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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  June 14, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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all kind of morning a little bit and now i can't wheeler read it was just a i didn't mean to show toronto any support just this morning. i d are never mind it's okay drop the ball traffic is going pick up or spirits a little bit know how special to present took out there we've got to have hey how's the weather looking going into the weekend. >>a little i think a lot of people waking up with their tears that are making it a low visibility out there it's the fog that we've got going on this morning it is a definitely very foggy even more so than yesterday that funds very dense, right up and down the coast such as out the golden gate bridge visibility below a mile and half moon bay in napa and it will be falling below a mile in novato and santa rosa, through the course of the morning do watch out for it up in the east bay
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hills to re could be encountering some spots where you're really not seeing very far in front of you at times the fog very dense this morning. and wind speeds and actually pretty breezy this morning as well fairfield gusting as high as 30 miles per hour over the next few hours little calmer out towards half moon bay. but elsewhere you're definitely off to be breezy and foggy start now temperatures are in the 50's all across the bay right now by noontime today at 60's 70's and 50's and by the afternoon. we're working our way back into the 80's for some of our inland spots. i'm talking the rest of your weekend forecast still to come >>all right, it's picking up out there, we know on fridays we don't have as many folks on the road and when they do get out there. they have a late start so right now the bay bridge toll plaza we're okay little bit of a back up in the cash lanes it's minor overall a great trip across the span continuing to downtown san francisco. even on the skyway it's wide open so no problems to report 2 minutes very quick to make it in. here's 92 busy but not bad 12 minutes to get across the 70 oh bridge and over to one on one and the
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golden gate smooth sailing both sides 19 minutes from nevado to the tolls darya james. >>thanks a lot rob and 5 o one right now. it was the storybook ending that we want to know yet didn't quite go the way we had hoped raptors of course walking away with the win last night in game 6. >>clinching the championship for themselves and clay walking a on my chest and that was the big loss for the warriors in addition to the big loss of the nba, final kron 4 sarah stinson joins us live from san francisco, which is the future all of the warriors talking more about the future of the team. >>yeah i live here at chase center which is the future of the team, but what a rough loss, even though we did lose though it was a proper send-off with everything that happened i mean it was a nail biter his neck and neck for most of the game and the raptors as you said are now
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championship champions for the first time ever taking the series 4 to 2. so even though we didn't when we gave it our all all we gave or recall that proper send-off was drilling back and forth game featuring 18 lead changes and 9 ties and neither team was ahead by more than 9 points at the time. now with 10 seconds left in the game steph curry missed a contested 3 pointer. just when we needed it the most when we were one point behind moments later the golden state called for a timeout but we didn't even have one which gave the raptors a technical free throw with 0.9 seconds left to seal it. everyone was fighting for a one point all the players are on the teams just trying to fight for this the buzz, the buzz er, those sounded at the final score of one 14 to one 10. let's bring it back to one of the scariest parts of the game which is in the 3rd quarter when klay thompson got injured. thompson got fell one anyone downhearted grabbed his knee. the pain he he was in it
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looked excruciating, everyone was had their hands over their mouths. the entire reno was almost silence. but even so he came back on the court to make his free throws he wanted to continue playing these bags. coach curve to see if he could play, but the coaches said no no no you're seriously injured. it turns out, he tore his acl thompson left the arena, the last time on crutches before the injury thompson was leading the warriors with 30 points and news killing it after the game steph curry talked about all the injuries the warriors have dealt with throughout the season, including kevin duran we lost him not once but twice. >>the games got taken away from those moments. it's not a good feeling at all in this kind of a helpless feeling in terms of. to free plays that. so these guys back to the to the locker room stuff but it's
