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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  June 10, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>and our top story tonight at 5.30 all weather hitting the bay area. this is a look at current temperatures. we're seeing triple digits. inland not i'm chris scorcher out there today, there was a cold may and then here comes june not officially summer yet, but boy oh boy it feels like the desert out there some are 11 days away, but certainly a feeling like summer right now, but even those hot temperatures places usually on scene inside the bay. >>and out toward the coastline here is a live shot 3 outside right now few high clouds beginning to drift overhead, you know what we're going start to see some fog. gather along the coastline that's a sign of this heat wave. well it's going to be coming to him and at least in some spots want to show this to you here's the forecast you can see some of that fog down just south of monterrey and then it's going to work its way up to what we call suddenly surge of low clouds and fog usually have to get a hot event like this. you start to see that fog in the field to work its way up the coastline and so by tomorrow morning we're going to see that fog bank right out toward the beaches. but that's the only place it's going to be so it still could be
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another hot day in the valleys and even inside the bay going to be on the hot side as it's going to take at least another day before that real cool air the as a filter further on shore to drop those temperatures i think back to normal by about wednesday, so numbers around the bay area looking like this tomorrow, you're still topping out at 75 degrees in san francisco, but look at the sunset you get in that fog and of course that will keep you much cooler in the 60's planning some 60's out toward the beaches tomorrow where today we actually had some 80's and some 90's so maybe as much as a 20 degree plus drop up toward the coastline 79 in millbrae t in burlingame a much more reasonable there still some warm to hot numbers in redwood city about 90 to 92 and also mount view the you can see some hot numbers in the 80's in the 90's as well and still very toasty inland. almost triple digits in live more about 96 in dublin, those temperatures getting near 100 degrees and conquered by tomorrow afternoon it the idea still hot anywhere away from the coastline much cooler weather on the way but will take probably toward the middle a week before it gets here. lauren tell you. weather
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is really causing some to concern for wildfires here in the bay area we saw brush fire. >>that broke out in concord today, there's of course that fire burning up in a yellow county to joining us now is cal fire public information officer. >>chief scott mclean a chief thanks for being with us what can you tell us about the situation in the bay area right now in terms of the incidents are working. >>right now he is right up the fire up a county there the sand fire as over 2200 acres still so it is holding its own at the moment i imagine we'll see a little bit of an increase here the next day or so and as of this morning was about 30% contained. we'll get some more updated information about an hour now on this fire is burning in the very inaccessible area. so as you can see a lot of folks are high heene in or being flown in some cases as well as the about 1100 i believe firefighters are assigned to this incident. >>i was in the east bay yesterday and. and very dry.
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but the winds are really kicking up and in some spots is that a concern for you today as well. >>the winds have died down a little bit but you're right it just takes a small breeze that promote he's far as do the dryness of the vegetation and think of the departed in this particular area runs a canyon we're always dealing with fires in there. it seems like every other year we have another fire in this particular area. we're looking at predicted winds again later on this week, we're looking at triple digit figures here in the upper valley. today tomorrow, the next day and then will cool down into the 90's but then we'll come right back up to the hundreds over the weekend. >>chief we saw above average rainfall in may and then that was the obvious lee right after a winter that that had a sizable amount of rain. what what is better to have a lot of but then i know that that fuels the growth which then dries out from your point of view where do we stand right now in terms the level of danger compared to maybe a more average year for
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rainfall. >>as far as the snow pack and as far as the rain we had in a rain throughout may so we had some drying prriods that promoted the gross the growth of the grass of course so we saw that a few times so that's been our difficulty as far as the density and i to that grass, let's look at 2017 we saw that significant rain and that's significant snow pack. he does some tina snowpack melt that pretty quick as we start seeing triple digit figures as far as temperatures late may definitely into june the early part of june with north winds the key on that one was we had that consistency a consistency of that heat for several weeks we're not right now we had that this year we've had the significant snow pack more so than that time and we definitely had more rain but again we're seeing things dry out very quickly in the valley a lot of these fires are less than a 1000 feet elevation. the winds are definitely promoting it and we're getting prepared again for another onslaught of winds. >>so chief is this a fire season. i know there's been some talk about the fire season now extending really
