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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 23, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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sunshine or a little more on how warm it's going to be hopefully warmer fingers crossed. >>so those fingers crossed paid off it's going to beautiful day to nice sunny skies calmer winds, warm temperatures. well, yes for specially after all the rain we had >>i my mouth's close on that asking for anything up for a i think we and make sure sure. >>after you've seen such a rain the past couple of weeks as for conditions health care all. we are seeing a some foggy skies over san francisco at the moment as a foe looking at definitely some low clouds that are just hanging over that. peninsula from san francisco down through at the moment. so otherwise, skies are nice and dry they're not offering up any chance of rainfall just a little bit of some low cloud cover that's filtered in across the bay nothing that's going to cause any problems this morning, your drive into work is going to be done with some relatively clear conditions. so nice andalm conditions winds have calmed down and take a look at temperatures really not all that bad either
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concord in oakland are each at 57 degrees fairfield at 56 pedal are at 52. in the north bay, a sizable warm up from the same time yesterday santa rosa nap and fairfield you're noticing that different stepping outside it's almost a solid 10 degrees warmer than yesterday when does a lot calmer than yesterday's to so all in all this forecast. he liked yesterday is about to be even nicer than what we had for your wednesday. daytime highs eventually scooting on upwards into these upper 60's to low to mid 70's, mostly sunny skies. well into the afternoon and talking more near forecast so stay with us robin. >>all right, thank you john want to check in on the morning commute which is off to a pretty good start to like what i see so far just a minor back up and some of the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that line just growing and growing, but it's common it's quiet. so no big trouble spot story about right now if you need to get into san francisco. you're averaging a very quick 8 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. piers
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92, this is your drive out a hayward over to the peninsula, we're checking the westbound traffic on the right because that's a commute direction. and you can see those brake lights really filling in, but no big problem so far you're averaging 13 minutes to make it from the name it out to one on one west 5.82 the rich and center fell. i don't see the cold anymore so they picked up the bridge work. we have one lane blocked eastbound and westbound this morning as it normally is during this time of morning. but as i said they usually pick it up before 5 and that's exactly what happened so you're looking good here on 5 80 from the east bay to the north bay. we're checking on traffic tracker looking at some more drive times may look good right if you take the shore freeway. it's only 15 minutes, heading west crockett oakland, 24 wide open on a wannacry through the call the cops, no problems for the macarthur but the drive time is on the rise for a 21 minutes from to 38 to 9.18 and then the minutes if that's your commute 11 minutes, not bad at all from to 38 to downtown oakland.
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well a survivor of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland says that he thought he was going to be burned alive, send more maxwell can't walk anymore because of his injuries that he suffered in that fire. he testified in the trial of the 2 men charged in the deaths of 36 people who died in that fire from forres michelle case and has the latest from the courtroom. samuel maxwell said on the stand on wednesday in his wheelchair using a speech pathologist to tell the court how he escaped the deadly go ship warehouse fire back in december 2016 he's lost the use of his legs has brain damage and burns on his body. >>in his lucky to be alive. he watched dozens of people run for the exit the night of the fire any testified he waited for them to get down the stairs first stairs he said were poorly constructed and just you know how scary it was when the flames started 10 to know that my sister. >>was you know. was was there for that and that that's and that's how she died.
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>>retired opened fire that's to gator maria 17 he returned on wednesday defense attorney andy stein who was brought in for cross examination by curtis briggs as 17 e a series of guest or no questions throughout the afternoon. i want to know what she did. >>she doesn't know what she did she has no she talked to 17 he said there were no signs of arson but could not rule arson out. >>the defense argues the fire was started by an arsonist but the cause of the fire is still undetermined the victims families are titled the truth. >>and they haven't been given the truth and the truth is that this was botched was bought from the very top. >>17 the returns to the stand for the 3rd time on thursday stein will continue his cross examination in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news and of course kron four is following the go ship trial each day in court is in session. >>you can also track any major developments in a special section on our what side kron four dot com. there you
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can find imony om survivors including a witness who describe the moment said he tried to save people it's all on kron four dot com right now and also on our kron four mobile app. it could soon have stricter laws when it comes to vaccinations the state senate passed a bill that would give state public health officials instead of local doctors. the power to decide which children can skip their shots before attending school. opponents say that the bill interferes with the doctor patient relationship. this move comes after the increase of measles cases 880 cases of the measles have now been reported across 24 states, including number of cases right here in the bay area. we're learning more about the rescue of a woman who crashed her car right off of a cliff and napa county. a bicyclist was passing by was coming down the road and saw it all happen 911 crime for bellow spoke with that man who says he was just in the right place at the right time.
