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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 27, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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remembering and honoring those who have fallen in service to our nation's military over the years we want to get the latest on the forecast for today, john trouble with that to start the hour. >>john and good morning to you as well james today, we're looking at a much nicer day than yesterday and even though yesterday did turn out pretty nice into the afternoon it sure was breezy windy. cloudy and even a rainy, especially to start this morning, we're still holding on to a few clouds and it's a bit breezy at times for a few spots but not near as much so as what we saw yesterday, clearing skies across the bay. now you do have a couple of showers east towards stockton, but those of work their way out of the bay area now so we're in for a increasingly a dry day and increasingly nice conditions later on 40's and 50's for your current temperatures cool enough to throw on that extra layer this morning. not so much worry about annexed earlier this afternoon as much as you will just a nice light jacket we're certain to hold on to temperatures below average for this time of year only in the 60's for your daytime highs across the bay
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today under mostly sunny skies later on now even though today is on the cool side of things it's not going to stay this way. i'm talking the warmest forecast of the year ahead of us. we have rebecca strawman for robin this morning, rebecca 1000 on the road say good morning john it's great right now because of course it's a holiday light and we're still early so it take advantage of these at nice conditions here. >>especially getting intotsan francisco this morning, it's going to be a breeze here at the bay bridge toll plaza 8 minutes. as you make your way out of the macarthur maze to the pay gates and then across the upper deck towards the fremont street exit, no hot spots, no accidents and we do have a high wind advisory though chp still hasn't issued here for the san mateo bridge. so both hands on that stirring well as you make your way from the east bay over to the peninsula but all in all the drive time under 15 minutes to make your way over to that one connector, i'll be checking the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate span coming up in just a bit james all right rebecca, thank you. >>happening today, teachers in union city will continue negotiations with the new haven school district in hopes
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of ending a strike. unfortunately, the group was unable to come up with a deal after meeting for several hours yesterday. proffers a long has the latest. >>protesters kept close as the new haven board of education left the bargaining table sunday. this after marathon negotiations over memorial day weekend and we brought so many recommendations how they can solve some of big issues like out the attendance. >>all these different programs we've got so much things that they will th>y had nothing to give back. >>the new haven teachers association and the new haven unified school district have been negotiating a new contract since fall of 2018 the district offered a one percent raise for next year. any one time 3% payment as well as another one percent depending on how much money the district could secure from the state. >>we have put a an offer on the table that we think continues to demonstrate our respect and value for
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teachers. while keeping us. you've gotten without necessarily worsening our current fiscal situation the district says they can't afford to pay the teachers what they want we are. >>hiding millions of dollars a year. week haute for this year cut million. we are going to we've cut for next year another $4 million and then for 2021 we have to cut another million anything beyond that what you know what we put out there as our offer that is just going to equal a cut somewhere else. >>besides educators parents and students spent part of their holiday weekend here at the alameda county office of education in hayward to supporting the teachers striking for 7 straight days really disappointed with the new haven unified school district with their bargaining team. after are getting all day long for them just to get up and walk away from the table again despite the stalled talks teachers union president joko a angeles as the 2 sides will return to the
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bargaining table. >>on monday. >>this conversation this weekend as does nothing to solve the problem that is very to in union city i am. >>sorry for that. >>and i don't know again regroup with the parents and the community. >>to bring this mess is to a change and bring it to a best scenario which is bringing the students back to school in a best place best environment for them for us and a community the district says in order to give the teachers there 10% raise it would cost the district between 20 to million over 3 year period. >>and that could lead to closures of schools. job losses and other cuts to school programs in the meantime the teachers say they will likely go on strike next week. here in hayward get along kron 4 news. >>bible for the time new this morning, a man is dead following a crash in san jose. it happened at keller avenue and imbedded way this was saturday night you see on the map where it was located. the driver apparently lost control
