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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 30, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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joining us daria false and i'm james fletcher we've got lots of news to get to which we will but first a check of weather and traffic we've got john with a look at the forecast robin with the commute we have rob's about earlier that's right those problems have cleared out they are recovering from those issues but they fix the switching problems and i'll check the bridges because they are very slow ok but not low enough to go first so that's how we killing robin is going to go in first a lot these next few months well, you know whether scan takes a back seat when it gets nice oh ok, he's fine with everyone we do have address this is our help breaking news this rizzo across the coastal areas but not so for bethel island guys my favorite shot right here, nice and clear this morning we do have plenty of sunshine for inland spots which is definitely a nice thing to see not so much for coastal areas just yet. >>the fog is starting to break up and as we make our way into the afternoon we're going to look at plenty of sunshine
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ahead. she's going to take a little bit longer to get there today than we did for yesterday once we do get into the afternoon do expect that sunshine and temperatures to rise into a range of 60's and 70's today is not going to be quite as warm as yesterday was some of our areas that were in the 80's yesterday only mid 70's today, but we will be back to those 80's and just a short amount of time, i'll talk about when to expect the warm up back in your forecast all still to come. robert i'm looking forward to that warm up jog folks are not looking forward to sitting in traffic, but hey at least it's quiet. >>we're checking 80 into san francisco, a long line is waiting for you if you want to head in and already searches back into the oakland mesa very busy from the maze through the tolls up the eastern span but it gets better on the suspension and the skyway here's the richmond center fell and the slowdown here starts at marina marina to the tolls is that the start is the beginning and the end of that heavy traffic we're all will clock in at about 15 minutes, one on one the easier
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bridge across the golden gate, no problems, no major slowdowns 24 minutes that is quick nevada to san francisco. dari j faysal at 7 oh one. and are we counting down the hours yet are surely, i know they are in toronto, 14 and change or maybe 13 in changing run 7 o'clock since game one is not. >>and up the will trends already out party for workers game one there. yes 8 i've ever been to watch party is it as rory cole as it is when an actual days there >>have to be honest about it because you know what i like better than a watch party like saving like saving money but it be a lot of money to spend in your to different tax bracket than me they go to oracle tonight that so watch party 06:00pm door shut up in about 90 minutes before the tipoff. a lot of everything a warriors game has minus the players because because of course there in terms. new territory for them because usually they started home for the finals, but this year.
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they took it easy. during the regular season knowing full well they would go deep into the playoffs so they are arrested a jury i just heard some news possibly good news that kevin direct could be back as early as game 3 which would mean on wednesday here at oracle in the meantime obviously they have work to do in canada trying to win at least one of the 2 games there they left 2 days ago so they're arrested, they're used to the different time zone they're getting used to the rim says well they have to knock out all the media responsibilities so now not that we're counting but we're now less than 11 hours away from tipoff. the warriors obviously eyeing history for their 3 p their 4th title in 5 years and they could have helped. the rich get richer because but cousins is listed as questionable for tonight and there's a chance that he could even start limited minutes, but he could be in the lineup. so we'll just have
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to wait and see what coach kerr does before tipoff, everybody's watching it at last check it seems like the raptors or one point favorites to win tonight. but heavy underdogs to lose the series. we got a chance we have our jason do miss to ronald covering the warriors he tracked down the coaches well as the players, here's what they had to say about game one. >>they have a very good team. >>and they're here for a reason so you can take my the just because they have been here before so they have our respect to to start know here in toronto. >>against a different opponent in our 5th snow say crazy great as for sun. and i like the energy are coming in with a for game one. >>and the warriors that having a reunion with their former
