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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 23, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>fire starts in the east bay sending a plume of black smoke over highway for this fire destroyed a roofing supply company in pittsburgh. thank you so much for joining us tonight at 8 i'm justine waldman. >>and i'm j r stone firefighters say the fire started in a homeless encampment on the north side of the property kron four's gayle ong is live in pittsburgh near that scene gayle we're told one firefighter was hurt how is that person doing tonight. >>that's right jr one firefighter was injured in this fire and he was treated for smoke inhalation we're told he will be released tonight. so that's good news at this point the fire is out
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but earlier it was raging when the winds were at its worst. this fire fueled by gusty winds broke out on way right off of highway for pittsburgh. >>there is extensive damage. cell phone video shows the heavy smoke that filled the sky in and around the elite roofing supply company for first units arriving on >>discovered a sizable and immediately called for a second alarm or resources to fight it the fire soon after went to a 3rd alarm contra costa, firefighters say the fire broke out just before 3 in the afternoon sunday, it started at a homeless encampment on the north side of the property firefighters were on ladders trying to tackle it from every angle a number spot fire started around the property because of the wind carrying embers. >>we were able quickly jump on all of those and get those uh out before they cause that a spgnificant damage to any other businesses. >>many drivers looked on at one point there was concern about the air quality there was a tremendous plume of smoke coming off of this fire, tremendous we heard that reports that it was visible
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all the way up to stockton. >>i did speak to the manager of the roofing supply company a short time ago he says no one was inside the building because of the businesses closed today. now the building itself was untouched by the flames, the vast majority of the damage was outside in the backyard. no word on how this fire started live in pittsburgh. gayle ong kron 4 news. >>well, thank you so much gayle in the south bay. mayor is offering a reward for information to find the gunman responsible for this man's death 30 year-old matthew rios pitas who was driving home on i 6.80 last monday. >>when someone fired shots at his car and now peta's mayor says a $10,000 reward will be given to anyone who could help police catch the shooter. right now kron four's dan thorn is live in milpitas with more on this stand. >>well just seen this call for help comes after police still have no suspects in this deadly freeway shooting along
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i 6.80. the ma or is hoping that this reward will help bring justice to the 30 year-old victim's family. >>30 year-old matthew rios was driving along interstate 6 80 on the night of june 17 when he was randomly shot and killed chp officers found rio's dead in his car in the center median north of buenos avenue now milpitas mayor rich trend is offering a $10,000 reward for information on who killed rios, we care about each other and we look after each other. >>and this reward is so hopefully something that will lead to justice for the families. >>the trend says the money will not come from taxpayers or the city, however people in the community have been offering contributions to help says family in their search for justice really want to show the. >>the old area and the region that not going these types of acts to her. >>so far police do not have any suspects in this case.
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rios is death was one of 6 freeway shootings in the bay area in the span of a week, the south bay was the setting for half of them. the chp is still looking for information and witnesses to these freeway shootings. >>if anybody has any information you're encouraged to give them a call. reporting live in milpitas dan thorn kron 4 news. >>they could and san francisco police are investigating a crash that killed 2 people overnight police say 2 cars crashed into each other around one 30 this morning on 3rd street and paul in the bayview a man died at the scene a woman died at the hospital. police say another woman was injured in crash happened. >>to people under the age of 18 face charges in connection to a series of burglaries around san mateo county. sheriff's deputies say they spotted the 2 suspects in a stolen mercedes friday morning deputies arrested one of them. the other ran away. arrest warrants are pending. deputies
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say they also found burglary tuols. window punches and suspected stolen property. inside that car. well san mateo police are conducting what they call and intensive investigation into an early morning shooting. officers say the shooting happened at 12 30 this morning on south north wolf street near beacon avenue one person suffered a minor injury. officers are asking the public for information on surveillance video related to that shooting. kaiser permanente is receiving some backlash today from mental help there who say the company has its priorities mixed up. >>last month kaiser the warriors announced a new partnership and newly obtained documents show just how much the health care company is willing to invest in it kron four's while bellow breaks it all down. >>come fall the alleged an acre area sir the warriors new home will be named city with for and kaiser leadership calling it a community cat the
