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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 29, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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backyard said time to uh get adjusted again, you're definitely want to get outside with the sunscreen as opposed to the umbrella and the days to come. she won't be needing that umbrella you'll just need to be needing a little protection from all this and that we are going to be seeing shining down on us relentlessly which is some a lot of us have been wishing for this is looking outside of berkeley right here conditions definitely on the foggy side yet again to kick off this morning. you're going to see the greatest impact of visibility from father right up and down the coast today, but you can also see some low visibility at times this morning if you're crossing the east bay hills such as just east of oakland berkeley and hayward this morning as we work our way into the afternoon skies are going to clear out we're going to stay nice and dry and under those clear skies temperatures they are going to soar right now are in the 50's for the most part. we do have a few low 60's mixed in pittsburgh, you are in the 60's moments ago now down at 59 the sitting at a cool 54 this morning, winds still breezy into the afternoon a lot like yesterday was not quite as windy though
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now making our way through the day today and a planner from the 50's to the 70's we go a few spots in the 80's though see our continuing this warming trend. it's only getting warmer into the weekend and next week which also yes still to come. >>all right, thank you john how about we check in on the morning commute around the bay area and see if traffic is picking up it is indeed we're checking out the bay bridge toll plaza the drive-in the cash lanes are filling in quickly car pool lanes look good. major issues or accidents to worry about to come on in 8 minutes to make your way over the freeman street. here's 92 this is a trip across the san mateo bridge we're checking out traffic rolling west there it is you see all the brake lights on the right hand side, those folks are leaving hayward and we already have a crowd so if you want to join those fo to nstruction to worry far it is 8 minutes, those
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cars zipping right on through the tolls with no problems connecting to the all right one look at and that' minutes and growing to work your way west from crockett down to the maze or and i just got word of a new crash in the bay bridge. we just saw it, but this is westbound before treasure island looks like the right lane is blocked, so i'll keep my eyes on that new crash for the bay bridge westbound before treasure island blocking the right lane involving a box truck but so we'll come back to that a little bit later, 24 looks good wannacry to oakland, no problems or 5.80 and 80 out of san leandro heading into downtown oakland, doing just fine and a very quick 11 minute trip. of a man who lived in the ghost ship warehouse as derek elmen at last. making improvements to the building so the woman's son lived in that warehouse before the 2016 fire. he signed a
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lease but he moved out after v few weeks. defense attorneys asked the woman if she ever told the landlord the city of oakland police or fire officials about her concerns and she said no. >>i think that looking back she reveals that way about it and that seems to be her memory but she certainly wanted to meet with him she certainly wanted to support. the saturday you go she certainly wanted to support. her sons, creative outlet with police and it was only later when she found she couldn't control it that she withdrew and tried to withdraw nico bouchard with her. >>carmen brito who escaped the fire was also on the stand yesterday, she told the court. she felt safe in the building because of how close the fto th and also because police drove by on a regular basis. well of course we will continue to follow the go ship trial each day court is in session. you can also track major
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developments in a special section that we have for you on kron four dot com. so in that section you'll find a counts from survivors the conflicting testimonies from former tenants about safety at the warehouse once again that's all available on our website kron four dot com and our mobile app it's there to the crime for mobile app. deputies arrested a woman who hit a teenager in the head with a bat 32 year-old money has accused of walking into the garage of a home on lower road. hitting the teen right before running away. the victim was taken to the hospital is expected to be ok and make a full recovery recovery. deputies say that mia and the victim didn't even know each other and that the motive behind the incident is still under investigation. well several supervisors in san francisco announced a plan for universal mental health care system for the city. now in a rally on the steps of city hall supervisors push the plan and which supporters say which fix a broken system now that plan would create a 24 7
