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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  June 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>that he and the administration made fumble into a war. >>now it's 6 concerns of armed conflict after iran shuts down a us drone top senate democrat chuck schumer says lawmakers should hold an open debate about what to do next. are republicans called for a measured response. thanks for joining us at 6, i'm can way and i'm pam moore senator schumer's response comes after congressional leaders and trump administration officials. >>set in a classified briefing for more than an hour today earlier president trump reacted to iran's action while meeting with canada's prime minister, the president promised action of some sort. >>obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it you can find out they made a very big mistake. >>the us navy says the unarmed surveillance aircraft was shot down in international waters or on and says the enormous drone violated iranian airspace kron four's graham lotus shows us what had happened in the early morning
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hours at the entrance to the persian gulf. >>you know shows the antiaircraft missile heading towards the drone in the early morning hours. revolutionary guard said the us needed to be taught a lesson. >>i know you change it. we have no to fight with any countries. but we are complete ready for war. >>us commanders said a different message an unprovoked attack. >>on a us surveillance assets that had not violated iranian airspace at any time during its mission. >>warsi triton is the newest addition to the navy's eyes and ears bigger than a 7.37 airliner it could easily fly from san francisco to washington d c snap pictures for up to 8 hours and fly home
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without refueling president trump says iran is lucky. no one was hurt when we had nobody in the drought, local would have made a big difference. let me tell you in recent weeks, the pentagon has deployed ships soldiers and a patriot missile system to the gulf. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez says the president is under pressure from his hawkish secretary of state and national security advisor. >>i think they're trying to go to us into a military convoy that's completely irresponsible. >>in fact in many cases since the opposition, but i will say look i said i want to get out of these endless wars i campaigned on that i'm grant lotus kron 4 news. >>today is a very very sad day. we lost a hero. we lost a leader. we lost somebody who we love. raw emotions for many who are remembering officer
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tara o'sullivan, the young rookie officer from the bay area was shot and killed in sacramento last night. >>police say o'sullivan was trying to help a woman involved in a domestic dispute when a man opened fire kron four's ashley zavala live for us in sacramento. but the very latest on this investigation, ashley. >>well here at the sacramento police department investigators say adele ramos is behind bars tonight accused of murdering tara o'sullivan. sullivan's death marks the first line of duty death here for this department in the last 20 years. her death leaving this community both stunned and sad. >>why would he do that neighbors in north sacramento, still trying to make sense of what happened here wednesday night police say they booked 45 year-old adele some but i know ramos on murder charges after shooting and killing sacramento police officer tar o'sullivan's that's a gator say ramos began firing at o'sullivan as she helped the woman grabbed belongings from a home after domestic
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incident, investigators say ramos continue to fire rounds from a rifle for hours until finally surrendering to police early thursday morning, some neighbors say they thought ramos was kind of jury still at the gate gentleman, but something happened. >>you know there's always more to the pitcher than meets the eye so. >>messed up standing in solidarity with police a community member tied up blue ribbons in support of the rookie officer and the police still processing her murder scene thursday. >>she gave her young life while protecting our community sacramento's mayor shaken by her death to tar as parents and family inter as fellow officers. i am so sorry. >>o'sullivan is the 4th officer killed and shot and killed in the line of duty in the sacramento region in the last 9 months before her it was natalie corona davis police officer before that it was seeing in stanislaw county and before that it was back here in sacramento county with
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deputy mark stassi up. now we're also learning more about the man who killed o'sullivan that adele ramos, his brother says he's been a strange from the family. and he's been accused of of on on drug abuse and of domestic violence. he reportedly says he hopes his brother spends the rest of his life in prison. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. thank you ashley. >>our team coverage on the deadly officer-involved shooting continues now with khan forcefully to gaal he reports from the east bay where officer o'sullivan grew up. >>before officer tara o sullivan joined the sacramento police department last year she grew up in pleasant hill where her parents still live both her mother and father are too broken up to speak. neighbors also shocked to hear about o'sullivan's passing we stopped by college park high school where she graduated in 2011, several of her photos are found in the yearbook the first senior year tara o sullivan was a member of the women's varsity soccer team
