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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 30, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron four the morning news. it is thursday may 30 of 2019 i'm robin winston. we want to start with a check of your forecast when i was driving to work i got a little bit of drizzle on my windshield john have the wipers going. >>the entire way south this weather shaping up what we do have some low clouds out there this morning robin which is going to like the results on some condensation at least forming a new windshield if not a little bit of that coastal drizzle which robin countering those more than you have the past couple of days. so do watch out for spots where visibility may be affected. and the hour you might be running do a couple
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of those spots are you have to turn on the windshield wiper a time or 2 fog definitely stk around a bit longer g. today than it did yesterday, especiay this is around lunchtime today right here you can still see some fog hanging out across the east bay as wells up and down the peninsula us like i mentioned it's going to be with us for some time on this thursday. once we do see some clear skies overhead you're going to look at mostly sunny conditions today sky's not quite as blue as they were the past couple of days, just a few more clouds filtering in and that's going help to keep temperatures down just a touch into the afternoon as for your current temperatures not much different from where we were yesterday here in oakland are at 50 for each berkeley, a 51, while pittsburgh, one of our warmer spots at 57 degrees right now winds on the breezier side of things yet again today are going to see winds into the afternoon picking up from time to time lot like yesterday and really has
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been so starting this morning up in th50talking a few 70's mi 70's for specially the east bay in the uch of a cool down before warmer temperatures just around the corner but i'll get to still un want to check in on traffic now and. >>see how we're moving we're at to san francisco, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza in your approach it's doing fine. for now great trip across the upper deck to downtown san francisco 8 minutes, so right on time with no problems and no crashes to report off the freeman street, we'll head over to 92, we want to check the commute across the senate aisle bridge also one of our busiest bridges during the morning drive and so far it's looking good. no problems for you leaving hayward that's a nice trip up and over the high rise to foster city into san detail and a nice connection so far on to one on one nd center fell bridge also delay free i see some cones out there on the left-hand side
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that means we have the usual bridge work under way they usually have one lane blocked going west, one lane blocked going east, but it never really jans of traffic because it's so early in the morning, not too many folks are out there. but if you want to get out there early. now's a good time time it is still a free for both sides 8 minutes between the tolls and highway one on one. here's what i want across the golden gate. we're checking the drive between the north bay in san francisco. and so far so good we've had no major trouble spot. so hopefully it will stay this way right now you're clocking in at a very quick 20 minutes for the southbound role and that some highway 37 and nevado to the toll plaza in san francisco. we'll check some or drive times coming up in just a bit. woman is under arrest after a hit and run rampage in san francisco. at least 4 people were injured during this crash. it happened near the tenderloin police station yesterday afternoon. you can see right here in this video police tried to stop a stolen suv after it hit a construction workers on the
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one behind the wheel of the suv she then led police on a chase down any street she hit a pedestrian and several cars. an suv stopped after crashing right into another car near 6 and clara. that's where officers were able to arrest that woman. the pedestrian who was hit by the woman is in critical condition this morning she still in the hospital, the victim in the crashes are expected to be okay. police have not released the name of the woman that they arrested. we first brought you as breaking news yesterday, the victim in the deadly crash bash on the bay bridge has been identified his name is germany. thompson. crane from milpitas and he's 23 years old. that was the scene of a major accident we covered for you all morning yesterday, a box truck just rear ended a golden gate transit bus that crash caused a major traffic jam for several hours throughout the morning commute. the victim of the crash was inside of that box truck 2 other men were in the truck they were taken to the hospital. well the debate
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over whether the city of dublin will fly a rainbow flag during a pride month appears to be taking a turn. so the dublin city council will hold a special meeting tuesday night and many say the request to fly a rainbow flag is now likely to pass however there was opposition to the move at last week city council meeting when the request was denied crown for is dr. stone is following that story. >>i really don't want the flag. here today to represent children. as i believe that at the end of the day that there is another letter that to be added to the end is whatpis being propagated in actually even our state capitol right now. and that is the letter piece about a file. >>words that have many in the city of dublin and elsewhere outraged. clear opposition to a request to fly the rainbow flag outside dublin city hall
