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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  June 13, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>>and thanks for joining us. relieved. also or how sweet it is he whole here in the afternoon and last night much better much better so i will get full details in the forecast always got problem first any hot spots now not spots is just picking up out there so getting busy already especially for the bridges will take a look right so let's see what's in store for today, looking at much nicer weather you feel the relief yesterday and you're really going to settle into it today because the hour looking at a big cool down ahead of us into the afternoon. >>yesterday already along the coast. you felt the first signs of a yesterday was your day in between today we really are looking at that cool down all across the bay you can see the signs of it looking at the golden gate bridge right here some fog streaming into the bay overnight and that is resulting in some spots a low visibility for those of you getting outside this morning. 50's and 60's is where we're sitting for current temperatures, fog, especially thick up and down the coast
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and then streaming on into the east bay, so you will be encountering at times and if you do see it getting especially thick, you know what to do to slow down a bit temperatures more than just a bit cooler than yesterday a big drop in temperatures, san francisco hayward in livermore down 15 degrees from the same time 24 hours ago nap and fairfield each down 13 degrees and it's not just this morning but into the afternoon today that you're going to notice those very much so cooler temperatures. the coast will be in the 60's bayside 70's and inland areas in the 80's today, i'm talking more about what to expect for the days to come still ahead robin expect a visit commute into san francisco if you're using 80 right now. >>the drive at the bay bridge toll plaza or through the toll plaza, it's filling in and quickly as expected right so no big problems here just more folks on the road heading into san francisco. right now you're averaging 11 minutes, we're heading over to 92 a pretty a busy bridge as well. but it's quiet so no major accidents just a crack out
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here on the flex a flat section a crowd of brake lights heading westbound but a great trip overall to the peninsula from the east bay to the north bay using the richmond san rafael bridge. a little bit of a line for you in the cash lanes with a smooth trip across the span and to the north a lot more coming up daria change. thanks love to do or die tonight for the worries and the last time they played oracle have this is going to be a must win game if they want to keep their hopes for a three-peat alive which of course they do game 6 of the nba finals against ron rockers. >>tipoff to knock on doors will tran is at oracle with a preview hi well. but 13 hours away from tip off and they are ready to go you can see the t shirts behind me. >>if they are so excited to even get to this point because it looked really bad with a couple of minutes left in game 5 rate until clay in curry just when buzzard and then get the game back to oakland. the warriors they've been playing here for us 47 years and we know win lose or draw. this is
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it for oracle which is why it's going to be very sentimental and the people who show up you better believe they will be on fire. let's show you practice from yesterday, this is perhaps the last practice that they'll have at oracle as well because we know that the game is tonight. we do know that kevin duran obviously was not there. he was in new york getting surgery for his achilles that warriors even though they're focusing on the rafters they've been thinking about katie ever since he went down. in game 5 with about a 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. the show you the injury rate, he seemed fine. he was 3 for 3 from three-point line he was on his on his way to making about 40 points in game 5 when disaster happened. he knew right away. he went down. he was helped to the locker room. she never came back even tweeted how his soul was hurting, but he was happy that his brothers got the win and he expects the detonation to be extremely
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loud the show you the post from his bedside right after surgery, so he's going to have to recover he says rehab starts pretty much immediately that he will be out probably about a year before he gets back to full strength. he will not be in the building tonight. but of course everybody still thinking about katie hears curry and klay talking about that. the expectant fans we lost a of an especially in the name of kevin. >>bringing his type of spirit you bring to the fighting and the competitiveness. i know our fans will do that because. we deserve a more importantly, kevin does 40 gave this team this organization and one of the banners of was a he's president so expect a crowd we love for him. >>like laces a protect home court feet off our crowd's energy play for k. >>in turkey season love so and there's a lot of. as you can. got to tap into.
