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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 17, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>i'll tells his story of the night 36 people dies, drivers filling up at this east of a service station get a nasty and costly surprise use and need to i grabbed my machete my lawn 11 year-old boy takes on an armed intruder the back of the head like ray here. now in a defendant takes the stand in the ghost ship warehouse trial telling his version of the story to the families of the victims. thanks for joining us today. it's i'm can way and i'm pam moore for the first time max harris took the said. >>and recalling where he was
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what he did the night 36 people were killed in that oakland warehouse fire. those family members talk to kron four's michelle kingston who has this report. >>i don't hate him. i know he's not i know he's not a killer. i know he didn't want any of this to happen. that i feel said his 9 is not too hard for me looking at him you know, but he has to be held accountable for it. his negligence alberto vega lost his brother in the goshen warehouse fire on tuesday. they go listened as max harris took the stand for the first time in his trial. harris is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. he was calm and confident well spoken in conversational sitting on the stand in an orange shirt and tie. >>his attorney tyler smith thought he did well, you know he's not defensive. he's calm, he's very gentle soft-spoken. >>he has a great demeanor and he has. you know he has nothing to hide. so she's not
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scared at all harris has been described as the creative director of the ghost ship warehouse, but he told the court on tuesday that was not the case. >>he said he has no business cards or checks claiming him to be any sort of director at all on the night of the electronic music party when 36 people died hairs says he was stamping cans, greeting people at the front door when he saw the fire. he tried to put it out with this fire extinguisher but failed and called 911 he didn't cry the courtroom, but he did say it was a surreal out of body experience watching the fire progress alberta vega says harris has shown almost no remorse can stretch up a picture that. >>max' a if he was innocent why did he agree to take the plea deal. back december when it was still on the table for the first time since the trial started the judge had to open an overflow room for all the people who came to watch max harris testify.
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>>we'll be back on the stand on tuesday in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the in foreign coverage of the go ship trial online go to kron 4 dot com and go to the news tab and click on go ship in the drop-down menu. >>well preparing for a wedding is already an expensive ordeal, but one bay area man said he is now dealing with the costly damage to his vehicle after filling up that. >>this gas station to set our shell station is in newark, several drivers say that their cars broke down after they got gas there kron four's live at the gas station and noel he talked to one of those drivers who experience these problems. >>and i he is extremely frustrated as i think anyone would be he says there's about 8 people in a facebook group that are all kind of trying to figure out and sharing each other's stories. even having to you repair their cars for upwards of $13,000 now the pumps here at the shell out at
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the corner of jarvis avenue and newark boulevard the pumps are all working, however they're only pumping out premium gas today. the business has been pretty slow out here and like i said the the gentleman i spoke with today says this is the last thing he needed just 2 and a half weeks before he gets married. >>it just sucks you >>carlos garcia is just 20 days away from getting married. >>so many wise this is not my best answers. >>he says his dad was driving his car when it completely stalled on the freeway. >>april's are here. what do mean hot, although he put these on the car and he's an audit i didn't see a says this is what the gas looked like in his 2017 honda and he's looking at upwards of 4 $1000 in repair costs the worry about you know financially at this point >>now having this worry burden and now you know you kind
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>>we have to readjust according to shell wants the gas station owners learned of the issues saturday they ceased operation at the impacted hans on monday. those pumps are all back open but only serving premium gas. they say they haven't gotten official confirmation of what happened. but they believe there may be a puncture of some sort that cause some of the brine from around the underground tanks to sink into the gasoline. however, the owner of fremont for an auto shop says it looks like diesel may have been accidentally put at 10. >>what does that look like. to me is a more like a diesel. >>eduardo porter has been working on car since he was 13 years old, he says repairing a car with bad gas is no simple fix now it's a is it time repair the people know needed after movie s think clean and put it back. we have to flush the lines. >>and in some cases you can damage injectors and then in some cases even if you put in that i have to put a new few pop average if you pump, it's a $500. everything's at top of
