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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>in the days to come as for this morning still holding on to some cloudy skies as you can see above berkeley but conditions overall are clearing as compared to yesterday, we may be holding out a cloud cover but showers for the most part have departed the region. temperatures right now in the 40's and 50's so get a jacket on as you're stepping outside this early memorial day morning. temperatures this afternoon are going to boost out of those 40's and 50's we're at right now and eventually into a range of 60's later on now this may be warmer than yesterday but this is actually the coolest day of the forecast ahead of us, i'm talking much warmer weather in the days to come still ahead rebecca. >>all right, thank you john looking forward to warm weather that is headed our way a traffic really rebecca strong filling in for robin winston this morning and we're looking at said the bay bridge toll plaza here i am tracking a little bit of a fender bender if you can actually see it on the screen there. >>it's right underneath the of the 80 flyover looks like just a minor fender bender but of course not blocking traffic at
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all right now and drive times really easy under 10 minutes. if you're going to be using less than 80 to make your way into san francisco. the san mateo bridge looking good under 15 minutes to make your way over to the peninsula on the westbound 92 side there is a high wind advisory still issued by the chp so just keep in mind and just take it easy as you habridge will be back wi the richmond center fell bridge, check and the golden gate bridge check. and just a bit james. >>we're back to thank you very much time now 6 oh one and happening today, teachers in union city will continue negotiate while the new haven school district is hoping to end it strike. but they were unable to come up with a deal over the weekend they met for several hours yesterday again with nothing coming out of it. educators along with parents and students spent part of their holiday weekend as you can see here at the alameda county office of education showing their support for the teachers that are on strike. the new haven, teachers association and the new haven unified school district have been negotiating for new
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contracts since the fall of 2018. we have put a an offer on the table that we think. >>continues to demonstrate our respect and value for teachers. while keeping us debt without necessarily worsening our current situation. >>this conversation this weekend as does nothing to solve the problem that is very to in union city i am. >>sorry for that. >>and i don't know again regroup with the parents and the community. >>to bring this mess is to a change and bring it to a best scenario which is bringing the students back to school in a best place best environment for them for us and the community. >>the district's last offer was a one percent raise for next year and a onetime 3% payment as well as another one percent raise demand or depending on how much money the district could secure from the state, but the teachers union is asking for a 10% raise over the next 2 school years. double celebration at dolores park was cut short
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when gunfire broke out sunday night. pa cleared almost immediately once shots arrived, they found one man suffering from a gunshot wound at the top of the park. the victim was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. one witness says there describes the scene after the shots were fired. >>those like our movie people running in all directions after the 2 shots went off. a lot of people were screaming. it was released can sort of a mad panic. >>another witness says they saw someone being taken away in handcuffs. well police say they do not have a suspect yet in custody. police in san francisco now investigating a shooting that happened at ocean beach just before 10 o'clock yesterday evening at 45th and then sent a streets you see it on the map police didn't say if anybody was hurt or or if they have any suspects but the investigation is now being handled by the us park police will let you know if they have an update. >>point left 21 people and a dog without a home. san francisco fire tweeted this video out at in ins avenue
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near 3rd street. flames were seen from that 3rd story building the fact that for a time they spread to another building but firefighters were able to put it out in about an hour. fortunately, nobody was hurt. the man now facing charges after authorities found a homemade bomb drugs and weapons in his possession so here's a photo of the explosive device, the 36 year-old michael rafale digests t. >>had when he was arrested sunday and runner park he was taken into custody for or a warrant. and it was during a search of his belongings. that's when police found this explosive device along with a stun gun and burglary tools. on the peninsula for people now safe after our first in the flames in menlo park. the car caught fire after another car smashed into it at the intersection of el camino reality oak grove avenue officers arrested the driver responsible. they say 25 year-old luke winton was driving while intoxicated. in the south bay 2 people are in the santa clara county jail now connected to a motorcycle
