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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 24, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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>>good morning. everybody thank you for joining us on this friday may 24th, i'm james fletcher we want to start off the hour with a check of weather and traffic we've got john travel and rebecca strong in the traffic center first the weather with john morning john good morning james good to have you here so early and we are looking at conditions out there this early morning looking really nice and clear. >>this is your view of san francisco from across the bay, not a whole lot of low fog a sitting across the bay this morning to be blocking out that view we do have cloud cover though that is filtered in overnight not resulting in any visibility issues as you can see visibility is a-ok to get this friday morning started off with but you are
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hanging out for a couple of hours before it after that as for any chance of rainfall today looking very minimal again going to be a dry one much like yesterday and the day before that was and temperatures this morning even warmer in some spots and we were yesterday hayward oakland 59 conquered also at 59 degrees right now berkeley of 56 in fairfield right now 55 degrees. winds on the calmer side of things for most areas a bit breezy up and down the coast as well as on over into the delta fairfield with 10 miles per hour winds winds picking up into the afternoon kind of like we saw yesterday so after a calm day for most of the day mid afternoon tomorrow. our today will be offering up just a touch of uh a breezy finished year friday. as for conditions this morning, mostly in the 50's as a show just a second ago by noontime today, mostly sunny and looking at 60's and afterno
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low 70's for the bay and our inland areas we have are back in to get an early look at traffic right now hey rebecca. >>hey good morning john records strong filling in for ks really good here to the bay bridge toll plaza not a whole lot of cars, no wait for you as you make your way the span into san francisco just about under 10 minutes. getting into that fremon street accident searching things over to the san mateo bridge, a westbound 92 speeds are at the limit and not tracking any delays here so your a westbound 90 to ride over to san mateo under 15 minutes so far at this point in the morning. the richmond center for a bridge is pretty much going to be all yours i'm not really tracking a hardly any cars are here we've got one for west on 5.80 making your way up to that one to one split just an 8 minute drive time so far and it looks good the north and the san francisco, the golden gate bridge shep problem free right now. and in fact it's our way from nevada all the way to the
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pay gates. i'm tracking 21 minutes so far on south 1, 1, y becca, thank you. >>time now to one of the big stories. we're following this morning. we have the parents of 2 south a middle school girls suing the san jose unified school district. this comes after a former gym teacher and a coach it willow glen middle school was arrested last year and accused of taking inappropriate pictures of the girls prof or stand for and has more on the story, the parents of 2 willow glen middle schoolers are suing the san jose unified school district. 1p>>they say the school could have prevented former coach in gym teacher clifford papa doc, us from taking inappropriate photos of their daughters. >>a school that has limited rules policies and train on this kind of predatory behavior. you enable a up her like mister papa doc us too. flourish in this environment for children. >>attorney mark boscovich is representing the families in ci
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ill-prepared to handle the accusations against papa doc us. the parents say despite complaints about the teachers lewd behavior. the school was careless in their response. >>when they learn and from a parent that this was going on they needed to act you can't just simply go to the perpetrator and say you know stop doing you know they have to actually do something more than that. >>papa doc is was charged and convicted of possessing child pour in and taking sectional photos of his students in 2018. he was sentenced to 8 months of home detention and given 3 years probation. he is due to be released on friday. he will also have to register as a sex-offender reporting in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news. >>developing story that we're following this morning bones were found on a property in san francisco's mission district. they were found on 21th street right not clear iinside the home or i yard, but police now are trying to determine if those
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bones are human or animal. san francisco police meanwhile have made an arrest in a case of a dismembered body found inside of a home. police say that during an investigation into a missing persons case they found a body inside a home on belmont a street right near mission and geneva avenue clostoroner is now working to identify those remains neighbors say there's been some unusual activity at that house recently they have not released the name of the person arrested. new this morning police in san jose have detained a person for vandalizing a veterans memorial earlier this month in san jose the vandalism happened back on may 6 at the memorial located at all but in boulevard and pa k avenue. the vandals used the name of the vandals used the name snip in his graffiti all that memorial and police have not identified that person into custody, but they do have somebody there questioning. fare jumpers cost part millions of dollars each and every year and so far is considering changing fare. gates at stations across the bay area and some of those