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she was very busy throughout high school having served in the explorer program for the martinez police department from 2008 to 2011 in a statement. martinez police say quote the tar o'sullivan will always be remembered as a vibrant energetic and passionate community servant who rose through the ranks as an explorer sergeant and serve the community with purpose. in 2011 she also participated in the pleasant hill police departments explorer program in o'sullivan's honor. pleasant hill police flying the flags at half-staff same goes for college park. o sullivan also took general education classes at diablo valley college in 2011 before transferring to sacramento state university. in a statement, the v c says quote we are proud of her success and of her choice to serve protect and give back to her community. we are heartbroken that her life was taken at such a young age and behind the college police department, those sullivan remembered for
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her brave service. in pleasant hill felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>as fire season starts in california p g is inspecting and repairing problems in high-rent fire area this is still a day will be constructing temper. >>very transmission lines in southern marin cwunty that's because it's wildfire safety inspections have identified 10 towers there that need to be replaced. bob or dan kerman live in sausalito tonight with more on this stand. well a tear in sausalito that those 10 towers power this town and that's why they're putting up these. >>temporary line so in the course of replacing these towers they don't shut off howard to the city of sausalito. >>throughout the southern marine hills you'll find pg need transmission towers winding their way through the golden gate national recreation area during fire safety inspections. the utility is then a fight 10 that will need to be replaced.
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trails have already been shut down so pg any can start putting in temporary transmission lines. so the lights don't go off all the towers are being replaced the temporary line should be in place in 45 days, the new towers will take a year or more to complete so far p g says it's completed visual an aerial inspections of approximately 98% of the nearly 50,000 transmission structures in or adjacent to high fire threat areas. pg e is also identified 53,000 corrective actions and transmission structures with nearly a 100 conditions identified has high priority. a 100% of these highest priority conditions had been repaired or made safe to say we if i lose 53,000 violations that are transmission lines we've taken care of. >>100 of them the 100 worst doesn't she should make anybody sleep at night. >>attorney mike danko represents hundreds of fire
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victims. he's concerned there's no timeline for repairs of lower priority problems he also doesn't think p g and he can be trusted to prioritize what's most risky. >>we certainly can't trust that the ones that they leave for another day are not going to cause a problem because history show that pg routinely message that calculation up in the history also shows it is it's always been the problems that pg e has decided do not need immediate attention that caused the catastrophe. >>again this segment of the distribution line is what powers the city of sausalito because they're putting in temporary lines should leave lights on here during that 12 month process to put in those 8 hours live in sausalito dan kerman kron 4. >>thank you well let's take another live look outside right now looking north toward the golden gate you can still see the towers of the farc has
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been completely taken over right but where we saw than just a couple miles north of that it is still sunny and theresa it is windy out there and concerns about that with fire danger. >>yeah that's right already tracking sustained winds that 20 mile per hour range for most of the north bay with gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour or less later tonight, mainly along the highest peaks of sonoma napa and even moraine county so even though we're not under that red flag warning there is that threat and area of concern for those of you in the north bay specifically in the hills and mountains to just keep that in mind right now red flag warning it will go into effect tonight all the way through saturday, specifically for the sacramento valley and parts of lake county. so far the north bay and most of the bay area out of the woods for now, but as you could see winds increasing for those of you in napa and even fairfield seeing sustained winds in that 20 mile per hour range with gusts already reaching that 30 mile per hour range. so fortunately. well below advisory level but close enough for us to certainly watch out for that hear from the kron 4 weather center live
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look outside the from south market as you can see diminishing marine layer and that's a trend that i'm tracking within the coming days because a warm-up is heading our way already seeing warmer temperatures along the coast, but cooler temperatures as you make your way inland and a 20 degree difference from downtown san francisco to antioch widespread 50's along the san francisco peninsula and still in the 70's for those of you in antioch but we're all going to feel the heat starting tomorrow, our first day of summer more coming up in your full weekend outlook in just a few minutes ken pam back to you all a result. >>also coming up a step forward for bart and its effort to solve the crowding problems the approval bar just got from washington dc also in washington congress says it's sending help to communities dealing with the humanitarian crisis along the southern border. some lawmakers say the emergency border funding is not enough and what led to the hour's long standoff overnight in the north bay.