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theft. milpitas police say they found 34 year-old christopher byrne said and 51 year-old kimberly johnson last week with that stolen motorcycle was parked in a walmart parking lot. officers say that bike was reported stolen from san jose back on may 19th. happening today america is pausing to remember its fallen veterans on memorial day, several events including parades will be held across the country, including right here in the bay area, washington dc is often a focal point with monuments like the vietnam veterans memorial as well as on into national cemetery in virginia. but san francisco's presidio will be commemorating the 100 51th memorial day event which will get under way in about a few hours time from now it features several things including a parade and cemetery tours force will tran joining us now live with more on the annual of at good morning will. >>james those things that you mentioned they will happen in 4 and a half hours from now, but if you want to come down
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here now the gates automatically open and the open about couple of minutes ago, so we are inside you can clearly see it is available to you if you have loved ones you me quiet time this morning with them you can see the graves they have the flags all ready to go right in front and is one of the most beautiful shots that you will ever see especially with the sunrise this morning so it is here for you and we will talk to some people in fact we saw elderly couple poll and i try to interview them. they said that they were here to see their mom and dad and it's too emotional for them to go on camera but they said maybe at a different time. here's what you can expect though once it starts it's obviously very somber very sacred, but they also want to celebrate the contributions of the men and women who died for our country so there will be a parade and that begins at 10 30 this morning. the commemoration and then 11 o'clock there will be a 21 gun salute as well community picnic and i've do is
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wonderful. the young the old they all come down here they pay their respects and then they try to clean up even though it's really immaculate they try to also do their best to make it even cleaner for their loved ones as well as bring their flowers so it's there for you if you can't make it to san francisco and you live in oakland don't worry they also have ceremonies there as well so take a look at your screen that the mountain view cemetery, 00:30am in the morning and that's on 5,000 piedmont avenue in oakland. and then if you live in on the peninsula, 7 tail they also have that available to you that's at skyline memorial park and that begins at 11 o'clock this morning on highway 92 and skyline boulevard we will talk to people as they continue to arrive this morning and i told you this at 5 o'clock james, and sincerely mean it. it is one of the most beautiful and one of the most favorite stories that i do each and every year is a great time to be here, especially at the morning, i've been here before
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way it's really cold. it looks to be a beautiful morning, no wind perfect weather conditions for you can honor america back d today by the way grove. we'll also be rededicated at a memorial day ceremony will be happening at 3 o'clock this afternoon. heroes growth as it's called was established exactly 100 years ago when a redwood tree was planted in honor of those killed in world war one. and after the ceremony today city leaders will plant the first redwood tree in a 100 years at that growth. heroes grove is located at john f kennedy drive, if you'd like to attend is right across from the de young museum right near 8th avenue. and if you choose to use public transportation to get around today just know that a lot of the systems are going to be running on holiday or sunday schedules. that includes bart caltrain and sam trans from uni only some routes are going to be running see going to check the schedule, golden gate transit bus and ferry will also be running but they'll be no service for commute routes or from the tehran ferry. they
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typically kicks off the boating season, but before you enjoy some fun on the water to pour to take the necessary precautions and also to follow the law even though law enforcement is out on the water keeping an eye on things that really is up to individuals to make sure that every the water, especially with how busy the waterways are expected to get today. >>there's so many accidents on a regular basis people die out here they underestimate rough the river can really be especially for holidays. we want to make sure that we don't do any kind of drinking any kind of any kind of materials why your vote. >>also important to keep an eye out for people with a and pets in the water. we don't have any accidents out there and of course an emergency kit with things like first aid a warm clothing blankets flashlight, maybe an extra cell phone if you can swing that you never know when you might need all those things. a california man vacationing
