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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 7, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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joining us tonight at 10 i'm palmore and i'm grant lotus in tonight for can wane temperatures are on the rise eyes here in the bay area with some parts of the region expected to hit the 90's and by the end of the weekend the 100 sweet already seen several grass fires this weekend cruiser. >>bracing for more yeah team coverage tonight on this subject kron four scale on is in fairfield that's where crews battle, a stubborn grass fire today. >>and we start with our chief meteorologist lawrence car know he has more on the red flag warning which goes into effect tonight. lawrence these winds really going start picking up as early as tonight. i think as we get into late tonight early tomorrow morning. maybe some of the gusty winds of the weekend red flag warnings going up here we go the hills or brown now we've got some offshore winds. those northerly winds that start to kick in and that is going to bring some beautiful weather the bay area sunshine all the way the coastline. but some hot temperatures and very very low humidity. so red flag warnings going up on the mountain top summer in county. also as you make your way in the parts of the napa area a saintly know you're going to see the red flag warning up their car keenest rate we've
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got another red flag warning up there as well some of those gusts, 4050 miles per hour humidity is dropping down into the teens i think as we get into saturday afternoon. check out some of the winds overnight tonight we're going to see him picking up a guitar see coming out of a northerly direction and then we start to see all the reds and even the future look up your scale 3040 mile an hour gusts. maybe is a 50 mile an hour gusts across some of the mountaintop so blustery across the mountains everything is going to be dry already and certainly the chance of elevated fire danger only to return again as we head in towards sunday morning. so it's going to kind of a one to hit as we head throughout the weekend and that may very well be extended into monday as well because we'll see those hot temperatures sticking around. all right. speaking of temperatures tomorrow we're going to notice the warm up already beginning you're gonna see a lot of 80's in and around the bay, even a san francisco you've got some 70's still could be a fairly mild along the coastline at 65, but look at the valleys. you're seeing some 90 showing up here. but then we get into sunday. that's when tyat ridge really begins to build overhead. we start to see
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those real hot temperatures developing 90's in and around the bay we're using all get that hot 97 degrees in livermore almost a 100 in conquered by sunday afternoon 80 possibly, maybe some record breaking heat into san francisco. so heat advisories go in effect on monday around much of the bay inside the bay, not the immediate coastline, but inside the bay into san francisco, expecting those on usually warm possibly record breaking temperatures on sunday and maybe into monday as well today we noticed some changes already star in the warm things up a little 5, 7, degrees, warmer and oakland. and hayward but yeah we're just getting things going here as high pressure going to start to build in and that ridge said these temperatures soaring today just a little bit above the average in san francisco, 67 74 in oakland 75 in san jose 79 in livermore 80 in concord and santa rosa, but things are about to change in fact staying kind of warm outside right now in some of the valleys. well just a beautiful night to enjoy outside and conquer right now 68 degrees 68 in pittsburgh, 63 in santa
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rosa and 67 degrees in saint helene up you get the idea, nice weather out there right now and more to come in fact if you like the hot weather. we're going to be cooking as we head in towards sunday fire danger is running high. that's the one thing to watch out for but this weekend we're looking temperatures near the coastline. if you want to get out the beach about as good as it gets maybe some mid 70's right out the beach, i'm often you later in our thank you thank you lord. >>so well to the north bay where fire crews had their hands full for much of the afternoon battling a stubborn grass fire and that fire is out now but at one 0.50 homes had to be evacuated for a long is live in fairfield tonight with the very latest on this scale. >>it took about 2 hours for the fire to knock down on standing encore delia wrote a right along in right behind me charred hills that spanned across pretty much this whole road solano county fire officials say this is the largest grass fire this year. >>definitely they she and the winds and the humidity played
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factor in this. >>the nelson fire grew quickly and burned across 25 acres is a lot of county the fire started east of the corps de junction just after 12 30 friday afternoon. crews worked fast to get it under control. >>we had 27 engines, a helicopter and to hang crews from cal fire. and just about every resource is a lot of county was on scene here for >>no word on how it started but high winds coupled with low humidity means an alarming increase in fire dangers a lot of county fire officials say while grass fires here in the month of june are nothing unusual this year. so far have been exceptional particular fire. it's really rocky and rough terrain solos difficult to fight. >>about 50 homes were evacuated r-sidents have since been told they can return to their properties but firefighters say the biggest message here is to be prepared to always recommend you have a go bag this ready to go with medications up or documents. >>any pictures that people may value to them and you know that supplies food for your your animals if need be and uh
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you know how you're going to skate what route you're going to take. >>there are no reported injuries. i did see some fire crews here tonight monitoring the hot spots in the meantime cal fire and solano county fire department have been up staffing aggressively all week just to stay on top of this live in fairfield to get along kron 4 news. >>thank you gail ph in a just announced that power will be shut off for parts of the north bay to prevent fires this weekend. here's a look now at areas where the power will be shut off and pga just minutes ago said that it is definitive they're going to shut off at least closest to us parts of unincorporated napa county including lake berryessa it's a lot of county portions of soon city and unincorporated areas near vacaville and winter's the shot off will start early saturday, we've heard around 06:00am and last until at least the afternoon justin waldman shows us how one business in the north bay is bracing for a weekend without power.