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during the pride month of june. >>bright that requires. motion. structure practices. >>but that was last week and this is not a choice. this is who people are and that they are loveable unworthy just for who they are and that they have rights and that as a city as a city government we recognize those rights council member gene josi supports the request to fly the flag. >>in fact, the special meeting has been called for tuesday to better address the issue. those with the city tell me that the council will first consider an outdoor display policy for flags at city facilities then they will again addressed through requests from council member sean coombe a guy to fly the pride flag to hang. the irish flag at saint patrick's day doesn't mean that we have
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decision today that we want to hang this flag to say to our community members. who have been discriminated against. and that's that's all it is. >>i did speak with the mayor of dublin on wednesday who next meeting. he also defended himself on facebook saying he thinks it's important to first have the flag policy in place and then address this request for the rainbow flag to be flown. and dublin jr stone kron 4 >>well to the north and now the man found dead in the grass on lake highway in petaluma has been identified jason rows of your of el dorado county was found by caltrans workers in petaluma so the workers were just cutting the grass right there along lake full highway at the south make ah tao boulevard extension when they found his body rules of errors motorcycle struck a fence right along the side of the
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road there across from harvest christian school. investigators believe that the crash happened much earlier than when the 40 year-old was found. the sonoma county sherifal remains found in a creek bed. so officials say a woman was found dead last month near chalk hill and leslie road set to windsor. she was wearing a faded hospital wrist band she also had a medical monitoring cable attached are bodies. so the sheriff's office says that it's possible. the woman was homeless and was just swept away during flooding back in february. well an autopsy is scheduled for an inmate who died in custody, sctheheduled f release from santa rita jail in dublin. but he asked to be released at a later time because he said he was not feeling well so he was unresponsive. around 4 o'clock yesterday morning and he died about an hour later. deputies say that man had a history of medical problems. well in detail county, these man right here were arrested after a
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large amount of illegal ammunition high capacity, magazines and an active pipe bomb were all found at a home on portola state park road. last thursday deputies were there to conduct a parole search on 33 year-old shawn com collins. that's when they found the weapons they found a pipe bomb in the room a 40 year-old carl, one ball who's one year-old child was in that room with him, the 2 men were later taken into custody. happening today, the golden state warriors look to begin their 5th battle for the nba title and a 3 peat that team. the team is in toronto getting ready to face the raptors and we're rooting for them kron four is jason do has a preview. >>for the 5th consecutive season, the golden state warriors are playing on the nba's biggest stage it's not that surprising. but this year does feel a 5 years, they'll be someone other than lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers this year poses a new set of problems in the toronto raptors led by superstar kawhi leonard of
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course we don't know the status of coming to rant or damarcus cousins so the warriors bench is even though all that more important. yes we know we're going to get production from the likes of klay thompson steph curry draymond green. it's the other guys who have to step up and they have so far against portland and against the houston rockets guide like alfonzo mckinnie and cavani loony have become all that more important. the golden state's quest for the first 3 p in the nba since the early 2 thousands. >>i got get a series of the well first of the year week that women able to play. i knew what they were the own accord when they were these guys a new tribute. i am going to vote on ground are most of the road as is the problem journey has made me. stronger. lot ever a lot of that day's lot of good days.
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>>it is is this whole situation right >>well media day has coming is all settled now all we have to do is play a little basketball as the warriors look to get their 3rd straight nba championship, and 4th in 5 years. it all goes down tonight at scotiabank arena in toronto, reporting for crop for sports. i'm jason dumas. >>and we are rooting for the dobbs of course we'll have special coverage of the nba finals right here. an kron four and wrote a championship airs today at 4 o'clock so check it out. well coming up next on the cross for an update on the teacher strike in the east bay and how it's affecting students. plus housing costs causes a problem for law enforcement sam, a tail find out what's being done to prevent more from leaving the area.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and. [music]
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>>back to the crown for morning news, thanks for waking up with us we're checking in on your forecast and a little cloudy a little but drizzle outside your door right now john trouble.
