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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 14, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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1, 8, shots rang out one witness says that shoppers started to stampede toward the exits and later that same witness all 3 people on stretchers who appear to have minor injuries and was in the past 30 minutes, the corona police department tweeted that the situation has been quote stabilized and that there is no threat to the community again it's unclear exactly how many people have been hurt or the extent of their injuries. no word yet on any arrests. you can see there is a fairly heavy police presence with the emergency lights still on outside that costco store. >>and we will continue to monitor this story throughout our newscast and bring you any updates as they are warranted. now to another big story we're following tonight school state warriors guard the star player klay thompson suffered a torn acl in his left knee during the final game last night after losing to the toronto raptors, it was a heart-stopping moment for >>and now klay thompson is
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expected to undergo surgery for his injuries on his road to recover. >>every a local doctor has weighed in on the all-star guard says shooting condition. four's gayle ong spoke to an orthopedic surgeon tonight she joins us live at the chase center gales. >>ken and pam doctor paul kim says that reconstruction acl reconstruction is common in the united states and he believes klay thompson will make a full recovery after that fall. >>i was devastated because they're making that come back and this is the last game at oracle arena. there's so much history for his game and klay thompson was one of those places is laying it all on the line devastating. >>from the perspective of a warriors fan and an orthopedic surgeon. >>doctor paul kim specializes and foot and ankle surgery and california orthopedics and spine in moraine county is a very awkward landing.
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>>and you could just initially told by his going to sea and the fact that he grabbed his knee immediately that there was some injury. but if you kind of saw the replay it looked like he had injured his medial collateral ligament and when i saw him and they highlight said he was running up and down the hallways i thought that this is just isolated and cl injury when the official report came out klay thompson was out of the game after suffering an acl tear. >>doctor kim says the storyline changed for thompson's future with an acl injury you're looking at a prolonged recovery about at least 9 to 12 months before you can return to play acl reconstruction is a common procedure that orthopedic surgeons do with the united states after 15 years of practice doctor kim says the results. >>are very good the technique in technology for acl reconstruction has evolved so much. >>that a lot of kathy's comeback came return to level of play. >>now a doctor kim also says up klay thompson is looking at
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about 9 to 12 months to recover and also will have to have to wait and see if clay will be back with the lawyers here at the chase center next season live in san francisco, gayle, ong kron 4 news gayle. thank you the warriors to have some big decisions to make for next season, especially after those injuries to klay. >>and kevin durant's next week is the draft and free agency starts on june 30th, klay thompson and temperature and for some of the big name free agent teams are going to chase this summer despite thompson suffering that torn acl and durant's rupturing his achilles warriors general manager bob myers says keeping both players is a top priority. value, those guys at the highest level, i mean i don't i >>would be a very good wherever i am gmt didn't understand how valuable they are our own you know what sometimes gets lost, but we're. i think when kevin plays and nba finals with the 9 one. so. also and claims
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that they're both fantastic. so those arguys that you do everything you to within your organization. >>the warriors can offer kevin durant's a max contract of million over 5 years. thompson is eligible for contracts worth a 190. arrive years. even if they agree to come back because of the injuries will be quite some time before we see both of them on the court again. >>well the biggest controversy to come out of last night's warriors game really came after the final buzzer, the president of the toronto raptors was initially to that denied access to the court after his team's win over the warriors because he did not show his credentials, this is him and the locker room later that incident resulted in a physical altercation with an alameda county sheriff's deputy and as kron four's dan kerman explains tonight now he may face charges.
