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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>windy weekend here in the bay area, this is a live look outside along the embarcadero where you can see trees swaying a little bit there is a heat wave zeroes in on the bay area. fire crews are on high. and busy at work tonight. thanks for joining us at 8, i'm jr stone. >>and i'm just evolved and fire crews are busy responding to grass fires right now and we have team coverage tonight meteorologist risa rodriguez is in the weather center watching the wind out red flag warning but we start right with k-rod for scale on she is live in napa county where
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crews responded to the ink fire today, gayle. >>justine and j r i'm hearing calistoga about 19 miles away from where the fire broke out. and here's video of napa county all over you see some green but also dry brush. all over the region. now the the fire broke out some ti after 2.30 and it was just 50 acres that and right now at 75% containment at this time the cause isn't known. it's also unknown if the cause is suspicious. >>but firefighters just say this hot dry conditions. our what is wha fueling the fire. now they're still resources at the ink. a fire there just a constructing containment lines and putting out hot spots. but the challenge with this fire has just been the whether it was quite windy today, the wind has died down at this hour that fire crews worked hard dropping water from the air and also used air tankers to drop retardant on the flames and the fire broke out
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on the 600 block on pope valley road. so as we are in downtown calistoga so safe area just away from the scene. now here is what some people i spoke to who saw this is what they saw when they're driving from the bay area. >>we thought it was heat haze at first, but then we realized it was smoke and in that scared a lot of the sky. see this gray skies and the smell, the smoke in the air you know something dad is likely happening. >>some hazy skies on the drive myself just another familiar sight that fire season is here. firefighters are saying they have been responding to several brush fires this week throughout the bay area we are under a red flag warning so what they want people to be prepared have a route to get out of harm's way also a go bag which a lot of people out here know about just from past fires at this hour. crews were
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released and heading to the yolo county to fight the sand fire out there for a live in napa county else in the back to you. >>we'll have more the sand fire just a minute. but there was also a vegetation fire in the east bay today 10 acres are now charged charred in brentwood. after a fire started just before noon today that fire was estimated about a quarter of an acre which shows just how quickly it spread in toy's can get in 2 days. conditions. >>and right now there is a fire burning in yolo county or her gayle talking about that near lake berryessa close to the napa county border. this is an interactive map for the evacuation areas. the fire has burned 600 acres so far and is not contained. the smoke from this fire can be seen in marin and sonoma counties the marin county fire department shared this picture of the sky there right now officials from both counties say there is no current threat and a fire threat in those areas.
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>>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast, here's a great your picture of that smoke from the yellow county making its way into parts of the north bay. so please limit your outdoor activity as much as you can especially those of you with any pulmonary issues will lisa raitt was kind enough to 70 this photo. my twitter page so thank you so much for sharing that with me and we're also noticing poor air quality starting to make its way into sonoma county just because of that smoke so air quality is starting to diminish out there this evening, red flag warning in effect right now through 5 o'clock sunday night for the north they mountains elevations above 1000 feet could actually see wind gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour or less and that is going to be the issue with that fire danger because tonight right around midnight i am tracking wind gusts. upwards of 45 miles per hour or less for most of the north bay. but higher amounts of wind gust for those of you along the highest peaks, but it is going to be very dangerous fire
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weather concerns all the way through your early sunday morning by or on your new lunchtime hour starting to notice, calmer conditions there as far as wind speeds go and then widespread single digit wind speeds for those of you in the north bay relative humidity right now in the teens for the interior valleys of the north bay and even along the east bay as well so very critical dangerous fire weather making its way throughout the bay area and here's another look at that smoke that you can see from our north bay camera too broad so we're already starting to see effects from nearby fires impacting us here in the bay area 24 hour temperature change already seeing warm air mass out there right now this evening 70's along the coast 80's as you make your way inland and we're only going to get hotter from here a heat advisory will go into effect starting tomorrow morning and in addition to that a spare the air a lot more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes, justine back to you. >>thanks so much bill calfire is mourning the loss of a fire captain tonight, the agency announced on twitter fire
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captain stacy hamilton was killed in a car accident this morning or said county. the tweet says that hamilton was assigned to the columbia air attack basin was extremely talented as an air tactical group supervisor, a great friend, a mentor and person. governor gavin newsom reacted with this statement it reads in part on behalf of all californians. jennifer and i extend our condolences to captain stacy hamilton's family friends and colleagues in this difficult time it's the work of brave firefighters like stacy that keep our community safe. and we're great deeply grateful for his service. hamilton began his career with cal fire in 2006 and previously served in the united states for service, he leaves behind his wife and 2 teenage sons. >>well happening now chp is investigating a deadly crash in richmond. the crash happened before 6 this evening on eastbound i 80 west of
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central avenue as of right now only one westbound lane is open. there is no estimated time as to when the lanes will reopen. well investigators in rohnert park are asking you to look out for this girl, they say 15 year-old andre abuse has been missing. since yesterday she is considered at risk because of her age. she is described as hispanic about 5 foot 160 pounds with brown hair potentially shaved on the side. if you do see her in called the runner park department of public safety or just dial 911. and the east bay a dinner out with family turned violent at a popular restaurant. >>yeah fight broke out inside and police did make some arrests crime force has secret yoon reports. >>a violent brawl breaks out inside of this golden corral restaurant in concord it was captured on video.
