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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>now in 8 innings of much more than simply just accidentally stumbling club website, a boy scout official under arrest, but police say they found on his computer. after the deaths of more than 2 dozen thoroughbreds at santa anita racetrack governor knew some steps in ice 24 nov 11 the measure passed since a legislators explain why they voted to extend of medical coverage to immigrants who entered the country illegally. pornographer the one of the men arrested, according to a social media page is a boy scout volunteer.
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>>hello, i'm can way and i pay a more tonight we learn the investigation is not over ground force justin waldman has details from sandra fell and the warning for parents tonight investigating marine county man for possessing child pornographer t center. so police arrested 2 men from sandra fell. >>30 year-old lorenzo tim breeze for suspicion of possessing obscene material of a minor and 64 year-old john arrested for sending obscene material of a minor there were equipment think equipment from each home center fell police tell me detectives worked with the morgan hill and livermore police departments. >>the marine sheriff's office, the department of homeland security, the fbi, the secret service and the silicon valley, internet crimes against children task force for black eye he said no comment when reached by phone about his arrest. his social media pages claim he has a wealth management accountant in larkur scout master tam restate in them are in county jail on $50,000 bail. they're booking voters
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are not being released because more charges could be coming any so much more than simply just. >>accidentally stumbling in 12 website or something like that there's simply deliberate intent behind it during this port bust police obtained search warrants for their homes based on leads. >>i want parents to use this as an opportunity to talk to their kids about internet safety there is starting using it at a younger and younger age. so it's important for parents to i asked them what they're doing on the internet. >>samara fell police issued 5 search warrants but only made 2 arrests. police tell me more arrests could be coming in samara fell, i'm just involvement. kron 4 news. >>kauto police say a man exposed himself in the downtown area last night officers arrested this man 36 year-old reginald barnett from oakland. after 911 caller reported a man standing at the intersection of university avenue in bryan street with his pants down and touching himself police say they first arrest him last sunday for
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attempted sexually battery that happened about 3 blocks away from yesterday's incident and this just tonight, the woman accused of es hit and run rampage in san francisco yesterday. >>has been identified by billy graham lotus's here live in the studio with the long list of charges that woman is now facing. camp and looking at this video of a second day now it's just a stunning i mean that the rampage it really is that 16 charges. she is now facing. >>and this was the gruesome scene the first scene of yesterday's rampage in the tenderloin police say the woman who terrorized different parts of the city market street selma yesterday was in a stolen suv that gray suv you see right here and they say she is 25 year-old cherry meal police are not releasing her booking photo as this investigation continues. but as you can see the video that small suv that police say is being driven by the san francisco resident just goes
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crashing into people and cars right outside that enderlin police station on any street that's why so many officers were there. the suv ramming a worker on the sidewalk hitting. cars hitting scaffolding hitting a tree from there. there were 4 more crime scenes were either pedestrians or cars were hit. hoping eventually ended in the south of market neighborhood with a crash an arrest in a trip to the hospital for the suspect one of the victims was last listed in critical condition. among the charges cherry neil is facing 4 counts of felony hit and run theft of a vehicle. dui and 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. now police have not released a motive in this case and are asking anybody who may know anything to contact them as the investigation continues, having come back to you. thank you grant we first told you about the update on this story as a push alert to our crime 04:00am. >>download it today to say up to date on the latest breaking news as it happens president trump announced he will add new tariffs on mexico of the
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country doesn't slow the flow of migrants from mexico into the united states in a tweet the president wrote on june tense, the united states will impose a 5% tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico goes on to say the tariff will gradually increase until the illegal immigration problem is remedied at which time the terrorists will be removed details from the white house to follow. there was no time or date announced on when those details will be given. well it's thursday night, let's take a live look outside to see how things are shaping up looking at sfo where it looks. >>foggy and cloudy right she can all just or scar know here is we kind of look ahead a couple days for the weekend. you know, no looking ahead to earlier, i mean we're right there we're right on the cusp. >>get into the weekend again and we're goin today while just eamazthese thunderstorms erupt around the bay area no huge a area of low pressure just a week low sliding to the bay area. you can see it's a bringing some showers into parts of the north acos cute little bi close but severe happening in
