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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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have an update for you for you on that fire in san leandro other top story tonight ice will start rating communities and major us cities that could start as soon as sunday. this includes san francisco and possibly other parts of the bay area. the move comes after president trump's tweet about the operation other cities involved could include atlanta, baltimore chicago, denver houston, los angeles, miami new orleans and new york. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. these are not expected to be random raids in february i sent about 2000 letters to families who have court ordered removals and now. >>bay area mayors and activists are reacting to these planned roundups kron four's justine waltman talks with oakland mayor libby schaff about her fight against these >>in the past oakland mayor libby shaft warned her community about possible on ice raids and she took a lot of heat for that this time she says if she gets any credible information about exactly when and where these rates what happened she says you already know our values in oakland,
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this is not my america. >>this is not an appropriate use. >>the oakland mayor libby shaft with sharp words for president about immigration rates the president tweeting earlier this week ice would deport millions of people in the country illegally. >>we should find it and accept. from their communities. tension or cages. >>waves could impact some 2000 people across the country including in the bay area starting on sunday. ice has said it is considering arresting and deporting families we have gone through their legal proceedings and that final orders to be deported from the judges. >>but did not comply with the order. >>when mayor chef learned of immigration raids last year she warned the community and the president was not pleased. i
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>>the recommends that you look into obstruction of justice for the marathon california jet. she advises 1000 people they force winds coming we are a very. sanctuary city here in >>the oakland was not named as a target the mayor wants her community to not panic but be prepared. she also has communicated with the police department about its role in immigration rates. >>our police department is very well aware of our. reporting in any way appearing to support i stray or other actions by immigration enforcement officials. >>we did reach out to ice for comment about these potential raids, but a spokesperson told us it will not release any information about enforcement actions in oakland, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>london breed the mayor of san francisco issuing a statement today saying it is unconscionable that the
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federal administration is targeting innocent immigrant families with secret raise that are designed to inflict as much fear and pain as possible. here in san francisco. we will always demonstrate our values of diversity and inclusiveness by being a sanctuary city that stands up for all of our residents and neighbors. >>san jose mayor sam liccardo also spoke out today about the ice raids saying the trump administration is targeting innocent families by using fear and exclusion. the cargo says people should understand their rights and remain vigilant. >>it's important for all of our residents regardless. their immigration status to know they have rights and that ce department will not participate in any ice investigation or ice unfortunate activity. i also encourage our community to inform themselves about their rights to remain vigilant for ice agents, entering a home or business without consent or without a valid warrant.
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>>governor gavin, newsome is also weighing in on the pending immigration raids, he said in part the president's proposed raise or cruel miss directed in are creating unnecessary fear and exile and anxiety. california is a place of refuge that includes our schools, our courts and our hospitals and clinics, a number of organizations and advocates are condemning the planned immigration raids in the bay area, the council on american-islamic relations has called this activity. an attack on undocumented immigrants kron four's dan thorn live for us tonight in the city with more reaction dan. >>that's right and care is saying that this is targeting innocent families and they are using. exclusion in order to attack these families who are just trying to better themselves and they're calling on people to stand up for their neighbors for people who are living in their communities despite them being undocumented immigrants. >>possible ice raids in the bay area have many on edge and
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advocacy groups are speaking out. >>this week. we have numerous families who are living in terror and fear of being deported and you have families who are. we being split apart. you know right now we have children in cages so obviously this is a real fear and this is a real threat. >>the minute you spawn with the council on american islamic relations says the trump administration is trying to rile up his base by targeting undocumented immigrants. >>president has had no problem with separating families whether it be through on the bus and taliban or whether it be to deporting. families. >>the immigration institute of the bay area has also called out the potential enforcement saying the announcement stating there's no other choice but to round up immigrants is baseless and the country's largest statewide lgbtq civil rights organization equality california is asking people to step up and defend their undocumented immigrant neighbors. >>the very fact that we're separating families, dividing
