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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 31, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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>>thanks for waking up with us on friday. variables and i'm james fletcher we've got weather and traffic to update you won. briefly how it's a very busy out there, although it's friday it's not friday light on the bridges they are packed. >>and whether it's not really laid out there either no sunshine >>way down just yet very thick fog. this morning guys it is resulting in some the issues, especially if you're out towards the coast. this morning. that's pretty from above though look at all those clouds that's the fog that's hanging out all across the bay, this is your view from the center tower right here might recognize mount tam out in the distance definitely going to be sunny once that cloud cover does burn off but as for right now very great visibility having an impact at the coast as well so the east bay hills look at how fast it's going to be departing the picture today though a lot sooner than yesterday and temperatures today we're going to be rising a little bit more than yesterday back into the
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80's for a lot of the bay area and all this under sunny and dry skies see our in chalk this one up to be a good friday to make some plans outside after you do get off of work today, mostly sunny skies into the afternoon and like i mentioned a warmer one than yesterday, the rest your weekend forecast still to come. robin, there is a long line. >>and on 80 heading into san francisco john it is already backed up at the bay bridge theg through the paye gates but it continues to be quiet and that's what we like so no crashes. no hot spots story about us nothing extra 17 minutes to make your weight fremont street pretty good for friday morning. we're over to the richmond center fell we also have slowed traffic on west 5.80. it starts right before richmond parkway continues through the paye gates and then picks up right after that so 15 minutes to the north bay and from the east bay to the peninsula also packed on the san mateo bridge, the trouble free 15 minutes and growing for your average off to one oh one james started. thanks a lot at
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7 o on you know we lost one and it's not over know. >>in fact a long way from being over. 7 game series in the finals here the raptors took away will game one that's fine walk away with that. >>we'll come back. we'll this is not a sears is also may lose on the road and since was on the road for the first time for the warriors well that ap and will trend is in oregon or a guide is still hasn't come back good for many days. no it won't be back here in till next wednesday. i wish they played today because you want to get out of your system. >>but they won't play another game until sunday into iraq you know by the way this is a public service announcement if drake comes to oracle the 40 hammer if you're watching do your thing you know what i mean let's go to the highlights yesterday, the warriors this is a new aereo for them because they've never been down a one in a finals, this is their 5th straight year. >>but they've never been on the road because the raptors
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had a better record and that home crowd just cooking it was loud there but thank goodness for step curry he kept them close in the game for about 3 quarters, but they never to really close the gap steph curry ended up with 34 points klay thompson, 21 points draymond green had a triple double but the rest of the cast. really didn't do that much so the raptors ended up winning one 18 oh one oh 9 despite kawhi leonard superstar kawhi leonard pretty much in check even go bonkers says he's done it other games. the problem was his supporting cast at a wonderful game. and that's why the warriors they are in deficit. if you panicking you would be wrong here steph curry talking about that. >>it's a two-on-one they play a great game. they made a lot of shots, a difficult i'm all right. hour. the transition defense and turnovers that that stuff it's really hard overcome especially on the
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road so we got to get better with that. >>i was of course that steph curry that's coach kerr and he's been there before right. i mean he's been a coach has been a player. so he's not worried about this they just have to work harder they said in game 2 is far as closing out some of the supporting cast members and of course kawh but nobody's really talking about after the game per se about what happened during the game it was what happened after the game between dream on and drake i'm sure daria you'll be all over that for the morning buzz, not sure drake will be here but i know thousands of people are here for the watch party and i'm sure there's another one come sunday tipoff, 5 o'clock unfortunately katie will not be available for game 2 he could be available for game 3. and you know james dari i was thinking there could be a sweep still if the warriors win the next 4. t that's i use my head the us 3 o. >>i see it all right thank you very much well. >>time now it is 7 oh 04:00am
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happening today, the family of a man who died during an encounter with the san mateo county sheriff's deputies is announcing a lawsuit against the department. shindo colby died last october after being tased by deputies. here's the video. the deputies originally tried to stop him from jay walking and according to the colby suffered a and from mental illness and he didn't comply. the officer called for backup situation escalated at colby ended up being taste 4 times earlier this year, the da announced there will be no charges filed against the officers. >>now police in alameda are warning about a new phone scam so the scam involves fake calls from police or the social security administration. the caller claims you have an outstanding warrant or social are a security issue with your social recording of what that call may sound like we've got a portion of here take a listen.
