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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 27, 2019 8:00am-8:59am PDT

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the afternoon. but we will still see some passing clouds you are looking at widespread showers like yesterday at times when rainfall actually felt pretty heavy in isolated spots through the course of your sunday morning temperatures this morning. well they've been on the cool side a lot of us have begun the day in the 40's were in the 50's right now and temperatures are going to continue to rise into the afternoon making for what will eventually be a warmer afternoon than yesterday was memorial day looking like a nice one to get out their 60's for your daytime highs all across the bay and even warmer temperatures just around the corner, i'll get to that ahead your full forecast first let's get a look at traffic with rebecca strong in for robin today, rebecca. >>good morning john yeah looks like weather is going to be nice today and traffic really nice look at the roadways. it's been a quite empty all morning. long of course holiday light we can thank for that and we're looking at a in a minute drive time out of macarthur maze to the pay gates and then across the upper deck into san francisco.
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the san mateo bridge looks traffic was a moving at the limit there 13 minutes from end to end, but there is a high wind advisory on the bridge to just be careful. if you're going to be taking a 92. so far this morning, i'll be checking the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate coming up in just a minute and daria. >>8 oh one and today, teachers and union city are going to try again to reach a deal with the new haven school district on a contract and and their strike. they were unable to come up with a deal after they met for several hours yesterday and i had been on strike the entire week last week, educators and parents and students spent part of the holiday weekend at the alameda county office of education to show their support for the teachers who are on strike. the new haven, teachers association and the district have been negotiating for new contract. since the fall of 2018. >>we have put a an offer on the table that we think continues to demonstrate our respect and value for teachers. while keeping us
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debt without necessarily worsening our current fiscal >>this co. weekend as does nothing to solve the problem that is very to in union city i am sorry for that and i don't know again regroup with the parents and >>to bring this mess is to students back to school in a best place best environment for them for us and the community. >>the district's last offer was a one percent raise for next year and one times 3% bump a payment the bonus. and another one percent depending on how much money the district had from the state but the teachers union wanted a 10% raise over the next 2 years. celebration of the lord's park was cut short when gunfire broke out last night. the park cleared. almost immediately after the shots rang out everybody ran away. the police got there they found one man who had been shot. threatening
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witness says that after the shots were fired. it was scary. >>those like our movie people running in all directions after the 2 shots went off. a lot of people were screaming. it was released can sort of a mad panic. >>and witnesses they did eing a away in handcuffs but they do n in custody. 8 oh 3 is the time right now let's go live to arlington national cemetery now the tomb of the unknown soldier. this is the commemoration for memorial day just beginning at this hour vice president mike pence is going to be participating in a wreath-laying ceremony. at let's listen in. and as it
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8 oh 4 is the time right now and police in san francisco investigating a shooting that happened at ocean beach. it was around 10 o'clock last night of 40 fuss and the sent a streets. they didn't say if anyone was injured in that shooting. time now is 8 oh 5 and a fire at hunters point left 21 people and a dog without a home. >>and you can see video of the fire department reacting there and sending out their crews at innis avenue near 3rd street. >>there were flames in that 3 story building that they got under control within an hour. >>new this morning, a man is facing charges after authorities found him with a homemade bomb drugs and weapons here is a picture of the device that they found 36 year-old michael rough l did just e is the person that they arrested sunday in rohnert park and they took him into custody during a search. that's when they found the explosive to lice stun gun and burglary tools. on the
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peninsula for people are safe after their car burst into flames in menlo park. take a look here's the car that caught fire and crashed in the firefighters put out the fire there at the intersection of el camino real in oak grove avenue and officers actually arrested the driver. they say the 25 year-old luke winton was driving while intoxicated in the south bay 2 people are in the santa clara county jail right now after a motorcycle was stolen milpitas police found 34 year-old christopher burns said in 51 year-old kimberly johnson last week standing next to the stolen motorcycle which is part and a walmart parking lot that bike had been reported stolen out of san jose on may 19th. and now let's go back live to washington d c as you can see mike pence the vice president was there we're going listen to the band play and then the wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
