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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 31, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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>>a jury of his son and again just let your so we've got a lot of headlines to get to first off on the roads and happen look in great they look fantastic, you know someone just brought up a great question on twitter yet they said robin we talk about friday like traffic, looking good now, but i've notice on friday afternoons and evenings. it's still a mass how is people run errands and they head out of looking good now. but later if you have some errands to run visiting family 81 o 1, 5, 80, you need to leave extra early because it will be slow ok but this morning, you know, but nobody's working. and just now they say it's a head across the golden gate bridge after all. when it's literally whenever the golden gate bridge is busy it's not during the workday. >>is very foggy at the golden gate really across the bay look at this just thick blanket of it is sitting or
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are right on top of the bay right now so a lot of you are already looking at abundantly clear skies such as you can see once you head above the fog layer. >>but where there is fog, you're hanging hour right up and down through the golden gate on the peninsula and then some spots right across the bay to including 92 if you're crossing over from hayward to san mateo you're running into some thick fog. also right around the oakland and berkeley hills, it's still hanging on to as we make our way into the afternoon even later morning hours, it's nice and clear out there, you're still going to see fog from time to time during the afternoon through the golden gate on the shoreline. but times will clear out and push back in just depends on. what direction. those winds are coming from and where were those eddies do form right along the coastline as for a storm tracker for looking at the cloud cover you can see it right across the bay, other areas, nice and sunny like the east bay and south bay. er not
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yet. 60's 70's 80's for today's daytime highs warmer than yesterday is from the coast to our inland areas. and i'm talking a nice warm and sunny weekend ahead of us where looking great into san francisco this morning. no delays at all we got some early clearing. it's been like this for about an hour. early this morning, 5 o'clock 6 o'clock it was packed right now looks great. only 13 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. a lot of folks take friday off 92 same story, a little busy but not bad at all traffic looks great and has improved nicely we're down to 14 minutes to make it to the peninsula with just this crowding on the flat section of the high rise, foster city some detail all looking good target well, the first time out of the country for the nba did not go sthe war they did get to open a hole through the actress but there's still a lot of the series left to go and still plenty of opportunities for the warriors to tie and then take the lead.
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>>we've got more from proffers will trend he's out at the oracle arena this morning >>fans look at there was a little bit well still said all long will your memories that we want to win one on the road at least one on the road. >>that's right one would be great to would be fabulous but we'll take one it will we will get that on sunday and by the way they have always said the playoffs don't really start into the home team loses so even if we go too that's okay because we'll be back at oracle come next wednesday, yes, thousands of people were here last night for the watch party and there was nothing to write home about because of lawyers they ended up losing let me show you some highlights or should i say low lights of last night's game one 18 1 oh 9 steph curry klay thompson draymond green, they all did their thing step a step curry actually made nba history being the first player to hit 103 pointers in the nba finals. but it wasn't enough because the bench that
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outplayed by 2 lotto spence the lawyers kept kawhi leonard in check but there supporting cast for the raptors they did so well that they ended up pulling away. the warriors never really close the distance and to make things a little bit worse. andre iguodala came up a little bit get the in the 4th quarter but i found out that after the game, he said he's okay he tha out today just to make sure in the meantime we have your coverage all over the place we even have a reporter up here's steph curry talking about game one. >>it's a toronto, they played a great game. they made a lot of shots a difficult hour. the transition defense and turnovers that that stuff it's really hard overcome especially on the road so we got to get better with that. >>he will not play games to we certainly needed in for game one but he will not play game.
