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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  May 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>we want to give up. does to ease coons it's been the so deep. >>tonight at 6 family and friends of jenny lin a young girl who was killed 25 years ago are holding a memorial service in castro valley tonight. it's something that they do every year to remember to educate families on child safety and to bring attention to this unsolved crime. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm pale more and i'm can wane. kron four is michelle kingston live for us tonight outside the castro valley library where that event is just about to begin michelle. >>jenny lin was stabbed to death in her castro valley home just 2 days after her 14th birthday back in 1994. and now the community comes together to remember her and also hopefully sulfur case. >>very loving caring person.
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she she always watching with her friends and to the music. >>friends and family coming together to remember jenny lin a young talented musician and straight a student. a memorial service will be held here at the castro valley library tonight. there will be a short ceremony before people walk into downtown castro valley to raise awareness about her unsolved murder is very frustrating the way it's been going. >>is michael than 9,000 days and we still don't have any since bad any anyone we handed. >>the jenny lin foundation was created in her memory offering music scholarships and free music programs every summer foundation itself has has worked really hard to 3 messages. not only that the case is still open. but we need to be vigilant about child safety there's never been an arrest in the case, but the family remains hopeful that it will some day be solved. they have a go this long is just been. a pretty
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painful i think for the family every year. >>we can only we're going to shun really and hope that news some of these certain that the police will be able get a break on this and hope that that is known to be too far away. >>and there's also a $100,000 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest in this case now this event begins in just a few minutes here the castro valley library and then they'll be walking a downtown in her memory at 7. live in castro valley michelle kingston kron 4 news. thank you michelle. >>to the south bay now where police have announced an arrest in a graffiti vandalism case that touched a nerve in the community kron four trump bible tells us a tip helped police track down a suspect in connection with the vandalism at the san jose veterans memorial. >>san jose's veterans memorial
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here on park avenue in downtown san jose was built with donations from the community in this case has touched a nerve after it was vandalized earlier this month, san jose police say they got a lot of tips on this and that one of those tips has led to an arrest. >>it's common when veterans assemble a diva place for those not return home. >>just really pleased to find out there has been an arrest in the case vietnam era veteran greg nichols recalled his reaction when he first saw how san jose's veterans orial had been vandalized earlier this month. well when i heard that it tagged and damaged i thought who would do such a thing you know >>it's you know these these monuments are made to make us reflect a on our path asked and to honor the veterans had died in the service market. arrested on thursday on suspicion of vandalizing the memorial is 39 year-old martin louise vivanco of san jose. >>he is accused of defacing the memorial with graffiti
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tags on may 6 several of the panel's honoring members of all 5 branches of the military were defaced the case generated a lot of tips, jose police officer gina 2 for teams that we >>you know people angry that someone would go to such lengths to vandalize a memorial that honors on the men and women who sacrificed so much for our country. >>the veterans memorial was also vandalized in a similar fashion last august and the nearby sons of san jose in vietnam veterans memorial has also been damaged. there is no evidence to cases are related the van gogh is to be charged with felony vandalism and possession of what police said our vandalism tools checks on the memorial included the word snipped. >>all reportedly a some social media postings out there with that words on them, but police would not confirm that that helped them in the investigation here only that of a van gogh's arrest was generated by a tip from the community in san jose rob flood kron 4 news.
