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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 27, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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thanks for joining us on this monday memorial day let's check weather and traffic for you tlao ns outdoors today is going to nice job. >>it's really going to be a lot nicer than yesterday was star you remember yesterday breezy rainy in some cases and very cloudy as well this morning we do have a few clouds but they're already showing signs of clearing across most of the day there's san francisco in the distance winds are already calmer than yesterday and your temperatures well they're about to be pretty comfortable. skies are nice and dry compared to yesterday shower activity, right now we are in the 40's for fremont morgan hill and some other spots in the bay like redwood city, so it is a touch cooler of the morning than yesterday but oftentimes when skies clear that's what you'll see some of the times a cooler start followed by a warmer finish and that's what we're in for today. low 60's for san francisco, mid 60's in oakland. well, san jose getting closer to 70 degrees. a range of numbers we're going
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to see a lot more in the next 7 days, i'll get to that still to come let's get a look at traffic right now with rebecca good morning john morning, hey y and traffic has been very light all morning long us holiday light, that's what we're >>and no cars hardly at a traveling on of the bay bridge getting towards a pig. it's there's going to be really easy. no wait no metering lights and there will be a straight shot into san francisco just about an 8 minute drive time for you to make your way to the fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge looks good. no delays no accidents westbound 92 traveling well only 12 minutes from the east bay over to the peninsula but just keep in mind. there is a high wind advisory issued by the chp it's been that way all morning long from the overnight hours as a matter of fact suh both hands on the steering wheel. all be back with a complete traffic check coming up in just a bit daria thank you at 7 oh one and today america pauses to remember our fallen veterans on this memorial day. >>several events including parades are going to happen
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across the country and of course right here in the bay area, washington dc is a metery virginia. many people we'll be gathering there san francisco's presidio 100 51th memorial day event gets underway in just a few hours in crop words will tran is already there and waiting what is planned for today will. >>right now it is very busy because we expect the parade and the 21 gun salute to happen in a couple of hours from now but for that to happen obviously there's a lot of work that needs to be done. behind the scenes, it is open to you now if you want to come down here at the presidio and you can see there people are ready getting busy that having their speakers a look at all the chairs lined up stacked up. so they expect thousands to be in attendance. if you want to come down here available to you. but as far
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as the ceremonies they begin at around 00:30am in the morning. we'll give you the details in just a love michael, if you can step in here real quick. yes, we see the flags in front of every tombstone and then mission the flowers as well can you identify yourself and what you're doing today. sir michael o bill i'm the ceo of the california association of flower growers and shippers and i'm also a member of the board. >>of the more of a flower foundation, so what are you doing today. so we had 12,500 stems of flowers. that are going to be delivered here any moment, trucks going to pull up here any minute and we're going to be. distributing them at various locations on the lower half of the cemetery. and we have volunteers from young marines. junior rotc, san francisco unified school district boy scouts. oris we're going to be placing a
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single stem. and each headstone it's a tradition that started not long ago 2011. it's happening at about 40 some national cemeteries around weekend can people volunteer still i'm sorry to people come down everyone who we come on down and the whole point of this. this provided opportunity for citizens. 2 recognize how fortunate we are that so many have made so many sacrifices personally and their families and this is a small very personal expression of gratitude. thank you so much for doing that. and yes we are very grateful. if you want to come down for that and other activities take a look at your screen. let me give you some of the details. >>at 00:30am in the morning at the presidio it's the commemoration in parade at 11 o'clock this morning, sam, ceremony and 21 gun salute and also be a community picnic if you live in oakland, and you cannot make it to san francisco. well oakland has its own event. the mountain
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view cemetery that begins at 00:30am in the morning on the 5,000 block of piedmont avenue. and if you live on the peninsula there sky lawn memorial park there that begins at 11 o'clock in the morning and that's a highway 92 and skyline boulevard these are just some of the samples we were giving you on air. but there are other places and use go on our website crawford dot com we'll let you know some of the events that are happening closer to your neighborhood. thanks a lot. we'll and later today a lot of people will. >>enjoying a little boating today is their day off is on the water and called forcefully to call tells us it's important to take precautions. >>starting the memorial day weekend that the arena for the blue say family was a no-brainer 9 year-old raised in says his favorite part about voting is looking at places from the lot of his mother joy is an experienced voter and is seen all too often the dangers of inexperienced people hitting the water is still many accidents on a regular basis
