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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 18, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston we appreciate you waking up so early with us before you head outside we want to get a check of the forecast with john shriveled john. >>well robin this morning, not too bad temperatures pretty calm. there are temperatures pretty mild winds a little bit there is some fog out there up and down the coast. your impact of a little bit less than this compared to yesterday though, and you're going to see it or treating even quicker than you did yesterday which as you remember yesterday didn't really take you let long to get to those clear skies skies cleared out pretty rapidly across the bay. now under
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these clear skies today you're going to notice a big change from yesterday in the form of some warmer temperatures. temperatures today are going to climb warmer than they have the past few days back up into the 90's for some spots, but no triple digits. this morning we're already off to a mild start mountain view. redwood city livermore dublin, pittsburgh conquered just to name a few spots that are in the 60's right now oakland's at 58 while berkeley at 55 fairfield right at 60 degrees in most spots besides oakland in hayward are actually just a touch warmer than yesterday livermore being among them up 6 degrees from the same time 24 hours ago. so we're certain things off in a range of 50's and 60's 60's 70's 80's by noon in by the afternoon today we are talking some 90's out their back inland. definitely a hot day for some of us. so a day to crank up the ac if you are away from the water. i'm talking how hot it's going to be in your neck of the woo ahead >>all right, thank you john let's check in on the morning commute for the early birds
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about to roll out of bed and get on out there we're starting off with a look at 80 traffic heading into san francisco and it's doing fine so far no crashes snow stalls are averaging 8 minutes which is great to make your way through the maze through the pay gates seared into downtown san francisco. here's 92 our second busiest bridge of the morning and traffic is filling and quickly on the flat section just west of the toll plaza but overall a nice drive heading over to the peninsula from the east bay to the north they were checking the richmond sandra fell bridge. no problems no hot spots so if you go ahead and leave now, it will be about 8 minutes right on time to make your way from the pay gates across the span and out a one on one. here's what i want to cross the golden gate and we're off to a fantastic start if you come from the north bay you have to commute to san francisco you'll be doing just fine it's a very quick 20 minute trip for south one oh one leaving nevado from 37 to the toll plaza on the san francisco side look at some more numbers and freeways coming up in just a bit. we head to the east bay now we're we're hearing from
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the mother of a man fatally shot by police last week 56 year-old anthony gomes was killed on his porch after officers say he pointed a gun at them. well investigators later found out that he was holding a block of wood, not a gun, here's dan thorn with the latest. >>gloria tim is sitting on the same porch where her son anthony gomez was shot and killed by police last tuesday. the 81 year-old says person should still be alive. >>everybody has been around here. >>has said what wonderful what a wonderful. >>person tim says she disputes the police report saying gomez was wielding a machete and exposing himself to children of that afternoon. however, tim says there was a neighborhood conflict that began with someone scored and mustard on the back of her van. tim confronted the neighbors who she suspected of doing this and gomez followed holding a big night. >>he did have a knife, but it was it like in the handle was in his hand and it was like to
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slip up against didn't show anybody the knife he didn't raise the night he did nothing at all like that. i told him i says to take that angle back home. >>san leandro police arrived as gomez was walking back home. tim says her son through the night in a neighbor's front yard. after police ordered him to drop the weapon. she joined him on the front porch of their house and martin boulevard when police pulled out. >>through their doors open and the kind of us some i stood behind the door. but there was a woman who immediately immediately this woman had a god daryn gun. pointed right at him on the porch for no reason. >>police say after several minutes gomez refused to listen commands and at one point simulated he had a gun. officers that him to step down from the porch and get away from gomez i got dot even to the back of their car and she what that was it one shot the britons and just she had that
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gun or a smack in front her sharpshooter waiting for that has some money to appear. police say after the shooting it turned out to be a block of gomez was pointing at the officers, but tim says that's not true. >>he had nothing in his hands. nothing. and not in the imitation of an m not again not thing. >>police report there was no gun recovered from the scene tim is now accusing the department of wrongfully killing her son and making him look like an evil man i once had 3 and now i don't have much money. reporting in san leandro dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>when you this morning, these 2 men have been arrested in connection to a gas station robbery in san jose. 20 year old leonard hall and 21 year-old kevin ta were taken
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into custody for a robbery at the 76 gas station on north first street earlier this month. hall was also connected to similar robberies that happened this year tot was arrested for another robbery back in may. both are now facing robbery assault and attempted murder charges. well a number of drivers say that their cars broke down after getting gas at a shell gas station and new york. now it's located right along north boulevard and jarvis avenue there it is it happened on saturday, several customers had their cars to just all out breakdown a few minutes after getting their gas. one man said that he had to pay more than $4,000 when his car just quit stop working on the freeway. a mechanic says repairing a car with gas that gas is not a simple 6. after. >>remove the s think clean and put it back. we have to flush the lines and in some cases you can damage injectors and then in some cases even if you put in that i have to put a new few pop average if you pump, it's a $500.