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>>so a lot of moving parts. james and ari a they have the raptors to focus hey want to play obviously a great game with a win. but they also want to celebrate oracle at half time they'll have many performers, including 2 short eve, 40 performing and then outside before the game in the courtyard, they'll have a piece of the floor from the 2015 championship season that they'll have the fan signed and piece of that we'll go to the new chased center. lots going on but first things first the warriors obviously have to win. and then force a game 7 i am so excited. the warriors are excited you seen this before right where they don't have the t shirts ready to go just yet look at that they could probably start the game in about an hour from now i'm sure a lot of people would like that back to you. >>and makes a play for k i like that thank 5 o 5 right now and oakland mayor libby shaft don't forget she auctioned off those 2 tickets for the game. >>and the money goes towards 2 more for tonight, the say she
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auctioned off. one get one for game 4 but 2 more for tonight. and this time the money goes to the alameda county community food bank. last time was sure college fund to send kids to school the seats are in the city of oakland suite at oracle a spot mayor shaft to is a hoping that she raises a lot more than the current bit which is 5400 and i bet she will the bidding closes at noon just a minute before noon go to our website and we've got all the details if you want to get in on this bid at com for dot com and by the way we also have special coverage of the nba finals right here on kron four are. >>road to the championship special airs today at 4 o'clock make sure to tune in and check it out 5 o 6 also in oakland, the city of oakland voted unanimously for legislation to build a new a's ballpark. >>at the port of oakland. here's what it would look like at howard terminal. they voted on 2 bills to help develop that the new park in accordance with city laws but the project is getting a little push back from the
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longshoremen's union because they think that a ballpark there. it would be a mess for them and a problem for the city in the end. >>ballparks skybox condominiums don't belong here. the first thing that people are going to say to move in there. there's a new sense here at the mall is the lights to shipped which puts pressure band one of the shippers and its stevedoring companies to leave. >>and he was saying you know we were there first oakland mayor libby shaft says she is on board. >>with the new stadium proposal so we'll see who wins this fight. >>the city's south main our teachers aide at a san jose middle school is accused of molesting 2 boys and police worried that there may be more victims out force christina takes was following this and still at the a middle schooler happened in san jose. >>good morning. i'm live her at sylvan dale middle school and this is where that man was
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a teacher's aide. now yes start to tease me tomorrow is the very last day of school and right now we're waiting to hear on what his employment currently is but this is how wind down here is a picture of him his image junior, but how again here at silverdale a middle school was a teacher's aide and a pair in he was arrested on 2 counts of annoying or molesting a child and another 2 counts of touching a person against their against their will for sexually arouse ul mat to 4 different counts against him in this scenario against those 2. young boys now we are told both of the suspects are under 18 years old making both of them minors in this case. now we are also being told that this has happened this started happening. mid april of this year and when on through the first of may he was arrested here in june and booked into santa clara county jail and now police are asking if you know any information about this man or if you are worried possibly you or one of your children or loved one has been
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in contact with that how please go ahead and contact very immediately. the san jose police department for now reporting live in for the middle school christina tetreault on for news, okay. thank you christina now we have a follow-up. >>a story that we brought you yesterday morning officials have recover the body is that they're looking for in lake tells al. >>they have not told us the identity yet, but they do believe that it is 22 year-old shawn spikes of san francisco. he was a local jockey who trained at golden gate fields and he was on a boat with friends tuesday. when he when into the water and didn't come out. he was not wearing a life vest and friends say he did not know how to swim. this is being felt around the bay area horse racing community. >>i mean we've lost one of our own a man and one of our own who everybody was if anything i can smile thinking about his smile because he was the type of person now do see sean smile and he would feel a
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little bit better about things. >>and it's not the only death in the league last week a 31 year old's body was pulled from that lake that victim was also not wearing a life vest. >>happening tomorrow autopsy and toxicology tests are scheduled for a swimmer that was found dead at stinson beach 34 year-old tony foster junior from or in city had been missing since tuesday night. he was last seen strugglimg in the surf about 60 yards offshore. his body was found at the north end of the beach yesterday morning. in the south bay, one person is dead after crashing his car between 2 homes in san jose. it happened on poplar drive near chabot way 31 year-old ellen martinez was speeding and crashed his car into a fence between 2 homes and these are pictures of the crash scene the passenger inside was able to get out without major injuries. but martinez died on the way to the hospital. >>new this morning a student was robbed at gunpoint in berkeley it happened near people's park. last night. it