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with his wife in maui died after getting attacked by a shark. he's been identified as 65 year-old thomas smiley from granite bay, a bouquet of flowers sits right next to the sharks sighted sign right there on the beach where he was brought ashore saturday. the man was swimming only about 60 yards from shore when he was attacked. >>watching them and get called we could hear her screaming she was saying to my husband that's my husband. >>why actually comes in second for shark bites in the u s after florida. still ahead on the cross for morning news, the new drinking regulations in effect this summer 2 parts on the russian river. and we're going to take a look at the high number of arrests, each peace now reported already this holiday weekend and what they're trying to do to prevent war. and then the death toll. it continues to rise after tornadoes ripped through oklahoma over the weekend. we'll take a look at the damage. >>and yesterday may have been a reminder. what we've seen so
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far this may which has been cool and rainy weather but today things beginning to clear out. i've got the rest your forecast account. >>and the roadways have been clear pretty much all morning long. we're seeing a real. lightly traveled bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco under 10 minutes all have a complete deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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matter of hours ago as winter weather advisories up in the sierra and it was cold and kind of windy here around the bay to it was yesterday, especially one of our cooler days when deer cloudier rainier today we're transitioning out of that are actually about to enter what will be a dry and warm forecast ahead of us one that is james to mention will result in a lot of snow melts in the sierra and for those of us in the bay. a lot of opportunity to get back outside and enjoy what's about to feel like the middle of summer around the corner. this is your look outside of mount diablo this morning it's a pretty clear start to the day considering where we were at yesterday at the same time, a pretty big change for the most part skies are beginning to clear out we still are holding on to just one little shower of bethel island they keep zooming in on this fox is really the only area we've seen activity this morning. elsewhere in the bay we've been dry consistently this morning also lot calmer as far as winds go today winds will pick up a touch into the afternoon. so you can expect a breezy finished to your memorial day ahead of us a couple of sprinkles up and
6:16 am
down the coastline are possible. but overall today, a sunnier skies in a much more comfortable day than yesterday overnight hours tonight will bring the potential just a couple of scattered sprinkles again mostly really along the coast and then tomorrow into the afternoon, the sunshine comes out in full force and it is not going anywhere the rest of the forecast. we look to remain dry all the way through the middle of the week and into the upcoming weekend in temperatures during that time are going to be rising swiftly so today our last day in the 60's widespread across the day. if you have like the cooler than average temperatures that may has brought us so far get outside enjoy today as much as possible as the numbers you're seeing on this map are not going to be anywhere close to what we're seeing by the end of the forecast will be trading in some of the 60's for low 80's in some cases, especially for east bay area's daytime highs in oakland and san leandro in the mid 60's at 64 each while the creek and conquered in the upper 6rgs.
6:17 am
are 2 spots in the low 70's petaluma and santa rosa beach at 66 today. the upper 60's today, look at where we're sitting just by a wednesday and thursday and really all the way into the weekend will be seeing temperatures rising easily 10 degrees from where we're at today making for some of the toast east of weather we've seen so far across the bay this year and dry conditions to especially a starting tomorrow as skies will be nice and sunny into the afternoon and they're going toistay that way into the next weekend. rebecca. >>all right john it looks a really good coming up this next weekend traffic looking very good as well this morning, it's very light out there, i'm rebecca strum a filling in for robin winston this morning, the bay bridge toll plaza take advantage of it this morning because we're looking at a real easy commute across a. this man itself 8 minutes once you get to the pay gates metering lights have been off all morning long because traffic has been so light and we're also seeing as same story here for the san mateo bridge. just keep in
6:18 am
mind that chp does have a high wind advisory issued for the span. so just a both hands on the steering wheel as you make your way across 92 from the east bay over to the peninsula this morning drive time no under 15 minutes top out at all. the richmond center fell bridge looks good. this is the commute side right here westbound 5.80. it's going to be problem free up to a the north bay as you make that connection with a one to one in 8 minute total drive time here golden gate bridge, a nice shot here we can already see peaks of sunshine and we're seeing about a 20 minute. commute for you out of the nevado area through moran and then across the golden gate bridge into san francisco, i'll be back with some east they drive times in just a bit james okay rebecca, thank you. >>neighbors living in san francisco sunset district say that crimes like robberies home invasions thefts they're all happening all too often than across 4 is tailored to sack explains neighbors think they're actually being targeted because of their ethnicity. >>cars been broken into twice. in the last 15 years. now it's
6:19 am