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people and putting children in cages that definitely stands it really is an attack on our country's values you know this is not who we are. >>well amid the deportation threats organizations providing information on what people should do if they are approached by isis such as contacting immigration providers, i'm making a child care and family preparedness plan and finding out which documents you should and should not have on you and that is in case you are approached by ice ages that's the latest here live in san francisco. dan norton. >>and our coverage of the ice raids continues at kron 4 dot com. there you will find what to do if you're approached by ice. what statistics say about the job in deportations and what the agency is saying about these impending >>developing news tonight, sacramento, police held a news conference to give an update on the death of officer tara
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o'sullivan. police provided a body cam video of the incident and they say the suspects 45 year-old adele ramos fired a number of rounds throughout the day and into the night. sacramento police chief daniel hand provided an update on where they stand in their investigation. officers were essentially ambushed by the suspect and the result was him or during one of our communities. police officers. throughout much of this incident from the first time the suspect shot at our officers, murdering officer o'sullivan. at 06:10pm. he continued to fire at officers for over 4 hours is clear by the suspects action that he was intent on murdering. addition officers and was taking action to do just that. repeatedly shooting at officers. throughout much of this incident. that he had multiple weapons. in multiple buildings on the property. both handgun. and rifles along
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with numerous rounds of ammunition. due to the fact that the officers believe they're being shot at with the hype high powered rifle. they had officers retrieve armored vehicle. i truly believe if officers utilize the equipment they had at the time. to retrieving the armored vehicle. we would have of additional officers murdered on that day. again that was sacramento police chief daniel hahn sacramento. police say they will remain on the scene at the home through the weekend. >>as they continue their investigation we also want to point out that there is some body camera video that was provided were editing that right now and we'll have that on in just a few minutes here on kron 4 news. >>meantime we're going to check in on our weather a live look outside at this hour, san francisco's embarcadero looking lovely on this friday night as we head into a warm weekend on the first day of
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summer the first night of summer too first night of summer all already tracking warmer temperatures out there this evening, the pair to 24 hours ago that warming trend is going to continue all weekend long so let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge. >>as you can see the marine layer nowhere in sight. warm temperatures for interior valleys 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago in livermore concord and even fairfield and a few degrees of warming for most areas right along the coast says still tracking 70's for those of you in concord an antioch widespread 60's everywhere else and 50's right along the coast of the bay area and overnight lows. we'll also be warmer tonight compared to last night only cooling down into the mid to upper 50's this evening with the exception of antioch you're going to cool down into the mid 60's so very warm overnight lows for you. sonoma raceway will take place this weekend and with that very hot temperatures of fact flirting with 90's by saturday but hitting that low 90 degree mark by sunday expected to be the hottest day of the next 7
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but 5 degrees above average for most of our coastal areas. downtown san francisco warming up to 73 degrees pacific in the mid 60's, half moon bay also in the low 70's for you bilbray 76 degrees san bruno 73 degrees and wind speeds out of the north so that's where going to notice clear skies for most of your saturday and warmer temperatures for everyone, san carlos 83 degrees palo alto in the low 80's and widespread upper 80's and low 90's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 80 degrees, but santa clara and campbell, 91 degrees for your saturday afternoon highs in the east bay, wind speeds about 20 miles per hour or less livermore and pleasanton in the low 90's but hayward 81 degrees. so if you want leave just head to the beach or coastal areas milder temperatures there compared to our interior valleys. walnut creek 92 degrees berkeley and richmond, 76 degrees for your saturday afternoon highs. napa