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part of last month's part again. again i just you know their recoveries are shown and they could become making a better than they were before. >>the losing at home was not fun, but the warriors. sore losers and they never really are you know, they're they're good people they they you could even see them going up to the rafters immediately curry went up to a. monthly you know kind of gave him a high-five give him a hug and graduations and grabbing your first ever nba championship that the end you can see. leonard throwing his hands up in triumph and holding on tight to their new championship trophy. for years fans attending. for those who are actually at the arena, the hardest part was saying good-bye to oracle after calling home for 47 years now to look ahead literally a live look at the chase center right here in san francisco, this is our future now and definitely
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bittersweet ending not only did we know when but we have to say goodbye to run merkel really overall a sad game for anybody was at that game. the least they got that look pastis the adrenaline pumping game and not the ending we hoped for though we'll send it back to you know. >>all right, thanks a lot sarah and kron four's taylor's sacking get a chance to talk to the fans last night about their memories of rakell. >>remember when i was young that a lot of people my friends would say is the center just as the land for me. >>many fans oracle arena has more than just home to the warriors so many memories. >>what donald foil shooting jump shots for $12 rebate $12 to come here. sherri lynn cheered for him during garbage time. the we believe when baron davis don't over and then and then their first championship we were celebrating on the streets. i
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mean it's just so many amazing memories, it's a place where many fans watch history in the making made memories and so to their community. >>the brothers the other than this. like that if your some even traveled thousands of miles to be here for the last game. is the last night in our we don't waet to be apart and now after 47 years the dubs are moving to a new home but not without a piece of oracle arena fans lined up to send a piece of the war years 2015 home court that will be coming up at the chase center. >>next season. the mid to chase. there's all the love now be 47 years it doesn't it doesn't turn up overnight. >>despite the moves and sable never forget what oracle brought to oakland the jail mommy we get that chance else
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when were a z after a game oakland and i love that to hometown. >>the news this morning police in palo alto have arrested a man who they say sexually assaulted a woman at a care facility 63 year-old jeremiah's frankie rodriguez worked as a nursing assistant at the webster house medical center. police say he assaulted a 7 year-old woman as she was recovering from surgery on sunday health officials say that every guess has been working at that center for the last 11 years, he's now been booked into the santa clara county jail police are looking into whether there could be more victims. san mateo police have released video of a man who sexually assaulted a woman as she was leaving her bank last month. it happened at the bank of america on el camino reale they're releasing this video now in hopes that someone will recognize him. investigators say that he sexually assaulted a woman while she was trying to get back to her car. police are reminding everyone to be aware of your surroundings when out in public stay in well-lit areas and do not
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engage with strangers on the street. >>time now is 5 oh 08:00am and civil rights attorney john burris says that he's going to file a lawsuit against the walnut creek police after a fatal shooting that happened earlier this month miles hall was fatally shot by the police on june 2nd. his mother is the one who called the cops to say that her son was threatening her and she told the police that he did have mental health issues. another neighbor also called the police saying that hall was at his door with a crowbar when the police got there. paul charged at them and they opened fire after being bag rounds failed to stop him. campbell police arrested man caught on camera peering through a child's window. this happened on june 3rd. and let's look again because we cover this and they were looking for this guy who was clearly seen looking through the window of this home and a girl lives in that room. the homeowner came out