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ring space where there will be programs and a farmers market but some kaiser caregivers say the nearly million that kaiser plans to invest in private city should actually be going to patient care. >>when my patients are tied. >>clinical psychologist making fitzpatr-ck has been working for kaiser for nearly 8 years. he says the health care companies mental health clinics are understaffed and under resourced my patients copter was 6 weeks. >>before i can offer them another part becoming the scenes. >>kron 4 obtained documents through the national union of healthcare workers showing that during a finance meeting in december 20 16 kaiser voted on e million. this coupled with the company's new million corporate headquarters plan for oakland has the union frustrated both those things seem like a very
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>>and regrettable and insulting way to spend our patients. >>requests for comment from kaiser were not returned sunday. fitzpatrick says the union has brought these issues to them before, but he feels the health care company is more concerned with its public image than the care, it's actually provide go to great effort. >>to try to present this image being the industry leader, i'm employer of choice and the provision of psychotherapy. but they don't. the on the surface of >>san francisco know al bello kron 4 news. >>let's take a live look outside right now at the city of san francisco a little bit of fog rolling in on this nice summer night. >>all just sir. rodriguez beautiful day outside, windy conditions at times and breezy in some areas. yeah we did see a cooler and stronger on shore
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flow so that sea breeze helping to push in that low and high cloud cover right along the coastal areas of the bay area right now. >>cooling us down and as you can see june gloom just right off the coast and it's going to make inland impacting our bay area's during the overnight hours so thanks to that strong sea breeze we are going to notice that low and clyde cloud cover fog bank right along immediate coastline and also that strong sea breeze right now extending into our interior valleys but widespread cooling right along most of our coastal and bayshore areas in temperatures out there right now noticeably cooler right along the san francisco peninsula and even for the north bay as well. a little bit warm out there for those of you in the tri valleys in the low to mid 80's and we're all ol down in the co days because a cooling trend will be well underway. not just for the coast, but the interior valleys and that is going tnd all the way through your midweek forecast going to be 5 to 15 degrees below average more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes chair back to you.
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>>thank you so much will say hello to jake a big lovable teddy bear or how about nevada he really likes the water you can see right there you can give dogs like them a forever home contra costa animal services is holding a free adoption through july 6. because they're running out of kennel space as of this morning, there were a 150 dogs and a 129 cats of all ages, including kittens and puppies at the agency shelters and martinez and also put all. >>coming up bay area firefighters respond to a distress call from a four-legged friend, where they rescued this goat. >>plus one of the defendants and the ghost ship fire tells his side of the story look at the trials most important and telling moments so far. >>and the ice raids may be on hold for now, but that is still has many undocumented immigrants on edge tonight, the rights that
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>>one was grandmother lost her home and everything inside of it to a fire despite the loss, she's thankful for the first responders who saved her life benton bland and has the story. >>help for latanya heart and her granddaughter arrived when i knew from my love right there to me to get her out there. if i'd my home move
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trial michael k. thank you know what thank you that somebody >>before the hazelwood police officer and neighbor, there was another so kind of we live in if we didn't help the hit redial to 911 when she saw flames inside her neighbor's house and they're pretty. >>like i said when it first came out my house. i thought so was barbecuing body. cam video released by hazelwood police shows with officer rodriguez saw and did. >>he pulled a 3 year-old girl from a basement window, almost just as fast. plus the a kid. the past. >>the little girl to a neighbor seconds later he a neighbor out so guilty ran back to the window to get the girls bread >>i've never over the place.
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>>comes once the officer pulled what hug your heart out of the window and in some fresh air. his body camera caught gilkey making sure no one else was inside. >>hearts house which she shared with her fiance grandchild and 2 dogs this can everything inside. >>thank you, thank you having get out of it.