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2. there are reports that he could be back 3 or at the very latest again for but because is played he only played 8 fully all have more minutes and more impactful minutes but let's face it james terry everybody's talking een didn't scuffle, but he you can see what dotd rate mouthed off to dream, i'm saying trash what are the nba talking to drake great it was like don't do anything. yeah that has you kn >>like in personal life like drake is friends with the guys on the and has kd and numbers tattooed did you see will he had the tattoos covered on his arm with a little black band. can i just do a bill maher no new rule you should never have a living person. another against on yeah, just that. and never led raid near the warrior store because he got
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dell curry's old jersey now from that rhino days talked, yeah. >>and there he is wearing a 30 jersey we'll see what happens on sunday. all right time now is 9 oh 5. here's another big story that we're following this morning the president. >>in a tweet announced there would be new tariffs now in mexico to try to get them to stop migrants from coming to the southern border, she's putting the onus on mexico. he announced this new policy in this tweet that you see on your screen. it wasn't long on details but here's june 10th, beginning with a 5% tariff on imports from mexico and then it will go up another 5% every month until the problem is quote remedied but the president didn't plane. what exactly that means so what is the bar that he expects mexico to meet the white house for its part says these tariffs could go as ,igh as 25% if you do the math that would come around october. so we'll see what happens we already know what's happening on wall street they're reacting negatively to this with the dow falling quite a bit this morning down now about 226 points. we're seeing the same
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trend for the nasdaq and the s and p as well traders not too happy with this escalation of trade wars with a mexico on the back of on the heels of that and china all right and now we're going to be feeling wall street. >>feel we go to the stores soon this is terrace kicking christie takes row is live in san jose with a look at the impact on the stuff we buy christina. >>im here live at the shot a supermarket and it's a vaccine based a supermarket locally owned that sells of course things from mexico and so if you're thinking it may just be impacting this know it's going to be impacting different goods that you buy just about anywhere now think about it like this cars and auto parts they're actually the largest category of mexican made products sold here in the united states think of brands like audi and volkswagen they make cars in mexico. now let's talk about the most popular things foods and drinks the condos, a fruit and almost a majority of all us menus almost 3 fourths of all of the condos in the us are from mexico. that's according to
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the hostile the condo board. de in mexico. also looking about electronics television companies like sampson also produce products from mexico. shoppers here in san jose we've been speaking with saying these tariffs are necessary. >>the justice stephen reason that you want to tax the like lala like imports, the you're not going change the light taxi in over zoning super like seery stupid. i'm not going to like the votes for it all a condo i want to dollars nothing so would be super matt i would not want to you know pay for that. >>that's how it could potentially affect us now recently with this new potential tariff on mexico. but let's talk about existing tariffs here in the proposal with the trade war with china. so you know pasco actually became the most recent retailer to say that the trade war between us and china will
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likely lead higher prices, however it says it's taking its steps to ease the pain costco is just beginning to see the effect of the most recent tariff increases affecting ag things that like furniture you get a large store like that no dollar tree is quietly adding price your product assortment of some of its stores. dollar tree manufacturers manufactures about 40% of its products in china increased prices would help to manage the rising cost import these products that are being brought on by the tariffs under the new plan, the initial tariff on all goods which are june 10th get add 5 more percent to 10%. on july first and 5% more every month leading up and talked over which could possibly be 25% by that for now reporting live in san jose christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>hopefully that doesn't come to pass, but we'll see thank you christina. >>9 oh 9 is the timing and today the california democratic party convention kicks off in san francisco. it will feature several presidential candidates at the moscow knee center saturday and sunday on saturday kamel
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harris beta elizabeth warren, pete earley judge and eric swalwell and then on sunday senator bernie sanders is among the speakers and governor gavin newsome we'll be there at the convention this weekend too. >>teachers from the new haven unified school district in union city will enter day 9 of their strike today. so far no deal has been reached between teachers or the district they did ret rn to the bargaining table yesterday, no deal to be back at it again today. now the teachers for their part have brought down their request initially they were insisting on a 10% pay increase over the next 2 years. they've dropped that now to 7%. no deal as we said that the district at least for its part says they are in a place now where they can come to still ahead on the cross for morning news from jet eyes to stormtroopers check it out we've got a close-up look at the new star wars themed area of disneyland which today we're going to get parole a little while fortunately act and pga's
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wildfire prevention plan approved by regulators but the plan does come with a little bit of controversy. we'll explore that. and then shocking video students fighting at school. we'll hear from a parent who shot this video says the teacher was there. apparently encour
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>>15 after facing deadly tornadoes earlier in the week arkansas is now dealing with potentially record-breaking flooding you can see examples of that here in this video karin caifa is in downtown little rock with a look at what's being done now to try to deal with the rising water. >>now that we have some daylight you get a better the e of just how swollen and bridge also put some of this into perspective here in little rock the river not expected to crest until wednesday and even though there sunny skies right now there's more rain on the way all of these factors contributing to what could end up being a very dire situation
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for communities all along the arkansas river. after weeks of heavy rainfall tornadoes and flooding, arkansas residents are concerned the worst is yet to come. >>the bottom floor of trish wiens house is already under water. >>loss of don't have so i really know what to do next. i keep trying. >>after touring the state from the sky thursday governor is a hutchinson called the situation quote devastating. >>the most significant impression i had is that it's hard to do. imagine the magnitude of the flooding. it is difficult to comprehend we've never seen this before we've never had to deal with this before. >>the swollen river has flooded into hundreds of homes and buildings across the state. >>we have over 500 homes that have been affected. here in arkansas far and that's probably a conservative number. also flooded.
