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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 26, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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news after "the voice" shocker. >> are you going to do it forever? >> forever is aw3 long time. in. what happened as blind sided blake is out. >> cloony on cheating death. >> it was bad. >> about his 70 mile an hour motorcycle crash. >> i was waiting for the switch to turn off. >> brad and leo's love fest. in london with elton john for rocket man. >> and you ain't never seen a premiere like this. >> am i doing too much? beçó honest. >> our magic red carpet with will smith. >> our first guest. >> exclusive. >> our very brady renovation revealjf with the ñicast.
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>> and how many kevins does it take to give a puppy a bath? >> i need your help. >> how our day with kevin heart quickly went to the dogs. >> hold the dogs. >> i can't hold them. >> this is "entertainment tonight." hello, thanks for joining us. >> let's get to the latest hollywood news. george clooney reveals chilling details about the motorcycle crash that nearly killed him. >> i hit him atxd 70 milesfá rc! hour. split my helmet in half, knocked me out of my shoes. hit hard. >> cloony tells the "high schol reporter" he thought the near was end. >> i was waiting for the switch to turn off because i broke the windshield with my head, that's my neck. >> look surveillance footage. that's george there catapulted
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in the air. >> i learned i really actually cannot fly. >> you did fly, actually. >> cloony was riding to the set of "catch 22" dark comedy about world war ii and a mercedes cut into his lane. george was with an executive producer and actor on the show. >> as i was holding him waiting for the ambulance, i said to myself, if he lives, i'll never ride a motorcycle again. >> incredibly, cloony's s#%uries were minor. >> i was back at work like four days later. >> george's twins with amall tu turn 2 next month and i bet the whole family is supporting cloony's decision to stay off the bike. let's move on and get to the news of brad pitt a"ñ leonardo dicaprio. >> they made history hitting the red carpet together and we have the latest after the star studded late premiere of "once upon a time" inhollywood. brad hit the red carpet first
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blowing a kiss like the coolest old school movie star, black te tuxedo, sunglasses and slickedç back hair.?; joined by$x leonardo. the to posing with quinton t. he was busy trying to shut down wedding rumors with angelinalp with him the year before. >> we have no doubt, and we actually really, truly have no date. >> well, a lot has happened since then. brad and angie just legally became single and after a messy divorce, a source tells "e.t." there is no more drama. our source adds the couple is focused on what is best for their six children. earlier on tuesday just hours before brad and leo's call, the movie's official trailer dropped. >> it's official, old buddy, has been. >> that's brad shirtless. he plays a stunt devil as they struggle with hollywood in the
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late '60s. based on real life. >> hey, you're a [ bleep ]. don't you forget it. >> brad tells ""esquire" he was at a low point when someone told him to quote quit your whining. after the photo call, an international press conference where they talked about it. >> it was an incredible ease and comfort getting to work alongside brad. >> i would agree it was a great, great ease and really great fun. >> the movie out july 26th is getting rave reviews and despite the love, wednesday's press conference turned tense when a "new york times" reporter asked the director about mario's role-playing sharon tate murdered by charles manson's followers. >> you put a person with a great deal of acting talent and haven't given any lines in the movie and i wondered, i guess
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that was a deliberate choice and i want to know why. >> i reject your hypothesis. >> i think the moments i got on screen gave an opportunity to honor sharon. >> i mean, the star power in that movie, unbelievable. another major premiere overseas, "rocket man." i was with sir elton john having a moment as he brought his life story home to england. ♪ ♪ >> it's amazing. it's overwhelming. it's a lot to take in. to be honest, i didn't think i was quite this ready for how massive it would be. it's a film that i wanted to make. i wouldn't change one thing about it. ♪ ♪ >> crazy, right? i have a huge love for elton. >> i'll pretend like we're best friends and we called each other to say let's dress alike.
