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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  June 12, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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more about that in any hot spots before this morning. so we'll talk about that that wasn't from yesterday at the heat and they said ok we've got to be ready for that today exactly i was a bar yesterday and you could feel the heat on the train see in the cars but i had that little unit my bedroom and it did nothing like for 2 days has been on and it's still hot when it's as hot as it has been some may that snow early do the job. not strong enough, yeah, it's been a tough one the past few days for especially inland areas, but all the way out to the coast. this morning. it is warmer than yesterday as but don't let that fool you we actually are in for a not as hot of afternoon ahead of us. this is bethel island this morning a few clouds to know not just at island but all across the bay area. >>you can see those clouds showing up in satellite radar one of the reasons that has been a warmer evening in a warmer morning. so far but also going to help contribute to some slightly cooler
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temperatures today. today's the day in between from the excessive heat, the past few days to the much more average conditions in the days to come. we're still hot today. you do see temperatures in the 90's inland 70's 80's by the bay though which is a noticeable drop in temperatures from where we have been i'm talking even cooler weather in the days to come still ahead your forecast rob and a little busy out there. we are checking in on barred parts recovering from some issues some. >>tracking equipment problems so their little bit behind schedule this morning by 15 minutes on the dublin line heading to daly city so anything that's between those 2 points plan ahead bay bridge traffic filling in and quickly you're already stacked up from the bottom of the maze through the tolls up the incline and then the golden gate a great shot here 1, one looks good with a little bit of activity north found at the south tower that may be blocking one lane. but no major delays so far been keeping my eyes on it you can see the flashing lights right there on the right hand side here that tower there it's unclear what's happening. but
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it's not causing any major delays and then southbound you're looking pretty no problems through nevado mill valley sandra feel sausalito clear on up to san francisco starter james. >>thanks a lot at 6 oh 2 and a big story customers in the east bay or soon would have to pay more for water. yeah east bay mud now has approved an increase that will go into effect come july we've got problems will tran joining us live from the lafayette reservoir with more. >>on this july 1st, i guess these new prices go into effect will. >>they're not wasting any time james i mean usually they give you mine and so maybe up to a year but in this particular case july 1st is when you can expect the start pay more for water matt lauer lafayette reservoir, one of many reservoirs, the east bay my taps into to and they should water may be free be getting if your home is not free and that takes a system of that system needs to be repaired and upgraded and that is why they voted 5 to one last night to go ahead and
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charge customers fix that system and try to maintain for decades to come. here's how it all breaks down so for an avera uses about 200 gallons of water every day you can expect in these are averages obviously use more or depends on that but for an average family $3.62 come july 1st of this year notices said this year because this is a 2 tier increase approximately 13% over the span of 2 years because come next year july 1st. that same family is going to pay $3.73 according to the east of a city cost billions of dollars to maintain the system and they gave a breakdown to replace a pipe just one mile of water to about a million for customers one 0.4 million customers now needing contra costa county they say just to replace about a mile a pipeline cost them
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about 2 and a half million dollars as they say it's not cheap. once again like many other agencies they turned to the customers to put that down. >>thanks a lot. 6 oh 4 right now and today, the former sailing coach of stanford university is expected to get his sentence for the college admissions cheating scandal, john vandermeer pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit racketeering for arranging bribes to the sailing program so that kids who maybe couldn't get into stanford would. he designated to applicants with no sailing experience as recruits, stanford fired him the very same day he pleaded guilty. he is among this scandal ich all came to a head in march, she's the first person to be sentenced for it. >>ship warehouse trial in oakland picks back up again today after taking a break yesterday, defense attorneys will continue to present their
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case. they're kyle meenan and max harris are both charged with manslaughter in the deaths of 36 people in the oakland warehouse fire that happened back in 2016. >>and it is dead. he was fatally shot by the san leandro police it happened last night off of martin boulevard near san leandro creek at 8.80. officers arrived there and they found a man who they said had a machete. >>and he was also exposing himself to children. they opened fire the 56 year-old man died at the scene we don't know name yet. 6 oh 05:00am the n double acp is speaking out against the plan to shut down juvenile hall in san francisco. they're asking city hall in the board of supervisors. more about it y shutting down the juvenile hall would hurt y. supervisors plans to shut down the gb hollen create a new type of facility to house children who are in trouble. >>we're not moving people out of tomorrow, the black community is behind me.