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people die out here they underestimate rough the river can really be. >>the contra costa county fire protection district and office of the sheriff has marine services units monitoring the san joaquin river and other bodies wh the us army national guard says he and his son hunter take preventative steps to avoid drowning and other water related emergencies. lee of a wet suits insights. we also make sure we have s. >>and then we've gone through all the training on the wave runners hunters grown up with wave runners. >>but now he gets to do it on his own, but we want to make sure we've got the right fuels we have a safety preservers on the boat we have ropes and things so if we have to tow we can do that and the lewa blue motorsports as you should also scout out you're boating destination before you get there how to wear. >>and you know where you're going to be look out for pets in the water. the rivers are expected to be very busy so voters should remember people will be swimming in the water
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especially for holidays, we want to make sure that we don't do any kind of drinking. >>any kind of any kind of materials why you're boating and it sounds simple enough, but important nonetheless always carry an emergency kit with you before you hit the water something that includes a first aid kit warm clhi >>a flashlight, maybe an extra cell phone. you never know when you're done eating in collegiate all kron 4 news and if you're using public transit today and be aware that a lot of them are running on a holiday or a sunday schedule and that includes bart. >>caltrain and sam trans from uni they're only going to be running some of the routes golden gate transit bus and ferry will be running but sir the no service for the commute routes or the timber on ferry. today teachers in union city will continue negotiations with the new haven school district there trying to end their strike. they were unable to come up with a deal after they met for several hours yesterday crawford's guilt
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long has the story. board of education left the bargaining many recommendations how they can solve they will they had nothing to give back. >>the new haven hen unified school district have been negotiating a new contract since fall the 2018 the district offered a one percent raise for next year. any one time 3% payment as well as another one percent depending on how much money the district could secure from the state. >>we have put a an offer on the table that we think continues to demonstrate our respect and value for teachers. while keeping us debt without necessarily worsening our current fiscal situation the district says they can't afford to pay the teachers what they want we are hiding. millions of dollars a year. week haute for this year cut million. we are going to
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we've cut for next year another $4 million and then for 2021 we have to cut another ust going to equal a cut somewhere else. >>besides educators parents and students spent part of their holiday weekend here at the alameda county office of education in hayward to supporting the teachers striking for 7 straight days really disappointed with the new haven unified school district with their bargaining team. after are getting all day long for them just to get up and walk away from the table again despite the stalled talks teachers union president joko a angeles as the 2 sides will return to the bargaining table. >>on monday. >>this conversation this weekend as does nothing to solve the problem that is very to in union city i am. >>sorry for that. >>and i don't know again regroup with the parents and the community. >>to bring this mess is to a change and bring it to a best scenario which is bringing the
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students back to school in a best place best environment for them for us and a community the district says in order to give the teachers there 10% raise. >>it would cost the district between 20 to million over 3 year period and that could lead to closures of schools. job losses and other cuts to school programs in the meantime the teachers say they will likely go on strike next week. here in hayward get along kron 4 news. >>it's 7.10 and still ahead on the crown for morning news, the search for the gunman who fired shots that injured a man at a park in san francisco. and a vigil honoring a missing bay area girl. the changes that the family of pearl pinson would like to see made in the in her honor and after the break honoring our fallen soldiers, how the nation's capital is commemorating this memorial day. >>and if you're stepping outside for any memorial day
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events today you can expect some much better conditions to do so than what we had for yesterday. i'm talking more your forecast ahead. >>and it's quite on the roadways pretty much around the entire bay area especially getting into san francisco. it's going to be a nice commute
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>>and look at this in st. louis a video of a teenager helping a man in a wheelchair. go home just given them a push. the boy's name is seth philips and he was in the car with his mom when he saw gregory that was stranger to him using a wheelchair is trying to get home from the supermarket. there was a severe storm warning so was terrible weather out there. and drivers were honking and everything and so he hopped out and said i'm going to do something about it. >>and he pushed him all the way to his house a pale by the way about it. and it usually takes the giy in the wheelchair, 25 minutes by himself, but the kid really
7:15 am
help them. this lady. >>and at her son were or how are not made to. >>like you. ok i was like hey mom can i hope this guy out without a second thought such jumped out of the car and went over to him. >>is that the sweetest thing and so just got all attention on social media now there's a go fund me page. so that they can get that man an electric wheelchair with that i say love that. start your day off and it is not a goal. yeah exactly should be a great thing to do a lot of people have the day maybe getting out and about. yeah, a good day to help someone maybe not escape any bad weather because whole weather here is good when i see really nice day ahead for us yesterday was little. >>yes. extra cool to it was it was cool yesterday, the wind didn't help with that at all and that was also pretty cloudy with a few showers today were waving goodbye to the showers we still got some winds they're not quite as bad as yesterday's were though,