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teammate patrick mccaw and jeremy lin he used to play the world with the warriors one quick limit. so he was with the warriors for a little bit as well so he talked about steph curry and what it stood. he is we'll just have to wait and see what happens. i can't wait for tipoff, i'm staying at home don't call me and james please don't watch tonight's game because every time james doesn't watch. we went. >>that's right now is up to watch it on the lake thank you for doing your part lines i do t minus what 10 hours and change now before tipoff 6 o'clock our time 9 o'clock, toronto time there on the east coast time even though we the north and we cry on the special for the nba finals right here every time it's a game day our road to the championship airs today at 04:00pm. >>with live reports so check it out 7 oh 5 in new this morning, mount view police are looking for a man who tried to lure a teenage girl into his car, scary situation she just got off the bus was on her way just walking home when all of
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this happened for us christine potato joining us live from mount the with more on the story christina. >>and we're live at that same intersection what rhythm and slow down and try to get that girl into his car just when she was on her way home from school. i want to show you exactly where that happened here is a map of that so we're here at a major cross streets here in mountain view it's el camino ray allen america now mount view police officials say it happened just after 05:00pm on tuesday. when police arrived the 15 year-old girl who called police herself describe the story saying when she got off the bus stop that a man pulled up she didn't know and started asking her to get in his car. according to the team, the man followed her for more than 10 minutes. she walked home should she try doing many things like crossing streets to get the man to leave her alone, but he tried continuously for more tools more times to get her in that same car. police officials say the girl did make it home safely she was able to call her family as well as police while walking home to just tractor as much
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as possible. the suspect described as a white man between the ages of 3540 around 5.10 and about 140 pounds from hair clean shaven except for some hair on his chain. the man driving a beige 4 door bmw seeing low to the ground with tinted windows now mount view police asked if you know anything about the suspect or if you have seen that car driving around. go ahead and call their detectives as soon as possible. reporting live this morning, christina for news okay. thank you christina. >>and now to an update story we first told you about yesterday morning, a man wanted for exposing himself to underage girls in millbrae police think it's the same man who has done this on 2 separate occasions and they have a new sketch they want you to see of them and that they are looking for the first incident happened back on sunday may 5th. when a man exposed himself to 2 girls were walking on moss lane and then the most recent incident as happened on tuesday near taylor middle school we told you about this yesterday 2 girls are walking to school a man exposed himself to them and they ran in and called the police and in both cases, the girls say he was driving. a
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silver toyota carola. it's so alarming because it's happening more often and we fear that the behavior also might progress into something that's more floating us and also more dangerous for you. >>people who live near where these 2 incidents happened are also being asked to check their home surveillance video because maybe there are some clues that could help the police. >>happening today with union city teachers and district officials meeting again trying to bring an ad now the teacher strike that's been going on for almost 2 weeks. this is so will i will be a week tomorrow if they don't come to a deal a second week sorry. >>but they're still negotiating. >>and there are a little closer cropper sarah stinson has the latest. >>yeah well they spent 12 hours or more at the bargaining table build a new even unified school district and the ociation, but no deal is reached at last check. they're just exhausted both been trying to work out a
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deal but they've gone from 10% down to 3% so they have made a little bit of progress in which that they're trying to accommodate each other, but the teachers are not standing down and they say they will strike until they get what they want. so it's been a tense time for the teachers association had previously asked for 10% like i said over the next 2 academic years but in negotiation they brought that down to 3.7% raise for the current year and 3.2 6 raise for the next school year. the last check the school district is offering a one-time 3% payment and a 2% raise in the next 2 years. the district says meeting their quest because million in the next 3 years no cause them to make major cuts a district spokesperson also cites declining enrollment and state funding as causes for why they cannot afford to pay the teachers, this increase, but teachers say we don't buy it we think you definitely have enough money and they said that they need more. to keep
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up with the cost of living especially since they pay for all of their health care costs out of pocket. so as we continue to go back in for the strike will continue for day 8 of the strike. what does that mean for students as they head into files this has never happened in this district before first strike to ever happen and so it's a lot for the district they're trying to navigate it all and see what they're going to do for students but will see what ends up happening. they're asking state for some. some help and some guidance but we're going to talk with the district we also hope this to see the teachers out here any time as we're about an hour or so away from one school starts. you live in union city sarah stinson kron 4 news. thanks a lot sarah. >>also happening now police in alameda are looking for the man who stole from the horizon story was all caught on camera watch this. this happened in store on blanding avenue. there you can see him when the black hoodie they're walking in at one point he sits at the desk and then while the employees helping another customer he reaches over the