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>>except for a few talking heads on their expertise and you're not just us and our focus is on. >>the attorney for young unfortunate that a young person has to come to juvenile hall to become re inspired about school. but we know that when they do that there is great value in what they received. >>the board of supervisors is planning to shut down the juvenile hall by 2021. >>in the south bay an lgbtq center in san jose's repairing broken windows after it was vandalized. those windows and a door at the lgbtq youth space near downtown they were shattered. monday morning. leaders at the center believe they were targeted the u space as the vandalism hasn't stopped them though from doing their work. >>like our community you don't have to come here one and 2. we're going to continue to exist. no matter what is done to our building will still be here. have not this building will find another building. >>the facility offers
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counseling services and medical services as well as educational outreach 2 young people in the area. new this morning a 12 year-old is recovering after being hit by a car in brentwood. it happened on sand creek road in highland way last night that boy was riding his skateboard when he was hit. he was airlifted to a hospital with head injuries. we're told by paramedics he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. >>6 oh 07:00am. >>a hot start that we've had to this week people all around the bay are going to be looking for relief today call for social kingston has more from san francisco's crissy field. >>a lot of people are jumping in the water exercising closer to the ping for a little relief in this extreme heat, usually it's fine. >>really i'm lisa lee and ling up here but this is gorgeous with temperatures in the 90's people are sweating in waiting for the cooler temperatures to return so they can get a better night's sleep. >>so many people in san francisco live without air conditioning.
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>>they for a >>and just a lot of fans no blanket its windows l open these are nice to while many people are doing their best to stay hydrated and safe in the heat the san francisco ems system which normally averages about 300 calls a day. >>had more than 500 on monday. but the majority of those extra calls coming in between 02:11:30pm and while tuesday's calls are looking to be at as high as monday those san francisco fire spokesman says they still have extra staff on hand just in case. >>places like us on i responded pretty one of those 911 calls was for 14 year-old boy who was playing in the water with friends at crissy field on monday when he went under water and disappeared first responders spent almost 2 hours searching for him. police are not releasing his name people at the beach when the boy died said it was traumatic a's is so very shocking allow this is sad.
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with no lifeguards along the water people are told to swim at their own risk and to use caution the breeze is a really thing going in the water was very cooling fresh air. in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. in 5 seconds. they did their jobs. >>18 years later to yours. >>still ahead on the cross for morning news outrage on capitol hill you saw comedian jon stewart there he ripped into lawmakers as he stands up for first responders of 9.11 plus a river rescue caught on camera as a barrier firefighter just happens to be at the right place at the right times and what mark is doing to address concerns about the heat on its trains and looking at another hot one ahead of us today temperatures are already warm outside this morning. >>i've got more your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area big
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backup. the bay bridge toll plaza spilling into the may a sense of activity on
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>>time now 6.13 you're looking at bart trains on the tea because well they're taking steps to try to limit the systemwide delays that we saw yesterday because of the heat yesterday, the hot water hot water. hot weather delayed trains. in a whole directions really they have to make key adjustments now to defer any schedule preventive maintenance which takes up the time of engineers and basically task them with just jumping on any of these heat related issues as soon as they pop up, so they're trying to rearrange their staffing so they can tackle some of these heat related problems and it was all about is are they on time and how hot is market was so hot in there, i people measuring inside those cars of for example still 100 degrees inside the car measuring what because yeah people have. >>the thermometer would know
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they went out as part of you know just trying to cover the problems with bart as you you get those instant read things just to out of curiosity hearted because the doors to pope how was it close to a 100 degrees a mom or just says h o but the doors keep opening so you can keep cool air in right and sometimes that leads to know the heat leeds issues on the trucks ensure we've had delays this morning to it's unclear if it's heat related they're not giving a specific spent. >>they're saying that they have a mechanical issues located on the tracks and that's causing delays up to 15 minutes this morning. it's mostly on the dublin line. so if you have to travel anywhere from dublin. >>to daly city which includes everything in between you maybe late up to 15 minutes which is not terrible. but hey it's enough to make you late for work so that something want to consider before you hop on and head over as early as you can. >>we get more specific so when it starts to clear up i will definitely pass along right now want to take you over to the golden gate because we have some police action
