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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 25, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>now attend rain showers are moving in right now you're taking a look at and for future cast radar. and that rain you can see is moving into the north bay right now oh and it looks like will be sticking around and for sunday. good evening justine waltman chair stone has the night off the weather this holiday weekend. it's about to take a turns let's go now to our meteorologist crime for us we're brits are rodriguez to give us a look at the rain for tonight and also for sunday and maybe for monday too. of everything just seen a mix of rain sun clouds and even a chance of pop-up thunderstorms in the forecast for your
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memorial day weekend the 2nd half of the weekend storm tracker for right now tracking some scattered showers making its way along the northern portions of the north bay right now on that northwest region starting to see the rain becoming more widespread as it makes its way inland. dry for now though for downtown san francisco and most of the bay area as it celebrates memorial day weekend at city hall lit up in red white and blue and temperatures right now still relatively mild things to that blanket of warm cloud cover overhead widespread mid to upper 50's for most of the bay area but we're really going to dip, especially for those of you in the north bay cooling down into the upper 40's for santa rosa napa everyone else in the bay area in the low 50's a wake-up planner forecast is going to show a little bit of everything so very unstable atmosphere because i'm not only daytime heating but also rain and also showers and windy conditions
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where we could see gusts upwards of about 45 miles per hour or less and future cast is going to show the bulk of the wet weather arriving during the overnight hours so very early sunday morning. widespread light scattered rain but we are going to notice some pockets of light to moderate downpours and during the afternoon we could see a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms and maybe even hail storms for those of you in the south bay. and the interior portions of the east bay as well, pretty active weather there in those areas for the last couple of storms that we've been tracking this mason going to track this storm system hour by hour and give you details on updated rain total because are already looking pretty impressive justine back to you. thank you so much and you can track the forecast in your neighborhood any time on the crime for mobile app download it right now for indirect or radar and also to get push alerts on weather events around the bay area. speak story time now san francisco's top cop is on the hot seat over a raid on a freelance journalist home
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tonight, the city's police union is calling for cheese bill scots resignation and the call for his resignation comes after chief scott. >>apologized for the raid. the police officers association says scott is now trying to save himself. instead of admitting his direct role in this investigation cried for santorum spoke with the police union's president he joins us now live in san francisco with details on this story. dan. >>justine mpo a presidents as chief chief scott's comments from friday night. about a probe into his own police department word shameful deceitful and pathetic he says the chief scott knew exactly what was going on in this investigation. and he gave the direct orders and that's why the chief asked to go. >>the san francisco police chief's apology over a raid at a journalist home has the police union speaking out. >>i think the honorable thing would be due to resign. i mean he doesn't do that we would
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like to see him i remove from employment from the police department. >>a president tony montoya says chief bill scott apology is hypocritical. he says scott supported the may 10th raid where officers were looking for information into who leaked a report into the death of pub ic defender, jeff a dodgy this investigation. >>was initiated from the chief's office. the chief if he wasn't physically in the room during every day this thing was discussed. he was briefed by someone in his command staff on friday night weeks after the raid scott called for a probe into his own force. >>in a statement he said in part quote he was concerned about the lack of due diligence by his department investigators in seeking search warrants and the possible violation of california's law that shields reporters from revealing their sources montoya says scott knew every twist and turn of this investigation and he was responsible for making direct commands. now montoya says
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scott is trying to save himself please self-preservation he's looking out for his own best interest. he wants to keep his job. >>right now he's trying to create the most this is the can from the investigation. >>the san francisco police department response to the police union saying the transparency and accountability is paramount in this investigation. that is why the sfpd says that they are seeking an independent impartial 3rd party to handle the original criminal investigation. that's the latest here live in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>thank you dan in the south bay, the victim of fatal stabbing in gilmore yesterday morning has now been identified 29 year-old jonathan a royal riviera died after he was stabbed. the suspect has not been caught yet. police say they're trying to determine the motive and the circumstances surrounding the stabbing. no suspects have been identified and gilmer police detectives say they're
