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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  June 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>after several weeks of emotional testimony, the prosecution ago shipped right. has rested their case in their final witness was called to the stand today. good evening, everybody and the key will kiss and i grant lotus we have now heard 5 weeks of testimony from the prosecution in the trial and error command max harris. >>now the defense gets its chance to present a case can force a secret you live tonight in oakland with what happened in court today as weak. >>the tall ship trial. the people versus derick almena max harris got started back on april second 2019 5 weeks later, the prosecution rested its case.
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>>final witness for the prosecution took the stand today, the go ship trial in oakland cold if it's dark out beta. max harris are facing 36 counts each of involuntary manslaughter for the concert goers who died in the fire the warehouse back in the super second 2060 investigator for the alameda county district attorney's office said the testimony focused on several private messages road if it did not terrorists in which he identifies himself as the executive director of the ghost ship artists collective some of those messages were discovered after the witness got a search warrant to look at his to their >>it's not a very high bar thorough and accurate information. so you're talking about one or 2 lines in a in a messy or tender a conversation, what matters said we're getting ready for a party at my hosting an event. there's just no evidentiary value to are in the prosecution also show the jury
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3 video clip from a jailhouse interviews of co-defendant deric of aid. >>in fact theoughout these 5 weeks of testimony the da's office showed videos of hair as an al bayda both tonight the warehouse was being used as a residential space everyone knew people were living there. >>and i think the he denied it was mostly elicited to make him look dishonest which he's not it's like a reaction to a question do people live there and i don't think he thought it through very well, but i don't think it has any meaning because everyone knew that there were it is at the world. >>well what happens next is the jurors they have the day off tomorrow, however, the attorneys will be here and they will be arguing a parent. 1118 motions asking the judge to dropped the charges against their clients. also another motion will be filed allowing the asking the judge to allow hearsay evidence it what the defense says is key witness testimony from someone who
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says they heard someone say that they just started a fire and no one is getting out alive. that's the latest live in oakland has it made you for news. all right his equal keep us posted there. meanwhile police in vallejo have arrested a suspect in the homicide of a mother who was reported missing last week shortly after. >>37 year-old kimberly bernard was reported missing last wednesday. police went to her home and notice the garage there was on fire a body was found and later identified as bernard yesterday investigators arrested sherwood ruffin who you see here the suspect is the father of bernard children and was booked on a warrant for murder police are still looking for the victim's vehicle, which they believe the suspect was driving. >>the big story tonight after weeks of debate, the pride flag is now flying at the dublin city hall for the entkre month of june. this is a picture of the flight today from a crime for viewer. the flag was hoisted up last night right after the city council
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meeting the vote to fly the flag comes after the city voted down a councilman's idea to raise the flag during pride month. council members also presented the first ever pride proclamation to the inaugural pride committee, the flag will fly until july 3rd oakland is now the second city in the us to do criminalize magic mushrooms speakers testified last night that psychedelics have helped them overcome depression drug addiction and ptsd the city council then voted unanimously to pass the measure. council member in old introduced the resolution, he said decriminalizing such plants would enable oakland police to focus on serious crime. skeptics had raised concerns about unsafe use magic mushrooms would remain illegal under both federal and state laws scrape. >>but people in the state tonight are upset as we follow this story a homeowner here says he just likes how his swastika looks so is built on for his yard and all of his
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neighbors see it as got for sweet ago reports now. some people are deeply offended. >>although some neighbors and elsa bront a are insulted by this display. the contra costa county sheriff's office says there's nothing they can do about it. the sheriff's office and forces the law in this part of the county and says no official complaints have been lodged against the homeowner responsible for building the swastika and that no laws have been broken when put in my front yard. >>is nobody's thinking the. the are racist. i tell you that much he's not races at all tony to darrow coming to his friends defense saying the homeowner associates, the swastika with tibetan buddhism and spirituality. >>not not see germany and evil he likes the symbol or don't live ironing gigi's not a hater he don't hate people still steinberg who is jewish and lives down the street finds the swastika to be in bad taste whether it replaces a lawn or is imbedded on a