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northbound which is the counter commute direction heading out of san francisco. south tower one lane is blocked so what they've done. they're giving the southbound side which is the commute direction and an additional lane, northbound so you have more rt right now because of this police action and since it's a counter commute side. it's not really jamming up northbound traffic but southbound commuters have of you of the activity and they are backing a pot of sauce alito leading up to the scene so that's what's going on at the golden gate from the flight look it's hard to see, but it's right there that's where we have the flashing lights still trying to confirm exactly what's happening. but we know that that lane is blocked off so just be prepared for that mine are crowding your trip into san francisco find no major issues here just packed that's the norm. it's already spilling back to the bottom of the maze and then no other because spots just some increasing drive times for highway 4 6 80 and the minute so be prepared to have a lot
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of company out there john. >>well robin be prepared for a minute another hot one today, not as hot as it has been but still on the toasty side. well back into the 90's for a lot of the bay that includes pleasant hill in areas around aunt diablo which are partly eady 70's across the bay area for your current temperatures hayward and fremont 73 each oakland and berkeley jet 71. all san francisco sitting right now at 67 so no need to really worry about the jackets today you're going to have a womb, another hot one this afternoon, so that jacket is the last thing you're going to be carrying with you, partly cloudy skies overhead right now but high pressure is keeping us dry also keeping us warm for yet another day today's the in between between yesterday's excessive heat and tomorrow's cooler temperatures though we are starting to see a drop in temperatures that will be noticeable specially out at the coast. it will be more noticeable inland on into the day tomorrow for your thursday and then eventually into the
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weekend too so the light at the end of the tunnel is just around the corner but another warm one to get through today for san francisco, it's back to the 70's this much better the 90's where we have in the past few days, 60's and 70's right along the coast while still holding on to 80's and 90's for most areas right along the bay like palo alto that 91 today in san jose at 93 degrees today, not looking at triple digits out in the tri valley but close to it in livermore at 97. it's still going to be hot but the key words here are not as hot. concord 98 danville at 97 while oakland berkeley enrichment out of the 90's and back into the 80's. pittsburgh or last pa holding on to the triple digits, but just barely vacaville 98 youngsville and 96 some cooler temperatures if you need to break out towards stinson beach at 76, just on the other side of mount tam over to center fell 91 degrees still for your daytime high today so from the 90's it went today to the 80's for thursday friday saturday and sunday
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bayside areas will go from the 80's to the 60's and 70's. well, the coast, good and cool in the days to come down into the 50's and 60's back the south san jose firefighter suffered a heat related injury while battling a blaze. a video shows just how bad the smoke was when the fire broke out yesterday afternoon you can see it there. and the fire was confined to one home but there was dry grass on both sides and that meant that they had to protect the other homes. >>this is just the beginning of it all season long. when they everything around us is pretty plowed. >>a preliminary investigation thinks it was a an electrical wire that caused that fire. san francisco firefighter when a home an end up seeing 2 kayakers in distress and the san joaquin river. >>his wife got the video camera out her cell phone and looked at her husband, matt
6:19 am
baker he went out there in the river in lodi with his own kayak to help a man and a woman were stranded. they were yelling for help. so he helped them they were hanging on for a feud too few branches because they capsized their kayaks and they're going to be ok. >>has launched their bikes in san jose they place these forgo bikes all over the place now the bike docking stations will also display pieces from local artists which is kind of cool. there are currently more than 40 by stations throughout downtown san jose and will soon be in a san francisco oakland berkeley in emeryville altogether about that. now it's a national headlines with comedian jon stewart tearing into lawmakers on capitol hill over what he called shameful disrespect to 9.11 1st responders meredith wood has more now on his emotional testimony. >>they brought themselves down here to speak.