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options were present at thursday's board meeting take a look one option would be to modify the existing gates, other options include a new swing style gate or retractable barrier. they're also considering high entry exit gates where they choose they're all aimed at preventing e solutions would cause hundreds of millions of her cost hundreds of millions of dollars in the meantime if you well this morning there are new details now on the local high school teacher charged with having cech's with a minor turns out he was previously fired by school district in another state, a school district in madison, wisconsin fired hector vasquez back in 2006 when parents filed a sexual-harassment complaint and a police investigation found that he was live was a liability vasquez then taught spanish at west more high school in daly city and that is where he's accused of having a central relationship with a 16 year-old student over the course of 2 years vasquez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. he is currently out on bail. rjacked a woman you're golden gate park. it hpe
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24th avenue, san francisco police say that woman was getting into her parked car when 2 suspects dragged her out of it and then drove away. the woman was taken to the hospital she's expected to be all right. police don't have any detailed descriptions yet of the carjackers they're looking at local surveillance video maybe that will give them some clues. san francisco police arrested a man in connection with a series of violent robberies targeting women. investigators believe the 52 year-old donald get good re is responsible for 8 robberies and we've put markers on this map showing the locations of each they all happened in the span of 5 months across the bayview district. all of the victims were women. they range in age from 20 years old to 62. the victims were punched and several say they lost consciousness during the attack. another big story that we're following the man accused of kidnapping and raping a 74 year-old woman in san francisco has pleaded not guilty. police say that man well his shoes, i'm a door grabbed the women off the street in her crocker amazon
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neighborhood and after the attack he left or on the sidewalk where someone found her and called 911. the victim had to undergo surgery and is still in the hospital, recovering this morning. san francisco police are looking for these 2 women after a violent robbery. the victim was walking south on kearny street towards sutter, when the women apparently attacked her from behind and took her purse. these are surveillance images from the night of the attack. the victim suffered serious injuries. the attackers were lheading east on well police in pleasant hill have arrested 5 people for a robbery at a dick's sporting goods. we have some video take a look there you see the out of the store this was on my and boulevard near 6.80 their hands full of merchandise. an officer in the area noticed a car near the store's entrance and watch carrying numerous items. 18 year-old so ryan mccracken was arrested along with 4 children. police believe the suspects could be connected to other sthefts similar to this one. it's day 5 of the
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new haven school district's teacher strike, both sides will meet to negotiate for a second straight day today, teachers want a 10% raise over the next 2 years the district offered a one percent raise and a one-time bonus of 3% student attendance at new haven school district has dropped each day of this strike from 20% on monday to just 12%. yesterday we'll see if both sides can come together find some sort of agreement. also happening today the bottle rock music pleach day between now and sunday headlining performances tonight include imagine dragons logic and liams mumford and sons and santana are also set to perform over the weekend. buses to the music festival leave daily from cities all across the bay area, including san francisco oakland, san jose and palo alto. now to some breaking news overnight. british prime
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minister has a theresa may has announced that she will be stepping down on june 7th. this is the result of several failed attempts to pass a break-in agreement through parliament, she said in her speech this at new leadership is needed to finish the voters decision to leave the european union that breaking news from across the pond. for morning news, it just got a lot cheaper to go to community college in san francisco will tell you about the new agreement that could have you it could give you thousands of dollars. and a warning before you fire up the grill this memorial day weekend. the meat that's being recalled this morning you want to pay attention that story and after the break another dead whale found on the bay area beach. well actually here's a quick live look outside we'll get to reject its full check here in a minute. here's a live look outside san mateo bridge where traffic moving along 97 just fine