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>> yes. yes. >> oh my gosh. >> the premiere shut down theq londonjf street withñi its blue carpet. the movie captures sir elton's rise from the shy piano to international rock star. >> i'm resilient. that's what you do, you're a performer and that saved my life, being a performer. >> brice dallas howard dawns a dark wig to play elton's mom. >> this is a spectacle that's fitting because the movie is a spectacle. ♪ ♪ >> i was so hoping you would have that earring in your ear tonight, that diamond earring in your ear. >> yeah. >> no. >> no. in fact, i think the hole healed up now. i'm not sure i could get it in. >> from the movie to tv and adam lavine out at "the voice". >> after 16 seasons, adam lavine
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our coach and friend decided to leave "the voice". >> a source tells "e.t." he was burned out and had quote outgrown the show and another source says it was a mutual agreement and there are no hard feelings. adam tweeted for me, type ime t move on. >> are you going to do it forever? >> forever say long time. >> he was asked about his future on "the voice". >> as long as it feels right, it's fun and rewarding for us. they pay me really well. >> on friday adam's pal and coach tweeted he was still trying to wrap his head around the news and joked, going to miss working with that idiot. our sophie that covered seven seasons of "the voice" says adam's attitude seemed to change. imes i've seen adam at "the voice" he's not been himself. something is off. one thing i know that really bothered him is the introduction of the cross battles. if you took out his
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whole team. >> i hate it. i hope they change it immediately. i think it sucks. >> with adam suddenly gone, who is stepping in. gwen stefani is back for season 17 kicking off in september. she of course joins her boyfriend of three and a half years blake shelton. a source says their relationship is going better than ever. gwen was practically begging to come back to the show. >> everyone wants to know, will you be going back to "the voice". >> i hope every day. nbc, here i am. look. pick me. it would be fun. i love that show so much. >> all right. so now this singer cameron's home girl celine dion. >> that's how i like to think about it. debut with james gordon behind the scenes starting with celine's alternateñi ñiending.
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>> whose idea to recreate the iconic "titanic". >> them. >> we never thought she would say yes to it. >> wanted to push it farther but of course it was not possible. >> so how did celineñifálp want take this journey to the next level? according to a source, seleay s celine dropped the heart of the ocean necklatice and it was the most ambitious carpool ckaraoke ever. >> i'm so excited. >> lovely drive. ♪ i drove all night >> you really have a song for every moment. [ laughter ] >> "e.t." has known that about
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celine for decades. >> how good are you feeling now? ♪ i feel aliveçó ♪ between two and three hours to tweet everything. >> do you know this song "baby shark." ♪ baby shark, do, do,5x %
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construction and this is the big reveal after. >> tell us a secret about what you remember shooting here in this living room set. i remember magic tricks up here? >> and now abbra ka dabra. >> i remember running up the stairs. >> to make this iconic house complete, it took six tv siblings and the biggest stars
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including these twins. >> this is the most complex, the largest residential renovation we've ever done. >> yeah. >> there was one very important detail that was added for the first time. >> the brady show, they never showed a toilet because it was taboo to show a toilet on the show so for the first time ever, the bradys have toilets. >> the hardest to duplicate, the star case. we'll show you that reveal later. it was a challenge because they had to make this one-story house into two. it's all for the upcoming a very brady renovation in september but e.t. was there for the very start of the journey before hdtv got involved. we got an exclusive tour when the house was put on the market last july. the home was listed at $1.8 million, hdtv scooped it up for 3.5 million. 307 days later, the restoration is complete. many of the original details had to be crowd sourced from fans.
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the master bedroom, the bed, on the head board there was a bust of a woman like a little white figure. when you see the master bedroom, you'll see that. >> more of the exclusive with the brady. marsha returns to the scene. >> she's got the football. >> harry and meghan's wedding day gets the treatment. we'll take you to the set. >> i do look like her. >> kevin heart may voice a pet in the movie. >> i'm doing super hero stuff. >> why he's anything but a dog i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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harry and meghan becoming royals recreates the day. >> the day we put the dress on and the tiara, i was so overwhelmed because i was looking in the mirror oh my gosh i really do look a lot like her. >> i remember coming onset like whoa, that's the most i've ever seen you look like meghan. >> this follow up chronicled the first year of march rig and what might have happened behind close doors doors. >> i'm sorry for the phfamily
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drama. >> don't fret. >> a side note, there are real royal ties in this tv movie. charles who plays prince charles is a baron in real life. >> my dad grew up of course. theyed a ed had apartments in w castle. >> the biggest compliment came at kinsington palace. >> are you meghan markle? no, i'm going to go for a run and take that. >> straight ahead. >> i was feeling sexy about myself. am i doing too much? >> will smith shuts down hollywood boulevard. we're with the smith's at the "alladin" premiere. how the film is a whole new world away. >> he's hot. >> behind the scenes of arnold schwarzenegger and the "terminator" reunion 20 years
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>> monday on "e.t." your guide to the must see of the summer. once upon a time in hollywood monday on "e.t." >> i'm doing super hero stuff. >> kevin hart is back as the voice of snowball. if you think he's a pet whisperer or something, think again. >> that goes double for our kevin, kevin frasier. watch and see if he tries to bait a poor defenseless hopeless dog. >> okay, first -- >> i'm going to hold you while you hold the dog. >> hey, little dog. >> okay, hold on. >> getting it. what's the dog's name, kevin? >> zoey. >> how would you like if somebody didn't know your name? >> kevin isn't an animal lover
7:21 pm
but 2 month old zoey wasn't thrilled to be there, either and things only got worse when we got her out of the tub. >> where is the dog, man? you got to wrap the dog. >> you got a good bath. get a good bath. >> furry friends are all over his movie "the secret life of pets 2." he's reprizing his role as snowball the bunny. >> i'm doing super hero stuff. >> this movie, your character goes soft. >> the reason why my character is a little softer than he was in the first movie is because he found love and what love does to people is break them down and lets emotions take over. >> he's the cast to the animated future that explains what pets are up to what owners are gone. >> hello citizens. >> who is that? >> back to zoey, we have to get her dried off. she's up for adoption. >> do you have pets? >> no, i don't have a dog.