7:16 am
and skies still on the cloudy side for san francisco, but you can also see some sunshine breaking through there for san jose, it's nice and sunny overhead that cloud layer scene behind the skyline right there and for the east bay, it's mostly sunny right now a sign of things to come for the rest of the bay area as we make our way eventually into the afternoon as for your current conditions, we've dried out so that's a good swing to start this memorial day when tsar breezy like i mentioned san francisco, 13 miles per hour for your current winds, this is calmer than yesterday though so we have improved and winds at times today are going to be a touch on the breezy side see may want to keep the jacket with you even as we do move into the afternoon. euro conditions are going to gradually clear we're gonna hold on to cloud cover at times but overall clear than yesterday was so we're stepping back into a pattern that's about to be drier warmer and just more favorable for any act or activities you may have especially as we move into tomorrow that's when mostly sunny skies return all throughout the course of your
7:17 am
day we're going to stay that way the rest of the forecast to see if you like some of this cooler more fall-like weather today is a good day to get out and enjoy before we have to say goodbye to it some 50's and 60's on the peninsula and then 60's elsewhere across the bay area for san jose today at 67 degrees campbell must get a seat at 66 tri valley pretty much the same their 6667 degrees for your cities. oakland and san leandro at 64 while near 70 in walnut creek in concord warmer than yesterday for the north bay at 70 degrees in vacaville in pittsford and also warmer day than yesterday further towards the coast. even warmer yet tomorrow and warming on up to near 80 degrees for a lot of our inland spots by wednesday and that's a range of numbers we're going to stay with for the rest of the forecast we're going from a cooler than average in rainier than average beginning to the month to closing out this month on a nice warm and sunny note ahead of us. so if you're looking for to the sunshine and warm temperatures there
7:18 am
you go we finally got it, rebecca you look at border that warm weather john that's for sure. >>and that you look forward to and no traffic around the bay area. it's been really like this morning of course with the holiday today. so given you a little tour around the bay area starting off here. but the bay bridge toll plaza approach you could no weights and mean lights have been off our morning long under 10 minutes to make your way into san francisco, not too bad at all. we do have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge so keep that in mind today just be real careful as you cross the span but 92 was problem free. if you're heading from a the east bay over to the peninsula or coming from the peninsula to the east bay in getting on to the nimitz i'm not tracking any delays. no problems there under 15 minutes as you make your way in the westbound direction. the richmond center fell bridge has been a really quiet. it's pretty much going to be all yours are going to share with a couple of other folks that that's pretty much it. 8 minutes said to make your way to the north bay and we're looking good on south one to one all the way from nevada through moran and then
7:19 am
getting to the golden gate bridge 20 minutes. as you make your way into the city as well i'll be back with a couple of the east bay drive times for you in just a bit daria. >>thanks a lot rebecca, 7 19 in national news memorial day is a time for americans to pause and reflect on those who paid the ultimate price for our country kristen holmes is in washington looking at the events that are happening in the nation's capital. >>good morning from the marine corps memorial where we're already seeing people show up to pay tribute to america's fallen servicemen and women over the weekend 10's of thousands of people descending on the nation's capital. all to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice ice. >>memorial day a somber time to remember america's of fallen service members and in washington d c a weekend of events honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice starting thursday with flags in a decades old tradition the old guard placing american flags on more than 228,000 grave site at both arlington
7:20 am
national cemetery and the airmen's home national cemetery have friends and family there buried here means a lot to know that. >>and part of the net bad was able to honor their in the end. >>this year president trump and first lady melania trump, helping with that effort setting american flag at the headstone of frank buckles the last known surviving american world war one veteran among others friday, crowds gathered for a candlelight vigil at the vietnam veterans memorial this year. marking the end of an era. as willing under. >>last ride sunday. >>hundreds of thousands of bikers from across the country revving their engine to honor those killed in action and raising awareness for those servicemen and women were still missing in action. >>we rode up today to pay respect to all the veterans and americans that die. see
7:21 am
vice president pence laying the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington national cemetery, this is a years long tradition generally we see the president of the united states completing this tradition, but of course we know that president trump is in japan for this holiday, so vice president pence is stepping in reporting from washington and kristen holmes back to you. >>for your money this morning schools are aiming to teach teenagers to be for financially savvy. it's a move that some are helping will save taxpayers in the long run. jane king is at the nasdaq with that story and more. >>a growing number of states are enacting laws that require schools teach financial literacy this reflects concerns about debt, college loans and their impact on state budgets now to help the estimated 42% of private sector workers who don't have access to retirement savings plan to work in many of whom don't say that all some states are enacting programs that require or encourage companies without those plans to offer them in some cases automatically enroll workers.