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>>the fight happened thursday around 08:30pm near the kids section inside the restaurant. the video shows 3 women going get it while a 4th woman holding a baby in her arms appears to be trying to intervene. if you listen, you can actually hear a baby crying as one of the women fos of the girl. >>the restaurant. >>the us, i'm very surprised. those are some of the reactions i got before i let people see the video i showed of the altercation the shock could be seen on the face. >>that that it's happening in a kids area you think that people have problems they take it outside the i've just i've never seen i've been working here for the last. >>6 years and i've never seen that before. >>surprised that i wasn't there my whole life you use the whole time of a now it's going to crowd kind of cool. >>concord police investigators say 2 women who know each other got into a physical
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fight inside the restaurant over something that happened between the 2 of the past when police arrived the fighting stopped 2 people were arrested a 19 year-old adult female and a 16 year-old girl both antioch resident, according to police. an 18 year-old man from pittsburgh was also taken into that unrelated matter police say one person suffered a minor injury in concord has equipped kron 4 news. >>well, thousands of people are coming together this weekend where an orange yesterday marked the 5th annual national gun violence awareness day there are hundreds of events throughout the weekend in cities across the country, including right here in the bay area kron for us christine it hate row was at the march in san francisco this morning. >>hundreds today coming out for the wear orange march across the golden gate bridge honoring the lives of those affected by gun violence. one woman coming all the way from san diego to take a stand after she almost lost her own life. >>a 38 caliber didn't or my
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family's home. >>october 3rd 1996. a day she can never forget my ex-boyfriend shot me 5 times. >>the shot front of my 4 my one and a half hero. >>lish a cream says the only ways she survived her to angels and a miracle after 22 years she still lives with those bullets and everyday reminder of the pain caused by an abusive relationship and gun violence >>i'm just devastated that so many people have to live like this every day when i realize that american women are shot and killed every month this is something that i can except. >>so she's walking. hundreds of survivors like the shape wearing orange taking a stand in front of one of the state's most iconic backdrops multiple local chapters of gun violence prevention organizations like moms demd action for gun sense in america and students
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demand action spearheading the wear orange march across the golden gate bridge that i want to be here honor other she now. wanted the victims so survivors likely shape have each other. >>almost 750 wear orange events are and will be going across the united states. weekend including 50 right here in the state of california. reporting in the newsroom, christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>well happening tomorrow, the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon will start at 7 30 in the morning. this is video from last year's race participants swim from alcatraz the saint francis yacht club. then they bike for the presidio to the great highway through golden gate park. then run to baker beach and back to the marina green for the finnish good luck to everyone participate. >>reopening the sales force transit center, the plan now in place to open the $2 billion facility that's been closed for 6 months.
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>>plus a car crashes into a building and catches fire with the driver still inside hear from a witness who rushed in to help. >>and a tribute to the east a bart police officer illed by 10 years ago we will show you the mural that was just unveiled today at the site o termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger.