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crossing the median and then hitting alight pole. he died at the scene police believe speed was a factor in this crash. this is the 17th fatal crash in san jose this year. on the peninsula for people are safe after burst into flames in menlo park that car caught fire after another car crashed into it at the intersection of el camino reality oak grove avenue officers arrested the driver that was responsible for the crash. they say 25 year-old luke winton was driving while intoxicated. san francisco are investigating a shooting that happened at ocean beach just before 10 o'clock in the evening yesterday. it was at 45th and vinceti asked streets police didn't say if anyone was injured or if they have any suspects in custody, but we're still trying to track that down the investigation is being handled right now by the us park police. police are also looking for the gunman who shot and injured a n of dolores park over the that story. >>police tape cordons off a staircase at the top of dolores park in san francisco
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it was their sfpd says a man was found suffering from gunshot wounds, the shooting sent people running. those like our movie people running in all directions after the 2 shots went off. a lot of people were screaming. it was released can sort of a mad panic gary mayhem says thankfully the park was in too busy despite the carnival celebration happening on sunday, but the park also quickly cleared out once the shots went off. almost everyone who is here with it when it happened it left almost immediately police say the man who was shot was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. thomas gales was visiting the park will on vacation from france. he says he arrived shortly after the shooting happened. that was caught off guard with a large police presence. >>president of it's a surprising and ivo we so for this man so we something that something happened. >>gale says he saw someone being taken away from the scene in handcuffs y not have
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in custody as of su >>fire in hunters point that left 21 people and a dog without a home, san francisco fire tweeted this video out is right at heinz avenue near 3rd street. flames came out of the 3 story building actually for a time spread to another building, but they were able to get it all under control within an hour. and fortunately, nobody was reported hurt in that fire. >>residents in san francisco sunset district say more crimes are happening in their community. nearly 200 people attack showed up at a town hall meeting yesterday put on by supervisor gordon marr now he addressed the recent robberies and home invasions and package thefts that they've been tracking and says residents there believe they're being targeted. >>is the chinese or the asian community being disproportionately targeted by certain types of crimes we are very disappointed to find that the police department and the district attorney's office couldn't even answer that question because they don't
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track and they don't really report on the demographics of victims of crime. >>the input from the town hall meeting will be shared with the san francisco police department to try and find solutions for residents in that area. happening today america is pausing to remember its fallen veterans on memorial day, several events including parades will be held across the country, including right here in the bay area, washington dc is oftentimes a focal point with monuments such as the vietnam war veterans memorial as well as arlington national cemetery in virginia. san francisco's presidio was 100 and 51th memorial day event gets underway just a few hours time it will feature several things including a parade and cemetery tours we've got calm force will tran joining us now live with more on what we'll expect at this annual event good morning. well. >>good morning james, yes, the ceremonies will begin in a couple of hours from now, but you can start arriving here and about 55 minutes from now you can see the gates behind me so close but they do expect
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the gates to open up at 6 o'clock in the morning i've been here for years and i can tell you they come fast and furious, everybody wants to come here to pay their respects to go next to their loved one's grave site and place flowers as well as a fresh american flag right next to it so it is available to you very soon as the sun comes up and here's what you can expect after it begins. they will have a parade and a wreath laying ceremony is one of the most beautiful ceremonies you will ever see you can see the flags all over the place very somber but very heartfelt as well and i got to tell you. there are many people obviously full take a look at your screen here here are some of the events if you want to come down to pay your respects and honor the men and women who died for our country. it starts at 00:30am in the morning, the commemoration in parade. and this is the presidio area and then at 11 o'clock in the morning a ceremony and a 21 gun at 21 gun salute the law