6:20 am
>>coming up for the first responders that put their lives on the line during 9.11 and a furious jon stewart slammed a nearly empty room of lawmakers on capitol hill for failing to show up to a hearing on the 9.11 victims compensation fund that was set up after the attack to support the victims and their families behind me. >>of 9.11 1st responders and in front of me. a nearly empty congress embarrassment to the country and it is a stain on this institution. you should be ashamed yourselves for those that are here. >>the fate of the proposed bill to extend the fund is still unclear. >>gosh i look at that like they'll have to they rushed to danger to protect us and they deserve the health care as they suffer from untold into injuries, 18 years. stuart says some lawmakers actions or
6:21 am
lack of are downright disrespectful this isn't a luxury cruise for these guys. >>this is their families this is life and death. it's an accepted. >>i'm meredith wood reporting. >>time now 6.21 still ahead on the cross for morning news after several months we now know when you can expect the sales force transit center. finally reopen we'll have that update for you. plus a home invader makes a drastic decision to get away after he is confronted by the homeowner. more on that in a minute and here's a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge were traffic's well it's kind of crawling along right now get an update from robin in the traffic center on where the commute is at its worst and maybe i can get worst and maybe i can get around it. ♪ worst and maybe i can get around it. ♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
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>>it's 24 a look at the golden gate bridge does show some clouds moving overhead this morning, but no fog out there to be kicking off this wednesday. it is already on the warmer side of things the temperatures in the 70's. that's where san francisco will stay this afternoon but elsewhere in the bay. it's 80's and 90's we re talking not as warm as we have been but still on on the hotter side than i think many of us would like to see antioch just one degree shy of a 100 degrees conquer deliver nope or not far behind with oakland in hayward out of the 90's and back into the 80's. even cooler temperatures just around the corner tomorrow. robin wright thank you johnny want to head back to the golden gate. >>perhaps some police activity working northbound at the south tower. the right lane is
6:25 am
still blocked, it's causing just a little bit of a backup heading out of san francisco countered treat direction. so it's not so bad, but at one point the southbound commuters are slowing down to look at the lights and the activity and that was really jumping up out of sausalito so that's no longer the case where a 20 minutes, nevada to that whole so on time. but we still have that activity wrapping up northbound heading out san francisco saw be watching it heavy traffic on the san mateo bridge is crawling west 92 from cloud or along the flood section to the high rise. you have to 37 minutes and growing to make it over to the peninsula. james ok, thanks. >>a desperate get away just outside of seattle an intruder was confronted inside of the home of the broken into take a look that is the picture of the intruder armed with a knife, jumping from the 3rd story window of an apartment. he'd pro broken in that apartment looking for something to steal and that's when the tenant came home right at the same time threat to call 911 refused to let him leave even after that the
6:26 am
intruder grabbed a knife from the kitchen. ran across this way to mike boettcher mike >>and he said cut you in all kinds of throwing put it up to my neck as well to you and i said don't we're going to leave out here is you have 2 options you can be escorted by the police or you can go out the window. so it shows you out the window. >>and there you the has the homeowner or the renter was taking pictures snapping away. in the end and there is leaping 3 stories down in the end police were able to arrest him just fine because in all the commotion. he left his i d in the apartment. time now 6.26 still ahead on the cross for morning news, a push to ban ar these in the bay area neighborhood. >>the reason some residents so close a band like that could actually make the homeless actually make the homeless problem worse. you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize
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6:30 am
find out let's get to the good news, which is a little less hot. >>exactly couple words that we like to hear her right now, especially in the past few days of triple digit heat all across the bay area for bethel island today, it's still 90's but you can see those clouds that daria noted those are a president all across the bay area scooting on in london, they're going to help us out somewhat today helping to keep temperatures down just a little bit we are going to have temperatures in the 70's out along the coast that includes san francisco so already some relief for coastal areas but still very warm for inland spots, well up into the 90's for many areas further away from the base so still plan on a toasty day ahead of us. but even cooler temperatures just around the corner taking us from the thiple digits in some cases ank you john over to 92 extra heavy right now.