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>>a heartwarming tribute for the east bay man shot and killed by a bart police officer, the community came together this afternoon as oscar grant's family and bart unveiled a colorful new mural at the fruitvale station it's been 10 years since the death of the 22 year-old. >>bart says it worked closely with grant's family to create the tribune provide a place for reflection for all those who travel through the station kron for bellow was there. >>process of healing that's what the family of oscar grant an art say about the new that's been placed here at the front bill station they say though this is a big step honoring oscar grant there is still so much work to be done. >>and i believe that there will be a sense of peace and the 2 places they'll be a sense of the hill in in this place will be a sense of love in this place. >>and oscar grant's mother wanda johnson looks over saturday at the new year all of her son painted at
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fruitvale station the very place his life was taken on a grateful. >>that dew oscars damp he still lives on that every time someone comes to this station though she is your name and now she is space. all great fun. >>johnson says working with bart to create the mural and name the street across the platform for her son is a sign of growth since any. >>guardian caused alarm warning them. >>is yes about this young man what it's really about our understanding of the wrongs that we hand honoring a movement. he's a dignity of collaboration and of healing latifa simon is the bar director for district 7. >>she says the mural featuring oscars face framed in gold in front of the east bay skyline symbolizes the entire communities process of healing. one of our employees killed in an arms the unmanned. >>and left a little girl
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hoddle it so there's a lot to atone for there's a and i think this is the beginning of us continuing to the mindset with our community was an honor for me to call to serve this round. >>the mural is the first to come from barts are in transit program. well known oakland artistry for one hopes his work speaks volumes over brings a better sense of awareness to the struggle against police terrorism. >>the hope that it transforms a visual landscape here in a way brings morning commuting harmony and respect to the humanity of oscar >>oscar's mother wanda says they are still working to try and get the fruitvale station itself named after oscar grant oakland know alvelo kron 4 news. >>we do have breaking news out of fairfield tonight where a shelter in place will last until 00:30pm tonight for people living on ash tree court and fawn glen circle. this after 200 pounds of lithium ion batteries caught on fire and a house around 5 o'clock tonight, 3
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firefighters and one police officer went to the hospital for exposure and one other firefighter was transported to the hospital with a back injury. the slot of county hazardous materials response team is on scene right now asked record and fawn glen circle are closed to vehicle traffic and kenyan hills drive is also closed because of this emergency, everyone is now being asked to avoid the area while that update on the story for you on our website kron four dot com and then again tonight on crime for news at 10. well teachers in the new haven school district are expected to vote on the new contract proposal sunday afternoon. they reached a tentative agreement yesterday to end the 14 day strike. it includes a teacher's pay increase which was their major demand, teachers will get a 3% raise retroactive to january first 2019. they will also get a 2.5% bonus for the 2018 2019 school year. then on july 1st, teachers will get a one percent pay hike with a contingency of one percent more on the salary schedule
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based upon the passage of school funding legislation. if teachers approved the proposal, they could return to their classrooms on monday. the school board also has to approve the deal. we're now getting close to the reopening of the sales force transit center in san francisco, the billion facility was shut down in september when cracks were discovered in 2 steel beams. >>kron force dan kerman explains. it looks as if the facility will reopen in 2 stages. >>it was at the end of april when repairs to the sales force transit center were completed. following september's discovery of cracks in 2 steel beams on the bus deck above fremont street since then the facility is remain closed while the rest of the structure has been examined to see if there were other parts susceptible to similar cracks so far none have been found and that review is almost completed the work. >>that needs to be done before the transit center. kerry
8:20 pm
opened it is rapidly nearing completion. temperton exact time frame on it because are still things gng on but it's you know on the order of maybe less. >>university of texas at austin structural engineering professor mike englehardt chairs the peer review committee that's reviewing that follow-up inspection. i believe the public can have very high level of confidence in the safety of the structure. >>once the peer review committee sign-off which could happen within days. >>a reopening date of the transit center will be announced. but following a meeting on friday. it was announced that reopening will likely happen in 2 stages with the grand hall and rooftop park opening first to be followed later by the resumption of bus operations. the bostick. >>still we have the deck to call in coverage because we that was the call him some of the calls too expected. so that work has to be productive that will set to clean the
8:21 pm
we'll stick because a lot of searching debris as a result of our inspection efforts. so but we don't wait for that work to be done before we open the facility the facility. the review that was done with the word once the park does reopen visitors will notice a brand-new cement walkway. >>replacing the decomposed granite which started crumbling shortly after the facility opened. so the park in grand hall will open first we don't know when that day will be but we could get an opening date. >>within the next several days or weeks. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well the north bay getting in around sandra fell be tougher this weekend from now until monday, second street between 10 o pious avenue to heatherton street is closed because of the construction. it's all part of the smart train larkspur extension project the extension includes 2.2 miles of track connecting sandra fell and larkspur. destruction of the railroad track is underway at the center fell transit center.
