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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 24, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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at clear skies dry conditions unfavorable weather really all in all today and tomorrow you do see a few clouds of of timber on this morning. those won't last though you do have plenty of blue ahead of you just as we saw into the afternoon yesterday you're going to see those blue skies a little bit sooner too. if you are not already seeing him as we speak current temperatures in the 50's and 60's mountain view in oakland are right at 60 degrees with pittsburgh. and concord right below that mark currently has are you in hayward as well knapp and fairfield not far from the 60's now at 57 each later today do expect mid 60's and san francisco that's near normal finally, oakland looking at upper 60's while san jose back into the mid 70's. there is a cool down and even a few showers to expect later this weekend all get to when to expect those still to come rebecca. >>all right, i'm rebecca strong filling in for robin winston this morning and we are pretty light on the roads and this is how it's been at the bay bridge toll plaza pretty much all morning long take advantage of it while you can it's a 14 minutes to make
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your way out of the oakland side and then into san francisco right now or a getaway traffic though here like were mentioning the golden gate bridge. the northbound one on one side a definitely heavier then your commute direction south what i want has been a problem for you all morning long 21 minutes into san francisco. we'll have a complete bridge check the eichmond san bridge and the san mateo coming up in just a bit james starry a. >>driving yet, but they're sure will be an and that means you're going to have to gas up and we've people is to rebecca said. >>heading out of town and a lot of probably hit a gas station on the way so let's had the one ourselves we've got proffers christina tate row standing by in south san francisco with the latest on the prices, hey christina. >>good morning everyone, i'm here live at the 7.11 next to the san francisco airport and this is one of the areas that is the most expensive here in the bay because of course it's right off of the freeway and right before some people also head out of town or coming back into town so we're looking at just over $4 here. now. still not stopping people
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from filling up it's been busy all morning and this is the busiest travel. weekend of the year. according to trip adviser today is actually the busiest days not just the busiest weekend and based on its annual memorial day survey, 36% will be traveling today that a 6% higher than last year. so those prices again are not stopping people. but expect traffic because 64% of those traveling will be driving to their destinations. now you can bet that's definitely from the steep increases that we've had in gas prices they are seeing a little bit more local than before. but again still on the road ensure some averages we have for you in your local cities. oakland you are at 4 oh 7 san jose 4 oh 5 san francisco for 15. actually just to tell you guys and speak with people here the pumps all morning actually spoke with one san jose state university student was telling me she actually quit his job because he was too expensive for him to keep driving to and from work so he got a new job
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to help pay for school that actually paid for is is. yeah so he definitely also said you know what memorial day after pushes aside because i'm making up for that lost cause, you know that last plus there. now again it is the busiest travel day. and the busiest travel weekend which means it's going to be traffic. this weekend tomorrow is reportedly the worst time to be on the road. here in the greater bay area between one and 03:00pm so going keep that in mind if you have any plans on going into the city. the concert up in napa. some time aside for travel time and maybe grab some new music on year. reporting live here in south san francisco. tha cho conference. >>all right. thank you christine, and you heard from her. you've been warned. one in 3 tomorrow be careful on the roads could be extra pack. if you're not going to be traveling you're probably going to be staying at home right and a lot of us will have plans to perhaps barbecue this weekend if you do have some meat in the fridge waiting to be grilled up this weekend. listen to this story.