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the and the you can have the easily $4,000 pair. >>now the gas station owners say they've already opened up an insurance claim and plan to help out the affected customers, however i just spoke with him and he walked up to me here. he was coming back to the gas station he got gas here on sunday and said his check engine light came on and his car started puttering today. he says the gas stations giving him a little bit pushed back because they say they stopped the issue from the one pump on saturday and that if he got gas sunday that it shouldn't be an issue but uh he thinks it's definitely not a coincidence that his car is having these issues today so a there is a phone number that shell all gas company gave out we will put that online for anyone who may have used this gas station might have these issues there's a phone number that you can call and talk to a shell representative for now
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live in new york noelle bellow kron 4 news all right no well thank you h. >>well fire season is really hear this i'm in this was not a grass fire that was sparked an accident today, cal fire is using controlled burns as one way to try and reduce the amount of dry brush and while than areas as kron four's maureen kelly explains this is actually part of a bigger effort in sonoma county to prevent another catastrophic fire. i the one that happened in 2017. >>firefighters are lighting backfires on the land of the sonoma valley, regional park in glen allen to get rid of the dry grass that could turn a spark into a raging wildfire. this whole area burned during the 2017 nuns fire but today is the first controlled burn ever to happen inside. the sonoma county regional park after 2017. we realized oh actually fires a part of this landscape. >>and if you hike any of these hills every one of these mature trees has a fires kermit that which tells the story of how fire is part of
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this landscape so we woke up asia and his land managers were like oh we actually have to get ahead of the curve we have to be proactive only 34 acres will be black and on this day, but it's part of what's called the sonoma valley wildlands collaborative. >>of public lands parklands and preserves which you can see highlighted in grey on this map. the idea is to cut back or burn brush across 18,000 acres of the next decade or so. >>fire is planning other controlled burns outside the collaborative as there is a greater effort being made throughout the state to get in front of wildfire season. so controlled burn in this area allows us to put fire on the landscape. >>on our terms when it comes to wild land fire here in california and it's not matter of if but when and so. >>if we can be proactive and reduce that fuel loading prior to a catastrophic fire event then everybody is better off at the head. >>cal fire is planning another 30 acre controlled burn for
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the outskirts of santa rosa near safari west on tuesday. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>you may start seeing new ad ads asking you to better protect your home from wildfires are from the union representing state firefighters who say california didn't hire enough firefighters in its latest budget the budget calls for 13 additional engines. a 131 new firefighter positions, new air tankers helicopters and dozers but the president of the union in sacramento says that's not enough. tim edwards says the job of state firefighters has gotten a lot more difficult over the years as wildfires in california burn more intense than ever before. he says of the state isn't going to give them enough firefighters say hope the public can help out. wanted to start. >>could be more vigil our e 2.30 commercials are meant to be informative for now, but he says as union may start airing more aggressive ads attacking
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the governor's budget. if state firefighting staffing levels do not increase. >>this take a live look outside on this monday evening in are going to say the sun is setting in which you can see much other than the fog of sales first hours the only thing he can about how tall is that buildings about 11,000 feeling 1000 feet or so yeah, and yeah, you tell them really are kind of compressed out there right now that fog. >>right along the coastline just starting to make its way inside the bay but tomorrow could be the hottest day of the week i think as we are winding down on some are now you can see some of cloud cover to some fog down below looking toward mount the out with some haze in the background there as well. the looming up above but we're going to see more fog and low clouds overnight tonight least along the just inside the bay still warm in many parts of the bay area 72 degrees right now in san jose 71 in redwood city got that cool fog unhappy made 5756 now in san francisco 63 in oakland and a very comfortable 70 degrees just got to hang outside in concord