7:22 am
now despite some research showing mixed results, 19 states currently require the high school students study financial literacy that's up from 17 in 2018 13 in 2011, let's go to the council for economic education, the lawmakers in states including rhode island florida texas and south carolina are considering adding or expanding financial literacy mandates in schools, new jersey and wisconsin recently added financial literacy instruction requirements for lower grades. americans often struggle to manage their money the court of the federal reserve 44% of adults like the funds to cover a $400 emergency from the nasdaq, i'm jane king with you morning business report. >>and coming up on the cross for morning news, the warriors know who they're going to play now in the nba files are getting your what steph curry has to say about taking on the raptors. and as we continue our look at live shots around the country today on this memorial day. this is why we
7:23 am
celebrate to mark our fallen heroes and this is the korean war memorial in washington d c.
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7:26 am
of rest.rry says the team's experience gives them confidence. >>i like the situation love it. >>for them is this a. confidence as you know as you done it before in. you know what it feels like you know the journal ries than there is in that accounts for some for sure. >>was that sort of the. >>and this she has smile sort of a little evil devilish smile like he knows something. >>i hope that they don't go into confident games, one 2 because that's when the warriors can tend to get into trouble we've all seen that before. and we want to make easy work of the rafters they're the first 2 games they're away and then the series comes home on wednesday june 5th and friday june 7th.
7:27 am
then if necessary and we can't get it done that quickly then we head back on the road. it's 07:27am. on morning news bay area presidential candidate eric swalwell makes his pitch to voters. ahead of the first primary debate. how all of the candidates are stepping up
7:28 am
7:29 am
>>and we're turning the corner ju in time for the last day of your weekend here a lot of people
7:30 am
today often have to go back to work now that we're back to work all this and it's good again of a bit we're finishing may often a good know finally because may has been historically wet very cool. you all day yesterday lived up to that reputation not the nicest ma'am are now you know what now we've got some sunshine to finish it out and this is really just the start of what is about to be a really nice finish to the month in fact a warm finish to the month just around the corner today temperatures are going to remain cool. but as you can see skies are already clear that your view from timber on up in the north bay right there, skies clearing out all across the bay area and showers all but the thing of the past at this point, your temperatures are touch cooler than yesterday for a few spots you can blame the clear skies and calmer wbreezy today winds not as bad as they were yesterday temperatures will be warmer into the afternoon. well up into the 60's across the bay and if this is the range of numbers you like enjoy it because it's getting warmer than this around the corner talking a few 80's in your forecast.