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87 degrees benicia at 90 degrees and also santa rosa in the low 90's as well let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast and as you could see sunday will be the hottest day, especially for interior valleys and above average temperatures will continue right along the coast, so very little change from saturday through sunday by monday though we do notice some relief in the forecast. but the real cool down one a ride until the middle of next week. that's when we're all expected to be below average with that increase in cloud cover as well so we will notice the return of june gloom early next week, thanks to that cool down and no rain in sight for at least the next 7 days so, very summer-like temperatures and above average daytime highs this weekend. all right we'll enjoy it. thank you. >>happening now a warning to dog owners the canine flu is back in the bay area you may remember that flew first to arrive in the south bay in january of last year in just one month that outbreak left
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188 dogs, sick in northern california and now is calm force and cover reports there's an outbreak in the east bay at oakland animal services outbreak of canine flu. the so far sickened 55 of the 108 dogs at oakland animal services. >>the shelter operators believe all of the dogs will likely become infected we discovered it on tuesday and have since had more confirmed cases. >>and so we're working really hard to contain it. >>dog flu is highly contagious and can be deadly. symptoms include sneezing coughing a high fever and low energy and it's easily passed from dog to dog or even dog to human to dogs anything that an infected dog touches. then becomes a potential source for infection for another dog. so that could be things out in the environment in the world. you can also be people's hands or clothing veterinarians say the best course of action for dog owners is to get your dog. the vaccine. the vaccine provides
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good protection for the strains of flu that we see in the event that your dog was exposed in does contract. the virus. it also proved that will lessen the symptoms the outbreak has already spread to the east bay spca and the oregon humane society because the oakland shelter, a knowingly transferred infected dogs there. now the focus is on containing the outbreak and to encourage people to. >>hold and animals if they can. again an emergent situations we will take them, but the odds are that we take and i again it's going to get sick so we are really seeking help in preventing that from happening one more key point if your dog is showing signs of the flu and you have to bring it to the vet. >>what the vet know in advance and don't bring it right into the office make sure that that knows in advance so it doesn't in fact other dogs in the waiting room. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>police say the first official weekend of summer could attract illegal sideshow activity in the bay area.
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police across the east bay are joining forces to try to prevent the dangerous stunt riding spectacles before they get started the highway patrol is teaming up with the oakland police department in their effort to crack down on sideshows sideshows in the past of happen on both city streets and on the freeways participating in sideshows can of course be dangerous but not just for the driver, but also for passengers and bystanders. if you do get caught in the vehicle gets impounded. can be a pretty heavy price for some. >>if we impound your vehicle for 30 days that's well over $1000 you're going to pay there are a lot of people they can't for that they'll just go ahead give up their car at the tow company can sell the car it ends up in the recycle it ends up on pressure. a flatbed and on his way to the recycled we just don't want you to come to oakland and participate in the legal side show >>both the chp and opd say they will be highly visible
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all weekend though be covering all areas in oakland on the streets as well as having aircraft in the sky. >>the san mateo county sheriff's office has filed charges against the suspect arrested in connection with 2 homicides that happened this week in san mateo county charges have been filed with the district attorney's office against 26 year-old malik use of dough suu kyi. pacifica though suu kyi was arrested in connection with the stabbing deaths of 31 year-old john pickup hockey and 32 year-old abdul maalik a masher both victims were found along skyline boulevard in san mateo county just a day apart. a youth baseball umpire in san jose is charged with possessing child pornographer t. investigators say this man 38 year-old graham and closely with young people throgghout the bay area, including most recently at a behavioral mental health facility for children in san francisco. he is also charged with communicating with a minor for 6, which is a felony that's a man was arraigned in may. he
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has a plea hearing next month. in san francisco police say a driver is ok after another driver allegedly fired shots of the victim's car. >>early this morning. it happened on leavenworth street police say a driver pulled up to the victim's vthicle and fired one shot to the victims. cars a suspect driver then fled police said the victim, a 49 year-old man was not injured his car over however is damage on the driver and passenger side. police did not provide his description of the suspect the suspected shooter. a man suspected of breaking into a home was hospitalized after being shot several times by the homeowners santa cruz county sheriff's deputies say they responded to a home on cedar street in unincorporated santa cruz county early yesterday morning. the residents had fired several times at a suspect who was apparently hitting him. the suspect was taken to the hospital for his injuries. deputies say there appears to be no relationship between the residents and the suspect.
