three-run home run atlanta. gave up 6 runs. although none were burned through 6 of top 7, 6 to braves. austin riley hammers one to left this time off judge holland. another 3 run job 9 to braves bravo's win the series finale will be tomorrow afternoon. some the final stop of a nine-game road trip for half of their series in cleveland what a series from arcana top 4 days of ford's it can. double into left-center run comes in oakland takes a five-run lead second 2 innings later cana not john slaps a solo homer to right his second straight game with a jacket frankie montauk punched out 9 threw 6 scoreless frames age when 7, 2, winning streaks now 6. now to the war years here something to look for 2 before the finals the chance to practice tomorrow and we expect to have an update on kevin durant and marcus cousins until then the top story of the day centers on draymond green and klay
10:51 pm
thompson both earning a spot on the all-defensive second team. this marks thompson's first career defensive honor and for green. it is his 5th straight year with a spot on the roster, tying him with nate thurmond for most in franchise history. and the countdown to the finals continues game one a week from tomorrow either in milwaukee or toronto. since the warriors do not have home-court advantage game 2 will be that following sunday end of the series comes to oracle for games, 3, 4, which fallen a wednesday and friday looking for to it and the sharks. well it over another a missed opportunity for a stanley cup san jose season coming to an end last night in game 6 against the blues. >>st. louis won 3 straight to close out the series blues back in the stanley cup final for the first time since 1970. the sharks with the distance in the first 2 rounds left a decimated without erik karlsson tomas hertl and their captain joe pavelski what turned out to be the season finale we also have to feel for joe thornton a 21 year veteran who may have played the last game of his career. still without a stanley cup.
10:52 pm
>>guys addressed to to compete hard and. it's hard not to to feel responsibility is as one of the people around him aou know for not helping him you know get where he belongs in the long splaine for stanley cup and that's the disappointing part. >>well a check this out you are looking at former giant here we go let's go to the video where all every go that is cody ross former giant at the 7th hole at pebble beach. all it takes is one stroke, judging by the reaction. yes, a hole in one for the 20 10 at lcs and bp he was there for the us open media day festivities. the major begins june 13th. i think if i hit a hole in one eye. i would be celebrating for much longer
10:53 pm
than great baseball and the golfers what i see at a month fantastic. thank you mark. all right, let's check in with our. chief meteorologist about the weather all right, hey we've got various seeing weather ahead of it as it >>you're tenet and little rain maybe some temperatures in the 80's you know when you're at ross
10:54 pm
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yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. >>well we've had some very
10:56 pm
interesting weather the season. it's going to still be interesting. i think in the whole day right now catch a little break between the stormy weather low pressure that brought us the showers rotating further into southern california bringing some rain we down los angeles and san diego. outside right now we're still looking at a few showers over this year and that even some snow up there across some of the higher peaks drying out though into san francisco and that's what's going to stay for tonight. tomorrow could get a little interesting by the afternoon though as that low is going to kind spin around to the east of us tomorrow morning, the commute should be dry. in the afternoon maybe since a memo should get a little bit closer maybe some pop-up showers over the mountain top certainly to watch out for that then that we a quiet things down for the first part of the whole day weekend. the 2nd half though well that's where it gets a little interesting so tomorrow morning wake-up some partly cloudy skies temperatures in the 50's and the 60's by the middle of the day we get 60's around much of the bay and then the afternoon you'll see 60's and 70's inside the base 70's 80's and some of the valleys and you see the 50's and 60's along the coastline with a slight chance of showers in the east bay. so numbers are going to work out like this point about 80
10:57 pm
degrees should be a nice day and live more partly cloudy in the afternoon. that's when it gets interesting some of those clouds water back into the bexar 74 in san jose 73 degrees in the napa valley and 78 in santa rosa. all tended to him that as we look toward the holiday weekend. we've got warm weather over the next couple days read about the average for this time of year. then we cool down over the weekend low pressure starts to camp out just to the east of california with some wraparound showers chance of rain. i think a better chance on sunday dry on memorial day. and then the end of next week right now looks like some of those temperatures up the us, a way to got to wait a while it could be worth waiting for. a source. >>and good night everybody catherine keenan is on caught on and payment, sent off.
10:58 pm
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