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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 9, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>on 80 degrees there. and overnight lows, not really expecting much relief from the heat in fact i am tracking widespread 60's there. night hours all the way through monday morning and wake up
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planner forecast is going to show another day of hot temperatures in our interior valleys, coastal areas cooling down slightly but here's a look at some records that we could break tomorrow on june 10th these are the records that are currently in place but that could all change because i am tracking warmer temperatures. inland. and also another spare the or alert set to go in effect more my full forecast in just a few minutes back to you. >>we now go to yolo county where the sand fire has been burning since yesterday the fast-moving fire burned more than 2200 acres and is now 20% contained. >>cal fire says at least 7 structures have been destroyed kron four scale on has the latest. >>firefighters made progress overnight. the challenges with this fire is getting access to steep rugged terrain. right now there are hundreds of firefighters attacking the flames, the sand fire is burning on steep brush covered
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slopes, the weather in the area is not helping hot and dry conditions and wind out of the northeast at around 20 miles per hour are keeping firefighters busy more than 600 personnel are fighting the blaze from the air. >>tenders and helicopters dropping water on the flames on the ground about 45 fire engines and a dozen dozers constructing containment line the fire broke out saturday afternoon on county road 41 and highway 16 in yolo county and has been burning ever since cal fire says so far at least 7 structures have been destroyed a barn took on the garage is gone. >>house is still there. everything else is going. this is dustin dunham's property on renzi canyon road off highway 16 his property so close he can see the fire from his backyard. dunham is under mandatory evacuation orders but is staying with family nearby. >>because we're used to it happens every year. so this is material stuff union all replaceable. >>evacuation orders are still in effect for anyone living on
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county road for you in yolo county jail on kron 4 news. thank you so much gail in santa clara county, the malik fire began around 3 30 this afternoon. crews are still out there working to get it fully contained khan for his brings us the latest. >>at its peak cal fire says 128 firefighters were out here battling the malik fire 5 air tankers and 2 helicopters were also called for extra support basically the fires in a place where it's not moving. >>that the containment is not old. tartness return has entered a fire from growing. the terrain has pretty much stopped in its place on the back from the heat on the head side of >>210 acres in san jose scorched sunday afternoon, cal fire crews in santa clara county responded around 03:00pm to malik road in south san jose. they say the fire began near the field sports park in pistol range of the base of the hillside, they're still working to confirm whether the shooting range is connected. we need to do a thorough investigation to rule
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out all causes. >>there could be some other cause other somebody actually of range of causes from will do a full investigation, therefore we make a determination as to the actual. >>cal fire says there were several factors that made the b of challenging. >>they're in very steep terrain working to be able to contain the fire places where bulldozers can work. and that makes a travel really difficult and so it takes more time to be able to suppress that part of the fire putting contain the line. today along with this team terrain and the fact that the fuel is very heavy. it's just taking it just to work. >>now that fire season has begun calfire wants everyone to be prepared. >>morton to follow are ready set go her. make sure you have a plan for or your to evacuate if necessary make sure that you have defensible space around your home and they are removing any the flammable fuels from her. >>cal fire says they plan to have crews out here through
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the night and into monday morning to make sure there are no hot spots in san jose kron 4 news. >>now to an update on the enquirer burning in napa county cal fire declared it 100% contained tonight. the fire started around 2 30 yesterday afternoon about 6 miles northeast of calistoga it burned about 50 acres of vegetation. cal fire says it does not have any reports of injuries or structures being damaged. in the east bay fire protection authorities say debris from a plane was found tonight just north of antioch this was reported about an hour after a witness told authorities a small plane went down in the san joaquin river. authorities say they believe it's a piece of the airplane tail from an aircraft that left the cannon field in concord with one person on board. a short time before the crash. a backpack and aeronautical charts have also been recovered further information about the plane or its pilot has not been made
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available tonight. >>we'll take a look at this a plane flipped over today, the lake tahoe airport city of southlake tom whoa tweeted these pictures of the plane. it's tweet says the plane flipped over when trying to land on the high speed runway. no one was injured. a firefighter was transported to a hospital for heat related injuries today in san leandro this after crews responded to a report that a massive hopper had smoke coming from it happened around 11 30 this morning, the alameda county fire department posted this picture on instagram hopper is a large sort of vault that in this case held sawdust the post says shortly after arriving at the scene the hopper exploded and caught fire. contractors were welding the hopper to disassemble it not realizing. it was full of sawdust the welding started the fire in a sudden shift of the hopper because the large dust cloud that led to a dust explosion and fire.