7:31 am
still ahead. rebecca. >>well traffic has been light all morning and we're definitely seeing a holiday light roads for sure here the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's look the same since about 4 o'clock this morning metering still off and it looks like it's probably going to stay that way through the entire morning. so take advantage of it while you can only under 10 minutes out of the macarthur maze over to san francisco, not bad at all and the westbound direction. we're looking at green green means good speeds are at the limit here. these are some of our east bay drive time starting off in livermore heading out to the dublin interchange only 10 minutes on west on 5.80. snow grain into fremont on south 6.80 only 14 minutes and then emits freeway 21 minutes from san leandro to milpitas on the southbound side and then if you're traveling in the south bay from milpitas on to one. that's going to be an easy quick seven-minute drive time for you i'll be back with a complete bridge check coming
7:32 am
it was their sfpd says a man was found suffering from gunshot wounds, the shooting sent people running. those like a horror movie people running in all directions after the 2 shots went off. a lot of people were screaming. it was released can sort of a mad panic. gary mayhem says thankfully the park wasn't too busy des on sunday, but the park also quickly cleared out once the shots went off. almost everyone who is here when it when it happened it left almost immediately police say the man who was shot was taken to the hospital with non life s gales was visiting the park will on vacation from france. he says he arrived shortly after the shooting happened. that was caught off guard with
7:33 am
a large police presence. >>a resident of it's a surprising and ivo we so for this man so we something that something happened. >>gale says he saw someone being taken away from the scene in handcuffs but police say they do not have a suspect in custody as of sunday night. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>friends and family gathered i can't remember of a teenager who disappeared while she was on her way to school and she was believed to have been murdered, it's been 3 years since pearl pinson was last seen her body has never been found her family spent saturday, cleaning up the pedestrian bridge where she was spotted witnesses saw her being held by a man are being dragged by a man with a gun that bridge is above highway 7.80 and delay and it's become a gathering point for the pens and family and the memorial. they are hoping that soon everyone will know this place has pearls place. uave this pla beautiful place it should be
7:34 am
destroyed. it should it's really important to keep it clean because it's it's almost like giving her a little bit of extra. and keeping her story out there. >>and to this day detectives still get tips on the case from time to time but the only suspect in her abduction was killed in a shootout with the police. residents of san francisco sunset district say that more crime is happening in their area and nearly 200 of them showed up to a town hall meeting yesterday to try to get some action and talk to supervisor gordon marr he addressed the recent robberies home invasions and package that saying that residents believe that they are being targeted. >>he's a chinese or the asian community being disproportionately targeted by certain types of crimes we are very disappointed to find that the police department and the district attorney's office couldn't even answer that question because they don't track and they don't really
7:35 am
report on the demographics of victims of crime. >>the input from this meeting is going to be shared with the san francisco police department to try to find a solution. it's 7 35 and the east bay 2 people were hurt in a shooting that happened in oakland saturday night it was around 11 o'clock on 91th avenue near be street. a man was shot multiple times, he was hit in the hand and the shoulder, a woman was hit in the hand as well there are no suspects right now. new this morning, a man is facing charges after authorities found a homemade bomb drugs and weapons and here's a photo of the explosive device that they say 36 year-old michael rosfeld the gst had when they arrested him sunday in rohnert park, he was taken into custody. that warrant and during the search and the police found this explosive device along with a stun gun and burglary tools. presidentia candidates are using this
7:36 am
one of the states getting the most attention attention is new hampshire. seo been lopez has more. >>bookstores baseball and barbecues presidential candidates campaign in the first in the nation primary state this memorial day arms running for president in concord california congressman eric swalwell spends nearly 2 hours, answering voters questions if he won the nomination the democrats as he would want a woman as his running mate, and he would have a politically diverse cabinet. we can't dismiss people. >>who want higher wages lower health care costs and a better future and have credibility as president on day one to make some of these reforms that are needed having republicans in the cabinet will help i'm a serious babain manchester former massachusetts governor bill weld shaking hands with fisher cats fans. >>talks baseball and why he's running he remains donald trump's only opponent for the republican nomination, he says the president isn't doing enough and i took an oath to.
7:37 am
>>make sure the laws are faithfully executed was this something you don't like there are laws so was you don't like that free press is some he doesn't like. >>flipping burgers at a house party in ann hurst, former maryland congressman john delaney talk to voters about issues from climate to the cost of college and about the importance of observing memorial day in the democrats 19th trip to new hampshire. we need more responsible leaders actually lead our country forward, particularly in the context of the sacrifice so many americans have made. we haven't had that and that's what we need to get back to. the first debate in the 2020 democratic primary is set for the end of next month. s 7.37 a ahead this summer at to parks on the russian river. >>and some nicer weather ahead >>and i'm breaking down of the roadways really like the travel this morning look at this the san mateo nice an der 15 minutes to
7:38 am
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so i'm looking for someone to make tastier... bigger, i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>and there are new alcohol restrictions at 2 parks along the russian river. the new alcohol rules are in response to under-age drinking and littering and traffic. sonoma county regional park staff say they've been problems with intoxication under age kids
7:41 am
drinking littering and some people using the land as a public toilet. visitors are going to have to return unopened containers of alcohol to their cars or leave the beach and those who have open containers or alcohol are going to have to pour it out violators are going to be ticketed they could face a court appearance of fine people we spoke to at the park say they understand why. >>a crowded lot of the neighbors are having a lot of problems and stuff i think the usual problems ago with alcohol and in teenagers and stuff like that you're having lived out here in the river it can be pretty wild sometimes during the summer and it makes it harder for families to come around. >>the ban is temporary it's going to go from now memorial day until labor day weekend. in the alcohol will be banned completely at steelhead and son said beaches, both on river road in forest hill. the
7:42 am
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...heals extremely dry skin in just 5 days. new vaseline clinical care... ♪ it's amazing what healed skin can do. the healing power of vaseline. >>a lot of people are just just roll out of bed maybe even still in bed its landing. the day. >>how's the weather going to be you know a good day to get out of bed and enjoy it, but if saying that no judge money there is a that was yesterday for a lot of us yesterday.