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>>when the final buzzer sounded in game 6 of the nba championships, the raptors had reason to celebrate that celebration was delayed for raptors president the site seen here in the dark colored suit. >>this is viewer video of the aftermath of an altercation between you jerry in alameda county sheriff's deputy. the sheriff's office says the jury tried to forcefully push past the deputy and on to the court after the buzzer the sheriff's office says the deputy did not know jerry was the raptors president and he was denied court access because he did not show credentials as required by the nba. sheriff sergeant ray kelly says at that point we know mister jerry shoved our deputy and then our deputy guided him away pushing him away and then mister jerry followed up with a second more significant push and that push struck our deputy in the face. it appears his are made contact with our deputies face jury then made his way on to the court. deputies determined who he was
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and decided to stand down. sergeant kelly saying we didn't want to arrest him on the court on national television. but that's not the end of the matter. the sheriff's office says it will pursue a criminal complaint against you jerry for pushing the deputy and they hope to have the case before the district attorney's office by next week. as for accusations this was racially motivated. sergeant kelly says this was a case of credentials for says no credentials. there are many folks on the court of all backgrounds and that was not even a concern. the raptors say the team is looking into the incident and is looking forward to resolving the situation. >>the nba says they too are cooperating with authorities and at the moment are gathering information. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>his friday night just take a live look outside and along san francisco's embarcadero and its we always like it nice and sparkly but apparently
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chile is and dad is a get ready for his big day called at probably just wants to sleep and the name little should and yet hang out and paid ads you deserve it all this weekend with good weekend for you. >>they all your number one you take good care of all your kids so thank you so much for doing that we've got a great day coming weather wise for you. >>more sunshine and temperatures going start to warm up a little bit on father's day you see 80's in the valleys, she'll see 70's inside the bay and some cooler 60's out along the coastline make sure everyone to get out there and take your dad to do something special for them on father's day and we've got the clouds moving in along the coastline right now it's a little bit higher deca about 3,000 feet so that's going to push a well on shore and that means we're starting out with more clouds early on tomorrow morning probably some passengers lot along the to know what you want to get around to get to get forecast in the monterey bay for tomorrow you're going to 50's and some 60's of course they've got the a golf tournament. there in carmel few headed down that direction grab a jacket is going to be cool along the coastline that was going to be all weekend long to southern california say an unusually cool as well
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68 in san diego about 72 degrees downtown los angeles. and up in the high country you'll find some warm temperatures, 77 southlake tall about 84 degrees in reno and 83 degrees in carson city. temperatures again tumbled around the bay area boy they've really come down since the beginning of the week we have those record breaking temperatures, some places 20, even 30 degrees cooler then from just a few days ago, sir member of the san francisco are checking in at 92 degrees a few days ago, yet today 30 plus degrees cooler 61. that is running well below the average now 68 in oakland for a high 77 in san jose 79 for a high in livermore today to write on the average in concord and 76 degrees in santa rosa. for low clouds will begin to move inside the bay already has filled in along the coastline really never moving off the coast but now filling into the bay and it's going to run well on shore overnight tonight, temperatures generally a cool inland that nice marine air moving well the interior valleys so that will bring us that nice cool start to the
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day tomorrow and then looks like a little bit around the bay area for tomorrow but not by much as to degree or 2 patchy drizzle along the coastline overnight tonight that on father's day we start to warm things back up again and get ready for some much hotter weather on the way high pressure is going to build in here looks like an lot of part of the weekend as a ridge builds overhead we're going to see a lot of sunshine and some warmer temperatures to as high pressure takes over and the temperatures going back up in the 80's by sunday i think as we get into this next week which is the last week of spring if you can believe that we're going to be talking about maybe a little heat wave. i don't think along the coastline. but i think some of the valley's going to see those temperatures climb well into the 90's once again. all right more from you later thank you next for >>happening tonight, oakland police will have officers stationed a dui checkpoints throughout the city looking for drunk drivers along with the dui checkpoints opd will be verifying driver's licenses. police also say the use of marijuana and prescription drugs can impair people's ability to drive and could also lead to a dui
