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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  May 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:28pm PDT

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clara county community us and martine good evening, everybody i'm pale mall and i'm can weigh in south bay, muslims want a place of their own to worship but neighbors say their plans for a new mosque. >>are too ambitious com four's rob flat reports on what's being proposed and why it is running into opposition from neighbors. >>the new saint dreams of the day when he can worship here at a new 9,000 square foot mosque proposed for this 15 acre site just west of monterey road in san martine it is in motion. >>so finally i can see the building up line has >>the flags, he represents story lines for the project which would also include a 14,000 square foot community center. the project is almost 3 times as big as plans that were halt years ago by a lsu of saul. >>that the i r has come back with no significant impact to traffic ground water and any of the concerns. >>what would be the largest
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development here in 15 years the proposed cordoba center would also include a plaza caretakers residence and a cemetery. it would serve roughly 100 local families but as many as 300 people might attend regular events here. there is opposition from neighbors like this woman who believe the project is way too big and not a good fit for rules and martine. plenty of little changes. >>buthttle urches and this isn' just a we're shipping center its entire campus, several postings on next g fore says of >>aroundow ighbors in a great community we interact with i think that small vocal bad name >>for now worship here in a bar owned by mohamed hussein. he says they need a bigger place to worship and that's and martine is their home now. >>it's finally here.
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>>supporters of the say they expect further legal action should the project be approved the county planning commission expected to vote on it tonight is and martine rob flood kron 4 news. >>san francisco police are confirming they have have made an arrest in the case of a dismembered body found inside a home and we first told you about this story yesterday police say a neighbor called 911 on tuesday night. >>to report 73 year-old benedict chain missing when officers checked on him they found a body inside his home on del monte street near mission and geneva avenue. >>that's close to interstate 2.80. a coroner is working to identify neighbors y we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates once police release additional information. >>the san jose school district is facing a lawsuit over a former teacher convicted in a child-pornography case. it was filed on behalf of 2 victims who used to attend plan middle
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school. the lawsuit claims that it took to complaints from parents for the school act against clifford papa doc, us. the former p e teacher was convicted last year first taking sexually provocative photos of students and possessing child poured. attorneys say the situation was preventable and that school officials should have acted more quickly. we are now learning a high school teacher charged with having sacks with a minor was previously fired by a school district in another state, a school district in madison, wisconsin, fired hector vasquez in 2006. after parents filed a sexual-harassment complaint and a police investigation found he was a liability. a google search of vasquez quickly displays articles about those allegations the 59 year-old later taught spanish at west more high school in daly city. he is accused of having a sexually relationship with a 16 year-old student for 2 years. vasquez has pleaded not guilty to charges he is currently out on bail.
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>>tilly 911 calls made the night of the ghost ship warehouse fire. well played in court today on them you could hear the commotion outside the warehouse people screaming and callers telling dispatch that there are still people inside and that they are dime. wain co today for this heartbreaking testimony by young woman who actually live inside and made one of those 911 calls michelle joins us outside the courthouse with the latest michelle. i can tell you that there were certainly not many dry highs in the courtroom today, those 911 calls were just heartbreaking to listen to you could hear those frantic screams in th >>as people told dispatch to than that people we're dying. >>it was chilling it was heartbreaking breaking it was frustrating was very difficult for max to hear com. >>brito who you can see here leaving court on thursday woke up to the smell of smoke the night of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. so she grabbed