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was a female student and she suffered some minor injuries, but she's going to be ok 5.10 still ahead on the crop for morning news, new push by lawmakers to help homeless students all throughout california and he sends a toddler to the hospital they on the playground, it plus all he to blame for power outages to all around the bay area and the problem could get worse this summer we'll tell you why and at least for now the heat is a thing of the past we're looking at a big cool down ahead of us already feeling it stepping outside this morning. >>i've got your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute ound e bay area getting pretty busy and crowded at the bay ridge already a slow trip into san francisco and we have some other major news about a strain
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>>and we are back as the weather heats up pg customers across the bay area are experiencing power outages, no
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power. chris means no air conditioning in this extreme heat and p g says the hot temperatures seem to be causing those power outages, especially in the areas of lafayette murrah gun and orinda some people there were out of power for more than 4 hours yesterday apparently p g says these outages happen in the afternoon when we hit peak, temperatures that apparently causes problems their equipment and they're unable to turn the lights back on and >>men not only to see the french that's the first thing i was 6. i don't have a c but i certainly don't lose my for it, you know, you know and that yes, so that would be good. but luckily today we're not going to see temperatures so much better. i was all worried about you know how my going to survive this and then after a couple days and yesterday was great yesterday was pretty good today even better we're really looking at whether where it should be just back to normal yassin exactly been a fall. but cooler temperatures the way we like to see june when it's not a 105 degrees outside. >>the z look outside of san francisco that fog hanging out
5:16 am
above the city and obviously can see the city from across the day as that fog layers hanging out above the surface you could be in countering it there's arriving through areas of the north bay up and down the coast and out into the east bay where it's especially thick. this morning. take a look at these temperatures are cooler than they were yesterday to start you remember yesterday how we're in the 70's for a lot of the bay area. now it's 50's and 60's so a noticeable cool down this morning did not forget the jackets getting outside dry skies. overhead and this low pressure moving on and high-pressured nudged out now high pressure was one of the culprits of why we were so warm these past few days. now with that high pressure weakening they're going to be looking at much cooler temperatures ahead and an opportunity for some this cool coastal air to stream on into the bay, this will keep temperatures, especially cool at the coast today and a lot more mild for inland areas only in the 80's as opposed to those triple digits where we've been much othe week up to this point. temperatures in san francisco, he easily 10 degrees cooler than yesterday
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when it was mid to upper 70's. today, it's mid to upper 60's similar range of numbers right along the shoreline with half moon bay at 67 pacific at 62 today, san bruno at 67 millbrae today at 71 you'll be in the 70's to low 80's further south on the peninsula and for the south bay today, i0's mostly a range of mid 80's campbell, los gatos and san jose. each at 85 degrees remember those areas were in the 90's yesterday union city in hayward in the 70's while livermore from 97 yesterday to 86 degrees today and for oakland, it's from the low 80's yesterday the low 70's today concord walnut creek danville on up through pittsburgh and up to vacaville all in the mid to upper 80's with nap and delay how in the 70's and some coastal areas in the 60's while 70's from mill valley up to petaluma santa rosa in the low 80's. here's your next 7 days to start this forecast we're staying seasonable 80's for inland areas, 60's and 70's by the
5:18 am
bay, but by the time we work into next week you do notice a modest warm-up it's not going to be quite as hot as it was the previous few days, but still the start of next week. getting a little toasty again robin. >>all right, thank you john we want to talk about a strain that there is no service today for those of you who normally rely on it to get to work they've trent they've canceled all trains because of a major gas leak p g's dealing with this gas leak in the livermore area. so there will be no service for your morning or afternoon commute. they are hoping to resume normal service by tomorrow, so we'll keep you posted checking the bridges 92 we're taking a look at the drive here across the san mateo bridge little busy little crowded. but not bad we've had no major issues from the east bay to the peninsula. so a very quick 12 minutes to make it across we're checking 80 west into san francisco are backing up quickly in the cash lanes and fast track planes. but overall are pretty decent commute into san francisco. only 12 minutes that is quick to make it off to fremont street. here's a look at some more of freeways and averages
5:19 am
hnd we're in pretty good shape. it's just picking up a little bit like west for as you work your way through antioch 17 minutes to make it through pittsburgh conquered and out to 2.42 and then still smooth sailing on south 6.80 the nimitz and one on one, so you are off to a fantastic start we'll check more coming up in a bit sorry. >>in a stay of child burned his feet while playing at a park on the hot day that we had and this is a warning for parents as the weather heats up and summer rolls around. >>crown forcefully to call has more. >>play time in the sand and water turn painful for a 2 year-old boy at civic park in walnut creek tuesday after he and his twin brother use the rubber walkway. levine a positive who prefers not to share her face instead sharing these photos of her son's friend in pain after spending about a half hour barefoot on the hot walkway. finally right taking a picture of him the 2 we noticed a blister. >>and more blisters started happening bozza says the adult