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>>look outside right now checking in at sfo where you can see some patchy fog rolling in but no delays at this hour there as people are getting away for the long holiday doubtfire drive and people are now one is the weather going to be like this weekend and we have the man with the that's going to be it's going to be tough, i know get around especially in the middle of the weekend today you've got a few scattered showers out there you get the fog moving along the coastline here more thunderstorms popping up on some of the coastal ranges. >>up over the sierra nevada more showers there as well but look we've got a good friend little edie spinning around off the coastline see that rolling in toward the coastline bringing the fog and low clouds back into the bay area this evening we're going to see more that overnight tonight and even a couple of scattered light showers over parts of the east bay hills that fog it will continue to roll on in tonight, it will be patchy throughout the night. and tomorrow morning we start out with some patchy fog tomorrow doesn't look too bad, but after that things begin to change you'll see right here clouds forming tonight some patchy fog out there overnight and into tomorrow morning as
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we head through the day tomorrow looking pretty good but the see the clouds begin to move a little bit closer and then tomorrow night here we go we've got the showers moving on in and you see the core that low rolling right across the bay area. you can see some looks like on sunday and with that low moving right overhead there's a very good chance. we could be talking about more thunderstorms here more snow in the sierra nevada, more showers up around a good part of california guys back to you. thank you lawrence. >>san francisco police chief bill scott is expressing concern and sorrow about the raid of a journalist home in connection with the unauthorized release of a police report on former public defender jeff adachi is death officers with a search warrant raided the home and the office of freelance journalist, bryan carmody earlier this month. they seize cameras, phones and computers in search of whoever leaked the information to him a few days ago the chief said that there was concern comedy conspired to steal the confidential report. now the chief is questioning whether the handling of the case
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violated california's shield law in a statement today. she's got said in part. he is specifically concerned by a lack of due diligence by department investigators in seeking search warrants inappropriately appropriately address saying mister comedy status as a member of the news media. he also said at the request of san francisco mayor london breed. we are seeking an independent impartial investigation by a separate investigatory body that he concluded by saying we understand that faith an sfpd has been shaken and we will work hard to restore it. >>2 men are in critical condition tonight after being shot on a very busy san francisco street this afternoon. police say they found the 2 victims bleeding on the ground near 6 and mission around one 30 pm. a witness said the victims may have been homeless and that dozens of bystanders quickly rushed to their assistance. the suspect fled the scene and is still at large. police are reviewing area surveillance to try to identify the shooter. >>a seven-figure heist and it
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happened in fremont. >>the suspects use mass to cover up their faces and a strong forcefully call tells us. they were also familiar with the building's layout. >>among employees of the business victimized is that this was an inside job. the thieves knew which window to break they chose the one without sensors that would set off the alarm. they also came prepared with spray paint to distort the cameras on saturday, an employee of a tech company here in the bay side business park in fremont reported the theft upwards of $2 million worth of computer equipment stolen. an employee of the business on seabridge drive says 5 people are seen on surveillance video wearing ski masks breaking through a window to get inside. they took off with about million worth of computer components. police say the thieves likely used a stolen cargo van from a nearby business to drive off with the equipment. employees of the business are a little shaken up they say their company just
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moved into this office and already they've taken a loss in fremont deleted all kron 4 news of law. >>and the web site of a major real estate title company expose bank account numbers and other personal information stored in hundreds of millions of files data collected by the first american financial company which is based in southern california was available for anyone to view with a web browser until the site was disabled earlier today in all 885 million files were potentially exposed. the company is still evaluating how customers may have been affected by this breach, first american stock took a hit and today's extended trading. >>4 juveniles were arrested after they were caught in the act and on camera in an alleged shoplifting spree in police force as he they're seeing more and more young people involved in these types of crimes.
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>>a shoplifting crew with their arms filled with stolen merchandise as caught at city this dick's sporting goods in pleasant hill. the incident it's captured on surveillance video in this case, one adult zahra look operated 4 juveniles were arrested. >>juveniles are committing these crimes just as much as adults in some cases more and more frequently. there's less punishment for juveniles and i think they know that. >>it was late today at around 07:40pm that is with a pleasant hill police officer patrolling the crossroads shopping centre noticeable to the vehicle backed into a parking space near the front entrance. that's when it happened. he was trying to make contact. >>as he was approaching the vehicle, he observed people running out of the store with armfuls of clothing back in april at dick's sporting goods store surveillance cameras recorded a shoplifting crew exiting the store with stolen merchandise. >>investigators say that incident shoplifters got away before police arrived. >>not this time. >>these crimes are occurring more frequently not just
