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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  June 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>and home early from scorching triple digit heat here in the bay area, this is a look at her. towns areas still in the upper 90's right now but the boys that big difference from the past couple of days where temperatures were still in the 100 to 5 o'clock at night. good evening, everybody, i'm vicky libya. this country says to see it for graham does. >>the unbearable heat is going away for now. let's check in with chief meteorologist slides car now. lawrence, the breeze was wonderful but is it going to continue to cool down. >>won the nice to finally get that coastal wind kicking back in and finally we're seeing the fog. foreman along the coastline sort of snap that he
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way he sees the patchy fog moving in along the coastline right now look at the city go a very comfortable 64 degrees where they should be 64 degrees in the san francisco, but you really only fueling most of those effects along the coastline and just inside the bay get to redwood city, the still hot 90 degrees. it's 87 in san jose 94 in livermore 94 in concord everybody cooling down really around the bay area, the only 100 i could find was in fairfield so these temperatures dropping a good 10 plus degrees in many spots today and much more even 20 plus degrees along the coastline. so changes in the works look at the suddenly surge of low clouds and fog working his way up the coastline now that is a great sign. if you're looking for some heat relief that fog is going to continue to make its way and feel it along the coastline and probably pushing the bay overnight tonight so we're on the way for some much cooler temperatures ft, here's the forecast for tomorrow afternoon that sea breeze kicks in and those hot triple digits long gone in fact tomorrow i think we're topping out maybe in the mid-eighties in the warmer spots inland much more comfortable inside the base, some 70's made some low 80's.
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yeah, a little cool out along the coast out of the fog temperatures there in the 50's and 60's. >>for the 3rd straight day parts of the bay area lost power and mid hot temperatures here are the current outages. more than 4,000 people in san francisco, 3500 and fairfield less than 1000 in lafayette and almost 500 in clayton and about 160 in orinda right now it's estimated that most of the outages will be restored by 6 or 7 o'clock, few know more about the devastation wildfires can cause then santa rosa residents, many of whom were wiped out by the tubs fire. >>back in 2017 and still many property owners believe it or not havseason. so now. the fire department is cracking down conference dan kerman live for us in santa rosa's founding orhood with more dan. >>well this is a perfect example right here of these weeds that are way too high
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fire officials say they're only supposed to be about 4 inches above the ground and this past to be trimmed should have been trimmed a long time ago now they have inspectors going around sending out notices to property owners like this one here saying you've got a couple of weeks to get this done and if you don't get it done then we're going to do it ourselves and we're going to bill you for it. by car and by foot fire inspectors began crisscrossing the city of santa rosa wednesday, looking for properties that had not properly cut back their weeds and grasses. >>to the fire safe height of 4 inches seasonal grass is cut down to 4 inch get burned. yes, potentially, but is it going to burn like it would burn if it was full high 5, 6, 7 feet know inspections are now taking place at vacant lots all over the city as well as properties in santa rosa's hillside communities, the inspections are starting in the founder of area today. based on an art large number of homes that are still under construction fallen the thomas fire. i'm in a lot of the season grasses that are regrowing this is our number one priority is i'm doing inspections here first before moving out throughout the rest of the city. notices went out
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some time ago and still there are property owners that have failed to comply. this is essential that we do this it's absolutely essential and. >>i don't understand why anyone he wouldn't do it. >>philip de carlo last is grove home in the tubs fire and is now renting an apartment until his home is rebuilt. you can't fathom how someone can be so careless. >>what's the take i mean what's the take of that we just you know that people are most of the people from grover still are not in their homes. ok, thousands of people are still displaced. it's not like this is a distant memory. this is a real current human tragedy that's going on so i'm not sure what anyone's excuse would be for not not complying with requirements to clear the law. >>property owners receiving new abatement orders will have at least 2 weeks to comply if they don't the city will do the work and build the property owner. >>now we also visited some vacant lots as well as some homes today where they had done the trimming but due to