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>>so there's a live ceremony in washington dc again there are many events happening around the bay area on this memorial day. >>one of the most solemn american holidays first known as decoration day and it actually began 3 years after the end of the civil war to remember our fallen heroes, you can go to kron four dot com with a list of the events in commemorations that are happening around the bay area. if you would like to take part will be right back. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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as the leader in outdoor power equipment, so, you can show your yard who's boss. >>14 right now and today we pause to remember our fallen veterans on this memorial day and there are several events across the bay area, including parades that are happening washington dc is a big focal point as we were just a live at arlington national cemetery and here is some video other places throughout washington dc we've been to the a vietnam memorial as well as the korean war memorial earlier this morning as well, san francisco's presidio ys memorial gets underway in just a little bit con force will tran is there now with a look at it looks like crowds are gathering will. people are
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showing up throughout the morning and will continue to show up throughout the day as they honor the thousands of men and women who are buried here. >>the events start at around 10 30 in the morning. but there's a lot of work that needs to be done before that to honor america's heroes you can see the flags in front of every tombstone every grave and then there are flowers that are donated. and of course there are thousands of flowers and they will have to go to most of the grave sites here and for that that takes a lot of volunteers. you can see some of the young boys and girls here those are from the young marines in the bay area. here's ty law here one of the volunteers here why was it so important for you to show up he could. this is a day off from school you could have done a lot of things and honor in your own way even at home. why was it so important for you to show up. >>so a lot of the times and too often the named individual names of soldiers who and died for us or forgotten among the many so is important for us to memorial day and to honor those who have gone for us know, you're a little bit older than some of the kids
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here what are you trying to tell them, i'm trying to tell them that in order to be successful in life. you have to remember the past and in the and how that's worth beforehand so coming out here and learning to appreciation for others. it really helps you to become better as leader in the senate will ok thank you so much and often the distance you can see all all those chairs there are thousands of chairs that are still being lined up right now we do expect a 21 gun salute at around 11 o'clock in the morning. >>there will be a parade as well the gates actually open up at 6 o'clock in the morning. so people you can come down here you can spend a solemn moment with a loved one or even somebody you don't know obviously we're honoring all the heroes in america right now so it's happening all over the bay area if you can't come into san francisco. don't worry about it just visit our website at crawford dot com. we have all the activities anywhere near your neighborhood today. they are moving up to the next location as well you can see that of flowers that are donated from across the bay area for these
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men and women who sacrificed everything for us back to you all right, thanks a lot. we'll on a disaster leah turning out to be a pretty nice day today too after the last 2 which have been pretty cool and even wet. >>today is cooperating john. yeah, good news for that for all those memorial day ceremonies that are going on today daria we are looking at a much better forecast to be spending time outside. >>especially as compared to yesterday like you mentioned which was on the windy side, the cloudy side and for many of us. the rainy side for sunday. this morning has been a lot clear their san francisco in the distance looking really nice with a few clouds hanging out overhead san jose is just gotten darker over the past few minutes look at that cloud cover that's looming overhead it was nice and bright earlier down there this morning but skies are going to be like this throughout the day times a passing clouds and the times were gets brighter again as for mount diablo cloud covers moved on and you can expect some clearing conditions here in about an hour or so but as of right now definitely cloud cover on the increase for the east and south bay doesn't