been 8 twice to hit to punch them also to get violent. and i am >>san francisco supervisor gordon marr says he hears the stories more and more often from people living in the sunset district the sunset district. >>is perceived to be one of the safer neighborhoods in our city. and well this may be true, you know relatively compared to other neighborhoods. we all know that serious public safety concerns and challenges continue in our neighborhood and they do seem to be increasing so much the are held a town hall meeting on sunday. >>addressing recent robberies home invasions and package this. he says the chinese and asian communities believe they're being targeted is a chinese or the asian community being disproportionately targeted by certain types of crimes. >>we are very disappointed to find that the police department and the district attorney's office couldn't even answer that question because they don't track and
6:20 am
they don't really report nearly showed up on sunday to echo these concerns neighbor, wendy wong says. >>she wants harsher punishments for people targeting their community, especially the older population. harm our senior citizens. in addition to listening to neighbors at the town hall supervisor maher says his office received many calls supporting the community's concerns about being targets supervisor gore team are says information and input from the town hall meetings will be shared with the san francisco police department to help find solutions for neighbors here. >>in our sunset taylor sackey con for news. >>in the north bay there are new alcohol restrictions now to parks along the russian river. the new bans are in response to underage drinking and littering and traffic congestion sonoma county regional park staff say that there have been complaints about intoxication and underage drinking. and some visitors using the land as
6:21 am
public toilets. so visitors will have to return an open containers of alcohol to their cars or leave the beach visitors with open containers of alcohol will have to pour it out violators face tickets court appearances and finds people who that we spoke with at the park say they actually understand why there's new restrictions in place. >>a lot of the neighbors are having a lot of problems and stuff i think the usual problems ago with alcohol and in teenagers and stuff like that you're having lived out here in the river it can be pretty wild sometimes during the summer and it makes it harder for families to come around. >>the band just temporary between memorial day and labor day weekend alcohol will be banned at steelhead and sunset beach is both on river road in force phil. morning news parts of the internet are up in arms yet again over another gillette razor ad and we're going to see what everybody all upset about coming up after the break. and then we're going to head to the
6:22 am
nation's capital to see how they're honoring our nation's fallen heroes on memorial day. here's a live look outside as we head to break. we're taking look this morning at the vietnam war memorial in washington dc.
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6:25 am
better news for arriving or departing flights no delays reported out there any of our airports right now as far as your memorial day ceremonies coats well today we're looking at a nice one certainly nicer than yesterday was along the bay you can expect some 60's out there and really expect the same inland to be a just a few degrees warmer. maybe partly cloudy to start but skies going clear consistently into the afternoon making for a pleasant one ahead of our warm forecast ahead, the rest the week. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john we're checking of the bay bridge toll plaza right now it has been problem free all morning long it remains that way so if you are going to be a hit the road soon take advantage of it now because it's going to be a real nice is that we are into this holiday of course and the traffic really the roads around the entire bay area look good. it's only under 10 minutes to make your way from the east bay into san francisco right now if you're going to be taking westbound 80. the richmond san bridge show it's going to pretty much
6:26 am
all your is not a lot of cars that you're going to be sharing it with couple cars, trickling through right now minutes from the pay gates out to want to one and we're looking at drive times a pretty good from antioch out of concord 60 minutes on highway 4 pacheco to danville if you are traveling through the east bay only 17 minutes right now. and the nimitz freeway from sam lee and urged to 37 in the southbound direction and clocking in at 22 minutes and from downtown san jose in to palo alto on north one to one. just under a 30 minute drive time for you. a complete bridge check coming up in just a chains ok thank you. >>gillette now embracing the lgbtq plus community and their latest ad. it shows a father coaching his transgender son on how to chase the ad's tagline is whenever wherever however it happens here for shape a special. it's part of their my best self campaign now the lgbtq family advocacy group t flag nation tweeted its approval. the canadian artist who stars in the ad says he believes it will bring
6:27 am
hope to other transgender people there are also calls from some online protests. the company that to protest the company over this latest ad as well. we'll take a break coming up afterwards so warning from the chp after officers arrested hundreds of people for duis over the weekend. more on how many they arrested in just a minute.