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recent rains. those weeds are already growing back fire officials say that's a good reminder to people that trimming once is not going to do it you're likely going to have to trim 2 or 3 times before the end of fire season. live in santa rosa dan kerman kron 4 news. >>for kids in the heat walking barefoot outside can feel like walking on hot coles and that was the case for a few kids recently at the civic park. they want to create the ad is kroc forcefully go reports for us tonight, the prolonged exposure to the hot ground for at least one of the kids. >>resulted in blisters and a trip to the e r. >>he just kept screaming for like an hour until we went to the e r and by the time the vienna bozza says her friends 2 year-old boy reach the emergency room his feet had multiple blisters so doctors bandaged him up wrap them up and now a tough lesson is learned thank god, it's just like a first degree burn a bozza voicing her surprise to how damaging the heat can get on tuesday. her 16 month-old son was playing in the sand
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and water at civic park in walnut creek with 2 twin boys, all 3 were barefoot and went from the santa the water and then a rubber walkway after about a half hour one of the twins started complaining of pain. bozza says initially there were no bruises on his feet but eventually blisters started popping up in just got some water >>cold waters from that happened. and eventually went to the e r the injured child is expected to make a full recovery but after the hospital visit. he's been told to keep office feet for the next couple of weeks many different things never feel guilty if your child is injured and you know even if you feel terrible about you know i should have known it was too however just get it's helping him right away doctor maria steelman owns lafayette pediatrics, our feet are a little bit more party in a table of abc and they're not as callous. >>so i don't know if that would happen to an adult kids are different than adults know nicb research 2 year-old son james to civic park austin and
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keep some in hybrid shoes that work on all surfaces and are less likely to be taken off the circuit need is there. >>and they're great for water play but they're not only for water they can see that there there are a 100% robber and they're also act as a sneaker and i really wearing those not that i'm issue expert he got put kids in some that they can do everything in. >>because kids are impatient that ought to be taking them on and often and if you give a kid a choice to probably go barefoot so make the safe choice for them. >>in walnut creek felipe should all kron 4 news a big story tonight, the city of mountain view is not at an acting a ban on rv parking on public streets now the city council held a meeting on the issue late last night and it lasted and just before 3 30 in the morning. the controversial ban was opposed by several residents saying that rent prices are too high forcing them to live in our fees but supporters say that it will address public safety and health concerns, a city council as now asking for a
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different kind of proposal that would allow city staff to address health and safety concerns of harvey's park in their driveways parks and major roadways are areas with high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists in the east bay, a tragic outcome for the family of a man who went missing yesterday evening on lake tell val. >>our first charles clifford has an update. >>on wednesday afternoon search and rescue teams from east bay, regional parks and the alameda county sheriff's office recovered. a body that is believed to be the san francisco spikes was last seen around 6 20 wednesday afternoon when he was apparently on a boat with friends. when for reasons that aren't clear at this point he went into the water in did not come out his friends called 911 and east bay regional parks in the army, the county sheriff's office launched a search with boats a helicopter and dive teams. the body was found about a mile from the boat dock in an area where the victim's friends had indicated he was last seen going into the water east bay parks says
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that spikes was not wearing a life vest when he went into the water and that he did not know how to swim, they are taking this opportunity to remind everyone use caution in the water this summer. >>and more really want to see happen especially in the hot day says we'd like to see people swimming the designated some areas want to see him swing or a lifeguard and if you're voting what you wear a life jacket. >>now the body found in the lake on wednesday afternoon has not yet been positively identified and the cause of death will still have to be determined in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>the wires are gearing up for the final game ever at oracle arena tomorrow night, yeah and as they prep for game 6 without kevin durant's we are now learning the latest on his injury kate rooney. >>here are some of the details yet not good details either i'm afraid the news about durant's achilles injury overshadow today's practice and preparation. >>for tomorrow's game the super star confirmed that he suffered a ruptured achilles and he had successful surgery. this morning during an announced the news in a lengthy instagram post saying
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i'm hurting deeply i'm okay basketball is my biggest love and i wanted to be out there i do i wanted to help my teammates on our quest for the three-peat it's just the way things go in this game and i'm proud that i gave it all well i physically could the post seem to address the many folks who have pointed fingers in the wake of durant's injury insisting the team should have done more to prevent iran from playing in game 5. and steve kerr added his thoughts today. >>when we gathered all the information. our feeling was the worst thing that could happen would be a re injury of the calf and that was a that was the advice, and i'm the information that we had and at that once kevin was cleared to you know, he was comfortable in that we were comfortable with that. so the achilles came as a complete shock. i don't know what else to. had we known that this was a possibility that this was even