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mean we're in for a rainy day though in fact skies today are going to be a lot drier than they were yesterday winds about to be a lot calmer even though will be breezy at times those 45 miles per hour peak, wind gust. we had for some of our mountain tops yesterday is a thing of the past today winds certainly have subsided a bit. rain showers have moved out of the bay area and with the exception of a few sprinkles tonight, it is going to be a nice and dry forecast ahead of us would tomorrow even clear that today's about to be with mostly sunny skies overhead and your temperatures tomorrow on the rise back up into the upper to mid 70's depending on where you're at in the day called by some 80's just around the corner. so if you've enjoyed some of this cooler almost fall like a mayweather that we've had so far this month today is really your last chance to take it in before we start to see those temperatures. still a little bit more like summer, some upper 60's for parts of the south and east bay like san jose on over into the tri valley hayward in union city today will peak at 64 a
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similar range of numbers to oakland, san leandro and castro valley only to 70's today and those are in pittsburgh and vacaville, elsewhere it's either the 50's or the 60's warmer temperatures than yesterday. but the coolest of mpatures of days after today, it's all about the 70's for inland areas if not the 80's as soon as wednesday and we're going to stay just as warm through what has been a cool and rainy may so far on a warmer and drier know. rebecca. >>all right, thank you. john i'm rebecca strong filling in for robin winston this morning. traffic is very light. the roadways have been a pretty nice all morning long so if you are going to any of the memorial day festivities. it's going to be a pretty easy to get there that's for sure especially if you're heading into san francisco look at this the bay bridge toll plaza it's look this way pretty much all morning long. you know lights never turned on an 8 minute drive time out of macarthur maze and then to the pay gates and then across the upper deck into san francisco.
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here's a look at the san mateo bridge shut its nice lightly traveled here. there is a high wind advisory still you can kind of see the sign and that's been a issued sense of the overnight hours by chp so just be careful it is still in place. if you are traveling on a 92, especially from a the east bay over to the peninsula. that's the commute direction on the right hand side. no problems 13 minute drive time to get over to the one on connector. the richmond san bridge looks nice and it's also pretty season sunshine there, some blue skies. so it's going to be a nice ride for you 8 minutes on west 9, 5, 80 up to the north bay so far the golden gate bridge looks great here at the limit speeds look good from the bottle to the toll plaza only 21 minutes. if you are taking it into san francisco. awesome east bay drive times coming up in just a bit daria thanks a lot of it 20 am. >>and neighbors in san francisco sunset district are concerned about an increase in crime robberies home invasions
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and fats that of the happening as crown force taylor, the sacking explains. neighbors are very concerned that they're being targeted because of their ethnicity. >>cars been broken into twice. in the last 15 years point now it's been 8 twice to hit too punched him also to get violent. and i am >>san francisco supervisor gordon marr says he hears the stories more and more often from people living in the sunset district the sunset district. >>is perceived to be one of the safer neighborhoods in our city. and well this may be true, you know relatively compared to safety concerns and challenges continue in our neighborhood and they do seem to be increasing so much the are held a town hall meeting on sunday. >>addressing recent robberies home invasions and package this he says the chinese and asian communities believe
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they're being targeted is a chinese or the asian community being disproportionately targeted by certain types of crimes. >>we are very disappointed to find that the police department and the district attorney's office couldn't even answer that question because they don't track and they don't really report on the demographics of victims of crime nearly 200 residents showed up on sunday to echo these concerns neighbor, wendy wong says. >>she wants harsher punishments for people targeting their community, especially the older population. harm our senior citizens. in addition to listening tohneighbors at the town hall supervisor maher says his office received many calls supporting the community's concerns about being targets supervisor gore team are says information and input from the town hall meetings will be shared with the san francisco police department to help find solutions for neighbors here. >>in our sunset taylor sackey on for news. >>it's a 22 and let's take a live look at the golden gate
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bridge. she could count the number of cars out there to very quiet monday morning. a lot of people have the day off.