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>>the forecast at least for your morning hours today as we move into the afternoon it will be something that we're going to kind of gradually say goodbye to but this fog is going to stay with us a bit longer today that has the past couple of days you remember yesterday, how quickly skies cleared out for many parts of the bay area. today we are going to hold on to the gray skies for just a touch longer so do expect a cooler day ahead of us, not quite as sunny of the day as the ones we have enjoyed, here's a view of the golden gate bridge you can see visibility is just fine out there looking across that span this morning as for skies are not offering a penny, regular sort of rainfall says by no means a rainy morning. but yeah, there's a little bit of drizzlhis area of low pressure nudging itself some thunderstorms in the sierra nevada, offering just a touch of a cool down for us here in the bay as it helps to push that high pressure out just a little bit. but it's also going to besides a little bit of that drizzle out there
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is give a chance for some thunderstorms just to the north of the bay area in mendocino and lake counties for the most part staying up there gs to our north not really drifting their way down into the bay but still in the vicinity, there is some rainfall not going to be clearing skies and by the time we work into the weekend temperatures are back on their climb taking as well back up into the 80's after today's subtle drop in temperatures you don't see any 80's on this map today. concord down at 75 degrees. san jose also at 75 napa livermore among spots in the mid 70's as well while 70 yesterday down to 66 degrees today. so today, the only cool down in the forecast after this comes some 80's back in the forecast and it staying that way for inland areas in fact by the middle of next week will be flirting with the 90's for a few spots bayside areas in the 60's today with solid 70's after this point for the rest of the
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forecast. >>robin all right. thank you john let's check in on the morning commute and take a look at the early birds out there, starting off with want to want to cross the golden gate so far so good we've had no problems leaving the north bay rolling south on what i want to san francisco. so off to a great start which means that the great time to just get on out there before it hits too busy right where a 21 minutes and growing for south one to one of otto to san francisco with no hot spots are major issues. we have the bay bridge 80 west yesterday. it was a mess with that major crash this morning. et good sta free hot spot free 9 minutes, that's quick to make it off to fremont street. here's west 5 any to the return center fell bridge don't forget about the usual usually picks before 5 o'clock i'd say around 4 3445 usually done. but it never really u see the workers out there always reduce your speed when you're passing by move over a lane to will in this case. i guess you can't because you only have to and they're blocking one lane so just be extra cautious. we're
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checking in on drive times highway 4 looking good for the westbound drive to conquered. i don't see any problems so far for 6, 8, if you have to travel from such a coach who won creek or danville or alamo, it's wide open. the nimitz that's looking good for your southbound commute and so is one to one. a great trip here north found just under 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park of course we'll check your drive times and freeways coming up for you in a bit. we'll head over to the east our police and berkeley are looking for a person who robbed a man and rakim about a 100 feet this happened on college avenue yesterday. the robber grabbed th victim's throat threw him to the ground. he took his laptop bag or tried to take his laptop bag, he suffered scrapes and bruises but is expected to be okay. more than 2 dozen vehicles out there with vehicles out their windows broken at a fremont a condo complex the first call came in at around 03:00am yesterday look at that. police say that
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this crime spree could have started as early as 10:00pm tuesday night. they're still looking into this case, but they don't believe that much was taken out of those vehicles. >>really socks, you know the wind is a really expensive replace didn't take anything it's just damage to the vehicles. >>and that's the last thing you want to see right when you check in on your car, it's not the first president group of cars were broken into at this complex the complex manager is planning an emergency meeting to address this incident, they're also again. as a way of thousands of people in the bay area but the city of san mateo says of that problem it's costing the city good police officers kron four still well below explains. >>i've been looking for a one-bedroom apartment recently i found that rentals one-bed report. those are going for $4,000 a month here right. >>now officer michael hatch
