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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 24, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>it's going to be a james fletcher hope you're having a happy friday so far hope you have a fun memorial day weekend. that's all right ready for that more the forecast in a minute first though we just got to check with rebecca and find out that they're in a big hot spots out there know so far it looks really good so traffic may be and whether we'll actually a cooperate today yeah, well i know hopefully you know let us down a it looks like it's going to cooperate today skies, even clear than yesterday at this time you can see the golden gate bridge in clear view from the sea church tower here. >>good sign because yesterday can see it so much with that low clouds fog hanging out across the day this morning is just low cloud cover that is hanging out above surface level so you shouldn't be encountering it nor should be blocking out your view is you're taking your drive into work. >>ahead of the holiday weekend skies going clear pretty rapidly into the afternoon which means much like yesterday we are in for a pleasant and sunny afternoon ahead of us under dry skies,
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not in. any green showing up on the radar which would indicate your rainfall temperatures in the 50's this morning but by the afternoon we're back into the 60's and 70's making for a beautiful mostly sunny day to expect i've got more on your forecast still to count. rebecca. >>thank you john i'm rebecca strong filling in for robin winston this morning and that looks really good so far on the roadways to kick off this 5 o'clock hour, easy drive in the san francisco, not too bad only 10 minutes on west on 80 into san francisco. so far and no delays that i'm tracking for your san mateo drive as well, the right hand side of the screen that's the commute direction. clocking in at under 15 minutes to make your way on west the 92 from the hayward area out to san mateo i'll be back and check the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate coming up james starry thanks a lot. >>happening today, teachers in union city we've got to keep you updated on this as their back on the picket lines again for what this is day 5 now yeah, so that's a full week of missed school for the kids unless they've been learning
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something from the substitute teachers during this strike covers will tran joins us with more. >>are they missing out we'll have you heard. >>they're missing out because enrollment has gone down every single day the strike yesterday was day 4 it was down to about 12% of the 11,000 students within the school district. so if that trend continues, we might even see fewer students in the classrooms today, even ones in the classrooms are not being taught because it's just according to many people a holding area where they watch movies or they do some other activities but more importantly they are not getting ready for their upcoming finals and that is the worst nightmare. >>possibly coming true for the school district they told me the other day that they hope to resolve something this week because if it went on until next week. then they'll have to scramble use their imagination to try to meet all the needs of the end of the year finals that a teacher's you talked about it guys we have been on top of this story
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because it affects so many students as well as parents not to mention the teachers who are not getting paid during this time and many teachers they're married to each other, so that's double income loss. >>during this period, but the teachers the are not backing down there are still demanding a 10% pay raise the district says it can only afford a one percent bump. they will try to meet sometime today once again to try to hammer. deal it's going to be a long weekend. and now with only 2 and a half half weeks left to school the school district needs to find some way to have that finals administered to get to this the students as well as to have those final grades given out to the students. so they can get to their colleges for the upcoming year. so it's a messy situation. >>but as i said yesterday guys so far neither side is willing to blake can we expect a lot of teachers here at james logan at around 7 o'clock this morning, all of them to a person said they would rather be in the classrooms. >>but instead they say they're going to be right here until
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the situation ib resolved. >>3 and another big story parents of 2 south bay, middle school girls are suing the san jose unified school district all of this comes after a former coach it will oakland middle school was arrested for taking inappropriate pictures of those girls we've got dance or now with more on the story. >>the parents of 2 willow glen middle schoolers are suing the san jose unified school district. they say the school could have prevented former coach in gym teacher clifford papa doc, us from taking inappropriate photos of their daughters. >>a school that has limited rules policies and train on this kind of predatory behavior. you enable a up her like mister papa doc us too. flourish in this environment for children. >>attorney mark boscovich is representing the families in this lawsuit. he says the principal in the district were ill-prepared to handle the accusations against papadakis