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>>this potential power outage could affect thousands of customers and here in downtown now, but it is serving as a warning of what could be to come. >>this an app that would come to a halt without power at restaurant, a all agree of the owner got to text messages from p g about the potential power shut off. and he knows what that could mean for his restaurant were you cannot open without power. pg started to notify customers the power could be off and parts of napa harding on saturday morning so we would turn off power to reduce. >>wildfire risks pgd is working with cal fire and cal oh yes during the safety issue turning off the power is not a decision it takes lightly we're looking at the conditions were looking at the winds, we're looking at the conditions in the sky airs rather dry fuel with the humidity levels. >>all of that weather forecasting is all subject to change. >>pg e is also warning customers that the power could be off for days once it is safe crews will inspect every inch of every line in the
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impacted areas and then make necessary repairs if needed. >>the blackout is something this business owner hopes does not. couple well, this. >>pg e customers can get alerts by their phone e-mail or text message about a potential power, blackout we may be easy to sign up for those alerts just go to our website kron four dot com in downtown now bob justine wildman on for news. >>if you're striking teachers in the new haven unified school district are heading back to the classroom the teachers and union have reached a tentative agreement tonight and that 14 day strike. the agreement includes a pay increase for the teachers, something they say force them to hit the picket lines, here's how the deal breaks down. teachers will get a 3% raise retroactive to january of 2019 they'll also get a 2 and a half percent bonus for this 2018 2019 school year this year. then on july 1st this summer teachers will get a one percent pay hike with a contingency of a
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one percent. salary schedule based upon the passage of school funding legislation, teachers will vote on the proposal on monday of past they could return to their classrooms as early as monday. >>a victory tonight for president trump after days of threatening tariffs against mexico over illegal immigration tonight, he says the planned tariffs mexican imports are quote indefinitely suspended for us because earlier today, negotiators from the us and mexico are able to reach a deal. president trump tweeted in part friday evening quote i am pleased to inform you the united states of america has reached a signed agreement with mexico, the tariffs are scheduled to be implemented by the us on monday against mexico are here by indefinitely suspended. the president was planning to impose a 5% tariff on mexican goods entering the us monday if mexico did not limit the number of migrants moving through that country into the us. today's deal caps 3 days of intense negotiating in
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washington between the mexican foreign minister and officials with the state department. all right now we have to talk about the warriors a must and need win tonight for the dubs in order to avoid going down 3 to one in the finals. yeah they're not. >>out of it, but boy their own backs are against the wall now klay thompson returned from injury combined lou, needed surprisingly as well, but it wasn't enough against a healthy raptors team, a dominant team our sports director mark carpenters here try to make sense of all this quite frankly it's a it's a bizarre feeling for warriors fans to be in this position, especially with the ramifications related to oracle puzzling it's puzzling because you thought yeah, you we've never seen this from the warriors in this type of spot. ok it's a big spot right here. >>usually they respond other. this tonight it had all the makings of a big night for the warriors injured players back in the lineup. golden state coming off a loss and the possibility of this being the final game at oracle but the
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raptors are writing their own championship story, let's go to the highlights klay thompson pumps ready to go for game 4 after missing game 3 with a hamstring injury 1st quarter thompson. >>the 3 warriors with an early six-point lead. also back in the lineup, the van loon a plane with that fractured our lives by his off collarbone get the follow golden state up 10. why leonard keeping his team with 14 of their 17 1st quarter points warriors up 6 one. 2nd quarter. plate. with another 3.40 to 34 warriors next possession. thompson again taking advantage of the smaller kyle lowry makes the turnaround jumper warriors offense coming only led by 4th ahead. out of the break leonard some level, it's cool back to back 3 pointers firstly for toronto, 4846, meanwhile thompson got to keep an eye on this bothered by the hamstring. and that worked on on the bench. end of the 3rd
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quarter. kawhi leonard still hot nails the jumper raptors up 12 going into the 4th leonard accounted for 17 alone in the quarter. in the 4th gruesome scene here fred vanvleet nailed in the head by a shaun livingston elbow. blood pouring down his face he also lost a tooth know we'll npsee what his status is going to force later in the 4th leonard can't be stopped wide open for 3 16 point raptors lead down the stretch toronto, never let up one oh 5.92 raptors, your final. they take a 3 one series lead 36 for letter 27 for curry when he went to of 9 from downtown and kron four has finals team coverage. jason do moss alive at oracle jason, how has toronto taken full control of this series. one guy kawhi leonard now obviously has been a team effort we saw serge