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>>session today for the fallen police officer we were talking about earlier in the newscast. tara o'sullivan police first responders and members of the public lining the streets of sacramento, this morning sullivan's body travel from the coroner's office to the funeral home. the 26 year-old was shot and killed wednesday night while she was responding to a domestic violence incident. o'sullivan had been on the force for just 6 months. she grew love them, pleasant hill and went to went to diablo valley college. the date and details of her funeral have not been released. investigators though arrested this man in connection with her death 45 year-old at kelso ramos faces a murder charge police records show he has a criminal history record spanning 20 years. and there are new details on the suspect in this case coming up here on kron 00:04am tonight. >>the calaveras county sheriff's department has tentatively identified a body that was found in the mccollum the river as missing
10:18 pm
automotive journalist, david johnson, the body was found yesterday afternoon by the east bay municipal utilities district personnel johnson was reported missing on june 5th. his motorcycle was found on june 7th at the big bar river access near the town of mccollum the hill. investigators say they think the 44 year-old victim is the victim of an accidental drowning and autopsy is pending. the fbi has sent investigators to the dominican republic to help local authorities there in their investigations into the deaths of a number of american tourists at least 9 americans have died there in the past year. and dominican republic officials say the deaths have resulted from natural causes in are isolated incidents. but travelers are still concerned between 2012 20 1828 americans died of on natural causes in the popular tourist location. >>how imminent. the strike was you different. the strength of
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that amount of collateral damage will be too. >>house speaker nancy pelosi reacting to word that president trump called off a strike against iran and at the last minute that strike was supposed to be retaliatory for iran's downing of the us relations between washington and tehran. >>become increasingly strained in recent weeks kron 4 grant lodes joins us now with more on the president's decision grant close to war that's what it sounds like based on what the president is telling us this morning he called off that. >>attack that had happened who knows what we would be talking about tonight the president said what the us is going to do would be disproportionate to what iran is accused of doing taking down that us drone in a series of tweets this morning the president wrote we were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sites when i asked how many will die. 150 people sir was the answer from
10:20 pm
a general 10 minutes before the strike i stopped it not proportionate to shooting down in and wrote but on nbc news, the president said the reversal was not so last minute that fighter jets were actually already in the air. >>no, but they would have been pretty soon. and things would have happened to a point where you wouldn't turn back and couldn't turn back. >>this is a decision that pits the president against some of his top advisors sources telling our partners at cnn secretary of state mike pompeo and national security adviser john bolton both favored striking iran last night while outside advisors reminded president trump of his promise to get the us out of wars not into them. the president also tweeted that his administration imposed more sanctions against iran last night. however, as of this evening that hasn't actually happened. and now an increasing number of airlines have said they are diverting flights away from the iranian controlled airspace. the list
10:21 pm
now includes qantas emirates british airways klm as well as united airlines which suspended its service from newark to mumbai on thursday, according to flight data from today. only iranian and that hardy operations were flying in that area. today members of iran's revolutionary guard released video of debris, you see it here that they claim is that us drone that they shot down earlier this week have can keep you posted. thanks grant 3 separate explosions sparked a massive fire at a south philadelphia oil refinery that fire broke out about 4 o'clock this morning. >>according to philadelphia energy solutions for people suffered minor injuries and were treated at the site it has not been determined exactly what's burning but officials believe is mostly propane because it is an oil refinery firefighters have had to use extra caution. >>the fire right now subsequently different than it was when we got here. the fire
10:22 pm
is not under control yet right now companies are making sure that the fire does not spread as best they can. and the philadelphia fire department is supporting operations from philadelphia energy solutions. >>that interview from earlier today reports tonight indicate the fire is under control this happens to be the second fire at that refinery in one month, the facility is part of the largest oil refining complex along the east coast, philadelphia energy solutions and the philadelphia health departments say they are monitoring the air quality of the area. >>kron 4 exclusive a path battle between a bay area inventor and apple. over new technology that could offer full proof identity protection, but the question is did apple trying to steal the inventors idea. >>caller fall the toy and sell homes among san francisco's trademarks coming up meet a woman who
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>>anything san francisco is known for is its architecture, especially the painted ladies, those victorian homes that can be seen all over the city cloud for charles clifford talks with a woman who has made it her life's work to help preserve these urban treasures. well across san francisco, there are probably thousands of victorian style homes, especially on some of the residential areas. >>and many of them have very elaborate 5 fantastic paint job to take a look behind me here there are a couple prime