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counter and grabs 2 iphones and then makes a dash out the door. police still looking for that person this morning. if you think you know who this person is let officers know. still ahead on the cross for morning news, the demand to mitigate wildfire threats is high right. >>fire season right around the corner as workers are busy clearing leads. we're going to be an update on their progress and more crime in berkeley. details on a man who robbed a drag somebody outside campus. >>my doing taking up work is far from a us citizen and the us navy seal unit. wow after the break a northern california man caught on camera harassing a teen. >>because of her ethnicity. >>and looking outside this morning you're likely seeing some fog out there a little bit of sunshine already in the east bay though i'm tracking what to expect this afternoon in your forecast, i'm tracking your morning drive and it's looking pretty good so far here. >>at the bay bridge toll plaza you're going to what some heavy traffic from the maze
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>>some 14 right now checking out the weather and when things are going to clear up with kind of a split decision at the moment around the bay is exactly right some of us pretty gray seme of us pretty blue and sunny already and we'll girl actually get their closer and closer to the coast. the coast today is going to be pretty foggy as is now, it is very foggy right now earlier this morning and hurting the road you. >>definitely had some spots where maybe had certain windshield wiper on for a minute because we did see some coastal drizzle and drizzle all the way inland. you see a alcatraz and san francisco pretty socked in this morning not much of a view their san jose somewhere in the middle you've got low clouds but already showing signs of clearing and then down the east bay you've got those clear skies just a few clouds lingering around out there around pleasant hill danville in walnut creek as for your current temperatures they
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eventually rise into the 60's and 70's but we're off to a cool star in the 50's under these cloudy conditions. high pressure has resulted in a bump in temperatures over the past few days. but today we've got a low pressure making its way in from the north and nudging out that high just a little bit just enough that you are going to notice a bit of a drop in temperatures today and just north of the bay area a few showers even a round of thunderstorms possible in mendocino and lake counties, not drifting into the bay though despite the increase cloud cover and fog this morning we are going to be in for a dry one today tomorrow skies will clear out a little bit quicker than they will today and temperatures are going to rise a lot faster than they about to today today, one of the coolest days of our forecast areas that were in the 80's only mid 70's today. concord 75 napa 74 degrees oakland back to the 60's. it won't be this case for long though back to the 80's as soon as tomorrow and by next week, some parts of the inland area will be near
7:17 am
90 degrees. >>robin all right. thank you john, let's head over to the san mateo bridge little bit of action right there on the shoulder looks like someone may have been pulled over at least it's not blocking but we have some slow traffic as usual leaving hayward heading into foster city and sam a tale your to definitely underway. but also very quiet so no extra issues besides that a little bit of police action. it's a great trip heading over to the peninsula. we're checking in on the bay bridge 80 west and as usual you have to deal with a lot of heavy traffic commute traffic. but boy is it better than yesterday yesterday was rough this morning, you're backed up into the maze, no crashes know stalls we're at about 15 minutes that's a decent average into san francisco. it's not going to stay at 15 minutes, it just goes up and down throughout your morning commute but at least it does not include any hot spots, here's adam barton west 84 and it's heavy from the tolls across the span working your way over to the peninsula. 23 minutes to menlo park for your westbound right. that's not bad at all are checking in on some maurice a freeways like
7:18 am
6.80 21 minutes, but a cult a danville than m it's not so bad. almost at 40 minutes to make your way south and in 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. if that's your drive 26 minutes and growing for the commute into less gatos back to you. jane. >>a man in the sacramento area is caught on camera harassing a teenager accusing her being in the country illegally. the video was posted online we've got geils with the story. >>what am i doing here. >>taking a park is far from a us citizen. >>and the us navy seal >>the teenager in this video says the rude racist comments came out of nowhere. the man is seen on camera refusing to leave telling the girl she'll have to face the cause. >>can you please leave i'm going to the gop's command that one day year. but you don't belong here this all. >>happened in broad daylight outside of a park and community center popular with local teenagers, a as a parent and someone is comey obviously that behavior is appalling