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the usda is actually issue a recall for more than 62,000 pounds of raw beef because of concerns over eco line. so the meat was packaged in illinois, but it was distributed all across the country and the recall includes more than 40 products a lot of them cuts of steak ribs also brisk, it's too. if you want more information on which particular meats are part of this recall just go to our website at kron four dot com. so let's find out if it's going to be good grilling weather this weekend we've got judge on travel here talking more about our memorial day forecast and what we can expect. yeah i'm for the most part very good grilling weather and also good travel weather. so it's a win-win in that regard. >>sunday, we're keeping a close eye on though because that's the day if any day that could maybe offer up just a little bit of rainfall really not going to anything widespread nor a washout now all eyes on monday to is memorial day itself and i know a lot of you guys are going to have that day off of work. so for those of you. the right along the bay, maybe a little bit closer to the coast. it is
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going to be a lovely day on monday we're going to see some some cloud cover but also makes the sun shine in memorial day itself is going to be our second cool stay of the forecast to do expect daytime highs only in the 60's there. it will be a light jacket kind of the further away from the water you get further inland such as the tri valley, maybe the south bay are areas further north in the bay. you're going to see temperatures in the 70's so really comfortable and with even sunnier skies. that's going to be some nice grilling weather. some good weather on offer whatever you want to be doing this weekend now an extended weekend does mean a lot of people on the roads. you are going to be looking at dry skies today and tomorrow for any of those travels that you do have sunday the day before memorial day this will be the coolest one of your forecast barely daytime highs in the 60's. you're also going to notice a big increase in cloud cover and there you see it on future cast those chances of showers especially for the south bay area's into the east bay and even on the peninsula, so if you're getting out and about on sunday. do i get those umbrellas out just in case you
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see a shower overhead otherwise monday today and tomorrow all that can really good back to you. so there's at least one popular spot. this memorial day weekend memorial day weekend that you can't go see at least not right now and that's. >>because we've got 200 elephant seals that have taken over drakes beach at point reyes national seashore i go you could smell it now they're alive they're there and the park service is hoping maybe if they move along maybe they can reopen the beach. >>how do you get into a look and feel to move along. know you don't tell them where to go you that's what you do. yeah, it's pretty funny ok, lot of other people. maybe not at the beach but at the music festival because it's a bottle rock time. if you don't have tickets already around a lot because corporate sarah stinson is out there now celibacy ah it's sold out. >>sarah. >>unfortunately for those who don't a ticket but good for those of you are cut coming year like and it's it's
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looking beautiful out here obviously to get 7 open quite yet but just look at its all. beautiful shining is lights everywhere. there's boots with like dozens of different restaurants you can check out the food. wineries you can check out some line of course because we're napo else would you want to do and then at the stage we're at right now well that's where logic is going to be performing tonight one of the biggest headliners for tonight. also going to we'll see on the other stage a magic dragons one republic. sylvan esso i mean it's going to be such a good time. this is will truly is for music, lovers food, lovers drink, lovers. we have on saturday to me neil young promise of the real for l williams nathaniel ratliff and the night sweats plus gary clark junior leslie sunday, the big headliners are mumford and sons and santana each day, the of the festival there's going to be at afterwards like after shows, you can attend downtown napa those going till 10 o'clock i'm sure people are
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going to be having a good time all night long. but it's not just about the music you guys so so the colder experience is a cautionary stage where you get to they'll be able to still be entertained by performances and even we heard and to me from clear eyes going to be here along with several other famous people that you can really just get entertained by the you can also try foods from all over sonoma county try some delicious foods now a little tip for those of you who are coming out here thousands people will be driving but if you don't feel like hitting the roads as we've heard it's not going to be fun, a lot of traffic gas is expensive. they're going to be dozens of buses that leave daily to pick people from all over the bay area be surprise anyone from mill valley all the way to san francisco. tons of different spots you can be picked up. also if you're coming up you want to leave these at. tax chairs professional cameras selfie sticks as we leaed james, doesn't need one daria wants one a but you can't bring i'm okay. air souls,