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>>thousands of acres of fala70 miles upstream from little rock breached leaving what one official called a quote wide open hole of water. >>and also with the daylight we're getting a better sense of just how that every large co along the arkansas river is going to be affected with major flooding over the next re expected in at least 6 spots in little rock arkansas, i'm karen caifa. >>the can't get a break don't know and that water is going to stay high all the way into next week guys so a road ahead for them for us though we got the opposite problem at a little warm up ahead. yeah, very upset and dry worst of the fog that's a form of moisture but. the result any flooding that's for sure foggy conditions out at the golden gate and then yeah it is getting a warm out there this afternoon. you can expect all that sunshine to help
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temperatures to rise into the 80's for areas like san jose which are already abundantly sunny and looking at clearing conditions now at berkeley you couldn't even see this few moments ago saying that fog beginning to retreat out of the east bay now or you'll be looking at some sunshine over berkeley coastline and write a top the a not looking at any cloud cover whatsoever and that's what most of us have to expect this afternoon brilliant sunshine overhead. high pressure is working its way back into this forecast as this low moves out of the area. this is going to result in clear conditions and warmer temperatures in the days to come before this year, you're still looking at thunderstorms up there for the bay area we've just got our dry skies today tomorrow into sunday, pretty easy forecast a planned for this weekend very little change from today tomorrow into sunday we're going to stay toasty in our inland areas and comfortably cool near the coast with fog during your morning's clear skies during your afternoons
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today warmer than yesterday for san francisco, both financial a mission district's nearing 70 degrees cooler towards the pacific as you expect 60's out there along the pacific is you're traveling down highway one with areas of fog but some clearing skies, a little bit into the afternoon unlike yesterday millbrae upper 60's while burlingame low 70's and then upper 70's in mountain view very close to that 80 degree mark which much of the south today, we'll see for your afternoon ahead. 80 degrees in livermore today union city in hayward 75 back to the 70's after your 60's yesterday in oakland, and back to the 80's in danville walnut holding on to the 70's and then areas closer to the coast with santa rosa just below the 80 degree mark. so this weekend like i said expect very little change each of the next 3 days or going to be very alike one another then comes monday tuesday and wednesday skies really clearing out and temperatures are really skyrocketing upper
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80's to low 90's for a lot of our inland spots and bayside areas also getting more armor with mid 70's to be expected by tuesday and wednesday. robin thank you john will head back to the golden gate a little busy into and out of san francisco, but no problems just foggy we can see the towers. >>traffic may be a little bit sluggish around mitt span because of reduced visibility so be careful reduce your speed to watch out for that thick fog, but so far 22 minutes nevado to the toll plaza which is great for friday. tracking friday like conditions on 80 to san francisco was packed early this morning 6 o'clock 7 o'clock 5 o'clock right now no delays at also a great trip a great time to head on it before something happens we're under 15 minutes for the drive off to fremont street. here's a look at one to one north approaching san francisco, slow right around 3rd. through the 2.80 split it will pick up for you at cesar chavez north of cesar chavez wide open from that point merging on to the skyway and the north to 80 little sluggish at the one on one sleeve but that is
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not bad at all we're checking in on some more numbers like 6.80 per take out to dan built only 15 minutes and west 24. it's been great all morning, one creek lafayette are in debt on over to the oakland side with no major hotspots james. thank you robin. >>happening now police in alameda are warning people about a phone scam this one involves fate callers. the pretend to be from your local police agency or the social security administration when they get you on the line that's when they tell you you have an outstanding warrant or a security issue with your social security number police have actually released recordings of what this call may sound like we've got a bit of it here take a listen. o
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alameda police say that neither they nor the social security administration will ever ask you for personal information like your social security number over the phone if you get this call. it's a scam. >>the genie is getting green light to go on with its plan to reduce the risk of wildfires which includes shutting off power. when there's high fire danger and that's the part of the plan that some people have a problem with as for the cost of it this plan, no additional rate hikes were approved with it, but p g and is likely going to point to this plan as part of the upcoming request for a billion rate increase over the next 3 years. >>we want to make sure that rate pairs. pg should have already done. for which jimmy already got the money for and hasn't done the work. >>they say that turning off the power would be their last resort and that they would try to give 48 hours notice before they would shut the power off in the meantime the hearings