7:19 am
jason jimenez with elves will police says the department has topped with the teenager's family. the minutes as police have had issues with this man before but wouldn't elaborate we would suggest to people that are incidents like that to quickly call us a man was not arrested and can't be charged with anything in this situation. humana says an arrest would require some form of violence like property damage or salty you don't live here i do you know no growth. >>yes, so you yes i do do know that know grow, yes, i do the harassment seen here is shocking to local mom. alicia fernanda i was just there over the weekend. and some i would never put my son like that i. >>the heated. >>so pro police say the man was harassing other people that very same day that the video was taken, but they're unsure if that was also racially motivated pretty crazy want to see everybody's i d i guess one of park. and for your money this morning. >>for said. >>is that you too are going to
7:20 am
be raided and and may not be worthy of being a passenger and tesla could be cutting some production because of slow demand. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. >>hi jane yes, sorry a good morning. cbc reports of tesla has cut production staff and fremont and eliminated night and weekend shifts from the teams in charge of making the model s so as well as the model x now the report cites current and former employees, the company decided to build the forthcoming model y at the factory in fremont as well which will require tesla to combine the s and x production lines to make room. many college students are not planning on paying their student loans in full. the survey by ever fi suggest that students are suffering from a lack of financial capability long before they enter the workforce don't ask about student loans, 60% of those polled said they do plan on borrowing money for school but only 65% of the students say they plan on paying those loans off in full and on time. home prices are still rising, but the increases are slowing down the s p case shiller index us home prices rose at
7:21 am
the slowest pace in more than 6 years nationwide home prices roe 2.7% year over year, san francisco, just one percent higher than a year ago. and if you have a low uber passenger rating uber consumed ban you from the app the company did not say what minimum writers would need to meet one of factions minding the most drivers have long been expected to keep a high rating to keep driving. this is the first time passengers have been asked to keep up their side of the bargain live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king bacteria. >>thank you jane. >>the news california lawmakers are moving forward with changing the standard for when police can use deadly force explain and after the break a member of the san francisco giants 2012 world series team has to be rescued off the coast of puerto rico. here's a live look outside we've got the bay bridge approach camera where things are looking a lot better today than they were yesterday even though it is a bit backed up will get more on your commute with robin in just a minute.
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>>on this thursday morning still looking at some cloudy skies above sfo right now and that has contributed to a pretty significant delay around an hour righw now oakland and san jose delay free for the time being as for the sierra if you're heading up there for the weekend ahead of us do expect afternoon thunderstorms daytime highs will be comfortably in the 60's. but with those stormy skies you want to be prepared.
7:25 am
robin. >>a check in on highway one on one just a little crowded southbound abbado to sandra fell that's about it. afr you leave sandra fell and continue south to san francisco, it's looking pretty good right now crashes no major issues, your drive time well under 30 minutes so we're off to a good starter. well under 31 minutes that is over to the bay bridge you're checking the drive in carpool lane still a great, but you're going to have to sit in the usual backup which extends through the maze and this sea of the eastern span too but no major problems so we're clocking in at 17 to 20 minutes, we'll talk more bridges coming up james. >>thank you very much rob. a new this morning former san francisco giants center fielder and help the had to be rescued after his boat capsized off the coast of puerto rico. according to local media they're gone and 2 others, including a 16 year-old boy were on that boat. when a 15 foot wave. flip them. the gun and that 16 year-old were hurt, but the 3rd person did suffer a head injury. don late for the air play for the giants. the 5
7:26 am
years he was part of the 2012 2014 world series championship teams. but everyone scary situation for them. happening today, 5 area spellers are among the 50 finalists in the scripps national spelling bee. >>hear their names you see their pictures from san jose and sunnyvale dublin santa clara and saratoga hundreds of students from all across the country course began the competition earlier this week. the winner of that competition will receive a $50,000 cash prize this pressure is crazy. it is in saint. >>at the time i i can sit down and rest. 7.26 coming out. morning news, multiple cars, get their windows shattered at a condo complex in the east bay we'll tell you how the complex of managers are working to try to stop that crime. deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery.