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arrest. the checkpoints will be going on through 02:00am this pedestrian bridge opened in east palo alto last month allowing people to walk or bike across highway, one oh one. >>now police say they are monitoring the area for safety after receiving to robbery reports last tonight. police say about 8 o'clock a man was walking westbound on the bridge when a group of 6 or 7 teenagers demanded his backpack and cell phone before attacking him and then about an hour and a half later a group of 6 to 8 other teens approached a different pedestrian and threw bricks at him. officers searched the area for surveillance video but they have not yet identified the suspects the family of a 23 year-old man shot to death by police earlier this month has filed a civil claim against the walnut creek police department it's the first step toward filing a lawsuit against the department. >>kron four's michelle kingston is in walnut creek with the latest. >>miles halls mom says that her son's death was preventable and that police did not respond the way they
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should have. >>yeah, i mean our families and shot. >>standing in front of her home with her neighbor surrounding her mom of 23 year-old miles hall tells kron 4 news or family plans to file a lawsuit against walnut creek police earlier this month, she told police are some is having a mental health challenge. she says police newhall suffered from us get so affective disorder. year police were called to sandra court not along calls reported hall was threatening his mom and grandmother. when police arrived they found hall carrying what appeared to be a crowbar police say that the officers first tried to stop all day shooting nonlethal bean bags at him when he refused to put down the weapon when he charged at them the 2 officers fired their guns killing the 23 year-old. the
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family believes the officers did not use proper de escalation techniques when they arrived on scene on june second and that hall's death was preventable hall's disorder can cause delusions hallucinations and disorganized speech according to john burris the family's attorney paul had been showing symptoms of the illness leading up to the incident. >>miles is not going diving he's going to death never happen. >>the walnut creek police chief is called the shooting unfortunate and a tragedy. he says they'll release body camera footage when the investigation is complete and walnut creek michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>san francisco police are asking for help identifying 2 people wanted for burglary officers released surveillance images of the pair today. police say the suspects broke the front door to a business on ucla men's street last month and got away with a large sum of money and cigarette products if you recognize these 2 you're asked to call the san francisco police department's tip line. police are warning about a rental scam in south san
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francisco investigators say there's an online ad going around about a home for rent the property is on valencia drive it is on the market as rentals for real estate company. but for more money police say the victims who responded to the ad never met a landlord in person and only communicated with the person via text messages the scammers somehow convinced to the would be ranchers to wire several $1000. and the security pop deposit when the victims moved into the home. the realtor showed up in said they had to leave. >>and owners in california are stockpiling ammunition before a new law kicks in next month, voters pass proposition 63 back in 2016. it authorizes the state to do instant background checks on customers who are buying bullets. the background check cost one dollar for each purchase gun store owners say sales have gone up because of the upcoming change. one storm made a month or come profit in just 10 days.
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>>everybody that sells ammunition in the state has done very well in the last few weeks selling ammunition. people are rushing in and really stockpiling said i think that gave relating that buying frenzy color. >>both of the store owners we talked with say, although businesses up they do expect a slump in sales immediately following july 1st. >>well it has now been almost 20 years since 3 sacramento. synagogues were firebombed several of those congregations holding remembrances services over the next week too help the jewish community remain strong through porter doug johnson has more on what the anniversary means to those affected by the tragedy. >>20 years ago mona alfie was a brand new assistant rabbi of the conversation tonight, israel in sacramento area, i've been living in sacramento for just a year. in 1819 99, hers was one of 3 synagogues firebombed by 2 white supremacist brothers from shasta county. >>i remember being in disbelief. i'm not not really
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being able to accept the idea that this is happening in sacramento, i'm a native californian and came as a shock to me. >>benjamin matthew and james tyler williams were later arrested and convicted for the attacks in other hate crimes at 30 say they committed that summer, including the murder of a couple from shasta county and fire bombing an abortion clinic, walking through through this building. >>i'll never forget the smell will never forget fear. the rabbi alfie says something beautiful came from the ashes. >>immediately following the attacks the larger community in sacramento really rally together and it's that unity following the tragedy rabbi alfie says community wants to hold remembered services this next week for a special she bought service will be tonight at the congregation, beth shalom in carmichael. >>i mean everybody has up their security willie rex, the executive director of the jewish federation of the sacramento region says with attacks on synagogues in san diego and pittsburgh. >>this past year has been the