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the central valley in fact watch for the possibility of some flash flooding as a flash flood warning is in effect expecting some flooding there a some of the tributaries the rich may be debris flows to as we've got the flood area and the burn zone in paradise of course about 4 of fire last year. but we're going to continue to see those thunderstorms pop up over this year and about i think diminish little bit heading for the south tomorrow, the fog though already moving back into the bay area that will be a factor tomorrow morning very gray's you see the clouds now moving through the golden gate bridge starting to fill into the bay. so tonight if you're headed out plans of fog of making its way to the bagel to become partly cloudy by about 11 o'clock tonight. and it looks like overnight tonight, fog low clouds going to stretch well on shore maybe some patchy drizzle along the coastline. but some warmer days ah thank you. >>pacific gas and electric is getting the green light to move forward with its plan to reduce the risk of wildfires the california public utilities commission okay the plan today but as kron four dan kerman tells us commission
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also addressed a controversial part of the plan which calls for shutting off power. >>2 weeks after cal fire and then a fight pgd equipment as the cause of last november's campfire the till attias had its wildfire mitigation plan approved by the california public utilities commission that legislature very the rightfully was concerned about making sure that there was some direction this year before the advent of the summer wildfire season. the plan calls for expanded inspections of equipment. >>as well as expanded trimming and removal of trees that can fall on power lines and sparked fires. >>one controversial part of the plan calls for shutting off power in areas where humidity is very low. winds are high education is extremely dry and there's been someone on scene to observe all of this advocates for the disabled voice their concern about being left in the dark. >>we need you. the commission
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do make decisions that will protect us from these mitigation efforts that pg e and other utilities are using. mainly to protect their income. >>the cpc made it clear a power shut off as a last resort and required pg need to work with the office of emergency services, a notification procedures as for the cost of this plan. no additional rate hikes were approved. but the genie will likely point to this plan as part of their upcoming request for a $2 billion rate hike over the next 3 years. we need to make sure. >>that they don't double that that they don't collect from rate payertwice for the same. and if you put it in general rate case. all the other expenses are we can make sure there's no double that thing and pg is held accountable to doing the work. they get paid for. >>now those hearings regarding
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the proposed pg any rate increase will be held throughout july all over the bay area. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>meantime california's wildfire commission is calling on lawmakers to make changes to how california handles wildfire costs and recovery. lawmakers are now reviewing the just-released report. some of the legislation to address how the state handles cost recovery and liability from these devastating wildfires, one of the wildfire. commission's recommendations includes changing state liability law also that utility companies do not absorb the entire cost of a wildfire, even when the utility is to blame. but a lawyer representing hundreds of fire victim says he doesn't think that's necessary adding last year lawmakers already passed a law n d to pass costs on to customers as long as the utility can show it took steps to prevent the >>as stands right now.
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>>leadership in the senate and the assembly and and the governors have all said that while it is something to consider they are not pushing to change utility liability for now. >>in the east bay contra costa county fire protection district is getting out tips about defensible space as we head into fire season. the firefighters are asking people to keep about 30 feet of defensible space around their homes and property. keep any low hanging branches cut back in off of your house in your roof. and if you live along the roadway. they're also asking you to cut back 10 feet of grass and debris. a lot of fire start when cigarettes another 5 levels are thrown from a car. as far as what kind of fire season we can expect. the firefighters say it will probably be another hot dangerous season. >>the predictions are >>we will likely have a long
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and volatile fire season again. this year. perhaps longer and more volatile than in the past couple of years. we're anticipating because of that that the fire behaviors. the fire behaviors will be more extreme and the fires will be less predictable that in years gone by. >>if you don't live in contra costa county you can check with your local fire department or fire district for advice about defensible space. coming up. >>2 dozen horses have died at the santa anita racetrack now when the governor stepping in devastating tornadoes have been touching down across and made part of the country for 2 weeks now. now they're popping up in cities where it's virtually unheard of the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down. and lawyers fans pack oracle tonight to watch the dozen game, one of the nba finals against the toronto raptors, the team.