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actively working. this investigation. in the east bay police in india are investigating a shooting that left one person injured police say they found the 18 year-old victim at the delta fair medical offices but say the shooting happened at a different location. the man was transported to a local hospital, the victim gave limited information on the shooting and police have not identified a suspect. police in petaluma say this car you're about to see went airborne and crashed into a truck last night. officers arrested the driver 23 year-old christian al berber on suspicion of driving under the influence. they say the driver was speeding on prospect street when he lost control of his car. he went airborne crash asked into this parked pickup truck and then pushed it into a telephone pole. police say the driver's blood alcohol content was measured at 0.1 1, 6%. no one was injured. members of the new haven teachers association in union city and the district leaders are expected to resume contract negotiations tomorrow
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with their school district. they met all day yesterday following a weeklong strike. teachers are asking for a 10% raise over the next 2 school years. the district offered a one percent raise for next year. and a onetime 3% payment. the district maintains it cannot pay the teachers what they want because of declining enrollment and budget issues, negotiations are set to resume at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning at the county education office in hayward. 3 years ago today, a young girl on her way to school in ville a whole vanished no one has seen or heard from pearl pinson since tonight her family friends and her community gathered to honor pearl and make sure that she is not forgotten. bello has our story. >>the parents and families spent their saturday here in the last place that pearl pinson was seen at 3 years ago before she was abducted. they're hoping if they take care of the pedestrian bridge that soon it will be named for
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pearl. >>family and friends of pearl pinson gathered saturday night for a candlelight vigil in her honor but before they could respectfully remember her the pedestrian bridge where the teen was last seen 3 years ago needed a little bit paint and several strings of pearls leaderless at least. 3 >>cover all the graffiti that appeared. we want to get a full. bridge above highway 7.80 and whole a whole has become a gathering place for the pence and family. they come. memorial every month on the 25th and they're hoping soon. when people come out or they see you have this place a beautiful place it should be destroyed. it should it's really important to keep it clean because it's it's almost like giving her a little bit of extra. and keeping her story out there. >>detectives with this law. no county sheriff's office say
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they still receive tips on the case from time to time. but the only suspect in her abduction was killed in a shootout with police taking any real leads with him. >>pearl sister rose says that's the hardest part. >>it's been hard to one word in a position where confused about the whole thing because we don't know where she's at what half a mile away. he may do to her. we don't know because i have with this man. she says putting pearl's name. the bridge. her. now pray that we find or but to have her memory letter now that we're not going to give up. >>in the noel bellow kron 4 news. >>may 25th this national missing children's day and the fbi is asking for your help in locating a missing girl from oakland. 5 road arianna fits was last seen in oakland in february of 2016 just 2 months before her mother was found murdered and buried in the park in san francisco. investigators do not believe that arianna was with her mom when she was killed if you
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have seen ari on our have any information about her whereabouts you're asked to call the fbi. a manhunt is underway in france right now for the person behind yesterday's explosion in lyon that injured at least 13 people. police are sharing these images of the man taken from surveillance footage, they say he's scene dropping a paper bag shortly before the blast. investigators are combing the scene and they have found a number of items likely to be part of the explosive device such as screws metal ball bearings batteries a painted circuit board and a remote trigger. also some white plastic that also could have been part of the explosive device. president trump is in japan tonight earlier he spoke at the japanese business leaders dinner in tokyo. he says that the us and japan are working on a trade deal that would benefit both countries. but he also blamed the federal reserve for slowing down the us economy. >>last year for the first time
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in a decade, the united states was ranked the most competitive economy anywhere in the world. during that year our economy grew at 3%. and if the fed didn't raise interest rates frankly it would have been much higher than 3%. >>president trump is expected to meet with japan's emperor tomorrow he would be the first foreign leader to do so since the emperor assumed the throne. in new york the 2019 graduating class from west point is the most diverse in the military academy's history, 34, african american women graduated together today, west point officials say this year's class also has the highest number s female hispanic graduates along with 5 1000. the 5,000 a female cadet since the first class of women graduated in 1980. vice president mike pence spoke at saturday's graduation ceremony. >>class of 2019 is the most diverse class in the history
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of the united states military academy. >>senator kamel harris re tweeted a picture of the women and said congratulations on entering the next great chapter of our lives. i know you are just getting started. started here in kron 4 news at 10 coming up a teens act of kindness is touching hearts across the city. >>details ahead. and boating season kicking off this holiday weekend. the precautions law enforc