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>>new at 6 we now know the name of the san anselmo man who barricaded himself in a room for almost 8 hours that's gators identified him as 33 year-old brian anthony goes. >>kron four's christina tate row was in san this morning after the suspect surrendered to police. i'm here brookside elementcry school, the command center for this entire. >>investigation and crews are currently wrapping up after negotiating with the man who barricaded himself inside of his room for almost 8 hours.
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it happenem just a few blocks down the road here in a residential neighborhood off of butterfield in san anselmo not far from the elementary school. police say it all started just after 11 o'clock last night when the man locked himself in his room with a knife barricading the door with furniture after he and his roommate had some sort of fight or alter cation the roommate telling police the man allegedly vandalized his car. there is a shelter in place a few blocks around the home while police were negotiating with the barricaded man. >>the fact they some school with a knife. we just have to like protect people from like a deadly threat. >>luckily, no one was hurt and all the warnings have been lifted in this general area reporting in san anselmo christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>and sonoma county sheriff deputies arrested a man they say crashed ash to pick up truck and then attack a passer by who stopped to help him. deputies say the crash happened on broadway in sonoma sometime about 7 yesterday morning. the victim saw the truck in a ditch and asked the
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driver if you needed help that's when the victim said the driver ran towards him with what looked like a hammer. doctors arrested the driver 37 year-old wayne 48 as he was running through neighborhoods in his underwear. investigators say 48 tested positive for methamphetamine. >>today the first defense witnesses were called to the stand for derick almena in ago ship warehouse fire trial in oakland. a burning sofa outside of the warehouses, the lake between the 3 witnesses and the defendant kron four's haaziq has the story. >>go ship president a childhood friend of the master to did and an unlicensed contractor who installed a still fired or the worked on the electricity being supplied to the warehouse that is the first line up of defense witnesses called to the stand for derick almena here at the goal ship trial in oakland, something the witnesses have all 3 testified that they saw oakland firefighters taking a tour of the go shipped led by derick almena
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after firefighters responded to a couch fire incident outside the warehouse back in september 2014 2 years before the fire that killed 36 people cold if it did that here is each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for their deaths how many as lead defense attorney tony serra talks about white decided to call these witnesses on day one. >>our witnesses. were put on today for one reason and one reason only. to show that. >>there were fire personnel. >>shebaa teeny included that went into go shipped. in the first or son in 2014. they have and the more pleaded night they went in. and we at the end of this case will point to 3 who said not only is they go in they took a tour and on one occasion they would then c >>the defense also called oakland police officer j fact
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or a he testified responding to a child protective services welfare check on a man has 3 children. he also testified that he personally only with 5 feet inside the front door, the warehouse and he did not see any signs of people living there. >>he. i completely agree. he didn't add anything new probably to some degree her >>the next witness for the defense. there are calm and his wife. she's anticipated to take the stand next week in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>go outside at sfo people coming and going as we get closer to the weekend you can still see the sun is out in that area we like to call thursday friday, he goes for close mabrisa so close to the weekend and this isn't just a regular friday coming up it's the first day of summer solstice shortly before 9 o'clock friday morning so will be the longest day of the year. >>and after that shorter days ahead and but enjoy tomorrow's forecast because i am tracking a gradual warming trend in fact we werall near average
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today with the exception of santa rosa 10 degrees below normal. but tomorrow you're going to warm up about 15 degrees from today's daytime highs of just one more day to go. but there is an area of concern for those of you in the north bay specifically along the highest peaks of sonoma napa and even marine counties, gusty wind speeds of 35 miles per hour or less and if those warm dry mountain breezes that could cause and spark high fire danger in the bay area right now we're out of that red flag warning territory but if we do see wind speeds near that wind advisory threshold of around 40 to 45 miles per hour or less. we could be under that red flag warning in addition, 2 sacramento valley that will be under that red flag warning starting tonight through saturday, current wind speeds out there right now already picking up for those of you a nap and fairfield sustained winds and that 20 mile per hour range with gusts. already at that 30 mile per hour range so that's something we're certainly going to keep an eye on here from the kron 4