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>>everything that's happened. yeah, a cheap gas station owner says that they do not have confirmation of. >>exactly what happened. but they believe that there may be a punk sure that cause brine to sink into that gasoline. with the shop is responding after president trump announced plans to remove millions of illegal immigrants from the u s so the president mentioned the possible immigration raids on twitter he says that the process will begin next week. and mayor schaaf responded saying quote if you continue to threaten targeted terrorize families in my community and we receive credible information you already know our values in oakland and we will on a pot of apologetically stand up for those values end quote as to where these rates could happen in the united states, it's still unclear. happening today, president trump launches his reelection campaign his supporters could be seen setting up lining up they're putting out some tense there hanging out there, trump
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flags ahead of his rally that's going to happen tonight in orlando. the la center where the rally will be held. now it seems 20,000 people in a tweet president trump said there've been more than a 100,000 requests to attend. remember the well that became famous for swimming along the alameda coast. well that will has started to head back out to the pacific ocean this is some good news kron four's taylor psaki has that story. i was actually come and see the well because kept hearing that it here. >>and i was like oh my god a day and the night came in you told me that she left the humpback whale first arrived at the alameda coast at the end of may she has caused quite the draw to alameda. >>so much that fans named e at lately we have they hear that the wells have been coming here dying and so you know. >>as good she got out the marine mammal center says the humpback whale was spotted in
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the san francisco bay closer to the city on saturday, hoping she's on her way back to the pacific ocean. >>after arriving here malnourished and in poor condition. all spectators are sad to see alley go they say it's for the better it >>a lifetime a humpback whale over here in alameda as equally as amazing as it was to be around her. it was very very heartbreaking for both of us where avid animal lovers we animal roommates you know, and just it was just heartbreaking miss see her away from her pod monica batna garner daughter mia decide followed alleys journey from the very beginning that guard even organized a prayer circle last week to help send alley on her way our attention was helping alley an orderly she needed to be helped. >>and then the sick leave. joining forces essentially to magnifier pears it's a good thing that she lashed alameda line is now and.
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>>and closer to san francisco. >>yeah, we're happy that alleys honor way that was tailored soccer reporting. biologists believe that alley enter the bay searching for shelter from the harsh open ocean and the hope by you know going toward the golden gate bridge special actually find more fish to feed on. we're hoping so all right coming up next. one of 2 defendants and the ghost ship warehouse fire takes the stand that some people say he had no remorse won't testify. dies while trying to climb yosemite, we'll hear about the impact that she made with her community before this tragedy. before we go a little peek outside and checking in on the san mateo bridge all is well traffic looks good. another nice day in store john trouble tracking your forecast. he has everything you need to know after the break stay with us.