8:22 pm
there are detours to get on won. the police say it's best to avoid the area. >>in the east bay, bart trains are not running between the concord and pleasant hill stations this weekend. crews are replacing the tracks there bart will provide free bus service for people who travel through the area but says commuters should expect about a 20 minute delay service will be restored in time for the monday morning commute. >>well still ahead on kron 4 news at 8 somebody hit the jackpot what we know so far about the single ticket holder one last night's mega millions lottery. and this 10 year-old girl was saved from a drowning pool, how community is not honoring the hero who saved honoring the hero who saved her. you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>some dramatic video out of chicago tonight, several people rushed to put out a car that was on fire. >>police say the driver was still behind the wheel as flames took over take a closer look at the video. the car caught fire after plowed into the wall of a building. wayne graham was among those who rushed in to help. >>every one of us, i'm sure for like the car was going to blow up at any moment, the tire blew it. and you never saw 5 people jumped so much in your life. you know because we're all like in there. >>graham emptied for fire extinguishers before rescue crews pulled the driver out driver was taken to the hospital with burn earns his condition is not known.
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>>take a look at this it was a large puddle of tar the sidewalk in los angeles the puddles across the street from the la tar pits and museum. the national natural landmark where tar has been seeping up from the ground for thousands of years. well someone in southern california is a new multimillionaire mega millions says that one person one that million jackpot last night. we don't know much about the winter yet but contested officials say that the ticket was sold in san diego to matched all 6 winning numbers. it is the largest jackpot since that incredible one and a half billion dollar jackpot last october. the cash option as worth more than million. >>another unexpected win today for the triple crown sir winston won the belmont stakes. today in a 10 to one upset. they'll not captain
8:27 pm
entertaining triple crown highlighted by a disqualification the kentucky derby and a horse without a rider in the preakness. >>a proposed tariff suspended president trump announced last night his administration has reached a deal with mexico on border policies. we have reaction from washington and a new report says that president trump's announcement comes months too late. >>plus a ride to a baseball game turned dangerous today after a train derailed inside the tunnel and we are tracking the heat wave heading the bay area this weekend. here is that will see the highest temperatures so far this year. how long they will stay.
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>>the heat wave kind of weekend as we take a live look outside right now a downtown san francisco. it was warm all across the bay today, but it's about to get even hotter. >>joined right now by meteorologist with theresa rodriguez made talk about hot temperatures. windy temperatures. we've got all sorts of stuff done and a lot of smoke up in the sky yeah and it's unfortunately the perfect recipe for high fire danger, especially in our interior valleys, even though the red flag warning is in effect for the north bay just think of everyone in the bay area being under that high fire danger alert. >>just because of these warm dry and also breezy to gusty wind speeds throughout today expected tonight as well. today's daytime highs well above average 10 to 15 degrees above normal. no record breaking or near record breaking heat today, but
8:31 pm
tomorrow, the heat will be on what we do have some records that we could actually break tomorrow afternoon, red flag warning currently in effect for the north bay mountains elevations above 1000 feet could still see gusts upwards about 60 miles per hour or less tonight all the way through 5 o'clock tomorrow evening. so that's one that set to expire very dry conditions out there right now and marine layer, nonexistent not really tracking any low or high cloud cover along our coastline. that's just a good indicator of how warm it is and is going to get by tomorrow afternoon. live look outside for those of you in the east bay over berkeley and as you can see beautiful sunset out there this evening and temperatures still warm in fact widespread 70's along the coast 80's as you make your way inland. and overnight lows tonight, not really going to dip all that much mid 50's and even upper 50's and a few low 60's but the warmest location tonight will be those of you in antioch only cooling down at 64 degrees so even warm
8:32 pm
temperatures out there tonight there heat advisory will go into effect starting tomorrow morning through tomorrow night for most of the valleys of the bay area and even are beside communities, including downtown san francisco could actually warm up into the upper 80's and low 90's so here's a look at your wake-up planner forecasts already warming up by your noon lunch time hour with very warm and hot conditions by around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, coastal areas warming up into the low 80's. bay, shore areas mid-nineties and in the inland areas actually heading. the century mark for a few you. tomorrow's daytime highs in downtown san francisco 89 degrees oakland 93 and scorching heat for those of you in san jose near triple digit heat at 96 degrees. so tracking widespread 90's in the bay area we're going to be about 15 to 20 degrees above average and even warmer for some of our interior valleys by monday of next week. and we're still going to feel the