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>>now to the golden state lawyers are quest for a 3rd straight nba championship begins tonight in game one of the nba finals. >>the dubs going to toe to g an giant watch party ahha you havi god, >>great out here an amazing atmosphere fans are really enjoying themselves. getting the opportunity to watch the warriors take on the route
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game one. the nba finals here at oracle. there has been no shortage of energy or fun to be had. o we've been talking with some of the fans here and they are counting on their star players stepped her klay thompson draymond green to lead the way to a championship. we spoke with some other fans who say that this is just a great opportunity ruddock nation to come together here in oakland and enjoy oracle arena or that he moves across the back take a listen. >>we want enjoy is really sweet but it's bittersweet. nt to capture the always be our whole team and i believe a lot of us will
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follow them. >>but it is kind of a as good and bad is that moment. >>well this one out they've been trailing for the last couple of 4 first here in the nba finals game one. there is another watch party that is set up for game 2. >>all right dan thank you get your earplugs air now to our 4 zone forecast stepping outside showing you the the city it's n is still light outside even
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though and work lawrence is getting closer to some of their new see a summer ike fog outside right now we're going to see more of unfortunately pretty thick in spots tonight but boy you know other really cool temperatures down around the bay area, some of those numbers over 10 degrees cooler from just 24 hours ago look some of the valleys in the concord and livermore cool down quite a bit all around the bay area just a bit of an onshore breeze and that's all we needed 3 these temperatures from above average tableau average 57 degrees in san francisco today, 62 in oakland, 70 degrees. well below the average in san jose 71 in livermore 74 conquered and 73 degrees in santa rosa. thunderstorms up over the sierra nevada now beginning to fade out of the sun get ready to set sotil the fog is moving in along the coastline now stretching inside the bay and probably will see some paty e a coastline again tomorrow. we start out with some morning clouds early on the more sunshine the afternoon. i think a little bit warmer we're going watch as temperatures pop a little bit the weekend. looking pretty nice too. outside right now to 64 degrees in concord 57 the napa valley 51 in san
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francisco and 53 am not am you're looking cool temperatures with that fog moving on shore low pressure continue to drag to this day that really sparked all the thunderstorms. it's going to drop all the way down in the southern california by tomorrow that will drag a few more the showers and thunderstorms across the southern sierra nevada, maybe still a couple pop-up clouds around here but not much that high pressure get ready to build in as we head toward the weekend. that's going to warm up the numbers. overnight tonight though that 5th that fog a really kind of settling in tomorrow morning in visibilities down to almost nothing parts early on that a start to clear out and our temperatures looking nice by the afternoon. we're in the mid-eighties in places like concord 83 degrees and live more about 81 santa rosa 71 in oakland. and a much cooler 63 in san francisco. thank you lawrence looks like the 3rd time is not the charm for democrats hoping to pass a disaster relief bill today, another gop lawmaker blocks the billion bill from passing the house. >>this is the 3rd time in less than a week that the bill has failed to be passed by
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unanimous consent the house and senate are in recess this week, lawmakers will get another chance to pass a bill when the house returns to washington next week. the republican controlled senate passed it earlier this month and president trump has indicated he will sign it. it was really loud. >>and scary. >>no letup in the violence storm spreading damage and more than 2 dozen states, new tornadoes and more flooding tonight and lotus is here with the details and folks in the midwest and putting up with this for about 2 weeks it's incredible this is the time of year that they're used to this is tornadoes are most common this time of year, but this is excessive even for. >>the midwest and you see the visual here it's not just the midwest look at all of this ohio pennsylvania, new jersey. the national weather service issuing 420 tornado warnings in just the past week, an average of one every 15 minutes, funnel clouds touching down. in some unexpected areas. but ron grab
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the dogs. get some says get to shelter you can at baltimore to the list of places reeling from the powerful storm sweeping east from the great plains. i heard this loud noise tonight, help. >>every day for the past 2 weeks tornado. sirens have sounded somewhere across america's heartland state after state hit hard by severe weather. texas senator murray and their chances look at it. >>even pennsylvania right towards the national weather service has recorded 960 tornadoes this year. more than half of them in the last 30 days along with high winds. high water. the rising arkansas all river trapping unwary drivers threatening the city of little rock. the governor took an aerial tour and says he could hardly believe the destruction we've never seen this before we've never had to deal with this before the national weather