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>>it's or straightened out for a little bit and then just slowly drove right off the cliff, it was just after 09:00am. >>tuesday morning when have the bicycle is charles doyle says he watched a car vanished. >>you know very area totally quiet nobody around he was heading down the windy and narrow monticello road just south. >>of wooden valley in napa when he says he watched the car making you turn. >>but it was just like i said i believe it was turning around in the middle of the road. and when it started heading back down and never turned to go around the corner, it just slowly drove straight over the cliff. >>he immediately called 911 chp arrived 10 minutes later. >>and we could hear her screaming. i couldn't understand anything that she said that in here so we knew she was alive. >>chp says she's lucky. someone saw her go over the edge because. only aged beneath this cliff is so thick. they couldn't even see her car.
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>>the fight is 20 year-old now a resident carla hernandez zambrano. >>chp says her car was wedged against a tree and it took them 45 minutes to lift her to safety. chp says they still don't know why bruneau went over the cliff, but she was wearing her seat belt. >>and somehow survived with no major injuries. >>in the right spot at the right time that's about all you can say. >>and now but noel bellow kron 4 news yes uh huh. >>as a miracle san francisco state university is hiring it's first female president and the school's 120 year history can you believe that holy holy there. she is it's currently the vice president for academic affairs at csu los angeles. so she'll be the
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14th president of s of state when she officially begins her new role and july congratulations. well the bay area right enjoying his fans to help in the fight against hunger metallica's lars ulrich joined his fans and volunteered at the san francisco marine food bank for the second annual day of service so for the second year in a row. but alec encouraged fans to volunteer at 50 food banks around the country. >>our social media reach all of different platforms is. find the right way to incur urged people to get involved in the things that they can do. make this world a better place. >>well over its also delivered a $5,000 check to the food bank that helps a lot as well. well international news house speaker nancy pelosi finds herself right in the middle of a battle inside of her own party, it's over whether to gin impeachment proceedings against president trump. khan
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force washington correspondent alexander le mon has the latest on the political challenges facing democrat. >>democrats and president trump are facing off. >>we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover up. >>i don't do cover-ups that democrats are facing off against each other as well. speaker pelosi is coverup comments are her tough just yet about the president. but she continues to argue that democrats should be patient and the time is not right for impeachment of the president. some of her colleagues are tired of waiting. the straw that broke the camel's back. >>having another witness not show up to committee wisconsin congressman mark you can is one of the democrats who wants impeachment proceedings to begin now. >>still others like house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff are on the fence i i don't want to exclude the possibility either. >>if they continue this kind lawlessness despite pelosi strong words she did not say
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that the house will begin impeachment proceedings, but she did say she seen positive steps in recent days for example, the department of justice just agreed to give congress. >>a number of documents from the mueller investigation. meanwhile president trump says he intends to stop working with congress until democrats back off. >>you can't do it under these circumstances so get. these phony investigations of a with in washington. alexandra lee mount. >>coming up next on the kron four morning news, the grand lake is more than just a movie theater in the city of oakland. after the break. we'll take a look at what makes the local movie theater mean so much to so many. and before we go, here's a little peek outside we're checking in on the park in their own san francisco all it's a pretty shot looking at the bay bridge lights. the temperatures around the bay area right now mainly in the 50's we have 56 in santa rosa 56 in half moon bay for redwood city waking up to 54 degrees a bit warmer over the east bay in concord a 57 and the warmest spot on the
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map. most of the time if it's antioch at 63 degrees. so looks like we're done with the rain at least for today get ready for a little more sunshine and some warmer temperatures john trouble tracking that forecast, we'll have your details in just a news we are very close to
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friday. it's right around the corner, this is the time when most folks start planning their weekend. >>and a lot of folks planning