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the parents say despite complaints about the teachers lewd behavior. the school was careless in their response. >>when they learned from a parent that this was going on they needed to act and they can to simply go to the perpetrator and say hey you know stop doing you know they have to actually do something more than that. >>papa doc is was charged and convicted of possessing child pour in and taking sectional photos of his students in 2018. he was sentenced to 8 months of home detention and given 3 years probation. he is due to be released on friday. he will also have to register as a sex-offender reporting in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news. >>this morning. there are new details now on a local high school teacher charged with having 6 with a minor turns out he was previously fired by school district in another state. the school district in madison, wisconsin fired hector vasquez back in 2006 when parents filed a sexual-harassment complaint and a police investigation found that he was a liability vasquez then taught spanish at
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west more high school in daly city that is where he is accused of having a sexually relationship with a 16 year-old student over the course of 2 years vasquez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. time now is 5. >>5 and a developing story bones were found on property in san francisco's mission district on 21th street near folsom to not clear if the bones were inside the home or if they if they are found in the yard. but police are trying to determine what they came from a person or an animal at 5 oh 6 san francisco police made an arrest in the case of a dismembered body that was found at a home during the investigation into the missing persons case. police found the body inside a home on del monte street near mission in geneva. it's close to interstate 2.80. the coroner is working to identify the remains neighbors say there's been some unusual activity at that house recently police have not released the name of the person they arrested.
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>>new this morning police in san jose have detained a person for vandalizing the veterans memorial earlier this month that vandalism happened on may 6th at the memorial located at alamuddin boulevard and park avenue. the vandal used the name snip in his graffiti on that memorial and police have not identified the person in custody. but again somebody is being questioned. >>7 and there was another emotional day of testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland as 911 calls were played in court heartbreaking to hear because in that a conversation you can hear the commotion outside the warehouse you can hear people screaming in the background and the callers frantically telling dispatchers that people were still in the side, dying a former resident of the warehouse took the stand thursday, carmen brito is her name she felt safe, she said at the warehouse with the fire department just a block away. >>i believe she said that it was the right. currents for cps to come in that they looked through the place thoroughly they looked at it closely they looked and saw
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that it was safe for children, 3 young children to be living in that space that was a big part of the reason why she and presumably many others feel safe living there too. >>a retired oakland fire investigator also returned to court thursday to testify that there was no evidence to prove or disprove that arson was the cause of the fire. >>it's 5 oh 8 and right now police are looking for 2 men who carjacked a woman near golden gate park. it was an era of lincoln way of 24th avenue. the woman was getting into her parts car when the to drag her out of the car and took off in her car she's expected to be okay. a man accused of kidnapping and raping a 74 year-old woman in san francisco has pleaded not guilty. police say that my annual on the door grabbed the woman off of the street in her crocker amazon neighborhood after the attack left or on the sidewalk where someone found her and called 911 she had to have surgery and she still in the hospital recovering. san francisco
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police arrested a man for a series of violent robberies targeting women. investigators believe 52 year-old danelle good re is responsible for 8 robberies that happened over a span of 5 months. all in the bayview all all women or victims in these cases ranging from 20 years old 62 years old. in each attack. they were punch and lost consciousness. >>san francisco police are looking for these 2 women after a violent robbery. the victim was walking south on kearny street toward sutter when 2 women attacked her from behind took her purse. these are surveillance images of the night of the attack in the 2 women you see walking there. those are the people that police want to question the victim suffered serious injuries. the women in this video were last seen heading east on bush street if you know they are let police know. pleasant hill police of star have arrested 5 people now for a robbery at dick's sporting goods. take a look at the video the suspects there you see him running off right out