8:33 pm
heat for the next 7 days we're going to remain above average even with our cool down. and as you could see no rain in sight and that's going to be the same as we lead into your father's day weekend. with temperatures above average as well next weekend john justine back to you. >>well thank you so much air some guidelines from the health experts on staying safe in extreme heat. drink, plenty of cool fluids. even if you're not physically active or thirsty. wear lightweight light-colored loose-fitting clothing limit physical activity outside and stay indoors. in an air-conditioned space. now if you do not have air conditioning at home, go to public spaces such as the library a mall or community center. if you have to work outside try to schedule it during the early mornings or evenings. do not leave any persons or pets and parked cars for any length of time. well some customers in the north bay may not have power until monday shut off power for 1600 customers early this
8:34 pm
morning because of wildfire risks pg any screws started the process of turning it back on this afternoon. they are inspecting power lines to make sure they are safe before restoring power. utility spokesperson says it could take up to 48 hours for everyone to get their power back more shut-offs are expected to take place in just 30 minutes in butte nevada el dorado and placer counties. >>so warmer weather will increase the melting of the snow pack in the sierra forecasters are warning to watch for water levels in many rivers and streams in the coming weeks. experts warn that those rivers pose life threatening dangerous this time of year exposure to the icy waters can lead to hypothermia and 15 minutes or less state officials said that there's potential for the use of the reconstrued spillway at the oroville dam. >>in national news tonight, president trump announced a deal with mexico last night
8:35 pm
that suspended the proposed 5% tariffs on mexican goods. the new york times reports, mexico has already promised to take some of the actions outlined in the deal. months ago. friday's joint declaration says mexico agreed to deploy its national guard to patrol the u s mexico border. paper says mexican government pledged to do that in march. during secret talks in miami with the former secretary of homeland security. another key piece in the deal an expansion of the program to allow asylum. seekers to stay in mexico while their legal cases proceed. the paper says the arraignment was reached back in december. president trump hailed the agreement again today tweeting everyone very excited about the new deal with mexico. many republicans agree with the president. >>representative ted yoho says trump's tariff threat was the way to go. we stood with the president to put tariffs on or to put pressure on the mexican government.
8:36 pm
>>because when we met with the mexican ambassador. they all tell us that they depend on a strong america. well without this influx of people coming in overloading our system that would doesn't make america stronger it weakens america. >>house speaker nancy pelosi is saying that the deal does not address the root causes of the central american migration. in a statement released today, she said president trump must stop sabotage and good faith constructive and bipartisan efforts in congress to address this complex problem in a humane manner that honors and respects our most cherished national values at the border tonight agents are hoping that the new deal with mexico will stop migrants from flooding into the us. diane gallagher has the latest from the southern border. >>the numbers of it looked like this in more than a decade. nearly 133,000 people apprehended by customs and border protection for crossing into the us illegally in just
8:37 pm
the month of may families making up the majority more than 11,000 of them unaccompanied children, the acting cbp commissioner calling it quote a full blown emergency government processing centers and shelters overcrowded. >>some to dangerous levels with unsanitary and unsafe conditions. according to department of homeland security's watchdog agency. >>when and it was so crowded way my son had to sleep with that ending up on hill, they'll keep castro from indoor is crossed over into texas with her 2 sons in hopes of getting to family houston. instead she along with hundreds of other migrant families were flown to california to make room. >>we didn't realize it should be flown in to san diego. is a great place to live but. it did take us by surprise and but it's apparently 3 plane loads a week. we've given up on the logic model to this whole matter there is no
8:38 pm