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>>back at 4.14 alright, check this out 200 elephant seals have closed down drakes beach at point reyes national seashore in marin county. the national park service says that they're hoping to have the road to the beach reopened maybe saturday. but there is the possibility that could. reopen sometime today, we'll have to wait and see but when the seals come out and take over you kind of give them the space they need pretty cool shot there and boys look at the sky blue, just few clouds out there a lot of sunshine out at the bc got beaches we've got shot john talking about our weekend forecast for this memorial day. i wonder o% is. >>the beach may be a place for people to go it's not going to be bad especially in the afternoon. yeah because we have those foggy starts the morning and that's where we're starting this morning too. but this afternoon you may get that sunshine again going make for beautiful day to be out and about so really funny look forward to this weekend. we do have one chance of rain which i'll get to hear coming up, but as for today looking nice and dry out there you have partly cloudy conditions
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overhead and i'm looking over head from berkeley right here, nice clear view at the east bay down below nothing far as fog blocking out that view this morning as look and looking across the bay area this morning on a storm tracker for you can see that we do have clear conditions out there and a really no chance of rainfall for the day today, but this area of low pressure to our east right here still buying up some thunderstorm activity in the sierra we saw it an abundance yesterday afternoon in the sierra as well as even the central valley in the today, we're looking at the same while the bay area does continue to remain dry for yet another day ahead of us there's some near coastal cloud cover. there'nevada thund this afternoon. and there's even a chance of rainfall a the blows of the east bay and then we work our way into tomorrow saturday coming along with some dry skies as well you're going to notice an increase in cloud cover, especially later on in the day on saturday and then look at this. this is sunday right
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here the day of the weekend that is offering up our best chance of rain for the bay area. this is a 04:15am before a lot of your getting up on sunday morning, some showers around the south bay and showers going to be on and off throughout the course here day on sunday which is a slight chance of rain for most areas, but a chance nonetheless that should least think about in the umbrellas out if you do have plans are getting outside for more than just a couple hours on sunday, 60's and 70's for today's daytime highs, san jose up to 74 degrees while conquered 75. areas like oakland in the upper 60's while low 70's and hayward mid 60's in san francisco today, let's break down really good 70's today and tomorrow for inland areas, 60's for our bayside areas come sunday, we do still have some sunshine mixedth a few of the showers that will be drifting across the day. temperatures a lot cooler look at those
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daytime highs only in the low 60's and upper 50's come monday temperatures rebound in rebound, pretty quickly, upper 60's to mid 60's yet again under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies for your memorial day. after that temperatures skewed upwards even further in by wednesday and thursday we're flirting with the 80's for many parts of the day that haven't seen numbers that warm and some time now loing for to temperatures john well where looking at a not a whole lot of traffic out there so that is some good news if you're going to be a bridge right now looks really not trave some overnight road work though on the northbound side just a fly. but again not tracking any problems so far it's about a 23 minute drive time for you from the north bay into san francisco right now. the bay bridge toll plaza, yes, it's getting a little bit busier but still no wait here at the pay gates. getting into san francisco should be a breeze right now. and it looks like a it should be a pretty good for most of the morning to a lot of folks might be taking. today off for memorial day weekend. so just keep that in
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mind 8 minute drive time as you make your way across westbound 80 edited the freeman street exit, as you make your way into the city and we're looking good here at the richmond santa fell bridge just under 10 minutes to make your way on westbound 5.80 getting up to the north bay and some drive times around the bay area still looking good in the green means. good and speeds are the limits and no delays so antioch in the concord on west man for only 15 minutes right now. and yourself a 6.80 drive from in a danville 16 minutes and your name it's a ride from san leandro to the to 37 split into bill peters 21 minutes right now, and just about a half an hour commute, not too bad on north 1 one from nk dozen times this year we've had a dead whale washed ashore, a long bay area aches. the most recent one was discovered just yesterday n call for assisting waltman takes a closer look.