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jewish community across the country is just you know how much can happen and so as we approach 20 years. >>something that started even way beyond 20 years ago, it's really important for the community to be able to come together to remember to stay strong together. >>reminder to us that the things that threaten us 20 years ago, haven't disappeared in sacramento, doug johnson. >>developing news, a controversial california bill is gaining national attention with some celebrities getting involved in the mandatory vaccine debate kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>posing outside the state capitol jessica biel instagrammed this photo after meeting with state lawmakers speaking out against california's vaccination bill sb to 76 the bill would give the department of health the power over doctors to determine who is exempt from childhood vaccines field bringing star power to a side of the heated debate. the actress writing she supports vaccinations and children but she met with lawmakers not because she doesn't believe in
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vaccinations but because she believes in giving doctors and the families they treat the ability to decide what's best for their patients and the ability to provide that treatment. son is the director of action in california just a good deal was able to get meetings with several. >>able to send their children to school safely. beale sacramento visit comes days ahead of a hearing on the bill in the assembly health committee thursday. >>according to the legislative calendar testimony will be limited but opponents and supporters are expected to show up in droves in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>today, president trump announced a new rule which he says will make it less expensive for some americans to buy health insurance. the expansion would be part of what is called health reimbursement arrangements or h r a's. the new rules allow employees to pay for the health insurance of their choice and then be reimbursed by their employers. the
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administration says expanding the h r a's will increase competition among insurance companies reduce health care costs and most importantly help small businesses provide employees with more choices for health care. >>an estimated 11 million americans will now choose their own plans with the help of the h r a's we are dramatically increasing the ability of americans to access. >>more affordable health insurance. >>but critics say the new rule encourages people to buy an expensive health insurance which does not cover things such as pre existing conditions. more than 5,000 immigrants have been quarantined after a month's end chicken pox outbreak, both illnesses have been reported that 39 ice facilities, nationwide. >>a low being quarantined doesn't necessarily mean that a population has the virus. the immigrants have been exposed to the virus and could be contagious. i says was contagious diseases such as the flu and chicken pox in the past but this past september was the first time it's dealt with the a powerful story now
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about the bravery of america's firefighters when shots broke out at a country western bar in 1000 oaks in southern california. last november. fiast responders rushed to the sea as they always do by the time it was over a dozen people were dead and that incident. >>but the first responders have not even had time to deal with that tragedy before they were forced to go beyond the call of duty again, stephanie elan has their emotional story. >>from the time and dispatched to come in we gon seen the state ventura county firefighters martine gonzalez and damon's alinsky were among the first to arrive at the borderline bar and grill in 1000 oaks we stopped they could hear the gunshots almost like 2 different you are changing on fire once the shooting stops chaos. some people running away. others driving up, parents looking for their children. one father is already there. >>in uniform. my girls do go there. text my wife and. just
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a are the girl's home. she takes a back yeah what's going on i don't i have time for anything else. >>a deputy arrives with his wounded partner in the back seat because off on his clothing. gunman back to him and a 29 year law enforcement veteran sergeant ron he lists of the ventura county sheriff's office was shot 6 times not until after daybreak to the firemen learned that sergeant he lists has died. >>killed along with 11 other people in the shooting some 12 hours after the men leave borderline a new danger just a mile away the hellfire was just crossing. >>the 1, one freeway they were shutting down then the woolsey fire begins to rage. a fire chief summons them to protect the neighborhood within the right half hour there like fires at the ritz operating. get ready. the backyard of one home is on fire. so they stopped what was it like when you were at the time. pretty smoky and the fire had already
10:21 pm
broke into the window and was impinging on in the drake ferrari complete a flame is rolling across. >>the ceilings are here as whole friends. >>it's amazing you guys are here despite this when the was the fire destroys more than 1500 structures and kills 3 people on the heels of the lives already borderline percent for the first time since the shooting the men returned a borderline to visit the memorial for all. >>friends loved ones the people from this community in. >>for nearly 2 weeks straight gonzales and zelinsky continue to work. all while wrestling with the devastation and loss in their normally peaceful hametown. stephanie elan cnn 1000 oaks california. >>less noise increase safety that is how bart is describing
10:22 pm
trains in its fleet of the future. how bart plans to get more of these trains on the tracks plus the lineups are set for the first democratic debates of the 2020 campaign how elizabeth warren sudden surge in the polls. >>this making her competitors take note and it's been nearly 4 years since flint michigan declared an emergency over lead-tainted water. now many are outraged after learning charges against the city have been dropped what is to come here you go little guy.