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ibaka. >>play his but off we saw kyle lowry plays but off danny green last game, 18.6 trees been atm effort but and then today, the best player in this series has been quite landed and he came out in that 3rd quarter tonight and set a tone he hit that when jump shot and then he hit a quick 3 right and remind greene's face after that out for those 2 quick 5 points put them up one and that just gave the raptors some momentum they tightened up on defense and then they just blew this one open it was so surprising and mark before the game i said this is a an ideal situation for the warriors obviously down to one but they've been in tough spots before so i'm just going to reiterate that this is a team that's won 2 championships 3 out of the last 4 they're going to take it one game at a time back to 2016 they're down 3 games to one to the oklahoma city thunder they were up 3 games to one to the cleveland cavaliers later in that postseason and they lost that so they've been on both sides and then let's just last year they're down 3 games to 2 to
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the houston rockets. so i'm just trying to rationalize this and kind of calm down some dub nation fans obviously is easy easy to panic and they should be panicked. they're one loss away from the end of this dynasty but they also have to remember they have a bunch of players who they root for who have won championships before had been in very an ideal situation. so if there's any team that can get out of this hole is this teen course we don't know about kevin duran but what steve kerr said is hey they're going to have to take it one game at a time. >>try to win one game that's a you know that's what we did a few years ago against when one game and the move forward so that's our focus now will fly to toronto tomorrow and take a look at the film see what we can do better and uh try to win a game. we've won a lot of games over the years try to one another.
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>>i just can't imagine what the scene is going to be scotiabank arena all monday because here at oracle there was at least 1000 raptors fans righa section one oh 5 after that game just drowning out the building chanting we are north. we are north chanting one more win one more win. so once they get back to ontario, it's going to be crazy so the warriors are not only going to have to face a very tough team they're going to face a rabid fan base that can just feel that nba larry o'brien trophy in their grass and they're going to be hungry. so it is going to be a tall task for the warriors come monday. mark. thank you very much jason doom us live at oracle game 5 monday night in toronto, we'll see. >>if kevin durant's is available. but the way to run to looked tonight, the way that they've been playing in this series. how much of an impact what his presence make thing is klay thompson and kevon looney played well.
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>>and they could have missed this game. so you know that the team would have been in disarray without those 2 and and you wonder can kevin duran come in with the cape and be a hero and propelled into 3 straight wins and play well, but i wonder if they were really fully back because they had a raft plays. >>you know late tonight, i mean they're still you know they've been pretty battered the yet klay thompson definitely not a 100% to marcus cousins over the last couple of games. he's not a 100% and there and i think fatigue. if you know we saw some of that down the stretch this scene. you curry had to do 47 points of the night he's got to still be tired from just pulling that off in one game, so you know, yeah a to wish we still you know believe that they can do a lot to break new worries fans are used to this you know it's it's i think a talking through it right and that's why it's so shocking case. >>you know he was going to be a tight series after watching the first to dance 3 one to have the raptors sweep those games at oracle going to die way too and i'm going rise it
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time now for our morning and thank you. >>well warriors fans says we said you're walking out of the arena, not sure if they're ever going to want and that's that's part of this holes. >>the issue here is that the you know the sentimental value of it all game 5 of course. tonight we will find out how will turn out at whether this will be the last game at oracle cloud force. dan cohen is live outside the arena tonight and has more on this disappointing loss in the family action. >>well that's right and disappointment, that's what a lot of the warrior fans were feeling as they were exiting oracle arena tonight, this was a heartbreaker for them. it seemed as though this was a must-win in could sort of get the momentum going in their favor as they head into toronto on monday. a lot of the fans that i spoke with say that they're still optimistic that this team can do it. they looked like they were performing pretty well in ah considering the injuries that this team has suffered through. throughout these playoffs and the nba finals.