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service doesn't see any relief anytime soon thunderstorms that we're seeing right now are the kinds that you have to really take seriously there's large hail there's tornadoes. >>other strong damaging winds and the patterns going to continue. the arkansas river is expected to crest at some 40 feet tomorrow. >>that's 18 feet above flood stage and we come back to you thank you grant coming up tonight, a man charged with mowing down a group of people on the sidewalk with his car. the new charges brought against him in court today that the da says explained the motive behind the attack. >>how did the ghost ship warehouse fire start that is the question being asked. >>asked do we have an answer
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>>how did the ghost ship warehouse fire starts that is a question has been left unanswered for 2 and a half years today in court defense attorneys continued to focus on their believe that the fire was intentionally said by some unknown people but prosecutors continue to try and poke holes in that theory. well ford michelle kingston has more from the courthouse. >>it's a question many people want answers too including attorneys and victims families sitting inside the courtroom day in and day out listening to testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial. how did the fire start on thursday atf investigator barbara maxwell return to the stand for her second day of testimony. she says there's no indication of arson despite defense attorneys believe in this theory. she says no witnesses say they saw the fire start
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but she also says many witnesses didn't want to talk she thinks that may be because of their pain. maxwell says they found an area of origin but not exactly where how the fire started the fire that killed 36 people in december 2016 and electronic music party in a warehouse in oakland it was essentially disorganization and confidence. >>the lead to a the inconclusive result of the cause and origin report curtis briggs who represents max harris, one of the 2 men charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter asked maxwell a lot of questions about debris in the area of origin of the fire why it wasn't all that investigated or tested at the lab. >>maxwell says all 9 evidence was left at the scene turned over to the insurance investigators who represent the owner of the warehouse building who was not charged in this case very unusual for a prosecution team to turn over crime scene. >>evidence 2. somebody is
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potentially a fall and the owner is potentially involved here. >>now we won't be hearing testimony in this case on friday or on monday the trial will continue on tuesday of next week in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>herschel bill just passed the california senate to get health care for people in the country illegally. what needs to happen for this to become law 26 horses have died this year at santa anita racetrack now governor gavin newsom is backing a bill hoping to try and protect them. >>the reason a man who ran over a group of people in sunnyvale is now being charged
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>>another court appearance today for the man accused of deliberately driving into and seriously injuring 8 people last month in sunnyvale has come for drought reports tonight. isaiah people's has been charged with 2 hate crime enhancement allegations. >>for the 3rd time in as many weeks isaiah people's did not enter a formal plea during a brief court appearance on thursday. the 34 year-old sean eav ill man is charged with attempted murder in connection with the april 23th incident where he allegedly drove his car into a group of people on the sidewalk along the el camino in sunnyvale today people's was charged with a hate crime because he targeted the pedestrians mistakenly thinking they were muslim. da
8:30 pm
jeff rosen. >>we've had an opportunity to more fully go through the evidence of this investigation and we feel confidants that a substantial motivating factor was the perceived religion. >>they hate crime charges were filed on behalf of 2 of the 8 victims, a father and daughter who are still recovering. people's is also charged with 8 counts of attempted murder and faces life country. of indian descent. when you are attacked because of your race, your religion national origin sexually orientation, whatever the reason for the attack on you. it's an attack on me and my family and on all of us as americans is with the da is crim charges don't just affect the victims who were injured in this car accident. but the
8:31 pm
entire community. people need to be safe. voters across the street. so it's a muc- larger picture for the da now they've added these hate crime allegations isaiah people's defense is expected to be based in part on the fact that he is a military veteran. >>who said to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. he also reportedly has a muslim relatives. he will return to court in july, san jose rob kron 4 news. >>in the east team is behind bars accused of stabbing another teen it happened just before 2 o'clock on bel air drive in concord police say there were 3 teens inside in apartment playing video games when one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the other team several times the juvenile was later arrested a few blocks away. authorities say the au center no word on th extent of those injuries tonight, new tonight at a police are searching for missing woman who may be the victim of a deadly fire, 37