10:26 pm
examples and many of these homes have actually been painted by the same person including that house right behind me there now her name is anita rick hearty. she has been painting victorian homes in san francisco for more than more than 20 years her company winning colors has worked on more than 400 victorians all around the city. we had chance to catch up with her this afternoon, she's working on a project over in the hate a project to probably take about 10 weeks to complete its actually an apartment building. and we asked are today why she does this work what it is about victorians that she really loves it's a pleasure that. >>we have the opportunity here in san francisco to to you know to enjoy painting them and that's what we do we do it for love, you know because it takes so many hours to restore these buildings in if i would get for the money i'd probably do some commercia, buildings or something that was is he likes to go. we do for love and and you know we just get we're blessed that we have that opportunity here in the city to keep painting and painting in you know, it's never ending. >>and tells me that she has plenty of work. there are lots
10:27 pm
of homes on her to do list and fact she actually re pains. some homes from time to time some building she's actually repainted 3 times in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>while some dead grass across the front yard here from the south a homeowner came back from a trip in town as long vandalized. he's not the only one targeted plus a northern california fire chief arrested the felony charges. he faces an reaction from his neighbors and fire weather concerns for parts of the bay area find out where and also ha
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>>they want to go back now to the breaking news, we told you about at the top of this newscast. coming out of family and roll tonight. air crews on the scene of a 3 alarm fire kron four's gayle ong live in san leandro for us tonight deal what's going on. >>right behind is still a very apt scene the fire is burning businesses. the fire started burning just the morning. right now firefighters tell there are.
10:31 pm
>>one point there is a lot of smoke a lot of people in this neighborhood. >>already wearing their on daca every year. >>all right carol thank you very much also developing tonight, sacramento police gave an update earlier this evening affected. wrapped up about an hour ago on the status of and the death of officer tara o'sullivan, we also got to see some body
10:32 pm
camera video from the police. >>from that incident on wednesday night our grant lodes is here with the new details grant him a can we knew this is a dramatic shootout based on what police had said. we're now seeing body camera footage. this is footage from. officer who was not shot, but he is going into this detached garage. a warning this is graphic will play for you right now, and then finish up. yes so again
10:33 pm
that was one of the officers who was there on scene these are some of the weapons that police say the suspect had to they're just releasing these photos ditto at a press conference about an hour ago. they say he used at least 4 guns in the ambush an hour's long standoff 2 assault rifles and at least one of them was modifications parts of a r 15 used to create weaponry police say that would have penetrated their police shields and bullet proof vests in addition to the 2 rifles, a shotgun and handgun were used. those guns police say were strategically placed throughout the home so the suspect would have as great an advantage as possible. we have a picture of the suspects right here.
10:34 pm
they'll ramos 46 years old he has been charged with 4. felonies they say he knew the woman that police had showed up to help retrieve her belongings. they say there was some sort of domestic incident. you heard that one officer that man trying to make contact with him saying that they just wanted to talk to him. one of the gunshot wounds to the officer who died tara o'sullivan police said was non survivable she was shot and killed during that gunfire that you heard in that video a short time ago. tara o'sullivan just 26 years old, a rookie officer, she grew up in pleasant hill attended diablo valley college as well as sacramento state. those who knew her say see simply always had that smile on her face in one of the controversial elements of this story is how long it took police to rescue her once she was shot, 44
10:35 pm
minutes until she was rescued, they had to call in an armored vehicle because again of the high-powered ammunition that that suspect had they fear that if they sent in officers even with shields that those shields wouldn't stop the high powered ammunition. so that is why they called in the armored vehicle, but once the armored vehicle arrived on scene it took an add sending officers to rescue her obviously you never want to lose additional officers and they were clear to point out
10:36 pm
that one of the gunshot wounds. she suffered was not survivable however she was taken to u c davis medical center and a chp officer in fact who had military training who was a nurse, who was a by all accounts as qualified as you could be to try to help someone in that situation provided aid but it was obviously unsuccessful chief did say that other officers would likely have been shot and killed had they not use that armored vehicle to get in there. that video that we just saw was that from the first officer who arrived on the scene and was that the officer that was with tara o'sullivan at the time. >>i'm just wondering if that was the first contact police had with that suspect i'm not a 100% sure i don't know i i believe and i only heard they some pieces of the press conference because we were doing the show but i believe that there are. numerous officers there so not just not just the man that we saw the body cam footage from and also so that i think there were at least one or 2 other officers.