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of the stores was on monument boulevard near 6.80 their hands full of merchandise. an officer in the area actually noticed a car near the store's entrance orders idling so he stopped and watched and actually saw the suspects are running out carrying arms loaded with a items in the end 18 year olds are i i'm a crock and was arrested along with 4 children. police believe the suspects may be connected to others store theft similar to this one. >>and breaking news british prime minister theresa may is stepping down and here she is coming to the podium to break the news that she's going to leave office on june 7th, because of her failed attempts to pass a brexit agreement through parliament, she said in the speech this morning, new leadership is needed to finish the voters decision to leave the european union. still to come on the problem morning news this friday morning. it's a lot cheaper to go to community college in san francisco. >>the new deal that could save you thousands of dollars. and
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a warning before you fire up the grill this memorial day weekend we're going to tell you about the meat that you don't want to eat. after the break, we'll take a look at the new ways that bart is hoping to stop fare evaders and if you are heading out and about for memorial day weekend you've got to keep up with the forecast luckily. i've got you covered and rebecca's gets covered in traffic. >>john and things are looking good here the bay bridge toll plaza in the san francisco traffic very light this morning in um i have to do morning in um i have to do with a lot of folks taking the introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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>>house another one so we've been telling you about this all week long how they've had these really torrential, you know rivers because of major flooding through oklahoma severe weather all week long causing at least 4 homes to collapse with some video yesterday of homes being swept away and there's the latest
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example of just roshan the power of the water to a road river banks to the point where houses are falling in and being pulled down stream is just incredible and they're due and still water rescues are they still getting more. >>rough weather to yep the east coast so getting lashed with heavy rainfall all the way from the deep south through the northeast. so another day that a slow moving system that yeah everything's kind of in place right across the country right now so you have a lot of stagnant weather patterns and that this definitely is not a good recipe for already saturated areas. all right now for us for us yeah in be happy. we're sitting pretty right now across the west coast we've got a high pressure that's at least keeping the bay area dry wall to our east an area of low pressure that is just going to sit in there continuing to result in some showers up in the sierra nevada taking a look outside at a from alcatraz looking down at san francisco this morning, some relatively clear
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conditions especially as compared to yesterday when you can see much of that view because of the fog that was hanging out across the bay today cloud layer is sitting above water level and so you do have some low clouds but not a whole lot of fog this morning. so this is good for your morning commute. no rain not a whole lot of fog a really nice start to your friday morning now from the sierra like i mentioned still looking at some thunderstorms later on today while the bay will only lead to clearing skies into the afternoon a couple areas of coastal drizzle just right up and down the peninsula at the coastline. tomorrow you're going to continue to see some areas of rain snow and some thunderstorms in the sierra while back in the bay just increasing cloud cover now this is what sunday looks like right here. so we do have one day of this memorial day weekend that it's a little bit of a hiccup in those nice clear skies we've got used to a couple areas of the rainfall pushing on into the bay area come sunday, something that you do want to anticipate running into even if you don't happen to see showers overhead. it's good to be prepared for it just in case
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that a shower does make its way or direction. temperatures in the 60's in san francisco and for most parts of the coastline today elsewhere in the bay, especially when you head further inland we're talking 70's yet again today mid 70's for the south bay was san jose at 74 degrees east bay, a range of numbers from the upper 60's to the mid 70's depending on where you're talking. berkeley, 65 oakland 67 while concord in danville each at 75 degrees today, north bay not much different here winds starting light but picking up into the afternoon. so do watch out for that petaluma as well center found all 69 degrees today. today and tomorrow highs in the low 70's for inland areas, 60's for bayside areas come sunday, a cool down with those showers and on the way daytime highs on that day about 10 degrees cooler for a few spots our inland areas will drop from the mid 70's to low 60's in some cases, monday for memorial day temperatures on the rise again with some