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>>firefighters in southern california are also dealing with a brush fire it started near 6 flags magic mountain in santa clarita today prompting the evacuation of the theme park. the neighboring hurricane harbor water park was also evacuated. firefighters say the fire scorched about 30 acres. >>a 23 year-old woman has died in a suspected dui crash in brentwood. california highway hppatrol says a car veered off the road. shortly after 5 this morning and had a pall on lone tree wait near adams lane. investigators say the passenger died on the scene. the driver 25 year old joseph john martinez from vallejo was slightly hurt. investigators believe he was driving under the influence. well teachers in the new haven unified school district voted to approve a contract proposal to end the 14 day strike. teachers association made the announcement tonight passed for the 60% vote and it does include.
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>>tchers pay to increase which was the major demand teachers will get a 3% raise retroactive to january first 2019. they will also get a 2.5% bonus for the 2018 2019 school year. then on july first teachers will get a one percent pay hike with a contingency of one percent more on the salary schedule based on the passage, a school funding legislation, if teachers. teachers have approved this proposal so they should return back to their classrooms. tomorrow on monday, the school board still needs to approve the deal. >>well california will become the first state in the country to pay for some illegal immigrants to have full health benefits. democrats in the state legislature reached an agreement today as part of the state's billion budget plan. the legislature also rejected a new tax on residential water bills. governor gavin newsome
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had proposed to make improvements to drinking water systems across the state. lawmakers instead agreed to use a million of existing tax revenue adjusting. >>happening tomorrow. the defense is set to begin presenting its case to the jury in the go ship trial on friday. jurors is heard from this woman right here who says she heard men laugh, thing about having set fire to the go ship. her testimony was barred by rules against hearsay evidence now the judge is deciding whether to make an exception. this after prosecutors spent 5 weeks making their case against er1c amanda and max harris on foursquare grant lotus has a look back. >>i don't think they made their case against derick almena they certainly made a case that there was an enormous tragedy in oakland and regardless of what the verdict is in this case does it's going to change that one of the final witnesses was jonathan axtell under cross examination. he described a blonde woman warning people not to use the stairway.
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>>a line of questioning that outraged one trial spectator and now tony service trying to throw her under the bus and say it was her fault because she said the smoke on the stairs was too sick colleen doran says the blonde woman was her daughter chelsea who died in the flames, his client we built. a fire trap and that fire trapped. >>the cause that amount of sick, black toxic smoke the jury got a look at video clips from jailhouse interviews of co-defendant deric a minute. >>denying that anyone lived in the warehouse, the relevance as his lawyer states everyone knew people were living there. >>and i think the he denied it was mostly elicited to make him look dishonest which he's not judge trina thompson will rule monday whether this woman can take the stand. >>sharon evans was on her way home from a church event when she stopped at a taco truck near the fire. and while standing outside she talks
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about hearing these guys bragging. >>practically high-fiving congratulating each other by the time people find out that there's a fine it's going to be too late graduate each other basically. >>great lotus kron 4 news. >>again we will hear tomorrow whether that witness will be able to give her story to the jury then the defense lawyers will begin their case. all of our coverage othe go ship trial is on our website kron four dot com. >>well coming up a construction crane collapses in dallas texas killing one person we'll show you the damage to buildings and several cars. >>plus why american airlines says over 100 flights will be canceled every day this summer. >>and yet another bar delay this weekend why some ri termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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kron 4 news at 10 if you traveled on barton the east bay this weekend. you may have experienced delays or even had to get off the train. >>kron force taylor sack explains the holdup. >>i just got >>some riders like to marjory and were confused commuting on bart this weekend we're told to get off the train just a lot of times we're trying to get on board. that changes starting their own or or even just if you want.