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>>the story we're following tonight. there's outrage in the city of flint michigan. you may remember that's where people are still being affected by a deadly water crisis lead in the water that's because criminal charges were dropped against government officials air meredith wood explains why. >>our daughter 20 have legionnaires she got legionella in our home in our show our second child 15 they found that lines in our bones. >>horrified blindsided and re traumatizing that's the way one flint resident describes feeling after learning that all criminal charges have been dropped against government officials accused of causing floods and deadly water crisis. it's been nearly 4 years as the city of flint declared an emergency over lead tainted water and nearly 3 years since charges were filed against government officials prosecutors say the investigation has been flawed and that it will start again from scratch. >>for out. places this
10:26 pm
>>at least 12 deaths have been linked to flint's poisoned water and 4 years later flint mayor says their water is still the state government. >>which i'm meredith wood reporting. >>in california are now allowed to have pot in prison but they can actually smoke it will explain after the break to powerful bay-area women, london breed and nancy pelosi together in san francisco today their call to action from the women's the summit. >>and spring is almost over take a look at the end of spri
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>>update you on that breaking news we've been following for the past 90 minutes, several people are hurt after a shooting at a costco in corona in riverside county police briefing just wrapped up and we have now learned at least one person has been killed. authorities say 2 other people were hit by gunfire. they were taken to the hospital, a suspect has been arrested and transported to the hospital as well we're told there are more than 100 people inside that
10:30 pm
store when the shots rang out witnesses say a man with a mohawk haircut was arguing with a woman with the child inside the store. and that's what about 8 shots rang out one witness says shoppers began stampeding toward the exits and later that witness said they saw 3 people on stretchers who appeared to have minor injuries in the past 30 minutes, the corona police department did tweet that the situation is now stable and that there is no threat to the general community of course we will continue to track this story throughout our newscast. san francisco mayor london breed held a summit today which focus on impact powering women from all walks of life kron four's maureen kelly reports event was both a seminar and how to succeed in life and a political call to action. >>it's about empowering yourself to be your best self live your best life. >>the summit'sename spelled out in big letters inside mosconi west. the invincible.
10:31 pm
an estimated 1700 attended to network and learn ways to improve their positions in life and help other women succeed when you're in a great position. >>to do what you want to do what you care about doing. it's also your obligation to reach back and to support the next generation of young people the organizers of the be invincible summit say it's meant to help attendees but she success, no matter what stage of life there in there were breakout seminars on finance healthrand wellness and career advancement. >>2 young women on the verge of launching their careers found the day inspiring. >>and i want to learn more and connected people and make friends and just no way you know i think it's important being young person it's meant to be in that. >>and the time for women to be invincible has never been more important the van also look to channel the power of women the headliner of the event house speaker nancy pelosi talked to
10:32 pm
the mayor on the main stage about what those in the audience could do about the erosion of women's reproductive rights in several states across the country. advocate for this. >>outside mobilization will make all ahe difference in the world in every state. and if people just decide that they think that a woman doesn't have to. good judgment to determine the size and timing of her family and she even wants to have one. and they have to pay a price. at the polls. >>one of pelosi's montrose our diversity is our strength. our unity is our power. maureen kelly kron 4 knees. >>bart has approved a new budget and it includes fare increases over the next several years on your screen you can see what is included in the new budget 3 fare hikes have been approved they will going to affect every 2 years. the first 5.4 per cent fare increase will happen in january of next year, the bart board also approved million
10:33 pm
for employee pay and 262 million 4 new train cars plus money for repairs and for more police officers is that more jobs are going to be coming to the east bay today barred announced that the company was is building its new fleet of the future cars is moving the manufacturing operations for this project to the city of pittsburgh. well for silly to call reports this is expected to happen in a few months. >>3,000 miles away in upstate new york already a transportation has been in the process of bill 775 work fleet of the future cars then having the finished products delivered to the bay area gap is now closed marty a says it has signed a lease for this industrial warehouse off leverage road and pittsburgh it will be transformed into a real care assembly line and hiring local workers to build most. >>of the fleet of the future real car. right here the mardi
10:34 pm
a and bart say the move is expected to create at least 50 local jobs. the new operations. >>with from our d a represents a commitment from the city of pittsburgh. they continue job growth and economic development, good paying jobs based in manufacturing here in pittsburgh, will maintain its new york facility, but this move will allow the company to focus the operations there to east coast related projects is about mobility getting people. >>cars and 2. >>transit systems that are going to deliver them. that the same time are people that are well trained to live and work. >>right here at home. the new assembly line is expected to be operational by september in pittsburgh fleet of all kron 4 news. >>the ritz carlton hotel in half moon bay will have to pay a one million fine the california coastal commission approved the penalty against the hotels operators yesterday for blocking public access to