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guaranteed. book now at my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants dedeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal. that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. >>and we're looking at weather and traffic it's a little gray out there in some spots or sunny depends where they are hot spots, no traffic just a little slow in some spots most earlier issues, but they're not reporting major delays anymore just minor delays. >>so then let's talk about the weather then the great it's overhead for now for now yeah, it should be thing into the afternoon for most of the day if you're looking at it. the coast that's where it's going to want to hang on pretty much all day long for berkeley hints not much of a view right
7:30 am
now and you are encountering some lower visibility is you're driving to the east bay hills but use like this will clear out gradually throughout the course here morning you're going to look at fog or treating still hanging out across the bay towards 11:00am though so you still do have plenty of fog on the peninsula. so as low clouds at that point as well east bay by the time we move into the afternoon looking and abundant sunshine overhead, it's just going to take us a while longer to get there than what we saw for yesterday skies are dry even if you are encountering some drizzle, especially up and down the coast. no rainfall for the day today so morning fog patchy because you'reot seeing it further inland towards the tri valley nor up to walnut creek mostly sunny by noontime and into the afternoon just a few clouds and temperatures cooler than they were yesterday making for a comfortable in later on. i'm tracking warm up into the weekend still ahead robert. thank you john checking the bay bridge a lot of heavy traffic. >>the toll plaza backed up through the maze and it's going to stay like this for several more hours we're in the thick of the morning
7:31 am
commute so don't expect an improvement any time soon if you want to join these folks you need to leave early because it's still very slow. so 5 80's packed with 24. the north on a tv connector is crawling ve, sure freeway. if that's your approach, it's chan from highway 4 in hercules that's all normal, here's the richmond center fell and it's not as bad as yesterday. you're still traffic starts right around harbor harbor through the tolls as your slowdown that's pretty good. and bart is recovering from some earlier equipment issues we're down to a 10 minute delays systemwide after those equipment issues in downtown oakland. and one point it was major now we're down to 10 minutes so muc much better james star you thanks a >>the big story that we're following this morning we've got more than 2 dozen cars now that had their windows smashed at one fremont condo complex apparently it's not the first time there's been a problem covers morning. kelly has more. >>here's the site that more than 25 people at the bay would villas condo complex woke up to car windows shattered glass shards littering the ground in many
7:32 am
cases, the interior consul or glove box rifled through freeman pd says they responded out a little before 03:00am but say this break in spree could have started as early as 10:00pm tuesday night. wednesday, this auto glass repair man had a line of customers, some of the victims were parked right next to each other one had this to say a really socks, you know the wind is a really expensive replace. >>didn't take anything it's just damage to the vehicles the live in maintenance man's car was untouched but he is still upset that it puts me off because like a family here and a lot of people upset. i was walking around 10 to help as many people as i can it's not the first time a rash of vehicles were broken into at this complex well 2 months ago we had about maybe 5 to 6 break ins. but not in this use one resident told me off camera these been trying to get the h o a to install security cameras the complex manager tells me they're planning an emergency meeting to address the break ins and
7:33 am
installing cameras is a possibility that's being considered as of wednesday afternoon police were still processing all of the incidents and so far it appears not much was taken fremont pd says the only items reported stolen have been 2 pairs of sunglasses they say in some cases, the suspect didn't even bother to rummage through the vehicles maureen kelly kron 4 news. a big story this morning. a woman is asked for a hit and run rampage i san francisco that injured 4 people and smashed up a bunch of cars take a look this happened at the tender lane police station yesterday afternoon where police. >>tried to stop a woman who was driving a stolen suv after she hit a construction worker and look at all the police that are there in the chaos. but the woman wouldn't stop she then led the cops on a chase down any street hitting parked vehicles other cars and a pedestrian and then finally crashed into a car near 6th
7:34 am
and clara and that's where officers were able to arrest her. the pedestrian who she hit is in critical condition in the hospital, anybody was hurt in the other crashes they're going to be ok and police have not yet released the name of the arrested. >>in san mateo county 2 men have been arrested after a large amount of illegal rifles ammunition and high-capacity magazines in also an active pipe bomber all found a home on 4 told a state park road. deputies were there to conduct a parole search of 33 year-old sean collins and that's when they found this cache of weapons and that pipe bomb in the room a 40 year-old carl walton baugh he actually had his one year-old child in the room with him at the time of the raid. the 2 men were later taken into custody. in the north bay, the sonoma county sheriff's office is trying to identify the skeletal remains that were found in a creek bed. officials say that it was belongs to a woman. that was found dead last month near chalk hill and leslie roads. that's in windsor. she was wearing a fee to the hospital wristband and had medical