7:22 pm
>> you got one now. >> good-bye. >> zeso zoey misses -- >> i need to know who authorized this entire shoot. i can't take it. let's see if our kevin fairs better doing his day job interviewing. he was with will smith and the cast of "alladin" for the magic carpet premiere. >> it's the new "alladin" line. >> it's a little late night genie vibes. i was feeling sexy about myself. am i doing too much? be honest. i trust your judgment. take a good look. >> check me out. >> how do you feel about that? >> take a picture and bring it back a year or two. >> jada brought her fashion game like will, she dressed like his character wearing a crop top and wide leg pants. 18-year-old willa was all leg
7:23 pm
and proetective dad will was no okay with that. they wonder if it will pay tribute to the original or be different. we have those answers. a big difference in the remark, a more empowered jasmine has a brand-new solo. ♪ ♪ >> she is a femmenest. it's been 16 years. i want to make her human. jasmine gets a new bff who is not a tiger and wardrobe with nine different outfits. >> one of my favorites was the purple. that was really comfortable, actually. the dress with the pink gown, that's hard. that was like a ten-foot train. >> other changes to the live action, will's genie gets a love interest and we can't help but love the villain went from a
7:24 pm
creepy guy to 36-year-old. >> i can make you rich. >> i love the fact that we have jafar. gorgeous. >> he certainly never took his shirt off for me. we trained together a few days and i was aspiring to look like that. he's hot. >> so how does he feel about his status as hot jafar? ? that's it. >> you're viral. you're an internet sensation. you're like it's okay? >> i'm appreciative. >> let's move to terminator dark space. arnold schwarzenegger and linda hammilton are reuniting and e.t has your first look behind the scenes. >> i'm proud to do my part for strong women who have work done. >> only "e.t."clusively on the set.
7:25 pm
fighting an evil terminator. mckenzie davis and natalia helped linda take down gabriel luna. >> never seen one like you before. >> linda is 62 and last hard body sarah conner in 1991, "terminator 2" judgment day. >> it's hard to put muscle on at a certain age because you need hormones. >> the second film ended and arnold is back. >> i'm delighted to work again with hamilton. >> i just want to hug them all the time. >> up next, we're with sophie turner and her message to fans at fa finally. >> our favorite tv farewell. >> will we find on excuse to get together again? >> from cheers to friends, et's time on the set for the send off. >> that's our series. >> more with the bradys and the newly renovated brady bunch
7:26 pm
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. if you're just joining us, here are the top five stories. johnny depp's legal war with amber heard. >> one time johnny was hitting me hard and repeatedly and i was screaming. >> that's heard's 2016 divorce deposition claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. johnny alleges amber once quote walked into court to get a temporary restraining order with painted on bruises. he denies abusing his ex. number four, brittany spears, the singer wants you to know she's okay. >> any message for you fans? >> i love you guys. >> she was upbeat shopping with her boyfriend.