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also have a community picnic now if you cannot come into san francisco and you live in the east bay, there are many places in oakland as well that you can go to is specifically the mountain view cemetery and that begins at 11 30 in the morning on the 5,000 block of piedmont avenue. and if you live in the peninsula there's the skylon a memorial park and that also begins about 11i o'clock in the morning and that's off a highway 92 and skyline boulevard that is in samut tales obviously they keep the grounds here very sacred throughout the year, but especially for today there will be a lot of people showing up and once they do we will get reaction it is one of my favorite stories to do each and every year. >>absolutely thank you very much well and also today by the way redwood grove in golden gate park will be rededicated at today's memorial day ceremony. it will happen at 3 o'clock this afternoon. heroes grove as it's called was established
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exactly 100 years ago when a redwood tree was planted in honor of those who died serving in world war one. after the ceremony today city leaders will plant the first redwood tree in a 100 years at that very growth heroes grove is located at john f kennedy drive right across from the de young museum near 8th avenue. and if you choose to use public transit today to get around just know that a lot of the systems are going to be running on holiday or sunday schedules. that includes bart caltrain and sam trains or sam trans from uni only some routes are going to be running today, golden gate transit bus and ferry will run, but there will be no service for commute routes or the temper on ferry. happening today, more police will patrol california highways after 741 people were arrested for dui over the weekend. just after midnight yesterday, a 23 year-old woman ran into a pole shutting down traffic for nearly 8 hours. this is on highway 17 and she was one of 15 dui arrests made in san jose since friday. as of sunday morning chp san
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francisco made 11 dui arrests 6 were made in iran and oakland police arrested 12 people for dui the chp says drinking and driving should never the a choice that you make. >>they should take a drive just because your state is being pulled over by a police officer you should not drink >>she's so the safety aspect for yourself and for others. >>18 people have died in dui related collisions this weekend at least half of those who died were not wearing seat belts. >>still ahead on the cross for morning news. the precautions that you should take following. if we're going to be out voting this summer we'll have more on that coming up in just a minute. plus the vigil honoring a missing bay area girl that changes the family of pinson would like to see made in full lael and after the break. the death toll continues to rise after tornadoes ripped through oklahoma over the weekend we're going to take introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips hicken
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operation is underway right now after a tornado ripped through a town in oklahoma. 6 people ended up dying. not only in these tornadoes but also in the floods and all of the nasty weather that's been going through last weekend this past weekend. a tornado touched down in el reno just days after strong storms and severe flooding caused a whole lot of damage. 2 mile path of destruction left in the wake of that tornado. last week's storm in the midwest spawn more than a 170 tornadoes and triggered a lot of flash floods now is one of the big national stories we're tracking last week with john and as we head into a brand new week it looks like if i remember you right there in r more g up that al oklahoma whero they've been saying it for a while now. >>and again that severe threat is going to extend through much of the nation's midsection mile so made results and some travel delays for those taking that extended me day weekend. a around
5:17 am
yet trouble today though here in the bay for even for the rest of the forecast for the day we're going to be really great. back here at home we do have some nice conditions to look forward to you're looking deserve a tory cam showing off some with clearing skies definitely some low clouds still hanging on as we get the first light of day up there from the hills just above the south a nice pay. you do have those conditions drying out across the bay area now we have showers moments ago over into the east bay around i was covering bay in bethel island. those of rtally cleared out now and this is leaving us all on a drier note than yesterday also calmer note than yesterday still breezy at times. >>but winds a lot calmer than they were for your sunday yesterday, a couple sprinkles are possible up and down the coastline today for the rest of memorial day ahead of us to expect partly cloudy skies to start puts a mostly sunny conditions by the finish of your memorial day tonight a couple sprinkles are possible nothing more than just a pushes of the windshield wiper and you'll be good to go as you're driving around in the middle of the night tonight.