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>>memorial day weekend typically kicks off the boating season and despite some expected showers over the next few days a lot of people the bay area plan on. their boat but as kron four sleep to go reports and important that you take some precautions and also follow the law. >>starting the memorial day weekend that the arena for the blue say family was a no-brainer 9 year-old raised in says his favorite part about voting is looking at places from the lot of his mother joy is an experienced voter and is seen all too often the dangers of inexperienced people hitting the water is still many accidents on a regular basis people die out here they underestimate rough the river can really be. >>the contra costa county fire protection district and office of the sheriff has marine services units monitoring the san joaquin river and other bodies of water. >>christopher else and with the us army national guard
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says he and his son hunter take preventative steps to avoid drowning and other water related emergencies. lee of a wet suits insights. we also make sure we have s. >>and then we've gone through all the training on the wave runners hunters grown up with wave runners. >>but now he gets to do it on his own, but we want to make sure we've got the right fuels we have a safety preservers on the boat we have ropes and things so if we have to tow we can do that and the lewa blue motorsports as you should also scout out you're boating destination before you get there how to wear. >>and you know where you're going to be look out fou pets in the water. the rivers are expected to be very busy so voters should remember people will be swimming in the water as well also keep a clear mind especially for holidays, we want to make sure that we don't do any kind of drinking. >>any kind of any kind of materials why you're boating and it sounds simple enough, but important nonetheless always carry an emergency kit with you before you hit the
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water something that includes a first aid kit warm clothing blankets. >>a flashlight, maybe an extra cell phone. you never know when you're done eating in collegiate all kron 4 news. >>happening right now least 2 are dead in oklahoma storms the state of emergency is now in effect for the entire stated following widespread flooding. some areas have seen more than 10 inches of rain in the recent days and more could be on its way tonight. the governor said the emergency declaration will freeze some source is needed to deal with all of the water. the flooding led to evacuations along the arkansas river including webbers falls sand springs and parts of tulsa oklahoma. dozens of people have been injured in high waters this week and 2 people have died. in louis a video of a teen helping a man in a wheelchair get home in a severe storm is going viral. the boy's name is seth philips in seth was in his car with his mom when she saw the man in his wheelchair. his name is gregory back and he was trying to get home from
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the supermarket. in this video sus mom amber shot of her cell phone and shows him pushing gregory to his home up the hill about a quarter of a mile. >>at her son were or how are not made to. >>like you. ok i was like hey mom can i hope this guy out without a second thought such jumped out of the car and went over to him. >>the story caught so much traction on social media a go fund me page has now been set up for them and to help get him. an electric wheelchair. forecast now with our meteorologist not theresa rodriguez, it's 4 zone forecast time now we really want to get a time. >>timing of the rain for tonight and also for tomorrow. i'm hoping that the barbecues are not washed out know your memorial day monday afternoon looking great and but this 2nd half of your weekend for memorial day weekend not looking too great for this sunday's if he did any of the outdoor plans. >>make sure to bring them indoors because storm tracker for is already tracking those
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light scattered showers making its way into the north bay this evening. right now dry for santa rosa, but dylan beach starting to see some widespread light rain there and dry for the rest of the bay area but future cast is going to show widespread light rain arriving during the overnight hours very early sunday morning and also gusty wind speeds as well could see wind gusts near wind advisory level around 45 miles per hour or less through your sunday morning and into the afternoon. calmer conditions but still keeping an eye on scattered showers so light to moderate downpours with the threat of pop-up thunderstorms and maybe even some hail as far south as the south bay and even into the interior valleys of the east bay were because of this cold air mass we actually could get fresh dusting of powder along mt hamilton in the south bay so very active winter like weather. certainly not may storms that we typically see around this time of year in fact this is something that we typically see around mid january. so we are going to
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notice those changes under way. drier conditions though by your memorial day monday morning with partly cloudy skies by the afternoon but could still see some light scattered showers well to the south of us but overall trending drier for your memorial day monday slightly warmer temperatures as well, but still well below average for late may standards rain totals with this system expect about a quarter of an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area but those of you in the south bay. you could easily get up to half an inch of rain or less with gusty winds sustained winds anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour throughout your sunday could see gusts though upwards of 45 miles per hour and then calmer conditions by sunday night as that storm system starts to exit out of the bay area already seeing those changes today with that cooler air mass we're anywhere from 2 to 5 degrees below average and plenty of storm clouds overhead but still dry for the bay area and temperatures right now relatively warm for