7:35 am
monitoring cables on her body. sheriff's office says it's possible that she was homeless, maybe walked out of the hospital and was swept away during flooding that experience back in february. >>crews are busy clearing waist-high grass to protect homes. you can see them out here on the hillside off a mission boulevard in fremont and this is to create a defensible space the high demand for property owners who want to minimize their exposure to the threat of a wildfire. >>we are so much rain this year this winter um you know the officials there 15 feet calls. the annual grasses there about 7 feet tall in some cases, i'm very formal there real events this year. >>cal fire says this year's grass crop is 3 to 5 times as dense as it usually is. >>lawmakers move forward with a proposal that would change the standard for when police can actually use deadly force. it was an emotional conversation on the assembly floor yesterday, the focus was on a bill that are was
7:36 am
originally written in memory of stefan clark, he's the young black man who was fatally shot by police in sacramento. the bill aims to change the language in the law to only allow police to use deadly force when necessary instead of how it's currently written which is when reasonable. the bill now heads to the senate for approval as up next for the assembly after decide on a competing measure that would increase police training to try to minimize. police use of force. take a look at this chp celebrating the graduation of 5 k 9 officers. the dogs graduated from the patrol and narcotics detention canine programs. the dogs went through a rigorous training scenario to get them through the academy in sacramento, take a listen. >>sense of smell so utilizing the to locate. to apprehend a suspect as well. we can put that dog. take a hammer of the situation and help protect protect officers. as well as
7:37 am
the deterrent we get a lot of times what i suspect will give up its fundraising that dog. >>most of the dogs will stay on the job for up to 10 years. many are. well later then adopted by their own handlers who will live out their lives as family members. we'll take a break coming up at housing costs causing problems for law enforcement and send the tail we're going to find out what's being done to try to prevent more of them from. >>leaving the job. and after the break more crime in berkeley what details on a man who robin was robbed a drag outside campus. and yesterday was a warm and sunny won today's been a little bit cooler and cloudier so far but how is the rest of the day going to shape up. >>i've got your forecast to come. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this morning still tracking some heavy traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza it's to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock.
7:38 am
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>>on this thursday morning we are seeing clear skies for the east bay, not so much for areas closer to the coast like the peninsula or even out towards berkeley or oakland, just yet mount diablo pretty easy to see out there under the sunny skies just a few low clouds still hanging out over towards the tri valley and then up through walnut creek unconquered your current temperatures a little cooler in san francisco in timber on only in the 40's while oakland at 55 conquered a 55 in pittsburgh. under some nice sunny skies over there at 58 right now so quite the range of temperatures about a 10 degree range already from our
7:41 am
inland spots to some of our coastal areas. it is a brisk start to the morning with some breezy conditions and much like yesterday afternoon as winds will continue at times all the way into the afternoon so keep the jackets with you cooler afternoon highs today and still on the breezy side over to the bay bridge or the traffic just isn't buzzing budging much it still stacked up from the maze and i think it's just going to stay like this for several. >>more hours at least we don't have anything extra no major accidents, no hot spots. it's just the usual crawl right now to san francisco so 19 to 18 minutes to make your way over to fremont street and that's really not bad. now if you take one o one it's going to be busy in both directions between cesar chavez in 3rd to 80's slow leaving daly city from before is the highway one split continuing through the one to one split. but no major problems just a lot of commute traffic. we'll take a look at some more snow downs coming up daryn back to you, thanks a lot 7.41 police in berkeley are looking for a person who
7:42 am
robbed a man and dragged him a 100 feet down the this happen on college avenue yesterday, the robber grabbed the man's throat and threw him to the ground and tried to take his laptop bag had and in doing so dragged the guy down the sidewalk, he suffered scrapes and bruises. but he is going to be ok. is 7.42 coming up on the bus t -10 are still tipped off in toronto and draymond green. >>lets us get inside his head to see how a champion sinks going into the game. some baseball players are pleading for more netting after a line drive hitma little girl and
7:43 am