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those are not allowed here at the venue now. you'll meet him you're going to have a good time again it is a little bit cold outside think it to be a little warmer in the 70 degrees but i think a jacket is definitely enemy needed. from this menu, so fun, you're going want to walk around everywhere see owning feel the cold. those gates open at 11 so to resign for people to come out here that was going to be sworn in people you guys we'll send it back to you. >>now you do it you can shot the stick, i know you get it get it 5 get it. >>it's like a cent look at these out of it that's how far to go to the other so much rumor and each of us. he's good. i would even is like a ferrari tractable arm. it is but i really do with this are because this a lot longer than the other one laugh, well, it's a good couple inches getting a lot. have you want to have about a real if you have no plans. we have plenty of advice and tips for you there. 8 oh 9 is the time and another big story that we're
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following parents of 2 south a middle school girls are suing the san jose unified school district are all of this after one of the gym, teachers and coach at glen middle school clifford papadakis was arrested last year could accused of taking inappropriate pictures. >>of those girls to papadakis was charged convicted of possessing. child-porn also taking explicit photos of the students back in 2018. he was sentenced to 8 months of home detention, a given 3 years probation. the girl's parents say the school was careless in how it handled the whole thing. >>a school that has limited rules policies and train on this kind of predatory behavior. you enable a up her like mister papa doc us too. flourish in this environment for children. >>papadakis is set to be released today, they'll also have to register as a sex-offender. >>the proper morning news. we're going to look at new ways that part is trying to stop you from being able to jump the gates are swing right through without paying. and we
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take a look like the temperature in this studio always freezing to me. women we have a different service said go on then and you guys don't. another dead whale washes up on a bay area is lowe's knows it's time to do outdoors right
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>>taking selfies because it's so quiet out there. says arms. yeah i think we're outside you have a gorgeous pictures right nice stretch the fletcher was a strip yes fletcher the stretch armstrong all you're making him until like a sieve stretching last stanley. soho what's caught outside we won't see that russell been dropped because if somebody is coming in the bay always in the buses with that. so i feel. occurs really nice weather to be on a double decker bus today grilling in the backyard that you want to be doing.
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>>this is going to be a good only grown up that eco like me just watch going to be yes about science. shout out to the website there you go. yeah watch out for it. i don't watch out so much for the weather today, though at least we are looking nice and dry across the bay area for your friday getting this memorial day weekend started off on a really nice no clear skies and yesterday over san francisco over san jose more the same look at this nice blue skies out there that so much yet over out to apple but we're going to get there even for those areas were cloud cover is passing overhead now skies are going to be dry throughout the day today. that's not the necessarily way it's going to stay all weekend long though no first of all we do have some showers again in this year about it today if your weekend plans involve that you're saying here in the bay area today and tomorrow are looking great tomorrow. there's going to be a few more clouds and you also have temperatures a bit cooler but this is sunday right here and these are the showers that are going to push overhead, especially for the south bay. but watch out for them all across the bay area. the
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likelihood of them decreases the further north you get in the bay, but what we are going to be seeing is enough of a potential that you do want to plan for that potential and bring the umbrella with you if you do have your growing plans on sunday other than that though today tomorrow and monday if you have monday off for memorial day itself. it could be looking good 60's and 70's today, a day pretty similar to yesterday. so if you recall yesterday, they really liked what you saw you're going to like today to san jose 74 for your high tri valley looking at some mid 70's in some cases like in livermore at 74 while the creek in san ramon sharing that number with you well upper 60's in oakland berkeley enrichment, north bay numbers, mostly in the 60's to 70's a few more 60's the further west you get all in all though once those clouds clear it is going to be beautiful out there. tomorrow just a few more clouds in just a touch cooler then come sunday, you're going to notice this cooldown were barely even the 60's for inland areas, and those showers which have been talking about so sunday, maybe
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your day to take it a little bit easier of the weekend ahead then and a lot of you have it off of work for memorial day and it's going to be a really nice one upper 60's for your highs inland, mid 60's by the day and then down right warm come wednesday and thursday of next week nearing 80 for some spots by the middle of the week. rebecca. >>looking at some of the roadways a really lightly traveled today, it's been this way pretty much all morning long friday light and holiday lights to take advantage of the roadways. if you're going to be heading out of town for this weekend. haley now because it's great out there 11 minute drive time for us as you make your way into san francisco using the bay bridge west than 80. i'm not tracking any delays into the city across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge looks great here is wealthy need to get from the east bay over to the peninsula. you're westbound 90 to commute only 15 minutes to make your way to that connector. the richmond san bridge. we did have a backup early on in the morning just in those cash paying lanes it's gone now so it's going to be a real nice drive into the north bay, i'm looking at said