5:20 am
soak the child's feet in cold >>he was then taken to an emergency room where his swollen feet were bandaged and wrapped he said it will take some time to heal and this probably peel it's common sense, but sometimes we need to be reminded keep your eye on your children at the park and then also on the sun. it's an area of a pathway is no longer being directly hit by sunlight. it doesn't mean that the area has cooled down in the shade when i heard that a kid clustered there faedo's expecting some and i wasn't expecting. >>their entire foot wrapped like a mummy and that scares me in terms of risk for infection and what the rest of their summers going to be like doctor maria steelman with lafayette pediatrics says keep kids in footwear that can handle a variety of surfaces best use for little kids are those little sandals with something over like a little toe box making more than all summer long get them wet. >>you have to get used to living in those that will be a really good thing and they'll be less likely to take them off in the heat in walnut
5:21 am
creek felipe should all kron 4 news. >>a new bill could help tackle student homelessness across the legislation would provide money for homeless coordinator positions in the department of education, it would also create new regional assistance centers for communities that need extra help. right now there are about 200,000 homeless students across the state, but officials say it's likely that number it's actually higher. educator is the first to identify a child. >>as homeless and a lot of the educators and administrators at schools today spoke to you know they didn't know what resources to provide the families and so they desperately need help. they want to help these children. >>the measure has now cleared the assembly and is awaiting a hearing in the senate education committee. >>problem morning news concerns for a whale that's been circling the alameda waters for weeks, what experts is happening to this wayward whale and a warning for
5:22 am
beachgoers stingrays they can get checked, we'll tell you which california's the beaches. seeing a lot of them and let's take a peek right now at the approach to the bay bridge. what is going to be a nice day of relief from the heat for everybody we'll be right back. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back everyone 5.24 now and here's a look outside at san francisco with that fog
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out overhead it's something that we're seeing across a lot of the bay right now to santa rosa and half monday. this ability, especially low in these areas so do be mindful. you could be encountering some spots this morning where visibility isn't cooperating. so much see you know what to do to slow down just a bit by the time we work towards 10 15 this morning, most areas will be waving goodbye to the fog you can see a nice little stream of it still pushing its way through the golden gate now to areas like richmond by the time we work into the afternoon skies, even clear yet now will be windy at times today so keep the jackets with you especially this morning. thank you john we want to head over to the bay bridge to check the drive into san francisco. we have a full house it's pretty packed right for the cash payers and the fast trackers. >>and your backup goes already be on aid 80 out to west grand and shortly it's going to be through the maze so get on out there leave early because it's already slow and it's just going to continue to fill land. a service announcement from a strain this morning there will be no service for the morning or afternoon
5:26 am
commute. we have pg on scene in the livermore area dealing with a major gas leak so they are not running trains along that stretch there saying that they'll resume normal service tomorrow. but no service and offer a strain today james back to you are. >>he is not only drawing people to the beaches but also the stingrays as well in fact lifeguards and san diego say about a dozen people have been stung by stingrays in around coronado the warmer waters drawing a lot of people out and a lot of the stingrays to as i said a lot of people aren't aware. what's lurking just below the surface in fact stingrays often like to partially bury themselves in the sand as you see in that video that makes him difficult to spot. >>like my foot is on fire. and that hurts so bad a little bit unusual yeah, this was a pretty good spike that we got avoid walking on the bottom if they can just when and if they have to walk on the bottom to shuffle their feet. purple flags are flying at beaches where stingrays in jellyfish
5:27 am
are potentially in the water so here in the bay area if you see a purple flag, just know what that means take a quick break 5.26 is that i'm coming the warriors getting ready for the final game at oracle arena will trend will be live there with a preview of tonight's game. >>officers in east bexar looking for a man they say is a serial police ♪
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>>and look at weather and traffic on a thursday morning. how are we on the road pretty good on the freeways and the bridges not so much for a strain there is strain service today. that's one of the big problem for people user is that a surprise. it's that he's telling me for these people said early scheduled thing that it's it's a there's a major problem in livermore that p g's dealing with and it does not like they're going to have it resolved today at all well that is a on that a minute but the cool is a nice surprise. yeah well actually i was planning on it because you said it would be better and it was right yeah, but you got to be prepared for could be cut by surprise without the jacket this morning. >>because it is certainly cooler out there this morning. fog streaming in across the bay you can see it from the berkeley hills right here which you can see is about everything else because it is resulting in some low visibility at times 50's and 60's for your current temperatures this morning.