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a in the realm of possibility, there's no way we're allowed kevin to come back. >>steph curry and klay thompson also spoke today, thompson said he expects oracle arena will be as loud as it's ever been and curry said will be feeding off that energy while they play for kevin durant. >>a local basketball coach is heading to the big leagues. the nba team that just hired a female assistant coach. alarming number of homeless students here in california now state lawmakers are trying to prevent those students from. >>worrying about what they're going to live what they're trying to study we'll the help they can get soon. >>a transgender woman dies while in ice custody in texas after seeking asylum in the united states now are families demand answers. the lawsuit being filed here in the bay area. and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you're streaming us on crime. >>got a crime
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>>a transgender woman johan and medina leone died on june first well in ice custody, in our family is seeking justice our own for sanaa sanaa's to hernia has more on what actions. the family is taking. >>7 just the law firm. dolan law has filed a lawsuit against nice and the department of homeland security on behalf of the family of johan a medina leon, the transgender immigrant who died june 1st well she was
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detained at the border in texas. >>so the nature of this action is in nature to hold the united states government responsible for the deprivation of you on a civil rights that she was entitled to as a human being ice officials allegedly denied leon's repeated requests for medical care. >>your honor who is and nurse we knew that she was becoming critically ill. she requested treatment from the government treatment that she should have been given. the government failed to provide or the treatment and she became so ill that one point she asked to be deported to be sent away from the united states to another country where she could receive medical treatment and that also was denied this isn't the first instance where an immigrant has died in custody at the border. >>we also know that at least 6 children. other died in ice custody for died recently after being released. in the past 8 months. >>and they say lgbtq immigrants seem to be getting the worst treatment of all we
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know that transgender lgbt people make up less than 2% of the population inside detention. >>but experience more than 12% of the physical and sexual-assault they also argue that those who seek asylum shouldn't be detained. it is cruel and unusual to detain us when we are seeking help. this is something that no government can justify. and so we also calling and 2. really all forms of detention, especially for folks who are super might my july since super of honorable. it is another form of prison and it is a form of torture and it needs to stop they're not only seeking justice for leone, but also for everyone in similar situations. in san francisco sent us to hania kron 4 news. >>governor gavin newsom is calling for a hold on horse racing at the santa anita racetrack this after 29 horses have died so far this season newsome once all horses to be examined by veterinarians before they race today officials plan to involve more
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independent that they hope will ease this problem, those vats already examined horses several times before they hit the track santa anita has been under fire from state racing officials and activists following the deaths of all those horses. the state bracing course board asked the track to spend the rest of the season, but it refused to do so. >>to kyle's women's basketball team is going to the big leagues having been hired as an assistant coach for the cleveland. cavaliers that makes lindsay got live. the first female collegiate head coach to make it to the nba. credit for his morning kelly has reaction from gotland and others in this part. >>the first thing is that representation matters lindsay gottlieb has spent the last 8 successful seasons leading the cows women's basketball team, helping them make it to the postseason 7 times including their first elite 8 and final 4 appearances. she says it's been a dream job and that was hard to break the news to her
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players that she's leaving for a job in the nba with this position as an assistant coach for the cleveland cavaliers we've got lee joins a small number of women working in the nba. >>the holy 2 others have made it to the same level impact i can have on the uncertain of 14 and you know young women usually important but there's a chance to in fact a million that's pretty neat and you know it doesn't have to necessarily be the ones that end up as professional athletes, maybe it's. the young girl who says i can do whatever it is that i want to do in life because i'm seeing someone else you know, but mainly i think. >>a lot of people texted me today that you know they're there daughters and europe now seeing women on the bench in the believing that that's norm the nba. >>her response that even asked that question gives me chills because i do hope there's you know a few night coach in the nba, you know sooner than later.