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livermore thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada there the goal of dozens of strike making its way across the sierra you can see the fog moving in along the immediate coastline tonight. yeah we're going to see that fog creeping back on shore not going to push all the way to the interior valleys again you saw the sales force building that really are less than a 1000 feet so it can make its way over the mountain tops in a part of the span some of the valley so we see that fog along the coastline, staying clear inland and patchy fog continuing along the coastal sections maybe a little drizzle right up toward the beaches. >>we face in 2020. we'll make the election interference of 2016. very small kato's. >>a dire warning in washington on the security of our proposal tonight aimed at protecting the 2020 election. plus the oakland skyline is about to change we have the pictures of what is said to be the tallest office building in the city and new developments in the altercation between
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alameda county sheri
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than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. >>new details tonight on the altercation between in alameda county sheriff's deputy and the president of the toronto raptors. you may recall all this happened after game 6 of the nba champion chance at oracle arena. the sheriff's office says the injuries suffered by the deputy at the hands of the raptors president. >>have left that deputy unable to work kron four's dan kerman
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explains this is your video of the aftermath of a confrontation between an alameda county sheriff's deputy. >>and raptors president we cite cheery seen here in the dark suit. the sheriff's office says after the final buzzer. the jury struck the deputy in the face after the deputy tried to keep him off the court for failing to show the required credentials and now the deputies attorney david missed agnese says it was an unprovoked significant hit to the jaw, causing a serious concussion and the temporal mended dealer joint injury. some of called the deputies actions racist but the deputies attorney says the insult to the injury is by invoking race because the injured officers family is african american. this is a case of credentials for says no credentials not race. the sheriff's office says since the incident raptors fans of in dated the deputy and the sheriff's offnce with threats and insults. sergeant ray kelly says this all could have been avoided if their
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credentials were properly warn and shown he says security concerns are reality and in fact during game 4. there was a credible threat that someone was going to come to the coliseum and do harm in the meantime or your season ticket holder who saw the incident and tweeted last week that the deputy said nothing during the confrontation has now changed his statement. greg wiener now tweets after a weekend collect the events i witnessed i realized the deputy involved did yell at jury, no one on the court without credentials previously i stated nothing was said the sheriff's office is still pursuing criminal charges against the raptor president plans to present its case to the da's office. will i from the deputy dan kerman 4 news. >>4 people were injured and 3 people are in custody tonight after a shooting at the raptors championship celebration police say the shooting happened near. nathan phillips square in downtown toronto, where huge crowds
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have gathered to celebrate the raptors victory over the warriors in the nba finals. people were seen running from the area, but resumed the celebrations after the chaos. calms down in the east bay, the california highway patrol is looking for a gunman responsible for shooting and injuring 2 people inside a tunnel, the shooting happened last night in the caldecott tunnel. >>along highway, 24 between oakland renda investigators say the suspects bullet hit a driver of another car in the head and graze the passenger. both victims are in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the tunnel was closed for nearly 3 hours as the chp investigated the scene as of right now the only information available on the shooter is that the person may have been driving a white vehicle. >>investigators have identified the toddler who drowned in antioch on friday. they say matt hale luna was almost 2 years old. rescue crews pulled him out of a pool at a home on north francisco way around 7 30 friday night. the child died at a hospital
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investigators say the drowning was an accident. >>the contra costa county coroner's office says 32 year-old lilly on a column of martinez died saturday after getting hit by a freight train. the accident happened on a bnsf railway track that did not have a railroad crossing. it's also the same area where 14 year-old jenna betty died after getting hit by a bnsf train back in 2014. investigators are still looking fly alone was on the tracks on saturday. >>police say spilled pool chemicals prompted a hazmat incident this morning in vacaville officers tweeted about the spill around 9 20 this morning at the intersection of peabody road in alamo drive. police say for one gallon containers of erratic acid spilled onto the streets. all the streets in the area were closed for about 3 hours while hazmat crews cleaned up the scene. now our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and take a look at san francisco's embarcadero on this monday night.