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>>ford says it was track safety repairs in the east bay news. >>going >>keep riders on track to their destination are provided free shuttle buses to replace trains between concord and the onset and sunday. the most writers mentally he's made him of these. >>drivers to add an extra 20 minutes on to their commute some though didn't get the message until it was too late. hart says to always check before you go. >>you can also plan your trip on the official bar bar talk to in the east bay tailored to sackey kron 4 news. >>well as a beautiful day here in san francisco and if you're on the beach specifically at baker beach in san francisco. this is what it would have looked like a look at all of those people hundreds if not thousands of people out of the beach looking at the bridge and taking in the scenery.
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>>hot day we'll get days like that chevron says so very often see got to enjoy it when get in the water they're not freeze. >>exactly enjoy that. now. i'm meteorologist bree sir rodriguez closely tracking this weather to see how long it will last so it's still going to continue unfortunately, especially for the interior valleys scorching heat heading your way so another round of record breaking. >>or near record breaking heat to start out your work week monday. today's daytime highs 15 to 20 degrees above average downtown san francisco, 25 degrees below above normal and we did notice daytime highs actually tying the record set back in 1986 of 91 degrees and it's going to be another day of warm to hot temperatures, especially for interior valleys. here's a look at pass records on this date for june 10th. so we could actually break some more records throughout the bay area and also for interior valleys because i'm tracking
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widespread triple digit weather there storm tracker for right now tracking very dry conditions noticing a few high clouds passing by and future cast. we'll show those high clouds during the overnight hours but watch how it just disappears by monday morning all the way through monday afternoon. that just shows just how hot it's going to get so another round of summer like temperatures for the bay area and here's a live look outside downtown san francisco. we are noticing very warm temperatures at last check in the low 80's. nevada, those 66 degrees things so that cool sea breeze influence their santa rosa 72 degrees. the widespread mid to upper 70's and even some low 80's as you make your way in london overnight relief, not really expecting that tonight things because that warm air mass i am tracking widespread 60's for overnight lows when we should be in the 50's. so even our overnight temperatures will be warm in the low to mid and upper 60's. the national weather service or reissue another heat advisory set to go into effect early monday
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morning through monday night specifically for interior valleys and even along the san francisco bay shoreline with the exception of downtown san francisco today we were in the low low 90's so above average temperatures but tomorrow we're going to warm up into the upper 80's so noticing some cooler temperatures right along the coast. still going to be warm though well above average 85 degrees. oakland, 91 degrees. so still hot there in san jose scorching heat in the triple digits so widespread triple digit mark a lot of cities hitting that century mark all the way in the north bay and in the interior portions of the east bay and south bay as well 80's along the san francisco peninsula. and even some 90's right throughout the san francisco bay shoreline. so that's why they're included in that heat advisory for tomorrow, let's take a look at our 10 at 10 forecast because most of the coastal areas will start to notice relief from the heat on tuesday. but for the interior valleys. you're not going to notice that cool down until wednesday still going or mean well above
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average and it's not until thursday of this upcoming week that we finally start to cool down to near average temperatures still going to be a few degrees above normal and then a slight bump in temperatures for your father's day sunday, but nowhere near the record breaking heat that i'm tracking to start out your work week monday, but no rain in sight above average highs in some are just around the corner and we got a head start early in the bay area. hot start for sure yeah sure we went from a lot of rain too intense. he the extremes all over the all over the place. >>thank you so much, thanks for reason we have some sad news though now out of the sports world where former major league baseball great david ortiz also known to fans as big poppy. >>was shot and wounded in his home country the dominican republic. authorities say that the faa and former boston red sox slugger was ambushed by a man who got off of the motorcycle and shot him in the back nearly point blank range. the bullet went through his stomach ortiz has been