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actually confront him it was like one 30 in the morning and the guy took off police say they have found this man they think it's 58 year-old michael brothers and he does have prior convictions for peeping and prowling they're also looking into possible sexual-assault after of child under 10 was assaulted that happened last year. boy now recovering after falling from a third-story apartment in san francisco. >>it happened wednesday to building on 14th and mission. police say the boy fell from an open window on to the pavement paramedics were already treating him when officers arrived at the scene, the injuries were initially considered life threatening the police are now saying that that child is expected to survive. on the peninsula, san mateo police had to shut down streets because of a fire started around 11 o'clock in the morning on norton street. here's some pictures of crews at the scene several neighboring streets had to be closed off including the keyhole avenue off ramp from northbound one oh one. the streets have since reopened so that's all available now. no
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one was inside the building that fire did spread into 2 outbuildings destroying and damaging of those but again nobody hurt. >>3 rvs were damaged by a fire in cars concord started at a storage facility for the rv is near salon away and highway 4 near the buchanan field airport. it spread to the 3 are v's and nearby grass pass and then firefighters put out nobody was hurt. 5.11 take a look at this and down 3 totaled the car in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood. the black won the other one escaped behind it and so did another one, wow first car there in the row was smash. right on top of that suv was center looks like it. nobody was hurt though, so that's some good news and it didn't go through those apartment buildings cap. >>we'll take a quick break time now is what is it with 5.11 the state of california is taking some new steps to stop the construction of president trump's border wall will have the latest in that
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story and then bart has approved a new budget including a hike to fares over the next few years we'll tell you how much more you have to pay and after the break the new efforts to protect entertainment venues in one san francisco neighborhood. ng sky's foggy this mor but conditions, nice and dry is going to stay this way for the weekend, i've got your forecast account. >>and getting pretty busy and crowded at the paper itself was a rejecting 80 the cash lanes are (vo) morning, noon, night;
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the heat wave. that's what i've been having for dinner like i just i still haven't well kind a glorified i screamed, yeah i just as and in but this weekend is actually going to be you know kind of cool ish right like now a war normal the weather that you're like this time year that makes you want to live here to tell us a actually right did his family's >>we're trying to get yeah, definitely a good one for getting outside maybe with dad, especially during the afternoon the skies to clear out area we are in for some foggy mornings in the days to come. and today is one of those days that is for sure barry foggy out there across much of the day. >>not that it matters much for this is your view, san francisco can't see much in any of our views this morning because it is just so densely foggy especially right up and down the shoreline and then out into the east bay hills what you had above that layer fog skies are actually pretty clear low pressures been
5:17 am
sitting over head for a couple of days now keeping us nice and cooler than we were behind pressure is about to build back in so the seasonable weather that we've enjoyed yesterday and this morning is going to continue for the weekend but next week things begin to change up a little bit. some fog up and down the coast streaming on into the bay tomorrow morning after a clearing a afternoon ahead of us today tomorrow afternoon clears back out then sunday morning some more fog and do expect that the to the possibility of coastal drizzle this morning. tomorrow morning and sunday morning too just the trend of weather that we're going to use to and a very seasonable trend a foggy mornings cool mornings and the nice warm afternoon, 60's and san francisco and for the most part up and down the pacific shore today, elsewhere in the bay we're talking temperatures in the 70's and the 80's today woodside and mountain view just a touch cooler than your low 80's yesterday in the upper 70's just a touch cooler in the south bay to san jose 83 for your high today. low 80's in the tri valley with
5:18 am