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treatment center for anyone oposal will be added to the november ballot for a vote. san jose police have arrested 4 men that they believe are connected to a homicide all 4 of these man are accused of shooting a shooting excuse me that took place back in february. police found a man shot on catalan drive in winchester boulevard in san jose. the first 2 suspects jose rizal us and it really all of isla on already in jail on other charges all 4 men. our from san jose. well happening now police are looking for this woman who they say broke into a hotel room in gilroy and stole the gas rental car. now the woman has a tattoo on the left side of her neck you can see it she took is a grey the car 2018 dodge journey if you see this woman iraq's to call police. well to the north and now woman arrested in petaluma after a traffic stop led to the discovery of fentanyl and more
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than $3,000 in cash. this happened on 5th street just a few blocks away from one park in petaluma boulevard that woman was arrested and has been identified as monaco's solorio. now of course they had a canine there helping out officer the canine discovered the fentanyl and other illegal prescription medications. when the golden state warriors will be playing in their 5th straight nba finals, starting tomorrow against the toronto raptors. around the bay area fans are getting ready, we're excited including some of us here at kron four here's charles clipper with the details. >>around the bay area on tuesday, lots of fun stuff for fans. also the team getting ready over in san francisco to warriors up a display their 5 championship trophies at san francisco city hall giving fans a chance to get up close they're in take some pictures and also here in oakland at the airport on tuesday afternoon. the team boarded a plane that o. so they can prepa for thursday's game all the players getting on board here steph curry looks like he packed a few snacks to take along the way. if you can't
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make it to the game kron four is going to have a lot of fun stuff on air and on kron on all week this week we have sports reporter jason do mosque. in toronto, covering the game he will be reporting before during and after games, one. and to also hear on kron four we're going to air a special road to the championship show on thursday at 4 o'clock but for now in oakland charles clifford of kron 4 news. >>and we're rooting for them to go all the way we believe that they will was speaker of the house nancy pelosi talked about immigration during her commencement speech to students at san francisco state university. >>more than 8700 students listened as fellow see offered her support for the graduates. her speech focused on of this trance. dferences dents brain to each she also highlighted the importance of this generation to make the country a better place. speaker pelosi also talked about protecting dreamers.
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>>well on a moment on immigration because america is a nation of that's who we are largely as. constant reinvigoration of america. determination and courage to make the future better. >>well speaker pelosi says lawmakers will pass legislation that's week to protect dreamers this is her 3rd time as sam cisco states commencement speaker, but it was her first time as speaker on the house students got a nice little treat on to national news now several states are involved in legal fights over abortion laws and the issues just not going to fade away time soon. john lawrence explains. >>a battle over abortion in missouri, this is not ing left without any abortion providers
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by friday. >>this will endanger the health and lives of 1.1 million women reproductive age in missouri if the annual license for the state's only abortion clinic is a renewed. >>missouri would become the only state in the us for abortions are legally available. since the 1973 roe versus wade decision. >>we get told all the time that well are you going to take care of this baby are you going to help this mom and really the thing is yes we are we're going to walk through this process with them. >>planned parenthood filed a lawsuit in st. louis calling for abortion services to continue i think that's this largely a a. the kind of thing that should be decided at the stat on wednesday. that would ban most abortions once a heartbeat is confirmed meanwhile, in illinois in this bill having received a cast a to declared p the house passes a bill that removes restrictions on abortions later in pregnancy.