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around the weather. yeah so the pressure's on you john it's a lot of the philae to feel the pressure i feel like i'm ready for this. but today yesterday were good spoiled so we had better have some good weather this we didn't have a good weather right now we're we're used to it again. that's coming that. it's going to get o k c minus wait a little bit. you just any other weekend to it's also a holiday week the memorial day exactly so a lot of people got monday off and a lot of people do want to get out there and maybe do a little traveling in which case you've got some good weather for just that golden gate bridge is one of our spots that is pretty clear this morning you can see the evidence of some low clouds really not a whole lot of thick cloud cover this morning just a bit of marine layer skating its way on inland across the bay as of right now as of the bay area we are seeing those clear skies overhead nice and dry conditions. >>but further to our east this area of low pressure right here is helping to continue to generate some shower activity,
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especially up into the sierra nevada, so if your weekend plans do involve heading up into the high country this is what you want to know all the bay area does look to continue to remain dry focus on the sierra has continued areas of rain thunderstorms and even snowfall will be seen up there at times all the way through the weekend today and tomorrow in the bay, nice and dry with mostly sunny to sunny skies overhead come saturday, you're going to notice a modest increase in cloud cover and sunday are all the chance of rain here in the bay and even then just a slight chance of a few showers spoke to sing on today, another beautiful one, your daytime highs well back up into the 60's for most areas on the peninsula. montero whatever exceptions only a 59 upper 60's in areas in the 70's further south on the peninsula with saying carlos at 72 redwood city of 73 anmountain view today at 74 degrees south 8 numbers, even warmer than yesterday as we're san jose up to 76 while cupertino campbell's santa clara all at 74 east bay, not
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much different here a lot of 70 to be seen a lot of sunshine and guess what wis even calmer than yesterday, so we're really just leveling up as far as nice weather goes. concord 78 degrees for your high walnut creek 76 oakland right at 70. the lay how 73 well fairfield in pittsburgh at 77 in vacaville. our closest spots the 80's not quite there though at 78 some 60's near the coast. it's in some eastern point raise well 70's along one no one from mill valley to santa rosa today, focusing on your next 7 days look at how good this looks each day is offering up at least a chance of some sunshine mostly sunny skies today and tomorrow you'll see partly cloudy skies on saturday and some mixed in with a couple of showers possible on sunday monday for memorial day if you've got that one off of work, it's looking like a beautiful day with mostly sunny skies and low 70's to mid 60's. tuesday and wednesday, staying really nice 70's again and 60's for
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coastal areas. robin all right that's a good looking forecast. thank you john. >>this traffic look at it does here's a live look at the roll into san francisco. there's a backup in the cash lanes but it's been very quiet and all on the bay bridge heading into san francisco. so if you have to pay cash. >>he will sit a little bit of a back up and that's completely normal the fast trackers the carpoolers are doing fine. >>it's a great trip across the upper deck to downtown. here's 92 your trip across the bridge we see all the folks leaving hayward right now. it is wide open on the nemitz so no major problems for 8.80 into and out of hayward when you make it over to 92, it's going to be a little busy and crowded on the flat section here just west of the toll plaza. but overall a great trip to foster city and also into san detail. what i want to cross the golden gate is looking at it that trip from the north bay is wide open through nevado sandra phil larkspur sausalito it's a smooth trip continuing south all the way over to the san
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francisco side at a very quick 30 minutes from highway 37 to the pay gate, so that's right on time and the traffic tracker showing some good numbers or the car fire working in castro valley, it is south to 38 right at the 5.80 split everything's on the shoulder. but we do have emergency crews rolling out so if they start blocking. let you know, but right now i don't see any major delays getting through 6.80 looks great. but a cult a danville sodus 24 out of one a creek. no major issues for the shore freeway and leaving the south bay 8.80, right now it's a great trip from san jose heading north into milpitas. well few cities in the country have the special relationship with the local movie theater like oakland has with grand lake located near lake merritt it's a spot for movie premieres and leisurely matinees but even more the grand lake is a place where memories are made from forest. pam moore explains. >>i was like. now on 67. i've
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been coming here for quite a long time for something that's really grand that going and see a movie. i think it really evokes out of here's how do it was a place where we came on the >>use pity that home they told me the grand lake theater dominates one of oakland's busiest intersections when it opened back in 1926 it was a vaudeville house, this is called a movie palace and allan nice job who has run it since 1980 and who bought it in 2018 loves the land and grand houses of this is really one of the great elegance survivors of the golden age of the movie palace, i mean it's sort of a a french renaissance a interior which really great creates us this wonderful romantic feel to the room over the years the shot has spent millions on renovations. he says the popcorn has real butter his prices are lower