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>>a 25 another busy travel day ahead of us today is a lot of people traveling back to the bay area after memorial day travels, good news for your flights out of the oakland and san jose, no delays there, but we are seeing a slight delay in san francisco around 30 minutes right now with that cloud cover hanging out of her
8:26 am
head as for any morial memorial day events that are going on today it is going to be some much nicer weather to be stepping outside what we saw for yesterday bayside areas are going to be looking at some 60's with just a few clouds on and off to the course of the day but primarily dry skies and calmer winds and yesterday brought us inland areas also in a range of 60's but a lot closer to 70 the further away you get from the bay also plenty of sunshine, especially later on today after passing clouds this morning. part ways and give way to some much clear conditions will enjoy for much of the rest of the forecast. rebecca. >>well looks like of the weather is cooperating for your memorial day today and so is the traffic there really isn't any traffic it's been pretty light. all morning long here if you're trying get into san francisco going to any of the memorial day events are not going problem, especially here the bay bridge toll plaza approach 8 minutes to make your way out of macarthur maze and then across the upper deck into san francisco, a drive times
8:27 am
around the bay area were still in the green green means speeds are the limited means good. so an iata conquered 15 minutes right now. more news weather traffic right after
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>>highs lot of people have the day off it's going to be gorgeous out there john yeah, defovinitents today daria from where we were at looking forward to some clear skies this afternoon after what was a pretty cloudy at least start to the day
8:30 am
yesterday we do have some clouds this morning as you can see over berkeley right here. but it's mixed in with already clearing conditions for some parts of the bay area even clear conditions later on today. showers a thing of the past those of scooted out of the bay area now and what we can expect are just temperatures continuing to rise right now we're in the 50's enough for a light jacket as you're heading outside this memorial day morning. concord in pittsburgh age of 57 oakland right now you're at 55 degrees. later today that 60's and if you like the 60's savor every bit of today because we're in for a big warm up in the days to come gets all that. still ahead rebecca. >>all right, thank you john i'm rebecca strong not filling in for robin winston this morning. we are seeing in a little bit breezy out there chp does have a high wind advisory issued for the san mateo bridge to just keep that in mind if you're going to be a taking 92 from the east bay over to the peninsular vice versa either way though no traffic jams and now we're looking at just under this morn
8:31 am
and we're looking at said the number bridges well if you're going to be traveling on 16 minutes as you make your way from the nimitz freeway over to palo alto not about drive time at all i have a complete bridge check coming up in just a bit daryn. >>thanks a lot for 31 and you know how many people have been arrested by the california how that role just since friday, 741 and we're still and not done with the long holiday weekend in the chp is not done with its staying to try to get more drunk drivers off the roads crum forster well bello has more. >>oil to any the in jail with a hospital or. >>according the san jose california highway patrol officer rossli says having additional officers working on the road over memorial day weekend is a no-brainer to serve a of a busy area. looking for.
8:32 am
>>yet to the only way to making sure we are. >>court also rules and laws of the roadt sunday chp san jose responded to a dui crash on highway 17. they say a 23 year-old woman ran into a power pole shutting down traffic for nearly 8 hours in the area. she's one of 15 dui arrests that have been made in san jose since friday numbers. >>options available for. pointing the potential for being arrested by not. >>as of sunday morning chp san francisco had made 11 dui arrests, 6 have been made and moran and oakland officers have arrested 12 for dui over the memorial day weekend officer lee says this year chp is paying close attention to seat belts too, especially after last year's accidents. >>first we should percent. most prisons involved. is it too was no way go. who more
8:33 am
than likely would still be alive. they have warning people of the term. >>with so many options chp says and driving should never be the choice you make. >>maybe you should do not drink and drive just because your state is being pulled over by a police officer you should not drink to the safety aspect for yourself and for others. >>chp says as of sunday morning statewide at least 18 people have died in dui related accidents. of those killed were not wearing their seat belts the maximum enforcement period goes on until 11 59 monday night and san francisco noel bellow kron 4 news. >>a 33 right now and friends and family gathered over the weekend remember of a teenager whose body has never been found she disappeared on her way to school. pearl pence and it's been 3 years since her family has seen her and here they were saturday cleaning up