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tonight, thanks to that thick blanket of a storm cloud cover and you are from the mid to upper 50's but temperatures will certainly take a dip, especially for those of you in the north bay, upper 40's for nap and santa rosa, but the rest of the bay area in the low 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs. well below average we could be upwards of 20 degrees below normal downtown, san francisco, only warming up into the upper 50's as his oakland and san jose just warming up into the low 60's so we are going to notice that cooler weather but then for your memorial day monday, slightly warmer forecast. calmer conditions, mostly cloudy start and then partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. when does by the afternoon around 20 miles per hour or less for monday 60's inland 50's along the coast but after monday. that's when we really crank up the heat were from sunday's daytime highs to next saturday's daytime highs, a 20 degree job in temperatures so it's going to feel a lot more
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like summer after this weekend in just a few days and we certainly deserve it even the memorial day. the unofficial start of summer. i think we deserve this nice tree with summer like weather heading our way and that looks like this could be the last rain tell. a while likeness units trending warmer and drier so we'll take that all right well little rinse off tomorrow. here's what's coming up. to follow this summer to parks on the russian river. >>and the lapd says a fake romeo is robbing women of more than love how
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>>well he's accused of leaving a trail of more than just broken hearts in los angeles police say that this fake romeo the guy there without the shirt on yeah, he's been a scamming women according to police out of their money and he's facing multiple felonies tonight lori per as has our story. >>meet wilson jackson aka devonaire jackson aka sincere. >>outlawed to truth to jackson, he changes names like other people changed their clothing as part of what lapd says has been a social media romance scam. police say jackson met women online got them to fly to l a and then while they were sleeping or out of the room stole more than their hearts getting credit card info i d's social security numbers before asking them for a loan that he was short on cash. >>he had lost his wallet. disney co have been found in
10:26 pm
with his wallet. his wallet had been stolen. >>rebecca who didn't want to share her full identity says her sister was one of his lonely heart victims too maybe should have seen the red flags. >>work took my to done at the white man is that it may and it was. >>ok my sister but as they say love is blind her sister and broken hearted and almost broke. she says jackson used her credit cards to buy plane tickets and entertainment tried to buy a car with her is co-signer lapd says they have at least 20 victims. and police in florida reportedly have dozens more dating back as far as 2011 chipchase on yeah. to raise its devastating.
10:27 pm
>>ku klux klan supporters rally in the midwest today, how law enforcement prepared for hundreds of people to flood the streets. >>and i'm tracking showers off the coast starting to make its way inland and to parts of the bay area and it's also going to bring snow to the sierra
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able to drink alcohol it to parks on the russian river the ban is temporary but sonoma county regional park says the restrictions. >>our response to underage drinking littering and traffic congestion khan for his get along has more on the ban. sonoma county regional parts, banned alcohol in 2015 for similar reasons, the parks department said there was a decrease in news since reports and they're hoping this year will be the same. >>memorial day weekend is the unofficial start to summer. but any beachgoers heading to the russian river in force bill will be dry. >>a ban on booze so crowded lot of the neighbors are having a lot of problems and stuff i think the usual problems ago with alcohol and in teenagers and stuff like that cinema county regional park staff say there have been complaints about intoxication underage drinking littering and some visitors using the land as public toilets. visitors will have to return an open containers of alcohol to their cars or leave the beach visitors would open containers of alcohol will
10:31 pm
have to pour out the contents. violators face take its court appearances and finds the noma county regional parks is also regulating commercial months access at the beaches. >>it does get credit, i mean it sort of changed i think it was good and for the economy out here in the river yeah could be difficult at the beaches for the the neighbors, sometimes. they said it's nice to share the beaches, but it's nice to have them respected. >>commercial bus operators will need advance reservations before dropping off or picking up weekend passengers at the 2 beaches. commercial buses without reservations will not be allowed in the parks, the ban is temporary between memorial day and labor day weekends. those will be banned at steelhead and sunset beach is both on river road in forest hill, one resident says the new policy would help. >>you know having lived out here in the river it can be pretty wild sometimes during the summer and it makes it harder for families to come around. you know perhaps those
10:32 pm