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well the alameda police say that neither police nor the social security administration will ever ask you for personal information over the phone if you get this call you can be pretty sure it's a scam. >>in the east bay children fighting and a school with their teacher standing by in this video often a parent is very upset about what will happen dead lavanya dejean middle school and here's the video of the students fighting the wearing gloves taken swings and there's a teacher right there appears to be resting the fights that parents says his son feels pressured by the teachers of that class called restorative justice and he so concerned about a 7th grader safety that he wanted to remain anonymous.
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>>more co to single one you. do you know business your. you know similar to smith, the world. he so keen to tell the world. >>crown for reach out to the school district about this but we have not received a reply. >>teachers from the new haven unified school district in union city will enter day 9 of their strike so far no deal has been reached between either side but both will return to the bargaining table today and kind talks will continue after yesterday's talks teachers have decided to decrease their initial request they originally looking for a 10% increase over the next 2 years that number's gone down to 7%. no deal as we said that the district says officials say that they are in a place now where they can come to an agreement so. >>hopefully that means there's a light at the end of the tunnel. the man accused of
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exposing himself in downtown palo alto has been arrested for a second time in a week reginald barnett from oakland p was taken into custody after someone called 911 saying that they saw him standing at the intersection of university avenue in bryan street with his pants down. police took him into custody and arrested him and they actually arrested him on this past sunday to for attempted central battery and that was about 3 blocks away from where they spotted him most recently on wednesday. >>the genie is getting the green light to go along with a plan to reduce the risk of fires, it calls for expanded inspections of pg new equipment as well as the removal of trees that can fall on power lines and sparked fires. the controversial part of this plan calls for shutting off power in areas when there is a high fire danger and as for the costs no additional rate hikes were approved with this plan but pg is likely going to point to this is part of their upcoming request for the need they say
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for a $2 billion rate increase over the next 3 years. >>we want to make sure that rate pairs. pg should have already done. for which p g v already got the money for and hasn't done the work. >>pg e says the turning off the power will be its last resort and it does plan to give 48 hours notice. it is going to shut the power off in the meantime the hearings on the rate increase proposal will be held this july. today the california democratic party convention kicks off in san francisco to feature several presidential candidates, it's happening at the moscow knee center over saturday and sunday on saturday kamel harris peter o'rourke elizabeth warren people to judge and eric swalwell we'll speak on sunday senator bernie sanders is among the candidates going to be speaking and governor gavin newsom also be at the convention this weekend.
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>>here's a quick check of the markets that's another big story this morning because they've been plummeting since the opening bell, the dow off by nearly 300 points right now 24,008 84 the s and p also down 35 points the nasdaq down nearly a 100 all of this in reaction to president trump's announcement of tariffs being imposed on mexico and all imports from mexico beginning june tense. 5% increase in tariffs and then they'll continue to climb 5% every month until the president says mexico does a better job to his satisfaction of stopping the flow of migrants to the southern border, a lot of details still need to be filled in on that but in the meantime wall street is reacting and it is not positive. speaking of those new tariffs on mexico when we come back we're going to take closer look at how those increased tariffs could end up hurting you in your wallet, the next time you head to the grocery store. plus 2 bay area man arrested for child born one of them is a boy scout volunteer and after the break an inside look at the new star wars part in disneyland opens
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today and also look at your forecast as we make our way into the weekend will things be holding up. >>i've got the details still to >>but the traffic is going to be slow for sure you're backed of heavily at the bay bridge toll plaza it's spilling into the maze but still quiet on the upper deck, so ♪ ♪ deck, so ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf.c vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility.