5:31 am
this is actually very normal for this time of morning just a lot cooler than where we were the past few mornings says remember yesterday we were in the 70's at this time with some areas in the east bay in the upper 70's at this time. concord you're 17 degrees. cooler than at the same time yesterday livermore hayward and san francisco down 15 degrees so that tells you everything you need to know right there it is a big drop in temperatures this morning. and temperatures this afternoon are going to be just as different falling into the 60's 70's and 80's depending on where you're out across the bay, i'm talking more about what to expect for your thursday of still to come. robin, it's picking up out there john we're checking in on 1, 1, across the golden gate. >>so far pretty good commute from the north bay to san francisco. across the span so the golden gate bridge checking in trouble free at 19 minutes, the bay bridge definitely not free of heavy traffic at least on your approach here on the open side. its crew calling from west grand right through that whole so be prepared for that break tapping where 12 minutes off to fremont street and
5:32 am
checking in on a strain there will be no service today for the morning commute. nor the afternoon commute. there's a major gas leak that's going on in livermore area that p g's dealing with we don't have any other details at this time. but we know that they are not allowing trains to travel along that stretch so they pretty much canceled service and they are saying that they will have normal service tomorrow but you need to plan ahead if you normally take a strain going have to drive maybe drive to the nearest bart station depends on your final destination but a strain not available today. daria thanks a lot rob and 05:32am. >>and tonight is the big game in game 6. decisive we've got a win to move on and the warriors last game in oakland, yeah, and that's the bittersweet part of it all for more let's go to the arena itself from force will tran standing by. >>for will what amounts to the last home game there at the stadium. >>you know what i was just
5:33 am
thinking we have the raptors exactly where we want them, i'm not even trying to be funny because we have the last game at or merkel game 6. the crowd will be so loud katie thinking about his brothers urging the fans to be loud. i mean talk about an adrenaline rush. they are so ready to go sometimes james duryea you don't see the t shirts ready on the seats look at that they are ready all we need are the fans and the players and we are set for tipoff. i hope it that we should happen right now, but instead tip off at 6 oh 5. let's show you some video leading to tonight's game. the warriors obviously need to practice they stayed in toronto after game 5 they flew back. >>that right after the day after and then yesterday media day there at oracle practice seeing and it's got to be kind of sad for them, this is the last time they will have practice at oracle sure though she before the game that this is it for them as well, they are taking the floor without their. dare i say spiritual
5:34 am
leader you really got to know how much katie meant or means to the team after he went down in game 5 when he made that move what about 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter he was cruising along 3 for 3 from 3 pointers 11 points on his way to a 40 point game and that was being on the sidelines for more than a month everybody was cheering and then disaster happened. he didn't even fly back with the warriors instead he went to new york to get his surgery which happened yesterday he took to instagram me put that out as well about rehab start immediately. the question now is who will he play for next year. but the bottom line is they're not really thinking about that they're thinking about winning game 6 for cady and for oracle which they played here for 47 years oracle might as well be a human being tonight it's all about oracle as well listening to coach kerr. this has been just incredible.
