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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 27, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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news, 24 7. >>and good morning everybody thank you for joining us on this monday memorial day monday, i'm james fletcher in for robin winston this morning we want to get checks of weather and traffic we've got john trouble on the forecast for back strong with your holiday right out first begin with the forecast morning john. >>and good morning to you as well james expect it to be and nicer day than yesterday was stepping outside yesterday couldn't avoid those winds, some showers and some cloudier skies as well as cooler temperatures. today we begin it's a reverse that all of a again as temperatures rise today under some increasingly clear and dry conditions looking outside this morning see some low clouds overhead
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this morning. those are something that are going to be clearing gradually through the day today now most of us are dry. but let's take a look at the east bay right here because we do have a few showers hanging out around discovery bay just to the east of antioch now heading out through into the delta elsewhere just a couple of sprinkles possible around conquered at the moment, nothing more than just a drop or 2 on your windshield as you're getting outside this early morning, 40's and 50's for your current temperatures across the day hayward's at 54 55 say on redwood city, some of our cooler spots along with napa at8 degrees right now so chilly start for many areas but not as breezy as yesterday was yesterday morning we had wind speeds topping out around 45 miles per hour this morning much different than that it will still be breezy at times into the afternoon but not really holding a candle to where we're at yesterday as far as wind speeds go. so today, partly afternoon today you can enjoy
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even more sunshine and temperatures comfortably in the 60's all across the bay area. i'm talking the warmest forecast of the year so far ahead of us so stay with us for becca. >>i thank you john it's a memorial day traffic very light of course it's very early as well, here's the bay bridge toll plaza right now 9 minutes into san francisco in west than 80 not too bad and that looks good here the cemetery bridges well just a couple of cars 15 minutes from hayward over to the 1, 1, split in samut hair right now, and lightly traveled the richmond center fell bridger westbound 5.80 commune going to be an easy one so far this early hour only 8 minutes. getting into the north and then switching things over to the golden gate bridge just south one to one really it's going to be all yours i can see a car right now on the screen quite yet. a 21 minutes from nevado across of the span into the pay gates chains. >>all right, thank you very much. rebecca. police are looking for the gunman who shot and injured a man at the laureus park over the weekend with kron four stand for with the latest on the story.
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>>police tape cordons off a staircase at the top of dolores park in san francisco it was their sfpd says a man was found suffering from gunshot wounds. the shooting sent people running. those like our movie people running in all directions after the 2 shots went off. a lot of people are screaming. it was released can sort of a mad panic gary mayhem says thankfully the park wasn't too busy despite the carnival celebration, happening on sunday, but the park also quickly cleared out once the shots went off. almost everyone who is here when it when it happened it left almost immediately police say the man who was shot was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. thomas gales was visiting the park will on vacation from france. he says he arrived shortly after the shooting happened. that was caught off guard with a large police presence. >>president of it's a surprising and we so for this man so we something something
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happen. >>gale says he saw someone being taken away from the scene in handcuffs but police say they do not have a suspect in custody as of sunday night. >>well as dan storm reporting for us this morning. a fire in hunters point has left 21 people and a dog without a home. the san francisco fire department tweeted this video out of the fire at the ions avenue area right near 3rd street flames at that 3 story building it spread to another building which caused quite a scare but it was put out within about an hour. fortunately, no injuries were reported. police in san francisco are investigating a shooting that happened at ocean beach. it was at 45th and vincent street. police didn't say if anyone was injured or if they have any suspects in custody, but the investigation is being handled now by the us park police. residents in san francisco sunset district say more crimes are happening in their community. nearly 200 people showed up at a town hall meeting yesterday put on by supervisor gordon marr he