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>>yes and we're wondering when the fog will lift ushers sick. yeah, it is very deaths this morning it's sitting lower. it's a little bit thinner of the marine layer and it's all real already working its way out for some parts of the positive changes because you're going to see more sunshine than yesterday just not yet at the golden gate bridge because it is very dense out there, especially right up the coast. you are looking at low visibilities so take it slow or on highway 1, t time in mount diablo there was a layer of fog sitting right at the base of the mountain
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about an hour ago that's already really showing signs of burning off too. so all in all most of the bay area's beginning to see that sunshine to come back out if you haven't seen it already it's the coastline and the peninsula that's really still holding on to it all the way out into the berkeley and oakland hills high pressure build back up again and it is pushing right back into the bay temperatures going to be boosting in the days to come. daytime highs already going to be warmer today than yesterday, sierra nevada still holding on the showers but with those of us in the bay still holding on to our dry weather. today tomorrow, the rest of the weekend sunny dry. despite those foggy mornings you are going to have some beautiful afternoon still look toasty so bring the sunscreen and bring an umbrella to block out the sun if you're going to be at the beach not because it's going to be raining concord 82 degrees nap 81 today livermore in san jose in check 80e s 80's today. tomorrow very similar to today and sunday similar to by monday tuesday and wednesday he really kicks
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into gear nearing 90 degrees if not hitting that mark for many inland areas. robin really good. thank you john traffic, not so bad we're checking in on 92. >>it's been a busy commute out of hayward for the last couple of hours but still quiet still hot spot free just crowd, you're not going to get rid of that 15 minutes here from hayward over to the finance laws. so far so good it to foster city and send that hail from oakland to san francisco. we're checking in on the bay bridge and it's still stacked up and it will stay like this. a few more hours, no major issues, no hot spots, 17 to 20 minutes into san francisco, just know that it's stacked up from the bottom of the maze are pretty decent on the suspension and skyway one north of san francisco right around silver, we have a minor crashes a little bit of a backup. approaching and then north to 80 hour after one on one some minor crowding. but the rest of the trip through downtown san francisco in the skyway both look really good the daily city site looking good so far friday light there too we're checking in on the
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east shore fuse 80 west to get from crockett anywhere down to oakland. it's about a 20 minute trip. yeah friday life for 24 friday life for 5.80 as well it's really could valley to oakland and then you'll experience some minor crowding on the nimitz you're averaging 14 minutes from to 38 in san leandro to downtown james. thank you robin. >>happening today, it's the grand opening of star wars galaxy's edge of disneyland we've got frank a lot of with a preview now of everything that that part we'll offer you when you get there. how a star wars galaxy's edge. a game changer for disney parks. i think the greatest attraction y on the planet about too. so what ship is this will this is the millennium falcon may be one of most famous spaceships in the entire galaxy so can still do the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs or know what you know what that's really more about the flight for that as the ship and you're going to be that flight. take us to hyperspace.
7:18 am
there also seem to be attractions inside of the attractions so when i wrote a landfall can i said at the chessboard and i was like oh man this is this is going to be even bigger than the right to a certain extent every q itself into an attraction is an attraction and then we have in q apps so that you can actually be within the mythology going on your phone while you're in a q. and play again. we pulled the apparel pieces we copy them stitch by stitch so i could literally walk in here change my outfit where this for the rest of the time and alex is that you absolutely can. if you're
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looking for staying hydrated i am we have the most talked about chilled beverage here. lou mailed. kind of like a little bit like a rice pudding. but it's it's very it's very sweet that's really good. it's refreshing too. if you created in line for the ride. the fandom would have come out in droves, you would add lines all the way to the front gate why beamer son at all because it. disney parks, what we do is the physical embodiment of the magic. we make magic real and you can't do that on a movie screen can't do that on a computer screen. but you certainly can do it when the falcon sitting right in front of you. >>ok disney plans to open a second star wars galaxy's edge by the way at their disney world hollywood studios location of florida, but that won't happen until august. >>7.19 and for your money this
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morning, let's go to jane king live at the nasdaq and see what's cooking on a friday >>heidari a good morn cost co o higher prices. it doe say it's taking some steps to ease e most recent tariff furniture bikes things like now the trump administration ratcheted up the trade battle with china with new tariffs on billion worth of imported chinese goods to 25%. dollar tree quietly adding price here products as well dollar tree manufacturers about 40% of its products in china and the increased prices surge directly due to the tariffs know it says those higher priced items will be called dollar tree plus and uber says it will reduce promotions and discounts after losing a billion dollars in quarter even though it lost a billion that was better than expected. college enrollment continues to drop overall university enrollment down one 0.7% that's going to the national student clearinghouse research
7:21 am
center 4 year for profit schools saw the biggest drop a set in 2 and four-year public institutions in california. the roman fell by 45,000 students, 1.9% from last year in terms of numbers that was the second biggest drop florida live from the nasdaq marketsite i'm jane king bacteria, thanks jane. >>21 still ahead on the cross for morning news, not to we had a winner hers at this year's scripps national spelling bee and one of them is from right here in the bay area will have his winning word. coming up next and after the break details on what police know so far about a stolen amazon van that was taken in broad daylight in berkeley was your package on it. and here's a live look outside the bay bridge approach it is backed up quite a bit on a friday morning robin west and we'll have a complete check of the ride in just a minute that john trouble with your friday and weekend weather outlook. in a moment, we'll be right back.