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dick's but other similar businesses other agencies are experiencing a lot of similar crimes and it appears there's been at least 2 other dick's sporting goods stores have been targeted by the same outfit or at least with the same vehicle. >>investigators say they're checking to see if the 5 suspects are connected to similar shoplifting sprees of the bay area. it wasn't hill has it that you cried for >>6 california takes another step towards becoming the first state to provide health coverage for undocumented immigrants. how state lawmakers are bracing for potential pushback from the white house and the us senate says enough is enough when it comes to robo calls the bipartisan support behind a new bill to put an end to the ever growing nuisance and viewers be where why a new viral video featuring the house speaker is not what it seems. we look at what this means for the security of the 2020 elections and beyond. here's a live look from our network of chap traffic cameras and you're looking at a bit of a back up on the sand rough elbridge this is in richmond. at the toll plaza
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and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. >>i don't know about the videos i can tell you that what i'm here is to help the country that's why i did this. >>a manipulated video of house speaker nancy pelosi is gaining traction among president trump's supporters and the president himielf was altered in an apparent effort to make the house speaker appear in neighboring 88 after a meeting with mister trump on wednesday. our grant lotus joins us now here in the studio with more. i'm a train
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millie that going forward could become a very serious threat to national security in some ways grant. >>out of san francisco's oh nancy pelosi see this is the doctor that. >>fake video over here and it makes it seem as if she's slurring her words, bird said now the fake video as millions of views on social media. it's from a speech she made earlier this weekend. we'll show you the real speech first and then the doctored one here we go. >>and then he had a press conference in the rose garden. we all sure set obviously were planned long before and then he had a press conference in the rose garden. we all sure there are days you all set. obviously were planned long before. >>clearly different the doctored video has been removed from youtube but it is still on facebook facebook says it has demoted the cliff to make it less visible and
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people's timelines in a since deleted tweet president trump attorney rudy giuliani, tweeted a link to the fake video last night saying quote what is wrong with nancy pelosi, her speech pattern is bizarre. meanwhile, president trump shared a similarly doctored video of pelosi on twitter with a comment about hearst emirate as you heard heard at the top of this story he later said he didn't know anything about the video. the crude at it is different from other forms of doctor videos where someone's likeness can just be totally manipulated with new technology. 2 make a person say virtually anything. but some people still worry that this is maybe a signal signal of disinformation campaigns that could come during the 2020 presidential election. let's hope not panic and back to you are. >>today president trump announced the united states will send more than a 1000 additional troops to the middle east over the next few weeks to counter what the white house is calling a
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growing threat from iran. a dozen fighter jets will also be deployed in the region for the first time today, pentagon officials also publicly blamed iran and its proxies for recent tanker bombings near the united arab emirates as well as a rocket attack in iraq. the president says the 1500 troops will serve an a mostly protective role as part of a buildup that actually started last earlier this month. meantime to us officials say the trump administration is also considering using a pre existing rule that would allow it to expedite arms sales to saudi arabia. >>california is now one step closer to becoming the first in the nation to offer health care to adult undocumented immigrants. governor gavin newsom is proposing covering immigrants between the ages of 1925 and lawmakers are considering 2 separate proposals that would expand that coverage well bores capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has details. >>as budget talks come down to
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the wire here in sacramento, california lawmakers are moving forward with a measure that would expand health care access to all young adults regardless of immigration status. >>state lawmakers in the assembly friday approving their version of the state budget the committee supports spending an estimated $98 million next year to expand state health care to young adult undocumented immigrants we are so close to universal health care for. >>covered california really at 78% of californians ensure. we 92% of california t-shirts we're really trying to find a way to ensure that final 8% republicans have flagged concerns over the spending saying the state needs to work on issues in the medical system before expanding it to more people i have a fast concerned that we're going to flood the market and we already have issues where. >>when families go to see their primary care. there are already waiting weeks. >>cern's it's going to be months as california continues to battle the trump administration in court over
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immigration. lawmakers say they are not sure if they'll see federal push back if the move is finalized, you know the federal government at this point is sort of a volatile and unpredictable at this point so it's really. >>hard to predict. >>so from here members of the senate assembly and governor's office will meet in a conference committee to ultimately finalized the state budget. their deadline is june 15th. reporting actually zavala kron 4 news. >>and on this friday beginning a long holiday weekend looking out over san francisco's embarcadero where it's very cloudy there tonight and looks a little breezy the way the trees are moving about. it's a getaway weekend. we're. yes we're just seeing that so. >>yeah. that you do uh well we've got to have that is the intro to the getaway forecast would be we are seeds of people traveling out there on the roads already kind of packing up on some of the roads if you head out about to go to the monterey bay, how about tomorrow. you'll see some patchy fog temperatures going to be cool in the 50's unseasonably cool all the way down in los angeles usually