8:34 am
the pedestrian bridge where she was seen a man. this is the above highway 7 80 of the lay how and this is where they gather and hope to have a memorial. soon because they want everyone to know this as pearls place. >>when people come out with a sea of have this place a beautiful place it should be destroyed. it should it's really important to keep it clean because it's it's almost like giving her a little bit of extra. and keeping her story after. >>the only suspect in her abduction was killed in a shootout with the police. a big story this morning, the san francisco police commission is backing the police chief after the police union calls for him to resign this is all in response to chief william scott's apology for a raid on freelance journalist bryan carmody is home company was accused of obtaining an on authorized relief. release of a police report on former public defender, dot she in a
8:35 am
statement. the commission's president and vice president said in part that the chief did what is rare for police chiefs, he apologize to the citizens of san francisco. and did so completely and unequivocally and that is they say a mark of a leader, the commission's president vice president also praised mayor london breeds call for an independent investigation. they say they will eagerly await those results. in the east bay 2 people were hurt. the shooting that happened in oakland saturday night was around 11 o'clock on 91th avenue near be street that a man was shot he was hit in the hand in the shoulder and a woman was shot in the hand. they're both expected to recover no suspects. a man is dead. he was killed in a crash in san jose that happened on helier avenue and embedded way saturday night the driver lost control crossed the median and hit a light pole and he was killed at the scene police think speeding was a factor, this is the 17 fatal crash in san jose this year. it's a 35
8:36 am
and still california bill geare towards giving health care to undocumented immigrants. >>and we're now looking back the life and legacy of an nfl legend bart starr who passed away over the weekend. plus a look at the damage left by tornadoes in oklahoma as the death toll there continues to rise. meantime we've got nice weather on this memorial day and no traffic take a look at the approach to the richmond bridge. wow,
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>>national news, 6 people are dead from our hurricane history of tornado and then strong winds and flooding and everything else that has hit. in oklahoma the recent days. now the people every el reno are spending their memorial day looking through the rubble. john lawrence has more. >>a state of emergency is in effect for all 77 counties in oklahoma. >>start knocking clear indoors to make sure that people. >>el reno nearly 30 miles west of oklahoma city among the areas hit especially hard, andy ef 3 tornado struck the city saturday evening. >>i opened the front door we heard sirens. cause of the villas overall. >>we didn't know where it was 2 people confirmed dead from the twister dozens of others injured a mobile home park crushed to rubble that used to. >>when you go there andl these
8:40 am
decimated that that those ghostwriter for absolutely just a. >>taken apart major storms as well in sapulpa a tulsa suburb kind of like a. >>train it roared and then we heard glass breaking which were the windows trees power lines and buildings were downed or damaged. it's not even a trailer to pile the national weather service says the central and western part of the country could see more heavy rains and thunderstorms over the next few days. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>and you may have visitors or maybe you're heading somewhere on this memorial day there's a live look at sfo don't forget to call ahead. 43 on this
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memorial day monday things looking good out there today, definitely nicer than yesterday was at this point when we saw some showers across the bay area. >>this morning, no showers but still some cloud cover hanging out over san francisco as well as the rest of the bay, san jose has just been getting darker and darker all morning long, but you can expect skies to clear out into the afternoon times of passing clouds just the way today is going to go as from out blow in the east bay you do see some increasingly clear skies now, but also plenty of cloud cover still holding on out there looking at satellite and radar no green so that means
8:44 am
no rainfall we are starting your memori off dry and that's th calmer than yesterday's were yesterday. we saw a peak wind gusts size 45 miles per hour today, not so much and still breezy at times but nothing like yesterday was times of sunshine today, mixed with a little bit of cloud cover overnight tonight a couple of showers are possible. very brief sprinkles really on the peninsula and in the south bay. then we work our way into tomorrow and tomorrow even drier warmer and really nicer than today even is about to for your tuesday in your wednesday temperatures are going to continue to rise and by the end of the week by the middle of the week it's going to be feeling like summer as opposed to the fall like weather we've been feeling lately, 50's and 60's for your daytime highs on the peninsula. we've got millbrae today at 62 brisbane at 58 foster city in i 64 well, redwood city also comfortably, cool feel like the 60's do savor every minute that today because we're not going to be seeing temperatures that this cool