5:18 am
then tomorrow skies really start to clear out and the rest of your forecast ahead of us is looking abundantly clear and dry with temperatures being the warmest they've been all year up to this point and staying that way for much of the forecast as for today's still on the comfortably cool side of things your temperatures are still below average for this time of year only in the upper 50's to low to mid 60's for the most part, it's mid 60's in redwood city at 66 degrees upper 60's and san jose at 67 today, east bay looking at a range of numbers that also mostly be in the 60's today, which as i mentioned it is cooler than average for this time of year albeit a warm up from the day yesterday vacaville in pittsburgh are 2 spots hanging on to the 70's but just barely center fell nevado petaluma and santa rosa. all a 66 today so today memorial day and the coolest day of your forecast, but it comfortably cool one tomorrow we warm up noticeably into the mid 70's, inland and then it's near 80 degrees, not just for wednesday, but all
5:19 am
the way through this upcoming weekend. and all this under sunny and dry skies. so if mayweather we had so far hasn't neclssarily been your cup of tea. there's that summer whether you've been waiting for rebecca. >>thank you john it looks like you're going to bring the heat this coming up week looking forward to those nice temperatures, i'm rebecca strong filling in for robin winston this morning traffic is very light out there, it's still early and of course it's the holiday today. so we're looking at a really easy drive into san francisco, if nou need to take the golden gate bridge. take advantage of it because it's going to be just under 10 minutes to make your way across the span into san francisco. at this hour and no hot spots, no delays here at the a san mateo bridge. the it has been a little bit windy this morning and during the overnight hours the chp still does have a high wind advisory issued so just be real careful if you're going to be a taking this from the east bay over to the peninsula drive time they're really easy. under 15 minutes so far and the richmond center fell bridge. no problems here this is going to be a nice a straight shot
5:20 am
rnto the north bay 8 minutes for westbound 5.80 as you make your way to that second actor for one to one going to be a breeze if you're heading through of the nevado area than getting down into moran problem free across the golden gate and into san francisco all in all you're about to 20 minutes or so so make your way into san francisco, i'll be back with some more drive times coming up in just a bit chains all right. memorial day weekend typically kicks off the boating season and his craw forcefully to call reports it's really important that you take proper precautions that follow the law. >>jumpstarting the memorial day weekend that the arena for the blue say family was a no-brainer 9 year-old raised in says his favorite part about voting is sucking up places from the lot of his mother joy is an experienced voter and is seen all too often the dangers of inexperienced people hitting the water is still many accidents on a regular basis here they underestimate rough the river
5:21 am
can really be. >>although the contra costa county fire protection district and office of the sheriff has marine services units monitoring the san joaquin river and other bodies of water. >>christopher else and with the us army national guard says he and his son hunter take preventative steps to avoid drowning and other water related emergencies. lee of a wet suits insights. we also make sure we have s. >>and then we've gone through all the training on the wave runners hunters grown up with wave runners. >>but now he gets to do it on his own, but we want to make sure we've got the right fuels we have a safety preservers on the boat we have ropes and things so if we have to tow we can do that and the lieu of lou motorsports as you should also scout out you're boating destination before you get there how the weather. >>you know where you're going to be look out for pets in the water. the rivers are expected to be very busy so boaters should remember people will be swimming in the water as well
5:22 am
also keep a clear mind especially for holidays, we want to make sure that we don't do any kind of drinking. >>any kind of any kind of materials why you're boating and it sounds simple enough, but important nonetheless always carry an emergency kit with you before you hit the water something that includes a first aid kit warm clothing blankets. >>a flashlight, maybe an extra cell phone. you never know when you're done eating in collegiate all kron 4 news. on the problem morning news,
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>>morial day if you're stepping outside for any sort of those occasions today for the day we can expect some nicer weather for it than what we saw for yesterday right along the side of the bay do expect some numbers in the 60's for your daytime highs today we're starting off with some cloudy skies but do expect conditions to clear into the afternoon. now a little bit further inland temperatures will be closer to the 70 degree mark for low start part not quite getting there today though you're also be looking at mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. so do expect. plenty of sun for the rest of this memorial day after what has been cloudier conditions to kick it off. >>all right john we're looking light traffic around the bay area and look at this is the bay bridge toll plaza take advantage of it while you can hear things are looking really good. it is early of course and it's a holiday. so things
5:26 am
are just going to be really nice. so far today a lot of folks obviously have the day off but if you're going to driving around expected to be a pretty easy for the most part, especially this hour 9 minutes to make your way out of the macarthur maze and then over to san francisco on the westbound 80. we're looking at said just a high wind advisory here for the san mateo bridge to just keep that in mind. both hands on steering wheel as you make your way from the east bay over to the peninsula 13 minutes though, from and and so not bad it off. and then the richmond santa fell bridge lightly traveled 8 minutes out from the pay gates out to highway one to one in the north bay and i'll be back in just a bit with the golden gate bridge. checking also a couple of the east bay drive time states. >>all right, thank you. rebecca, take a look at this dinosaur fossils were found at a construction site in the denver area paleontologists from the denver museum of natural and of nature and science were called in to take a closer look turns out it was a bone from the limb of a dinosaur and they also found
5:27 am
several ribs to from a what they described as a horned dinosaur first fossils discovered at that site and so works going continue now this week to determine the exact size of this don't that they're calling it. we'll take a quick break coming up next california could soon become the first state to provide the first state to provide health ca ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time.