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everyone we are looking at conditions out there this morning foggy out the coast, not so much for inland areas though. >>look at this camera right here we even have a couple sprinkles on that this morning due to some of that coastal drizzle which has been seen along the coast. so far this morning may have to turn those windshield wipers on the time or 2 skies are going to be dry otherwise though high pressure has help to boost temperatures. the past few days but today this low pressure, not just high pressure out and what it's also going to be doing is resulting in just a touch of a cool down and also some showers just north of the bay area. a pin that on mendocino and lake counties again north of the bay, we should remain dry back here at home today as we work our way into tomorrow, you're still going to have some morning cloud cover at times but tomorrow afternoon
7:46 am
bringing plenty of sunshine so a nice day to look forward to and then a really warm weekend on top followed by even warmer conditions next week. so if you don't like the warm weather necessarily obviously today is your day because it will be comfortably cool yet again kind of a reminder of where we're at the beginning of the beginning of the week sunday and monday temperatures then will be pretty similar to what we've got today, upper 60's to low 70's on the p ninsula with mid 70's out there for the south bay areas that were in the 80's, yesterday's such as conquered up to pittsburgh fairfield in vacaville all down into the 70's today. so a noticeable cool down back to a very comfortable range of temperatures this afternoon and i would recommend getting outside and enjoying the afternoon even though it is a great start to the day for many areas. we do have some sunshine to expect later on tomorrow the warming trend kicks back into gear areas inland. we'll see daytime highs back in the 80's in the same areas nearing the 90's by the middle of next week. >>rob all right checking back
7:47 am
in on the san mateo bridge you're slow traffic starts on the nemitz freeway. so as you merge from 8.80 on to 92 you're going to be sitting in traffic. it pretty much stays like this all the way across connecting to the peninsula at 32 minutes that's normal and what we expect the bay bridge traffic very slow cash lanes fast track lanes even some of the car pool lanes a crowded, but it's very quiet. yesterday was tough today. pretty much business as usual, it's crawling from the maze all connectors are slow but under 20 minutes into san francisco. it's all taken coming from the sure freeway that's under 40 minutes, 80 west from crockett down to oakland and 24 not bad at all 20 minutes wanted creek down to the maze. people are going to have to leave work early today to be in front of the tv for tipoff, not me. 06:00pm is my bed time it will be 09:00pm toronto time in the worriers. get a feel for the raptors house. what do you say synchronize watches look at kids, it's kind of like that
7:48 am
if the warriors want to be champions for a 3rd straight time. they have to be physically and mentally in sync. >>as a competitor. if you're trying to do something. if you don't have them a said that you're the best ever. you failed already. and has been since i can remember. that will be mom i said. as long as i can remember anything. that i am the best ever at what i do. and every day that i step on the basketball floor. i will strive to be that a favorite stop. >>favorite city of mind to great crowd going way back before i was even coach of the warriors when i was doing tv the 2 arenas that i felt were just the most electric or oracle in here if a drake song comes up it on a playlist or. players to skip parties like
7:49 am
that of playlists it was the best sauce keep it, but this one of his hits a player of drake fan since. >>you know i was in high school. he's a great artist. do i like him as a rather fan know, but i like him as a musician. >>the nba is that drank. >>ok vh one. you to what however it's not a music video. the league actually warned the raptors to tell there global ambassador to cool it. it's not your stage. it's a court for the players and the coaches don't worry the warriors will put him in his place. a terrible accident has sparked more talk about an even wider net to protect baseball fans. >>from flying ball's playing. >>the astros in houston comes better albert almora junior he it went down the 3rd base line. it went into the stands struck a 4 year-old girl. her dad could drop rushed to the
7:50 am
hospital almora look at fell to his knees and started sobbing he has 2 young kids of his own and he was still shaken up when he talked about it after the game. >>story life is as soon as i hit the first person i locked eyes on was or so. what's going on we'll be able to have a relationship with this little girl for the rest of my life. >>that is the last thing any player wants to do is hit a fan. and you know that all the mlb parks have extended netting now, but that little girl was sitting 10 feet away from where it ended and some players are saying they think that the netting should be around the entire field. i heard about 1800 and will be fans are hit by stray balz and bats. every year. >>the group and brother sound more like kids fighting over
7:51 am
who should take the trash out that nfl coaches. j he says that hbo should be crazy not to take john and the raiders over his redskins to be featured on hard knocks. 5 teams are up for the honor, including the 49 ers if they go by was the worst record. then jay is right the raiders win. but it might be more entertaining to see them when they moved to las vegas next year so. i would say take turns. jay you do it this year. and john you go next. and that's how you do that. >>set the bus.