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clearing and dry conditions and by the middle of next week we've got some of our spots across the bay, heating up to nearly the 80's. rebecca. >>for looks like we're going to be the air conditioning is in our cars come next week john yes, looking for it all that sunshine. speaking of the memorial day weekend traffic really so far this morning around the bay area so it's friday but also with memorial day on monday it looks like a lot of folks might be taking a day off. and using it for travel so i getting into san francisco right now for your commute really easy 10 minutes into the city to that fremont street exit. no delays and pay gates are looking at as well. the san mateo bridge. not a problem and not tracking any accidents, no hot spots here you're westbound 90 to ride over to the peninsula under 15 minutes so far at this point in the morning and switching over the richmond center fell bridge. it's really all yours look at this it's a pretty quiet here just to 8 as you make your way to the north bay right now and speaking of the
5:19 am
north bay problem free really from the bottom all the way into san francisco across the golden gate bridge there south one to one. we're clocking in at just under 20 minutes. so far i'll be back in just a moment with a some drive times s to back to james and daria thanks. >>fired air fare. jumpers i should say cost bart as we know millions of dollars each and every year and that's why parts considering maybe now even changing the way the fare gates at stations, our design can do something to keep up at them crawford's gill aung takes a look. >>it's a problem all across the bay area. >>but at this union city station we saw someone go through the emergency exit. >>and these people. paying the fare. people just haven't oval you know. coming up a so. but the same time you know people have that they have it they don't. >>it's no cost for them. but it is for part their leaders
5:20 am
cost the transit agency up to $25 million a year in lost revenue, they also. bart spokesperson, alicia tropes as bart is mulling over options to prevent people from sterling through the gates. >>this was really a discussion guide. what do you want to do with their case to alone. do we want fight and want a conversation about 4 basement. some of the options are presented at a board meeting thursday option, one. >>modification to existing gates either stacker cinch or at papa barriers other options, a new swingnstyle gate or a retractable barrier and lastly a high entry exit gate all aimed to prevent jumping pushing and tailgating the solutions would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to implement in the meantime no one seems to worry about getting caught. but if an officer does not paying your fair that charge could be
5:21 am
up to $75 in union city gill aung kron 4 news. >>another dead whale washes on shore of the bay area beach this is the 14th a dead whale so far this year. this one found yesterday along of the point reyes national seashore with so many dead whales on the beach is washing up the national park service is becoming increasingly concerned. >>it's alarming it's a lot of wales to wash up on the beach and it's it's hard to see animals coming up with much rather see them swimming in the ocean and healthy. >>no determine yet. no determination yet on how this one died. >>we're going to take a look at why temperatures in your office could be heard and productivity. at least for some people will explain it. here's a quick live look outside we've got a shot of the bay bridge approach folly approach folly looks nice. a toll plaza we'll
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>>5.24 a big weekend ahead of us not just because of this memorial day weekend. but if you are heading north up into the north bay. you may be noticing a little extra traffic up there that's because about 40,000 people are going to be up in napa for bottle rock this weekend sold out and if you do have plans on being up there do expect some drying nice conditions for today and tomorrow now sunday things maybe not so dry. we do see the possibility of showers across the bay area. so if your plans involved hadn out there for a show on sunday do plan for that possibility of a bit of rainfall. rebecca.
5:25 am
>>well checking the roadways right now i'm not tracking any hot spots so far this morning and they getting into san francisco really easy so take advantage of it at this point we're looking at speeds of the limits of the pig. it's great metering lights have not been turned on and you're only at i 10 minutes getting into san francisco across the span getting to fremont street. a couple of drive times around the bay area were still in the green green means at the limit no delays any out to conquer don west bound for 16 minutes and then 6 city from to in the danville 16 minutes as well, the nimitz freeway looking really good if you'e traveling from san leandro to that to 37 split on the southbound side 21 minutes there and just under 30 minutes from downtown san jose into palo alto james started. >>well if you work in an sure you probably heard some of your female co-workers maybe complain that it's too cold, i know is this new
5:26 am
>>it turns out is not just uncomfortable. it's actually costing productivity which is why i need to be comfortable if you're hot that is say we need to turn of new study shows most modern offices use climate control systems based on the metabolic rate of an average ma'am which is why i always feel comfortable well we all different deal chance, the ideal temperature for women is 5 degrees warmer. well, then ferments so you're not crazy is it. i was saying you know is it is it is a cold years, it means it used is may i ask. >>the study found that women were better in tests that they did when the service debt had this temperature said a little higher interesting giants. some people think like if it's cold it will keep you awake, you know like so that not often your little [vacuum] ♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh.