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>>as well james we are looking at a nice day ahead of us certainly nicer than yesterday was to start as you remember it was windy, it was cloudy. there was a bit of rain out there and temperatures were certainly cool now we are still holding on to some cloud covers you can see across the bay right here definitely some low clouds to be seen from in many parts of the day. but we said good-bye to the showers now as we work our way into your afternoon temperatures are going to rise and are increasingly clear skies. right now we're in the 40's and 50's so get your jackets ready to go as you're stepping outside this morning a memorial day nevado and san anselmo 45 all berkeley and san mateo it's 51 degrees for your current temperatures. temperatures may be chilly to start but we've got to comfortably cool day ahead of us one of our last days that's feeling unseasonably cool becau the forecast. strong in for robin rebecca all right. thank you johnny
5:31 am
and traffic >>it's still been early but also the holiday of course today, making it for the roadways that traveling a lot lighter than normal. so here we go the bay bridge toll plaza easy drive into san francisco, not that at all no metering lights and as john was saying you can see some of cloud cover little peeks of sunshine. so far overhead so to be a nice drive into the city under 10 minutes to make your way to the fremont street exit, the golden gate bridge, no problems coming out of the north bay all the way from and the bottom one highway 37 through moran and then on to the golden gate bridge itself. it's going to be a nice drive into san francisco just 20 minutes on a south one to one. if that is your drive this morning. a couple of drive times around the bay area in the east bay from livermore out to the dublin interchange 12 minutes. ana westbound 5 80 in the dublin into freeman in south at 6.80 clocking in at 15 minutes, right now the nimitz freeway problem free from san leandro down to nil pete us only 22 minutes right now on the southbound side and
5:32 am
then to 37 moves well from milpitas out to sonny bill, it's 7 minutes. james, all right rebecca, thank you time now is 5.30 to one of the big stories. we're following this week. >>the san francisco police commission is backing the police chief after the police union called for his resignation. all this comes in response to chief william scott's apology for a police raid on freelance journalist bryan carmody is home. this is video of that raid carmody was accused of obtaining an unauthorized release of the police report on former public defender jeff is death in a statement, the police commission's president and vice president said in part quote chief scott did what is rare for police chiefs, he apologized to the citizens of san francisco. he did so completely and unequivocally that is the mark of a leader end quote now the commission's president and vice president also praised maryland and breeds call for an independent investigation. they say they will eagerly await the results of that investigation. in the south bay police have made an arrest in connection with
5:33 am
vandalism at the veterans memorial in san jose ca force raaf flight has more on the story. >>san jose's veterans memorial here on park avenue in downtown san jose was built with donations from the community in this case has touched a nerve after it was vandalized earlier this month, san jose police say they got a lot of tips on this and that one of those tips has led to an arrest. >>it's common when veterans assemble a diva place for those not return home. >>just really pleased to find out there has been an arrest in the case vietnam era veteran greg nichols recalled his reaction when he first saw how san jose's veterans memorial have been vandalized earlier this month. well when i heard that it tagged and damaged i thought who would do
5:34 am
were defaced the case generated a lot of tips says san jose police officer gina 2 for teams that we you know people angry. >>that someone would go to such lengths to vandalize a memorial that honors on the men and women have sacrificed so much for our country. >>the veterans memorial was also vandalized in a similar fashion last august and the nearby sons of san jose in vietnam veterans memorial has also been damaged. there is no evidence the cases are related too long ago is to be charged with felony vandalism and possession of what police said our vandalism tool checks on the memorial included the word snip. >>there are reportedly a some social media postings out there with that word snip on them, but police would not confirm that that helped them in the investigation here only
5:35 am