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7:25 am
robin. >>well do not expect traffic to clear any time soon at the bay bridge toll plaza it is very slow from the major the bottom of the maze not through the maze. so you will be dealing with some heavy traffic here but at least we don't have any major issues. this friday morning we are still hot spot free. but you have to wait at 18 minutes after fremont street. here's a peek at highway 17 because i just got word of a new crash north down on 17 near bear creek still a little hiccup in your slow traffic. they're going north. but still under 30 minutes from santa cruz to los gatos that crash blocking the far right lane back to you james. >>to the east bay now and then it was on delivery van was stolen in berkeley and now amazon is working with local police to try to customers they're missing packages so the delivery driver left his van to drop off some packages parking spotty discover the van was gone it happened near ashley avenue which attic. amazon released a statement about the stolen vehicle, they say safety is their top concern different thankful.
7:26 am
the driver was not hurt, but again they're working with local police trying to track down that truck. this morning. the u c davis marching band is suspended following accusations of hazing. so investigations are underway right now regarding allegations of hazing forced 6 games which we band members and binge drinking. the suspension includes the cancellation of future performances and events outside law enforcement agencies are now helping the university with its investigation. >>if you're planning to go to the supermarket you may be noticing some higher prices because uh some lowe's knows you're the handyman who does it right. who knows your tools are also your team. we do it right, too. with a 20 volt battery system that powers your craftsman tools across your home.
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>>check out weather and traffic little hard to see out there because the fall but a promise on road minor problems i have a stall in the bay bridge motorcycle accident on highway 4 and a crash. >>and santa cruz mountains is that enough a >>and on the weather front with its friday. it's friday, the weather going to be like the other thought really only a minor problem too and what will be a really good. >>this weekend ahead whether going to be pleasant overall it's going to get warmer though so get ready to stay hydrated as you're heading outside to enjoy what will be a warm weekend back into the 80's for many inland areas, still foggy over san francisco, although that fog is starting to break up elsewhere in the bay, you can see areas inland as well as the south bay looking at some sunshine peeking through even up in the north bay. but we
7:30 am
will be looking all in on some sunshine just a little bit later on this morning. foggo hang out up and down the coast for a much of the afternoon but you're going to see at least a touch, touch us and sunshine this afternoon out towards the ocean beach, another beaches, right along the pacific skies are going to stay dry for your friday that's key and that's going to stay that way into tomorrow and sunday too so don't worry about rainfall this weekend just a few foggy mornings and then plenty afternoon sunshine and those temperatures back up where they were just a couple of days ago i've got more on your forecast to come so stay with us robin. thank you john over to the bay bridge where we have a lot of heavy traffic squeezing into san francisco right now. >>it's already back on to the 5 80 connector, the shore freeway connector, but overall fairly quiet across the upper decks problems coming in westbound but eastbound leaving san francisco. there's a slow rolling stall on the lower deck, a car creeping along having some mechanical issues in your left lanes so you're backing up on the lower deck. the skyway and and it's
7:31 am
spilling over to north one on one so lots of slow traffic through san francisco because of that stall, here's a motorcycle accident in pittsburg west for at leverage. writer just went down in the left lane, so it's going to stay heavy. all the way over to the concord side that's push you up to 34 minutes and growing from antioch to concord and one more northbound 17 or bear creek accident being pushed off to the shoulder very slow from big money curve up to the scene so prepare for some heavy traffic northbound on 17 darnya james. thanks a lot 7 31 of big story this morning 2 men are under arrest for possessing child pornographer yeah, one of those men arrested is a boy scout volunteer force just in walton has the story. >>getting marine county man for possessing child pornographer t center. so police arrested 2 men from sandra fell. >>30 year-old lorenzo tim breeze for suspicion of possessing obscene material of a minor and 64 year-old john
7:32 am
arrested for sending obscene material of a minor there were equipment think equipment from each home. >>sandra felt police tell me detectives worked with the morgan hill and livermore police departments. the marine sheriff's office, the department of homeland security, the fbi, the secret service and the silicon valley, internet crimes against children task force for black eye he said no comment when reached by phone about his arrest. his social media pages claim he has a wealth management accountant in larkspur at a boy scout master tam restate and them are in county jail on $50,000 bail. they're booking voters are not being released because more charges could be coming any so much more than simply just. >>accidentally stumbling in 12 website or something like that there's simply deliberate intent behind during this port bust police obtained search warrants for their homes based on leads. >>i want parents to use this as an opportunity to talk to their kids about internet