5:35 am
>>which to coach and play back in the day even when the warriors weren't any good to come in here as a visitor and feel the energy in this building. can tell that the fans love the game that this was a basketball hot bed just the a in the atmosphere out there the the noise. >>the end of something special, but i think also the starter. well a star some food. that will be even more special know, but uh for these you know to win the last game hurt us and has to a game 7. would attest to completed 3 paid a special. >>before the game, the fans will get a chance to sign a piece of the 2015 floor and then that peace will be taken to chase enter the players will sign a plaque and take it as well so they are taking a piece of oracle to the next location game 6 at 6 oh 5 and you talk about total team effort yulia 7 is she said she is not going to watch tonight
5:36 am
because she owes every time she watches they lose so she's going to take one for the team and she's not going to watch that's my shot across the bow to you james, you better not i am no i was watching delayed afterwards and i fast forward through the commercials so will. >>if you do your part of no don't worry it's not going to because of it's not going to because you now, but if they win it will because he only a 2 i get it special coverage. >>it was as we always do right here with the road to the championship special on ground floor today at 04:00pm. in the east bay, a man accused of impersonating a police officer is wanted for doing it again after he was released from jail, yeah we got call for sarah stinson live in san leandro with more on this story so this is a repeat offender sarah. >>yeah police are actually calling this man serial police impersonator now there's a $20,000 arrest warrant out for the oakland man who as you
5:37 am
said was caught impersonating a police officer just days after being released on bail and he's also been convicted of doing the same offense so. >>definitely serial keeps doing this again and again to take a look at your screen with a picture of the man's you can see him. this looking at sergio taylor whos 20 years old is a said he was charged on june 5th for 2 counts of impersonating an officer. >>in san leandro and berkeley the most recent time he was caught impersonating a cop was at a san leandro that annual cherry festival they hold. we have pictures of what he was wearing officers saw him wearing a canine unit police tell uniform with a duty belt the glock semiautomatic pistol replica. >>ammunition a taser gun an even a german shepherd dog, replicating like a police dog, then he was caught dress like a police officer with his gun and a taser bar to with a taser at a bar in berkeley. >>i have been back in may. taylor's not even allowed to
5:38 am
have a gun or a taser because he's currently on probation for a similar incident and yet again this week. prosecutors filed a 3rd count against him for impersonating an officer after an oakland officers saw taylor pulling someone over attempting to conduct a traffic stop by using a forward-facing blue and red flashing light in his 2013, gray chevrolet impala which also resembles a police car means got it down to a tee but during that fake traffic stop the real officer made a tried to make contact with taylor but he fled onto the freeway, you know. taylor's scheduled to appear in court today in oakland for a plea. hearing but prosecutors do not think he's going to show up because he did flee last seen and he is still filed in system has being at large they're hoping that you officers are looking for him without a rest for the even find him there or simply just show up in court and make a move for from here but want to continue to follow this cereal. police their son in
5:39 am
case. >>lives in lee andrews air since and fraud. ok thank you sarah. >>it is 5.38 still ahead on the cross for morning news. the cow women's basketball coaches, headed to the nba. we'll tell you about her big debut in the big leagues in what she said, we're hoping to do there and preventing wildfires in the bay area. the preps that you need to make so that your houee has not burned. lowe's knows you're the type who does it right. who's painted there and stained that. who seamlessly moves from step one to step done. we do it right too, with top tier performance from brands like valspar. with exceptional paint durability wether you're inside or out. and all-weather stain for a beautiful finish. along with pro trusted purdy brushes and rollers. we do it all at the right price so you can get big savings and big results.