>>reasons for the surge in migration are layered right now people who live in guatemala and honduras are facing intense economic and environmental conditions with ever present violence in a drought that is limiting food availability. that's been happening for a long time. critics of the white house say this most recent extreme spike in movement is a direct result of the president's policies. >>they're saying the big change is the message that this is your last chance. president trump if you ever going to escape these dire circumstances you have come now. >>and is president trump focuses on beefing up security a wall more border patrol agents and adding us troops. today we have a. >>approximately 2000 service members. the mission along the southwest border experts say smugglers are becoming more sophisticated. >>central american families. more aware of us laws and the likelihood they won't be deported in large numbers at least right away focusing far
8:39 pm
more on success stories from neighbors, then threats from the white house. >>well 10 people are hurt in boston, massachusetts after a city train derailed this morning. it happened in a tunnel near kenmore station which is close to fenway park. the derailment happened just before today's match between the boston red sox and tampa bay rays. some of the people injured had to be carried out on stretchers none of them sustained injuries that are considered life threatening. the city's transportation agency is investigating the cause. well this 18 year-old man in detroit michigan is charged in the shooting deaths of 3 members of the l g d p a lgbtq community. investigators say the van robinson targeted the victims on memorial day because of their sexuality. he's also charged with wounding 2 others. a scary. >>6 flags and the today riders on the new batman ride we're
8:40 pm
stuck for about 10 to 15 minutes this afternoon. the attraction just opened up the theme park about 2 weeks ago, we're still looking into exactly what happened but the person who shot this video says many rides at the park we're having problems today. and check out these beautiful pictures from redwood forest preserve you can now walk through the bear creek redwoods open space preserve right near silicon valley. >>the nearly 1400 acre property was saved about 20 years ago from becoming a golf course at luxury home development. the mid pencil regional open space district acquired it in 1999. and is now restored it for public access. >>and i'm tracking your warm sierra forecast and a look ahead at the 2nd half of your weekend microclimate forecast details at all possible records that can be broken in the bay are
8:41 pm
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news today, we'll check this out this 10 year-old boy is now a firefighter in sacramento. >>he got the honor the title this week after saving a little girl from drowning at his apartment complex russell pearlman introduces us to patrick for. >>when i see her i she was playing around but 4 year-old you sorry write wasn't playing around she wandered into the deep end of the pool and couldn't swim. yeah i was scared. but this 10 year-old
8:44 pm
self-described fish poulter to the top and out of the pool, he called for help. i say she is i mean she's dying. >>and they got around my hands. the uses blue this. >>is a blue how the key richardson who just finished a cpr classes was one of the few people who rushed to her side i knew it right there. that's what my little hands and i made a little bit smaller just for her and finally this little girl started to cough and opened her eyes, yeah. >>and that's given my >>friday brewer was celebrated for his quick thinking. >>you are here. >>and made an honorary firefighter too good for heart rate really care and to be able to. >>on something that he saw a young lady in need and then did the best he could just out of instinct it's incredible. >>but most importantly reunited with a little now
8:45 pm
they can all free a little easier. coming up in sports. we will recap the warriors game. 4 loss also giants and a's in action today. >>that's on th
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>>teen 100 acres in yolo county. this is one of the pictures being shared with us
8:48 pm
tonight. the fire is burning near lake berryessa close to the napa county border. no word on any containment this evening smoke from this fire is being seen and parts of the bay area we've heard reports from are in county and several other counties as well that have seen that smoke is the winds push it into our area firefighters from several departments are on the scene there tonight, including cruise from the lay help. >>meteorologist not greece a boundary guess to get an update on. the. fire danger that's out there right now and the red flag warning that's still in place tonight. yeah that's going to remain in effect tonight all the way through tomorrow night at 5 o'clock that's when it's set to expire so. >>the highest peaks for those of you in the north they are included in that red flag warning because of wind gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour less already seeing relative humidity in the tes could go down into the single digits. so critical fire weather and this heat wave also impacting this year as well above
8:49 pm