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just under 10 minutes to make your way on westbound 5.80 the golden gate bridge show really what i've been tracking is a more getaway traffic on the northbound side versus the commute side. for your south one on one commute so just keep that in mind folks are trying to get out of town right now and like i said take advantage of it. the roadways are still pretty light 21 minutes though, if you are traveling out of nevado i need to make your way into san francisco. all have some drive times coming up in just a bit daria thanks for back 80's teen a big story is a man accused of kidnapping and raping a 74 year-old woman in san francisco pleads not guilty. >>police say that manuel amador grabs a woman off of the street where she lives and crocker amazon's neighborhood and then attacked or in a different home and left are out front on the sidewalk bleeding where somebody luckily found her and called the police and 911. she had to undergo surgery and she still in the hospital recovering now. and san francisco. >>police are looking for these 2 women after a violent robbery take a good look. the
8:19 am
victim was walking south on kearny street toward center when 2 women came up from behind attacked or took her purse. the surveillance images from the night before the attack shows the suspects walking along there. the victim suffered serious injuries to police really want to find who these 2 women are they were last seen heading east on bush street here they are coming back into view again take a good look if you can help police out in any way give them a call. pleasant hill police meanwhile have arrested 5 people for a robbery at a dick's sporting goods store. take a look you'll actually see them trying to make their getaway there with arms full of merchandise, this was at the store on monument boulevard near 6.80. an officer was actually outside when he noticed a car idling near the store front turns out it was the getaway car. but the officer watchedaand waited and sure enough. the suspects came running out with all those items and that's when police were able to jump on right away. 18 year-old zahar a mccracken was arrested along with 4 children and police think maybe these are the people who are behind other similar store thefts recently.
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>>8 19 in the north bay, another dead whale washes on shore of bay area beaches the 14th dead whale so far this year in our area. it was found yesterday along the point reyes national seashore and so many whales have been washing up dead that the national park service is really becoming concerned. >>alarming it's a lot of wills 3 to wash up on the beach and it's it's hard to see animals coming up with much rather see them swimming in the ocean and healthy. >>we know the one before this was hit by a ship this one they don't know yet they're doing in a cop scene. it's a meal program for seniors run by seniors started 36 years ago the mercy brown bag program make sure that thousands of seniors every month have access to healthy food. >>and this story that you'll see only on kron four theresa stasio takes us inside one of the many distribution sites. they have this particular one helps vulnerable residents in alameda county. >>it is early and the line is long. >>as the need is great. this
8:21 am
is a loading dock at the mercy retirement center in oakland and on this day the area is transformed into a vital link between the seniors who live here. >>and those who reside in the surrounding neighborhood. seniors to show up with their cars to fill up on food. organizers say the program started 36 years ago when residents at the large high rise retirement center looked down and saw the plight of others out in the community. >>father louis vitaly a moment here says that it was just too much to watch without reaching out. >>or she could take them all into our dining room set and a fitted with a realist and they're going to get some food aid are home to children i just just i look at the smiles on their faces when they out we have over 40 different distributions throughout alameda county. >>for low income seniors. they can have free feed. twice a
8:22 am
month. >>christian lucchese showed me around as volunteers packed vegetables and other high quality staples into backs. >>so the majority of it comes from the alameda county community food bank. and we've purchase some and the proteas easing at least 50%, fresh produce and then we try to make sure its value so then it has protein and has arms whole grains we try to make it is well the as possible is. any build community and it makes people feel so loved. >>theresa stasio kron 4 news. >>now this story first ran on kron on that's our new 24 hour commercial free streaming service to see the full story on how mercy brown bag is helping the community and more exclusive content download kron on today at your app store. the tensions between
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department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. >>gage then you do and they did studies and found out because of that when we're cold in the office productivity goes down. >>it's slower and slower.