8:32 pm
year-old campbell and burn and was reported missing last night when officers arrived at her home on soya street they found part of the house on fire during a search of the home police found human remains. authorities say the intensity of the victim has not been released, but officials did called the fire suspicious. they say if anyone has information about the fire or the whereabouts of kimmel and burn and they are asked to contact the label police the california state senate approved a controversial bill which provides health care for undocumented immigrants regardless of their status. >>the bill now goes to the state assembly, if signed by the governor into law senate bill 29 will allow undocumented immigrants ages 19 to 25 and 65 and over to receive medical benefits supporters of the bill say it will save taxpayers money in the long run. they claim state money has already been paying fpr undocumented immigrants health care for years. we as taxpayers are paying for their
8:33 pm
care. >>the problem is we're paying e just to treat the symptoms. emergency room care cost us far more. then preventative care. >>before the bill was voted on some lawmakers questioned if it was money well spent senator jeff stone from temecula made the argument that the money should instead go to another group in need such as veterans. >>governor gavin newsom announcing support for a new bill that aims to protect the health and the safety of horses and their riders in the horse racing community senate bill 4, 6, 9, will provide the california horse racing board. the authority to suspend a race need license when necessary. the governor's announcement comes because 26 horses have died since late december and southern california at the santa anita park newsome is also having the board initiate special investigations into all the fatalities at santa anita this year. >>all right time to step outside see how things are shaping up on our weather on
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this thursday night. boy look at that or haze or something they're lords over the san mateo for a lot fog out there right now it's time to move back on shore was very damp along the coastline very wet out there toward the beaches, hey you want to get away from all this salad head of the monterey bay tomorrow on a friday, a fine a little sunshine. >>ap some patchy fog in the morning of 65 degrees in santa cruz about 67 watsonville 69 degrees carmel valley, southern california cool that all that low that about the thunderstorms of this year that's gonna spend the southern california about 72 in anaheim 71 in los angeles and i country watch out more lightning real likelihood as we head toward the afternoon 59 in truckee 62 degrees south like all about 70 degrees in reno so unsettled weather continuing at least across the sierra nevada and in southern california lou that blanket of fog really just laying all red now this looking from timber on back toward the golden gate bridge and those clouds thicken up tonight that well certainly tomorrow morning it's going to be very thick
8:35 pm
early on the clouds begin to stream back on shore already inside the bay will make its way inland some of the valley's maybe all the way into the delta 2 and with that in mind we're going to see some a cool start to the day with some patchy fog. but i think a much warmer afternoon at least in parts inland. a winner is our blow right now to 15 miles per hour in san francisco, 9 and i should say 9 of 15 sfo 9 in the san francisco 10 in hayward a 14 in the san carlos right now temperatures running cool up toward the beaches, 53 degrees in happened they only 51 really chilly now as you get that sea breeze and get that moisture in the atmosphere if you're outside those numbers still a very cool 50 degrees and the more still 64 degrees in concord but here the changes coming our way high person trying to build in it's this are slowly get here to of low pressure that brought the showers and thunderstorms in the sierra nevada going all the way down in southern california. so maybe some more thunderstorms further south across the sierra nevada, maybe couple public clouds over a mound top that high pressure beginning to build in and the temperatures are going to start to warm overnight tonight we are going to see some that fog and it will be thick as we make way inside
8:36 pm
the bay overnight tonight all the way into the delta there and kind of feel and into the valleys 2 so a great start the day tomorrow but a promise of more sunshine and warmer temperatures in the afternoon up in the mid 80's in the concord about 81 santa rose 83 in livermore 79 in san jose 50's out at the coast. coming don't call the new disney theme park just the right. >>we have a sneak peek of the immersive world of star worlds star wars galaxies and. >>the north carolina university student who was shot and survived is now speaking out about what happened. in the moments after he was ambushed and line of the virgin hotel. well tonight ondine and dish our vicki libya, this takes us to the latest san ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing.
