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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 28, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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tonight, brad pitt, leo dicaprio. >> it's official. >> this is "e.t.'s" must see sneak peek of the biggest summer blockbusters. >> don't you forget it. >> secrets from the set of brad and leo's first film together. >> cue the music. let's dance. >> the other hunks bringing the heat. >> i'm chris hemsworth. >> we're with sophie turner from queen of the north to a dark phoenix rising. >> it's really exciting. >> plus -- our rocket man exclusive with sir elton john. >> my life has been a miracle. >> his near tragic life story on the big screen. how it's the complete opposite of bohemian rhapsody. >> late night getting a major dose of girl power. >> really frightening. >> and the feel good film taking
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family comedy to the next level. >> why am i doing this right now. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks so much for joining us on this memorial day and our summer movie preview and we have movies for everybody on the way. >> but let's get started with the most star-studded of all that is set whe set where else, upon a time right here in hollywood. >> it's official, old buddy. i'm a has been. >> reporter: brad and leo who premiered in cannes played best buddies, but we sensed tension between the characters. >> explain to the audience what it is a stunt double does. >> actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. cliff here is meant to help carry the load. >> is that how you describe your job, cliff? >> carrying his load? yeah, that's about right. >> reporter: oscar winning
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director quentin tare ren tino delivers a late '60s l.a. playboy bunny, sunset strip and brad shirtless. turns out pitt ad libbed this line in the trailer based on real life. >> hey, you're a [ bleep ]. don't you forget it. >>eporter: brad tells "esquire" he was in a low point on a movie set in the '90s when someone yelled the line at him and told him to, quote, quit your whining. this is your first look at luke perry in once upon a time in hollywood which opens july 26th. it was the last role before dieing from a stroke in march and plays a fictitious tv actor. might be surprised to hear leo and brad told "esquire" they were a little star struck around luke. brad tells "esquire" perry was an icon of coolness. speaking of cool, we weren't expecting this. ♪ brad pitt versus bruce lee. lee is played by actor mike mo who has a black belt in taekwondo. >> my hands are registered as leather weapons. we get into a fight i
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accidentally kill you. i go to jail. >> anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight they go to jail. it's called manslaughter. >> reporter: the film also delves into the era's dark side. >> i'm sharon tate. i'm in the movie. >> reporter: margo robbie plays sharon tate infamously murdered by the manson family. >> that pivotal moment was a loss of innocence and i think that's what the film so beautifully addresses. >> reporter: cannot wait to see this movie. me too. if we had to pick a star having one great year, it would probably be sophie turner. >> no doubt about that. this will be a year she will never forget. think about it, "game of thrones" came to an end and then she tied the knot with joe jonas in vegas and starring in one of the summer's biggest super hero movies dark phoenix. sophie, she needs a super power to watch herself. >> i was watching it like, refusing to watch my part. then as soon as i was off screen i would watch the rest of it.
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the rest of it is great. it's amazing. >> reporter: sophie poised to hit movie star status as nearly 20 years of marvel xmen franchise comes to a close. for starters jennifer lawrence's character doesn't surprise. >> you're in my family. no matter what. >> to be the one to kill off mystique, such a beloved character. i gave her a dramatic death seen and i think she was happy with it. >> are you scared little girl? are you the most powerful creature on the planet? >> reporter: jessica chastain costars as an evil alien and while they get silly off the set they are fierce on screen. >> my favorite thing about this movie, is how much you kicked butt in stilettos. >> yeah. basically i do this. that's how i kick butt. >> i was walking. stepping over men. >> exactly. >> just a part of my day. >> oh.
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aren't we all. aren't we all. right now to the hollywood hunks adding even more hea to the summer box office. i'm sweating just thinking about it. starting with chris hemsworth who is following his post-avengers success by suiting up as a man in black. >> hey, guys. surprise i'm chris hemsworth. what am i a youtuber? >> chris hemsworth here. the half spin thing is even worse. oprah winfrey once said -- no, no, no, no, no. >> reporter: he's funny and he's hot. that's why chris is pretty much the only reason we need to go see "men in black international". >> we are the men in black. the men and women in black. >> reporter: chris pulled double duty shooting "men in black" at the same time as avengers end game. how did he go from sore to a black tying alien killer? shirtless cardio workouts thank you very much. >> you're the greatest chris and that's a fact.
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after evans pine and pratt. >> reporter: even this guy has his favorite chris, the rock leads the trifecta of men we love in the fast and furious spinoff. he's joined by jason and sexiest man alive idris elba. >> i'm black superman. >> he really is black superman. >> going to be the bad guy in it. we've been waiting a long time to work with each other. finally, cue the music, let's dance. >> here we go. ♪ >> reporter: and let's all welcome cutie jake gyllenhaal to the marvel universe who plays misterio. looks like he and tom have developed quite a little bromance. >> first interview. working with your hero. >> no chemistry at all. >> yeah. these two. i'm here for this bromance. >> me too.