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i'm speaking with some of the fans that that we're you know they were trying to be positive in. you know as a number of raptors fans were out here earlier that we're celebrating the warriors have been here before they can win they believe that this team can still win a championship. let's listen in with some of the fans that i spoke with a just shortly after this game ended. >>where they are belkaid we so need you we love you. the play's come back please get better during getting unfair is we get away. where is my life. >>and then they're not going and that is when out well we're in combat. >>all right so this team, you know that their fans are still behind them, you know they're hoping that this team can pull it out and toronto and then you know eventually brg it to a game 7. you know, it's could be an unfortunate situation if this would have
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been the last night here at oracle arena and some fans are talking about the sentiment of that as considering this might be the last night for the team here in oakland. but the team can come back there's still a possibility that they can not bounced back in the series and we'll see how it works out. as the team travels to toronto on monday. so hope springs eternal and we'll see if the warriors can pull this out that's the latest here live in oakland and thorn. kron 4 news got to believe thank you dead by the way for everything dubs be sure to turn into a hoop session jason do mohsen rjr still break down game 4. >>look at the game 5 in toronto that will be monday night hoops session airs saturday nights at 11 o'clock right here on crime for. >>on to other news now santa rosa police say a teen boy is responsible for wednesday's gang shooting at jacobs park which ended 4 people including an 11 year-old boy police say they have arrested a 17 year-old male from rohnert park. he was with 2 other man from santa rose at the time of
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the shooting and they have also been arrested. police say they were driving around the park yelling at a group of men they say the suv then pulled over and the 17 year-old got out of the car and fired at least 10 rounds all of those injured are expected to be okay. >>a bizarre and disturbing scene at a restaurant these bay when people start fighting. women the whole thing caught on camera the brawl broke out at the golden corral. >>here in concord near what they're calling the kids section of the restaurant, they have those little vending machines you see women here going at it for a while a 4th woman holding a baby in her arms appears to be trying to intervene. >>just i've never seen i've been working here for the last 6 years and i've i've never seen >>when it was over 2 people arrested a 19 year-old woman and a 16 year-old girl both antioch residents, according to police. an 18 year-old man from pittsburgh was also taken into custody on an unrelated
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matter. >>a man is in custody accused of planning a terror attack in new york's times square police say the 22 year-old suspect a sequel alom was arrested thursday, authorities say a of bangladeshi citizen and lawful permanent us resident, discuss plans of an attack for months with an undercover agent that's according to court documents during meetings authorities say he talked about wanting to get a suicide vest and wanting to throw grenades into times sqnare to kill police and government officials he was also reportedly praising osama bin laden. >>well it's happened again elements of the us and russian militaries getting too close for comfort this time on the see the whole thing was caught on video. this is an escalation barbara starr shows us what happened. >>usailors kept the camera running as they recorded a russian destroyer nearly colliding with their ship in the traumatic encounter the russian warship moves to within 50 to 100 feet of their
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cruiser a us aircraft overhead documents the russian wake of their ship making a sudden high speed turn. coming up alongside the us warship. all of this taking place in the philippine sea in international waters. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan says the us will protest to moscow will have military and military. >>conversations with the russians. the safety sport, it will not deter us. the other point in upper 80's. >>a collision was narrowly avoided when the american commander ordered the ship into full reverse at high speed. >>that is a very aggressive engine maneuver to conduct reversing the the direction of those to try to get the ship tc stop or slow down as quickly as possible to 10,000 ton cruiser it's not going to
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stop on a dime. despite the severity of the episode, russian sailors. >>are captured sunbathing on the deck of their ship. russia's state-run news agency claimed the u s instigated the encounter the pentagon increasingly worried russian forces are getting reckless tuesday. a russian fighter jet flew right in front of a navy patrol aircraft over t mediterranean sea and last month us air force fighters intercepted russian aircraft off the coast of alaska. >>militarily what they're trying to do is they're trying to challenge the united states and every particular point that they feel they can get away with it. >>and that was barbara starr reporting these incidents come after secretary of state mike pompeo last month warned russia about interference in us elections and there has lately been more cooperation between russia and china. >>tonight the genie executives touring the town of paradise which was ravaged by a massive wildfire last year. the
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message from city council members 10 year-old boy being called a hero after he saved the girl. >>from drowning in the pool at his apartment complex will hear from that brave young boy but first the nightmare ordeal for one california family after a complete stranger breaks into their home and holds a 14 year-old hostage. >>how the hour's long standoff finally en - hi, doug.