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>>well let's start the half hour with a check of weather and traffic john travel on
6:30 am
his memorial day good morning john. good morning to you as well james we're starting the week off and memorial day on a much better know than we did yesterday for your sunday skies clear. >>temperatures are still chilly, but conditions just looking a lot more inviting there's a look at a bethel island whatever spots is actually seen a bit of rainfall this morning while most of the rest of the bay area has dried out pretty consistently to start this new day as we make our way through the day today you can expect your temperatures which are in the 40's and 50's right now on the chilly side of things to eventually rise into the 60's this will make a warmer day than we had for yesterday, daytime highs across the bay area from the coast to our inland areas all expected to be in the 60's today, and if you like the cooler weather get outside and enjoy it as much as possible. we're talking some much warmer conditions in the days to come august of that still ahead first of all we have are back is strong in for robin today for traffic, how's it looking out there about looking great john really take advantage the roadways because they're so light this morning a lot of
6:31 am
have the day off. >>here the bay bridge toll plaza getting from the east bay into san francisco. it's going to be really easy for you this morning, a 9 minute trip. >>from the pay gates out to the freeman street exit and we're looking at a nice a nice commute actually if you're going to be traveling on the westbound 5.80 that could that the commute direction look at this nothing but green from castor valley out to the macarthur maze only 14 minutes there and in the south bay, your drive time looks great from downtown san jose up to menlo park so getting into palo alto only 29 minutes on northbound one on one. well check this cemetery bridge coming up in just a bit james. >>thank you thank you time now 6.31, 741 that's how many people have been arrested by the california highway patrol for dui since friday. now with the holiday weekend still in full swing the siege peas looking to probably have to deal with even more drunk drivers crop or bello has more on their efforts. >>we don't want aybar's
6:32 am
memorial to any the in jail with a hospital or according the san jose california highway patrol officer rossli says having additional officers. >>working on the road over memorial day weekend is a no-brainer to serve a of a busy area. looking for. >>it to the only way to making sure we were. >>also rules and laws of the road just after midnight sunday chp san jose responded to a dui crash on highway 17. they say a 23 year-old woman ran into a power pole shutting down traffic for nearly 8 hours in the area. she's one of 15 dui arrests that have been made in san jose since friday numbers. >>the options available for. pointing the potential for being arrested by not driving. >>as of sunday morning chp san francisco had made 11 dui arrests. 6 have been made and moran and oakland officers
6:33 am
have arrested 12 for dui over the memorial day weekend officer lee says this year chp is paying close attention to seat belts too, especially after last year's accidents. >>first we should percent. most prisons involved. is it too was no way see both. who more than likely would still be alive. didn't people to the term. >>with so many options for safe travel chp says drinking and driving should never be the choice you make. >>maybe you should not drink and drive just because your state being pulled over by a police officer you should not drink to the safety aspect for yourself and for others. >>chp says as of sunday morning statewide at least 18 people have died in dui related accidents. of those killed were not wearing their seat belts the maximum enforcement period goes on until 1159 monday night in san
6:34 am
francisco noel bellow kron 4 news. >>well, friends and family gathered over the weekend remember of a leo teenager who vanished while on her way to school. it's been 3 years since pearl pinson was last seen in her family spent saturday, cleaning up the pedestrian bridge where she was last spotted by witnesses that bridge about highway 7 80 in vallejo has become a gathering place for the pence and family. they came for the memorial every they come for the memorial every months on the 25th and they're hoping soon everyone will know that bridge as pros place. >>when people come out with a seal had this place. >>a beautiful place it should be destroyed. it should be in bed. it's really important to keep it clean because it's it's almost like giving her a little bit of extra. >>and keeping her story out there. detectives still receive tips from the case are on the case from time to time. >>their only suspect however in the abduction was killed in a shootout with police. the big story that we're following
6:35 am