6:31 am
>>westbound leaving hey we're looks lik mateo bridge at the high rise possibly a stall unconfirmed blocking one of the lanes and that's why we're seeing this crawl out of hayward backed up beyond the toll plaza altic lauer and you're up to a whopping 40 minutes, not fun, not good. so you want to leave early or hop over to the dumb garden instead of the san mateo bridge if you're closer looks like our police activity has wrapped up on the golden gate northbound at the south tower. we have flashing lights the right lane closed to traffic looks a lot better in both directions so 21 minutes, the motto to san francisco will check more bridges coming up james star >>thanks a lot of rescue crews are searching for a boater who went missing in lake bell that yeah we've got calm for us christine it april live this morning at that lake just south of livermore with the latest christina. >>i'm here live on park premise isn't actually we don't have any cell service right next to lake so we can't show you exactly where it did happen, but we can show you on
6:32 am
this map where the lake is now led police here in the area tell us is that there was a gentleman who fell overboard when voting on tuesday evening right here at the lake and east bay, regional park. they're police officers say they get happened in the evening and search crews went on throughout the evening and into the night to go ahead and look for him, but they did have to go ahead and suspend their search and stop searching because it becomes more difficult for dive teams to see overnight and that also pose a threat to the divers and rescue teams themselves. now i just got done speaking with police dispatch here and because the here at 06:00am and as you can tell the sun just came out dive teams are going to go ahead and start researching, excuse me start searching again for this a gentleman and i'm hopefully go where he has to go ahead and help the family at this time now again. those police officers really want to emphasize now that it's getting warm to really be careful when you are doing any of these outdoor activities
6:33 am
with friends or family make sure you always use the buddy system never go out alone and make sure that you just watch everyone around water specifically also if you're dealing dealing with water craft. >>you know any type of boat like he was then we have some more information coming up and it will be making sure we get more details from police officers went to search your continues this morning reporting live in democracy the teatro kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you christina 6.33 more school counselors will be on hand at a high school in the north bay today where a teenage student was killed in a crash 17 year-old clinton wiggins died in a rollover crash on monday. his car hit a tree. and over and caught fire. and it was just past the tamil pies exit southbound one oh one. he went to branson school in ross and they held a vigil for him monday night. he was a starting quarterback with the football team in a starting guard with the basketball team, helping both teams to championships.
6:34 am
>>you hear so many people say quit was my best franklin was my best friend and that's because that's how he made everyone feel like you're the most important. >>they're still investigating how the crash happened. the sales force transit center of public rooftop will finally reopen july first after 8 months of being closed and it was brand new $2 billion. when they closed it down abruptly after just the first month because there were cracks discovered in 2 steel beams repairs were finished at the end of april and after an independent review. the center now has the go ahead to reopen union golden gate transit will provide service from the street level bus plaza in early july an ac transit we'll start rolling again this summer. >>in mountain view are urging the city council to reject a ban on our fees. the proposed ban is aimed at people who are living in those vehicles. a rally took place yesterday as the council is considering this ban proposal now opponents say it will affect almost 200 people and in their
6:35 am
view make homelessness worse. supporters of the ban though say it will address public safety and health concerns. no decision has been made yet the council will continue to hear arguments on both sides in the east bay, the pilot who was killed when his small plane crashed into the delta just north of antioch has been identified 22 year-old of berkeley was the only person on board when that plane went down his body was recovered monday night that crash was reported sunday night by a boater but emergency crews couldn't locate the wreckage right away they had to use sonar to finally find it on monday. >>on the peninsula, the palau the city council votes to ban the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and at farmers markets to littproduce once the new ordinance also bans plastic straws and utensils and it mandates that alternatives in restaurants or compostable the bes further than other bands that we've seen around the bay.