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throughout the year have redefined things it on your end as well. >>see fire danger probably a midsummer to october. usually historically it's been september october been our worst 2 months every year. but that's gone there's no rule of thumb in reference to that anymore. so are seen whatever pops up at any time we're definitely seeing again this year the north winds. everything is drying out and is or dry. you've got such low humidities and he was 13% earlier today on the sand fire and might have even dropped down the single digits this afternoon. you've got the winds which is promote that dryness are vegetation never has had a chance believe me to recoup that moisture is going to take several more years of the storms we had this year and in 2017 to ring that moisture back into those plants that doesn't happen over one or 2 or 3 years. >>well that is an ominous a piece of information there we always appreciate your time
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that is chiefly on the clean public information officer with calfire thank you chief. >>thank you also tonight, we're hearing a bart delays tonight to do all this hot weather. our tweeted that just a short time ago saying that there's a 20 minute delay. that system wide in all directions due to extreme weather related track way equipment problems not fun waiting for a train in this heat we will keep an eye on that situation tonight. meanwhile other news now is in the east bay where contra costa county sheriff's deputies are looking for the wreckage of a plane that they believe crashed into the delta. >>that happened about 2 miles north of pittsburgh police found a piece of the plane's tail near antioch they say they believe it's part of the tail of the plane one person was on the plane that left the cannon air field in concord but that person has not been identified of backpack and some flight charts have also been recovered. there's a new mural honoring oscar grant at the fruitvale bart station in oakland, it's now been 10 years since a bart police officer fatally shot the 22
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year-old grant's mother wanda johnson says working with bart to create the mural and name the street across from the platform for her son. it's a sign of growth. it was also announced at an event this weekend that the oscar grout foundation has given out more than $45,000 and scholarships to east bay high schoolers. >>to the south bay now a man is dead and 2 others seriously hurt after a driver crashed into their car. following a high speed chase in san jose. a corporate julius evans explains what happened. >>the man responsible for this they tell the is 28 year-old alexander's in need he was spotted on one oh one southbound driving recklessly chp tried to pull him over but instead zucchini sped up and got off the blood of this to exit drove through a red light and hit this minivan at it estimated 90 miles per hour. the victims were 2 elderly asian men, one died on the scene and the other in critical but stable condition.
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the sunni knees car came to a stop. he then jumps out runs away from the officer leaving his female passenger behind luckily officers were able to catch an arrest, according to chp alexander is in need did and mitt to taking drugs before driving. he also told them why he didn't stop he said he was afraid that he would go to jail because he has a felony warrant. now he faces at least manslaughter, reckless driving and failing to yield to an officer in san jose yulia sevens kron 4 news. >>the measles outbreak reaches a record high number of cases, highest in nearly 30 years. why doctors say moms are the only people who have the power to stop it from spreading. plus after the break oj simpson what he's saying about his life now after 25 years of living under the shadow of one of the nation's most notorious murder cases.
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>>of oj simpson is speaking out as we approach the 25 year anniversary of the deaths of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. these here are new images of simpson from the associated press. in an interview he says his family will never discuss the june 12 murders saying they do not need to go back and relive the worst day of their lives. simpson says he's doing fine now and only focusing on the
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positive for him that includes living in las vegas sun playing golf almost every day. he is also often seen posing for selfies with fans. simpson was acquitted of the killings in 1995, but 2 years later lost a wrongful death case brought by the victims families. he has yet to pay off the 33 and a half million dollar judgment. >>a new study reveals your kids might not be protected from the will think i'm hoping cough. what doctors are saying about the vaccine. and little wind beginning to pick up outside that is a good sign if you want some cooler tempe we're health tonight.
