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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  June 12, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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united states government responsible for the deprivation of you on a civil rights that she was entitled to as a human being you on a who is and nurse we knew that she was becoming critically ill. she requested treatment from the government treatment that she should have been given. the government failed to provide or the treatment so she actually begged for water sugar and salt to make her own i the to give yourself the flu is that she needed that was denied. and she became so ill that one point she asked to be deported to be sent away from the united states to another country where she could receive medical treatment and that also was >>they also argue that those who seek asylum shouldn't be detained. >>it is cruel and unusual to detain us when we are seeking help. this is something that no government can justify. and so we also calling and 2.
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really all forms of the tension, especially for folks who are super might march a license to provide rubble. it is another form of prison and it is a form of torture and it needs to stop. >>they're not only seeking justice for leone, but also for everyone in similar situations. in san francisco sent us to hania kron 4 news. >>all right, let's get a check of the weather around the bay area and it's a little easier out there now and get on a jacket like i did today because it was burning up yesterday lawrence. >>can hop were records all around, but that has all come to an end now you can see what's causing it that sea breezes kicked in over san francisco that fog has finally made a return so still we have some hot temperatures around the bay area no getting around that numbers. right now even still the hot side inland, 91 degrees and conquer 91 a little more lot 80's inside the bay, but cool 60's now even 59 degrees in san francisco's that fog is moving in high temperatures today still manage squeeze out triple digits in concord 98 in livermore 92 in fremont 91 amount you get the idea these temperaeures still on the hot
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side. but that's all come to an end now as low clouds and fog began to take hold really surged back on shore. finally seeing that suddenly surge of low cloud and fog so common after we have a heat wave like that you can see it just about the around the ban making its way into the golden gate right now and into alcatraz of the times could fill in the bay overnight tonight and so we see some of that tomorrow morning so partly cloudy skies in the san francisco much cooler 60 in the afternoon oakland, 71 degrees should be warm in the afternoon have some patchy morning fog still warm in san jose, mostly sunny skies. and 83 degrees. but yeah things are channgwith that low encroaching a little bit close to the coastline. and that counter clockwise rotation bring some low clouds and fog back up in the bay area kind of loosening up the atmosphere to allowing for the low clouds and fog to move further on shore. we'll see more the gray skies overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning as we'll see that heat relief on the way temperatures getting back to average for this time of year that fog and really kind of hug. the coast kind of cool out toward the beaches but in the san francisco tomorrow 60 degrees 57 degrees in the sunset.
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cloudy skies and 58 degrees in pacifica 60 in half moon bay, 63 the 5 sunshine in the millbrae but much cooler 78 degrees in redwood city them lot of 70's 80's in the south bay, those places that had the triple digit heat in the tri valley, you're back more comfortably into the mid 80's, the warm spots, there 66 in san leandro 74 degrees of laos 77 in the napa valley only 57 in stinson beach still 83 some sunshine in the santa rosa. next few days are big now the temperatures into the father's day weekend but dad's they should start to warm up just a little bit and that will bring back the heat but not as hot as we head toward the beginning of next week. thank you lawrence lyft has unveiled its new pink and black electric bikes known as bay wheels in san jose this week. >>they are replacing the ford go bikes in the area bike docking stations will display pieces of art from local artists a bike started $2 a ride. there are currently more than 40 bike stations around downtown san jose and they'll soon be in san francisco, oakland berkeley and emeryville. >>the city of mountain view
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will not be enacting a ban on are these parking on public streets after all city council held a meeting on the issue last night and that meeting lasted until about 3 30 this morning. the controversial ban was opposed by a number of residents saying that rents are just too high and that's forcing them to live in are these. but the band supporters said that this ban would address public safety and health concerns. the city council is now asking for a different proposal it would allow city staff to address health and safety concerns of arby's part near driveways near parks and major roadways or areas with high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists. >>the head of the coach of cows, women's basketball team is going pro hired as an assistant coach for th cleveland cavaliers that makes her the first female collegiate head coach to make it to the nba ground force marine kelly has her reaction and others in the sport. >>the first thing is that representation matters lindsay gottlieb has spent the last 8 successful seasons leading the
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cows women's basketball team, helping them make it to the postseason 7 times including their first elite 8 and final 4 appearances. she says it's been a dream job and that was hard to break the news to her players that she's leaving for a job in the nba with this position as an assistant coach for the cleveland cavaliers we've got lee joins a small number of women working in the nba. made it to the same level impact i can have on the uncertain of 14 and you know young women. chevy is really important. but there's a chance to in fact a million that's pretty neat and you know it doesn't have to necessarily be the ones that end up as professional athletes, maybe it's. the young girl who says i can do whatever it is that i wanted you in life because i'm seeing someone else you know, but mainly i think. >>a lot of people texted me today that you know they're there daughters and europe now seeing women on the bench in
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the nba believing that that's normal because it is when i asked her if she could ever see herself as making it to a head coach job in the nba. >>her response even asked that question gives me chills because i do hope there's a you know a few night coach in the nba, you know sooner than later. >>whether that's me or not i don't i don't know i'm all in on on this journey in this piece of it. but you know i think it gives me chills to think that that there's going to be one you know one day but i'm just worried about you know jet helping jeff, the correct people and working on a scouting report and they're doing whatever it is that you know coach beeline in this me to do. >>i spoke to one of our players who says she is happy she had got leave as her coach for the past 4 years. it is excited about this new career move maureen kelly, the front door knees. in 5 seconds. they did their job. courage grace.