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>>welcome back 5.41 on this thursday morning. it's a foggy start to the day there's sfo for you with that layer fog moving out over head. no resulting in the delays that are very airports just yet so that's certainly some good news, big cool down's up and down the coastline from la to eureka today with san francisco among those spots in the 60's at the coast. look at our inland areas still in that the 90's for sacramento and fresno though, and in the 80's for the inland bay. robin. >>we're checking in on the riches which are very crowded, especially 92, look at all the brake lights right now leaving hayward creeping along to the peninsula. so it's already packed here on the san mateo bridge. but no the trouble spot story about we have to return center fell which is delay free great trip to the north bay bay bridge traffic crawling from west grand right through the toll plaza will check more bridges and drive times coming up for you after the break stay with us. deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon
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>>welcome back. it is 5 45 in the santa rosa fire department is cracking down on people who do not make their yards safe for wildfire season inspectors are going through vacant lots all over the city to make sure the weeds and grass are not growing out of control. there are plenty of property owners who seem to be ignoring the warnings and things are getting out of hand and that could mean a wildfire gets out of hand property owners who receive abatement orders have
5:46 am
2 weeks to comply and if they don't the city. we'll do the work and then deal the property owner either way it's going to get done. >>you'll still have to pay for the can't take any chances now that could spread and hurt everybody. luckily today we're getting a little of backing off of temperatures be nice exactly it's good to see temperatures going back down when it was windy yesterday. i was like yeah, fog. the wind it's all welcome to today as the cool weather. a month ago we were just waiting for the heat and how it's i want the cool weather again, which hey after triple digits. i feel e i wanted to here's a look outside right here at that low fog hanging out across the bay. it's not hanging out right on top of the bay itself but you are looking at it making contact with the hills out in the east bay, the north bay and up and down the peninsula so watch out if you do encounter some low visibility spots cit is a looking really good this morning. there's layer fog out in the distance now looking at a overhead in the south bay though, and there's your fog
5:47 am
out there in the east bay from the berkeley hills right now as for your current temperatures 50's and 60's with a 57 in fremont hayward at 60 degrees right now oakland here at 61 in berkeley, sitting at 57 degrees currently so cool start to the day a lot cooler than at the same time yesterday what you had above the fog not a lot of cloud cover to be talking a out this is our high pressure ridge has been built up for some time now and resulting in the warm teatures we felt this week it's moving out now this low pressure building in allowing for some of this fog but also some nice cool ocean air to be filtering in across the bay replacing those record breaking temperatures in some cases with some much more comfortable conditions in the days to come. you know this fog hanging out right along the coastline through the day while our inland areas do see plenty of sunshine this afternoon little bit of coastal drizzle possible as we work our way into the weekend at times. temperatures today easily 10 degrees cooler than yesterday and some parts of
5:48 am
san francisco as was in parts of the peninsula with 50's and 60's along the pacific shore and some 60's and 70's along the bay side short woodside and mountain view each at 81 degrees for your highs and looking at some 80's in the south bay today which as you remember yesterday in san jose you are in the low 90's so today, a change that will be feeling a lot better livermore from 97 degrees yesterday to 86 to degrees today that's a 10 degree cool down just over that in fact, oakland 72 for your high out of the 80's with concord walnut creek and danville still mid 80's and still toasty but much better than we were the benicia nap among areas in the 70's for the north bay with some 60's out towards the coast. temperatures for your next 4 days looking, especially nice 80's for inland areas, 70's 60's by the bay and plenty of sunshine to carry us into the weekend after some areas of morning fog. monday and tuesday of next week do come along with the big warm up not
5:49 am
going to be quite as hot as we had been, but still some warmer temperatures to expect into next week. robert thank you john checking in on a stream there's no service today because of a major gas leak in the livermore area pg still dealing with this and they will be. >>for several more hours so no service for your morning commute or your afternoon commute. but they're saying that service will resume tomorrow so you can have to hop in your car instead to the richmond san bridge traffic picking up here at the toll plaza pretty good looking commute into the north bay so far trouble free very quiet. but just picking up so we'll call it 8 minutes from the tolls out to highway one on one protecting 80 the bay bridge traffic, the cash lanes of fast track lanes are filling in quickly it's beyond 80 over crossing and stretching all the way back to west grants will already a slow commute into san francisco but car pulling helps that's going to save you a lot of time those lanes it's moving very very well we're checking in on a drive times and were freeways and they're looking pretty good especially