average temperatures for tomorrow, 72 degrees warming up into the upper 70's by monday of next week and then low 80's for tuesday of next week so no rain in sight there and expect plenty of snow melt specially with that sierra snow pack, here's a live look outside from all of that smoke from the yolo county fire streaming through the north and now heading towards the san francisco peninsula. and you could just see that blanket it's not cloud cover that's all smoke, so please limit outdoor activity as much as you can. and don't forget to wear any masks if you do happen to have those as well temperatures out there right now widespread 70's along the coast 80's as you make your way inland. and overnight lows will be relatively bile just because of this heat wave only cooling down into the mid 50's for most of the bay area low 60's to mid 60's for interior valleys and our microclimate forecast for the 2nd half of the weekend. the heat is on in fact record breaking he
8:50 pm
possible even for downtown san francisco warming up to 89 degrees wouldn't be surprised if it reaches the low 90's believe it or not half moon bay just to the south 76 degrees so milder temperatures even throughout daly city 70 degrees. pacifica the coolest location, 72 degrees, so head out and enjoy that brisbane 87 degrees as is burlingame san mateo flirting with 90's but 89 degrees as is paulo all tow. redwood city 92 degrees fortunately wind speeds will be about 15 miles per hour less so not gusty throughout the south bay, san jose 96 degrees and hayward 94 degrees with livermore actually hitting that century mark by tomorrow afternoon walnut creek, 96 degrees berkeley in the low 90's as his richmond napa mid-nineties for you and upper 90's for those of you in santa rosa. there is a spare the air alert that we typically see in the summer already going into effect tomorrow when it could be extended through monday because as we take a look
8:51 pm
ahead. at the next 7 days. our interior valleys are going to be even warmer could even see some warming along our coastal areas and then a gradual cooling trend but still above average. >>what we just heard is going to be hot tomorrow, but the sky is still falling on doug nation. the warriors are just one loss away from seeing their season and on the wrong side of history. the toronto raptors jump off all over the warriors last night on their way to a one oh 5.92 when at oracle kawhi leonard was spectacular finishing with 35 points and no turnovers now the warriors find themselves in a 3 one hole and on brink of elimination. >>not a good feeling right now obviously i'm. like you said we've been on both sides of the and for us is an opportunity for us to just put this whole series on his head and and um. yeah doing a
8:52 pm
minute on a sounds cliche in and for us. that's literally the only way we're going to get you know back in the series is give everything we've got for 48 minutes, everybody has those who are on the floor in game 5. >>or is it a must-win situation that game 5 is on monday now on to some baseball is head over to oracle park bruce bocce in his 13th and final season with the orange and black bottom of the 4th tied at one donovan solano with a base hit into center field one run will score. brandon crawford safely into 3rd giants take a 2 to one lead the bottom of the 8th dodgers up to 5 to 2 bases loaded for corey seager eager hits one into left center field that is going to land in the gap pull our get there in time 2 runs come in to score seager comes up big for los angeles giants fall to dodgers 7 to your final they look to take the series tomorrow. now head south to arlington where
8:53 pm
the a's are taking on the rangers top of the 4 for rangers up 5 to 2 josh one into left field, the former giant has turned can't handle it and the way to the last runs coming to score just like that a's within a run. 5th now rangers now 74 to 2. smashes one to left center field that's a no rangers tend to 4 on the three-run jack aides fall 10 to 5 your final game one of their double header with texas game 2 is currently in progress. and don't forget tonight we have a special live edition of hoops session. join jr stone and myself as we break down that worries loss on friday and discussed how this team can dig themselves out of a 3 one hole. back to you guys. thanks much for us what's next. >>aide, a pride celebration that's under water where a pride rainbow flex its at the bottom of the ocean.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>>welcome back to kron 4 news at a pride month celebrations are taking place all across the bay area and the country they mostly include parades runs picnics all on land. >>but in the florida keys. the celebrations are under water check this out scuba divers unfurled a rain both i'd flag
8:57 pm
today on the ship turned into an artificial reef. this comes on the eve of pride events in key west. the flag incorporates both traditional rainbow stripes and the blue flag of the florida keys. alter ego. the conch republic. they are officially for us once a missile tracking ship from the cold war called the vandenberg. >>i like how we can actually hear the sound this made that yes and. >>today and also tomorrow, yeah, even hotter tomorrow, there's a red flag warning in effect tonight for the north. and we'll see you again tonight, more news at. so, jardiance asks...
8:58 pm
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(rock music) - right now we're headed to a battery that just occurred, between a father and a son. adult son. lives in socal, he's just visiting. father said that son suffers from ptsd,


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