10:21 pm
taken to the hospital the latest update has him in stable condition. multiple people have been detained in connection to the shooting. the 43 year-old played major league baseball for 20 seasons, but he's best known for his years with the boston red sox he's a 10 time all-star all-star who lead boston to 3 world series titles before he retired in 2016. >>a crane comes crashing down in downtown dallas today, killing one person. 6 others were injured when heavy winds forced the crane to topple into a 5 story apartment complex. fire rescue on are still searching for missing people, severe storms are moving through the area power outages have been reported with more than 200,000 customers experiencing problems. >>there is an inconvenience for summer travelers american airlines says 150 flights will be canceled. each day through
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september 3rd. >>yeah, this is to accommodate the grounded boeing 7.37 max planes, the airline a richly canceled all flights using those jets until august 19th but they have now extended that by another month entire boeing 7.37 max fleet has been grounded since march after a software issue cause 2 crashes that killed more than 300 people, boeing says it's been fixed. but federal agencies still need to sign off on it. race to the iowa caucuses now less than 8 months away gets its unofficial kickoff. this weekend senator connell harris. and representative eric swalwell were among nearly 20 democratic primary candidates that the annual hall of fame dinner, senator harris spoke to the crowd and took a direct shot at president donald trump. she tied trump's actions as president to various forms of fraud adding there's a rap sheet for that evidence to make the case. this wall a
10:23 pm
promise to make background checks, mandatory for gun purchases across the nation and to create a buyback program for what he called assault weapons. >>coming up a controversial display is sparking outrage in one east bay city why deputies say they can't do anything about it. >>and a man missing for nearly 7 days in the forest is safe - hey, mike.
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>>it's an ancient symbol of good fortune or is it a symbol of hate one homeowner says he just likes how the swastika look so he built one in his yard for all of his neighbors to see and as kron four sweeps of all reports some of them are deeply offended. >>it's his property so the homeowner can do what he wants with it even if in this case, some people find it hurtful makes me very nervous with this homeowner and older caucasian man has chosen to do is turn his long and also brought a into a swastika display. he tells neighbors, he knows the symbol is historically tethered to not see germany but for him it's more accurately associated with tibetan buddhism and spirituality he likes the symbol or mean don't live i mean not a hater he don't hate people leah steinberg lives down the street, my mother had some cousins. >>died in the holocaust or you yourself true. steinberg is
10:27 pm
also an author who has published literature on world war 2 i would like to get a petition. i love her no surprise to me and i would like the show this this man that people don't want to hear some of the homeowners friends coming to his defense i've known him all my life a e's took me on a story when i was a little kid in have always looked up toward him. i know that i know he's a racist know placement of the swastika is questionable it's little awkward age don't believe that the contra costa county sheriff's office provides law enforcement for elsa brown today, we reached out to that department they tell us they have not received any official complaints about the swastika that there's nothing they can do as no laws have been broken. it also brought a fully to call kron 4 news. >>and our heat wave, not only impacting us here in the bay area but causing snow melt
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and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. several wildfires in the region. david daniel has our story. >>wildfire season is heating up in parts of the west. a brush fire prompted the evacuation of 6 flags magic mountain in santa california on sunday. >>cars lined up outside the
10:31 pm
amusement park as flames loomed in the distance. >>in northern california fire crews rushed to get ahead of the sand fire. removing dead trees. and debris to clear out any fuel for the fire. and evacuation of rural yolo county was ordered early sunday morning. residents fled their homes as smoke filled the air i literally inside packing right now officials said the fire started saturday afternoon and have struggled to contain it fueled by high winds and dry air it ripped through wooded and remote areas in arizona fire crews are battling 2 wildfires outside of phoenix. the woodbury fire broke out in the superstition mountains saturday afternoon and more than 200 firefighters are battling the mountain fire east of phoenix air crews responded from above dumping flame. retardant the red powder clearly outlining the scorched earth the fast growing inferno ripped through