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i'm john lawrence reporting. >>the man charged in the deadly shooting at a synagogue near san diego has pleaded not guilty to more than 100 counts john earnest was in court yesterday and he's accused of opening fire at a synagogue in poway last month killing one woman and leaving 3 others injured, including a child, he's also a suspect in an earlier arson at a nearby mosque. prosecutors say his motive just miles down to pure hatred of jews and muslims, the 90 year-old is set to appear in court again later on this month. well coming up next on the front for morning news after the break to talk about the search is on for a northern california man after his infant daughter is found dead. and before we go how about a little peek outside her checking in on san francisco, here's a look at the the market they're all the pretty city lights, a beautiful bay bridge there in the background, you're waking up to temperatures in the 50's 51 in santa rosa 52 in san
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francisco, 53. >>degrees in livermore right now we'll talk about those afternoon highs coming up in just a bit. he chronicle
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morning news we're talking about the forecast up looking pretty good not only today but i'm excited about the 80's coming back in the future this is great news, why guess for some people i yeah. bright lights of a line that's way
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too hot. yeah, well, you know when it's the first warm-up for the year at least one not used so it can feel a little bit unfamiliar it's good to stay hydrated when it does warm up like this. >>at least until your body gets used to it that it's just business as we're just we haven't seen much warm weather yet up to this point so yeah i might be a little bit of a shock to your system after having seen such cool weather so far this month, especially looking outside of the golden gate bridge this morning we're starting things off with some fog yet again what's this fog and low cloud cover much like yesterday departs the picture. >>it is beautiful clear skies overhead and high pressure is making sure of that keeping coastal areas dry with a little bit of fog during our morning hours. take a look at the slow to our north is going to continue to result of afternoon thunderstorms for the syria. but also a chance of some thunderstorms just north of the viewing area as we work our way into today and tomorrow you do see the showers right around you kyra up there, but we should be staying dry across the bay area now let's even drifting a
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far south as northern portions of sonoma and napa counties tomorrow afternoon. most of the bay area though not looking at a chance of anything we remain nice and dry as we work our way through not just today, but the rest of the week and eventually into the weekend to now where we're going to be sitting today as far as temperatures go is a noticeable warm up from yesterday you're going to see that warm up a little less noticeable along s the coast obviously as a moderating effect on where temperatures are headed. but it's our inland areas that are about to see the biggest difference, san jose campbell in santa clara well up into the upper 70's now approaching 80 degrees making for a toasty afternoon livermore up to 78 degrees in concord all the way up to 80 today. we are seeing a low 70's in richmond oakland and san the andhra well upper 70's in walnut creek in danville and even more 80's from pittsburgh fairfield up to vacaville and very close to that mark in youngsville and napa towards the coast
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temperatures back in the 60's today, just as you have enjoyed them. so here's your next 7 days today by no means even close to being the warmest day of your forecast. temperatures cool just a touch tomorrow and then it's solid 80's for inland bay area daytime highs through the weekend and then especially into next week which will really be bringing the heat with high temperatures near 90 degrees for parts of the day. bayside areas mostly in the 60's and 70's with 60's out along the pacific shore robin. >>all right. thank you john we have a hot spot. i want to take you over to the bay bridge and show you. what traffic looks like. or the metering lights trying to get up the eastern span out of the bay bridge i mentioned a crash earlier while it's still there it's westbound 80 before treasure island. this involves a bus and a truck. and it looks like chp has issued a special traffic alert, so you're 3 right lanes are close westbound 80 before you reach treasure island and no other
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details on this crash at this time we know that emergency crews are on scene at one point there was a report of someone trapped inside of the box truck as you can see it's causing a nasty back up for people trying to get on to the eastern span it's already backed up through the metering lights. this is a better view from traffic tracker of where the crash. she is right there on the eastern span before the tunnel. you can see there's a backup that us building behind the scene and unfortunately it has already stretched through the tolls and beyond 80 over crossing, so this is a big deal for people trying to get into san francisco. consider taking the san mateo bridge for now if you're closer to 8.80 hop on 92 use that instead of the bay bridge because we have this major hot spot. and it's an overturned the truck flipped over on its side the 3 right lanes are closed leaving only and as i sa up is growing it's already spilling out to west grand so this is a hot spot that i'll continue to track for you. meanwhile, meanwhile make sure you plan ahead, we want to
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check in on other bridges now course are not as bad west 5 any to the richmond cte fell bridge, looks good wide open 8 minutes here from the tolls to one on one. here's what i want to cross the golden gate smooth sailing both directions we've had no problems so far into or out of san francisco and the traffic tracker showing some pretty decent numbers around the bay. 6 8011 minutes for take old to danville no problems for 24 out of one creek, the shore spine and so is 8.80 heading north from san jose to milpitas. well another big story that we're following for you this morning police across the state are searching for a northern california man after the body of his infant daughter was found behind a mortuary in southern california. investigators say that the father is a person of interest in this case and this daughter staff just to commit has the latest. >>they just 8 months old alexi echeverry a was her mother's whole world. >>2 so who claimed she was already could mean my my shoes that the i was trying to teach her how to call. >>but now instead of planning