that of a van gogh's arrest was generated by a tip from the community in san jose rob flood kron 4 news. >>friends and family gathered over the weekend remember of a leo teenager who vanished while on her way to school it's been 3 years since pearl pinson was last seen her family spent saturday, cleaning up the pedestrian bridge where that teenager was last spotted by witnesses the bridge above highway 7 80 of the has become a gathering place for the pence and family. they come for a memorial every month on the 25th and they're hoping that soon everyone will know it as pearl's place. >>when people come out with a sea of have this place. it's really important to keep it clean because it's it's almost like giving her a little bit of extra. and keeping her story after. >>now detectives still receive tips on the case from time to time but the only suspect in her abduction was killed in a shootout with police. in the
5:36 am
east may 2 people were hurt following a shooting in oakland it was reported saturday night just before 11 o'clock on 95th avenue right near beach street. a man was shot multiple times in his hand and shoulder and then a woman was also shot once in her hand. no suspects at this time, but will enough police come up with something. new this morning, a man now facing charges after authorities found a homemade bomb drugs and weapons. so we have a photo of the explosive device, a 36 year-old michael rafale the jest he had when he was arrested sunday. this was in rohnert park he was taken into custody for the a warrant and during a search of his belongings. that's when police came across this dispose of advice that you see on the screen. they also recovered a stun gun and burglary tools as well. or cali one step closer to offering health care to adult undocumented immigrants. the assembly approved a bill that would expand health care access regardless of immigration status. the committee supports spending an estimated $98 million next year to expand the service. republicans say the state
5:37 am
needs to work on issues in the medical system before it expands into more people. >>i have a fast concerned that we're going to flood the market and we already have issues where when families go to see their primary care. there are already waiting weeks. i have concerns it's going to be months, we're so close to universal health care. >>for covered california really at 78% of californians ensure. we 92% of californians issues we're really trying to find a way to ensure that final 8%. >>lawmakers have until june 15th to finalize the state's budget. another horse had to be euthanized after getting injured at santa anita horse racing track. this was the or this is the 26 horse now to have to be put down at that particular track since deceer 6th race saturday was ultimately put down yesterday this the 3rd horse now to die in just 9 days, and this death comes
5:38 am
just days after a heated meeting involving california horse racing board at least 2 people had to be escorted out for making what was described as disrespectful comments. santa anita is scheduled to host the breeders cup in november. still ahead on the cross for morning news, the new drinking regulations in effect this summer at 2 parks on the russian river we'll talk more about that. >>fight at a northern california high school gets out of control we're going to out of control we're going to show you the cell phone ♪ out of control we're going to show you the cell phone ♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
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>>welcome back to the crown for morning news, i'm rebecca strong filling in for robin winston this morning and it's a really light traffic to of course because it's still early but of and also the holiday today so take advantage of the roadways right now the bay bridge toll plaza in a san francisco under 10 minutes on west than 80 to make your way into
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>>we're back now with john triple checking in on the forecast for this memorial day and for the week ahead, looking more about their james today, not so much comfortably cool still i still feel like fall a little bit. it's going to feel like summer middle of summer by the end of the week out of a warm-up oh yeah definitely going to be some big changes most of the warmest temperatures we felt this year and it's going to be staying that way this time around this is your look outside it's an old this morning skies much clear than yesterday at this time you can see it mix of some a nice and light out there mixed in with those clouds stars conditions go across the bay you're definitely looking at a drier starts the day than you did yesterday at the same time just a couple of sprinkles lingering around for the east bank sitting right around san ramon in walnut creek, nothing more than just a windshield wiper to and he will be done with that as far as winds go this morning. it's a lot calmer than yesterday was we still do have a wind advisory on the richmond center fell
5:45 am