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before we're freezing, but it's not whole >>all right well asked hamra are simon enters she'll tell you differently there. she is look at she's driving just that sweater is on sends out its science it's not just personal preference, but you have a female body. >>needs to work and slightly warmer environment right by 5 degrees or something like that. yes, the ideal temperature for us is 5 degrees warmer than from and they found that women perform better in a series of tests when the thermostat was set to a higher temperature, it's not your imagination it's a real you know we don't like just worry shoals around all the they will. >>i am at 6 flags in the they have a new ride batman and a few now i'm going to be a guinea pig for all you out there as i'm going to be on this right here in a live report opens to the public tomorrow. but we'll see it makes you throw up with me bei
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hydrogen peroxide that goes below the tooth's surface for a smile that's 4 shades visibly whiter! colgate optic white. whitening that works.
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>>and traffic and weather are dot a problem for you this weekend starting now our illegal mornings with fiat. >>if you're going to be getting out of town just. the ads are really nice. there hasn't been a lot of hot spots no afternoon. >>yeah, the weather is going to cooperate either way so don't let that factor into your decision wherever your head and for whatever time you leave and you're good to go there is a few clouds a
8:30 am
pushing over the bay area right now you can see those from the suture tower right here, there's the presidio did him in the distant sound out there and also you can see the golden gate bridge just a bit of it cloud cover is actually increased right along the coastline gradually through the morning but it or treat just as we saw yesterday and then you just got abundant sunshine do expect salman tale oakland, mount view all right at 60 degrees right now hayward conquered pittsburgh among areas just below that 60 degree mark temperatures are going to pretty comparable with where they were yesterday sir call yesterday if you like that you're going to like today too 60's and 70's for your daytime highs, mostly sunny skies and really overall just a pleasant start to the holiday weekend. i'm talking more about what to expect still to come. rebecca. >>thank you john and rebecca strong filling in for robin winston today and uh it's nice on the roadways to take advantage of it look at this the bay bridge toll plazas looked exactly like this pretty much all morning long here 10 minutes into san francisco, normally at this hour. it is. meteor lights have been off all morning long
8:31 am
as well. some drive times we're mostly a and the green a little bitty yellow so not too bad at all 22 minutes on a highway 4 from any act to concord that's a commute drive right now in particular danville only 18 minutes on 6.80. the name it said normally we are like 45 minutes plus at this hour and we're only at 33 from san leandro trying to get down to that to 37 connector on the southbound side and driving through downtown san jose that's going to be not to bad really a breeze into palo alto at 39 minutes, i'll have a full bridge check coming up in just a bit chain star ian thanks. >>the war of words continues between speaker pelosi at president trump the president described pelosi as crazy yesterday while she. >>says that he is in need of an intervention. cnn's jim acosta has more. >>and trading barbs with his chief democratic nemesis president trump took a swipe at house speaker nancy pelosi saying she can't comprehend the us trade deal with mexico
8:32 am
and canada. now pending before congress you know she's a mess. look let's face it she doesn't understand it the president then got even more personal relitigate in his confrontation. one day earlier with pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer complete with schoolyard nicknames as extremely come. i was probably even more so in that room so walked into the cabinet room. you had the the group cryan shock. crazy nancy i tell you what i've been watching her and i have i have been watching her for long period of time. she's not the same person. she's lost it the verbal tussle in comes one day after the president lash out in the rose garden, a performance democrats derided as another trump temper tantrum i don't do cover-ups pelosi appears to have gotten under mister trump skin referring to the 2 allies impeachment. >>there's no question for the white house is just crying out front and intervention. a new pelosi trigger word. i pay for the president of the united
8:33 am