10:32 pm
thousands of acres after it ignited friday, consuming more than 7,000 acres of that hondo national forest in its first 24 hours. officials are investigating the mountain fire as human caused. i'm david daniel reporting. >>as we talk about our weather forecast right now we take a live look outside here in san francisco where it's still pretty high out there tonight and it's a place not a lot of people have air conditioning so it was a tough day to be in the with 90 degree weather and certainly was joined right now by meteorologist risa >>and you're talking about earlier the a lot of these hot temperatures continuing into the weekend, especially for interior valleys, some. >>relief along the coast but still well above average so another round of summer like temperatures to start out your work week monday, very dry conditions fortunately that high fire danger no longer impacting those of you in the north a because i am tracking. calmer wind speeds there. a few high clouds overhead in the bay area and snowmelt concerns already under way for
10:33 pm
those of you in this year in fact, the west walker river and mano county starting to rise significantly and that these above average temperatures. our sierra snow pack is starting to melt because i'm tracking widespread upper 70's and low 80's in the coming days, so that's a river we're certainly going to keep an eye on here from the kron 4 weather center and let's take a look closer to home golding a bridge out there this evening still tracking very warm temperatures out there right now so not really getting bad much of relief especially for interior valleys and along the coast, widespread 60's and 70's downtown san francisco at last check still in the low 80 so very warm air mass in place just because that cool sea breeze, not really impacting us here in the downtown area but overnight relief not tonight in fact we're going to be even above average with these overnight lows, whites for low to mid and upper 60's, especially antioch only cooling down into the upper 60's so flirting with 70's and
10:34 pm
we are going to notice another round of very warm to hot temperatures so record rate breaking or near record breaking heat for the bay area. yet again downtown san francisco, 85 degrees mission district in the low 90's. half moon bay today you were in the mid 80's, you actually broke the all-time record for the month of june with your above average temperatures of 86 degrees. tomorrow, slightly cooler 81 montero low 80's pacifica flirting with a tease but 79 degrees and widespread 90's right throughout the san francisco bay area shoreline burlingame 97 degrees burlingame and brisbane both the same number and no brake. just one degree cooler at 96 degrees mound, you though hitting that triple digit mark near triple digits for those of you in san mateo actually cooling down to 98 degrees and whites for triple digit heat for the south bay fortunately, wind speeds tomorrow, not going to be as breezy around 15 miles per hour less so that is one thing really working in your favor otherwise you would
10:35 pm
certainly be under a red-flag warning, san jose and santa clara cupertino sunnyvale morgan hill definitely hitting that century degree mark livermore a 105 degrees one of the warmest locations for the bay area in the interior valleys of the east bay hayward 92 degrees along the coast, 96 for berkeley conquered also one of the warmest locations at a 105 degrees and no red flag warning in effect for tomorrow for those of you in the north bay in fact that high fire danger alert was set to expire a little bit earlier today just because a calmer winds speeds right around our new lunchtime hour. and santa rosa, hitting that triple digit mark and because of these warm summerlike temperatures another spare the air alert in effect for the bay area as we take a look ahead at the next 10 day forecast. i am tracking temperatures once again above average to start out the week near average by the end of the workweek and father's day sunday. >>still going to be a few degrees above average but not like what we're starting out with this week so.
10:36 pm
>>you do have any outdoor plans a dad you're in delhi enjoys day head outdoors nice french weather, but no rain in sight for the next 10 we won't see rain for a comes that anyone uh >>thank you so much. >>well, a man ha- been missing now for nearly 7 days in an arkansas force is alive and he's okay search teams and that watch eat a national forest on joshua mcclatchy in a remote area about 100 miles from little rock on friday night. that's according to his sister mcclatchy who is from fort worth texas was hiking when he ended up in a wilderness area. rescue teams took turns carrying him out of the area he is now in hospital recovering from dehydration. his sister said the team made a heroic effort. get a pride parade since people running and several people were injured will tell you where this happened when we come back.