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>>our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here's this thing's going to warm up tomorrow. yeah can you believe spring almost over down this last few here, but uh we're going to feel some heat as we had at least toward the value not year about this week because some guler temperatures and that fog making its way over head right now and alcatraz you can see there san francisco in the background but we are going to see more of that fog along the coastline because high pressure strong enough. >>it's going to press the marine air right down to the surface. temperatures today they soared almost 10 degrees warmer above yesterday's high. so yeah, warming trend continues and likely will peak by tomorrow afternoon. highs today topping out just below average in the san francisco 66 degrees but very pleasant 72. in oakland 81 degrees above normal in san jose 87 in livermore a hot 90 in concord and 80 degrees in santa re heat away from the least for tomorrow thunderstorms popping up will likely see some of those again for tomorrow afternoon the patchy fog really the story locally in that fog is going to remain along the coastline and just inside the bay at least in
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late night and early morning hours tomorrow, the sea breeze is blowing that will enough for the he relieved right out to the water's edge fortunately don't get that ocean breeze working its way into the delta are we're making its way all the way the interview about just to be hot in spots away from the coastline by tomorrow afternoon, 72 degrees right now in san jose of 78 in livermore a cool 56 now into san francisco at the patchy fog 59 degrees in berkeley 64 in blatant 63 the napa valley, 64 degrees in nevada right now so we're going to see some changes coming our way overnight tonight, mostly clear skies and get that patchy fog developing already tomorrow should be mostly sunny and hot inland we're going to cool down the temperatures a big time mid week in fact we may start out some are a little bit on the cool side. thank you. lawrence health care provider kaiser permanente plans to build the largest office tower plan company announced that today it is investing million to buy land in the city's uptown neighborhood. >>and break ground next year. here are renderings of the office tower kaiser permanente share views of the
8:21 pm
building from broadway and telegraph. the tower dubbed kaiser permanente thrive center will stand 28 stories tall as fan. 1.6 million square feet when it's completed in the next 4 years is expected to generate a one-time million economic benefit to oakland n more than $15 million in annual tax revenues for oakland. >>the train ride from san jose will to sacramento about 5 minutes faster than it used to amtrak introduced a new timetable today for its capital course quarter service to mark the completion of an infrastructure project excuse me. the agency partner with caltrans and union pacific to improve rails between the nations san jose that rain right between san jose and sacramento takes about 3 hours. >>this grass fire scored several acres of land and threatened homes, how investigators say a family on a photo shoot started this and tensions escalate between united states and iran, a new announcement from the pentagon tonight as it continues to
8:22 pm
accuse iran of.
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>>the national news we now know that 2 florida counties were had act in the 2016 election and the florida governor claims that no votes were actually change but lawmakers in washington are warning about a bigger challenge coming in 2020 washington correspondent al aant combating foreign interference in our elections.
8:25 pm
>>we face in 2020. we'll make the election interference of 2016. like very small potatoes. >>oregon senator ron wyden says america's election systems are still vulnerable and congress must act soon to avert a disaster. >>not just the the russians in 2020. >>in addition to social media misinformation campaigns us election systems are susceptible to potential hacking senator wyden sits on the intelligence committee and he introduced the pave act which would require hand mark paper ballots and audit of election results senator wyden says audit's are especially important in light of recent revelations that show 2 florida counties were half by the russians in 2016 the pay that would also require other precautions for example. >>making sure there are no
8:26 pm
wireless connections. >>the voting machines officials from the justice department the federal ons commission and intelligence agencies as well as special counsel robert mueller all agree action is critical if we don't act. >>bob mueller's recommendations that we protect america's democracy on 2020 shame on us. >>so far the pay that has 15 co-sponsors in the senate, none of them republican. in washington. alexandra mound. >>a quiet town disturbed by intruders into one world home, how an 11 year-old boy stopped the burglaries the something that was just lying around the house and the police chase said captivated the nation and the world, how oj simpson is trying to make a public come introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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>>in this kron on extra a north carolina boy used a machete to fight off an armed intruder, tim pulliam talk to the boy.
8:32 pm
>>by and other state officials have slammed the trump administration's attempt to add a citizenship question to the census form the supreme court is set to decide on this before the end of june know from prior experience that if there's a question about citizenship by the census that some people will be discouraged some people will be intimidated. >>from participating that undermines the very purpose of the census with or without the question by says the state plans to push several strategies to count everyone in california. >>from statewide ads to working with community groups at the local level the mayor of sacramento says it will all come down to trust who requires the right. >>community based organization trusted organization to engage and make sure that people know that they will be protected and that by being counted they're not putting themselves at risk. >>right now the census test is under way which surveys about half a million households nationwide this helps fine tune. the process which begins
8:33 pm
in april. we're mourning in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the pride flag is flying above the state capitol building in sacramento for the first time ever the flag was raised today. it will say stay up alongside the california state flag and the us flag through july 1st. >>a developing story tonight. police say a man shot his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend in a to a vista ca school parking lot today, the man then shot and killed himself. the couple underwent surgery and they are in serious condition. police say the woman was with her child at the time the child was not hurt. today's shooting comes just days after a shooting at another california costco store left one man dead we're learning a new tonight that the man killed couldn't speak any at a mental disability. we'll show you picture of the man who was killed kenneth french with corona in southern california said an off-duty los angeles police officer shot and killed french after they got into an argument and
8:34 pm
french allegedly started attacking him prince's cousin says french had a disability preventing him from speaking or even starting an argument. the cousin also says the officer shot french's parents they are in critical condition. police say the officer suffered minor injuries and is out of the hospital. the officers child who was with him at the costco was not injured. >>a lesson learned the hard way just ahead of july 4th celebrations sparkle or is responsible for a scary fire near sacramento. this is the fire that charred 5 acres of land this was on thursday in rockland firefighters say 5 foot flames to spread along the trails and threaten nearby homes. it was all started by a family taking a picture. >>don i'm on an evening walk decided they wanted to take a picture with the sunset and they gave sparklers to their young kids giving sparklers to the young kids in an area where it's high dry grass was probably not the right choice.