70's stretching from fremont through hayward up to oakland and up through richmond concord walnut creek and danville in the low 80's with a mix of 70's and 80's across the north bay, the exception being coastal areas where today's daytime highs will peak in the 60's so we're talking father's day temperatures for that day looking pretty similar to today just a touch warmer for inland spots. highs will be in the 80's inland 70's by the bay with plenty of sunshine into your afternoon hours. notice monday tuesday and wednesday of next week temperatures really start to rise back up into the 90's for inland spots. this is going to be hot but not near as hot. as the he way we finished up with earlier on this week. robin thank you john we are checking in on 92 and have not found any hot spots. >>in traffic, so your commute from hayward over to the peninsula will be fine. we see more brake so it's getting a little crowded more folks are out there if you want to join him you are at 12 minutes and growing to make it over to highway one oh one. we're
5:19 am
checking in on the bay bridge and we do have some slowing mostly in the cash lanes that's completely normal. the carpoolers the fast track looking good overall a nice trip for you and to san francisco under 15 minutes to make it n hopefully it will stay nice and quiet just like that we're checking in on drive times and we have the east shore 24. all moving well as your approach downtown open this morning so no problems with these connections we are right on time. but we'll take a look at some more freeways coming up james. all right. thank you very much. >>so there's a new move by one san francisco supervisor to keep the nightlife thriving in the city's south of market neighborhood convoys morning. kelly reports on legislation aimed at keeping entertainment venues from being eaten up by tech companies. >>it seems like this packed nightclubs, full of dancing people that supervisor matt haney wants tsee staying alive here in soma you show up and make your car >>we use that your friends well you've got to find your community which is why this morning nightclub owners
5:20 am
deejays bartenders and promoters got up early to hold signs reading protect san francisco's music culture. >>and please don't stop the music inside the mezzanine nightclub, it's threatened with closure and is slated to become office space. now haiti has crafted legislation that would make it harder to change nightclubs into something else in west soma it would require approval from the planning commission and their decision could be appealed to the board of supervisors. he says it's important to say these night spots from being gobbled up by tech companies. this is this is what makes and this is what it is. >>this disappears you're in trouble. people will stop coming here come stop them. >>the legislation is only a temporary stopgap if passed it would be in effect for 18 months. well, a longer term solution is crafted. >>haney's legislation which was introduced this week is headed to the land use committee it could be voted on by the full board as soon as the end of this month maureen
5:21 am
kelly kron 4 news. >>thank you more rain to the south bay now with the san jose airport has opened 5 new gates that officials are hoping will make travel a little bit easier. those gates are at the south end of terminal b bill serve southwest airlines. there will be a 6th gate the scheduled to open later this year the airport is hoping that as the need grows over place these gates with more permanent facilities for now anyway. those new gates are supposed to be a short term solution for the increase in the number of travelers. coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news police are frustrated that a judge will not put this man behind bars even though they say he continually violates his parole. and after the breakup area veterans who helped with the final leg of the moon landing. got a chance to visit his former post nearly 50 years later, we'll take that trip with that.
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visit >>and which is now docked at alameda low thursday, former navy frogmen john wolf from toward the ship now wolf from was assigned to the hornet back in 19 69 in his job was to jump into the pacific ocean and attach a cable to the apollo 11 capsule after it splashed down. he could then at that point rescue the astronauts inside and we had a chance to ask will from what it was like to be back on the horn it 50 years later.
5:25 am
>>well coming back to the horrid is a it's exciting a lot of memories goes remind. we are just pointed out there by bob war. used to have to maintain our equipment. i believe this is a. the place over here where the ash and that's one into the quarantine. >>and that was exciting back then it's exciting today just for being here with all the memories are on. >>the anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing is coming up on july 24th, and there are several activities planned at the uss hornet to help celebrate that move covering that for you. >>if you're bart rider in may caution little bit more to caution little bit more to continue writing ♪ i have heart disease, watch what i eat, take statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning, pulling me away from everything that matters most.