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her first birthday carlyle for otto's plane crew daughter's funeral. the baby girl found dead this had a dumpster in bellflower monday morning. she was in her car seat covered by a blanket. >>i just can't believe that he would just leave her there. you know she was in 2 is she was in that dawn, she was in to my little girl. >>the baby's father, 22 year-old alexandra very eyes. a person of interest in the case. the sacramento county sheriff's office says family members reported him missing monday believed to be traveling with his daughter in the morning. >>he jumped me off that way. at 11:00am. an hour later we face tame the last time i saw her. >>he told her he was going to bakersfield with the baby and that he be back home in sacramento monday morning. he never showed up he contacted his brother yesterday i believe. he was playing with her. and he slit the she fell
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issues and waking them. >>he said he got scared, he joked to the hospital but he never would mean because he thought that nobody was going to leave him that it was an accident. >>investigators have not yet determined a cause of death or whether this was an accident. >>mister edge of areas is considered a person of interest right now. you know detectives would like to speak to him about the circumstances. >>detectives think he's tracking a grey 2014 volkswagen jetta with california plates alvarado is just praying they find him soon shouldn't tell me this. >>have been in face the consequences if he had to go to jail, they deal with it you know feel it there. my baby didn't have to go through all that. >>state lawmakers face a key deadline. this week as hundreds of bills will either survive or die at the capitol kron four us capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>next from the holiday weekend and lawmakers have a hefty load of bills to get your i vote both the fully ask
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assembly anthis friday to pass were created in their own chamber, the assembly started tuesday with 232 bills that will open proposal moving forward the anti eavesdropping at the proposal that aims to protect consumer privacy from smart speakers like amazon's alexa and google home. >>i think it's time we get consumers back the control and the choice. so that when they choose to bring a speaker into a home. they know what they're getting into and they can consent before their recorded. been happening. they say the shooter i have information. 3rd parties i think that is appropriate but not the to retain. users first recorded on the device. but if those from revised from functioning about another bill debated tuesday would allow anyone running for office to use campaign funds to pay for child care. >>i don't see this as an appropriate. expense i think it makes us look elitist us is
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to have to remove barriers that anyone who wants to serve their community can step up and do so. >>lawmakers this week are also poised to decide whether they'll change the standard for when police can use deadly force. staff members in the assembly tell us that vote is likely coming wednesday morning reporting in sacramento. actually zavala kron 4 news. and before we go we want to check back in on the bay bridge toll plaza because there's a major backup that you can see here. >>we're following breaking news where we have an overturned truck on the bay bridge westbound before treasure island several lanes are close and it's causing a nasty back up this early in the morning, heading into san francisco. so we'll talk more about this traffic alert after the break.
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it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. >>morning news tracking a major hot spot and in sin one of the worst possible spots and that's the bay bridge west found 80 before the tunnel. there's a major accident involving a box truck and a bus we know that the box truck has flipped over on its side. it's unclear. what tom, bus is involved here but at one point the driver was trapped inside of that box truck that flipped over. so we do have bridge crew chp fire all on scene and this is blocking the 3 right lanes chp has issued a special traffic alert and of course the backup is growing we went from not even having a backup at the tolls to now major delays through the tolls beyond 8.80 and now it's spilling all the way over to west grand so consider the 7
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tail bridge if you can to get to the peninsula and into bart delays because of this overturned on the bay bridge, 'll have more coming up on n the crime for morning news at 5. in addition to that still ahead. we have teachers. hold another round of negotiations with the new haven unified school district as they look at ways to help to end this teacher strike. and bart has a new warning for riders as they continue to see a spike in the number of cell phones things stolen from passengers. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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so i'm looking for someone to make tastier... bigger, i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>morning and thanks for joining us. rob. lot gangs all
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they hear that nice weather to talk about unfortunately greece to turn back you guys. on the bay this is not that we already have major delays happened in the 4 o'clock hour and it's still blocking and still active this is westbound 80 before treasure island. >>it involves a box struck that has flipped over the driver was trapped inside at one point and it also involves a bus still trying to figure out if it's a tour bus if it's ac transit or exactly what type of us because it's 80 transit thing you know that means major delays from oakland to san francisco. we know that there's a special alert in place your 3 right lanes are closed and look at this back up all the headlights it's going to be down the eastern span through the tolls backed up beyond att over crossing out to west grand and depending on how long it takes to clear you know that backup is going extend into the maze. shortly so you may just want to hold off on thico


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