10:37 pm
i don't know where they were position. but obviously once that gunfire started they took cover to try to assess the situation figure out where the shots are coming from. way police tell it the shots really never stopped they aren't saying how many rounds the suspects fired. they say they fired at least 100 rounds. again you remember those throughout the course of several hours that night so chilly though to to hear that to see that to know what happened to her to know how long she was lying there and at least for the first i think 10 or so minutes, they say she was moving her hands to some degree so who knows how that could have played out, but certainly when you consider the the level of power coming from the weaponry that that suspect use according to police. it was a skit situation that that was fearful to everyone there were officers there at least one k 9 officer who said can we go rescuer on his radio initially didn't get a response and that it seem like the police but
10:38 pm
was scrambling to figure out how do we try to get her fast as possible without losing may be any more officers, yeah we all like to try to put this in a neat little boxes say there's an easy solution to the situation is look at something like that there there are no sometimes are no good answers so grant. thank you for appreciate it. >>we're going to shift gears a bit here and head over to the get a sense of what to hand weather, wise. said, yeah, let's take a look at your 4 zone forecast fire weather concerns all weekend long for the bay area even though we are not under red flag warning like sacramento valley and parts of lake county but still very warm dry conditions expected this weekend and breezy offshore winds about 35 miles per hour less so fortunately below that wind advisory level territory. but it is going to be a very warm weekend at that not just along the coast, but inland as well, 5 to 10 degrees above average and plenty of sunshine to start an and the day and temperatures right along the san francisco peninsula,
10:39 pm
warming up into the low to mid 70's, widespread 80's, 4 bay shore areas and even low to mid 90's for most of our interior valleys, so the heat will be on all weekend long. let's take a look at the next 10 at 10 outlook and you could see the peak of this many heat wave will be on sunday because we are going to be above average and then cooling down early next week through the middle of next week. we're actually going to cool down to below normal daytime highs with most of our interior valleys only warming up into the upper 70's and then near average highs 10 days from now ken and pam back to you risa thank you some homeowners in the south bay keeping a close eye on their front yards 6 homes had their lawns vandalize sometime last week. >>this is what's left of one of the laws in san jose's willow glen neighborhood vandalized early sunday morning. the homeowner says he found his long pretty much destroyed when he came back from a trip. >>looks like they took some kind of in your bleacher some kind of a mixture and with this prayer obviously because he is you can see it's it's a very wide. and just destroyed
10:40 pm
our loans. >>fall of the homes affected are on artists drive just south of coastline avenue, none has a security cameras all say they will have to replace their lawns. >>a big story tonight stockton's fire chief has been arrested and is facing felony domestic abuse charges. eric newman is accused of attacking someone he lives with inter walk last friday. so lawyers says there's no credibility to the allegations newman has since bailed out of jail. stockton fire department posted a message online saying quote, no matter what occurred outcome occurs you're stockton firefighters will continue to service a community with the utmost professionalism newman's neighbors say they're in disbelief. song. >>it is easy. a time that seem like a scary guy is either love gardening you know or. >>he always says hi and that's it.