this week the san francisco police commission now backing the police chief after the police union called for his resignation. this all comes in response to chief william scott's apology for a police raid on freelance journalist bryan carmody is home. this is video of that raid carmody was accused of obtaining an unauthorized release of a police report on former public defender dot she's death. in a statement, the police commission's president and vice president said in part quote chief scott did what is rare for police chiefs, he apologize to the citizens of san francisco. he did so completely and unequivocally that is the mark of a leader. and now the commission's president a vice president also present praise mayor london breach call for an independent investigation. and they say they'll easily with the results of that. investigation. in the east bay 2 people were hurt following a shooting in oakland it was reported saturday night just before 11 o'clock on 95th right near beach street. a man was shot multiple times in his hand and shoulder and then a woman was also shot in the hand as well. no suspects at
6:36 am
this time, but we'll keep following the story. a man is dead following a crash in san jose it happened at hellyer avenue and embedded way this was saturday night. the driver lost control crossed the median hit a light pole and a dying at the scene police do believe that speed was a factor in that crash. this is the 17th fatal crash in san jose this year. another horse had to be euthanized after getting injured at santa anita horse racing track. this is the 26 horse not have to be put down at that park since december. the horse injured a leg during his 6th race saturday had to be put down yesterday. this is the 3rd horse now to die just 9 days. and the death comes just days after a heated meeting involving california horse racing board. this is video of people being escorted out after they supposedly made disrespectful comments. santa anita is scheduled to host the breeders cup in november. the law ride at a southern california music park is
6:37 am
closed now to further notice effort over turned over the weekend. 3 people including a child were injured in that ride it was at castle park, one of them a woman we're told is in critical condition. the park says something clearly went wrong. they think it was with the water pump. they're investigating now. and take a look at this video of the students throwing a garbage can at police officers in stockton, there goes. this brawl broke out friday at a high school at least 80 students involved. officers initially tried to detain an unruly student who had been fighting with a staff member and was resisting officers directions that's when things really got out of hand. >>school you're suppose to respect the authority that's trying to keep you safe while you're here on campus. a big concern, you know you just don't know what's going to happen, especially with other things in other states have happened. >>in the end, no officers or students or staff were actually hurt during this incident. the disruptive student was cited for resisting arrest, it's unclear if any other students involved will be charged. the mayor
6:38 am
calistoga now is responding to p g's plan to shut do during times of high fire danger. pg e is promising to give at least 48 hours notice before any planned blackout the utility company has sent notices to businesses to get ready. the company also planning on bringing in generators to power parts of the city at least during a blackout the mayor says he wants this to be is negatively impacting on businesses as possible. >>the public safety element relative the wildfires. we understand. but it asked to get better in terms of the recovery period and quite. >>kennelly the notification period and the communication. throughout that. >>the company wants to have power back on they say within 2 to 5 days after a blackout. california lawmakers are one step closer to offering health care to adult undocumented immigrants. the assembly approved a bill that would expand health care access regardless of immigration status. the committee supports spending an estimated $98 million next year to expand
6:39 am
the service republicans though say the state needs to work on issues in the medical system before it starts expanding it to more people. >>i have a fast concerned that we're going to flood the market and we already have issues where when families go to see their primary care. there are already waiting weeks. i have concerns it's going to be months, we're so close to universal health care. >>for covered california really at 78% of californians ensure. we 92% of california t-shirts we're really trying to find a way to ensure that final a percent. >>lawmakers have until june 15 is to finalize the state's budget. 6.39 still to come on the cross for morning news. we're going to take a look at the way memorial day is being celebrated in the nation's capital in fact, here's a live look at rning where we're waiting. vice president mike pence he's expected to speak later this morning. and we'll also take a look back at the life and legacy of an nfl
6:40 am
legend. bart starr passed away this weekend will honor him in a moment. and then the death toll continues to rise after tornadoes ripped through oklahoma over the weekend we'll look at the damage and where things stand this morning. >>and weather coming down here in the bay area after yesterday's rainy cloudy and windy conditions today with a lot nicer than even nicer after this 2 their forecast ahead. >>and the roads have been really quiet all morning long a high wind advisory issue though for the san mateo bridge to just be extra careful glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub.