5:50 am
the e sure only at 18 minutes from crockett oakland, no problems for west 24 out of one at creek than a minute and the macarthur both doing well from to 38 to downtown oakland. so i like these numbers, we'll check some more in just a bit james. alright thank you very much robin. >>a prayer vigil is scheduled this morning for a whale that's been circling the waters off alameda for weeks now the whale has earned the name. >>alley hundreds of people have been heading down to alameda is airport lagoon this year. the marine mammal center says that alley seems to be on healthy and has a poor skin condition. fans of hers are hoping that she doesn't end up like the other whales that we've seen turning up dead on the shores. scientists say they are not trying to move the animal out of the waters there because it could cause even more stress. people are going to gather appears 3 in alameda at 9 30 this morning for a prayer circle. >>all right take a look at this police are looking for this man who was seen stealing
5:51 am
a package off the front porch of a home in redwood city. and there's a closer look at his face. so this was on middlefield road and charter street that's just a few blocks from hoover elementary school. video shows him walking up to the porch take the package turning around and just walking off if you think you know who this person is let police know. >>coach of kells women's basketball team is going to the nba. she has been hired as an assistant coach for the cleveland cavaliers lindsay gottlieb is the first female collegiate head coach to make it to the nba. she spent the last 8 seasons leading cal women's basketball team and they made the postseason 7 times including their first elite 8 and final 4 appearances. coaching for her account has been a dream. >>the impact i can have on the uncertain of 14 you know young women. chevy is really important. but there's a chance to in fact a million that's pretty neat. and you know it doesn't have to necessarily be the ones that end up as professional athletes, maybe it's. the
5:52 am
young girl who says i can do whatever it is that i wanted you in life because i'm seeing someone else you know daughters and europe now seeing women on the bench in the nba believing that that's normal because it is well it's still rare. >>she joins just a very elite group i think there are 2 other women at that level. right now in the nba. >>pretty cool to see that number keeps growing absolutely. i will take a quick break it is five-fifty to come it's 6 o'clock giving back to those in need. we're going hear how one berry family is being impacted by local food bank.
5:53 am
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♪ neeeeeewwww. back 5.54 and here's your sunrise from the week observatory this morning looking at plenty of sun up there well. >>much of the rest of the bay is while sitting under some fog this morning, some fog that i think a lot of us are actually welcoming with open arms cuts is coming along with temperatures that are a lot cooler 50's and 60's is where we're sitting right now yesterday at this time we were in the 70's for most of the bay. so this is a noticeable cooldown don't forget your jackets this morning, not just because it's cooler we will have windy conditions at times today breezes some this coastal cooled air sweeps through the bay resulting in a nice cool down all the way into the afternoon. robin. >>all right, no major trouble spots, but a lot of heavy traffic building on some of our bridges like 92 we're checking out the san mateo bridge and you can see just slow it is right now leaving hayward on the flat section of
5:56 am
the bridge trying to make it over to the peninsula. so you're up to 21 minutes, the bay bridge traffic is growing as well spilling back the on west grand and busy up the incline but no major issues into downtown san francisco. we'll check in on more slow spots coming up james, all right, thanks. >>coming up on the ground for morning news, the last game at oracle arena as the dubs try to keep their chances of a three-peat alive. have a preview of game 00:06pm tonight in the nba finals plus a little boy hurt from this week's heat we're going to have a warning that his mother has for others that are taking their kids out to the park and a teacher's aide at a san jose middle school is accused of molesting 2 boys and police are worried there might be more victims out there we'll have the full story in just a minute.
5:57 am
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>>morning and thanks for joining us on a much cooler thursday morning and daria false and on james fletcher a lot of relief on the way even for the inland valleys today which is good to hear will have the complete forecast with john and half a second for so we got a check with rob and you have some problems on the trains out there that's right are major service interrtion for a strengthened the law today delay try to get both at the same time. >>i'll tell you why and we'll also check in on the bridge is how much cooler we talk in over 20 10. >>easily 10 to 15 ok that's the range we're going to save a lot which is noticeable how campus at one is it getting out there and guys yesterday was all already 10 degrees cooler than the day before it for san francisco, see our temperatures are are really starting to fall. and while you can see it's not the only change we're in for today, it's very foggy out there too so we traded in yesterday, sunny and warm start to the morning with this foggy and much cooler start to the day and i think fog that is welcome for a lot


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