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on that rate increase proposal will be held this july. >>it's 9.22 and coming up on the kron four morning news where is your amazon package, maybe it was one in that introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box. we all care about amazing taste. that's why we've been making the best mayonnaise for over 100 years. best foods. we
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so i'm looking for someone to make tastier... bigger, i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>waiting for that sunshine all morning and there you go sfo finally starting to see it overhead, they're still fog sitting out in the distance right over san bruno but look
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at those skies and a well you're still delayed, but things are improving so i would expect that delay to also improve in the next few minutes. if you're traveling up into the sierra conditions will improve but unfortunately the timing of this major improvements are going to happen as you head to work on monday. through the weekend will see nice weather at times but also some isolated thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon that you should just plan on if you do have plans uo in the sierra robin thank you john we're checking in on them, because we had a stall actual do the bay bridge first and then i'll do the nimitz. >>we'll check 81th to drive into san francisco, no major issues here it will back up just off and on in some of the cash lanes of right now it is a great trip and friday like conditions into san francisco. the perfect time to just go ahead and use it now the nimitz we have a stall out near oak street and that was blocking one lane so it's going to be a little busy right around high street on a to the too if you're looking fo alternative and you don't want to use the name it just take
9:26 am
5.80 instead we'll talk more freeways coming up james. >>thank you very much robin. so it will be east bay where an amazon delivery van was stolen in berkeley broad daylight and now amazon is working with the police to try and find out where those packages are get them to you. so the delivery driver pulled up to one of his drop-off sites got out 2 of the package came back to the parking spot van was gone. it's right near ashby avenue which attic a avenue amazon did release a statement saying that in addition to working with local police they're also very happy the driver to get hurt. they say there driver safety is of paramount concern. coming up in a moment. we're going hear from the parent who shot this video it shows students fighting at a school in the east bay apparently with the teacher's permission. ever get.
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>>nobody no reason to wait to hear me apparently they're sleeping in nice they're not on the road. a lot of folks are just off today so friday like conditions on our bridges >>let's get a quick weather update then looking good for today loocing great and skies are starting to clear as those looking berkeley is looking better asked him i had friday morning. i guess this is your look outside at a san francisco where a bit of brightness is nowhstarting to make its way down you can see
9:30 am
that you not near as dark as it has been all morning long. you can see skies really beginning to clear out for much the bay now and still obviously foggy to the golden gate as it also is right on the coastline at the moment, you're going to look at fog on and off through the coastline through the afternoon but elsewhere just abundant sunshine to look forward to for your friday and that's the way it's going to be today tomorrow on into your sunday, clearing skies across the bay right now and certainly dry skies too. 60's and san francisco 70's clinton for san jose, it's back to the 80's today with even more 80's and some 90's ahead in the forecast. robin. >>checking in on 92, the 17 a bridge every time i check it looks better and better as traffic continues to thin out here westbound from hayward over to the peninsula. it's looking really good friday light conditions all the way across into city and said the tail, here's the bay bridge. there's a. >>a little bit of a lie, nothing really to worry about those cash liens are stacking up and it's like let 5, 6 cars deep. overall a great trip into san francisco. here's a
9:31 am
new problem, this just popped up so if you take 5.80 out of livermore there's a new crash was found near 80 for isabel this second lane from the left bloc we have several v stay 70 right through the sedar just before and after the scene you see that little pocket of slowing right there. so your overall drive time still not bad will put it at 15 minutes for your average from vasco road to the death an interchange just be on the lookout for the crash of 84. jane started. >>so a concerned parent sent us video that shows children fighting one another at a richmond middle school apparently as part of a class cowboys. taylor's sacking takes a look. >>no this isn't a boxing class. these are students at la mama to jean middle school in richmond, throwing swings in punches at each other during class time, a concerned parent took this video on thursday when he couldn't believe what happened next the the soul. >>you seem to be in room.