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>>28 we're looking at weather and traffic on a friday morning how we roll and it's a nice roll we always have a later role on friday, most are not out there as early and then it clears out early to so i'm looking forward to that and i because friday got a nice looking forecast for this friday, not a bad forecast and all certainly foggy to start. >>we have some low visibility out there for a few spots but what else is new it's june and that is pretty seasonable it's nice to actually get back to weather that we typically do see this time of year as opposed to those triple digits. so we can all appreciate that fog. this morning, there's the golden
5:29 am
gate bridge you can see just how great is looking out there. visibility has fallen below a mile and half moon bay in napa will fall below a mile at times in novato and santa rosa. so you know the drill would write that fog often hear just slow it down if you are encountering some of those denser areas of fog before does eventually burn off setting us up for really nice afternoon ahead of us breezy in fairfield in oakland this morning winds gusting as high as 20 to 25 miles per hour at times. so do watch out for some windy conditions to otherwise we're in the 50's this morning so a nice solid range of comfortable numbers to start and this afternoon right where we should be 60's at the coast 70's by the bay and for inland areas, a range of 80's, i'm talking warmer weather for next week still to come robert. thank you john a busy commute at. >>and some of our bridges or leaf leading up to the tolls like we have a along the line here in the cash lanes at the richmond center fell bridge. well, you know that's completely normal still no problems or issues here so 8 minutes to the north bay. they
5:30 am
were chopping backing up in the cash lanes to but normally by a 5.30 we have a just about a full house right where we don't have that yet. it's coming just not right now so under 15 minutes off to fremont street look at some more bridges freeways and drive times coming up in my complete check thinking about. >>5 30 in bart has approved a new budget including fare increases over the next several years. yeah, you have to dig a little deeper kron four's christina tetreault joining us live from the station on walnut creek with more on what we can expect good morning christina. >>well good morning now prices with part as well as safety are 2 huge topics that people speak about quite a lot and the 2 are combining with this new budgeting with this new a budget that they just approved. now right now fair create excuse me sir chris wow, fare increases are going to go ahead and start pretty soon here. but they say it's all about safety because they're going to be hiring new police officers and they say right now the bart board of directors they just approved next year's 2.3 billion dollar
5:31 am
budget but again it's all about quality of life they say and really increasing safety. the board's president says the budget is designed you know to really increase the safety and includes herring 19 new officers and for an armed fare inspectors. art is also keeping a january fare increase it comes out to an average of $0.22 per. right but the board also approved new in fairport new. fair creases increases for every 2 years after that until 2026, we laid some of these details out korea today, the bart board of directors approved that budget for the next year includes $947 million to pay the agency's roughly 3400 employees, $262 million to buy new train cars to a 1 million to repair tracks and other structures, 2.1 million towards 19 additional police officers and million to improve earthquake safety another talker there were talking about part to go ahead
5:32 am
and keep these things in mind if you're budgeting especially for next year with those increases happening after the new year for now reporting live here in walnut creek christina tetreault kron 4 thank you christina. >>5.31 right now state lawmakers are waiting for governor newsome to sign the state budget but the assembly and senate passed the spending plan yesterday. >>the billion plan boosts funding for health care and education democrats think it is great and that it builds up the state preserves pays down debt provides more resources to calfire republicans. it's the expansion of state health care for undocumented immigrants take criticize that along with attacks on californians who don't buy health insurance and even though the state will spend more on education members of both sides are worried it might not be enough. >>let's not be full by the dollar amount we are just allocating them in a mom i have 2 young children in public schools in california. >>there's no one more than me who would like to see education spending. they get
5:33 am
its 81 a billion dollars to 2 record amount. >>the budget must go into effect by tomorrow or else the legislature wars will be going without their pay. and pretending to be a police officer remains out on the streets this morning displaying a pleas from a judge to put him back behind bars. dan kerman has more on the problem. >>it was in december of 2017 the prosecutors say 20 year-old sergio taylor first impersonated a law enforcement officer for which he was convicted and sentenced to 3 years probation. but prosecutors allege that didn't stop there. in september of 2018 he was arrested for being an illegal possession of an unregistered loaded firearm then on may 12th of this year police say he was spotted on surveillance video it keeps bar and grill in berkeley, dressed as a law enforcement officer and displaying a handgun. authorities finally caught up with him on june 1st