states. i was sure his family or his administration as staff we had an intervention for the good of the country was the president turned to his own aides to back him up one after one top officials were called on by the president to reassure the public mister trump was common is meeting with democrats. you are hurt. i'm extremely stable genius president said he's not going to locy into impeaching um you know what he wants to be impeached. white house is accusing democrats of being more interested in investigation than legislation. >>i think it's complete democrats in congress think they can do 2 things at once so far we haven't seen him do anything. nancy pelosi has had the majority in the house for months and has yet to accomplish a single thing they haven't gotten they literally haven't gotten anything done since she's taken over. >>but that's not true. the houses so far passed dozens of bills, including legislation aimed the gun control and climate change and just today,
8:34 am
lawmakers announced a multi-billion dollar disaster relief package that should make its way through both the house and the senate and be signed by mister trump in the coming days. >>that was jim acosta reporting the president's aides are hoping that his upcoming trip to china will distract him from this a back and forth and let him get back to governing. an emotional day of testimony the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland as 911 calls were played in the courtroom. and you could hear the emotion the past. people in and outside screaming as the fire was going on telling does is spatters that people were dying and to please hurry. the one person who used to live there the warehouse took the stand yesterday carmen brito in she says that she actuly felt safe at the warehouse is the fire department was just around the block. >>i believe she said that it was a regular occurrence for cps to come in they looked through the place thoroughly they looked at it closely they looked and saw that it was
8:35 am
safe for children, 3 young children ho be living in that space that was a big part of the reason why she and presumably many others feel safe living there too. >>a retired oakland fire investigator also returned to the stand yesterday and testified that there waso evidence to either prove or disprove arson as the cause of that fire. in california, you might see a new warning on your show to any solar energy drink has with a that has a high amount of sugar. what have a warning about risks of diabetes and tooth decay and big trend in bold letters right in the fun set away from everything else so not fine print. the state senate narrowly passed this measure that would require sugar sweetened drinks with 75 calories or more to have these warning label labels right there for everybody to see the american beverage association however is fighting it. >>they cost bart millions of dollars each year. so it's not surprising that bart's now considering changing. the gate design at the stations to maybe curb the fare evaders some of those new options were
8:36 am
present at thursday's board meeting and you can see some of them on the screen here one option would be to modify the existing gates other options include a new swing style gate or retractable barrier. they're also considering high entry. exit gates as well, whatever they choose they're all aimed at preventing fair jumping in pushing in tailgating implementing any of the solution so would cost hundreds of millions of dollars in the meantime if you are caught jumping. sergei he could face a fine of up to $75. and dc are trying to take steps to stop roaocalls the senate passed a what they're calling the traced act. now this legislation would impose fines of as much as $10,000 per call on those who are knowingly defying the rules so the bill would also increase the statute of limitations to 3 years and its trucks, the fcc to develop further regulations that could shield on wanted calls. last year americans received more than 26 billion robo calls that is stangering. the bill has strong bipartisan support. it
8:37 am
is backed by all 50 state attorneys general and the federal communications commission as well. >>phone calls in parts of alameda and contra costa counties are about to change state officials are introducing a new area code because the running out of 5 one oh numbers to give out in the east bay so starting july 22th, if you get a new number it's going to be a 3 for one area code and starting in june anybody, whatever even if you're 5, 1, oh you're gonna have to dial that number 5, one oh before you make any kind of a local call and that is because again they're running out of numbers. >>and we are looking at conditions out there this morning nice and dry, but is it going to stay this way your memorial day weekend forecast to come. >>and traffic not a lot of it around the bay area right now as we are kicking off of this long weekend. take advantage of the bay bridge toll plaza right now it's been really
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>>back it's been a nice friday so far with a few passing ouds little bit of sunshine to above sfo. how are those delays will there are any of them so this is a good bit of information issue head out for the busy travel weekend ahead of us with memorial day now just around the corner as far as temperatures go. it's also been really nice out there. we have 3 cities on this map at least that are now in the 60's oakland, antioch and down the mountain view nearing that 60 degree mark in san jose