9:32 am
version will be to you know soon to be where you see blues rules. order to search an. bush too. mayorship there's. >>that parents as his son feels pressured by restorative justice. he's so concerned rema re were no business your. you know to snow said the world. so could you tell people he
9:33 am
was shocked to learn this isn't the first time. >>his son tells him that happens regularly on thursdays or fridays, not only is he concerned about his own safety, but also his son's education to join courts. sir they return to for to there started. there's no there's a is. now that parents as he reached out to the school but hasn't heard back yet. i also reached out to the school district about that video and his parents concerns. >>but i also have not heard back yet. enrichment hillary sackey kron 4 news. >>on the peninsula, a man accused exposing himself in downtown palo alto is arrested from oakland was taken into custody after somebody called 911 and said it was a man standing at the intersection of university avenue and brian street and his pants were down a police first arrested him on sunday for attempted sexually battery which happened 3 blocks away from wednesday's incident. >>2 men in marin county are
9:34 am
now under arrest for possessing child pornographer e one of them worked as a boy scout volunteer. they've been identified as 30 year-old lorenzo tabriz and 64 year-old john he's the one who volunteer with the boy scouts. prosecutors say more charges may likely come down as the investigation unfolds. in the meantime police are asking parents to use this as an opportunity to talk with their children about internet safety. >>there is starting using it at a younger and younger age. so it's important for parents to i asked them what they're doing on the internet. >>police served 5 search warrants. they say they could make more arrests soon. >>in the north bay, the owner of a center is apartment complex is going to pay 10's of thousands case following the deadly thomas fire in sonoma county in 2017. fire displaced renters found themselves paying higher rates at the meadows at fountain grove apartments and the owner and operator of the complex raise the rates in excess of
9:35 am
10% which is in violation of california's price gouging law we reached out to the property manager of the apartments, but they were not available for comment. the wildfire mercy declaration that triggered the state's anti price gouging pro tech protections expires today. california took a step forward to protections for renters across the state actually when it comes to raising the rent state assembly passed a bill to prevent landlords from raising the rent more than 7% over the course of a year. however, it wouldn't apply to newer housing or to landlords who have fewer than 10 single-family homes for rent. the b from realtors who say that it wouldn't be fair it goes to the senate for a vote now. happening today. it is the grand opening of star wars galaxy's edge at disneyland we've got frank a lot of. >>with a preview of everything that's waiting for you.