bridge. but overall conditions have calmed down a lot from what was a windy cloudy rainy and cool day yesterday for your sunday, the memorial day is still going to offer up some cloud cover at times and a couple of sprinkles possible during overnight hours tonight. but today is really our last breath of some of these cooler days ahead of us after this. it's all about the sunshine and a big warm up in the days to come one that will eventually come with temperatures nearing 80 degrees for a lot of the day. so enjoy this comfortably cool day while we've got it upper 50's to low 60's for the peninsula today, you're going to be looking at temperatures in the mid 60's to upper 60's elsewhere in the bay. redwood city at 66 mountain view that same number wall san jose today, 67 degrees for your daimthmuch different mid 60's for the most part for oakland, it will be 64 degrees while are in debt 63 in concord and walnut creek nearing 70 at 69 each right out that 70 degree mark will be pittsburgh and vacaville while towards the coast expect some 50's in
5:46 am
stinson beach in point raise so talking about the warm-up ahead of us after today, 60's you can expect 70's to return for a lot of debate tomorrow and then upper 70's to 80 degree highs wednesday thursday friday all the way through saturday and sunday. all that under sunny and dry conditions so enjoy today's cooler weather and get ready for a big warm up. rebecca. >>looking forward to that warm up john that is for sure, i'm rebecca strong good morning. i'm in for robin winston and aot of folks have the day off hopefully you do as well, but if you don't take advantage of the roadways, especially here. the bay bridge toll plaza look at this 8 minutes to make your way into san francisco of coursef ci to the freeman st minute trying time the san mateo bridge we have had a wind advisory here issued by the chp it's still in effect so just keep that in mind if you're going to be taking less
5:47 am
than 92. i'm making your way to that 1 one connector on the peninsula. the richmond center fell bridge show not a whole lot of cars as a matter of fact i'm not tracking any right now on the westbound 5.80 side a minute drive time to make your way to the north bay and it's been problem free if you are traveling from nevado through moran and getting to the golden gate bridge at going to be a real breeze into san francisco, a 20 minute drive time on the southbound a one on one side for you i'll be back with some east bay drive times in just a bit. let's send it back to jail. >>thank you time now 5.47 in the north bay, no alcohol will be allowed to parks on the russian river. these new response now to underage drinking littering and the ongoing problem of traffic congestion prof or skill on has more now on this temporary ban. >>sonoma county regional parts, banned alcohol in 2015 for similar reasons, the parks department said there was a decrease in news since reports and they're hoping this year will be the same. >>memorial day weekend is the
5:48 am
unofficial start to summer. but any beachgoers heading to the russian river in force bill will be dry. >>a ban on booze so crowded lot of the neighbors are having a lot of problems and stuff i think the usual problems ago with alcohol and in teenagers and stuff like that cinema county regional park staff say there have been complaints about intoxication underage drinking littering and some visitors using the land as public toilets. visitors will have to return an open containers of alcohol to their cars or leave the beach visitors would open containers of alcohol will have to pour out the contents. violators face take its court appearances and finds the noma county regional parks is also regulating commercial months access at the beaches. >>it does get credit, i mean it sort of changed i think it was good and for the economy out here in the river yeah could be difficult at the beaches for the the neighbors, sometimes. they said it's nice to share the beaches, respected
5:49 am
>>commercial bus operators will need advance reservations before dropping off or picking up weekend passengers at the 2 beaches. commercial buses without reservations will not be allowed in the parks, the ban is temporary between memorial day and labor day weekends. those will be banned at steelhead and sunset beach is both on river road in forest hill, one resident says the new policy would help. >>you know having lived out here in the river it can be pretty wild sometimes during the summer and it makes it harder for families to come around. you know perhaps those are some of the more accessible. at beaches. >>there will be signs on the restricted areas to make sure everyone gets their notice of the new alcohol-free policy in sonoma county jail on kron 4 news. >>to the south bay now 2 people are facing charges connected to a motorcycle theft bill peters police say they found 34 year-old christopher byrne said and 51 year-old kimberly johnson last week standing next to a stolen motorcycle, it was parked in a