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>>after that emotional testimony by former late night talk show host jon stewart lawmakers on capitol hill voted today to renew the money for 9.11 1st responders and survivors that money would provide help to those who suffer from illnesses many of whom are dying from diseases such as cancer lung ailments and other health problems illnesses which follow their work at ground 0 in the aftermath of the terror attacks. >>responders and survivors where they got sick in will get sick in 2025 a 2035 should be properly compensated congress must act to make that happen. >>the september 11th victim compensation fund was last renewed back in 2015. and it is set to expire in december of 2020, if approved by the us senate it would provide help
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for 70 years until the year 2090. >>coming up can you spot the difference. it's getting more and more difficult to tell real video from sophisticated fake video, how u c berkeley professor is working to prevent fake videos from doing damage to the 2020 election. >>california the site for a big space x launched today how today's payload is expected to help fight climate change.
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>>sonoma sheriff deputies were looking to do some water training and the degas bay when they came across this new tea take a look a 13 to 15 foot long great white shark. they say they spotted the creature in the shallow waters of the estero at marikana estuary. the deputies say they thought better of the training and they got real quiet after realizing that they had been in those exact waters just one day before the sheriff's department's facebook post noted this was most likely the deadly shark. >>where you see the fire space x successfully launched 3 satellites from van and air force base through the central coast fog this morning. the radar sets satellites will be used by the canadian space agency for climate change monitoring and creating sea ice maps that can help ship navigation. this marks a second mission for this falcon
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9 booster shortly after the launch the reusable rocket landed successfully back on earth. >>the battle over the 2020 census heats up the extreme steps both congress and the president are taking to win this contentious fight and if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial break, crown on dot
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>>the respect of our institutions and this is about the power of all of us as a body as united states congress and integrity. >>fireworks on capitol hill on the usually dole subject of the us census. the house oversight committee voting today to hold 2 cabinet members in contempt for failure to explain the last minute addition of a sense a citizenship question to the 2020 census. the vote came hours after president trump asserted executive privilege to shield documents on this subject from congress prof was vickie lynn the aca's 16 knows committee voted to recommend attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross. >>be held in contempt. 2 committee chairman elijah cummings their refusal to testify was not surprising. >>this is a broad. coordinated campaign to more
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investigations. the board. and it is directed from the very top and issue the final question to be added to the end of next year's census questionnaire asking. >>quote is this person a citizen of the united states. the census bureau reportedly included it as a result of pressure from the justice department i want to know why it was why this question was magically added after we have seen that a political operate is new and detail intent to intimidate racial and immigrant communities. >>for a partisan purpose, new york representative alexandria ocasio cortez and other democrats charge that the new question. >>is politically motivated that it's designed to intimidate non citizens regardless of their legal status and that it would give republicans an edge in the population estimates used to draw congressional districts to shield hismembers a stand.we
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about whe to me. >>the killer the oc is kron 4 news. the so-called baby trump balloon has made the rounds overseas now the blimp that looks like a diaper baby version of president trump. >>may appear during his independence day speech in washington, them in this group code pink that has roots here in the bay area says it wants to fly the balloon during trump's address at the lincoln memorial code pink says the goal is to protect protest, racism hatred and fear group also says it just wants to show quote what a baby he is unquote the blimp was first flown during massive protests. well, trump was visiting great britain last year. >>illinois governor jb pritzker signed a new bill today which expands board abortion access in that state. the reproductive health act removes restrictions on abortions later in pregnancy as well as eliminate spousal
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consent, waiting periods, criminal penalties for abortion providers. the governor says that it will make illinois the most progressive stay when it comes to women's reproductive rights. the bill also expands insurance coverage for procedures and contraception critics say the law is too broad and would make a late term abortions widely available. >>when seeing is no longer believing they're called deepfake videos and advances in artificial intelligence making it easy to create convincing fake audio anyone could conceivably make them, including some who might want to weaponize it for political purposes as donie o'sullivan reports, the pentagon is working with several the country's biggest research institutions, including u c berkeley to try to stay ahead of the issue. >>they're going to mexico to go into many other countries. here's president trump took my microphone, the kenya and they broke in and out and alec