8:35 pm
>>definitely not the right damaged no one was hurt, but 50 people did have to run to safety that night. police say the family did not face charges because they did not intentionally set the fire. >>now to our 4 zone forecast for you to show you a live picture of the golden gate bridge routed and fall on the cables disappearing into the miss lawrence is here to tell us what's ahead yeah it was certainly those fires are concerned this time of year again in the 4th of july people are buying fireworks and where they can spread so rapidly specially get those afternoon breezes around the bay area. and of course the grass prime the dry now with that he way we just had looking toward the berkeley hills, the fog is bumped up along the hills right now making its way inside the bay we're going to see patchy fog in the bay tonight but not going to be able to make its way well inland, but it's going to be thick 3 right down the surface in many spots approaching the coastline. thunderstorms up over the sierra nevada again today you can see the fog along the coastline now that will be there in the morning tomorrow early on but again it's being compressed by a strong ridge of high pressure overhead says kind of squash down near the
8:36 pm
surface. that's why can't penetrate the interior valleys overnight tonight so with that in mind tomorrow going to be a nice day. part of the hottest day of the week you're talking 60's in the san francisco that's not all that hot, pretty nice in oakland mid 70's, there, then we warm things up in the san jose but we've got some 90's in the forecast for many the interior valleys by tomorrow afternoon, this ridge going kind of building for one more day and that's going start to flatten out as we got a couple systems about that over the top of that ridge in fact as we get in the next few days we're going to see fog make its ron specially into wednesday and thursday that we'll see some much cooler temperatures around the bay right to the first day of summer which is on friday. so we're going to see some changes coming our way we're going to cool things down toward the middle of the week and then we'll start to warm things up again as we head toward the weekend high pressure taken over though for tomorrow will be a hot day in land called the coastline with for the sea breeze, keep eyes. they're generally in the 60's but about 30 degrees warmer in some of the valleys cooling down begins on wednesday much cooler on thursday and friday, heating up just a little bit on the first weekend of
8:37 pm
summer. thank you lawrence, a big story. we're following tonight. the pentagon is sending a 1000 additional us troops to the middle east amid tensions with iran. >>in a statement, acting defense secretary said the additional troops will address air naval and ground based threats in that region. the announcement comes after the pentagon released these pictures that it said showed iranian boats removing a mine from one of 2 tankers that were attacked in the gulf of oman on thursday. the us says iran is responsible for the attack iran has denied the accusation. >>the back of the head with you had them in the back of the head with a machete. >>an 11 year-old boy talking about how he fought off an armed robber brandon smith says that he was home alone and used a machete to drive off the man accused of entering his home in north carolina kron four's catherine hainan has more. >>the suspect haiti and home made his first court appearance today. braydon smith says just before noon
8:38 pm
last friday, a car drove up to his home, a window broke and a man came in keene pointed a pellet gun at me. >>that was located in our house and i knew that it wasn't alone so i just sat down and got my closet like he told me to us. >>and he went into the living room to grab my time to make sure i didn't call the 911 or anything when i saw him try to put it in his pocket. i grab my machete off of my wall and went to hit him and i am in the back of the head like rehear the 6th grader says the intruder kick, tim, then noticed his head was bleeding and flatter you >>they went by really fast and i knew that i didn't have any time think about what i was going to his father says he taught his son how to deal with intruders if they come in the door you let him have it 2 hours later a man matching house description sought help for a scalp wound at a local hospital.