7:52 am
7:53 am
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>>a man in florida called police to brag about getting away from them. police say they pulled over a white car for a broken tail light before the deputy could approach the driver sped off. an hour later nicholas jones called 911. >>i liked ran from a cop. the minutes to an hour ago. i would do we pay you like i've driven past or up. all you need to ran from a car. i mean he on me that behind me and walking up the >>so here's the thing the dispatcher tracked a cellphone good and his name popped up. it had an outstanding warrant for probation violation so deputies that one out to his
7:55 am
address found him he's actually shopping at ross at the tile like gone and to them. the phone and think you're smart is it. i look at throughout the smallest surviving is now out of the hospital look at this little say be was born about 23 weeks and 3 days. gestation right so pretty early when she came into the world lasts ember she weighed just 8.6 ounces so this is the previous baby the k she was released from the hospital yesterday she away 5.6 pounds so she put on a lot of weight since she was born. she's described as the world's smallest surviving newborn by the tiniest babies registry which is maintained by the university of iowa. how about the hatch looks fine welcome to the world. i will take a quick break coming up the next hour, the chronicle. update on the teacher strike in the east
7:56 am
bay and how it's affecting students. >>plus a man tries to lure girl into his car christina tetreault is going to be joining us with a live report from mount view with the latest on where the investigation stands this morning. and here's a quick live look outside got san mateo bridge with splashes of light. so in in between all that cloud cover the fog and the mist this morning we are getting breaks of sunshine that companies come later this afternoon so stay tuned. john trouble with your outlook on the weather front drops was done with checked in just a minute. new vaseline clinical care...
7:57 am
...heals extremely dry skin in just 5 days. ♪ it's amazing what healed skin can do. the healing power of vaseline.
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7:59 am
>>thanks for waking up with us and our vehicles that on james fletcher as the time, let's do weather traffic and then we'll do the news in a minute robin any hot spots, no hot spots, but a lot of heavy traffic especially on the bridges, so we'll check in on those trying time ok and and what are we in for weather wise clearing out later in the day already clear for some back a lot of us are still sitting in that lincoln to fog this morning which could be resulting in some low visibility, especially if you're crossing through the east bay hills which is you can see here. >>you can see much from this berkeley cam right now also a little bit of coastal drizzle up and down the coast. so those are things to be watching out for stepping outside this morning. dogs
8:00 am
already retreating burning off across parts of the bay into the afternoon today, plenty of sunshine to look forward to actually going to be another really nice one, but don't expect temperatures to be quite as warm as yesterday's were after skies take a bit longer to clear out your daytime highs are going to rise a little bit slower only taking us into the low 70's for many areas that were in the 80's yesterday. i am talking even warmer weather just around the corner though still to come in your forecast rob, let's check back in on 80 the bay bridge traffic which is packed right now to san francisco. >>here's a live. look you see the cash lanes a fast track lanes there all slow and this does go through the maze 5.80 from 24. the shore freeway out of hercules, the 80 north connector. they are all packed and most likely they're going to stay pack throughout your morning commute at least until 10. all right we're checking in on some or drive times and freeways like highway 4 nothing major going on 44 minutes and to conquer that's normal. the nimitz almost at 40 minutes rolling south and one on


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