6:36 am
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ferris wheel which i can't believe that's the many ferris wheel because it's pretty big but the biggest there still is more on the big kid area. so you can check out all these right when you come the cool thing about today because it goes on for 9 days total, but today it's free for everyone until 3 o'clock. so that pretty awesome so the summer vacation, you can bring the kids well, a little dizzy that. is the most of these getting risers circular motion ride so definitely don't need to. therefore in this one never hears a little cars you can get it and go round and round but i think the fares will be really really fun for kids to check out. attractions on the side and last hour showed you that cool band the be all around here for your kids to on free
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intel's 3 goes until sunday father's day great activities mr. but. here. th a fair food, so that's going to air saying about now are the and soaring the prize. >>well this is why it's important to have either a sibling or a friend or with your kid because who wants to go on all all our stomach turning off to 6.39 right now and still ahead kevin durant's. >>we're going to find out about his condition today. in new york. well talk to a bay area doctor about the impact and this type of killings injured. >>and we'll also put the spotlight and shining in on the raiders before the regular season kicks off explain why in just a minute and the giants shining at home or in a highlight from their game against the padres. >>the past few days today still going to be warm but not
6:40 am
quite as hot your forecast ahead. and i'm checking several slow spots in traffic including the bay bridge 80 west are crawling from the maze we have some sluggish traffic on the ♪ are you ready? ♪ are you ready for some fun? ♪ ♪ ♪ are you ready? ♪ we can't stop, we've only just begun. ♪ ♪ ♪ oooooooooo... ♪ i'll show you something ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ i'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app,
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>>6 morning to the time. >>and we're looking live. >>and clouds. >>yay over the ritz, it has a little still some clouds in my
6:43 am
life now that the bay this picture. that's we're finally going to get some relief today is the place you want to be today it could be 70's out there. >>ok you to for us to this point the last several days even to the beaches, it's been 9.85 or north i i even even at the beaches, you're like oh, and to my relief. >>i know really felt we had triple digits in the city just days ago we had triple digits just yesterday all across the rest of the bay area and now finally some 70's out there at the coast. there is a place to escape at least year or but the rest of the bay is also in for a cool down maybe just not for today, but we will get there eventually, here's the golden gate bridge, one of those spots that will be significantly cooler today only in the 70's after a day yesterday ia the 90's at the golden gate bridge, san jose you'll still be in the 90's today you can see that bright sunshine. >>shining down on the south bay already this morning mix of clouds and sunshine out bin yorkeley and oakland will be ur daytime highs. temperatures in the war
6:44 am
on the warmer side of things this morning, san jose 74 for you right now conquered 75, oakland and san mateo at 71 with pittsburgh. our warmer spot right now at 77 degrees so already a warm start to this morning, partly cloudy skies seen filtering over the bay area. so that is going to be one of the reasons we're just a touch cooler today we're going to stay dry though hot weather still continues across the bay tomorrow, the return of some fog that's going to be the first sign of the school marine air that's going to push in over the bay and results in a nice cool day tomorrow at least cooler than what we had been feeling. today we're in the day in between not as hot as yesterdcy not schools tomorrow is about to be tomorrow we start the day with the fog once that burns off you're just in for a much more tolerable day to be getting back outside of us as for san francisco, it's back to the 70's a much cooler day than where we had been
6:45 am