10:41 pm
>>chief newman was set to retire in just a few weeks and he was set to join san francisco's department of emergency management. representative there said officials are aware of the arrest and will reserve comment until more information is available. kron 4 exclusive a patent battle between bay area inventor and apple over some new technology that could offer full proof identity protection. >>but did apple try to steal the inventors idea. >>and ahead in sports. a newly signed giants slugger with a giand debut wearing the orange and black market leader has highlights coming up. >>and kron four's now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried connaught on yeah, here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. end of the oakland
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or the new hot club chicken dijon with black forest ham. the new hot pretzels, only at togos. how far would you go for aogo? >>a david versus goliath battle playing out a silicon valley start-up company is accusing apple of trying to copy us technology. the technology has the potential to offer sophisticated identity protection. >>forget passwords fingerprint scans and facial recognition you can also be replaced by something much more revolutionary. >>we can i deal with 6 different steps and basically 59 90 seconds the technology is called universal id it's a
10:45 pm
type of biometric identification that can scan your vascular system. >>not only quickly but with accuracy which allows t user to be identified in one in 7.5 million. >>it has the potential to do much more than just secure your phone. the creator of the technology. robert adam says it could one day make showing your id a thing of the past. no more lines at the airport it will scan you knows who you are done this go on your plate. despite all the high-tech security applications it's the technology itself that might be the most in need of protecting says his company global aid entity contacted apple after filing patents for the technology back in 2017. with the hope of striking a business deal. adam says he shared detailed technical information with apple info he called the family jewels they had the family jewels, a business deal was never reached but 2 years later adams claims apple filed patents on the same technology
10:46 pm
on the left is the original patent filed by adams on the right is the patents submitted by apple. the us patent and trademark office confirms to kron 4 you proved adams patent but rejected apple's the reason for the rejection was not given but the patent office did say apple could reapply it has a unique idea that isn't already patented. >>i understand after having several meetings with many engineers it's it's it's easier for companies oo steal technology them to invent it. >>there is definitely theft of a trade secrets other proprietary information that goes on in the technology world. >>stanford professor mark lemley says it's one thing to accuse apple of technology theft he says that kind of thing happens all the time but to prove an accusation there needs to be more. >>the one thing you want to look at is will what is the paper trail look while were their meetings between these people. >>adam says he has that trail and he says he's turned over
10:47 pm
that information to the fbi. >>have all the e-mails all the correspondents all the documents to show you had all this information. kron 4 reached out to apple for comment. but the company has not yet responded to san francisco office of the fbi confirmed the kron 4. >>it received a complaint about apple's patent application and alleged copying of the technology. but the fbi says department of justice regulations prohibit the agency from talking about but it might be investigating. >>brought to you xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>the fda is going on a little run lately like here go again with this team right now. >>just a few weeks removed from a 10 game winning streak starting to surge again with 4 straight victories however, they'll go the rest of the season without their top pitcher frankie montage hit with an 80 game suspension
10:48 pm
after testing positive for a banned substance. so the green and gold forced to move is raised at the coliseum its bark in the park tonight, dave cavill taking a selfie with some of the fans picking up the bottom of the 8th, he's down for 2 medals, solid contact gets want to drop in the right field corner from comes in for the rbi doubles and in the night for 3 tampa with a man on the day would extend their lead a bit. brandon lowe could next to deep center, stephen piscotty going after at 5 to society can make the play of the wall. ron comes in 5, 3, rapes then to the bottom of the 9th marcus represents the tying run. he's writing a 17 game hitting streak thought. continue dribbler to end the game 5, 3 tampa winds. they'll play again. tomorrow afternoon. now over to the giants in arizona left fielder alex dickerson making his debut with the orange and black top of the 3rd giants leading to nothing. welcome. 2 the law show dickerson. to
10:49 pm