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they could be pushing 80 degrees by now but 69 in pasadena 68 los angeles and 62 degrees in long beach in the high country don't expect to be sunny all weekend in fact, we'll see showers for tomorrow and then i think we'll watch the snow lower down about 5,000 feet maybe lower that some the computer models want to take down almost 4,000 feet so if your head of the high country. yeah be prepared you're going to see some snow likely at lake level as we head into sunday. and of course if you're out there camp and that could be an issue for tomorrow about that 4 degrees in south lake tahoe, the bay area looking ok we've got a mostly clear conditions except that patchy fog developing right now and you can see some of the cells moving into parts of the south bay but other than that we're keeping things mostly dry. we are going to see more that fog overnight tonight that would be creeping on shore making its way into the bay it's doing sright now so partly cloudy with some patchy low clouds and some fog and then tomorrow becoming mostly sunny, nice after we have that patchy morning fog as sunday's going to be different sort mostly cloudy skies showers even the possibility of some
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thunderstorms. it's still 70 degrees. a beautiful evening in the concord much cooler to san francisco, the sea breeze at 55 and 72 in redwood city. the storm ridge of high pressure just can't build in this year and you've got this suggestion continuing second all the way down to southern california. so we have low pressure developing to the north this is going to be another cold system is going to drop almost due south into the bay area kind of camp out here as we get into saturday night and sunday. that's going to the showers going again starting saturday night likelihood of more showers throughout the day on sunday and even some thunderstorms and a lot of snow up in the high country too. all right this time now for as we take into the night tonight you see some that patchy fog on off and early tomorrow morning tomorrow looks like it come though the clouds starting in there the showers rotating on through look at that the middle of the day on sunday looks pretty stormy and wet on or off throughout the bay area, a lot of part of the weekend. >>tonight at 6.45 start your engines, the indy 500 is this weekend. in addition to a man
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who is living his american dream at the brickyard legislation that would impose a $10,000 fine for illegal robocalls. >>is one step closer to becoming law. and now it's and in washington with the details coming up. >>and still ahead in sports kevin duran talk to reporters today mark carpenter will have the latest on his condition and when he'll return to the line. >>let's take a live look outside at our traffic camera this one at the san mateo bridge which travel looks pretty normal for a friday evening thanks happier in light of the long holiday ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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>>as it currently stands a controversial anti-abortion law will no longer go into effect this summer in mississippi as was planned. a federal judge blocked enforcement of the fetal heartbeat law today, the law was supposed to take effect in july under the new mississippi state rule women could not get an abortion if a heartbeat was detected and that can happen as early as 6 weeks into a pregnancy. today, the judge in the case noted that most women do not get abortions until after 6 weeks he ruled that the law quote prevents a woman's free choice the us senate has passed legislation to crack down on illegal robocalls washington correspondent alexander le mon tells us. >>what happens next. >>robo calls can be used for legitimate business purposes
6:26 pm
the reality is many times they're used to illegally scam people into giving out personal information or money dot phone has become a tool. the fraught and scams and harassment senators ed markey and john thune let the way on the traced act which passed in the senate thursday. >>it increases the financial penalty for those individuals making robocalls from $0 to $10,000 per call. >>a r p is one organization that strongly supports that race that it says older americans are among the most vulnerable to robo calls in part because they tend to always pick up the phone. >>the of like my mom and she 76, she cannot let a call going without picking it up. it's generational kathy stokes says that's erp is working to ensure members of congress in the house. >>also passed the bill in american homes received 48 billion. >>calls. that's with a b and
6:27 pm
that 40% of them could be scam calls the house is expected to vote on the legislation soon and texas senator john cornyn points out. >>it passed with nearly unanimous consent in the senate. there's one thing that unites republicans and democrats in washington dc is we all hate robocalls you can also protect yourself by adding a phone number to the national do not call registry. >>at do not call dot gov. in washington. alexandra mound. 30 running for the law. >>lives of their fellow soldiers like these veterans are taking the fight against ptsd to the streets this memorial day. >>and it is a busy busy weekend for road travel that means a busy weekend for the highway patrol, how they're preparing for the big travel holiday ahead. and the unofficial beginning of summer going introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>let's take a live look at what's happening in our bridges right now looks like most of the backup is at the bay bridge 7 tail moving kind of slow but not too bad considering that the unofficial beginning of summer is here and the aaa is saying millions of people will be hitting the roads for the memorial day weekend apparently many of them have already done so. >>and all those drivers are going have a little extra company this holiday weekend with the highway patrol's maximum enforcement period which began today from 4 shells clifford has more on the efforts to keep the highway safe. this memorial day. >>weta


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