5:34 am
this viewer video shows what looks like a police officer being arrested it's an lee andrews cherry festival. but in fact it was taylor being arrested for impersonating a police officer and carrying a fully functioning taser which police say was a violation of his probation. and june 5th. he was arraigned and released on $30,000 bail then 4 days later oakland police say he was at it again spotted attempting to conduct a traffic stop using a blue and red flashing light on his dash police were unable to catch him. but thursday he showed up to court for his arraignment. and while his bail was increased to $45,000. prosecutors say a judge refused to have been taken into custody. people we spoke with in berkeley find that frustrating. >>for me the issue is when you see repeat occurrences of the same thing. i think it's important to and that's why way back when they did the 3 strikes and i know that was very controversial but the
5:35 am
idea behind it is like when you see a repeat behavior. you've got to do something you got to change the you've got to up the ante change the. >>norm otherwise people are not going to pay attention and then the justice system that ends up being a joke. >>now there was some question whether the suspect would even show up for his arraignment. he did and now he is due back on friday morning. in berkeley dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well the last 2 defense character witnesses for max harris were called to stand in the go ship trial in oakland. we have russell butler, he was a musician he testified that he was at the go ship waiting to perform when the fire broke out. and then mike funkhouser told the court that he is a close friend of max harrison he once lived in the ghost ship warehouse. >>he did 2 things for us one. show the jury what the do it yourself music scene is about the do it yourself music scene is about excess ability to
5:36 am
marginalized people. and in this case and the night of the party, there was an lgbt event he was a. was there to testify that kind of normalize what it was like to live or to go ship and show that you know wasn't there was any kind of obvious danger that anybody considered that it was a place that was devoted to creating art that that was a not just something people did. in addition a living there but their primary purpose was to create art they happen to live there. >>max harris is scheduled to take the stand himself and testify in his own defense on monday. still to come on the kron 4 morning news, lawmakers say the white house is abandoning millions of workers who deserve overtime pay. >>we'll tell you how the president my compromise on that and then the state of california is taking new steps to stop the construction of president trump's border wall president trump's border wall wi ♪ ♪ the things that matter most
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>>still talking about the warriors morning many angles to let's talk about just just letting call us it's our talk about the weather. >>look for it right again if you go nice little thing to to get your mind off the game just a little and then you know you're probably start thinking about it at work it is i'd foggy morning but it's going to be a clear afternoon, plenty of sunshine later on today looking at foggy conditions over san francisco as well as some cloud cover.
5:43 am
>>sitting over san jose this morning as for the east bay can semuch of anything from the berkeley can our telltale sign that you do have some lower visibility, especially heading out into the east bay hills what she had above any foggy layer you're seeing this morning skies are nice and clear and we will remain dry today, there's low pressure a dip it has been resulting in some nice cooler temperatures the high pressure is building back in the ridge of which is going to result in temperatures rising into next week so this weekend. do enjoy this nice trend of weather that we've seen starting yesterday really continuing today and into the weekend foggy mornings and we'll see continues to see that tomorrow morning followed by a nice clear afternoon for your saturday and then again for your sunday after this the heat starts to build back in your recast. temperatures today back up into the 60's for san francisco as well as up and down the peninsula. you've got a range of 70's and 80's for most other spots in the bay this range of numbers
5:44 am
is exactly where we should be so this is a oo for will start to the weekend to be talking about san jose campbell at 83 today low 80's for the tri valley with 70's from fremont up through hayward oakland and up to richmond concord walnut creek danville san ramon all in the low 80's and some 70's 80's up in the north bay to no 90's no triple digits will take it for a friday, it's looking good out there. today tomorrow and sunday were avoiding the 90's but not forever monday tuesday and wednesday. it's back to the 90's we go for inland spots as the high pressure builds back in for the bays 70's and 80's by the middle of next week. otherwise it's a good weekend to celebrate dad, this father's day is on sunday. robert thank you john let's check in on traffic one oh one looking good here. >>across the golden gate. we have smooth traffic northbound on the right out of san francisco and a good looking commute heading south from the north bay to san francisco. so 19 minutes, a quick trip and right on time that's what we