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>>back at 6 42 6 people died from a tornado and other storms and flooding that hit oklahoma in recent days and now people of el reno are spending their memorial day sifting through the rubble -s you can see here in these pictures. john lawrence has the very latest. >>a state of emergency is in effect for all 77 counties in oklahoma. >>start knocking doors clear indoors to make sure the people. >>el reno nearly 30 miles west of oklahoma city among the areas hit especially hard, andy ef 3 tornado struck the city saturday evening. >>i opened the front door we heard sirens. at that point in time we just checked, you know, jack the kids about a in the cause of the villas overall. we didn't know where it was 2 people confirmed dead from the twister dozens of others injured a mobile home park. >>crushed to rubble that used to. >>the rich when you go there and you see all these walls
6:44 am
laying down. you know it was absolutely. decimated that that those ghostwriter for absolutely just a. >>taking major storms as well in sapulpa a tulsa suburb kind of like a train it roared and then we heard glass breaking which for the windows trees power lines and buildings were downed or damaged. it's not even a trailer to pile the national weather service says the central and western part of the country could see more heavy rains and thunderstorms over the next few days. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>all right we're back here with john at the weather center looking at conditions, i know it's bad in the midwest and the parts but here our weather actually pretty good. yeah definitely improving out here while they do have more severe weather in the middle of the country. at least the bay is looking at some much nicer conditions around the corner yesterday was a bit of an iffy one is you're getting outside for your sunday we had some windy conditions cloudy
6:45 am
conditions that rained a little bit depending on where you're apt to a lot of in some spots as well as for the bay this morning we've seen a couple of sprinkles in the east bay, but it hasn't been a very rainy morning at all just a couple of sprinkles well out into the delta from out blow look at this looking nice and bright to kick off this memorial day skies are going to be a lot of clear all throughout the course of the day today only clearing into the afternoon further from what we're actually seeing right now winds are a lot calmer this morning they're going to pick up a touch this afternoon, but they're still going to be calmer than they were for yesterday so all in all all elements added up today is an improvement for what we had for your sunday yesterday skies are going to be partly cloudy to mostly sunny into the afternoon tonight, a couple of sprinkles are possible across the day. now as we work our way into tomorrow you're going to look at skies becoming increasingly clear even yet by the time we move into your tuesday wednesday and thursday it's going to be feeling a lot more like summer than the fall like weather we've been feeling lately 60's for most of our
6:46 am
daytime highs today that's mixed in with a few 50's hanging on right up and down the pacific shoreline burlingame today, 64 degrees for your high will be at 66 in redwood city and mountain view ball 67 to be expected down in different than this sky's clearing temperatures warming and definitely a more comfortable day today. berkeley 62 for your high while oakland at 64 2 spots in the 70's and those are vacaville in pittsburgh just barely at that 70 degree mark santa rosa today at 66, so today, partly cloudy to mostly sunny a pretty nice one overall come tomorrow, even clear yet and temperatures on the warmer side of things upper 60's to mid 70's, come wednesday thursday friday and then the weekend ahead of us. our warmest highs of the year so far nearing if not at the 80 degree mark and staying that way for the rest of the forecast. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john and rebecca struggling in for robin winston this morning in traffic very light. here's a
6:47 am
look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you could see a just a little bit of cars trickling through to the pay gates, it's going to be under 10 minutes to make your way across of the span into that fremont street exit to take advantage of it if i you're going to be driving this morning because it is very light in here the cemetery ridge same story, the right hand side of your screen that's the commute direction. westman 92. there is a high wind advisory on the you can kind of see the sign here chp has that issue to during the overnight hours, it's still in effect for just keep that in mind if you are going to be traveling over towards of the san mateo area. the richmond center fell bridge only 7 minutes to make your way up to the north bay and the golden gate bridge checking in problem free a 20 minute drive time from nevada on highway 37 through moran and then across the golden gate into san francisco. i'll check some east they drive times coming up in just a bit james. >>memorial day is a time for people across the country to pause and reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice
6:48 am
for their country and nowhere is that more prevalent than in washington dc where they've held events all weekend long with kristen holmes now with a closer look. >>memorial day a somber time to remember america's fallen service members and in washington d c a weekend of events honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice starting thursday with flags in a decades old tradition the old guard placing american flags on more than 228,000 grave site at both arlington national cemetery and the airmen's home national cemetery have friends and family there buried here means a lot to know that. >>and part of the net bad was able to honor their at indian. >>this year president trump and first lady melania trump, helping with that effort setting american flag at the headstone of frank buckles the last known surviving american world war one veteran among others friday, crowds gathered for a candlelight vigil at the vietnam veterans memorial this year.