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weather center. storm tracker 4 right now very dry conditions in combat that with the exception of those gusty, northerly winds already increasing for those of you in the north bay but diminish and marine layer tonight, and that's going to be the trend that will be improving within the next couple of days by friday afternoon we're going to note is plenty of sunshine a little bit earlier than today and with that warmer temperatures already tracking widespread 60's and 70's right along the coast with the exception of downtown san francisco. a little bit cooler at 59 degrees and overnight lows tonight, we'll be generally mild in the low to mid 50's wake-up planner forecast though is going to show by our noon lunch time hour on friday. already under mostly sunny skies and thanks to that extra sunshine warmer temperatures for your friday afternoon on our first day of summer above average highs of 69 degrees for downtown san francisco, oakland 74 degrees in san jose in the low 80's and we're going to continue that warming trend all weekend long until we cool down early
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next week ken pam back to you thank a breeze said bart is now one step closer to running more trains through the transbay tube. >>and a late-inning peak hour trains to try to relieve overcrowding the federal transit administration announced today. it approved parts effort to advance the transbay quarter core capacity project as it's called into the engineering phase. the administration will now allocated $300 million toward that project. bart asked for almost billion in federal funding, the california supreme court says san francisco can collect parking taxes from state university parking lots in the city that tax applies to lots run by the university of california, san francisco. >>medical center. you see hastings college of law and the san francisco state university. the schools have claimed that a city cannot tax a branch of the state government but the high court unanimously ruled today, the tax is not levied on a state agency but rather on individual drivers using those lots coming up tonight.
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>>6.45 some serious fun in the sky and over the water in tonight's flying tales meet the bay area pilots we're taking full advantage of mother nature's playground. >>but first addressing the financial crisis along the u s mexican border, a major funding deal that lawmakers are trying to get to border communities but why some say that money is not enough. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefit may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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>>from mexico, a senate committee approved a billion deal for emergency border funding him that bill includes $30 million to pay back local communities and organizations which are using their own money to care for the migrants. >>well for is washington correspondent anna warneke he has more on this developing story. >>this humanitarian and security crisis has been going on a long time and it just keeps getting worse texas republican senator john cornyn says the border towns on the front lines of the immigration crisis are going broke dealing with a lot of unaccompanied children and families. not boxes and diapers and the communities on the mexican border have been forced to cover the costs until now on thursday, the senate appropriations committee passed a billion emergency funding bill. >>which includes million to pay communities and private
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organizations and if care for the thousands of migrants at the u s mexico border. >>this is a little bit we needed and long overdue temporary relief to those border communities will help them. and keep doing what they're doing to addresses humanitarian crime. >>communities and organizations must apply to be reimbursed for 2019 expenses million just before the end of the year texas republican congressman will hurd says while he welcomes the help it's not enough this is going to have to be something that continues into the next fiscal year heard says it's only a be indeed on a larger problem the long-term fix is not treating everybody that comes into our country. >>as if their asylum seeker i know the demand and the impact on taxes and on our border. >>communities is great but before these communities see any money according says congress still needs to step up and pass the bill in the hous washington, i'm anna warning key. >>horse racing hits the bay ear
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>>time to act is now because everybody is interested in this the media is finally recognizing that horses are being killed at racetracks and we want to show everybody that it is not only santa anita and it is not only 2019 this has been happening for many many years. calling for change to protect ray sources of future force racing in california
6:30 pm
faces. >>some tough questions after the deaths of 29 horses at santa anita. but the tragedy in southern california is also hitting home here in the bay area animal rights activists in the bay area are pushing the state to take action from force charles clifford has details on that. >>well here in pleasanton on thursday the california horse racing board met at the alameda county fairgrounds now the horse racing board along with horse racing in general in california has received a lot of attention lately due to the fact that 29 horses have died at the santa anita racetrack in southern california since the beginning of the year. now in attendance at today's meeting were numerous people hoping to speak during the public comment section at the end of the meeting we spoke to an attorney who says he's worked for a long time to bring an end to horse racing and she feels this is their moment to move forward it's animal cruelty in our opinion at its finest when you see horses being with their leg snapped that the you heart attacks sudden death.


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