5:50 am
walmart parking lot officers say that bike was reported stolen from san jose earlier in the month. take a look at this video a student throws a garbage can at police officers there goes. this is in stockton, a brawl broke out friday at a high school at least 80 students were involved. officers initially were trying to detain an unruly student who had been fighting with the staff member and resisting officers directions that is when things really got out of hand. >>school you're suppose to respect the authority that trying to keep you safe while you're here on campus. >>a big concern, you know you just don't know what's going to happen, especially with other things in other states have happened. >>no officers students or staff or injured during the incident certainly some good news on that front the disruptive student. he was cited for resisting arrest unclear if any other students in fall will be charged. the mayor calistoga is responding out of pg e's plan to shut off power during times of high fire danger. the genie as we've reported is promising to give at least 48 hours notice
5:51 am
before any plan blackout the company has sent notices to businesses to get ready and also bringing in generators to power parts of the city during a blackout now the mayor says he wants this to have as little impact as possible on business operations. >>the public safety element relative to wildfires. we understand. but it asked to get better in terms of the recovery period and quite. >>kennelly the notification period and the communication. throughout that. >>the company wants to have power back on within 2 to 5 days after a blackout. as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside we've got a shot of san francisco international airport, some low clouds overhead but on the weather front should be too bad today and for the week to calm it looks like we've got. lowe's knows you do it right
5:52 am
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well last weekend the latest john wick movie dusted avengers endgame to capture the box office crown now a new movie is flying into theaters. take that title away david daniel has your weekend box office wrapped. >>11 disney's latest remake of an animated favorite is looking to soar this weekend. analysts estimate it will debut with 73 to $85 million over the four-day holiday
5:55 am
weekend higher than the recent dumbo remake but well behind the live action jungle book and beauty and the beast. >>superhero movie fans and horror fans can meet in the middle with you great burned about a child from another world who crash lands on earth with terrifying results. box office watchers expect a four-day haul of 10 to million. >>really don't know what i'm telling all that stuff. >>booksmart gives us 2 straight a student to try to cram 4 years of high school fun into one night reviews for olivia wilde's feature directorial debut are excellent. but opening weekend estimates for the comedy are all over single digits to the mid teens in hollywood. again. prof or morning news negotiations continue today in union city. >>after both sides failed to reach a deal to end the teachers strike will have the latest on that in a moment, plus the search for the gunman who fired shots injuring a man
5:56 am
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>>good morning. everybody thank you for joining us on this memorial day monday. we've got a nice forecast. i think for today and the week ahead. let's get the latest now which i did my job, yeah, definitely a much nicer forecast ahead of us james, it's been bit of an as and it was so much rainfall in some cooler than average temperatures but that is all about to change. >>in the days to come as for this morning still holding on to some cloudy skies as you can see above berkeley but conditions overall are clearing as compared to yesterday, we may be holding
6:00 am
out a cloud cover but showers for the most part have departed the region. temperatures right now in the 40's and 50's so get a jacket on as you're stepping outside this early memorial day morning. temperatures this afternoon are going to boost out of those 40's and 50's we're at right now and eventually into a range of 60's later on now this may be warmer than yesterday but this is actually the coolest day of the forecast ahead of us, i'm talking much warmer weather in the days to come still ahead rebecca. >>all right, thank you john looking forward to warm weather that is headed our way a traffic really rebecca strong filling in for robin winston this morning and we're looking at said the bay bridge toll plaza here i am tracking a little bit of a fender bender if you can actually see it on the screen there. >>it's right underneath the of the 80 flyover looks like just a minor fender bender but of course t


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