9:36 am
>>how a star wars galaxy's edge. a game changer for disney parks. i think the greatest attraction here is really the land itself, you feel like you're actually on the planet about too. so what ship is this will this is the millennium falcon may be one of most famous spaceships in the entire galaxy so can still do the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs are now well, you know what that's really more about the flight for that as the ship and you're going to be that flight. there also seem be attractions inside of the attractions so when i wrote a landfall can i said at the chessboard and i was like oh man this is this is going to be even bigger than the right to a certain extent every q itself into an attraction is an attraction and then we have in q apps so that you can actually be within the
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mythology going on your phone while you're in a q. and play again. we pulled the apparel pieces we copy them stitch by stitch so i could literally walk in here change my outfit where this for the rest of the time and alex is that you absolutely can. if you're looking for staying hydrated i am we have the most talked about chilled beverage here. lou mailed. tle bit like a rice pudding. but i refreshing too. i you created in line for the ride. the fandom would have come out in droves, you would add lines all the way to the front gate why beamer son at all because it. disney parks, what we do is the physical embodiment of the magic. we make magic real and you can't
9:38 am
do that on a movie screen can't do that on a computer screen. >>but you certainly can do it when the falcon sitting right in front of you. >>it served to be on that road. >>you he asked >>i mean i get the laser thing but just in the someone is only buzz lightyear liking to fire the things and there's nothing like buzz lightyear over i'll explain it's just another ride. big deal. >>also coming tois but again. >>it like it is cool, but can't get near for at least a month downs of a of property in his liking million dollars. but once you do. right and hopefully the weather will be very nice for your trip to galaxy's edge here in the bay it's going to be very nice for your trips outside for the weekend ahead your forecast to come. >>and traffic looks fantastic out the bay bridge toll plaza, no major delays no problems here working their way into san francisco. you need to cros
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
area bridge you'll do fine by the west to the richmond center fell wide open friday light, no issues 80 from ol ou one to one even the bay bridge which is normally our heaviest and one of our most lowest purchased during the morning, not right now looks great
9:42 am
through the maze across the upper deck, it's clear off to fremont street. just one crash you need to look out for on 5 80 in livermore westbound at 84 as traffic backing up its blocking one lane, so it's going to be heavy just before and after 84, but that's only putting you in 15 minuges from to the dublin interchange
9:43 am
9:44 am
well to get better lot of spots just not at the golden gate bridge yeah, i'm not quite at the golden gate yet not at all to cope but
9:45 am
eventually eventually go get we'll see. >>hints of sunshine in the afternoon unlike yesterday when its state foggy through the day and that's where the coast is going to be you're going to have touches of sunshine at the coast and then just a abundant sunshine elsewhere, which is a good way to start the weekend. yeah, not seeing much the bridge this morning but you're seeing plenty of san jose under those crystal clear skies and more and more of the east bay now starting to see that bayshore right there in the distance as the fog begins to clear its way out of the east bay so conditions out there starting to clear and into the afternoon today, some really pleasant weather high pressures build back in so that's going help temperatures to rise further than they did the bay still seeing thunderstorms in the sierra while the bay remains nice and dry. today clear skies this afternoon tonight, fog pushes back in and then tomorrow, fog pushes back out so tomorrow actually going to be a lot like today, not a whole lot of changes to note this weekend friday saturday
9:46 am
and sunday looking much like each other as we work our way through this weekend. the low 60's by the pacific while upper 60's on the bay side of the city today, 60's up and down highway one on the peninsula and some 70's mixed in with the 60's along one oh one on the bay side with redwood city in palo alto each 75 today back to the 80's for much of the south bay as well as much as the of the east bay like livermore right at 80 degrees. and then up to walnut creek danville and concord each the 60's and into the 70's you north bay on the toasty side, especially vacaville, 86 for your high today and it's only getting warmer next week. santa rosa 79 will stinson beach nice at 62 bit of sunshine. poking out this afternoon. so today tomorrow and sunday almost carbon copies of each other come monday tuesday and wednesday that's when our temperatures really start to skyrocket for inland temperatures near 90
9:47 am
degrees. if not at or above 90 degrees in some cases so get those water bottles ready if you're heading outside into next week. robert i'll be staying in the same with my sunscreen, i'm a water bottle thank you very much john back to livermore. >>we still have a trouble spot on 5.80 that's really the only problem our bridges look. stick like want to want to cross the golden gate 20 minutes, it's getting a little crowded only as folks head to south approaching thereolat trip 20 minutes nevado to the raffic also smooth and wide open we've had no major issues so far and to san francisco. if you use it now it's nutes. they earlier this morning. it was packed the right now it's a great trip coming in so, here's only problem 5 in the westt ivermore multi-car crash blocking several lanes so you're back to will be on for states heavy approaching el charles really it's just a a brief slowdown when you put it all together your overall dry still looks good at 15 minutes