5:45 am
like to see right. we're checking the bay bridge traffic cash lanes fast track lanes filling and quickly, but no major issues here so a great trip coming in it's already stacked up just beyond 8.80 over crossing, but still no problems to worry about so under 15 minutes for now to make it into fremont street, your drive times look great so far we've had no major issues so let's keep it that way right 6.80 per take of the danville 12 minutes bridge looking really good. at 11 minutes to make it across and over to bayfront expressway. if you drive livermore to dublin that stretch from vasco to the interchange looks good. it's only 11 minutes and then one oh one is looking good too about 6 minutes for your northbound trip leaving brisbane making it to the 80 split in san francisco. darya back to you. 5.45. the attorney general of california and new mexico, both of them have joined forces now too. >>attempt to permanently block the construction of a border wall. >>in 2 states. california's attorney general javier becerra tweeted yesterday the
5:46 am
president's actions are unlawful threaten our democratic institutions and cause irreparable harm to our states. the motion asked the court to rule on whether or not the president illegally diverted 2 and a half a billion dollars. in federal funding to build the wall. the motion also claims the wall would do extensive an irreparable harm to california and new mexico's environment and wildlife. >>more national headlines now there is growing concern about the practice of deep fakes that's where people can easily and effectively make a public figure appear to say anything they want it's not really them on washington dc correspondent jesse turner. >>has a more on this technology and what it could do in the wrong hands. >>both come a long way since milli vanilli nearly 30 years ago the infamous r and b duo had to return their grammy awards after word got out they lip sync to someone else is singing. today, lawmakers say a new high-tech way to put words in people's mouths is no
5:47 am
laughing matter. >>you can turn the world leader into a ventriloquist to me. >>california congressman chairman adam schiff and the other members of the house intelligence committee, how one of the first congressional hearing specifically focused on the threat of what are called deepfakes 35 videos that artificial intelligence manipulate to distort reality, not only may fake videos be passed off as real. but real information can be passed office fake alabama congresswoman terri sewell asked what many of her colleagues were thinking how the technology could spread disinformation ahead of the 2020 elections working campaigns, political parties candidates do to prepare for the possibility and dick content the panel said social media companies should be expected to prevent how deep fixer shared. >>but it may take government action to create uniform standards to ban and police the videos. >>it's not something you have to be an ai expert to 2 run a novice can run these types of things just like anyone can
5:48 am
lip sync soon anyone can create deepfakes on someone views that fake or a fake video the damage is largely done which is why many believe congress needs to act before the technology destroys the public's ability to believe what they see. >>in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>for your money this morning, a new rule on overtime pay for the trump administration could shortchange millions of americans right now companies don't have to pay overtime to salaried workers who make more than $23,000 a year. the obama administration tried to raise that to 47,000 but was eventually blocked by the courts. so now the trump administration is trying to set the cap of $35,000 a year but many democrats say that still leaves out millions of americans working overtime who could use that money. >>they're not willing to tell corporations going to pay overtime to these people because they are and that's reprehensible when you see the number of millionaires and billionaires that are in this white house. >>senator brown and 19 democrats are now urging the labor department to withdraw the proposed rule. brown is
5:49 am
also pushing to make the obama administration's $47,000 cap. the law. the morning news. we're going take a look at how the state's food assistance program is helping students at u c berkeley. >>get enough food
5:50 am
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the laughing cow cheese is dip-able.ble. dunk-able. whatever you want-able. so however you snack. snack like you now in a resealable spread. >>welcome back 5.51 getting close to that 6 o'clock hour you may be leaving the house to head to work or maybe to head to the airport as the weekend is just around the corner. we are looking at some very foggy conditions out
5:52 am
there but no reported delays as of this point at least on over 3 airports, i would expect to see those in the next few minutes though, don't get your hopes up it is very foggy out there temperatures in the 50's right now all across the bay, the exception being mountain view in san jose as well as any oc in the 60's right now pretty mild start to the day we do have some windy conditions though, and this will be making for a brisk wind chill. so don't leave the house without the jacket this morning. it is a very similar morning to where we were yesterday at the same time. robin checking in on the bay bridge traffic, it's crowded on the oakland side, mostly for the cash for years and the fast trackers not even backed up on to the over crossing yet. >>but you know just continues to fill and so no big problems, it's very quiet and we're under 15 minutes to fremont street which is great drive times for the east shore 24 the macarthur and the nimitz all nice and smooth. we'll check more in just a bit. >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san