8:41 am
livermore and hayward not far behind in concord either at 59 right now rebecca. >>all right i'm tracking year. morning commute right now in for robin winston that it's been really light all morning long here we go the san mateo bridge. it's a really look the same and it's still been under 15 minutes to make your way out of the east bay over to the peninsula and west that 92. so take advantage of the roadways right now the golden gate bridge looking great and in fact for a time we saw more traffic going north on 1 one. then your commute side which is south one on one coming on and of otto into san francisco. more news weather
8:42 am
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>>44 6 flags discovery kingdom >>has a new roller coaster day noon right this weekend. >>the batman a roller coaster in fact we want to get out the will tran who i believe is about to go yes, you are so is the only your way. >>you always right next to me sohere is a face behind the name the only there is not to
8:45 am
go this is a 2 and a half minute ride you can clearly see that we are moving. it is going to be open to the public tomorrow, but they're giving us a sneak peek. so if i throw up you're welcome because do it. you definitely drop in the
8:46 am
wrong. so before james. >>daria was torn come down here as well all that has the right. it is available to the public. >>here as well. here you're here as well. i do it i closed i do that you are not as really it took me a long time to finally put my hands up only know i know i don't want to see yeah i'm with yeah and
8:47 am
peak it opened on the way down because i'm like no. >>upside down. but you're also like spending in >>go and here's things will be only a will they will have kids and you know your kids want to go on the ride and then you eat that mom go on with me i don't want to because the alone i can go double which is a lie, correct. actually little ones that you see come kill yeah, wait, you know to make that better. >>what if will like last week had that corn dog in the ice cream got on the batman ride known. now now for anybody downloading receiving a shower into or heading to 6 flags weekend what do we got on onyx other and so the right opens tomorrow, yeah. yeah really going to be whatever you're if you're right. the right t there's going to be great we
8:48 am
are seeing some cloudy skies this morning but they are going to stay that way for long so you do have sunshine to expect later today. >>some comfortable temperatures in the 60's and 70's, san francisco, san jose looking even clear look at that gorgeous and beth oh island also looking really good this morning now skies are going to stay nice and dry today. it's sunday that we've got our eyes on you you are going to see some showers up in the sierra nevada as you can see into the afternoon. bay area remains dry today remains dry tomorrow some cloud cover increases we will be looking at a building chance of some rainfall it's ff and on showers possible. you do see those pop up showers across the day on through your sunday morning. taking us through your sunday into the day to see if you've got plans to be out and about and the finish of the weekend just make sure to come prepared for that potential of showers as for today, no rain just some nice conditions. 60's for the most part on the peninsula with 70's elsewhere across the day. temperatures today are going to be pretty similar to where they were yesterday
8:49 am
skies are going to be pretty similar to got to think about is what it looked like yesterday didn't feel like it. well the new going like today too pleasanton and double in 73 degrees for your highs today. oakland berkeley richmond or endeavor. aga all in the 60's while 70 solidly from vacaville on over t out bill and down to napa for about iraq today center rose up to 71 while stinson beach at 61. so today expect mostly sunny conditions tomorrow just a touch cooler and a little on the cloudier side. sunday's we're going to notice your differences a lot cooler cloudy here and those showers in your forecast monday. we clear out just in time for memorial day temperatures on the rise after that tuesday wednesday and thursday even getting warmer yet nearing 80 degrees by the middle of next week. rebecca. >>i'm looking for all that sunshine in the 70's getting close to a tease john yep, and hey the traffic is definitely cooperating. today so you're going to definitely need the air conditioning. >>and the roads are going to be all yours has been so light
8:50 am