10:37 pm
>>also the connecticut mother of 5 is still missing after 15 days, the latest on the search when we come back. >>is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you have not tried on yet. here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit
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>>this is chaos. >>chaos at the dc pride sheer terror as people run from loud noises originally thought to be gunshots. a man with a bb gun angry at another man for hitting his partner allegedly is to blame this is thousands of people gathered at dupont circle for the capital pride parade, victoria sanchez was in the middle of it all. >>porting is the panic spread. >>it's just so what has he got. just all the sudden you heard these 3 therefore very very loud pops and i mean wow they sound like they were coming from almost here are standing right now. and you
10:41 pm
just heard people scream and they just started looking at it. in the cuts that there was an active shooter. and they started right moving quickly and a half a second later was when that allowed happen if you'd everybody when you guys are running at that and everybody just took off like crazy, thing sounds like gunshots. we are. >>dc police say there were no shots fired, but several people were hurt in that panic scramble as they try to get away from the park all of them will be okay the person was found with that bb gun nearby and that man has been questioned by police. a woman who was with the man was also detained on a separate charge, but again authorities say no gun shots were ever fired. >>guide to hollywood hottie to now a newly remarried man there's a new royal couple in
10:42 pm
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 connecticut police looking for the remains of 50 year-old jennifer dulos are focusing their efforts on a trash plant in hartford. >>well she is a mother of 5 who has not been seen since may 24th and david puglisi has the story. >>the police were back at the
10:45 pm
mirror trash plan for the 5th straight day. the search began on tuesday when police entered the plant in blue hazmat suits to rake through tons of trash surveillance video captured images of what police say is a man and a woman matching photos dulos michele cercone says description dumping 30 bags of trash into dumpsters, trash cans and sewers along albany avenue in hartford all the trash ends up here at the mira plant sources close to the investigation say that event raking through piles of trash and then allowing cadaver dogs to sniff through the trash for evidence sources say the investigation will likely carry into this week. so far nothing has been released on the findings fotis dulos his home and for jefferson crossing state police remain on guard out front this week police said today will keep a presence at the home as long as they're warrant remains active. >>dave puglisi reporting tonight in her original divorce filings to us told the court quote i'm afraid of my husband, i know he will retaliate by tried to harm me
10:46 pm
in some way she claimed that he threatened to kidnap their children. well he denied it all in court. >>hundreds of people gathered in texas sunday to honor the life of a slain girl, proud medic houston city hall all the march then moved to the harris county jail for a moment of silence. that's where derion vence the former fiance lia's mother it's being held in connection with her death. those who participated in the walk are demanding justice. well his body was found in arkansas last week after vence allegedly confessed to a community activist. investigators haven't proved details on how she died. >>even on a day where we don't have a game in the nba finals, a lot going on in the sports landscape but we have to start with some sobering news tonight, former major league baseball great david ortiz affectionately known to fans as big poppy was shot and
10:47 pm
wounded in his home country the dominican republic. a spokesman for dominican national police said ortiz was shot in the back back at a disco in santa domingo. the bullet went through his stomach ortiz was taken to a hospital and into surgery. espn has reported that he's expected to make a complete recovery. multiple people have been detained in connection with the shooting. the 43 year-old ortiz played major league baseball for 20 seasons. but was best known for his years with the boston red sox the 10 time all-star lead boston to 3 world series titles before retiring in 2016 by all accounts, he's a great person off the field as well we're thinking and david ortiz tonight. prepping for game 5 tomorrow in toronto and big news. practiced with the rest of the team. today there you see him walking in the tunnel after practice, but this milestone, a big one as steve kerr has said all along dream would need a full practice before he could consider playing a game. kerr also said
10:48 pm
the drought will get some extra work in with some of the younger players today and then the re evaluate whether he might be available for game 5. tomorrow right now he's listed as questionable, let's hear what his head coach and teammates had to say today. >>are you more hopeful, you have been last couple days the army his heels 3 has and does what he's going to do today he has and. the essendon so he's. doing more today and the mold. >>this is american un one basketball game right now. >>to the diamonds giants pitcher madison bumgarner has been known to be a bit chippy at times especially against the dodgers and today it was the latest installment. has been sought it's still a lot of time in his coming in then today, second batter of the game month takes mad deed to write and way out covey co for a solo home run splash. it the map above didn't like that