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don't at me but tom is the best fighter there's been. don't at me. >> oh. >> i went there. there's also a very strong female force in mindy calling and emma thompson's comedy and i sat down with the ladies of late night. >> you two together i didn't know i needed it, but i needed it. >> i need your pushiness and lack of boundaries. >> you love me. >> i didn't say that. >> it was the best in years. i didn't really know what to expect. it was mindy's first screenplay. >> reporter: emma plays katherine newbury the only woman in late night who gets accused of being a women hater. >> do you think women is funny. >> >> funny is funny. >> as long as an elite white male. >> we need to hire a woman. >> reporter: that's where mindy's character comes in. >> who are you? >> a new writer. >> female writer. >> reporter: the story is loosely based on mindy's time at "the office" where she was the only woman in the writer's room. >> the writers on the
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office were kind men, unlike in the movie. >> i wish i was a woman of color so i could get any job i want. >> you can't say that. >> you're not allowed to be angry. angry women -- really frightening. oh. >> one of my favorite lines in the film is when you're talking about the mummy. >> tom cruise is the same age as me. he gets to fight the mummy. i am the mummy. >> how many action movies do you know star women who are 58 years old. >> good point. they would have to be seeing someone to play opposite me now. >> reporter: still ahead, get ready for a front row seat to "rocket man." ♪ rocket man >> our exclusive with elton job. why critics are liking his movie more than "bohemian rhapsody". >> plus everything we know about buzz and woody's most epic journey yet. >> people, this is going to be a good, good "toy story". >> and our australian adventure with eva. what we discovered on the set of "dora the explorer". >> mic drop, go now. you don't see psoriasis.
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sandler go on a "people en espanol" -- european vacation and starts streaming on june 14th. it's their first film together since "just go with it" eight years ago. >> they've hardly aged but i remember. on to a wild adventure in the jungle eva and isabella are bringing dora the explorer to the big screen this summer. i watched many dora the explorers. i can't wait for this. we went behind the scenes. >> your first film after the baby. >> oh, yeah. >> 20 pounds heavier in the film. >> on to something big, dora. >> i'm sorry. sweetie, you're not going. >> what? >> i was still breastfeeding on set, and i still had my baby weight. i was like oh, my god. why am i doing this right now. i should have waited. i'm so happy i just jumped in and did it. >> "e.t." was with the new mom
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on the set of dora and the city of lost gold. >> i love you guys. >> you too. >> reporter: eva and michael play dora's parents and features an all latino cast led by isabella moner. >> it's surreal to me and if i think about it too much i get nervous. >> where did you transfer from? >> the jungle. >> unlike the show dora is a full fledged teenager plucked from the jungle and relocated to the wild halls of high school. >> excuse me. i'm kind of stuck. >> reporter: the film has the potential to be a massive worldwide blockbuster. the tv show has aired in more han 150 countries and translated in more than 30 languages. >> before i did the movie i knew dora the explorer and never realized what a global icon she was. >> coming up. >> i took an overdose. >> what you never knew about elton john's dodger performance and how he recreated it for "rocket man". >> our sneak peek at the
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family-friendly films we can't wait to see from the lion king to toy story 4. >> and the prank war on the set of godzilla. >> tried to prank me. it's on. >> the jar. closed captioning provided by --
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trust my, this movie is going to be a contender come award season. "rocket man" is fantastic and brought everyone at the cannes film festival to their feet and sir elton john and the man who plays him to tears. now, even before the movie came out, it garnered comparison to "bohemian rhapsody" but "rocket man" holds nothing back when it comes to the most iconic and nearly tragic moment in sir elton's life. >> i was in dodger stadium last week and i saw that iconic photo of you on stage in the baseball uniform, but a lot of people don't know that just days before, you tried to take your own life. >> two days before dodger stadium i was having my stumpf pumped. i took an overdose. there i was two days later at dodger stadium. it was the peak of my career to play dodger stadium. are you kidding me. i was not mentally well before that. obviously. ♪ i think it's going to be a long, long time ♪ >> reporter: how much does "rocket man" compare to "b
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"bohemian rhapsody"? rocket map is a musical fantasy and bohemian rhapsody more of a bioepic. while rami lip synced that's tarrant taking on the hit. >> you recorded rocket man, were there any other songs that seeped in your soul that you loved doing during the movie. >> i love the songs for different reasons. in our movie your song is a bit of a triumph as a story telling moment. ♪ it's a little bit funny ♪ this feeling inside >> i feel very, very proud of it. i would say that moment and that song. >> he has done the most phenomenal job with music. >> reporter: elton is an executive producer but bohemian rhapsody did not have the benefit of the input from the late freddie mercury. relying on fellow band members instead. when it comes to depictions of