60's and 70's up and down the peninsula on the coast. there's half moon bay if you want to head out there only 75 degrees that's perfect bilbray 86 burlingame 88 while 90's elsewhere such as in redwood city at 92 mountain view today at 93 also at 93 will be san jose with campbell at 94, so still very hot for the south bay, not quite as hot though livermore 97 today and close to a 100 in concord at 98 danville at 97 oakland berkeley richmond, san leandro in castro valley welcoming back with open arms the 80's after 90's in triple digits. pittsburgh you're our last spotted a holding on to 100 degrees. antioch at 99 in vacaville, not far behind that at 98. also nice to get out to stinson beach in point raise today in the mid 70's while 80's will be felt in mill valley and 90's and sandra fell up to santa rosa. so today like i mentioned are in between day not as hot, but not as cool as the rest of the
6:46 am
forecast. tomorrow friday saturday and sunday we cool into the 80's for inland areas which is still warm but obviously a lot better than triple digits. bayside areas from the 80's to the 60's and 70's while the coast about to get cool from today, 60's 70's to the 50's in the days to come. rob all right. thank you john we're checking in on the slow spots around the bay area starting off with a 92 checking out the san mateo bridge. >>well there's a report of a salt west founder of the high rise until that's why got so heavy. there was never officially confirmed, but we know that something's going on here just never popped up on the chp paid so we're almost at 50 minutes for west 92, much heavier than normal. it's jam from cloud or through the tolls all the way over to the flat section nothing in your way here as far as crashes or stalls at the bay bridge toll plaza but it's crawling from the mesa pretty quiet across the upper deck under 20 minutes all take it with no big trouble spots and the
6:47 am
richmond san rafael bridge a busy commute as expected west 5.80 leading up to the tolls 15 minutes, a decent average to make it into the north bay. i want to take you off to mountain view because i'm getting word of an accident here one on south at the ellis on one south as the counter commute direction. but the northbound side that's the commute direction and it's definitely backing up into sunnyvale because of the southbound activity and then to 37 west as you murder with one oh one that's starting to stack up as well southbound crash but causing some heavy traffic in all directions. all right, let's head over to morgan hill we have the usual crowd north one once and martine to cochran and morgan hill after cochran it's wide open through the valley into south san jose and the north of that point you're just slow and stretches continuing through san jose so 41 minutes from 85, which is back here of 2 of the men love hearts side, the peninsula. we're checking in on highway 4.26 minutes and the out to concord the usual
6:48 am
dry for thanim a crash in pleasa hill that's gone 22 minutes, my way for out to da you very k here in the bay area getting ready for game 6 of the nba finals we see him getting off the plane. kevin duran however he flew from toronto to new york for an mri llaiting for so an official update about the injury he sustained in game 5 there the fine is seen grabbing his ankle and go into the ground. all signs are pointing right now to an achilles injury again nothing official but that's what it looks like. so we spoke with for the surgeon doctor thomas cam from are in general hospital, he explains a bit about what an achilles injury could mean for direct. >>i say say did see the injury game and i saw him go down. i was very unfortunate what happened to him he did go down in a manner that's consistent with the achilles injured securely send it is a really bad injury because it takes a long recovery. it could be a number of things could be a partial tear in beautiful
6:49 am
tear. but it that will tear you're looking at is going to need surgery and he's tmaybe ev his is something that you to rehab make sure it's strong and so it doesn't really rupture after air. it was a partial tear in maybe a little less than that but still will be out at the start of the finals probably for months it's it's a very painful injury in remember kobe bryant at a similar type injuries. with well, india. is that injury as well, but it's a it's an injury that people are really here but he's i'm sure he's in great shape. i'm sure is going to great physicians and surgeons helping hand great characters selfie too so oakley on the shore side of that you're looking at mike weir at 6 months. >>and you can see more exclusive interviews like that on our new app by the way kron on you get caught up on the latest breaking news and weather anytime today just visit kron on dot t v to start watching now. >>6.49 all eyes are going to be on the oakland raiders this
6:50 am