7:30 pm
she learned it's business as usual. she talked to dad jamie several times a day however she must have a security escort and can't go to places likely co liquor s. brad stars on "once upon a time." the movie premiered this week. pit who plays the stunt devil joined to talk about the new n cinema bond. >> incredible ease and comfort getting to work alongside pratt. >> i would agree it was a great, great ease and really great fun. >> number two, george clooney frightening details about his motorcycle crash last summer. >> bad. i hit him at 70 miles an hour. knocked me out of my shoes. it hit hard. >> cloony tells the hollywood reporter he feared the end was near after this horrific collision in italy. >> it was bad. i was waiting for the switch to turn off because i broke the
7:31 pm
windshield with my head. i thought my neck. >> george suffered only minor injuries. and number one adam lavine out at "the voice". >> after 16 seasons, adam lavine decided to leave "the voice." >> a source tells e.t. adam was burned out by "the voice" and felt he had quote outgrown the show. another source says it was mutual and there are no hard feelings. adam tweeted for me, it's time to move on. >> are you going to do it forever? >> forever is a long time. >> gwen stefani will step into his spot. >> in the news this week, the non-stop backlash from last sunday's "game of thrones" finally keeps coming. >> over 19 million people tuned in but if you hate how the show ended, the starks have a message starting with the queen of north, sophie turner. >> i love the way that the
7:32 pm
journey ended. she never wanted that. she never wanted to rule over that many people. >> one word, disrespectful. that's what sophie is calling the 1.4 million haters asking for a redo. >> watching the way this character finished "game of thrones" was satisfying. >> sophie hasn't actually seen the final episode since she's been out doing press promoting the film. they said the "game of thrones" crew worked tirelessly for the last ten years shooting these. harrington agrees saying critics can go bleep themselves. while there are haters, coffee cup and water bottle mistakes,
7:33 pm
the way john held danny is the same way he held his co-star turned real life wife when she died in his arms. for ameila clark's big game of thrones to regret, she wishes she stole something from the set. >> very annoyed but really hoping that the show runner -- [ laughter ] >> everyone else would say yeah, we took stuff. >> the finally were just three days apart. you know the last time that happened? >> you'll tell me now. >> of course. >> 2004. frasier and friends ended a week apart. >> i remember it was a sad same in my life. one of the many tv shows e.t. was lucky enough to be on the set for the final season as we break down the biggest finallies of allcoffee? >> sure. >> ross and rachel figured it out but the closing of central perk was nothing compared to the last call. >> sorry, i'm closed.
7:34 pm
>> after sam walked up, boaston hosted a heck of a finally. >> the tough part about this is how will we find an excuse to get together again. >> after 11 seasons and 31 emmies, they signed off with lots of hugs. >> that's our series. >> e.t. was behind the scenes at the highest rated series finally ever, m.a.s.h. all and all, directed as 106 million tuned in. >> we'll be out in the year. >> 76 million watched the seinfeld finally but most hated it. >> haven't we had this conversation before? >> you think. >> loss ending had been called by some the dumbest ending ever. the sparanos and madmen resulted in mixed feelings. while "sex in the city" had a send off that wasn't. >> did you want to come up? >> kerry got a happy ending and we got two spin off movies.
7:35 pm
what is considered the best of all time? new heart and the show's surprise twins. waking up to the first dream i to come wife ending his 1980 sitcom. >> no more japanese food before you go to bed. >> abby lee miller's prison confession. >> some hated me. >> why she's warning laurie loughlin. >> she could be the next simon cowell. >> gabrielle union. >> did you trademark that name? >> yes. >> of course she did. >> more with the "brady bunch" cast. >> we have to go to one other spot when you walk in here, it earler literally takes your breath away. >> the exc
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miller on her life in prison. >> it was bad. ra eloque really bad. >> more of our "e.t." exclusive in the brady renovation reveal and revealing their kids' big talent. >> her side eye, she's judging. >> to make son eric a star. >> the reason for doing that. >> you want them to take over. >> of course. >> that's ahead but first, in the entertainment tonight birthday, which harry mother star is the great grandchild of a british prime minister? your answer is next on the
7:44 pm
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that's why i asked my doctor about adding rexulti. feel better about facing the world. pay $0 for your first rexulti prescription. details at welcome back. earlier we showed you a piece of our time with the "brady bunch" cast and reveal of the major home renovation. >> haven't seen everything. the brady house on tv had two levels. this one only one. so here is the story of how one became two. >> now we have to go to one other spot that when you walk in here, it literally takes your breath away. >> the staircase looks like the groovy '70s one that was a focal point of the brady's living room. >> let's go again. >> one of the biggest problems cast was how do you stage them
7:47 pm
so you can see everybody's paces and the staircase answered the question. >> in the real life house, there was no long staircase. it actually was a smaller split level version right next to the front door. >> hey. all right. let's see. >> maureen, marsha brady herself helped demolish it. >> you build it from scratch but make it look 50 years old. >> exactly. i mean, you can't buy a staircase like that. >> grant. >> he would lower. >> yes, that was able to give us that staircase which we had to have a staircase. >> whether they would shoot the interior scenes on the sound stage, the staircase led to nowhere. >> we would go up starts and be in the hallway up there and flirt and whatever. it was our time alone, which was awesome. >> flirt. >> no one could see us but now it leads somewhere.