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and the theater does not show commercials just reviews. >>and on friday and saturday there's music from an old girl and before the show. >>imagination is buyers more of an enjoyment. it's not like sitting in a box with curtains on the wall the chandelier ys tiffany glass and works of art. >>people do react to the way the grand lake feels. >>more than 2 than others. >>i just really like to see to a time. >>i love the on the outs of it i love the like you know, it's just takes you back to the days when the gators were like the thing you know last year we had 3 major films here by local directors, those films were ryan coogler's blockbuster black panther, the oakland native also directed fruitvale station and creed sorry to bother you set in oakland by director boots riley. >>and in line spotting said in open by ravel sell all 3 give
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credit to watching films as kids at the grand lake from premier we just had. >>so much. karen and perry energy in the world and the ground like a star like mean that these are like that was your place that would ever let it be its full selves and the theater marquees took on more than movies in the year 2000 when the us supreme court stopped the presidential election vote count in florida. >>on that day something stamped within me. and i decided to put up on the marquee this is america every vote should be counted. >>since then the marquee messages take on all kinds of issues and give voice to concerns much of oakland cares about. >>there was this this beacon being projected up all 8 on the part she of this this massive establishment that we know in our whole lives like yes, the inner. it's writes a judge in as the messages and the movies come and go, but it is still the theater. >>that in spite. they look at the amazing place.
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>>well the owner now plans to work to get the grand lake theater placed on the national register of historic places it's definitely his story. my mom taking you there all the time as a kid, especially the had a good report card. i love to go on the weekends. >>alright well taking a live look outside you want to check in on an sfo. the reports of any major delays right now of course we will be tracking. your traffic into and out of airport your commute on one on one all around the bay area will have your forecast coming up to let you know what's in store as we head into memorial day weekend. >> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] looking back
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everyone for for 55 right now and as you're looking outside you do see some low clouds out there but over the otherwise it is actually a pretty clear start to the morning. >>think it could support. 50's for your current temperatures across the bay area oakland sitting at 57 degrees right now 54. while same a tale also at 54 degrees now these temperatures are actually a bit warmer than yesterday, especially up in the north bay compared to some cooler temperatures yesterday to ipstart things off winds also a noticeable difference down a little bit compared to yesterday's breezy conditions. winds yesterday gust as high as 15 to 20 miles per hour. this time around much so very much so on the calmer side of things as you're getting outside to drop the kids off at the bus stop. do expect a calmer clear and overall pretty comfortable start to
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the day. robin. we can use those same words to describe traffic comfortable, pretty clear. no major issues a major hotspots driving into san francisco right now. >>so if you need to use the bay bridge just know it's going to be a little sluggish off and on mostly for you cash payers, but all the other lanes are looking good under 10 minutes off to fremont street, here's a richmond center fell bridge on our roads were picked up and it's a great drive heading across the span. well coming up next. the bay area man is in prison for helping the taliban. he's been in prison, but he set to be released today will have the details coming up in a live report. and today is the day day 4 of the teacher strike in union city we'll have an update on negotiations coming up in a live report. also after the break bart officials today will try to take steps to make
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>>good morning and thanks for joining us and daria pulse and i'm james fletcher it is thursday with that weather and traffic to update you on that we'll get to the headlines. hopefully the roads on to better on the roads are not too bad wide open just picking up a little bit on the bridges but not that. >>yeah so case him with great afternoon ahead of us could definitely cool this morning. but that's what to expect during morning hours that you're getting up this early at least looking outside of berkeley conditions, nice and clear you have a bit a low clouds but it's really not even that much of it you can still see the city lights down low temperatures, not all that bad it is cool enough for a jacket but. >>even warmer than yesterday was at the same time for oakland in concord it's 57 degrees eat right now 53 while petaluma at 52 a lot of the north bay is a big warm up from yesterday to kick things off so yeah we're solid 50's if not low 60's for your current numbers


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