10:35 pm
nearby beaches. the 261 room luxury hotel golf course and spa opened in 2001. the commission says that's when complaints about public access to beaches and public parking lots began as part of yesterday's deal the resort will also has also agreed to pay as much as $25,000 a day for any future violations so lawrence has the father's day weekend forecast. yeah, it's going to be nice one to a cooler than it's been which is nice. >>that we start to warm things back up on father's day but look at the clouds making the way over the bay right now, here alcatraz satellites out there on the island out there, san francisco behind of the fog really moving on shore now in its sickening up so we're likely going to see some drizzle along the coastline and a further push on shore tonight than what we saw last night so here we go we've got low pressure that spending to the east of us now by some more thunderstorms the sierra nevada that will continue to move east. high pressure starts to build and we'll see a couple clouds tomorrow morning few more pop up showers over the sierra nevada's will make couple high clouds moving acro our skies as we get to sunday, we start
10:36 pm
to clear things out just a little bit as high pressure begins to develop and straight and then watch what happens we get to monday and tuesday. you start to clear out your skies there you go to the big clear slot. that's a big ridge of high pressure building in that will likely bring the temperatures back up in the 90's at least in the valleys doesn't look like receipt offshore wind will keep you cool some fog along the coastline, but you get away from the coast. temperatures are going to heat up in a hurry. so here we go years you're a father's day weekend and end of spring forecast we're going to see some temperature warming up by father's day had in the 90's by monday and tuesday that will likely be the peak of the heat that will cool down into thursday which be your last day pringsummer begins on friday, looks like whole kind of steady maybe a little bit lower in the sunday and monday of the following week. they can or c 2020 presidential campaign is about to switch gears as democrats announced the lineups for their first round of debates. >>candidates are split evenly between the first debate on june 26. and the second debate on the 27th. ryan nobles reports and how things are beginning to take shape.
10:37 pm
>>for months the nearly 2 dozen democratic presidential contenders have spent their time drawing distinctions from afar. >>when it comes to health care. there is no middle ground. >>today they learn who they will be face to face with for the first debates. the first night will feature 10 candidates, including elizabeth warren, beto o'rourke cory booker and amy klobuchar are joe biden and bernie sanders people to judge and kamala harris are among those going on the second night. >>i got a lot of plans. so let me just mention a few elizabeth warren calling the debate an opportunity to discuss my plans. passage 6 senators i have a plan for that strategy appears to be paying off. as national and early-state polls show her jockeying with sanders for second place behind biden today warned unveiled another proposal. this one aimed at empowering minority entrepreneurship she told voters in new hampshire that
10:38 pm
her recent success is about making direct connections with voters. >>one of the time to time in 5 at a time that's why i'm working grassroots movement here. >>but for now biden remains the leader of the pack and he's keeping his focus on president trump. releasing a video calling out the president over foreign interference in us election he sailed on john information on and the president appears to be keeping his eye on by. >>everybody knows joe is is doesn't have it. >>and the rest of the warrant. c field including >>i would love to run against her. i see that bernie sanders is not doing well at all. frankly you like to run against don't see the other ones to talk about kamala i don't see kamala i don't eye eye. but when the 3 of them air pete, i don't see it all i think that's a joke.
10:39 pm
>>that was ryan nobles reporting again the upcoming democratic debates are set for june 26th and 27th in miami with california's kamala harris and eric swalwell on opposite nights. >>california has ruled that inmates can have marijuana in prison but as a c or a town cell reports there's a catch. >>it creates confusion if it's illegal to take it and it's illegal to use that. but now it's not illegal to have a it's sort of like what's the point of making it not illegal to have it. >>a lot of people are asking that question one day after the plight of 5 sacramento county inmates got the nod from california's 3rd district court of appeals the nod that means it's now perfectly fine legally for inmates to possess marijuana. criminal defense attorney dan olson is quick to clarify. >>it should never make it into the prison. and if it does make it into the prison that should just be basically table ornament because never supposed to go into your body. >>given that pot much like alcohol has already been in regular use by inmates and
10:40 pm
prisoners across the state while band. if you believe the amounts now legally able to be kept will be in just it. olson says this decision is really about a line in criminal law with what's happened at the polls regarding recreational use. >>citizens of california decided. we don't think marijuana is all that bad. why punish somebody that much more if you're doing 2 years on a robbery that does seem like a lot to have 8 years added. possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. >>and that has happened repeatedly if someone already had a strike on their record. >>i think in general what the voters wanted in the past prop 64 don't think there was a lot of thought how will it affect the prisons, but also don't think the public cares a great deal maybe not but you know who does. >>the guards and sheriffs who fought against this change. in a statement, sacramento county sheriff scott jones said quote the session of marijuana in any amount remains prohibited by sacramento, jail policy.