5:53 am
francisco center. well we had 2 sequels and an original comedy land in theaters, this weekend to try and take down the current box office champ, which is the secret life of pets to weave rick damigella with a preview of what expect. >>our of room. and he is deja vu dismissed. >>men in black international brings a new squad of men and women dressed in the company issued threats to the big screen for ragnar rocco stars chris hemsworth and tessa thompson team up again as the lead at 90's. deadline and variety are predicting a million opening weekend for the extraterrestrial police force. >>and i'm just looking for chance shaft is back actually 3 generations of men named jon schaff unite in the latest film in the franchise deadline says shaft could run down a 17 to million weekend while
5:54 am
varieties pundits predict it could go as low as 16 million for as high as 24 million. do you. >>in my mind and the writer, this is a >>mindy kaling and emma thompson's comedy about comedy late night is expanding into wider release. deadlines box office prognosticators place it with a 4 to million weekend in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. >>in the east rattlesnake warning now for hikers and anyone else using the trails east bay, regional park district says to snakes that are seen often on trails are rattlesnakes and gopher snakes. they can often be in the high grass even under rocks and other debris, so they're hard to spot and they can also pay close attention to the snake warning signs at the district 73 park so state you see the narning signs out there know that the snakes are probably along the trail at some point so you want to walk in pairs and scout out barbecuing rest stop locations before sitting down michy take a good look around and underneath whatever it is you're about to use.
5:55 am
>>if you do come across a snake just let it crawl off the trail and then continue on your way snakes are never aggressive. their only defense if they feel like they're being attacked. >>and he adds the rattlesnakes are less likely to be on the trails when it's extremely hot during the day because they like chez they're usually more active in the late evenings when things cool down. >>kron 4 morning news, the warriors losing more than just the nba finals the latest on klay thompson's knee injury coming up in a live report. and it's about to get more expensive to ride bart the new fare hikes that are set to take place over the next several years and barry police now looking for the man who sexually assaulted a woman we're going to have new video of the man police are looking for. here's a live look outside of the san mateo bridge where you can see traffic is coming along nicely on this friday. hopefully it stays friday led all morning we're going to check in with robin winston get the complete update on your ride in a minute and then josh rables looking at the forecast you can see it's a little foggy
5:56 am
here at the golden gate bridge, we're looking for a nice comfortable normal day with temperatures probably not getting too far into the 90's if that at all, but he's going to the full forecast for today and our weekend don't forget father's day on sunday, we'll you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize
5:57 am
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yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>so soccer those that we continue to fight but like i say we came up a little short. this just >>what more can you say or write it was an and that no one was hoping for well no berrie a warriors fan was hoping for but we're going to have a look at what's next for the dubs after last night's disappointing loss in the finals. >>they were doing it for k kevin, duran now they're doing it for k and k play too was lost in this game and the warriors now after doing
6:00 am
rebuild good morning. i'm darya folsom and i'm jam fletcher but what a season went all the way up to the championship once again we'll see if we can't replicate that. >>with a better next year we'll see. >>what hopefully the roads will be okay for us on a friday, we don't need trafficking are just add to there's a backup growing at the bay bridge. but it's fairly quiet on the toll plaza little heavy for. >>overall, i like what i see out there alright as weather today not going make anything more difficult this at least there's no rain no triple digits. so those are 2 things that we've seen a lot of this year so far. >>and we're not seen either of them. it is foggy though, and that's really the biggest concern you have especially if you're traveling up and down the coast. some areas out there we could be looking at some dense fog and some low visibility. you're looking at visibility below a mile in novato santa rosa and napa and half moon bay right now fog is going to stay with us through much of the morning ahead of us but it will retreat into the afternoon at least for the bay in our inland areas stay pretty persistent


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