7:33 am
safety there is starting using it at a younger and younger age. so it's important for parents to i asked them what they're doing on the internet. >>samara fell police issued 5 search warrants but only made 2 arrests. police tell me more arrests could be coming in samara fell, i'm just involvement. kron 4 news. >>in a south bay human trafficking victims found in the san jose led to the arrest of 3 men here they are they were arrested at a motel 6 in san jose. one man is from sacramento. the other from that home is in the 3rd is from indiana. the women that were being trafficked they were tween 1423 yefr chicago and forced into prostitution in several cities in california. >>in the east bay woman is in jail this morning for the robbery and assault of a 93 year-old man karl ashford is facing felony charges, there's a picture san leandro police say that she attacked the victim as he was walking out of the store knocking him to the ground and then stealing
7:34 am
his wallet. investigators say was all caught on surveillance video. ashford now charged with robbery and elder abuse. another big story this morning president trump announcing new tariffs on mexico to try and get them to stop migrants from coming to the southern border. he announced it on twitter last night and there's an image of the tweet it basically says that these tariffs would go into effect on june 10th. beginning first of 5% and then going up as to what that exactly means. the white house says these tariffs could go as high as 25% by october. and the threat had an immediate impact on markets as you can see here the dow off by 200 almost 250 points trading at 24,000 9.21 the s and p also fallen sharply as did the nasdaq right out of a gate this morning. and we're also seeing major impacts on car manufacturers to ford and chevrolet gm they're all seeing their stocks being hit hard by this as well. >>those tariffs and all along
7:35 am
with the ongoing tariffs on chinese goods are not just affecting the stock market. >>they're affecting your wallet seen a teacher with more on that side of the story for us joining us. live this morning, christina. >>good morning. but it's not just going to impact a place like this if you're shopping anywhere you may see a little hike in priyou know it's impacting your pocketbook on different items where ever you go, let's talk about some of those now cars and auto parts are actually the largest category of mexican made products sold here in the u s think of brands like audi and volkswagen they make cars in mexico. now the most popular talk about though is going to be your food and drink, let's think about all the condos. it's a fruit and a majority of us menus about 3 fourths of all of a condo in the us are from mexico. according to haas of out of court. now beer corona modelo and others made in mexico you'll be seeing some hikes in that also
7:36 am
electronics television companies like samsung also produced products from mexico. on the other hand we're talking tears with a another country costco became the latest retailer to say that the trade war between china and the us will likely lead to higher prices. however says it's taking steps to ease that pain costco is beginning to see the effect of the most recent tariff increases, affecting goods like furniture bikes and luggage now dollar tree is also someone who's going to need to quietly increased their prices as well they're going to have some different brands are bringing in to go ahead and subsidize that that it impacts on that, but your ice and that with even your dollar stores. now again this would start on june 10th got 10% by july 8, 2, up to 10% by july and 5% every month leading up until october possibly the highs up to 25% for now reporting live in san jose christina tetreault kron 4 news. ok, thank you christina, 07:36am national news right now there's an emergency in arkansas, the state is preparing for.
7:37 am
>>never before seen flooding expected to wreak havoc across that state for weeks to calm and you can see just how high. the water is already the arkansas river has taken over and inundated entire communities. hundreds of homes and businesses are under water ports are shut down. all along the river despite already facing tornadoes and deadly floods this week. officials are letting people know this record breaking flooding is not going away any time soon so they're actually saying the worst is not over. >>johns following that the weather center. he'll keep us updated. all right coming up at 8 o'clock a woman with a warning about traveling to a foreign country after she was brutally attacked after vacation hotel will have her story and after the break state lawmakers taking steps to protect people from being from rising rent prices to more on that in a minute as well rising temperatures out there really getting toastie not just this weekend, but especially next week.
7:38 am
>>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area not too bad this morning into san francisco are checking the bay bridge just stacked up the on west grand at least has not backed up through the maze are here you go little guy.