this morning a lot of folks taking the day off. >>already kicking off the memorial day weekend. look at this the bay bridge toll plaza meeting lights and turn on and all this morning. 11 minute drive time coming out of macarthur maze and then across the upper deck into the city switching over the san mateo bridge. it's been great here as well no accidents, no delays at all and it's been that way since 4 o'clock this morning as a matter of fact 14 minutes to make your way out of the east bay and connecting over to the peninsula. the richmond center fell bridge looks great. there was a way to those cash lanes love last hour but now look at this no delays at all and very lightly traveled only 9 minutes to make your way on westbound 5.80 up to the north bay at this point and the golden gate bridge show like i was mentioning, we're seeing more getaway traffic on the northbound side than we are on the southbound side which is the commute direction. a lot of folks are already starting to head out guest, smart the roads are so nice right now, if you are heading into san francisco though expect about a 21 minute drive time out of the bottle on the south lawn
8:51 am
on one side across the golden gate bridge into san francisco all mora drive checked drive time times and bridge checks. coming up in just a bit chains. >>thank you rebecca 8 50 new this morning, san francisco mayor london breed has announced a deal to keep city college of san francisco free for students for the next 10 years. so great news on that front under this new agreement the city will set aside $15 million each year to pay for the program now this was actually a program that was supposed to be put to the voters this coming november. but now with the snow grant. we don't need to vote on it anymore. back in 2017 san francisco became the first city to make community college free. but that was a pilot program that was set to expire at the end of this year. >>the warriors are waiting to see who they have play in the nba finals, we know it's going to be the raptors or the bucks. happens you're going want to go to the game if you buy tickets though make sure that they're legit because the worse and the regular season.
8:52 am
i think itwas a 1000 fans had to be turned away at the gates, how seeing is that how this morning is that all that son to see the team and not to mention your part and you kids and whatever else. so if you want to see a kde well going to be your but if you want to see the rest of the warriors play games, 3, 4, will be at oracle june 5th and 7th. >>all right, here's a quick live look outside we've got a shot of the golden gate bridge where i believe the weather is looking better and better it is no fog like we had yesterday, those clouds will pull back john promising s ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
8:53 am
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09:00am this morning, good to see your view from berkeley right here looking great there's some cloud cover but just like yesterday that will pass and we get some sunshine later on today as for the rest of the day today daytime highs are going to boost into the 60's and 70's concord up to 75 with san jose at 74 antioch in napa in the low 70's. if you're heading up to napa for bottle rockets looking like a good day to do so as for our winds there nice and calm right now, but do expect him to pick up a little bit later today. it will be breezy just like yesterday afternoon at times towards the early evening. rebecca. >>based on its a good morning to hit the roads right now, especially if you're going to be taking advantage the light traffic and a lot of folks taking the day off today. so that's why of the bay bridge looks like this the approach to it said demeanor lights have been off all morning long
8:56 am
and it's almost 9 o'clock in the morning. we've been hardly ever see yup a lot of folks starting off the long weekend already today 10 minutes in the san francisco right now if you're going to be taking westbound 80 into the city and they were looking at the nimitz freeway normally it's a really pass at 45 minutes to an hour plus but right now it looks great 34 minutes from san leandro getting to that to 37 split in milpitas daria. >>thanks a 56 right now and take a look at placer county sheriff's deputy played a game of hide and seek. >>with their local areas. >>i'm over here come get me and then down and. >>the sheriff's office says that this whole thing happened. and a top host city shell station. but it is up again. it was rummaging through the trash looking to get back deputies right people the matter how cute they look in like a. don't go near him and thank you. yes. >>so a great name about what you do when you get caught you still trying to hide. they
8:57 am
killed him, i'm not here. we'll take a quick break still ahead in the next hour to talk all morning. starts the bottle rock music festival up in the north they will tell you what you can expect. we've got a live report on that and find out why parents have to bear in middle school students are suing a south bay school district. those stories and more in just a minute.
8:58 am
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>>anybody anybody can hear me now manynpeople are working today, the roads are empty and the weather is pretty good as we head into memorial day i john hi i'm not a lot to be worried about today at least as far as weather goes. we are seeing some clouds out there this morning. but even those are going part into the afternoon make way for some really inviting looking conditions as we kick off your memorial w


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