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3 northern california teenagers after an armed man breaks into their home and holds one of these boys hostage, the hour's long standoff ended when the 14 year-old boy was rescued and the suspect was killed a receipt has reaction from the children's mother and her boyfriend. >>among the sneakers dresses in a girl's backpack in this child's bedroom. his the aftermath of the tragedy are this is a tragic situations. ron jeffries and his girlfriend live here on all of their road. jefferies girlfriend asked fox 40 to protect her privacy be ran in my home. >>thought that somebody was going to kill him and he wouldn't leave with a gun. the mother says her 1712 year-old daughters and her 14 year-old son. >>open up the back door to let the dogs out around noon. she says she and jefferies were not home at the time when a stranger made his way inside it she said that he was the news being going to be killed by someone else. so here and here that man has been identified by the county
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sheriff's department is jose he stews store, good junior of modesto a 37 year old man with a problematic past currently wanted by the sheriff's department for a nobel felony warrants. >>for auto theft possession of stolen vehicle and resisting arrest jeffrey says the girls managed to get away and call for help but us toward a help the boy captive during the hours long standoff, jeffrey says the store go rummage through their stuff and made threats it was like. >>like an acting now the notting and. >>so i'm pretty sure he was on drugs deputies say the boy was only able to escape after his second attempt. thanks to deputies a swat team member from the sheriff able to perform a rescue of do now. >>him away from the house and in that process. the suspect was killed the family says they have no clue who stored it is or how he ended up at their back door, i don't know that either that's that's what's so whole thing and as for their house. >>they say it no longer feels like home.
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>>coming up tonight new details on the mysterious deaths of 3 americans all of the same resort in the dominican republic. what the autopsy report reveals
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>>the weekend is here we've been talking about this because it's going to be a hot one in many sections of the bay area triple digits in some cases want to get back with our chief meteorologist large cargo on this red flag warning if that is in place and what parts of the bay could see.
10:31 pm
>>temps 90's maybe even hundreds. yes, the interesting thing i think we see those 90's actually creep inside the bay and folks inside the bay her use of those 90's specially this year right. these are the hottest temperatures all year long clear skies out there right now high pressure now taken over begin to see more of a northerly wind developing that said offshore flow that we've been talking about temperatures down a little warm right 70 degrees in congress still 69. in antioch cooler temperatures just inside the bay, but rebels say look at night right now 64 degrees. and of course 59 in the san francisco, but yeah fire danger is going to be running high high pressure overhead that is going to bring those gusty offshore winds, especially in the north bay and through the parking the strait the sacramento valley that ridge going to dominate our weather this weekend saturday looks gorgeous should be a beautiful day outside temperatures going to spike though by about 5 maybe 10 degrees and then it gets really hot huh everywhere you go just about except right along the immediate coastline into sunday we may see couple high clouds but the temperatures are going to be soaring in the upper 90's getting close to triple digits. well inland and then plenty of 90's with the heat advisory in and around the
10:32 pm
bay. the 70's even out toward the coast by monday. i think we'll see the peak of that ridge you can kind of see the arc here of how strong that ridge is building in that is going to bring some very hot temperatures to the bay area that will start to cool things down a few more clouds coming our way those temperatures dropping as we head toward lot of part of the week but here's your 10 a 10 as we look forward here we're going to see some hot temperatures. the hottest temperatures of the season, upper 90's as we get into sunday publish the mid 70's along the coastline that we start talking triple digits monday. it's going to be hot one the slightly cooler tuesday that will really start to cool things down as we get into wednesday and thursday with an increase in low clouds and fog. temperatures warming up a little bit. the following weekend. >>thank you lauren so firefighters of course are already on high alert because of everything that laura has just said as we head into this weekend of high risk weather idabel talk with cal fire in morgan hill. >>fire weather has returned to the bay area and you can see judging from the flag flying over cal fire headquarters here in morgan hill that it is
10:33 pm
already very windy weather also warming up heading into the weekend cal fire tells me that it is already shifting resources around to be ready for whatever may be in store. here's more on that now from division chief jim crawford. >>we have been working with our northern region partners, another cal fire units will be a staging additional resources from areas outside the a red flag into the the east bay hills and the stations that we have days so that we can bolster resources if there's a fire in the we source closer so what we're seeing here. we have a pretty late spring. so our life feels is still pretty moist but that annual grasses especially on the side of the unit, it definitely cured available to murder. so for a quick transition wet spring to a dry late spring. >>with this kind of when crawford says that people on the road also need to be very careful. he says something as simple as a chained draghi died a horse trailer or a
10:34 pm