8:39 pm
>>deputies were alerted, but the injury was serious and how was transferred to the unc medical center in chapel hill. then the story took another bizarre turn. no sheriff's deputies were there to guard him and how walked away wearing his hospital gown. hall was arrested sunday night at his mother's home, he is charged with breaking and entering second degree kidnapping and assault on a child under 12, young braeden says he has one message to his attacker. he shouldn't done what you've done. catherine heenan kron 4 news. >>for takes over food banks, why many of us volunteer throughout the bay area today. >>and the products that make us look and feel best can reportedly be dangerou
8:40 pm
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tonight, a warning to parents about where to keep your perfume your nail polish or shampoo a study out today says more than 4,000 children go to the hospital every year because of cosmetics. >>in the research published in the journal clinical pediatrics experts say 75% of injuries were from kids swallowing the products arrest for from the product touching the children skin or eyes. among the most dangerous items the products that you use on your nails, harry ures and products they are now 1044 cases of the measles in 28
8:43 pm
states across the country the centers for disease control counted, 22 new cases in the past week. most of them happened in new york state including 8 in new york city. the cdc says this is the worst measles outbreak since 1992, when it recorded 2126 cases. our place decades old. it will help against 2 wildfires. but it comes with a price tag of million the sharks make a big move on one of their star 100 year-old
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
bridge is coming down in placer county just outside of sacramento, the bridge over the north fork of the american never has been deemed safe and the price to replace it could around. >>$23 million has long long tells us replacing the bridge is meant to help firefighters battling wildfires. as you can see. >>the a road bridge here is totally antiquated access is severely limited that you wouldn't say that it was a bridge to nowhere. still $23 million for replacement, they seem a bit excessive. suspension bridges nearing 90 years old its corrugated steel roadway can only carry vehicles and are 3 times and shorter than 11 feet and it can fit just one car at remembe from san jose and drove over though yankee jim bridge for
8:47 pm
the first time. >>i was pretty safety we got through it one of our friends little on his little big so he made it a ridge take a little the premier's was an exaggerated. >>the war we swayze on us cables when people walk across it drive a car. still it has been deemed safe. so why replace the 2012 the robbers fire engulfed this canyon causing evacuations. the time fire crews were stopped cold when their equipment couldn't cross the north fork of the american river at this bridge immediate emergency response personnel couldn't cross the bridge annexing delayed the response. >>for initial attack on that fire. >>it burned for the better part of 2 weeks after getting a headtato both sides of the river that would also be helpful to some of the numerous recreational visitors to the area need emergenc a sec evacuation route is needed from the forest hill area if there is another wildfire.
8:48 pm
>>that is one of the grass routes that they have available to them even with a new bridge, the 80 jim's world great will be torn down. it's part of an historic gold rush route through the canyon and parks officials wanted open only for hikers bikers and equestrians i think this bridge works just fine. so you'd like to see it stand i'd like to see it stay. valuation of the safety for recreational us will determine if that will happen. the completion of this bridge is replacement will require federal money and so it's years away in the meantime this bridge will operate as it has always done since 1930. it is a special day for us here kron 4 today marks the 20th birthday of our company next are broadcasting and as part of founders day celebrations, many of us rolled up our sleeves to help out at bay area food banks today. >>here are some of the faces you will likely recognize dan kerman al bello and debris, some of the guests were at the san francisco more in food bank this morning. >>they were helping to pack rise. i was on corn duty later
8:49 pm
in the afternoon, packing boxes for delivery kron 4 shells clifford spoke to mark seal it with a food bank today of volunteering. >>40,000 people came through our doors last year, the equivalent of about 71 full-time employees doing work that you're seeing right here taking bulk food breaking it down into smaller portions that we can then i distribute out to our community. the other big you have going on at the food bank is you have an expansion in the works where your area hoping to expand. >>not only a in marine, but also here in san francisco kind of what he had planned in short, we don't have enough room to bring as much food as we need to feed this community into this building right now this is a 55,000 square foot facility. we need to expand it by another 28,000 square feet will be pushing the walls out over our parking lot so we can expand our freezer or refrigerator and just have more capacity to bring in more projects like this because the need is so great. >>kron 4 employees also volunteered at the concord food bank today, helping the separate items there into all