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>>waves crashed down on the dead whale that washed ashore on lehman each. it sat right at the water's edge about a half a mile to the left of the main parking lot people stopped to take pictures fascinated by seeing the creature up close. >>it's really it looks like it's like super fresh to and the lake maybe just washed up this morning or something they are really never seen anythin >dead will thursday typically they have a terrible smell. this one does not just yet. >>well to wash ashore on bay area beaches since march. a number the national park service is concerned about. >>alarming it's a lot of wills to wash up on the beach and it's it's hard to see animals coming up with much rather see them swimming in the ocean and healthy. >>the park service warns people should not touch the well or lete animals playing in
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>>campbell center will determine how this will die when it crops e as people watched it all the well rolled in the ways as the ocean tried to take it back out to sea at lehman to a beach just involvement and for news. >>in the east bay, the town of dublin will not raise the pride flag next month, the city council voted down the issue tuesday night saying that many people felt the us flag pole is not the right venue for the pride flag and should be reserved for the u s state and senate flags only thursday board of directors president a funny tweeted that he quote will join other lgbtq elected officials and dublin community leaders in challenging the homophobic public testimony fueling the decision not to fly. the pride flag and quote now emeryville councilman john butters announced that he will be holding a special event on
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june 8 that reveal town hall saying in addition to every bills pride flag. they will raise a second one in solidarity with the dublin community. google says that it is not taking over the punchline comedy club in san francisco, instead they insist that they've only leased the space next door and do not want to jeopardize the future of the supervisor aaron peskin said that google would be replacing the club when the club's lease expires in august. he said he's been in talks with google is part of his 3 full plan to save the punchline paskin is also introducing a zoning moratorium that would keep nont businesses from moving into that building. it's scheduled for a vote on june 4th. in california sodas and energy drinks could soon come with a warning about increased risks for diabetes and tooth decay. the state senate narrowly passed a measure requiring sugar sweetened drinks with 75 hours or more to have warning labels on the front of the container in bold type separate from all the other
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information the american beverage association is in opposition to that bill. firing up the grill this memorial day weekend you may want to double check the meat that you have in the fridge. the usda has issued a recall now for more than 62,000 pounds of raw beef due to concerns over the co lie. the meat was packaged in illinois back on april 19th but it was shipped nationwide. the recall includes more than 40 products most of which are cuts of steak as well as ribs and brisket for more information on this recall we have full list of all the meat you need to be aware of it we'll take a quick break. the latest on the ghost ship warehouse trial as we continue to fall boys developments in that story. we'll have those
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>>and we're back with your entertainment headlines. this morning as we continue to fall away is coming out of hollywood. we've got a new take on a classic piece of movie music david daniel has that story and more in today's hollywood minute.
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>>linda hamilton returns as sarah connor alongside mackenzie davis and yes arnold schwarzenegger in terminator dark fate, the first trailer just dropped the movie opens november 1st. a whole new world gets a modern spin for the end credits of the live action aladdin with a performance by zain nj via war it's definitely on more modern it's a little more pop but it still. >>has a lot of our vibes in it. >>i'm david and. >>here's a quick live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza camera still nice and light back wi
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>>we're back. we've got john talking about the forecast for this friday and the weekend coming up a holiday weekend for everybody, yes and how to get a look looking really good a chance for rain on sunday that and it's a pretty light ha definitely some good news, even if you do have plans on sunday, it's not a complete loss you just have to keep a closer eye on stay
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tuned to kron on as well as far as the golden gate bridge goes this morning we are looking at clear skies, no fog out there to be blocking out that you at least for the moment, your cloud level is hanging out just above the golden gate bridge. so we do have a low clouds but they are resulting in the obstruction of his ability so visibility is actually looking really solid this morning should be encountering too many areas wher foy areas. the exceptions will be your east bay hills is your heading in the higher terrain and you start to reach cloud level where you could see me fog around son old places like that as far as conditions go we're nice and dry this morning, so no chan o


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