7:39 am
a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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>>40 and clear skies over some know, but you can see the fog and the cloud cover down in the distance hovering below those east bay hills watch out for some spots of lower visibility, but just as a sign
7:41 am
of things to come later today abundantly sunny skies to be expected into your friday afternoon. current temperatures still in the 50's for most areas, mountain view in san jose jeff 58 pittsburgh, g s below 60 degree mark now timber on in san francisco little bit closer to the 40's down in the low 50's. james. >>thank you very much john california has taken a step forward for new protections for renters the state assembly passed a bill to prevent landlords from raising rent more than 7% over the course of a single year, however, itr would not apply to newer housing or to landlords with fewer than 10 single family homes. the bill did face opposition from realtors but it will now go to the senate for a vote. >>compound morning buzz, the warriors lose game one. but there's a lot more basketball yet to play drake tries to talk to the currys with what he was wearing and his words and they ran out of words at the national spelling bee
7:42 am
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub.
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we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. looking at some cloudy skies out there across the bay fog sitting across the golden gate bridge this morning. >>you can even see the bridge hardly out there in the distance a fog so dense, not the case in san jose brightness now making its way down to a and you're right on the cusp of the 60 degree mark currently berkeley and not a whole lot of brightness just yet but you're going to get there are plenty of sunshine later on today and dry skies to kick off the weekend this friday too high pressure
7:45 am
building forecast and this is going to help to boost temperatures a lot by the weekend ahead and specially into next week. low pressure at play beginning to move itself out of the bay area now you are going to see some cloud cover right offshore the coast and moving in and out along the through the afternoon ahead of us showers up in the sierra nevada so watch out for those if your weekend plans involve heading up there tomorrow much like today foggy to start sunshine finish and comfortable and warm into the afternoon. so today tomorrow looking pretty much the same warmer temperatures than we had for yesterday near 70 degrees and financial and mission districts in a little bit cooler out towards the pacific side of the city 60's along the coastline today making today a warmer day than yesterday, 60's and 70's along one oh one on the peninsula. redwood city and palo alto at 75 today and there's your 80's going to see a lot more of them in your 4 zone forecast campbell santa clara milpitas in san jose low 80's whilst
7:46 am
livermore right 80 degrees dublin in pleasanton not far behind it all oakland, 72 for your high concord a 10 degrees warmer than that 82 today and some more 80's for the north bay palais how one of the cooler spots of the north day at 75 wouldn't call that cool. that's just right petaluma 77 and santa rosa, 79 degrees. here's the next 7 days temperatures really get more of into next week like i mentioned will already be toastie for the weekend inland. but nearing 90 degrees for monday tuesday and wednesday. we'll make this the warmest forecast of the year so far robert thank you john we're getting some early clearing on some of a hayward. >>over to the peninsula looks a much better west of the toll plaza already thinning out and we're down to 15 minutes to want to what check out the return center fell looking good right, no delays at all that the tolls about 1520 minutes ago it was packed, that's no longer the case, it's looking good 12 minutes into the north bay now the bay bridge we're still waiting for traffic to thin out here on a
7:47 am
t west. it's been quiet. no issue slow just be on west grand so somewhat friday light 18 minute softer fremont street heading out of san francisco crews are pushing off a stall east found their treasure island that's being cleared from the left lane looking better on the skyway but the backup spilled over to north one on one so north one to one slows from to 80 to 80 east a little pick up right at the entrance to the lower deck, one more motorcycle accident pittsburgh, west for at lever to still active. it's slow through the scene and it will stay heavy. all the lay into concrete out to 6.80. >>and obviously the bad as we all the way through. you know we've proven. and the bill and learn from. >>a nice late night tonight.