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wall near the front door any kind representation of a swastika is paid. >>and people know it and urges inciting people to upset and afraid steinberg says she will consider circulating a petition to convince the homeowner to dismantle the swastika, even though at this point it's not clear upset neighborsahave any legal options to have the display removed. it's on private property. it also brought a fleet of all kron 4 news. the santa clara county board of supervisors is refusing to change a sanctuary policy that decision is sparking some backlash from local law enforcement. >>that one of the county to tell federal immigration authorities before the release of an undocumented violent felon but county didn't move in that direction crawford's dan kerman live for us with the county building a government building in san jose with more on this stand. >>and immigration always a very controversial issue sanctuary policy even more so
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and you go one further step what role local law enforcement should play when they communicate with federal immigration officials even more controversial and continuing to be so here in santa clara county. >>this whole thing has been them wanting to play politics. instead of ford about the safety of our community. >>the san jose police officers association slammed the santa clara county board of supervisors wednesday for refusing to make substantive changes to its sanctuary policy. so federal immigration authorities could be notified 48 hours prior to the release of an undocumented violent felon the cited the february murder of bambi larson of san jose allegedly by an undocumented immigrant as an example of what's to come. >>bambi larson would be alive today. if all they did was pick up the phone. it's that simple for county to ignore those things there will be more tammy larson's there will be more child's children that
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will get molested they'll be more rate cuts on the street. this is not what our community wants to kind of play the blame game. so. >>it doesn't it isn't going to help make the community safer too. they keep pointing fingers as to you know. who should make a phone call or not a county supervisor dave cortese says inmates are not asked their immigration status when book. >>and it's not the county's role to ask but he says federal immigration authorities contract that on their own every single inmate that is in jail right now as we speak. >>has records on date of birth name. they also have their own records and who's the portable. so why they don't just show up whenever they want we poses a we we pose is really states real time and update them real time. >>this might the supervisors vote the pios a says it's
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going to continue to work with other local law enforcement to somehow find a way to get this policy changed live the county government building in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news. >>there it is a video where everybody's been talking about shot by our very own jason do mosques to kevin duran and klay thompson, the cali rapper drake as real name is operator telling him that they're going to see him in the bank and now that day. it's finally here game 3 of the nba finals set in oakland. oh no that's as the oakland bay bridge so the warriors a obviously play in oakland at oracle in the raptors. >>social media team just tweeted this out cross the bridge ready for battle. it's just the golden gate for so so they're in sausalito or or they cross from bridge to cry
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they're not sure right place for ski really is in the right place provided that team can make their way to oracle. is of course a is aubrey there. but also you know that the real story tonight is the injuries noack of on loonie no kd and will klay thompson play. >>yeah, there's a lot to get to all of you know right off the bat. i have not seem drake yet, but you got to know he's here. lebanese usually don't come down into their seats until a lot closer to game time. so i'm sure the helping never tipped off. as far as the raptors they did make it so i guess the date on the red bridge after all when it comes to the warriors starts tonight at to see how so short-handed at this point they kind of got used to playing without kevin duran as much as you can get used to play without one of the greatest players in the world come on loan out for the series but cartilage fracture we learned that yesterday and when it comes to klay thompson, he's going to be a game time decision now that we
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know client the thing we know is that people do anything in his power to play this game. these all time franchise leader in postseason games played he's never missed a playoff game in his career. and his streak of a 120 games is the second longest active streak in nba just fine lebron james, so there's no way you want to snap that streak tonight couple hours ago espn reported that team officials what prefer top senate. >>i think just saw what i have to stop on a dime or make our cuts we know. that's when you feel the most. i can just be out there. even a percent they're still there to be very effective so. do whatever i can to get 4 under but it's not still be out there trying to i can't help my team win.