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her coat and walked out the front door calling 911 when she got outside prosecutors played several 911 calls from people standing outside the warehouse begging dispatched to hurry up telling them people are dying inside you can hear the commotion that terrified screams in the background of the calls victims family members in the courtroom were in tears 2 of them clinging to each other when they heard brito describe a young woman she saw outside when she was making the 911 call who she thinks may have gone back inside a young woman she says had on heavy eyeliner and had blond hair max harris, one of the 2 men charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter was seen removing his glasses to wipe away tears in court, his attorneys rubbing his back as the calls for played brito had lived in the warehouse for almost a year. she said she's traveled the world and says the warehouse is still the most beautiful place, she's ever seen she said she felt safe inside with the fire department just a block away
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in because she's never lived anywhere else where she saw so many police officers firefighters and social workers in and around the building. she said child protective services came in at least twice while she was living there to check in on derick almena as children he's the other man charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the case. >>i believe she said occurrence cps to come in that they looked through the place thoroughly they looked at it closely they looked and saw that it was safe for children, in that space that was a big part of the reason why she and presumably many others feel safe living there too. >>brito says the time between when she called 911 firefighters actually arrived was only several minutes but she says it felt like a lifetime live in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. thank you michelle on 4 is following the ghost ship trial each day that court is in session and you can also track
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major developments in a special section on our website kron four dot com. >>there you can find the emotional testimony from court today, including the moments families heard those 911 calls from their loved ones is all that kron four dot com and on our kron four mobile app. >>we're following some breaking news out of san francisco where bones have been found inside a home in the mission district. authorities right now are trying to determine if the remains are human or animal. a medical examiner is on the scene we have a crew hding upda san francisco police arrested a man in connection with a series of violent robberies targeting women. investigators believe the suspect is responsible for 8 robberies. the crnmes happened over the span of 5 months in the bayview district in the city. all of the victims were women they ranged in age from 20 to 62 years old all but one victim remembers being punched. several also lost consciousness during the
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attacks, 52 year-old darnell good re is in jail for robbery mayhem attempted carjacking assault and other charges happening now police are looking for 2 men who carjacked a woman near golden gate park it happened last night just before 1030. >>in the area of lincoln way and 24th avenue, san francisco police say the 59 year-old woman was getting into her parked car when 2 suspects dragged her out of the car and drove away. the woman was taken to the hospital she is expected to be okay. police do not have the detailed descriptions of the suspects at this time. >>milpitas car dealership has been hit by seems tires and rims ripped right off the vehicles and as kron forcefully to go reports tonight right now police do not know who was responsible. >>at least 7 cars parked in the back of the pier see honda storage lot off south main street in milpitas are missing tires and rims i noticed it on
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tuesday morning. >>jive into the parking lot and notices in a car kind of jacked up a little higher than it normally would and wh h tche several cars propped up left on milk crates >>took off behind a lot is directly behind the christian worship center where pastor nick lasky has worked for 10 years. he says honda has been storing cars here for 2 years and has rarely been victimized by thieves said must've been well planned out and so. >>you know it's unusual to see that happen here be to speed % these usually on things he tt unusual to see this happen. >>by the time the last key called 100 tuesday about the missing tires, they told him they already knew the milpitas police department says the deaths were reported last thursday of never ran into any issues here. >>you know with with that happening. that when you is is a concern when you see something like that happening. police say they have no suspects and it's unclear how many people are involved in milpitas felipe should all kron 4 news.