construction trailer can spark a grass fire that can quickly turn into something much larger in morgan hill from kron 4 news. >>they queue rob and we said it's going to be hot even at the coast a lot of people going to the beach this weekend. if you do. here advised to be ware of dangerous rip currents pacifica police ending this graphic out today reminding folks what to do if you do get caught in a rip current they say first things first try to relax so it's going to be hard but try to relax rip currents don't actually pull you under the water, second don't swim against it swim out to the side and then try to get out of it and once you get out of it then try to swim to shore 4th if you just can't escape. float or try to tread water until you're able to a get out of danger and finally if you do need help yell or waive your are for assistance. pg e executives in another big story. we're tracking he wrapped up a court ordered tour. it's a county today and the tour comes 2 weeks after
10:35 pm
cal fire announced that the utility was actually responsible for the deadly camp fire in paradise. >>for sacramento, bureau reporter ashley zavala follow the group's to a today. >>a busload of pg e executives spent the entire day here in paradise. we saw ceo bill johnson along with some board members and executives taking a court ordered tour of paradise. federal judge william alsup who ordered the tour was also with the group we know the group met with few county sheriff cory hony this morning before having a meeting at the town's performing arts center from there the group then took a tour of the feather river hospital which was severely damaged in the campfire members of the group telling us they could not comment or share their itinerary as part of the judge's order. >>paradise city council members tell us they were not at all part of this tour. >>they were not asked to so we hope that the end of the day. >>if in the you know understanding there's a balance to journalist.
10:36 pm
>>the genie is still going through its bankruptcy process and could be on the hook for billions of dollars worth of damage. they saw here today, reporting paradise ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>scary stuff here woman is dragged down into the santa rosa creeks, she's screaming she is fighting as her attacker tries to quiet her and strangled. >>as calm forcefully to call reports tonight that man has not been caught. >>enough to defend herself. it's horrible i don't feel safe anywhere you go in the seas the 37 year-old woman fights off an attack who santa rosa police say tried to muzzle her i think it's very scary. >>born and raised in sonoma county when i was a kid we never had anything like this so it's raining on tuesday at around 7 30 at night police say a 5 foot 5 caucasian man in his mid 30's, put his hands around the victim's mouth to prevent anyone from hearing her screams she was walking along the santa rosa creek pass between north devon
10:37 pm
avenue and stony point road kept the phone with you. >>and so you can get no call for help if you need be i think heres is probably good idea have 20 year-old daughters i would encourage them to we're on terror's police say the woman resisted being pulled down into the creek bed and avoided the assault escalating into something even more aggressive and violent or not able to talk to him and it's really know what his intent was but it's a scary situation and with something like that anything can happen right now police believe this is an isolated incident, it's an uncommon events. we don't want people to to be afraid to use a the wonderful creek trails that we have here in santa rosa. but it just you know we always want to be aware of our surroundings of the victim tells police the suspect was wearing a tee shirt, dark jeans and a baseball hat when he pounced then rammed in santa rosa felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>the sales force trances center in san francisco is finally close to reopening you may remember the new $2 billion facility was shut down back in september when cracks were discovered in 2 steel
10:38 pm
beams the pair worked wrapped up at the end of april after the discovery of cracks in those 2 beams on the bus deck of freeman street since then the rest of the structure has been examined to see if there are other areas susceptible to similar cracks so far none has been found and the review is almost complete. >>the work that needs to be done before the transit center. kerry opened it is rapidly nearing completion. temperton exact time frame on it because are still things going on but it's you know on the order of maybe less. >>following a transit center meeting today. it was announced that the reopening will likely happen in 2 stages with the grand hall and the rooftop park opening before a bus operations resumed. >>new information tonight on a story we've been following for a while now those 3 american tourists who all died within a week under mysterious circumstances at a resort in the dominican republic. well there are now new details emerging from the
10:39 pm
investigation, including preliminary autopsy reports rosa flores reports. >>the buying a pc the hotel firing back friday after getting negative attention following the deaths of 3 americans in the dominican republic. we are awaiting toxicology results that will determine cause and manner of death of those 3 americans. meanwhile on thursday we learned from the attorney general's office, the preliminary results of the autopsies which show the following miranda shop warner who died on may 25th had a heart attack. the couple from maryland nathaniel edward holmes and cynthia had internal bleeding of the pancreas and nic we did in the lungs. all of this is under investigation in the official cause and manner of death have not been determined we came to access inside the hotel we had learned from national police that shop werner stayed in
10:40 pm
room 5, 5, 2, to one take a look at these pictures the outside of that room looks like every other room and the hallway looks normal. we were able to walk by and snap these photographs and then we do have another development that might provide a little comfort to the grieving families and that is that their government is involved in the investigation. the fbi is assisting with the toxicology tests. after the dominican republic, national police. for the fbi's assistance and finally health inspectors were at the the sea bed. and we are expecting the results of that inspection at any moment. their is cnn not romana dominican republic. >>the trump administration is banning us cruise ships from traveling to cuba and making it more difficult for americans to visit that communist run island.