7:45 am
today a lot better though weather is certainly improving you do still have some clouds hanging out up and down the coast in these are already burning off over san francisco you can see the sunlight in downtown financial district right there as for san jose cloud cover is actually increased over the past few minutes. it's just a low lying area of cloud cover that's hanging out right over the bay area itself what you head away from the bay, this is what you're looking at which is a mix of blue and some cloudy conditions overall today that's what we're going to be seeing some passing clouds at times at other times skies will be a little bit sunnier much like the close of the day yesterday was we started yesterday, cloudy and gloomy and it is on a nicer note as for today's skies are a lot drier than yesterday and wins a lot of commerce or stepping up the ladder of nice weather. calmer winds clear skies, drier conditions and warmer temperatures. all sounds pretty good to be stepping outside for your memorial day skies will still be cloudy at times into the afternoon like i said it's all about exactly what our you choose of a push
7:46 am
a cloud cover and then skies are clear back out you'll see that process repeating itself tonight you will see a couple of showers right up and down the coastline but by tomorrow cloud cover and showers the thing of the past as we're going to see skies really clearing out for your tuesday that's the way they're going to stay for much of the rest of the forecast ahead of us so today really our last day of the month that is going to be offering up a lot of what we have been seeing the cooler cloudier weather and if you're a fan of it get out there and enjoy today as much as possible. daytime highs in the 60's making for a comfortably cool one. ahead of the big warm up just around the corner, san jose 67. milpitas in santa clara at 66 the spay not much different than this. a range of mid to upper 60's for the most part a couple of 70's scattered in there such as in pittsburgh and up to 70 degree mark atd i'm talking about when i'm talking about the big warm up ahead 2 highs near 80 degrees if not above 80 degrees for some inland
7:47 am
areas by wednesday. and that's the way we're going t the week a into the weekend all this under sunny and dry skies. sore finally kicking that summer weather into gear and it looks to be staying around this time. john looking forward about summerlike weather. >>coming up next week for now hey the roadways. wide open in the upper given peaks of sunshine here a nice shot of the bay bridge. through the clouds and you're going to have an easy ride into san francisco is holiday light around the entire bay area not tracking any hot spots. no accidents to tie you up. so 8 minutes only coming out of the macarthur maze to the bay bridge toll plaza approach and then across the span into the city under 15 minutes here for the san mateo bridge show there is a high wind advisory still though issued by the chp says just be real careful as you make your way across a highway 92 checking things out at the richmond center fell bridge, sunny skies here. ate my 8 minute drive time rather as you make your way on
7:48 am
westbound 5 any from the pay gates and then a up to the one in one sector in the north bay, the golden gate bridge tonight's shot here and a yup it's wide open the span northbound and southbound want to want to not tracking any problems here. it's going to be 20 minutes. if you are going to be traveling in the southbound direction into san francisco, i'll be checking some drive times coming up in just a bit daria. >>thanks a lot of 8740's search and rescue operation is underway right now after a tornado ripped through a town in oklahoma. 6 people are dead. there were the tornadoes and storms and floods that all hit the state this weekend. a tornado touched down in el reno just days after they already had strong storms and severe flooding there. and it left a 2 mile path of destruction. officials are now going door to door looking for any victims and assessing the damage. it's just too. >>richard when you go there and you see all these walls laying down. you know it was absolutely. decimated that that those ghostwriter for
7:49 am
absolutely just a. >>taking apart. last week's storm in the midwest spawned more than a 170 tornadoes and triggered powerful flash floods. another big story that we're following this morning a yoga instructor she got lost in a hawaiian for us for more than 2 weeks and survived on berries and river water. paul vercammen has her story. >>17 years of my life and the toughest the smile. and really significant. spiritual journey. >>voyage amanda eller described with her ecstatic boyfriend in her hospital bed. >>and there are times >>well fear and loss and and wanting to get and come down to life and death and i had to choose. >>spotted by rescuers in a
7:50 am