are some of the more accessible. at beaches. >>there will be signs on the restricted areas to make sure everyone gets their notice of the new alcohol-free policy in news. county jail on kron 4 >>at san francisco's embarcadero to clear cool night and windy there we can see the trees there shaking in the wind to cause a storm system is moving in as we speak and let's get more on that now with our meteorologist rodriguez, not only the rain. here in the bay area but also the serious about to see some snow. yeah, winter weather advisory will soon go into effect in just a few hours. so let's take a look at storm tracker for already seeing some rain. >>making its way into parts of the north bay but no snow or rain showers yet for those of you in this because this storm system it's more like a winter storm that we would typically see in january and not in the end of may so very unseasonable storm yet again not only impacting the bay area but this year as well
10:33 pm
bringing rain and snow showers and a winter weather advisory will go into effect. early sunday morning through monday morning. so the highest peace because easily see up to a foot of snow and above 7500 feet 6 to 9 inches of fresh powder and a few inches of snow right in between 6500 to 7500 feet for this year. so let's take a look at your memorial day weekend sierra forecast because sunday is going to be a washout of the day rain and snow showers throughout most of your sunday, drying out for your memorial day monday said you didn't have any outdoor plans your like it will be cloudy. temperatures warming up into the mid-fifties but even better conditions by tuesday of next week, part cloudy skies and daytime highs warming up into the low 60's and closer to home in the bay area already tracking those changes out there's storm cloud cover overhead dry for us though here in the bay area and temperatures right now, relatively warm even by this 10 o'clock hour widespread mid
10:34 pm
to upper 50's on account of that blanket of thick storm cloud cover but overnight lows tonight. we'll do it just because of this cool air mass that will come into effect because as that storm system passes through during the overnight hours it is going to be called us by the low 50's upper for santa rosa napa and you're microclimate forecast for your sunday. well below average temperatures upwards of about 20 degrees of cooling. so most of the san francisco peninsula only warming up into the 50's and as you head inland low 60's. so these are temperatures that we would normally see during the winter and not late spring early summer, so we are going to feel that winter chill effect just as that storm system passes. it will leave behind a very cool air mass, but fortunately, though for your napa forecast. we are going to notice scattered showers breezy conditions as well and a nice warming trend after memorial day monday we're going to warm up into the low 80's for most of our
10:35 pm
interior valleys 10 days from now. i mean 2 out of 3 days of the week any bad thing it's a nice weather. i know it's just horrible that have it happened on memorial day weekend. but sort of how the rain's been all. >>you heard fortunately, june looking warmer and drier so relief in sight soon that's good thinking threesome. in dayton, ohio, only 9 people 9 people showed up for a clue. klux klan rally today reports say the rally was drowned out by 500 to 600 protesters. the city was on edge over the possibility of violence and also this attracted national attention. the dayton police department took a number of precautions to keep the protests from getting out of hand the klan affiliated group was confined to the courthouse square and members were separated from protesters by a fence. police say the protests renee remained peaceful and there were no arrests. no citations and no use of force. president trump is boosting attorney general william
10:36 pm
barr's power issuing a formal memo ordering the heads of the us intelligence agencies to declassify documents as bar begins examining the origins of the russia investigation. a justice department official told the new york times that bar as president trump to issue the memo. the white house defended the measure saying quote. action will help ensure that americans learn the truth. president trump's move conserving our is concerning some in the intelligence community. >>i wonder what is going to be clastified the what the risk and jeff or jeff or dies sources methods. >>the house intelligence chairman adam schiff accuses the president and attorney general of conspiring to quote weaponized law enforcement and classify information against their political enemies. trump is insisting some former top intelligence officials committed treason. coming up a
10:37 pm
fight at this california high school gets out of control we will show you the cell phone video that's concerning community members. >>and a miraculous rescue in hawaii, how rescuers say that this
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
a woman who was missing for more than 2 weeks in hawaii is back with her family the 35
10:40 pm
year-old yoga instructor is recovering at a hospital. >>following a helicopter rescue. most are rain has a closer look at the daring save on what rescuers are crediting for her survival. a miraculous rescue. 2 weeks after a woman hiked into a force in hawaii in disappeared. she's been found alive. well it's all right. >>she married to older men. my friend. >>and nor searchers comb the island of maui for days looking for 35 year-old amanda eller from the air and on the ground volunteers searched without any luck. that was until friday when the yoga instructor was spotted. rescuers look down from their search helicopter and saw the woman between 2 waterfalls waving her arms to get their attention. >>but the looting that like a double take. >>rescuers airlifted her out to safety and took her to the hospital. she had lost 15 pounds and survive by forging berries and drinking local water. she apparently got lost and injured in the forest.