10:49 pm
fact that month she admired his shot a little too much to slow trot around the bases maybe in that to some yelled at him. the star run, as he followed months see around the bases. this month, he crossed home stir in some words from governor that all said one nothing dodgers and that when deer final dodgers take 2 out of 3 from the giants giants as the padres on tuesday. a's hoping only texas with a split in their four-game series against the rangers in today's game was delayed about an hour before the skies cleared. top of the second chris davis storm, nice to see hit his first home run since may 13. a 2 run job making it 5 nothing a's davis's 13th dinner of the season. until room door takes off from 3rd is the picture goes into his windup and he say for a rare steel homes of a cut to 8, 6, we go to the 91 runs games like trying to get out to center the 2 on finally getting the win for the a's
10:50 pm
and trying to report 14th save me without this season, split nhl action the louis blues found themselves in a similar position. there's a chance to close out a championship. home game 6 of the stanley cup finals this evening. t already for a title. was no contest carson coleman scoring one of 3 unanswered bruins goals, midway through the 3rd period, boston went on to win one they tied the series 3, citing game 7 will be wednesday in boston. and for the 12th time. all is the king of the clay court. he won his 12th french open by defeating dominic tm in 4. raises his grand slam title to a t. the 33 year-old spaniard improved to 93 2 roland garros
10:51 pm
including a bind 24 in all and semi-finals and finals impressive stuff at the french open. >>thank you kate, we have a winner fromthe annual escape from alcatraz triathlon ashley gentle has announced the women's pro champion. ashley has an australian olympian pretty hard tcompete with that. and ben canoe from the men's pro field then actually won last year and in 2017. the event kicked off at 7 30 this morning. participants swam from alcatraz to the saint francis yacht club. then bite through the presidio to the great highway they traveled through golden gate park and back to the marina and then ran to baker beach and back to the marina green for the finish. >>2 new movies at the big screen this weekend. but neither of them did as well as expected one still though has a reason to celebrate david daniel as the box office estimates for this weekend's top 5 films.
10:52 pm
>>$14 million gave rocket man 5th place and $50 million in 10 days. >>godzilla king of the monsters fell from first to 4th in its sophomore weekend grossing 15 and a half million dollars. >>11 dropped one spot to 3rd place earning 24 and a half million dollars for a domestic total of 232 million. thank you who are you. the better question dark phoenix debuted in second place with $33 million the worst opening weekend ever for an x men movie. the secret life of pets to open with million less than half the originals debut 3 years ago but easily enough to top the chart know in hollywood i'm david daniel blocking your. well it is official card get a guardians that is of the galaxy actor press chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger. >>have tied the knot, i'm so
10:53 pm
kenyans and just really at the moment, you know things are so beautiful. the couple announced the news on instagram. >>it has a >>over a million likes right now. we do want to talk a little bit though about the down giorgio armani designed both her down and pratt suit that they had been quietly dating for months before announcing their engagement in january sports maker is the daughter former california governor, and actor arnold schwarzenegger and broadcast journalist, maria shriver pratt was previously married to actress anna faris they separated in 2017. after 8 years of marriage and i'm sure one portman, million likes is just the beginning of that instagram post. >>all the bay area the hub of fine dining in tonight's
10:54 pm
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>>welcome back will northern california is considered the fine-dining capital of america. that's at least according to michelin the restaurant rating guy here is making cuts with our dining dish. >>is the world seeking to find such a concentration of superstar restaurants, the michelin guide agrees food is really really good around here. the 2019 list is out and there are only 120 restaurants in the world with a 3 star in
10:57 pm
our backyard, the restaurant at meadow way. thomas keller's french laundry single thread, winston man a credit and many in hall out for meals there next on the list 2 star restaurant. california says another favorite of dining dish, ah there's lazy, they're safe zone in chua and campton place is the newcomer here. one star restaurants that are making the grade the hot new angler it picked up a michelin star. also of course michael mina mister jews, nico state bird provisions just to name a few that we have sampled the dining dish. >>try stays cool out there (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement from time life.
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