helicopter and hoisted out of peril in this lush maui paradise friday. >>were lost or shoes that out to dry in a flash flood lost her ability to walk properly when she broke a bone in her leg. but hope was not lost. >>i was not >>i like the mets whole like a baby seen the way that the community in mali. >>came together people that know me people that don't know me all came together. just the idea of helping one person they get out of there once the line. >>this yoga instructor and physical therapist shed almost the past pound a day for each day she went missing, 15s pounds total. her doctor expressed surprise and relief and how well she looked. >>here's cape down because you
7:51 am
know that's we all been following her story this position explain how this model patients survived on river water. >>and what food she could pick. >>eating fresh fruits from the trees trying to keep him or her nutrition up so she was very ill and well educated and that and she knew. >>exactly what to take in and managed to stay well hydrated, she's a trooper man she's or a warrior and i had no doubt if anybody can make it there. it was far. >>it can save them and father for her life edwin armed with undying spirit and true grit paul vercammen, cnn, los angeles. 7.51. >>and as we head to the break, let's take a peek at san francisco internet. well airport. >>there's some low cloud as usual at sfo. i would always check with your carrier and see if you're sure your plane is on time.
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>and takes down the competition at the box office john wick and the avengers it beat out rick to mandela has more. >>the superpower horror movie brightburn bout in 5th place with a million debut while pokemon detective pikachu finished in 4th with 13.3 million just li just
7:55 am
like just like that avengers endgame reached a major box office milestone, the marvel movie dropped from second to 3rd place with a million weekend. but that number plus memorial day ticket sales will push endgame passed the million mark making it only the second movie to achieve that number at the domestic box office job. john wick chapter 3 parabellum dropped from first to second place with million which brings its domestic gross to just over 100 million will smith led disney's live-action aladdin to a number one debut. the guy ritchie directed film conjured up an million opening the movie exceeded pundits predictions and is expected to end the long holiday weekend with over million according to box office mojo in after a bomb or rather hollywood, i'm
7:56 am
rick damage >>56 is the timing coming up next on the crown for morning news following the events across the country honoring our fallen soldiers on this memorial day and this. at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington virginia in just a few minutes, vice president mike pence is going to take part in a wreath-laying ceremony and we will bring that to you
7:57 am
fact: some of your favorite foods stain teeth. unlike ordinary whitening toothpaste, colgate optic white has hydrogen peroxide that goes below the tooth's surface for a smile that's 4 shades visibly whiter! colgate optic white. whitening that works.
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>>morning and thanks for joining on this memorial day a lot of people have the day off today and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate with your little long weekend or mini vacation and john travel has a look at the forecast. yeah we are looking at whether cooperating today daria which of for many of us yesterday and didn't do so much at least to start things did clear out yesterday and that's what we're going to see today too. >>a little bit of cloud cover this morning as you can see over berkeley mixed in with some sunshine and skies are going to become increasingly clear overall as we move into the afternoon. but we will still see some passing clouds you are looking at widespread showers like yesterday at times when rainfall actually felt pretty heavy in isolated spots through the course of your sunday morning temperatures this morning. well they've been on the cool side a lot of us have begun the day in the 40's were in the 50's right now and
8:00 am
temperatures are going to continue to rise into the afternoon making for what will eventually be a warmer afternoon than yesterday was memorial day looking like a nice one to get out their 60's for your daytime highs all across the bay and even warmer temperatures just around the corner, i'll get to that ahead your full forecast first let's get a look at traffic with rebecca strong in for robin today, rebecca. >>good morning john yeah looks like weather is going to be nice today and traffic really nice look at the roadways. it's been a quite empty all morning. long of course holiday light we can thank for that and we're looking at a in a minute drive time out of macarthur maze to the pay gates and then across the upper deck into


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