right center field keeps on kerry. in a giants uniform is a grand slams. it's take a six-run lead. the top of the 7th snakes made it a three-run game dickerson again this one to left field david for all to the wall. he can handle it 2 runs will come in to score dickerson safely into 3rd with a triple what a night for the new giant 11 5 san francisco. they'll run it back. now to the warriors who just completed a major step in the offseason finding young talent in the draft golden state with 3 new players on the roster, their first pick off the board was former michigan star jordan too the 2 years with the wolverines he established himself a spot-up shooter. addresses a need for extra offense, especially with steph curry carrying a heavier load next year. the warriors also added a couple of big was 18 year-old ji leader alan smailagic all learned that one
10:50 pm
together and villanova power for eric pass cool a physical player who can make. he was on the inside and both ends of the court. but now that the draft is complete the bob myers turns his attention to either retaining or adding talent through free agency. >>for us free agency might be. what presents itself. i mean i i don't know that we can dictate free agency as far outspending anybody. hopefully people of us as a good place. place they can. did a good culture in a good organization enjoy going to work every day. we have to rely upon that and hopefully the chance to win for free agents. >>free agency begins june 30th found the college ranks sharman smith has been named the next head coach of the cal women's basketball program. she takes over for lindsay gottlieb who's leaving berkeley to work with the cleveland cavaliers smith's resumes impeccable spent the last 12 years as an assistant for the golden bears before
10:51 pm
that she played 3 seasons in the wnba following a decorated playing and coaching career at stanford. finally tonight, it's that time of year where sonoma is the epicenter of the auto racing world, thousands expected at sonoma raceway this weekend for another edition of nascar save mart, 3.50. for the first time since 1997 drivers will be on the acts original 12 turn to a half mile along road course. anniversary celebration the event gets going sunday at noon. martin truex junior, the defending champion that it's going to be a fun one to get there early right, yeah, lots of trfic getting up us. and it's going to be hot murray's this is right. >>that's right pam ken and mark your full sonoma
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
>>we have some new breaking news tonight, a twin engine aircraft went down on the north shore of oahu and we believe as many as 9 people were killed this is at dillingham airfield it on the north show north shore and local lou, a a and uh it's also a place where there is sky day diving activity, although we do not know for sure this was a skydiving plane, but it is a twin engine with 9 people aboard so that would lead one to believe that that could be the possibility as this is a more remote airfield on oahu but again 9 people aboard an aircraft a twin engine beach that crashed
10:55 pm
at dillingham airfield on the north shore of oahu the reports are at this point 9 people have been killed. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast let's take a live look outside from south market in downtown san francisco. and marine layer is going to be nonexistent tonight and for most of this weekend just because of a very warm dry and windy air mass that nice to those offshore winds. i am tracking warmer temperatures out there still for those of you in concord an antioch whites but low to mid 70's, 60's for most of our bay shore communities and even along the coast in the bay area tracking widespread low to mid and even upper 50's as you head out the door right now overnight lows will be noticeably warmer tonight compared to last night fact only dipping into the mid 50's for most areas, upper 50's for most of our interior valleys in antioch you are going to be the warmest location tonight only cooling down to 64
10:56 pm
degrees. so not really getting relief from this many he wait first day of summer and our first weekend of summer also tracking above average temperatures specifically for interior valleys livermore in concord low to mid-nineties also santa rosa, 91 degrees. downtown san francisco, 73 degrees for your afteron highs and san jose 80 degrees with the mountain view in the mid 80 so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average along the coast and 10 degrees above normal for your saturday for our interior valleys. let's take a look at your sonoma raceway forecast because as you could see plenty of sunshine and temperatures by saturday afternoon warming up into the upper 80's and a little bit warmer by sunday. this is going to be the peak of the heat wave on sunday for the next 7 days, warming up into the low 90's for those of you attending the sonoma raceway this weekend. there's a red flag warning well to our north and east in sacramento valley and also parts of lake county as well but fortunately for us here in the bay area. we are not under this red flag
10:57 pm
warning but there is that concern for fire weather danger. all weekend long specifically for the north bay mountains and east bay hills because of gusty warm dry mountain breezes about 35 miles per hour or less. let's take a look ahead at the next tentative forecast because you see we won't get relief from this heat wave until early next week with below average temperatures by mid week and then 10 days from now we're going to be right about where we should be for this time of year. so feeling like summer out in the bay area. >>all right the first weekend of summer. enjoy kron on continues next at 11 with katherine he didn't have a great weekend everybody. - hi, doug.
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