10:41 pm
amanda's mother says her leg was fractured and would require additional treatment. but says she's in surprisingly good shape. >>was crying with tears of joy, you know i am so incredibly. >>grateful to have my girl home. >>her disappearance triggered a massive search and even a cash reward, but her family never gave up hope. >>even though at times you know i would have those moments of despair i i stayed strong for her because i knew that we would find her. >>analysts rainy reporting. tonight former nba star dennis rodman is accused of randomly slapping a man in the face at a florida restaurant, how city officials are responding to this alleged incident. >>and just ahead in sports golden state is prepping for their 5th straight finals. they also found out who they'll play in
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between students teachers and police. this incident took place at bear creek high and was caught on video by a lot of students mark dempsey spoke with police the school district and also concerned parents. >>that's a garbage can being thrown by a bear creek students today as responding stockton police officers were trying to detain him those really student who had been fighting with a staff member
10:45 pm
and resisting the officers commands i didn't know that about they get it to students are you know i had altercations but i did not know. >>it was as mad as it was from a video. >>but it was stockton police estimated that 80 students were involved. >>and said several of the students tried to pull the officer, both the student been detained, that's when really got ugly. >>according to stockton. pd during this detention. officers were struck by several students and a garbage can was thrown at officers and school staff when you go to school you're supposed to respect the authority that's trying to. >>keep you safe while you're here on campus. a big concern, you know you just don't know what's going to happen, especially with other things in other states have happened police did say no officers students or staff or injured during the incident. >>and the original disruptive student was cited for resisting arrest. >>but after seeing the video.
10:46 pm
many are wondering what could happen to the others who are in bold. >>well no as well on all of these kids as i don't love with the you know what that authority. >>they're in and steal meehan too was scary is dangerous. >>now is mark dempsey reporting for us tonight, it's unclear of any of the other students involved will be charged. >>the warriors continue to prepare for their 5th straight trip to the nba finals game one is on thursday night and they've been playing the waiting game since monday but the rest is definitely welcomed by steve kern company kevin duran andre iguodala and damarcus cousins are all trying to heal up get healthy for those finals. the rand and cousins have already been ruled out for games, one and 2, while should be ready to go on thursday. we'd like to have everybody healthy that's for sure. >>but not you know our guys have and a great job of finding ways to win. we have a
10:47 pm
very deep team, we have a lot of guys who have played. >>now as for the players who are healthy they've been practicing all week long the dubs had intrasquad scrimmage is both yesterday and today in hopes of staying sharp. the players have also been getting some much needed rest. we'll have the day off tomorrow in the meantime they've been playing close attention to the eastern conference finals. quinn cook says even watching the series with his boy kevin duran and while the time off has been nice, they would like to find out who they'll be playing next. it is a little bit hard. >>to prepare for the next series not knowing who you're playing a so we would like it to be wrapped up for the same time. we definitely want to be against the going 7 series and to know that on to the set of game eto'o as pros and pros and cons to both. >>well andrew it won't be
10:48 pm
going 7 games as we'll see in this highlight right now raptors-bucks game 6 3rd quarter bucks of 7 the greek freak knocked down a rare 3 pointer from him janice led the bucks with 21 points tonight, 4th quarter tied game fred van fleet, a path will say i don't them had 18 points for the raptors. moments later raptors of 6 ca laurie fine that railing kawhi leonard and kawhi throws it down on the probable mvp. what a moment. 3 minutes left now rappers up by 2 leonard again. his 3 bounces around pound drops in leonard led the raptors with 27 points and toronto wins the eastern conference finals. 100 to 94. the nba, final stages finally said golden state has to toronto for game one on thursday. now let's go to the coliseum michael's ayers on the mound today for the aids. bottom of the first no score matt chapman san juan to right field. see ya that in coming
10:49 pm
back. that's off the state farm banner chapman's 12 home run of the year. give them an early one nothing lead. bottom of the 4 a's a 3 to 2 chad penned a rich one into left field. 2 runs are going to come in to score pender into second with a 2 run double is now up 5 to 2 and they hang on to win 6 to 5 a's look for the sweep tomorrow. now over to oracle park andrew suarez day for the settings were getting to start today for the giants top of the 3rd arizona 2 to one for to let cattle market hits a laser shot to left field that goes into the bleachers d'backs now up 3 to one. let's go to the top of the 50 backs up by a touchdown and alexa villa grounds want to brandon belt. but bell can hang on to run is coming to score. arizona now leads by 9 errors plagued the giant today they fall to the diamondbacks 10 to 4 diamondbacks have outscored the giants 28 to 6 so far in this series. giants