10:41 pm
the press secretary for the california department of corrections and rehabilitation. >>so while the court's decision is still under review. we want to be clear the drug use and sales with in state prisons remains prohibited those behind bars can still lose good days. >>privileges or be bumped up to a higher security classification if they're caught with pot they just won't face criminal charges. >>colorado has now made more than $1 billion in revenue says legalizing marijuana 5 years ago, marijuana sales every 6 and a half billion dollars there that money has gone towards education and health programs throughout colorado. the governor has praised the industry for creating new jobs and preventing youth marijuana use. this flower in your pantry authorities say throw it out like could make you sick. >>plus after losing 2 of his legs ensure little cow is getting around with a new set
10:42 pm
of wheels. >>and coming up in sports not much time for the lawyers to do well on the painful into the season, the dubs now shifting their focus to the offseason will hear from bob myers, a seeker what lies ahead this summer and found 4 is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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>>your house tonight. the fda says thousands of cases of all-purpose flour are being recalled because they can make you sick about a 114,000 bags of king arthur flour has been affected. according to the fda's website. is used in the flour wheat that's used in the flowers been linked to an e coli outbreak the select 5 pound bags were distributed to retailers nationwide including target and wal-mart for more information on the recall you can go to our website kron 4 dot com. >>families spending a lot more money on childcare in california family spent more than $3700 on child care for before and after school in 2018 it is about 31% of a family's income on average business insider says married couples in the state with 2 children. it's been almost 31% of their annual income on center based a child care.
10:46 pm
>>many cow in iowa that doesn't have back legs is now on the move after getting a new set of wheels elizabeth introduces us to angel and her steadfast human dad. >>somebody every dad knows the daily grind evacuate. challenges even of raising a toddler for this little spot for that she can kind of wear around on the shores cleaning but eating or veggies to of broccoli broccoli is favorite food, not hurdle here in jared camps have foia you meet angel, his broccoli loving one year old issues miniatures eve russo, a which is in asia knocks. >>typically those are the kinds of people think of when they have like to be home soon their backs just like any toddler with the help of dad are angels running the place. >>sort of angel was born with deformed back legs. original owners tried getting her help after the vet said there was
10:47 pm
nothing they could do a surgically. they were told it would be best to put angel down. you back you will see that then jared came on everything about her is perfect for his rescue baby he had of a second chance at life with a second set of legs. >>with dad close by angel is ready to conquer every bump that tries to get in her way both. it is not doing it alone big step angel and dear at home. made up of 60 misfit miracles so this is iowa farm we rescue farm animals here in the midwest these animals are victims to semi neglect situations just like a companion animals are. >>in we just are here to provide them a safety and shelter the other way that people do come family that's now 2 legs. >>2 wheels, larger. pilot goes back you up family with only one requirement everybody goes through struggles. everybody
10:48 pm
has like those obstacles in their life that they need to get over. every member has the will to move forward together. >>it was >>so was elizabeth lot us reporting camp says he hopes others can draw inspiration from angel story. >>brought to you by xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>the lawyers get many just move forward they're trying to process all of this steve kerr said he said it could be a whole different looking team next year different looking tv also said yeah, it is a lot to process both he and bob myers were saying like hey we're just hours removed from what happened last night. we know we have a lot to do but right now we're still thinking about like ok, how did this season come to an end 3 losses at oracle now for the last 5 years golden state has always had a shortened off-season because the year doesn't end until mid-june and it hasn't been a problem when there's a
10:49 pm
parade going through downtown oakland. but this time the warriors have a lot of work ahead, here's a look at the festivities from last night's game 6. not the ending many expected as the raptors got to celebrate the final game at oracle. or years calendar has very few days off the nba draft is thursday shortly after that free agency begins the 2 main priorities resigning 5 time all-star klay thompson who suffered a torn acl in the season finale and kevin, duran the to time finals mvp who is going to be sidelined for a while because of a ruptured achilles despite those injuries that does not change the front office plans one bit will do everything to sign the stars to long-term deals. wherever i am >>didn't understand how valuable they are our own you know it sometimes gets lost, but we're. i think when kevin plays nba finals with 9 one. so. also and claims that they're both fantastic. so