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>>but john travel here to let us know ahd of us now be hotter though really a little bit of a warm-up today that's of warm-up act to the 90's for a few spots gone. oh, yeah we triple digits which we don't want to bring iraq. this is just by looking outside of san francisco. you do see a touch of fog out there in the distance your fog is very patchy this morning, not near as widespread as it was yesterday looking overhead at satellite and radar we're nice and dry right now. >>now this area of low pressure sitting just to our south is definitely resulting in some cooler temperatures further to the south but we are on the trend of a warm-up as high pressure builds back in pushing on into northern california, helping to keep some of that coastal air at bay and hoping to will boost temperatures, especially far inland areas out of the 80's where they were yesterday and now today back into the 90's making today the warmest day of our forecast this week not
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as warm as last week was you remember those triple digits, but still very warm work our way through the rest of the week you're going to notice some coastal fog but temperatures are going to cool down and conditions are going to stay dry so we still do have those 70's out along the coast, it's actually going to be a very similar day to where we have been in areas like mill valley, san francisco and half moon bay in a range of low to mid 70's today novato hayward each in the low 80's oakland in the mid 70's, while conquered in livermore among those spots back up into the 90's antioch just below iso temperatures just a bit warmer than yesterday enough to take us to those 90's for a few of our inland areas. now tomorrow will be slightly cooler not a huge cool down just yet by thursday temperatures cooling even further just a bit more and then friday the official start of summer and hey coming along with very average conditions for your first day of summer 80's inland 70's by the bay 60's by the coast and it's a range of numbers will hang pretty tight too. all the
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way through the weekend and eventually on into next week all this time we're going to stay nice and dry with mostly sunny skies. cool breeze here and there but overall reayly nice forecast to round out spring and start a new season on friday. robin. >>all right, thank you john let's check in on the morning commute now we want to take a look at traffic heading into san francisco looking pretty good. no major trouble spots here on a tease us to minor weights in some of the cash lanes a quick trip across the upper deck and no problems rolling into downtown san francisco. so that's what we like to say we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 and we're off to a great start here as well traffic is a nice and smooth through the tolls across the span connecting to one o one into a knot of sandra fell nova trouble spots, 92 picking up in both directions but no problems here between the east bay and the peninsula use it now i'll give you about an hour and it's going to be packed 11 minutes and growing between the nimitz and the bay shore freeway, traveling through
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sonny bill there's an accident north one on its fair oaks it's an overturned, but it's on the shoulder of the off-ramp so it's not blocking but i'll keep my eyes on it if we start to have lanes blocked all definitely what you know and pass it on the right now you're good to see may see a little tap on the brakes or through the scene highway 4 at the limit for contra costa county 6.80 looks really good. so far from chico out 2 danville that's going south. no problems for the nimitz rolling south of them leaving the south bay to the peninsula. what i want in great shape to heading north it's under 30 minutes, north one oh one 85 in san jose to menlo park. well health care provider kaiser permit it's a plans to bill what will be the largest office tower the city of oakland. so the company announced it's investing million to buy land in the city's uptown neighborhood also known as downtown oakland and break ground next year. now here's some renderings of that office tower there it is kaiser permanente thrive center we'll be on broadway and telegraph, it'll stand 28
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stories tall and spend 1.6 million square feet. it's expected to generate a onetime million economic benefit for the city of oakland and more than million in annual tax revenues, it's set to be completed in the next 4 years. the loss of a california teacher who died while climbing a rock climbing at yosemite national park patricia students. she died from a blunt head injury earlier this month. the 57 year-old middle school teacher from the was leading a climb group when she fell on the central pillar, a frenzy in yosemite. now it's not exactly clear whatthat to teaching students through service to others and she was planning to take a trip next month to build a home until wanna with more than a dozen students. one of the many blessings that to something with his is nightfall campus community. >>of like minded individuals. now they and they know about
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the work there. they're eager to help out in whatever way they can. >>well fellow climbers have created an online morning pay trust oops. a san joaquin sheriff's a is receiving backlash for all turned a photo of a sex-offender now one of the suspects happened to be wearing a t shirt with the logo a campaign logo of a man running for congress when he was arrested for pedophilia so the picture that was posted to the department's facebook page made a lot of folks upset the sheriff ended up editing the photo after the candidate asked him to remove it, which is a move that he acknowledges was a mistake. >>we're new to this when we make mistakes. we're going know there was no political motivation, weary. we've got to protect everybody our job is to to stay out of that stuff as much as possible. >>well the department will now blur out all logos on arrest pictures. >>on to national news now about a 1000 more troops are being sent to the middle east