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high cholesterol and weight gain; high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death; decreased white blood cells, which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgement; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar 1. ask about vraylar. >>5.29 and welcome back thanks for waking up with a crown for morning news is never easy on a friday. >>what a weekend for a lot of people yes so let's see maybe this will be extra friday light maybe all of it all seems way that is it really does. yeah i have. >>and had any major accidents stalls the meter my to sell off of the bay bridge things are looking good things so good news and weather to yeah we're getting our first friday light out there this morning as >>oh yes or the dead jokes are in full force this morning is
5:30 am
look at the lick observatory where conditions out there, nice and bright to get things started off that's the way we're going to be looking at today clear skies than yesterday at this time, but we still do have some cloud cover across the day it's not resulting in the visibility issues said don't worry about encountering too much fog is you' getting outside just expect some clearing skies later today, plenty of sunlight and another nice day today temperatures will rise under those clear skies eventually back into the low 70's for bay and inland areas, some 60's out along the coast. there are some showers this weekend let you know when to still to come rebecca. >>when things are definitely looking. good friday light yes plus next with the holiday on monday. it looks like a lot of folks may be taking a day off. you could tell right here the bay bridge toll plaza normally the meaner lights are on right around this time they remain off so when it's going to be an easy driving the san francisco just about 10 minutes so far on west than 80. the san mateo bridge looks good. yes, it's packed more more cars you could see on the right hand side of your
5:31 am
screen. but no delays and we're accident free 13 minutes. as you make your way from the east bay over to the peninsula. james star ian. thanks a lot 05:30am and as we said it is the start of memorial day weekend and that means a lot of people are going to be hitting the roads. >>weak enough you're probably out leaving now and maybe later filling the tank before you go. >>what about that course we're seeing that a troll live in south san francisco with a closer look at how much you may have to pay when you get afraid to see. >>oh yeah and you you know this is something we've been talking about for quite a while now are gas prices in these upcoming holidays like memorial day weekend this weekend obviously as well as 4th of july obviously you're going to have to shell some bucks right here where ever you are really consumer this goes among one of the highest in tee nation. even though that's true right now you'd actually be surprising. new study came out saying that we're actually up 6% and memorial day travel. now my fear mobil gas station near
5:32 am
san francisco airport and this is actually one of the cheapest gas stations in the area surprisingly enough it's under the average at about 3.95 a gallon now according trip advisor today is one of the busiest travel days of the year and based on its annual memorial day survey, 36% will be traveling today. now expect traffic because 64% of those traveling will be driving to their destinations. but more people will be staying closer to home. then last year as you can imagine because of these gas prices. 19% are planning to drive a 100 miles or less. you can bet that i've seen from the steep increase we've had in gas prices. according to triple a here are some of the local average is in your area. oakland, you're looking at 4 oh 7 san jose 4 oh 5 san francisco 4.15. now, 25% of all the travelers are actually going to be hitting. different airports. they're going to be flying but as you can guess the gas prices near the airport just like this one are quite inflated as well just a
5:33 am
mile down the road you're looking at 4 30 i've a gallon to destroy keep in mind where you're getting your gas tank. here's hands cover costco gas member you might want to hit one of those at reporting live in south san francisco this morning christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>very much for stena now if you are not going to be traveling this weekend maybe are going to stay at home firing up the grill but not a burger some steaks. you want to check the meat that in your freezer because the usda has issued a recall now for more than 62,000 pounds overall beef because of concerns over e coli. so the meat was packaged in illinois on april 19th. but it was shipped nationwide and this recall includes more than 40 products most of which are cuts of steak as well as ribs and brisket for more information on this recall we can just go to our website a cropper dot com without a lot more information there for you. speaking of the memorial day weekend and barbecuing weather let's find out if that's what you're going to have in store for you on a monday specifically against memorial
5:34 am