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addressed recent robberies and home invasions and package thefts maher says that residents believe that they are being targeted. >>he's a chinese or the asian community being disproportionately targeted by certain types of crimes we are very disappointed to find that the police department and the district attorney's office couldn't even answer that question because they don't track and they don't really report on the demographics of victims of crime. >>well the input from that town hall meeting will be shared with the san francisco police department to help find solutions for residents in that area. on the peninsula for people are safe after a car burst into flames in menlo park. so the car caught fire after another car crashed into it at the intersection of el camino real and oak grove avenue officers arrested the driver who was responsible for the crash. they say 25 year-old luke quentin was driving while intoxicated. one man is dead following a crash in san jose that happened there hellyer avenue and embedded way this was saturday
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night, the driver lost control crossed the median strip and then hit a light pole, he died at the scene police believe speed was a factor in that crash. this is the 17th fatal crash down san jose this year. new this morning, a man has been arrested for having a homemade bomb drugs and weapons. so we have photos now of the explosive device, a 36 year-old we'll get the right video in a second 36 year-old michael rough felled die a jesse had when he was arrested sunday in rohnert park. now the just the is there was taken into custody for the warrant and during a search of his belongings. that's when they found the explosive device along with a stun gun. and burglary tools. happening today, more police will patrol california highways after 741 people were arrested for duis over the weekend. just after midnight yesterday, a 23 year-old man should say 23 old woman ran into a pole shutting down traffic for nearly 8 hours this was on highway 17 you can see the damage done to
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the poll there she's one of 15 dui arrests were made in san jose since friday. as of sunday morning chp san francisco has made 11 dui arrests 6 have been made in marine and oakland officers say they've arrested 12 people all again for driving under the influence. the chp says drinking and driving should never be a choice that you make. >>maybe you should take a drive just because your state is being pulled over by a police officer you should not drink >>she's so the safety aspect for yourself and for others. >>18 people have died in dui related collisions this weekend. at least half of those who died were wearing seat belts. if you choose to use public transit to get around today, many systems will be running on holiday or sunday schedule c just need to know that and plan accordingly again this includes bart caltrain and sam train from you need only some routes are going to be running today, golden gate transit bus and ferry will be running but there will be no service for
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commute routes or tip or on ferries. so just keep that in mind. also this morning, the presidio memorial day commemoration and parade will begin at 1030 in san francisco, then at 11 o'clock they'll be a ceremony and a 21 gun salute at the national cemetery. a community picnic will follow at the main parade grounds. then at 3 o'clock don't forget to redwood grove in the city's golden gate park area. they're going to be rededicate ing a memorial day. the ceremony there. heroes growth was established exactly 100 years ago when a redwood tree was planted in honor of those killed in world war one after the ceremony city leaders will plant the first redwood tree in a 100 years in that growth heroes grove is located on john f kennedy drive across from the the young museum near 8th avenue. coming up on the crown for morning news vandalism at veterans that a veterans memorial find out how officers were able to arrest the person responsible.
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>>plus details on a new california bill field here towards giving health care to undocumented immigrants we have more on that and utow she was able to survive. here's a quick live look outside of the san mateo bridge again. it is the holidays were looking for light traffic this morning. let's hope that that continues and if you are watching us on the kron on have more live news coverage. we'll continue next kron on the bear is only commercial free 24 hour streaming news service available for iphones ipads apple tv. android devices, amazon fire the whole gamut right now you can try
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>>and we are back a search and rescue operation underway right now after a tornado ripped through a town in oklahoma and here the aerial pictures you can see the amount of devastation it is pretty severe 6 people in fact confirmed dead after floods storms tornadoes all struck the state this weekend. a
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tornado touched down in el reno that was just days after strong storms and severe flooding caused extensive. damage. well. after about a 2 mile path of destruction was a discovered officials now going door to door looking for possible victims trying to assess the damage. but bore pretty intense weather in that part of the country. >>richard when you go there and you see all these walls laying down. you know it was absolutely. decimated that that those ghostwriter for absolutely just a. >>taking apart. last week's storms in the midwest spawn more than a 170 tornadoes triggering flash floods as well, we've got john triple looking at the forecast of locally of course but also just keeping an eye on that part of the country we really track in this role and through all last week and yet last week it was the flooding and a tornado there in that same community el reno this weekend tornado killing 3 people in that same community again. now we're looking at even more severe weather the best