7:48 pm
>> now into the famous backyard. before there was never glass. no one would hurt you. it was a reflection, now they are real. >> there are a lot of memories in the backyard where the swing set was and the boys tossed the infamous football. >> hey, you guys. >> you got the football. >> your nose is beautiful now by the way. >> thank you so much. >> is that tiger's dog house? >> that's the teeter totter. >> we're going to set a new teeter totter record. >> susan and mike responsible for this renovation including building tiger's dog house. you can see the whole transformation on hdtv's a very brady renovation in september. >> how does it feel being out here and looking how they recreate things in the backyard? i want to go in the dog house or get on the teeter totter
7:49 pm
potato sack race. this is the part that's better because we were never outside when we were outside. we had like 40 different shadows around us and that was actually under the sky. you know, we had to compromise the backyard quite a bit because the footprint of this is all new. >> come on hdtv, let me live there for a day. let talk about this tv sensation and talk about abby lee. >> moving on. the "dance moms" coach has been through a lot including battling cancer and serving time in prison. and what looms for the moms charged in the college scandals. >> there are other celebrities that got themself in trouble. advice? >> lots of advice. be people with people. i think if they share store
7:50 pm
story, they will be fine. >> what's the worst thing you prepare then for? >> the pefemale guards. you don't need a lot of credentials to be a guard in a prison. you give them a set of keys and a weapon and they are in power. >> how did the other women in prison react to you coming in? were they fans? >> it's just like any other place that i go. some people love me. some people hated me. one lady took the shoes off of her feet and gave them to me. there isn't a mother on the cast of "dance moms" that would have given me the shoes off their feet. >> on june 4th, that drama returns i'm walking. i can do stuff with parallel bars or a locker but when i try to walk out my right leg to take a step with my left, i crumble.
7:51 pm
i'm dependent upon strangers and the kindness of other people so i think that changed me. >> we wish abby well, of course. from "dance moms resurrection" to america has talent season four kicks off next week. >> mel b and heidi klum are out but simon, he's still in. although as kevin frasier found out the dad to 5-year-old eric might want to watch his back. >> how amazing is it watching him grow up now and being able to do things with him? >> i love it. i was arguing with someone about if he'll go to camp or not. i'd rather he hung out with me. >> you got to help me judge this. i decided. >> he comes down to the show. i always hope that one day he'll be doing what i've done, that's a reason for doing it. >> you want him to take over. >> of course. >> really? >> yeah, five years ago i would have sold the whole thing. >> you'll keep it for him? >> sure. >> you can hope the show is
7:52 pm
great this year and next year et cetera. you end up where he can take over. >> while rick may be getting groomed, there is competition. gabrielle union says her 6 month old daughter she nicknamed shady baby is coming for it. >> she could be the next simon cowe cowell. she is very judginjudging. >> this is a stunt. >> i don't know if you saw the swimming video where a woman joined the swim class and refused to swim. i added a dixie charter monologue and it matched perfectly. >> you people have nothing better to do than sit around here. >> she's just very particular. so i think she's going to fit perfectly in hollywood. >> season 14 returns may 28th. >> who is your favorite judge? >> i would pick julian because -- >> and it seems julie ann is not
7:53 pm
completely leaving dancing behind. >> i taught simon how to shimmy yesterday. what a lot of people realize, i doesn't have anything to do with the tatas, it is everything to do with the will you miss mel b? >> yeah. >> and heidi. the people i like or like them or like me, we always end up doing other stuff together. >> so you will do other stuff together? >> for sure. >> i'm not worried a
7:54 pm
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travel considerations are brought to you by -- we got a few stars with birthdays. mike myers 56. now take a final look choices. which "harry potter" star is the great grandchild of a british prime minister? helen carter. >> elizabeth banks stars in the horror film bright burn about a sin n sin niser child with super powers. >> i thought this was a real opportunity to surprise parents. >> we're out of time. all you have to do is head over
7:57 pm
to e.t. t >> remember the music video from the '90s for "run away train." it solved 2 1 of 36 cases of missing children. >> over 35 years later, help from the national center for missing and exploited children remade the video. included are the faces of today's missing kids in hopes their cases can have a happy ending, as well. >> we hope so. yes, indeed. e.t. is proud to support the case. have a good weekend, everybody. >> bye, bye. ♪ ♪
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>>new tonight at 8 a shooting at a park on this holiday weekend san francisco police say they found a man shot at mission dolores park. thank you so much for joining us tonight at 8 on justine waltman chair stone has the night off. police say that officers near the park heard gunshots around 5 o'clock this afternoon and they're still searching for that suspect right now kron for santorum joins us live now from dolores park with the very latest dance. >>well just seen officers just wrapped up that scene after that shooting we do know that at least one pearsond 5 o'clock afternoon. he was taken to hospital with non life th


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