8:45 am
for some time as a warm up is just around the corner, a warm-up that's going to stick around this time around pittsburgh in vacaville, 70 degrees are only 2 spots in the 70's today while elsewhere 50's 60's and the north bay. so this is the warm-up have been talking about after today's comfortably cool weather warmer than yesterday but not quite as warm as we're about to be tomorrow mid 70's and by wednesday or inland areas are near 80 degrees if not above that mark for some under but at least sunny skies that are going to hold through the rest of the week and into the weekend. we've got rebecca strom in for robin this morning taking a look at traffic it's been pretty good out there hasn't it there really has john it's been a pretty quiet. >>and of course we say it's probably because of the holiday a lot of folks to have it off if you're one of the lucky. one is good for you, but if you are going to be hitting the roads may be going to a memorial day event and looks like it's going to be a pretty easy to get there that's for sure because i haven't had any traffic jams really all morning long here if you're going into san proach. an this is the bay
8:46 am
easy 8 minute drive time for you across the upper deck and into san francisco. we're looking at a nice commute as well if you're traveling from the east bay over to the peninsula on the san mateo bridge. the right hand side, your screen. that's normally the commute direction, but really both sides look the same. all right now because traffic is so light 12 minutes though on the westbound side getting over to the one on one collector. the richmond center fell bridge, nice shot we can see some sunshine like john was talking about a 7 minute trip for you in to the north bay on the westbound 5.80 side and then the golden gate bridge, a gorgeous shot here almost postcard like coming out of the north bay only 20 minutes from nevado through moran and then across the span into san francisco. let's send it back to the news starry a thanks a lot of it. >>46 and the mayor of calistoga is responding to pg knees plan to shut off power during times of high fire with fire danger. p g is promising is going to 48 hours notice before it has to have a
8:47 am
blackout they sent out notices to businesses already to get ready in the company is bringing in generators to power part of the city in the event of blackouts the mayor says that he wants this to have have a is little impact as possible on businesses. >>the public safety element relative the wildfires. we understand. but it asked to get better in terms of the recovery period and quite. >>kennelly the notification period and the communication. throughout that. >>pg e says in the event of these blackouts that the power could be off for anywhere from 2 to 5 days. california lawmakers are a step closer to offering health care to a dull to ud undocumented immigrants this assembly has a plan and they they put the bill through that would expand health care access regardless of a perso immigration status. the committee supports spending about million next year to expand the service. republicans say the state
8:48 am
needs to work on issues in the medical system though before it can expand to more people. >>i have a fast concerned that we're going to flood the market and we already have issues where when families go to see their primary care. there are already waiting weeks. i have concerns it's going to be months, we're so close to universal health care. >>for covered california we only have 78% of californians ensure. we 92% of californians issues we're really trying to find a way to ensure that final a percent. >>lawmakers have until june 50's to finalize the state's budget. the 48 and memorial day is a time for everyone in america to pause and reflect and give thanks to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and nowhere is more important right now the washington dc they've got events happening all weekend long. kristen holmes has a look. >>memorial day a somber time to remember america's of fallen service members and in washington d c a weekend of
8:49 am
events honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice starting thursday with flags in a decades old tradition the old guard placing american flags on more than 228,000 grave site at both arlington national cemetery and the airmen's home national cemetery have friends and family that are buried here means a lot to know that. >>and part of the net bad was able to honor their win at indian. >>this year president trump and first lady melania trump, helping with that effort setting american flag at the headstone of frank buckles the last known surviving american world war one veteran among others friday, crowds gathered for a candlelight vigil at the vietnam veterans memorial this year. >>marking the end of an era. norma's motorcycle rally known as rolling thunder last ds of t bikers from across the country revving their engine to honor those killed in action and raising awareness for those servicemen and women were still missing in action. >>we rode up today to pay