6:49 am
>>marking the end of an era. norma's motorcycle rally known as rolling thunder last ride sunday. >>hundreds of thousands of bikers from across the country revving their engine to honor those killed in action and raising awareness for those servicemen and women were still missing in action. >>we rode up today to pay respect to all the veterans and americans that die. >>turning our attention closer to home a's fans continue to celebrate as the oakland keeps up their winning ways we have matt chapman going deep in the bottom oi the first lady that as his second home run in as many gam. headley ads went on t the a's lead with a solo homer here that put them up 3 to nothing and then the final highlight we have for you after this is the bottom of the 7th. >>wiah the a's a 3 to one and that's when. he does it again
6:50 am
going deep driving into with this line are down the left-field line so the a's in the n word when it 7 to one finishing their sweep of the mariners that's the 9th straight win. for oakland. the opposite side of things trying to avoid being swept by the diamondbacks things and start out well second batter of the game cattle marty drives one that triples alley and gets over the fence for a solo home run there. it was part of the park got one over one nothing, the backs with the leaves are right. bottom of the first 2 nothing d'backs buster posey lines went down the right-field line. >>to panic scores on that that would cut the lead to 2 to one. the giants were unable to do much more than that they ended up losing to the snakes once again 6 to 2 the final score. that's right straight losses for the giants. ds this morning after news that nfl hall of fame quarterback bart starr passed away sunday morning at the age of 85. starr led the packers to win
6:51 am
the first 2 super bowls back in the 1960's. he won a total of 4 championships with the packers over his career. fans came to lambeau field to remember star funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. >>coming up the next hour to kron four morning news, a woman lost in the hawaiian forest for more than 2 weeks shares her story of survival.
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>>back 6.53 getting close to 07:00am now in the sun's coming up behind mount diablo and look at how much nicer this he looks than yesterday at this time yesterday we're looking at a few showers over there some cloudy skies breezy conditions couldn't be more the opposite this morning. now temperatures are chilly so no matter how inviting those skies, look still bundle up this morning. we're in the 40's in livermore a 49 degrees napa 47 elsewhere some 50's in hayward oakland in concord as well as down in mountain view and san jose lot of these numbers have been cooler than yesterday so we're off to a cooler start but into the afternoon a much warmer day ahead of us with your daytime highs well into the upper 60's. rebecca. >>alright, traffic is very light out there so take advantage of the roadways if you can and if you're going to be going into san francisco bay bridge, not a bad option look at this. just a handful of cars, trickling through the
6:55 am
pay gates and then a into san francisco told drive time 8 minutes right now on west on 80 and we're looking at a good drive times pretty around the entire bay area right now 60 minutes for manny acta concord on 6.80 we're not tracking any hot lpots from to out to danville that 17 minutes and the nimitz freeway normally a problem spot to every morning. and i think he's today though so far from sam lee under to know pete us 20 minutes on southbound 80 and then north one to one from san jose into menlo park 30 minutes so far james. >>all right, thank you very much. rebecca take a look at this glowing trees on a massachusetts golf course. firefighters were called out and look at that after it was struck by lightning, there they found the tree going from the inside. crews say this is well somewhat common to see when trees are hit by lightning, they managed to put it out in just a few minutes prevented from actually spreading and fully catching on fire but that's pretty incredible. for the first time
6:56 am
in 15 years as you can check out. you can check out born in a rang it hangs at the san francisco zoo and gardens look at them go. this is introducing a 9 year-old male and a 16 year-old female for just a limited time. the new rang a tank passage exhibit. it's 6 actually expanded habitat for chimpanzees and orangutans first large scale great. a pe expansion in almost 40 years so there you have something look forward to seeing. we'll take a quick break coming up on the kron four morning news, negotiations continue after teachers in the union city district failed to reach a deal with the district and that strike so looks like it's going to continue into this week. >>and a warning after the chp arrested hundreds of people for dui over the weekend. right back.
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thanks for joining us on this monday memorial day let's check weather and traffic for you tlao ns outdoors today is going to nice job. >>it's really going to be a lot nicer than yesterday was star you remember yesterday breezy rainy in some cases and very cloudy as well this morning we do have a few clouds but they're already showing signs of clearing across most of the day there's san francisco in the distance winds are already calmer than yesterday and your temperatures well they're about to be pretty comfortable. skies are nice and dry compared to yesterday shower activity, right now we are in the 40's for fremont morgan hill and some other spots in the bay like redwood city, so it is a touch cooler of the morning than yesterday but oftentimes when skies clear that's what you'll see some of the times a cooler start followed by a warmer finish and that's what we're in for today. low 60's for san francisco, mid 60's in oakland. well, san jose getting closer to 70 degrees. a ran


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