10:50 pm
those are guys that you do everything you to within your organization it's hard to picture. you know what next year's team will look like at this see how it all shake south. you know we're hoping to have both those guys back. and if that's the case. the great, but neither one would be available for quite a while to play so are our teams going to look a lot different for sure. >>we'll see how it all pans out now to some baseball at oracle park giant and brewers starting a three-game set bottom of the 7th big spot for mike his strengths keep. he has his grandson deep to center field. >>giants up 5 to 9 down the stretch to got 10 stop night brewers with the tying run at the plate will smith. and mike
10:51 pm
moustakas to end the game giants win 5, 3, and have won 3 in a row to the a's back at the coliseum for a 10 game homestand it begins with the mariners bottom 3rd game tied at one. that'll send runners on the corners line drive. stays take a 2 one lead. after that, however all seattle top 7 mariners a 4 garner via skies want to the mascots and right to run, jack part of a three-hit night for north high as 9 to and your final. finally round 2 of the us open at pebble beach jam packed gallery enjoying the day. to stay in the mix not an awful day but not spectacular either on the night 16 out to make par misses the cup back to back bogeys woods, even 70 to 9 shots off the lead. the leader going into moving day. gary woodland 68 in round one today 6 birdies including that one on the night, 49 footer to wrap up the day. he shoots a 65 9 under 2 strokes ahead. justin rose should be a wild
10:52 pm
finish over the next 2 days now a lot of us could miss that putt that tiger miss far away you feel bad thank you and the second. >>the special father's day forecast. yeah, we sure do and maybe some ideas some things maybe some ideas some things you can do around ♪ ♪ maybe some ideas some things you can do around ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle...
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10:55 pm
than 100 sea years along with entertainers march down main street in downtown pleasanton thousands of people are expected to attend over the next 3 weeks the fair runs now through july 7th with live music every night. looks like a lot of fun, i got 4 ideas for for some fun things for dad. how about this. >>you want to go northern california pirate festival that's right. it's going to be of little this weekend going to be beautiful out there to starting at 10:00am sunny and nice mild temperatures. we'll have a lot of good to fun if you're headed in that direction. this one a good one to the king of country barbecue and music festival. as can see that martinez all kinds are grim great food from big jim a big john out there going to be cooking some of the greatest rigs out there around sunny all day long temperatures moving in the mid-eighties muscle cars, dad loves those you can bet you see some shelby some beautiful mustangs out there and a great time a lot of music out there as well and plenty of food how about this the island jam and neptune beach you want to head out there that's in alameda to be mostly sunny skies, a
10:56 pm
little bit bezy bubring that really loud hawaiian shirt, if you're headed out that direction they have all bands all day long and a lot of food to go along with that high temperatures around the bay area tomorrow will be in the 70's some low 80's inland. you'll see some of those numbers a little bit cooler as you make your way toward the coastline as the temperatures going to be in the 50's and the 60's out toward the beaches inside the bay should be very nice for starting out some low clouds and some fog early on tomorrow morning about 75 degrees in san jose 84. in morgan hill should be about 66 degrees in oakland, 70 degrees in the napa valley actually beautiful the napa valley if you want to head in that direction and about 73 degrees in santa rosa along the coastline of course are going to be dealing with some low clouds and some fog that is going to peel back to the coastline in the middle a day and then by the afternoon just kind of sitting at the coast, but elsewhere around the bay area looking like some very nice weather headed back. here's your end of spring forecast as we look at your 10 a 10 father's day. we start to warm those temperatures back up again as high pressure begins to build an overhead and then things change we get
10:57 pm
into monday tuesday and wednesday of next week temperatures going to be hot in spots maybe in the mid 90's, maybe the warmer in some areas, we'll cool down on thursday and friday and it looks like a the first weekend of summer looks relatively mild. but yeah, this weekend. i think a pirate vessel that looks like a great place you're going to find your inner get out there to go right, i mean it does look like good time weshould be a great time for will be sizzling hot lively's know it will be all kinds of activities of any kind you can >>all right good. thank you for being with us tonight have a great weekend. we'll see monday.
10:58 pm
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