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a new study says the vaccine for whooping cough becomes less effective as. >>children age and researchers say that there is in need now for new vaccines to protect kids from the highly contagious disease. doctors found that the risk of contracting whooping cough. increases kids got older suggesting that immunity wears off the de tat vaccine also protects against diphtheria and tetanus researchers say it's still effective but it helps them understand why there have been several outbreaks of whooping cough here in california over the past 9 years. the disease can be deadly in young babies as several doctors are working in creating a more effective vaccine. >>america has reached an unfortunate milestone the number of measles cases in the us this year has topped 1000 that's the highest number in nearly 3 decades, new york
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state alone has seen more than 800 cases since october, cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen reports. >>anti-vaxxers in new york, they fueled the largest outbreak of measles in the united states in more than 20 years. now the state's response to this enormous outbreak coming under fire. our state's in action in the face of such an overwhelming public health emergency is appalling. in new york parents are allowed to send their unvaccinated children to school in other states like california schoolchildren must be vaccinated also under fire health authorities for not bringing in the us centers for disease control and prevention. the new york city health commissioner says it's not necessary. >>i have more than 400 people working on this outbreak and we are working hard day and night to make sure we bring this to an end. >>another issue an anti vaccination group circulated this booklet filled with lies
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to the state's ultra-orthodox jewish community which has now become the epicenter of the outbreak. the state health department countered with these posters in yiddish but badly botched the translation. the greenstein months the largest community center in borough park brooklyn. they can do this right and clearly were not doing it right he says the botched ads are part of a larger problem that they have to reach out in a way that shows that they truly get. >>how this community works the uniqueness of this community and have they done that i think that could do a better job with that i think it's it's clear it's evident that they could do a better job than that. >>now one group of orthodox jewish women are taking matters into their own hands, holding a first of its kind event in specifically at mothers. the women who organized this event. >>they're trying to do something different than what state officials have done they set up these stations because they know what moms in their community are worried about the vaccines cause. the answer to both of these questions is
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no. >>the organizers hope it makes a difference really could women could moms be the key to ending this outbreak. why is because women are passionate about the children. and if there's enough understanding the correct decisions. dozens of new cases every week their decisions that need to be made soon. >>some low income adults in california living in the country illegally will soon get their health benefits paid for by taxpayers democrats in the state legislature agreed to make adults between the ages of 1925 eligible for the state's medicaid program. only people whose incomes are low enough to qualify for the program would receive the benefits state officials estimate the program will cover 90,000 people at a cost of roughly million. the budget agreement is expected to pass the state legislature later this week. >>i continuing our coverage of all is high whether night and just in to the weather center we've got highs in the bay
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area. this afternoon really through the roof triple digits since some spots in weather so even breaking records. >>yeah if you have access to a pool or a sprinkler if you have a c this is ok yeah, but if you don't and you're in maybe the high rise apartment, you know it could be dicey if you've got a pool, you're pretty popular right now all your friends are called up a governor, i mean these are just incredible temperatures. >>outside we just got these down right now, here's all the records just just a few of them 97 degrees topping out in san francisco that was a record a 100 to one in redwood city also record one oh one in santa rosa 89. in half moon bay that's amazing right out along the coastal waters there getting that hot 97 degrees a record in oakland, a richmond tied a record at a 101 degrees numerous records falling all around the bay area temperatures staying hot outside right now a 103 in dublin is 99 in mount you still 97 in san jose 93 in san
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mateo 80 in pacific 85 degrees downtown san francisco, 90 in berkeley, a 104 degrees can you believe that in right now in thnapa valley 99 in the bottom 99 in san anselmo 91 even in timber on a 97 degrees now in petaluma so certainly a an unusual day hot temperatures everywhere you go records really crashing all around the bay area. a member of got some changes coming our way here's the forecast over the next 2 hours here. and as we take it just after 8 o'clock tonight begins see a little bit of a sea breeze developing so that's a change in the weather pattern now so temperatures still holding on some 70's and 80's probably 80's. well in the team by 8 o'clock and then the heat advisory coming down at 9 o'clock or so then we'll see temperatures begin to cool down but look at this even just after so through temperatures about 80 degrees in concord 80 in the napa valley 79 in livermore 81 still in san jose just after 9 o'clock tonight and then as we head toward the midnight hour local begin to creep up along the coastline. that's right that total fog making a return