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>>thompson is officially listed as questionable steve kerr said just a little while ago that the decision it's probably not going to be up to top so it's going to be up to the trainers and team officials we'll have to see and unfortunately we're not until right before tipoff. >>really live for us tonight outside oracle she crossed the right bridge. thank you kate still to come tonight, new rideshare rules at sfo will show you where you need to go to find your uber or lyft the investigation under way after 5 americans are killed while vacationing in tropical locations. >>the warnings now for anyone who is planning on vacationing soon and neighbors say they're not happy about the noise. he trains waking them up in the middle of the night in the south bay now the 2 sides are working to resolve the issue the demand city leaders are making. there was a hollow around the bay area again today, the winds, they'll pick
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>>welcome back big story. we're following tonight in the south feud with union pacific railroad legal action is looming amid complaints about blight and train warns disturbing the peace. i live for us in the south bay with the latest on this rock. >>that's right they read i'm here at a 6th an empire in san jose japan town neighborhood behind me here you see a typical example of the blight in graffiti that you see all along the upi right away here through much of san jose residents right here also upset about train horns which
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will begin here later this evening, they say that the upi is simply not being a very good neighbor, here's more. >>furniture construction, debris and piles of garbage is strewn along the tracks all the way to morgan hill. >>this just in to city councilman sergio managed to be for south san jose trackside stonewall covered in graffiti they called on the union pacific railroad to clean up its act. >>we really want union pacific to be a good partner come to the table and work with the city to try to address some of these issues. >>and then as along with 3 other council members and the mayor have asked the city attorney to explore legal action against the railroad to force it to clean up graffiti trash and homeless camps along their tracks. should disgraced say railroad neighbors like greg tax get. of understanding. collaborate with the city's. clean this up. north san jose residents are also losing sleep over the train or as they say disturbed
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the peace since the recently began running trains at night. the pending legal action but insist it is looking forward dorking with the city and mitigating homeless camps and illegal dumping councilman jimenez however remain skeptical about that. and so we've been hearing promises for years on end that something was going to happen. >>that still nothing has happened. >>some representatives with the railroad are going to be here in japan town this evening to meet with residents will be talking about the train cars we'll be talking about the blight and the graffiti to try to work something out but if the city decides to go ahead with legal action one strategy that might pursue is to somehow rezone the railroad property here to private space and that would allow the city to take action on its own. live in san jose around flood kron 4 news. >>thank you rob use the rideshare service to get home from sfo there are new rules you need to know about starting today all pick ups
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will happen at garage level 5. that's the top floor of the hourly parking garage and there are signs inside the terminals pointing you in the right direction you might have to look for them a little bit though the move was made in an effort to cut down on congestion when people are getting picked up from sfo and also move are drivers tell us. they don't mind the change others are none too pleased around 5,000 uber drivers have signed a petition protesting that change. there's a lot of frustration in the sausalito neighborhood were wary of mudslide destroyed homes back in february because. >>much of the debris still hasn't been cleaned up nearly 4 months later. my first marine kelly explains what holdup is. >>it was a valentine's day disaster that wiped out 2 homes and left a woman trapped inside injured now nearly 4 months later, the wreckage is still here blocking off crescent avenue you can even still see one of the cars crashed in the mud slide peeking out through the debris pile, socially those interim
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public works director apologized to the public at a city council meeting last week for the lack of progress saying they need to wade through a lot of bureaucratic red tape in order to make sure fema and the state payback most of the money, the city of sausalito is going to have to shell out to clean this all up we're looking at you know over a million dollars of costs. >>and this and it's really important that we do get reimbursed. >>while some wildlife have gotten used to this mass the people living here are fed up nina my sister's home is at the bottom of the slide push the disabled woman says is stressing her out and making her feel worse very traumatizing there's a water leak they can't get to the water main to the money is is no place to park cover all the neighbors. each other. >>rudy's yelling about parking. >>the lack of parking is also a problem for parents dropping off their kids at a nearby nursery school. a mother of 3 i spoke to didn't think much of the city's excuses ridiculous they can get it they can get their documents fix while they fixed a home in