8:50 pm
the different categories. >>what we are now in that time on the sports calendar a summer of baseball and free agent signings and the sharks just it's something the warriors are hoping to do very soon and resigned a superstar erik karlsson striking a long-term deal to stay in san jose to ty norris trophy winner has agreed to an 8 year contract extension, reportedly worth million a year making him the league's highest paid defenseman signing the 29 year-old to an extended contract was top priority for when the sharks trade for him back in september. >>so although injuries hampered and this year the all-star has been spent consistently leaving his position points kids for position to bring the stanley cup to san jose. danner's announce key the radio voice the sharks discuss the deal on this evening's edition. >>a bay area sports night. now the sharks have a combination
8:51 pm
of probably greatest set of defense been in the game right that you get brent i think should be the favorite hopefully this week to win the norris trophy for the second time you've got carlson under contract is it to time norris trophy winner, we've got market word last you probably should be in the conversation for that trophy and you've got to the rest of the group but meeting out the defense that's just an amazingly power group of offensively minded players that are great their own zone and i think that carlson is just one of those difference makers that day is the difference in fact battling individual games but oftentimes in whether you might win a series or lose the series and that's exactly what the sharks need. >>and that interview was seen on bay area sports night every night at 7 available on kron on in other news, the rafters celebrated their first world championship through the streets of toronto to go along with the festivities look at this classy move by the warriors the team took out a full page ad in the toronto sun congratulate the franchise on winning the nba finals. after a long weekend in las
8:52 pm
vegas check out the rafters at this party, an estimated 1.5 million people packed the city's downtown area for today's championship parade. >>finals most valuable player kawhi leonard holding up that bill russell trophy for being in bp joined by his raptors teammate to top double decker buses as they made their way along the parade route to a rally. when it came to the speeches we've got this great moment from leonard poking a little fun at himself for his awkward laugh that went viral when he first joined the team. >>now on this was the biggest sports a celebration in toronto in all of canada since the blue jays one their second of 2 straight world series
8:53 pm
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♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ >>a 10 year-old girl now has quite the story to tell about her summer vacation, what i did on my summer vacation, she's believed to be the youngest person in history to climb though 70's el cap it and see night are talking to 3,000 foot knows routes last week in 5 days her dad mike, his friend marker with her every step of the way. her.
8:56 pm
>>out together. percent because alleged is this relaxing >>the cider family lives in colorado that makes a yearly trips yosemite ceiling is the oldest of 4 childre artie plans to show her 7 year-old brother, the ropes to climbing next summer in yosemite does that mean we're going to have a contest now to see the youngest 4, 5, 3, 2, all 4 news at hasn't he done here with kron 4 news at 9. >>thank you chairman can an extra 9 o'clock, the man shot and killed by police in san leandro he's been identified tonight his family is speaking out drivers filling up their cars in one east bay city real left with a sour taste after tainted gasoline left their vehicles. lemons the plans to make things right for people who bought tainted gasoline.
8:57 pm
and oakland libby shaft responding to president trump's tweets on removing illegal aliens from the u s keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break. - hey, mike. check out this time-space wormhole i created. - how's it work? - let me see your togo, and i'll show you. - earl! you have my lunch.
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county coroner's office has confirmed the identity of a man who was shot and killed by police last week 56 year-old anthony gomes was killed on his porch after san leandro police say he pointed what look like a gun at officers. investigators say they discovered after the shooting the gomez was actually holding a block of wood, not a gun thanks for joining us and can wait and i'm catherine he grant vicki had the night off. >>tonight to gomez's mother is speaking out she is disputing the police version of what happened to her son on first-and for news live in san leandro and has more dan. >>katherine the mother tells me that she is not satisfied with this police report she is disputing those claims and she is hoping to see justice. >>laureate tim is sitting on the same porch where her son anthony gomez was shot and killed by police last tuesday, the 81 year-old says her son should still


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