pre season because as they have been chosen to be featured on hard knocks on hbo. unfortunately, nobody wants to be featured in the network's five-episode documentary series that follows teams are training camps and they always pick the team that they think will have the drama yeah problems whatever it's their final season in oakland, so he got bad they're going to be moving they got along. >>hall on the road. so there's schedule is tough and jon gruden mark davis, colorful and big personnel, it is a their new receiver antonio brown. derek carr, it's a make or break season, her hand the first episode is august 6 6.50 and now let's talk baseball, starting with the giants hosting the padres at oracle bottom of the 7th. >>and along korea drills one into the left-field corner. this year will smith. he gets
6:51 am
the padres to strike out place in the giants back in the win column after losing 4. >>5 games again giants win it, 65 game. 2 teams play again tonight at 6.45. >>as for the a's, they were in tampa bay taking on the rays, let's go to the top of the 6 olson here hits one too rtght and it's gone for a 2 run home run giving the a's the lead, then chris davis, one out to left-center for solo homerun here's a shot of that the pitch the hit and their goals, oakland hanging on for a 4, 3 win over the rays of hope area baseball teams walking away victorious these 2 teams, a's and rays will play again this morning first pitch an early one at 09:10am. women's soccer show the world why they are the defending world champs in their opening match of the tournament against thailand, the goals. never stopped,
6:52 am
here's one. team usa beating thailand 13 done a fair fight. that's how you win all the time the world the records at the world cup insane morgan, the former cal golden bears scored 5 goals all yourself after that outstanding performance, they'll face chile next susan was a double hat trick right. 3. and 3 ship 5. i mean that's crazy. well that was a record tire having 5 and then. the girls and teens tomorrow, it was like you know consoling that their goalkeeper day you 13 dog or. >>fans coming up in the 7 o'clock hour, a shark spotted off the coast. right here in the with this one little
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>>come back 6.55 getting close to that 7 o'clock hour now wolf to right now is actually one of your best times to be getting outside were in the 70's out there across the bay you can see things looking pretty good across the bay to looking down at san francisco from the north eratures are onl go uphill from here back into the 80's and 90's for most spots in the day this afternoon so enjoy this cool comfortable start to the morning while we've got it before another hot afternoon. robin traffic is slow and uncomfortable hunted san mateo bridge. we have a stall. >>it's still there west 92 at the high rise causing major
6:56 am
delays on of hayward you're backed up through the toll plaza on to the nimitz at a whopping 50 minutes all be tracking this and we'll talk about some other slow spots coming up james, thank you robin coming up in the next hour east bay residents will soon be paying. >>more for their water tales on that rate hikes starting next month. plus the latest on an officer involved shooting in san leandro will have the full story for that as well stay tuned, we'll be right back to stick around for morning news continues. deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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>>and thanks for joining us going to be another hot one i'm very a full senate james fletcher find out more about those temperatures in a minute first any hot spots before we do that we have troeoubbridge m a crash on 1, 1, and mountain views so i'll cover both ok less hot is still hot. but actually less hot is a good
7:00 am
thing as not the best thing that's in the right direction exactly we're going to get there. >>this morning in temperatures are comfortable, i'd recommend you get outside and enjoy it while it stays comfortable. so no looking really nice a few clouds pushing overhead today in those clouds are actually going to be helping us out a bit today you're going to see him moving overhead throughout the morning and temperatures today are going to rise a little less than they have the past few days, we're still going to be into the 90's for a lot of our in and areas. so still hotter than a lot of us would like for these temperatures to be but look at coastal areas settling down to the 70's after 9e's in triple digits in the same areas over the past few days so starting to feel relief at areas. i am t cooler weather in the days to come also ahead your forecast robin, thank you john slower traffic on the san mateo bridge.


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