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likelihood of severe weather returning to the same area. it's tomorrow and wednesday really so they're not getting any relief this week, not a lot of relief this week so it's actually really tough to see for those people in the central u s back here at home things are just get nicer for us at least a nicer a better our memorial day ahead of us today we are going to be looking at skies. clearing out and conditions definitely better be getting outside overall and what we did have for yesterday which as you remember was on the breezy side, the cloudy side the cooler side. >>and the rain your side for some too. this is your look outside from the north bay looking down at sanancisco skies, not too bad still conditions and also a touch of with overall dry conditions to the east around bethel island this morning. her as for current wind speeds a lot calmer than yesterday at this time you will see wind speeds got a
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speeding up a bit into the afternoon making for some breezy conditions at times but overall not as windy as yesterday and certainly not as cloudy as yesterday to start a few scattered sprinkles by the afternoon ahead of us you do have this guy's really clear out offering up mostly sunny conditions by your monday afternoon ahead of us again and we could see a couple of sprinkles tonight during your overnight hours mostly as you're in bed and then tomorrow, even clear yet now tomorrow is where warm-up are really kicks into gear. this is when skies are going to remain abundantly sunny and your daytime highs for inland areas, we'll start to be seen near if not 2 80 degrees today, we're still holding on to the 60's all across the bay whether you're inland towards antioch at 66 conquered at 69 of at 65 alright out along the coasts most of us we'll be in that range of anay so much about that look at our daytime highs all the way up to 76 and then by wednesday and the rest of your ahead will be
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hovering just below or write out the 80 degree mark for many of our inland areas. so today, partly cloudy to start mostly sunny by finished if you like some cooler weather get out there and enjoy this memorial day after this it's all about the sunshine and it's all about the warmer temperatures. rebecca. >>thank you are back is strong filling in for robin winston this morning and it is memorial day. so of course we're seeing some holiday light traffic, especially here at the golden gate bridge. i'm tracking only 21 minutes coming out of the north bay on south one to one and then making their way across the span and then into san francisco so not bad at all and of course it's still early in the bay bridge toll plaza easy ride into san francisco right now i can actually count pretty much on one hand how many cars are traveling on the westbound 80 direction getting to this pay gates and then on to the span under 10 minutes to make your way into san francisco. the richmond center fell bridge 8 minutes for your westman 5.80 commute into the north bay and then a couple of drive times for you things are looking great around the bay
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area at this early hour. a 15 minutes from antioch into conquered the takeover to danville that's only 18 minutes right now. and the nimitz freeway traveling very well on south 80 from san leandro down to the to 37 split, clocking in at 22 minutes and only 30 from downtown san jose. north 1, 1, into palo alto james. >>all right rebecca, thank you. a woman missing for more than 2 weeks in hawaii is back with her family and the 35 year-old yoga instructor was rescued after spending 17 days, stranded in the woods. taylor young has her story. >>a miraculous rescue ending this 17 day search for amanda eller who feel little blast. >>a lot of fear will start to creep in. he became really clear overcame everything else. >>lynn and mica and police say they got a call late friday night with the news they've been asking for for weeks, we
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feel like we've got our miracle. they're nice found alive in the makawao forest reserve after going missing searchers combed the island of maui from air and on the ground looking for the 35 year-old yoga instructor friday she was spotted between 2 waterfalls like a movie like a double take. >>her family says she survived off of grass berries and water losing 15 pounds and his mother says she's in surprisingly good shape. >>i was crying with tears of joy, you know i am so incredibly grateful to have my girl home now she's recovering in the hospital last. >>17 years of my life and the toughest sending a message to those who invested their time in finding her from her hospital room i just my heart and. >>just seeing the. >>power of prayer and the power of love, everybody combines their efforts >>incredible we're so blessed.