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says he and his fellow officers love working in the city of san mateo but because of housing cost 3 quarters of them live at least an hour away and housing prices here just. left a little unreachable for. >>for us as civil servants to live. >>and work in the sam with friends. >>police officers tend to work 12 to 17 hour days and with law enforcement already ranked as one of the most sleep deputy mayor station and just sleeping quarters so we're i'm fortunate we own the property we're working with them to retain control of the property again our hope is to put about beds into the station not only will the building served has sleeping quarters. officers who needed it will also as a substation meaning response times to this part the city. we much but it's challenging especially doing during commute hours. >>to go from west to east. and so you know. our officers are
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going to have a step up against the criminal element because we're going to already be here on the east side very most of too law enforcement never a bad thing. >>40 per card lives across the street from the station on south nor folk. she says the idea is a win-win for having all kinds of great games around here. and so i think. >>this is set in stone just yet at than its very early stages of approval the city says the old fire station is housing continues. ahead on the kron 4 news wildfire season pratt. and a look at how crews are making the necessary preparations prevent them. before we go how about a little live look outside. yeah, there's a golden gate for checking in on one on one, it's doing fine so far been no traffic issues. so we'll check in on traffic weather and the hollywood minute that's coming up after
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the break stay with us.
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>>the com for more thanks for staying with us today in entertainment news, how one music star almost played another. a rising stars next movie and marking a somber anniversary with an oscar-winning film. here's david daniel with the hollywood minute. >>kiran edgerton is drawing raves for playing elton john
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in rocket man, but sir elton originally had someone else in mind. according to the hollywood reporter, the music man considered justin timberlake who actually played a 70's air elton in the 2001 music video for this train don't stop there anymore. >>you too fat. >>little star and producer marsay martin is re teaming with the film's studio universal has nabbed the rights to the unpublished book. ari and my brothers martin whoss 14 is expected to do double duty again starring and producing. and in theaters to mark the 75th anniversary of world war two's d-day invasion saving private ryan is returning to more than 600 us theaters on sunday june 2nd and wednesday june 5th info at fathom events dot com. the 5 time oscar winner is also available on 4 k ultra hd and blue hours of bonus features exploring the real life events
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that inspired the film in hollywood and david and and. >>we go a live look outside checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza little bit of a backup and some of the cash lanes but nothing to worry about a great trip across the upper deck into downtown san francisco. if you're just waking up outside in this cloudy, there's a little bit of drizzle and temperatures are in the low to upper 50's so we'll check in on your afternoon high highs and what's in store for the rest of the week and the weekend to that's up coming up close we'll be right back.
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>>back to the chronicle morning news checking in on your forecast, lots of work at you have to you have to get in stretched out you know as babies and a couple very true, i'm not complaining, i'm not complaining make >>and then after this we should be able to now worry about the wiper so much anymore. so early because rain is out there as robin mentioned there is a good amount of drizzle across the bay as a low cloud cover is settled in from east to west north to south all across the bay area and you're really in countering that is you're actually heading up through tae east bay hills you can see out here looking at san francisco. there's your city lights and that ht above the bay. so for those of you traveling over the golden gate you're for the most part under this cloud ceiling right now but those of you traveling up into the hills are going to see at times some very low
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visibility and times especially we're going turn that windshield wiper on look it happened a little bit later on this morning. visibility dropping down well below a mile skies going clear into the afternoon and you will be seeing some sunshine do expect later on today, we're just going to have to wait a little bit longer for it. so skies are going to be dry other than some of that drizzle that we're currently experiencing some 50's for your current temperatures across the board which isn't a big change from yesterday or subtly cooler you're not really going to notice too much of a difference getting out


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