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the straight up because this is insane and it's impacting people this week, the city has opened up the project a bidding, the city council is expected to award the contract by the middle of next month, the city is estimated the cleanup of this debris should begin in late july and last about a month. maureen kelly for knees. >>take a live look outside right now our seat row cam overlooking downtown san francisco. >>yeah beautiful day another one, though in the inland regions, our chief meteorologist large car know is here. you've gotegood news for folks living letting conquered livermore unit in the mid-nineties spot met here you're tired of that hot stuff already we've got a nice cool down one or 2 temperatures could become not a good 10, maybe 20 degrees as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. >>a few high clouds up above the winds are starting to kick up a bit. a little fog return to the coastline right now that's a sign of some major changes to come. it is still very warm outside in spots so 80 degrees in free money to 5 in redwood city 78 in san jose patchy fog along the coast
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cooling down to 59 degrees sitka 60 in san francisco still hot at 91 in concord 90 in pittsburgh, 85 little 72 and timber on and 75 degrees in petaluma but we've got changes coming our member yesterday was nice and clear that fog to swept away by more of a northerly wind. well we've got that fog now creeping along the coastline. numerous thunderstorms up over the sierra nevada, but really it could be the patchy fog that will be a factor again overnight tonight as we get to creep back on shore into the bay as well so we'll see more that that is going help cool down the temperatures mostly clear skies in the interior valleys that patchy fog will make a return then tomorrow, mostly sunny. that's going to be a bit cooler and that wind is going to be whipping toward the afternoon, especially in the coastal areas. sunshine returns this weekend, it's a much warmer temperatures too. high pressure that's been bringing some nice weather. finally begin a sly little for the dea says that moves out of town. we've got some cooler air coming behind that cold front that will drop through it's going to fall apart as it comes through the bay area. there's a chance you might see some showers in far northern california, nothing here. but as it moves through. it's
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going to bring that colder air the bay are the temperatures are really going to take it overnight tonight we will see a couple of patchy fog some that stretching inside the bay may be affecting visibilities early tomorrow mornint but not much tonight to be time. fog and then as we head toward the afternoon. you'll see some sunshine still these temperatures going to be way down just today. numbers probably topping out in the low 80's, the warm spot for their almost 15 degrees warmer. you'll see much more comfortable 60's and 70's around the bay. commuter bus bursting into flames in the middle of the peninsula freeway. >>the driver was able to escape without injury or. >>dash of home burglaries introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box. ♪
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try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. in san mateo been burglarized this weekend what they all had in common was that they were under construction. >>our person has to hernia spoke to san mateo police about the burglaries and has some advice on hhw you can keep your home safe. >>a rash of burglaries have had a number of quiet neighborhoods throughout san mateo last few days these if they could homes. under construction, the west side of the city. well we don't know exactly which homes have been broken into. we do know the burglars hit homes on 26 31th in 41th avenues in neighborhoods, west of south el camino real and south highly 92. san mateo police say the burglaries all. and it wasn't until the next day that the owners of each home
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discovered they were victims. police also have some tips to prevent your home from becoming the next target. >>that they do have a home that's under construction are urging them to talk with their neighbors tell your neighbors, what the what the schedule is for construction crew and asked neighbors to report any suspicious activity. that's happening. after hours. also asking our community members to invest in a surveillance system. we found that street facing cameras are tremendously helpful web. identifying suspects in a burglary such as these. >>now if you are a victim of the burglary san mateo police say you should report it immediately. in san mateo hernia 4 news next in the news. >>defied the warriors back in the bay. we're live at oracle arena as fans are showing up for game 3 of the nba finals. u 2 is taking action against users who have hate speech on
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their channels. >>what they're doing and how many channels could soon disappear. and for 5 americans who is supposed to be summer vacation but in the span of about a week in separate inci you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. >>one point she was sitting there happily. so i ling and taking pictures in the next moment, she was an acute pain. >>shock over a pennsylvania woman sudden death at a
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caribbean resort. then comes the stunning news that another american couple died at the same hotel with the same mysterious symptoms. and here's where it at a hotel lot rome on on the south coast of the dominican republic that thats where 2 couples checked in 10 days ago, total strangers to each other but destined to share the same tragic fate. >>the site of the hia prince up a hotel seems like a slice of tropical paradise. >>that was enough to convince dan warner and his wife melinda shop to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary there on may 25th the pennsylvania couple checked into the room melinda had a drink from the mini bar and fell to the floor in agony. her husband to doctor administered cpr but it was no use by the time an ambulance arrived the 41 year-old psycho therapist was dead. the diagnosis. respiratory failure due to water in her lungs ok understandably in shock.


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