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as tension escalates with iran. the move comes just days after an attack on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman that the us planes on iran, the acting defense secretary says the goal is to step up the senses against air naval and ground-based threats, european and other international officials are calling for restraint. well an army veteran was fatally shot by police after he opened fire just outside of a federal courthouse in dallas, 22 year-old brian clyde he was worried a mask. he was carrying more than a 150 rounds of ammunition for a high powered rifle. he approached the entrance of the building he just started shooting officials are still trying to determine a motive. but they say that there is nothing to indicate the presence of in the other shooter or threats to the fbi over that investigation. supreme court set a same sec's discrimination case involving a bakery back to oregon's court of appeals. so the court
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will take another look at whether the bakery should hava to pay a $135,000 worth of fines in this particular case. now this comes after the owner refused to bake a wedding cake for a same sec's couple because of religious concerns so the attorneys representing the former bakery owner, they feel vindicated with the court's decision. >>kind of feel like we're you know getting another go at this and. >>to stand strong on it. the process will continue for a bit longer which is i think stressful on everyone involved and it's not particularly helpful. the ultimate result. we are very confident is going to be the same. >>well the kleins a closer bakery back in 2016. and it's unclear how long it may take to schedule a hearing before organs court of appeals will definitely keep you posted. a boeing 7.37 max airplane might be getting a name change so the company is looking to.
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>>leave some of the negativity associated with its flagship lane of the past. the planes are at the center of 2 deadly crashes. so the company's cfo says that boeing is open to input toward restoring the brand's reputation right now the company is working to fix problems with that anti saul system and the planes have been grounded since march. before we go want to take a little peek outside church might not here's the cold and a little foggy outside. >>in some spots, especially along the coast freeze to that right a little breezy for you to but your afternoon highs are looking pretty good john trimble says we are in store for a warm up so i'm looking forward to that will have the hollywood minute coming up for you after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, thanks for staying with us today in entertainment news and oscar-winning actress explains why she made a startling revelation. david daniel has that and more in the hollywood minute. >>and also sexual-assault victim also that. a survivor date rape. so it i never said that. do not want to go into detail. >>actress mira sorvino made that announcement recently pushing for new york state to strengthen laws against sexual-assault and harassment i felt that if i did not speak authentic lia's survivor. it would not be as powerful, maybe wouldn't push those laws across the finish line and i feel that victims of those kinds of crime deserve justice and deserve the time to process. so that they can finally come to bring themselves to report and see
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that justice. >>hunger games prequel novel is on the way but don't expect more of katniss peeta and gale author suzanne collins says the book is set 64 years before the beginning of the original trilogy that's due out next may no word yet whether a movie will follow. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>well if you plan on going to las vegas a summer shun iot way is heading back to headline at planet hollywood. how about that the female country legend announced her let's go residency that's what it's call. so the show will captures some of twain's early hits while incorporating some fun and some new visual elements of performances will run from december to june 2020 just in case you want to check it out and tickets go on sale this friday, one more fun thing to do in vegas. all right a little trip outside you're checking in on the bay bridge show there's a little bit of a back of the some of your cash lanes but overall we consider this a nice commute
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into san francisco will be back with more weathrr and traffic checks after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news. i hope your way clear waking up right along with you sipping your coffee talking about the weather and you said john. yeah, i like it. yeah, i know you like that warm. long as the sun triple digits. yes i think we can get through this one and it's a short lived or
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yesterday was toasty for some today is going to be just a little bit more toasty tentative into the afternoon we could stop there. >>and that will stop note host year. you know summer just around the corner. is our friday friday is the first day of some you know it's which is kind of weird because it's been feeling like summer already so friday. so first official day wanted to go out with a bang after a nice calm the dew will range, yes. cool start to it. and we're up finishing spring on a pretty warm note and you could say and uh yeah things are going to be of big toasty today after what has been a mild start to the morning. so far golden gate bridge is looking pretty clear actually there is a touch of fog out there. fog is not really blocking out visibility though,


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