day itself yet monday's looking great now there's a couple other day so one other day this weekend that might not be so great for your barbecue in klansmen the memorial day is looking good and i think that's why a lot of people have their attention focused too. >>let's focus on the next couple of days, so first of all memorial day on monday is looking really nice with dry skies. temperatures in the 70's inland, there will be some 50's out along the coast, though that you should watch out for if you do live in areas like pacific and have plans on getting out there. otherwise it's going to be a beautiful day to be out and about now as for the weekend in general, i know a lot of people are just heading out for memorial day but the days to come before that today is looking that some dry tomorrow. more the same if your plans involve the sierra nevada that's where you do have some afternoon thunderstorms you want to watch out for while the bay remains dry in the meantime come tomorrow, skies starting with a bit of cloud cover and then we work our way into what will be a mostly sunny to partly cloudy afternoon. again sunday is the day that we do
5:35 am
see the potential of rain like i mentioned the sierra nevada does see a chance of showers each of the next few days and memorial day on monday just a couple of morning showers possible. james, all right, thank you john. there is at least one popular spot. this memorial day that you might not be able to visit we've got 200 elephant seals now that of closed down drakes beach at point reyes national seashore in marin county the national park service is that they're hoping to have the road to that beach reopened maybe sometime this weekend. we'll have to wait and see it's all up to the seals if they want to stay. stay something a lot of people are going to be doing. this weekend the annual bottle napa always a big drawn their crop for sarah stinson joining us live with what people can expect when the gates opened later today, right sir. >>yeah gates open around 11 o'clock and yes, such a big crowd that sold out now for the 4th year. i was 7 years of all rock so big time so a lot of people are coming out here
5:36 am
from all over the place. i want to show you right now just so beautiful, it is. at this time in the morning you can see that art installation behind me there that is a. hot air balloon made out of wood and then you can see the love sign behind me just twinkly lights everywhere, it's truly magical out here at this time of day ah, but this is the calm before the storm if you will there soon be about 40,000 people here in napa a day that saw was a 120,000. the whole weekend spending their memorial ekend here at the annual festival. this post schools for music food and drink, lovers tonight's headline performances are imagine dragons logic. one republic. sylvan esso performing saturday is neil young a promise of the real for l williams and nathaniel ratliff and the night sweats and gary clark junior such a good line of and lastly sunday. the big headlines are the bull beloved mumford and sons and santana so lots of
5:37 am
people are looking forward to seeing this headliners i know for sure people been talking about it on social mea after each festival day the party continues with dozens of performances scheduled until 10 at night. downtown napa near the fairgrounds there's also a coal mary stage here which is really awesome isn't the star chefs are people to taste delicious foods now thousands of people be driving from all over the state all over the country some people flying in of course from other states. but for those who live in the bay area. there's actually dozens of all rock buses to leave daily to pick people up and bring them here thought that was pretty cool for people to be able to come up here and then if you are coming up here for the event you're going to want to leave these items at home, ok backpacks chairs professional cameras selfie sticks sorry as leave the selfie 6 at home and air souls because they are not allowed inside. so it's going to be a really fun time and yet such because it is sold out, but that means most of you at home are already going to go. but you can find tickets online for people who love already just bought them and said i can't go any more
5:38 am
so head rocks website you can see if people are going to sell their tickets, maybe you can get in here because i know you're at home right now probably a jealous right now. >>but i'll be live here all morning to show you a little sneak peek so stick with us here in the prom for morning as we'll send it back to the studio. >>jealous well that music and all that and also head to our web site a cropper dot com by the way because we have put together a whole memorial day section which includes some of the events happening all around the bay area this weekend. so if you're not lucky enough to have tickets to bomb iraq, there are still plenty of other fun things to do so check it out lock is it a look. >>and it's takes money does this is pre k c ahead. >>a couple morning news on a friday morning fees in the south a target a car dealership and they've made on off with. says we're going to show you what they left. >>plus the senate now taking steps to try and put an end to those annoying robocalls a dose. we'll tell you what they're doing to put an end to that and next the warriors are warning fans about fake tickets for the nba finals tickets for the nba finals don't be babybel: i used be a one-cheese operation,