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>>whether that's me or not i don't i don't know i'm all in on on this journey in this piece of it. but you know i think it gives me chills to think that that there's going to be one you know one day but i'm just worried about you know just helping jeff the correct people and working on a scouting report and you're doing whatever it is that you know coach beeline in this me to do. >>i spoke to one of our players who says she is happy she had got leave as her coach for the past 4 years. it is excited about this new career move maureen kelly, the front door news. >>it's going to take a live look outside right now from our sutro cam overlooking downtown in san francisco. i don't see the heat pavements now. are no cars here to tell us about but expect i've been waiting for that sea breeze to kick in and that is of peace from the waters and those temperatures in the ocean around 55 degrees a little cool you down in a hurry to 63 degrees. >>much cooler in a san francisco right now comfortable 75 in oakland,
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sure top spots and takes a while for that green air to work its way all the way the interior valleys got mid 90's in the concord and live more even 97 degrees right now. the temperatures just from 24 hours ago look at this these numbers really taken a nosedive 23 degrees cooler you little fog and a half moon bay that changes everything 13 degrees cooler to san francisco 20 degrees cooler in oakland, the past 24 hours and as we head through the evening feel the effects low cloud and fog in the search back on shore making its way inside the base. so right about 9 o'clock or so 50's out toward the beaches, 60's 70's inside of a still-warm inland. a mid 70's in maybe even a little bit warmer than that as we head into the middle of that we cooled things down further and that sea breeze really begins to take over the next couple of days so we are going to beat the heat has richard neighborhood just yet don't worry it will that is looking out toward out the trash you could just make out the sales force building right here. but that is the low cloud and fog deck that has moved inside the bay now a certain sign of an end to that he waives the clouds make a return back
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started work its way we're right up along the coastline right here the suddenly surge of low clouds and fog we've been waiting for last couple of days that moving on shore of the sea breeze, yeah, the blow in some places over 20 miles per hour palo alto at 20 miles per hour on the coastline 11 in the pacific a 12 miles per 14 and sfo and the idea the sea breeze start to pick up in oakland to so things are changing now much cooler weather is on the way we'll talk about that your weekend forecast coming up if you could. a police helicopter spot something a little unusual. >>water during a training exercise we're going to tell you where this around your local beach the oakland a's still determined to build a new water park. there could be some hurdles in the way we'll hear from oppen
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>>the oakland a's quest to build a new ballpark in the port of oakland still if you hurdles. yes, an actual ballpark. there those road blocks include the longshoremen's union and and the oakland city council kron four says it might do and has a story for us. >>ere at oakland city hall rallying against 2 pending bills of the state legislature that they say will fast track approval and public financing for the oakland a's, new stadium proposal which includes mixed use development that the howard terminal site and what they're proposing here today. is to constrict
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the port of oakland. >>the port of oakland is the 3rd busiest port of the state of the union representing logs shore but look to keep it that way. >>parks skybox condominiums don't belong here. the first thing that people are going to say to move in there. there's a new sense here at the law is the lights to shipped which puts pressure band one of the shippers and stevedoring companies to leave oakland mayor libby shaft is officially on board with the a's new stadium proposal. this is the first time. >>you've ever seen all of us up here together so please just know theft, however, them as colleagues on the city council have mixed views on the subject and i'm committed to making sure that one of us were trained tries to stay in >>and the only one that have said yes we want to say in open that sealed the nays for me it's it's really what is to return because i haven't received clear financial
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numbers. i can talk about the motion in cost is. >>are they going to be asking us to spend in a million dollars public money to help with their private development. that this head scratcher for me right now, i'm neutral in the project. >>on wednesday, the city council held a public hearing to learn more the facts behind the 2 assembly bills a more thorough briefing is scheduled for july. in oakland has he quit you, we're on for news. >>california has been named the most fun state in america that is according to a new list from wallet hub. says that the golden state has the most movie theaters and restaurants per capita for the rankings wallet use more than 2 dozen waited metrics related to things like entertainment recreation. and nightlife of course rounding up the top 5 most fun states are florida new york washington and colorado. in case you're curious west, virginia was the least fun. i 30 controversy
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over adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census. >>details on the trump administration officials who are now being held in contempt of congress over the issue. an alarming new study reveals that we are eating a lot of plastic per week s e. >>details how the particulates are getting into our drinking water plus how lawmakers are trying to find housing for the 200,000 homeless s deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissan or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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>>our top story tonight at 5.30 state lawmakers are trying to tackle student homelessness across california crown force capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the proposal that there. >>pushing to pass. an acceptable in these are kids that are living in cars motels. or crowded up in a garage assemblywoman loose rebus describing california student homelessness problem at a news conference wednesday, she's the author of ab 16 a measure that would provide funding for homeless coordinator positions in the department of education. >>the bill would also create new regional assistance centers for communities that need extra help usually an educator is the first to identify a child as homeless and a lot of the educators and administrators at schools that i spoke to you know they didn't know what resources to provide the families and so they desperately need help. >>they want to help these children grievous stood next to a map showing student


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