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sexuality and drug use, rocket man does it better. ♪ i'm still standing >> my life has been a miracle. i'm 72 years old and feel like a kid and i still have a lot of energy and i am the luckiest man in the world, on the biggest world tour, this film coming out. i know we probably have made the film we set out to make and that's all that counts. ♪ hold me closer tiny dancer >> the music is so good in this movie. i think you will love it. other musically inspired movies we can't wait to see, yesterday, which is full of beatles music and the premise is great. what happens when a struggling singer/songwriter wakes up one day and the beatles never existed. there's also blinded by the light which uses bruce springsteen's classic to tell the story of a teen inspired by the boss' music to leave his hometown and fulfill his destiny. >> you know every parent will have plenty of reasons to go to the movies this summer thanks to the lineup of feel good films
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for the whole family. >> hello, citizens. >> first up, kevin hart back as the bunny snowball in the secret life of pets 2 and he thinks he's a super hero. >> my kids loved it. that's always my biggest tell that something is good. >> when you're awesome all you have to do is tell the truth and it sounds like you're bragging. >> harrison and tiffany join the cast. >> i'm a dog. i feel cute. ♪ you've got a friend >> toy story four is coming out. >> jesse, rex, potato head. >> people, this is going to be a good, good toy story. >> it's been 24 years since the first toy story movie. now the fourth and reportedly last installment is adding new voices to the mix like keanu reeves. >> the greatest stunt man. >> oh, yeah. >> and we're told it's a tear jerker. >> buzz has to make a decision to move on with his life. tom is making some different --
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woody is making different decisions. >> the lion king remark roars into theaters in july staring beyonce as the grown up nala and donald glover as simba. >> like here are the lyrics. i'm like i already know the lyrics. don't worry. like i was in fourth grade when this came out. >> everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. >> what the -- >> and finally the angry birds movie 2 catapults into theater later this summerer, sterling k. brown joins the cast. >> that's disappointing. >> my wife and children will tell you that is just strange because he starts speaking in foreign accents all the time and gave me an opportunity to play with it for, for, for money. >> for money. >> for money! all right. you want to you can about a box office monster, look no further
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than the godzilla king of the movies. brooke anderson was exclusively on the atlanta set where it seems that millie is bringing her own kind of terror. >> are you sure you're going to be okay? >> you've worked really hard today. >> yeah. >> you have been really physical in these scenes. >> it's definitely hard because it's not, you know, like "stranger things" or any other project i've done. i love it. the challenge is -- has been accepted. >> you're running with it. >> yeah. you got to keep going. >> so what keeps millie going? she was the resident prankster on the set. >> trying to prank me. it's on. >> hey! the cookie jar. >> what about these pranks? you posted about some pranks, a rubber roach and this and that. >> yeah. i'm a prankster. >> reporter: right on cue kyle pranked millie bombing her
1:54 am
interview. >> i got to change them out. i don't want to interrupt. >> oh, no, please don't. >> i reallyon't want to. >> no, don't. >> no. >> okay. >> it's fun. >> yeah. >> really great work out there, kid. >> like an interview -- you did really good. >> reporter: kyle plays millie's dad in goz zilla king of the monsters. we join the fight. what he's like as a father during our interview. >> your daughter is here. >> yeah. she's been here a few days. come on over, sawyer. this is my daughter sawyer. >> that's the look of a proud dad right there. >> yeah, it is. go get me another bottle of water. >> make yourself useful. >> kids. >> how old is she? >> 15. >> yeah. going on -- >> too funny. sounds like a lot of fun. >> perfect. >> by the way they've already started sho start started shooting the follow-up that is slated for a 2020 release. coming up remember jacob trembly. he's 12 years old and has his
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jacob tremblay stole our hearts in the oscar winning drama room. he was so adorable and innocent, kevin. >> i loved him in this movie but guess what, innocent no more. jacob is starring in his first r-rated comedy "good boys" and don't let the title fool you. >> we're so bad. >> some pretty [ inaudible ] stuff, but we did pretty fun stuff. >> you do not want to go to the party not knowing how to kiss. >> spy on my neighbor. >> i also have my first kiss on set. >> in this movie. yeah, it was a cpr doll. >> what do your parents think about you using swear words in this film? >> it's fun to swear and not get in trouble for it. >> first -- >> hits theaters august 16th. >> first kiss was a cpr doll. >> listen, there's some things we don't understand. don't need to ask. let it go. >> okay. >> august 16th.
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