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5:42 am
cars on the roadway, but no delays no accidents 13 minutes to make your way from the east bay over to the peninsula. bay over to the peninsula. more news w ♪ bay over to the peninsula. more news w ♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
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>>and we're checking out the weather for your probably long holiday weekend. yeah, hopefully it's a long one. i hear some people a four-day weekend. so tonight. must be nice today we can so i need a but really nice weather regardless of how long you have for memorial day, i'll get a chance to enjoy it a little bit this is your look outside at a san francisco this morning where skies do have a few clouds to them but no fog out there whatsoever does a crystal clear view across the bay, san jose also a lot clearer than yesterday was at this time and out to the east bay mount diablo not looking too bad either there's definitely a few clouds hanging out overhead but really not enough to be blocking out the brightness that we're seeing all across
5:46 am
the bay area this morning, nice and dry conditions to kick things off for this friday and we're going to stay dry today, the mountains are going to have some thunderstorms again this afternoon while the bay continues to remain dry for your friday afternoon come saturday conditions while there you go dry again partly cloudy. but then we work our way into sunday now this is the day that you do want to keep an eye on if you have plans outside for your memorial day weekend few showers possible already pretty early on in the day on set a sunday and then just a couple of scattered sprinkles really for the most part expected across the bay for that same day just keep an eye on it as that's the only one that's offering up even a chance of rain but sides that it is a crystal clear and really favorable weekend for anything you want to do 60's for most daytime highs out along the coastline today there are a couple of 50's mixed in there as for temperatures elsewhere in the bay we're talking 70's yet again today with low 70's in mountain view in woodside at 72. each mid 70's for much of the south bay and the east bay
5:47 am
for the most part in those same 70's winds calm to start picking up into the afternoon. oakland berkeley and richmond 60's for you well 70's from concord walnut creek down to danville in san ramon temperatures in the mid 70's for vacaville and fairfield today that's a touch cooler than yesterday was but still very nice upper 60's and center fell nevado and petaluma breaking down next 7 days, nice and dry today and tomorrow tomorrow just a touch cooler than today and then noticeably cooler into sunday as a a couple of showers to arrive monday for memorial day we drive back out we warm back up and will only continue to warm through next week by wednesday and thursday you see it there on your seven-day some of our inland areas will be nearing the 80 degree mark. we have a rebecca in this morning giving us look at traffic rebecca, how is it out there. >>it's looking great john a really nice of friday light commute so far so i yes, it looks like a lot of folks are already starting there a memorial day weekend. and it
5:48 am
looks like a that they were still plus a look at this really easy take advantage of the light traffic right now because of course the meaning lights remain off so far this morning, normally they turned on at about 5.30 yep that's going to be a smooth drive into the city 10 minutes from the pay gates out to the fremont street exit and uh it's going to be a nice easy commute as well from a the hayward area over to sam, a tail on westbound 92. cars on the roadway. yes, but had issues to snag a pure drive so far under 15 minutes to make your way to that one will a little bit of a wait here at the richmond center fell bridge. you can see that on the left-hand side, your screen but said not too bad though, just in some of those cash paying lanes but once you get past that though it's going to be a nice drive into the north bay 8 minutes and clocking there westbound 5.80 from richmond over to the north bay. now coming out of the north and to san francisco, we're looking great 22 minutes from nevado across of the golden gate bridge and then into san francisco. it has been problem free here on the southbound side. all
5:49 am
morning long. i'll be back with or drive times coming up in just a bit james. >>very much rebecca. i'm much rebecca. i'm hoping this car dealership was of its cars were parked in the back of the percy honda storage lot off south main street. well, they're missing their tires and the rams the hot a lot of directly behind the christian worship center where pastor nick the lasky has worked for 10 years and he said on tuesday morning. he was driving through that parking lot notice that a car wasn't sitting quite right and then when he drove up next to it. he noticed several other cars. we're also propped up. >>it must've been well planned out and so. you know it's unusual to see that happen here not dispute these usually on things he said community. >>that's a little unusual to see this happen. >>now the car lot says they suffered thousands of dollars in losses. also in the south bay officials at mineta san jose international airport are opening up a half dozen new terminals to accommodate the growth in the airline industry. the airport has also