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we have such a blessed family because we know. this isn't always outcome probably more than not we we're so grateful. and this is will never forget in our lives. >>it was taylor young reporting ehlers says she heard 20 helicopters fly overhead during those 17 days. and it took a while, but they finally found her. log ride at castle park in southern california is closed until further notice after it overturned over the weekend. 3 people including a child were injured. one of them a woman in critical condition. this morning. the parks is obviously something went wrong with a water pump. they're investigating now. that's a look at this dinosaur fossils were found at a construction site in the denver area. paleontologists from the denver museum of nature and science were called in to inspect what was found a limb bone and several ribs were from a horned dinosaur were the first fossils discovered at that site work will
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continue this week to determine the size of the bone bad as they call it. the museum says this is a great reminder just how dramatic our planet is and how much more there is out there to discover. and alcohol restriction at a popular tourist spot was a how long officials say the last. >>and here's a quick live look outside with golden gate bridge. looking for nice light brides out there on
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>>for 22 on this memorial day morning. speaking of memorial day house is going to be looking out there this afternoon as you get outside. we're going to be looking at conditions in the 60's for your bayside areas just a few clouds to start in a few sprinkles as well skies are generally going clear into the afternoon now for inland areas expect plenty of sunshine and some upper 60's a couple of areas will get close to that 70 degree mark but we're staying on the cooler side of things today not quite as cool as yesterday was but also not the warmest we've been those warmer conditions just around the corner for the rest of the week james. john thank you time now for 23 welcome back. now let's talk entertainment despite less than kind reviews from critics disney's aladdin actually got its wish by topping the memorial day weekend box office will smith's sat down to talk with rig damage el about playing the genie. here is that in today's hollywood minute.
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>>disney's live action 11 top to theerial weekend box office speaking at the film's world premiere actor will smith talked about taking on thi started off. >>very nervous about the step and then to the gigantic jean issues robin williams left and the friend like me song really showed me that in of how i could blow up and all my age 2 robin van also be able to put a new signature on the pieces. you think you can take. john wick takes on himself. the hollywood reporter says john wick chapter 3 parabellum is now the franchise's top grossing film. >>the movie has passed the million mark at the global box office after 10 days in theaters for comparison, the original john wick made over $88 million in 13 weeks in theaters while john wick chapter 2 may just over
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171 million in 11 can use like an open to york. the music documentary echo in the canyon is echoing at the box office the movie opened this weekend on just 2 screens but made over $103,000. the wrap reports that gives echo in the canyon, the distinction of the second highest per screen average of any movie so far in 2019 with only avengers endgame ahead of it in hollywood just south of the canyon, i'm rick damage
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>>we are back john talking about your memorial day forecast and if people are going to be out and about maybe enjoying a barbecue or to what's going be like today a lot better than yesterday was is a good yeah, there's a little cool when. rainy here and there like fall or winter ahead. but today going to feel a little bit more like spring again so getting back to normal and james the hottest forecast for the year ahead of us really we're right back so we're but we've been talk about how cool it span how rainy and spend however ready for such warm weather. well now we've got it and it's going be about to be here in full force in the forecast ahead of us. so i'd recommend enjoying today as much as possible. it's going to be a very pleasant day across the bay area not too warm certainly not to chile either your view outside this morning is showing a few clouds
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hanging out today we're starting out mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. >>some low clouds for most of the bay and then a few showers holding on now just to the east of the bay area we saw those around antioch discovery bay bethel island just moments ago now even moving out of those areas so really consistently drying out now for the rest of the day today you can expect some increasingly clear skies and temperatures that are in the 50's 40's right now of intially to boost well up into the 60's which is a warmer range of numbers than what we had yesterday winds are calm to start but they will pick up a bit into the afternoon making for a breezy afternoon ahead of us as far as daytime highs go well, it's back to the 60's today like i said not too hot by any means will be in the upper 60's inland. range of mid to low 60's a little bit closer to the pacific and right along the bay. so enjoy the 60's while they last were going to be approaching the 80's in just a matter of days for a lot of our inland areas. still to come i'll get to that forecast ahead of us first of all we
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have are back in for robin winston today, how's it going back to hey it's going really well john it's nice and light out there want it's early and it's a holiday of course of no major hot spots. >>i'm not tracking any. accidents right now and it's going to be a really easy drive into san francisco's you can see here on the a lot of cars circling getting to the pates for your approach for the bay bridge, the west than 80 problem free 9 minutes across the span and then into san francisco. the san mateo bridge easily travel right now 13 minutes on westbound 92 making their way from the east bay over to the peninsula and no problems here at the richmond center fell bridge should just a couple of cars, trickling through right now and clocking in at 11 minutes for your drive into the north bay. a couple of drive times we're in the green greens, good for the most part everything's at the limit a little bit slow the nimitz but not too bad crockett to the maze at 17 minutes on a west than 80 and then won a creek over to the 5 the 21th, but


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