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>>it is day 4 of the new haven school district teacher strike and it looks like the walkout is likely to continue into tomorrow student attendance at new haven district schools has dropped each day of the strike from 20% on monday to just 12% today. the trend is not sitting well with the teachers, especially as final exams are just around the corner. >>in typical couple days. we don't want to be out here rather be with the kids and the students and doing the things that we were trained to do and the things that we all love and it's the fight that we have to do future the teachers want a 10% raise over 2 years the district has offered a one percent raise and a one-time bonus of 3%. >>coming up a billion disaster relief bill approved by the senate. how much of that money from the wildfire plus the action part is considering to improve safety is stations and
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on trains. >>and the american born terrorists who fought alongside the taliban is now o of prison
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♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. >>american taliban is now out of prison john walker lindh's took up arms with terrorists and was arrested in afghanistan. shortly after the 9.11 attacks, he served 17 years of his 20 year sentence as there are concerns tonight about his release and whether he still harbors radical
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views. john lawrence reports. >>john walker lindh your free man once again, the first american born detainee in war on terror was taken into custody in late 2001 american when grew up in a san francisco suburb converting to islam when he was 16 documents based on interrogations saillant went to pakistan in 2000 and train but the radicals. he later moved to afghanistan and became a member of the tell us what you thought would be. >>is the right >>lynn was sentenced to prison have his own e-mail address. and you probably will have some limitations in terms of even who we might be able to meet with some are calling for an investigation into comments lindh allegedly made in support of isis during his incarceration his discuss still the same al qaeda member that we put in jail. >>if he still al qaeda member we put in jail, they will need
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to fill the player in a way and there's something else if he was trying to reconnect with extremist while in prison, i mean what can we expect for him when he's in the free world. >>i'm john lawrence reporting. president trump reacted to the release by saying quote i don't like it at all adding that the us will closely monitor land, including his internet use. >>the us senate has passed a long-overdue disaster bill is designed to help a number of states recover from hurricanes and floods and wildfires the billion aid bill was widely backed and will be sent to the president senator dianne feinstein says californians will be eligible for 12.6 billion of that billion devasta wildfires. president trump bord thectors is deciding whether it wants to spend the money to add more police officers to the stations to improve station safety. >>there are 19 job openings for officers and the board members are now considering adding 19 more for sarah
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stinson has the details from the wannacry bart station. >>police chief is the one proposing the board of directors higher 19 more officers to patrol the busiest stations across the bay area and i spoke with several riders who tell me that an increased police presence would deter crime. >>maybe on the bart trains may be more patrolling a little bit on the trains themselves to justathe presence of. officers makes you feel safer is just a it would de its 2019 2020 budget many writers recall just how dangerous last year when violent crimes rose by 15% compared to the year before. >>remember the stabbings happened and a free man. >>according to the bart police crime report of 2018 there were 3 homicides, 130 different cases of aggravated assault and 349 robberies on
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average 420,000 people ride park daily and every year more people are using the transportation system which some believe could be the reason for the spike in crime. the chief of our police is requesting additional full-time the department university of art higher 19 more officers each year. the next 5 years the board has a full agenda at today's meeting will have to continue to fall to see if they do decide to add more officers in walnut creek sarah stinson back to you. >>all right, let's take a look outside on this uh i called friday eve this thursday and it's a little hazy in san francisco right now. >>our chief meteorologist large car know is here and he says there's actually some rain right now in the east some pop-up showers out there right mainly over the mountain tops we're seeing some of the sndwe of an unsettled weather pattern low pressure now to the east of us so the some of the unusual way to get
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rain drops. but it's a wrap into that moisture right back into the bay area see the thunderstorms over the central valley this year even some snow in the high country. but now we're beginning to see some of those pop-up showers here you go right there are a lot more if you're headed up to on the highway there you're going to run into a couple raindrops the cells kind of moving on through and just p around this time looks like the sun goes down lose little that he will sue those come as clouds him or the rain will dissipate but certainly some pop-up showers out there this evening in continuing and the next couple of hours tonight will be partly cloudy but that we're going to see some low clouds and fog surge back on shore maybe even a drizzle of 2 alorong row early on then becoming mostly sunny on a friday looks like a nice afternoon. but this weekend. chance more showers in the forecast temperatures in the 60's comfortable inside the bay still 71 degrees or redwood city 74, very nice in concord right now 67 degrees and play a little bit of a breeze there and that ridge of high pressure trying to build it, but just can't quite get here so the low that's been spend things up over the last couple of days. moving further