10:41 pm
according to us officials the sanctions are going into effect because of cuba support and longstanding friendship with the government of venezuela's embattled president nicolas maduro a us cruise lines have been operating in cuba for the last 3 years when the us and cuban governments restore ties which were severed during the cold war, but suddenly the trump administration gave the us cruise lines one day to get out of cuba affecting nearly 800,000 reservations. according to the cruise lines international association. >>really sad that americans can come experience, you know all the incredible culture in the music in the cars, it makes me really sad because it's a it's a beautiful place. >>the trump administration says the sanctions are in part meant to force cuba to abandon its socialist ally, venezuela which the us calls a dictatorship guilty of massive human rights violations. >>the russian p henson is using her voice to raise awareness about black mental
10:42 pm
health. coming up, i'll tell you what issue robert capitol hill. what lawmakers say they want to do about it. >>and coming up in sports. we go back to oracle to recap a rough night. the warriors now one loss away from seeing their season come to an ♪ ♪ ♪
10:43 pm
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>>game is using her celebrity to tackle a tough subject on capitol hill there today actress taraji p henson asked
10:45 pm
congress to do more to reduce suicide rates among black youth, our washington correspondent raquel martin was there. >>i'm here to so you because this is a national crisis in an emotional testimony actors to rush the p henson asked congress to help black youth suffering from mental health problems, it breaks my heart to know that 5 year-old children are contemplating life and death the special hearing was called by the congressional black caucus is task force a black youth mental help after study shows suicide rates among black children 5 to 12 on the rise while suicide for white children dropped. >>when a child commits suicide is nobody in this there's no place to live within the mirai hinton says the problem and solution starts at school either awareness in schools and we therapist there too. the guide him before acting hinson taught special education where she says she saw the problem firsthand. >>often times black students wound up in her class. instead
10:46 pm
of getting help we're expecting these children to come from traumatic experiences at home. we're expecting them to go to school and learn, and it's just not fair concern recently lots a nonprofit to tackle black mental health at the hearing caucus members thanked her and promised support he's conversation that we're having today. >>are very important as we as appropriators are looking at the money lawmakers say they're working to secure federal funding to invest in schools and help they would be employed and. >>for us to teach kids about their feelings when it comes to childn not no expense is too expensive because we're saving our future. this was the second hearing and now members are on a nationwide tour to raise awareness in washington, i'm recall martin. >>disneyland is promising to spend millions of dollars to help its employees with childcare today, the walt disney company announced it would spend $10 million every year towards the effort. disney says the money will go
10:47 pm
to expanding existing programs such as backup care homework, help and assistance with child care referrals. the programs are for full and part-time employees with children under the age of 12 and younger. disney will last the childcare changes this coming fall and the big move by nike the sportswear brand is expanding its plus size merchandise and shoppers are loving it. this week, nike introduced plus-size mannequins in a store in london showing that when it comes to fitness and fashion size doesn't matter. the company also added more items to his plus-size collection, other brands such as old navy and norström have also stepped up to display plus size inclusive mannequins. >>new tonight at 10 a sacramento, 10 year-old is being called a hero tonight after he help save a young girl from drowning at his apartment complex pool, boris up roman reports. >>i see her i she was playing
10:48 pm
around but 4 year-old you sorry write wasn't playing around she wandered into the deep end of the pool and couldn't swim. yeah i was scared. but this 10 year-old self-described fish hold her to the top and out of the pool, he called for help as a i mean she's dying. >>and they got around my hands. the uses blue this. >>is a blue how the key richardson who just finished a cpr classes was one of the few people who rushed to her side i knew it and i says right there that's what my little hands and i made a little bit smaller just for her and finally this little girl started to cough and opened hereyes, >>and that's given my >>friday brewer was celebrated for his quick thinking. >>you are here. >>and made an honorary firefighter good for heart rate really care about to be able to. >>on something that he saw a young lady in need and then did the best he could just out