9:48 am
from vasco heading out to the dublin interchange one little hiccup in traffic there 6.80 dublin to fremont looks great and the nemitz a whole lot better. at 27 minutes for your average to 38 to to 37. >>now obviously the bad as we were on but it's not in the e proven. >>our resiliency and the ability to win games that we need to. and the bill and learn from. >>a nice late night tonight. to cut and then put in this picture to pour it's not ideal. but you have to deal with it it's kind of like losing game one the warriors need to figure out how to make a milkshake out of the raptors omes to rhonda waate managed to keep a lid on kawhi but draymond green let pass can
9:49 am
get away with whatever he wanted even though traded have a triple double with all tends steph curry scored 34 points and in the process became the first player in nba finals history. with 100 plus career 3 pointers but the warriors spoiled it by being too sloppy and letting them know man when it won 18 to one oh 9. >>you know biggest thing for me was our transition defense was just awful that's the game that's the number one priority when you play toronto. you have got to take care of their transition and we gave up 24 fastbreak points we turn it game really our transition dues or when i let him you're in a rhythm. the first 1st quarter of so do a better job of taking his rhythm and i will, but you know we had a great game. but that's on me. >>drake did his best to get under the warriors skin by pulling old skeleton out of
9:50 am
the closet. he wore a sign dell curry jersey from his old days in toronto, even though the rafters ambassador was clearly trying to talk the nba great look dell and sony just sort of smirked and acted in use when they saw dell's 30 curry jersey. drake then tried to get under staff skin to using is free reign on the spotlight to get right his face. >>we're talking she's cooking. >>in fact, i'm guessing that these old buddies are not going to be dining together any time soon and >>after the raptors won well it got worse trade get real mouthy throw in some words trayvon's way but green-lit the rapper's freestyling roll right. >>what really has got lot in him and he didn't hit me i didn't push he didn't push me. we talked. we bought a little bit but i would miss and consider that a scuffle. >>plus so we've got our own rapper in the world words. 40
9:51 am
and another bay area wordsmiths is bringing a trophy home. a 13 year-old san jose 7th grader just won the scripps national spelling bee. a word or syllable i had to look the other 7 competitors, they also got their final words right. so they all get a trophy everybody gets their own truck and they each get $50,000 it is the first time in the bees 92 year history. they had way. hi, the kids went 20 rounds without a mistake and they couldn't get going. but the judge said friday that actually ran out of challenging words. they threw the book at them the dictionary lost so the bay area already won the world words and now we just got to get the nba finals in the milk bag, whoa canada that service. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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we're on the move. roger.
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hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >>these box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. godzilla king of the monsters is ready to stop the competition.
9:55 am
>>this time out the title character is on our side against a coterie of creatures. analysts expect the monster mash to debut with 50 to million with some saying it could go as high as 70 million. >>it's >>the other 2 new movies figure to duke it out for 3rd place behind godzilla and the lad and teran edgerton stars as elton john in rocket man the latest big-screen biopic about a music legend opening million. stimates range from >>there's something off about is lee octavia spencer throws some killer parties for the high school crowd in law. the oscar winner stars as a lonely woman who seemingly friendly overtures to the local teenagers may have ulterior motives. >>box office watchers say the horror thriller should open with 18 to i'm david million. daniel. >>on alex kerry at all right, but you know what we're ndt afraid of kawhi in the raf 2
9:56 am
is sunday just want to give you one last reminder to an end. and let's keep our fingers crossed for a game to win and drake stay home take that all right that's all for now, let's take peek at 7 era. they forecast that things are warming up, you bet, here's a look at this weekend looks fantastic a low 80's getting into the upper 80's even close to 90. >>by the middle of next week. >>looks pretty good hope you enjoy the weekend now we'll see you back here monday morning or if you have kron on you have khan all the time 24 7 just go to conduct tv to sign up. we'll see you monday.
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." >> i sold my soul to the devil to make sure you're safe. >> announcer: mom has harsh words for her teen daughter. >> dr. phil: you sent her to a homeless shelter. >> she's out of control. i don't have those issues with my son. >> announcer: and for her sister -- >> this is a phony appearance. >> dr. phil: i missed the phony part. is she here?
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you say i'm the only one that can save your daughter. she got you here and you're dogging on her for it. we didn't you write? >> announcer: what happens when they face off on stage. >> you were arrest >> you came in my room. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: today will be a changing day in your life. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up onou


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