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>>this just in the warriors have lost against toronto raptors in game one of the nba finals said just a wrapped up a short time ago the final score tonight. one oh 9 warriors won 18 raptors that long rest are little out of saying tonight, we'll be mind that you know you didn't do and practice abortion, not. yeah. uses could not wait to mention that this is on the giants callers to uk. >>well for coverage or will have >>i live from the game later on during crown force prime time news. >>other news now richard branson the eccentric entrepreneur who has virgin
8:40 pm
atlantic airlines is back in the bay area in a big way this time with virgin hotel, san francisco and tonight on dinah dish. they his checks it out. >>in the city that's known to party. the new virgin hotel, san francisco is making a splash council in drag queen's grandson lookalikes and boy well as ideas and you know its hotels the real richard branson arrive in the burning man bus inside nonstop music with dancing deejays bartenders behind the bar and bartenders on top of it. are you hoping the game. >>so look at it it's about choices. and though the hotel laid out the way the party town this man is not be too bad, i made statement saying rally al alongside sir richard. >>talking about the big plans for virgin hotels virgin cruises maybe even a virgin dating app eventually you could say things are look the
8:41 pm
new san francisco virgin hotel is on terra firma. but don't be surprised if the next version hotel. >>is on another planet pressure going need to take virgin galactic to get there. >>we are thinking when they have building a hotel displacing of them and so people could stay the hotel and then they can go in a little poll defer to around them in just 50's about that and said his son come back to the hotel i would probably have to take virgin galactic to get i'm afraid it have to take that singer like take what i can promise you we'll give you one of the throat trip at >>in san francisco, the key will kiss front for news. >>and you can nominate a restaurant bar, even a food truck to be said featured ondine and this just head over to our dying in this facebook page or send an e-mail to die in addition kron four dot com. if you >>take a chance to wars galaxies and is that doesn't
8:42 pm
mean that you have to wait to see the magic will give you a sneak peek inside the new attraction. >>and the student shot at the university of north carolina shooting has refrturn the hospi
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>>the shooting victim is now speaking out about why he plans to return to the school with a deadly attack. place he was one of 4 injured during last month's shooting at the university of north carolina at charlotte. >>2 students were killed, amy
8:45 pm
cover reports. it's taking a while the leaker was like i went there all that thursday will mark one month since drew pescaro was shot during a training on the classroom here not for shot and realizing like. >>okay, what is actually happening right now pretty instantly. i felt myself to hit. >>the college sophomore had been shot in the back the bullet went through his stomach but the scar was lucky to other students in that unc charlotte classroom didn't survive. 19 year-old ellis parlier and 21 year-old riley howell died. the scarlet mung the 4 students injured eventually was just down to. i was on the ground there are 2 kids that were and then making err on the ground. and the shooter himself actually was on the ground as well police arrived quickly, he says an officer in rotc student helped carry him out and drove him to the hospital. >>their staff called his mom to tell her what had happened. i knows typical. >>conversation i'm honored to
8:46 pm
have with the nurse when she called them or called her a but. those families have a completely different. you know a lot worse than we did stuff. is on a lot. >>i understand that you want to go back unc althouse of light. >>kyra the way i see it. especially with these situations. i feel like lightning does not strike twice his younger brother will be there with him. >>this car was also grateful for all the support he's received from his parents and longtime girlfriend who are always at his bedside documenting the ordeal to his fellow students, teachers and coaches past and present to the total strangers who reached out in his hospital room this poster people signed during a vigil at unc charlotte the day after the shooting has been everything that that's the reason why i mean everyone always like oh you seem so positive such a hard time on in. >>it's 99% because of all the
8:47 pm
support i've gotten he'll be back at the hospital next week and is hoping that will be the end of his physical recovery, dealing with what he heard and saw that day will take longer than that. >>that was amy cover reporting a former unc charlotte student has been indicted on charges connected to the shooting. 22 year-old tristen terrill faces 2 counts of murder and 4 counts of attempted murder along with several weapons charges. >>well now to the lawyers anne toronto for game one of the nba finals didn't quite turn out the way we're hoping the game just one final marker from her is here with the highlights mark. yeah, the rafters making their finals debut didn't look like it tonight they look like a veteran team that was ready for this moment in the war years. >>we got to see how this plays out going forward it could be a long series but up the warriors in the finals for the 5th year in a row. but this time, the champs opening their title run on the road here we go raptors fans in jurassic park outside the arena. this is the first finals game in canada. resale tickets started at ou nds now the warriors going for the 3 people why
8:48 pm
leonard leading the way. now late in the first haskell it's one of the raptors far 5 threes in the quarter toronto up for after one midway through the second klay thompson. given the often started makes the wing 3 pointer warriors lead 4142, then late in the half way 100 held in check until then the drive draws the fallen steph curry and want to run off 7 and the drake dressed in the dell curry raptors throwbacks he's loving it. the 2nd quarter danny green, usually been cold but knocks down the corner 3 batters going to the break up 1059 49%. out of the aft ever deer and trying to fire up his teammates out of the locker room curry with the siac up finishes at the other end with a 10 point lead for toronto, siac and 14 point to the frame. was up 7 going into the 4th in the final stanza kyle lowry nice pass to say aca makes his 12th straight shot, 32 points for say after