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baldwin's impression of him from saturday. >>i've somebody but now take a look and listen at this. the sticking up somebody that's not really president trump. it's just his face not on top of baldwin's researchers at usc created this clip and many others of prominent politicians showing just how easy viewers could be listen america. videos like this are known as deep fakes a new sophisticated way to create fake videos using artificial intelligence and their potential damage is catching attention on capitol hill. some technology experts say the trick is exaggerated it's very real for lawmakers like house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff. >>it's a race between the ai to create them in i detect them. >>his committee is scheduled to hold a hearing tomorrow discussing national security challenges of artificial intelligence manipulated media and deepfakes. >>sure there are days you all set. obviously ting sis altered
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of house speaker nancy pelosi. it's not an example of a deep fake that was edited to make it look like she's slurring her words it would be very easy. >>to introduce a doctored video that could have a very sizable impact. anonymously a at various places around the globe, one time and whoever introduced that would always have some level plausible deniability and other technology experts agree. >>we're going to get to a point that some. point in near future where you are not going to visually be able to distinguish between the 2 and we sort of want to get out ahead of this. >>before we get to that point. >>haneef reid's team at u c berkeley studied hours of footage of political figures and 2020 presidential candidates movements when they talk constructing a system called fingerprinting aiming to help the government and news organizations separate the real from the unreal. >>by the end of 19 in the lead up to the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary is that
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we will have most if not all of the candidates. fingerprinted. >>that was daniel sullivan reporting facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was targeted by a deep big video this weekend on instagram the manipulated video appears to show zuckerberg bragging about having control of billions of people stolen data instagram owned by facebook decided to keep that video on its platform. just as facebook did with the doctored video of nancy pelosi. 6ark and cable set you up for bay area sports tonight streaming on our kron on app they will have the latest says the lawyers get ready for game 6 tomorrow night. >>and finally the sea breeze is back it's bringing some much needed cooler temperatures the bay area how long will that last we'll talk about that coming up and kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet. >>here's what you're missing. first on the 35 years. county
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>>well we got the news on kevin duran today and not good news wars plane tomorrow night big game, our carbon turkey join us now from the set of bay area sports night. >>that's right lots to talk about a bay area sports night
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7 o'clock warriors raptors getting ready for tomorrow night's game 6 of the nba finals, but that chance still thinking about their teammate kevin duran suffered that chile's injury. he confirmed today, he underwent surgery kate, how is the team got to dealing with just the reality know katy at all. broken for kevin duran it's less about what just means for the team that about there. >>fallen comrade, and though they've said all along that in the more motivation to win a championship other than winning a championship. i think now they've got a little bit extra motivation. yeah we'll be talking about durant's status right now the effects long-term on nba free agency. >>also be breaking down tomorrow's game. the x's and tomorrow's game. the x's and o's for gam raptors nba finals and can't wait to and finally gets here in bay area sports night 7 o'clock available on kron on tell us are back to you get them all right, we'll see them mark and kate, thank you very much. let's take a look outside. >>she was going on in fi us in on the 4 zone forecast
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yeah guys while and then nice we get that breeze blowing out there some the wind gusts over 20 miles per hour. and here comes the cooldown that fog is making its way on shore right now you can see that right over out the trash finally getting the heat relief from that fog but it takes a while for to get well well inland so, those temperatures still in the hot side of spots, 90's even some triple digits. the hot spots in the but that is it for the way that is broken now is low cloud and fog will surge on shore tonight and more on the way over the next couple days that's really going bring down these temperatures so that a sea breeze will bring more fog and low clouds and temperatures drop a good 10 maybe 20 degrees around a good part of the bay area tomorrow morning. we wake up disciplines and patchy fog early on 50's and some 16 said the 70's 80's we had during the heat wave. as we head toward the middle the day still nice warm and lit up in the upper 70's. 60's inside the bay of 50's along the coastline. i think we'll top out to mid 80's tomorrow afternoon, 70 some 80's around the bay, it's a 50 to 60 so cooler temperatures all around the bay area. numbers much more comfortable right around the average for this time of
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year about 73 degrees a breeze in hayward 60 degrees in san francisco, 78 and warm in redwood city about 83 degrees in san jose looking out over the next few days we're going to see those temperatures hovering right around average rate of cooling off to about saturday. then we warm back up on dad's day next week looks to be a little hot again. those temperatures not as hot as this current heat wave the back of the 90's in some of the valleys right still comfortable oh my gosh it feels so much life and i thank you lord, thank you for being with us tonight and we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock. >>have a good evening. over th.
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women's soccer blowout victory, double standard or was their celebration over the top? >> it's disrespectful, disgraceful. >> they should be allowed to celebrate in every way. from italy.manda knox's return and how 150 homes were incinerated all because someone was afraid they would be stung by a wasp.ruing man. >> the man at the center of the investigation. then


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