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that's a sign of some major changes in the weather, especially along the coast ledges tomorrow morning still going to stay hot many of the valley's but overnight tonight. these temperatures staying fairly mild a lot of overnight those probably in the 60's getting near 70 degrees for overnight lows tonight, so still on the warm side heat advisory remains in effect until 9 o'clock tonight. that's when those hot temperatures will finally began to calm down somewhat and cool off as we're going to see a little bit of a sea breeze starting to kick in beautiful evening out there look at bethel island, just gorgeous weath hot temperatures though, but numbers beginning to change just a bit of start to see that with more of a westerly component to win right to see that the san francisco off a little bit of a westerly wind in the pacific pick up some fog overnight tonight, many the changes begin high pressure that is we're bringing us. the record breaking temperatures and those offshore winds that is all going to change now that ridge is going to shift a little further to the east behind that ridge well we start to see a little bit of a southerly flow. some low clouds and fog cooler temperatures on the way for tomorrow much cooler may be back to normal as we get into
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wednesday. thank you lawrence next freesat 5 a major milestone at the chase center we're going to show you the progress as the arena gets introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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so i'm looking for someone to make tastier... bigger, i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>back the worries of course are up in toronto right now getting ready for tip-off of game 5 but they are new home court is just about ready. this is brand new video from quad copter for our drone showing the progress that's been made. you see it almost
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looks ready to roll today the last seat was installed in the arena crowd for charles clifford was there for that celebration. >>we're in san francisco. the new chase center in a mission bay neighborhood came one step closer to completion. on monday morning the last seats were put into the stadium. now the seats are actually belong to a season ticket holder his name is mark carpenter. he said seat over oracle arena for about 30 years. he says he's excited still watching the warriors play at the chase center, although he says it's a little bit of a bittersweet situation, i'm going to kind of miss the people that i sat around with got to know them pretty well but the same time i'm really excited to come to the new arena. my seats are awesome. i think they're actually even closer than they were in the first game. and i'm just looking forward to being part of the new raucous crowd. now also at the chase center today, former warriors player, tim hardaway says he's very excited about the new
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chase center. but it's also kind of sad leaving oracle. >>very sad, but you know on staff to change >>the or better arena. >>suitable everybody, i'm honest economics said and everything about i think it's great situation. but i'm sad. >>now the chase center opens up to the public a little later this year of course for the next nba season 2019 2020, but they're also a series of concerts, including metallica the san francisco symphony that are going to be held a little later this summer in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 can wane and vicki livi aka sir here with kron 4 news at 6 that is next for your skis and we're still worried about this one is not rush things tonight a big one right thanks grant. to 6 triple digit temps to lingering at this hour and the heat isn't over yet hot. >>dry conditions persist into
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at least tomorrow. we will see a little relief yeah, we can't opened its case in the ghost e ship warehouse fire trial. and testimony from oakland fire battalion chief had victims family members visibly upset the strong words they had
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>>the house on the corner was
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threaten the most scary for them. >>tonight at 6 a neighborhood threatened concord residents frantically racing to douse are houses with water as flames moved on their homes. firefighters using big heavy aircraft to try to keep the flames at bay. and from this perspective from see the billowing smoke that was for miles but fortunately, the fire was contained before any major damage was done. >>and this is a live look now at the temperatures across the bay area tonight that many places c triple digits and record breaking heat today that coupled with high winds leading to extreme fire danger. thanks for joining us everybody on the q a the ahca soon for pam moore and i'm can weigh in if it wasn't clear already fire season is here we have team coverage of the fire danger tonight. >>chief meteorologist or scar, no standing by in the weather center is tracking the dry and windy conditions. but we want to start first with her first marine kelly out in concord where that wildfire scorched, 25 acres along with reading several homes there.


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