8:49 pm
him in his finals debut raptors up 9487 you see jurassic park. they have more reason to go wild fred vanvleet with the clock winding down throws it up the search is shot roles in rafters with a 12 point lead down the stretch though hurry try to get something started finishes and won the mvp finished with 34 to lead all scores but toronto kept state ahead. and that more injury news for the warriors to keep an eye on andrea dollar comes of living on the rebound may have aggravated that calf injury status going forward is unknown toronto takes game 1 one 18 1 oh 9 golden state's first playoff loss to the houston series. and then you saw drake and dream on evans of words at the end caps off a rough night for the chance game ght. coming up across 4 news at night, we'll have a live report and reaction from toronto, as part one of this series is in the books all right mark we'll see you at 9. >>all right coming up we're going to tell you about star
8:50 pm
wars and disney fans who are eagerly awaiting friday's tomorrow's grand opening of star wars galaxy's edge does the spare no expense reportedly spending a billion dollars on the 14 acre site in anaheim. frank par, got a preview. how a star wars galaxy's edge. a game changer for disney parks. i think the greatest attraction here is really the land itself, you feel like you're actually on the planet about too. so what ship is this will this is the millennium falcon may be one of most famous spaceships in the entire galaxy so can still do the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs or know what you know what that's really more about the flight for that as the ship and you're going to be that flight. take us to hyperspace. there also seem to be attractions inside of the attractions so when i wrote a
8:51 pm
landfall can i said at the chessboard and i was like oh man this is this is going to be even bigger than the right to a certain extent every q itself into an attraction is an attraction and then we have in q apps so that you can actually be within the mythology going on your phone while you're in a q. and play again. we pulled the apparel pieces we copy them stitch by stitch so i could literally walk in here change my outfit where this for the rest of the time and alex is that you absolutely can. if you're looking for staying hydrated i am we have the most talked about chilled beverage here. lou mailed. what kind of like a little bit like a rice pudding. but it's it's very it's very sweet that's really good. it's refreshing too. if
8:52 pm
you treated them landfall right. the fandom would have come out in droves, you would add lines all the way to the front gate why beamer son at all because it. disney parks. what we do is the physical embodiment of the magic. we make magic real and you can't do that on a movie screen can't do that on a computer screen. but you certainly can do it. >>when the falcon sitting right in front of you. >>that was frank a lot of reporting and again the new attraction opens tomorrow this this just opened a second. stay with me has >>also be you buy or sell. >>world is going to open one of
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>>new tonight at 8 and on the california student is proving hard work and dedication can pay off this school year he never missed a day and now he has a brand new bike thanks to that perfect attendance record erica rucker has the still free. >>and serenaded by his classmates. josiah was the big man on campus to boot. green the west elementary school in oak grove received this bike for not missing a day of school the entire year, how
8:56 pm
you feel in buddy. >>josiah wasn't the only student at the school to have perfect attendance this year, but he was the winner of the draw for the by usually is a list of about 2030 40 kids depending on the year. >>and so we randomly go through and pick a name out of a hat and just i was the lucky one to win this year. >>the mound bike, maybe a little too big for just side to right right away, but he still took the first girl. the size and just setting an example by always being in class. he also says it is extremely important to be punctual something of course many adults can struggle with what is the secret to always to getting to school on time leaving like a a 20 something. >>it's something yeah because i walked to school we power walk to school. >>good exercise for a good student with the great at it. you know growing their it right. >>and that wraps so kron 4 news tonight at 8 lotus this year with kron 4 news at 9. >>they can thanks very much coming up next at 9 a cell phone video captures a fight
8:57 pm
on school grounds. >>and a concerned parent is pointing out that a teacher is encouraging the violence plus the owner of this apartment complex is accused of hiking up rents for families who are displaced by the 2017 tubs fire. the massive find the owner now has to pay to settle a price gouging case and the wars of course taking on the raptors tonight in toronto game, one of the nba finals didn't go according to plan for the dubs in their fan base, but hey it's only game one. we have highlights and reaction from toronto and oakland's coming up.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>civil we're feeling tonight, pan the warriors and their fans used to celebrating after michael's games, but you just saw what it looks like in toronto. tonight raptors fans are feeling good that raptors beat the warriors tonight in game one of the nba finals one 18 to one o 9 thanks for being with us tonight at 9 grant lotus and i'm pale more info vicki libya august tonight, it was a close game. but a disappointing one for the warriors called for sports our coverage is here to break down what went wrong. >>um yeah i mean i think many will people will point to t had little rusty but i


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