8:50 am
respect to all the veterans been americans that have died. >>a 49 right now a's fans continue to celebrate oakland has their winning ways san francisco's the opposite let's take a look at matt chapman going deep in the bottom of the first. >>his second home run in as many games. they've been a fire on the road bottom of that second. and here you another this is a solo homer and that the seas up 3 0. and then if we get to the bottom of the 7th. the same player. daley does it again. i've bn left field. so when this 7 to one sweep the mariners they have ones night in giants. well you can't win for losing anything right and they just keep losing triples and
8:51 am
their plan the diamondbacks triple a. >>things went from bad to worse the whole weekend was terrible. the a's lost all these games and in the end and was just and it was it was really by. if you look at the scores. it in these. this was a sweep by arizona and i want to add up like one of the games was i think a arizona one with 18 runs and we had to the giants. and there they lost another wife think it was like. bronze star for 5 straight losses. >>for the giants let's not belabor that one. a couple of the worst teams like they are in baseball and maybe they'll be able to win one of those games. >>a lot of. >>themo heaing after we got news from the nfl hall of fame quarterback bart starr died yesterday morning at the age of 85. he led the pack hackers to win the first 2 super bowls in the 1960's.
8:52 am
one a total of 4 championships with the packers over his career. and fans came out to lambeau field to remember him funeral arrangements has not yet been announced. it's 8.52. let's take a live look here on this memorial day at the golden gate bridge. there's lots of sunshine on this monday morning and very little traffic.
8:53 am
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>>54. here's a look outside at
8:55 am
the east bay right here bethel i'll was one of her last spots here in the bay area that held on to some showers into the early morning today. but skies early cleared out sense that you still do have some cloud cover but no more rainfall in the vicinity as for current temperatures, we're nearing 60 degrees in concord right now at 59 oakland at 55 well in the upper 40's up in santa rosa at 49 degrees currently winds still going to be breezy at times but calmer than yesterday was so today com are clear dry run a little bit warmer. all in all a pretty nice day to get outside. rebecca. >>and a pretty nice day to hit the roads as well i haven't had spots this morning, no major traffic issues and no backups look at this it's a pretty much wide open for you here at the bay ridge, getting san francisc day events an 8 minute drive times so far out of the east bay into san francisco. and you can see the sunshine continuing in the east bay, the richmond center fell bridge approach looks great 7
8:56 am
minutes to make your way to the 1 one connector and a postcard picture here the golden gate bridge only 20 minutes on south one to one from nevada to the golden gate bridge, a toll plaza and we're looking some good drive times around the bay area as well 13 minutes for taken a danville sanli under 2 milpitas 18 minutes and coming up from santa cruz on north 17 clocking in at 23 minutes. more news weather and traffic coming up with a crime for morning news at 9 o'clock begins next. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility.
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>>thanks for waking up with us on a monday memorial day a lot of people have the day off and it looks like the weather is cooperating johns. yeah, good day to have. >>daria as we are going to see skies becoming increasingly clear later today already seeing those clear skies above timber on up in the north bay to see just how sunny
9:00 am
conditions are a little bit cloudier further south and east you had in the day. but even if you are seeing cloud cover overhead right now you do have sunshine to expect later on so today going to be clear than yesterday already drier than yesterday as you can see on satellite radar and temperatures are beginning to rise now mountain the started the day in the 40's now at 57 degrees conquered in pittsburgh. just shy of 60 degrees. it is going to stay comfortably cool into the afternoon. daytime highs are going to top out in a range of 60's couple spots in the low 70's. this is before a big warm up in the forecast ahead of us, we'll talk more about that still to come. rebecca. >>all right, thank you. john yes, it is holiday light around the bay area traffic wise i'm rebecca strong filling in for robin winston this morning. you could see a nice shot here, no weights and its has not been packed here. the bay bridge toll plaza approach and look out the sunshine then john has promised we are already seeing it


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