10:50 pm
look to avoid a sweep tomorrow. that is your look at sports back to you guys. >>that's dennis rodman is accused of slapping a man at his own birthday party it happened last week and the alleged victim says he's now talking with the lawyer and has no comment to the same report was given by a witness at the party. the person says he was standing about 20 feet away when he claims rodman turned around an open hand smack the victim twice. the alleged crime has now gained national attention in delray beach. the city commissioner adam frankel says it's not the kind of attention that they want anyone google's delray beach. >>and the headline comes from tmz about an act of a alleged violence. >>it's certainly a concern. >>lawyer says no one saw the alleged smack happened and they believe that the witness is lying. as kevin in your food before the world. h e was
10:51 pm
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>>so there's the score on the has a taste for cheesy snacks and he's been frequenting a park in seattle but the things that he likes the crackers that he knows the chips. it's all cheese flavored and that's the only thing the score will go after self, both are zipper tear climb into the stroller very dextrous tried to jump on on picnic tables fits into strollers snaking of snacks left and >>as mister score all. that recently we've come to known that he is fondly known as haven't and kevin isn't all. and she's will ship on her right ear. and she's quite cheeky. >>she's really she won't bite you. some of the parents were concerned that she was aggressive. not aggressive. she just likes. food. >>not to provoke. we just tell the children to look up by kevin. but we don't touch with
10:55 pm
their hands ever. not aggressive. every friday, we're here and and we feed the crows we feed we've seen this girl. i think she nice girls my whole life so you know. i rather contribute to or directly then havard going into the garbage can. >>he has kevin in your food before this world. >>probably should know feeding wild animal. officially junk pushing that jumped at it. >>first at least it's not a flaming cheeto thank like that just like orange like this kind of time there you go let's talk about our forecast for the high on a weekend i really want to get a good idea of the rain for tomorrow, a little concerned about some
10:56 pm
plants for everyone. yeah unfortunately, the 2nd half of your memorial day weekend not looking too great in the bay area we are going to notice some gusty wind speeds in showers. >>hit or miss throughout most of tomorrow, so light to moderate rain and even a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms and daytime highs. not really warming up all that much upper 50's along the coast low 60's as you make your way inland. so we could be up to 20 degrees below normal and future cast is going to show widespread rain tonight during the overnight hours with those scattered hit or miss showers throughout most of your sunday morning and afternoon drier weather by sunday night, but future cast rule show some more showers merely throughout the san francisco peninsula east bay and south bay by early monday morning. so your memorial day monday morning still looking wet. but fortunately, drying up just in time as you do have any outdoor plans and it looks like we're going to stay pretty socked in also with that high cloud cover so we will warm up slightly but
10:57 pm
still well below average and rain totals with this system. most of us getting about a quarter of an inch of rain or less but the south bay you could easily see upwards of about half an inch of rain or less and your 10 at 10 forecast. i am tracking a warming and drying trend after this weekend. so no rain in sight justine i know we're looking forward to summer and those warmer temperatures and it's just around the corner. it's nice finally get a really good to feel that heat, yeah waiting a long time for some summer very active may in fact we've been 2 to 3 400% above normal as far as rain totals go so very impressive rain out there. >>all right well, thanks so much for joining us tonight. you can always get the latest on that. "it's a different
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
vibe. but i think there is an excitement about playing someone other than cleveland." it's deja vu all over again --- the warriors are heading back to the nba finals...>but how will a nine day lay-off effect the defending champs? "fortunately we have done this a few times so we have a feel for it. and our players understand too that they have to get their own individual work in based on what they need."on this edition of hoop session....we will break down just how the dubs got to this point.....> also, a few warriors were recognized by the league....and we will have a kevin durant injury update....> so sit back and relax....hoop session is next...>


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