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to the east as we headed for tomorrow also i think it'll take with that some of the showers with it moving for the east as well so left with a lot of sunshine around the bay area but that fog will persist righand then maybe a couple of pop-up cumulus clouds in the afternoon. look at the bill will now taking on some of the raindrops trying to push h as t energy goes way and so to the clouds and fog begins a surge on the shore making his way inside the bay overnight tonight into tomorrow morning so the commute, maybe a little gray early on and then by the afternoon things peel back to the coastline. the fog of a kind of hug the coast, the better part of the day so it could be cool out of the beaches of you headed there you'll find more sunshine inside the bay. and some comfortable temperatures. highs tomorrow still the 70's inland, you're looking at 60's and 70's as you make your way inside of a cool and breezy a little gray right along the number there in the 50's next couple days we're going to see some much cooler temperatures as we head into the holiday weekend. even a chance of showers on sunday right now looks dry on memorial day. thank you or to the south bay officials in san jose airport are preparing to open up half
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a dozen new terminals prom for us charles clifford has details on the major expansion. well here in san jose san jose international airport has been moving forward with the plan. >>to expand one of its terminals in order to accommodate the increasing number of an air flights in and out of the airport. now for the last year or so the airport has been working on building 6 new gates on the be gates 31 to 36 now 31 to 35 are scheduled to open on june 13th and will fly. flights in and out of these gates the us 68 will probably be open later this year possibly in november. now this entire expansion project has been fast track to cost a total of about $58 million. but these new gates are considered to be temporary. they are a short and middle term solution to the growth here at the airport airport hopes that in the long run. they can sit down with the city of san jose and design a
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new terminal that will serve as a permanent replacement, it will be built in the same location as these temporary terminals in san jose charles clifford kron 4 news. women but and next a they track your packages and your favorite products and now. >>amazon wants to track your emotions how the company plans to do just that and word is out on just how likely kevin durant will be ready for the nba finals mark carpenter will put it all down coming up in sports. amazon wants you to
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express yoursef your voice to read. than one at an application shows a alexa i'm h while she's saying that she's also coughing. this alexa device here is that the woman is sick and offers a soup recipe as well as suggests that she by cough drops. it is unclear how far along this project is at this point or if it will ever become a commercial device when asked about it azo or speculation. >>the senate is taking action to try to stop the robo call epidemic today, lawmakers passed the traced act. the bill would impose stiffer fines of as much as $10,000.
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on those who knowingly defy the rules but also increases statute of limitations to 3 years. and it struck the fcc to develop for the regulations that could shield unwanted calls. last year americans received more than 26 billion robo llattorneys general and the fcc. >>coming up next a said a tornado strikes in missouri's capital leaving behind damage that stretches for miles look at this video, severe weather is ravaging much of the midwest plus harriet tubman was supposed to be the new face of the $20 bill. >>why that change is being delayed by almost a decade. >>and next speaking to hundreds of business and military leaders governor, newsome talks about challenges to california's economy what he says is the biggest threat. >>and flooding rains heavy storms tornadoes no
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>>and the picture he painted was not all rosy capitol bureau reporter ashley explains the warning that the governor gave the group. >>i get your stress and i get your struggles and a former entrepreneur and now governor gavin newsome spoke to the state's economic and military leaders, a group contributing to california's prop. it is beinecthonomy we cannot be a st >>that focuses exclusively on growth. and lest we focus
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equally on inclusion giving his first speech to about 1300 members of the sacramento host committee. >>the governor warned climate change shakeups in some industries and even a possible recession could impact the state's economy, but the governor pointing to no bigger threat than california's rising poverty rate we can't afford to go from a 3 class to two-class society party gone from 52. >>paycheck society to 104 paychecks aside, but you cannot afford to see a middle class squeeze. like we're experiencing. >>about 19% of californians live in poverty. more people than any state in the nation new some says this all goes back to housing and that's a 130,000 plus. >>people out on the streets and sidewalks and that is a national disgrace and it's happened on our watch it happen in ste of california and we own that and those who want to criticize us are right about that as well homelessness and housing rdabil
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wealth disparities in income disparities without the grudging other people successful and says my call to you. >>the governor hoping economic leaders step up to help and what he calls the challenge of our time in sacramento actually zavala kron 4 news. >>funnel clouds and raging floods. the nation's midsection got a doue


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