10:49 pm
of instinct it's incredible. >>but most importantly reunited with a little now they can all free a little easier. >>want to buy it's been a making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>it's tough a a. that's carpenter does he's our sports director, a resident psychologist a lot ofr it's it's it's difficult to see the warriors get and dominated like you did tonight, that's what a 2nd half. >>right yeah getting dominated ok, it's not like he was a close loss or anything like that just in the 2nd half toronto just more athletic. defense more hustle more scoring everything and it's so the hour. i think that our
10:50 pm
happened here now. the warriors last game 3 draymond green laid out the roadmap win game 4 go to toronto in game 5 come back to oracle for game 6. >>then celebrate well, the raptors are making their own plans and they could finish this series monday night we go to the highlights klay thompson com ready to go for game 4 after missing 3 with that hamstring injury. 1st quarter. thompson asserting himself welcome back nails the 3 warriors with an early six-point lead. also back come on lou to play with that fractured cartilage near his collarbone gets to follow golden state ahead by 10 think it's going to be a big night for them kawhi leonard keeping his team 14 of their 17 1st quarter point warriors up 6. getting into a rhythm. those on to hit another 3.40 to 34 warriors still ahead. next possession thompson again taking advantage of the smaller kyle already makes the
10:51 pm
turnaround jumper warriors offense humming only led by for it to have. 3 pointers firstly for toronto, 48 to 46. meanwhile tom says father by the hamstring getting it worked on on the bench. and 3rd kawhi remains hot nails the baseline jumper just the ball movement here raptors up 12 going into the fort leonard accounted for 17 in the quarter. 4th quarter through some seen fred vanvleet nailed in the head by a shaun livingston elbow blood pours down his face he also lost a tooth. no concussion though. we'll see his status going forward later in the 4th letter can't be stopped wide open court or 3 16 point raptors lead down the stretch toronto, never let up one oh 5.92 raptors, your final full of they take a 3 to one series lead to put the warriors break 36 for later, 27 for curry but he won 2 of 9 from downtown. let's go to the podium. i know
10:52 pm
we're capable. >>a lot of talent we've got a lot of pride these guys have been to the finals 5 straight years for a reason. they're unbelievably competitive and and uh they're together and they're going to fight fight always so will go go try to get one win if we can do that come back here and and see what happens. you >>so it's really been a you know. uses try and do whatever you can to change you know to get a stop you know get booking its momentum. every time we did it, you know the answer. no so. yes up a lot. >>and i like are we talking about believe in you know. everybody out there. you believe that we can get this done. >>in 5 monday night in toronto will see if kevin durant's is available. let's talk some baseball giants lost the series to the mets yesterday looking to change their fortunes today against the rival la dodgers, bottom of
10:53 pm
the 6th no haven't pull off. >>wanted to left field here comes brandon belt around the 3rd the throne giants go out in front one nothing giants would tack on another the fielder's choice giants when to one game 2. tomorrow, the a's in the lone star state, the young the rangers topped night, 3 all to mark a semi it takes one hop is a field deep to right gone 2 run homer 5, 3, a's or final day and won 3 of their last 4 finally let's wrap up at roland garros rafael nadal beat rival. roger federer 6, 3, 6, 4, 6, 2, to reach his 12th french open final that all improved to 6 against federer at roland garros 24 15 overall the doll is now 92 2 for his career in paris as he pursues a record 12 title, their grand slam trophy overall in sunday's final that all will face top-ranked novak for dominick steam. grant at him.
10:54 pm
>>and by monday night at this time we will know oracle has another game murray of that is that. >>that was that and so the the warriors lead for toronto tomorrow. we'll see if kevin duran is able to practice he gets cleared for practice first off and then it will be in the lineup for game 5. all right the opportunities there to write quite a script. comes back through. >>there we go over and talk happening this weekend. we're thinking it's going game 7 pam loves game sevens and it's going to the a lots of a sunshine today, hot te
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
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