7:48 am
>>no use crying over spilt milk which i imagine happens a lot in canada since their milk comes in bed tags which have to cut and then put in this picture to pour it's not ideal. but you have to deal with it it's kind of like losing game one the w rriors need to figure out how to make a milkshake out of the raptors comes to rhonda was clearly first year for the win last night gold statement is to keep a lid on kawhi but draymond green let pass cow seattle get away with whatever he wanted even though traded have a triple double with all tends steph curry scored 34 points and inherocess became the fit player in nba finals history. with 100 plus career 3 pointers but the warriors spoiled it by being too sloppy and letting them know man when it won 18 to one oh 9. >>you know the biggest thing for me was our transition defense was just awful and that's the game that's the number one priority when you play toronto. you have got to
7:49 am
take care of their transition and we gave up 24 fastbreak points we turn it over 17 times so that's the game really our transition dues or when i le him you're in a rhythm. and the first 1st quarter of so i do a better job of taking his rhythm and i will, but you know we had a great game. but that's on me. >>drake did his best to get under the warriors skin by pulling old skeleton out of the closet. >>he wore and dell curry jersey from his old days in toronto, even though the raptors ambassador was clearly trying to talk the nba great. look dell and sony just sort of smirked and acted in use when they saw dell's 30 curry jersey. drake then tried to get under staff skin to using is free reign on the spotlight to get right his face. >>we're talking she's cooking. >>in fact, i'm guessing that these old buddies are not going to be dining together any time soon and >>after the raptors won well it got worse real
7:50 am
mouthy throw in some words trayvon's way but green-lit the rapper's freestyling roll right. >>really a scuffle comes out in him and he did hit me i didn't push he didn't push me. we talked. we bought a little bit but i would miss and consider that a scuffle. >>plus so we've got our own rapper in the world words. 40 and another bay area wordsmiths is bringing a trophy home. a 13 year-old san jose 7th grader just won the scripps national spelling bee. a word or syllable i had to look it up and that was the final word nailed it right she can gondar a but you know what the other 7 competitors, they also got their final words
7:51 am
right. so they all get a trophy everybody gets their own truck and they each get $50,000 a piece. it is the first time in the bees 92 year history. they had way. hi, the kids went 20 rounds without a mistake and they couldn't get going. but the judge said friday that actually ran out of challenging words. they threw the book at them the dictionary lost so the bay area already won the world words and now we just got to get the nba finals in the milk bag, whoa canada that service.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well godzilla king of the monsters smashes into theaters this weekend with the chance to dethrone a latin at the box office will see david daniel has a preview. >>godzilla king of the monsters is ready to stop the competition. this time out the title character is on our side against a coterie of creatures. analysts expect the monster mash to debut with 50 to million with some saying it could go as high as 70 million. >>it's
7:55 am
>>the other 2 new movies figure to duke it out for 3rd place behind godzilla and the lad and teran edgerton stars as elton john in rocket man the latest big-screen biopic about a music legend opening weekend estimates range from 20 to million. >>there's something off about is lee octavia spencer throws some killer parties for the high school crowd in ma the oscar winner stars as a lonely woman who seemingly friendly overtures to the local teenagers may have ulterior motives box office watchers say the horror thriller should open with 18 to million in hollywood. i'm david dan. time now 7.55 coming up in the next hour fights at one bay area school caught on camera and it wasn't spontaneous. >>it was planned in fact the teacher standing by presumably refereeing a parent is outraged captured this video of lot more on the story what his concerns are coming up.
7:56 am
and a van delivering amazon packages is stolen in broad daylight in the east bay was your package in at well now amazon is trying to find out and work with local police to get all that stuff back. here's a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge again we're looking at some pretty foggy conditions here for your drive, not too bad. roberts keeping an eye how thick the backups are there are any for you and then of course john we'll talk more about when this fog of the golden gate bridge will finally clear out making way for some sunny afternoon conditions will be right back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
7:57 am
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>>friday and daria full senate james fletcher and it is what looks to be a happy friday on the weather and traffic last we checked out the roads, no hot spots and the bridges are thinning out early really no longer and they look good already ok. well we're we're getting. i have way but but and the fog is clearing out starting their and out early like yesterday which is kind of foggy for a while especially out at the coast today you're getting more brightness earlier on looking outside there's your puffy white blanket of clouds that looks inviting from above but once you're down in that like so many of us are it's kind of great to be kicking things off you are going to start to see the fog clearing out
8:00 am
coastline goes you're still gonna hold on to eiugh sunshine out there to help temperatures get a little bit warmer than they did yesterday when it stay chilly out there at the coast as for a skies above what she had to get rid of that cloud cover is crystal clear not a cloud in the sky above our fog you later this morning and that is going to make for a very nice afternoon. so clear skies in san francisco than yesterday your highs in the upper 60's, especially towards the bay and financial district, oakland and san jose a range of 70's to even low 80's. we have more your weekend forecast still to count. all right a pretty good looking commute across the cemetery, bridge last hour it was much heavier. >>this hour. it is standing out it's not clear but it's sending out and looking better so we're down to 15 minutes and that's a great drive time to make it over to


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