5:50 am
added 6 new gates just for southwest, they'll open in as when they'll h on june 13th be available. the project will cost about million. but this is actually considered just a temporary fix because the airport says it's in talks right now with the city and they're hoping that they can work togethero design and build a permanent terminal that will eventually replace these temporary lights. >>now and lawmakers in washington dc they're trying to take steps to stop robo calls the senate passed the traced act. that legislation would impose fines of as much as $10,000. robocallers are companies that knowingly defied the rules the bill would also increase the statue of limitations just 3 years and when it struck the fcc to develop further regulations that would shield unwanted calls last year. americans got more than 26 billion. robo calls i got a million just alone. the bill has strong republican and democratic
5:51 am
support because everybody hates robo calls. it's backed by all 50 state attorneys general. the fcc. who likes trouble calls nobody really. yeah i know by now and maybe some people like if it's a person calling you which i still ate too because they kind of engage them hey so anyway. the bulls and warriors are still way still waiting we are one step closer to finding out might be the rafters and fans meantime a here in california are being warmed if you want to get those tickets make sure that they are official that jet. yeah. >>because team officials say nearly a 1000 fans were denied access to the stadium this season alone because they showed up with fake tickets that they bought online from unverified vendor, so they don't want that to happen to you if you happen to get your hands on finals tickets and you're all excited and that the tear gas and make sure you buy them through warriors dot com ceiling verified marketplace, you know the tickets are for real and you won't be turned away at the gates there oracle the home games by the way are games 3,
5:52 am
4, that's june 5th and >>oh speaking of calls all parts ability to contra costa county about to change state officials are introducing a new area code to replace the 5 one o that is in much of the east bay starting on july 22th. all new phone numbers issued in that area will start with 3 for 01:00am starting in june. anybody who tells even if you have 5, 1, oh you got to dial down before you do every call even in your own area code. the 5, 1, owes are running out. that's why they have to start with a new area code 5 52 is the time right now and and google is not taking over the punchline comedy club in san francisco, even though no. >>somebody said they would you as a instead, they say they've only least to the space next door and they don't want to jeopardize the future of the comedy club, so they're kind of backing away saying don't look at us we might have been there and has and the supervisor, san francisco, he said google is going to place the cup. yes, so that's why
5:53 am
people used google is clarifying they're not going to shut it down of course cities in talks with google's part of a 3 full plan to save the punch line right now with paskin at the lead. he introduced zoning moratorium that would keep non nightlife entertainment businesses from moving into that building that is scheduled for a vote on to force will see where that goes. >>5 53 is the time and still ahead on the kron four morning news we have an exclusive look inside the mercy brown bad one the house. and wheeler how this food bank is helping
5:54 am
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book now at >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>last weekend the new john wick movie dethroned avengers at the box office and this weekend there's a new movie looking to take that title away david daniel has a preview. >>11 disney's latest remake of an animated favorite is looking to soar this weekend. analysts estimate it will debut with 73 to $85 million over the four-day holiday weekend higher than the recent dumbo remake but well behind the live action jungle book and beauty and the beast. >>superhero movie fans and horror fans can meet in the middle with you great burned about a child from another world who crash lands on earth
5:57 am
with terrifying results. box office watchers expect a four-day haul of 10 to million. >>really don't know what i'm telling all that stuff. >>booksmart gives us 2 straight a student to try to cram 4 years of high school fun into one night reviews for olivia wilde's feature directorial debut are excellent, but opening weekend estimates for the comedy are all over the place from mid single digits to the mid teens in hollywood, dan. coming up in the next hour of the crop for morning news, it's day 5 of the union city teacher strike we're going to have an update on negotiations. >>coming up in a live report. and today is the start of the bottle rock music festival will also have a live report on that as well previewing what you c no one's journey begins with a trophy.
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