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>>she says they should also speak to an immigration attorney about their legal options and know what documents to carry in san francisco taylor bts app the kron 4 news. >>city leaders and los angeles are also taking action to help undocumented families there they handed out red cards just like this more looking at now and the cards are designed to help immigrants know their rights. >>and look outside and san francisco, the beautiful golden gate bridge and you can see a little fog there on the horizon meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a little dip in temperatures. the forecast is going to take this week yet not just for the coastal areas, but our interior valleys as well going to notice a gradual cooldown already felt that cool sea breeze today in downtown but saern even with that cool down for the north bay valleys today compared to yesterday. still
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about 5 degrees above normal. but those of you in the tri valleys. you are about 15 degrees above average in oakland, almost 10 degrees above normal as was san jose, but we're all going to notice relief in sight in a lot of viewers like kelsey loving the summer temperatures but cool down is heading our way live look outside for those of you in san jose beautiful sunset out there this evening and stormtracker 4 tracking that fog bank right along the coast, but it is going to make its way into the coastal areas and even east bay shoreline but for those of you in the interior valleys. you're still going to notice a little bit of that sea breeze but better clearing compared to our is going to show the return of the low and high clouds throughout the day and that fog bank is only going to get thicker and more widespread in the coming days because we're going to be well below average by the middle of this upcoming week. temperatures out there right now cooling down into the 60's for most of the san francisco peninsula and even oakland 68 degrees and
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widespread 60's for those of you in santa rosa and even appa so relief already in sight but mid 80's for the tribe valleys, including antioch in concord san jose 77 degrees. as you step outside right now and overnight lows still going to be on the mild side mid to upper 50's and wake-up planner forecast is going to show a mostly cloudy start to the day better clearing by the afternoon but coastal areas cooling down to near average about 5 degrees above normal though for the east bay shoreline and the interior valleys so we are going to notice, steady cool down in the coming days, downtown, san francisco, 69 degrees for your work week monday, 75 degrees for oakland and san jose cooling down into the mid 80's but still in the 90's for conquered an antioch now to 83 degrees 76 degrees fo afternoon highs and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. wednesday and thursday we're going to see a d 5 to 15 degrees. below average until we rebound by friday,
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some warming to near normal highs and then above average temperatures by a week from today. next sunday, john just seems back to you thank you so much not check this out firefighters in oakland rescued a goat from a 40 foot deep drainage pipe this is near the leona canyon regional e open space preserve the goat. >>was among the herd brought into the area to help clear vegetation in a fire prevention effort reportedly that go there fell down a really steep pipe and got stuck. and firefighters worked for more than 2 hours to free the goat and we are understanding now that the goat is going to be just fine. >>well coming up around 8.45 ken wayne segment flying 10 meet some daredevil pilots who bend all the rules when it comes to having fun in the sky and can was with them. >>but first a look back at a significant week for the ghost ship warehouse trial. the defense started calling key witnesses to the stand what the jury heard and what we can
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>>director of that artist collectives. >>grant lotus explains despite his attorneys confidence. relatives of the fire victims say they were not impressed by what they heard. >>max harris took the stand wearing a suit with an orange shirt is not defensive. he's calm, he's very gentle soft-spoken. >>he has a great demeanor and he has. know he has nothing to hide. >>he said he moved into the warehouse in 2014 and was unaware of any fire hazards. he said his responsibilities were informal and did not indicate a position of authority we feel that his testimony ultimately exonerated. they were very proud of them under cross examination. harris admitted to signing a number of e-mails as creative or executive director. when prosecutor autry james asked why harris said to sound gore official harris's testimony drew an overflow audience one former
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tenant like 20 heard very proud of them. >>and i'm glad that he has an amazing support group well and so that's pretty much right there. >>also in the crowd and far less sympathetic where people who lost loved ones in the flames and he lies constantly and i think the worst thing he could have done for his own case was opened his mouth. >>of the family members might have had for him before. >>that's gone now so i don't hate him. i know he's not i know he's not a killer. i know he didn't want any of this to happen. but he has to be held accountable for it is negligence on thursday daryn come in his lawyer began presenting go ship president a childhood friend of the master tenant and an unlicensed contractor who worked on the building's wiring. >>all 3 described how oakland firefighters made previous visits to the building not only is they go in they took a tour and on one occasion they would then chain. >>and his wife is expected to take the stand on monday. i'm
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grant lotus kron 4 news. we have a link to all of our coverage of the ghost ship warehouse trial. >>on our website kron 4 dot com. >>well just in the kron 4 news room police in livermore say gunshot may have been fired at officers. police say they were responding to a report of shots fired at or near greenville road storage yard around 11 this morning. officers say they found a window shot out of the park 2 truck and then heard another gunshot over their head. a shelter-in-place order was issued that was lifted around 5 30 this evening again this is information just into our newsroom. i believe that was into 2 trucks, the investigation is ongoing livermore police is asking you to call them. if you have any information. >>today 30 people to judge confronts leadership tass not as a presidential candidate, but as a mayor, the tough questions. he's being faced with now over an officer involved shooting.
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>>plus more cases of measles in california will tell you where health officials are concerned about a possible exposure. >>and federal investigators are calling this civil plane crash in hawaii, the deadliest since 2011. the new information we're learning tonight
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>>while relieved that the president trump called off recent ice raids, immigrants from a concerned about their future. paul vercammen explains los angeles right at the top mayor eric garcetti had called the threatened sweeps inhumane so when they were called off there was a sense of relief. >>and also a lot of cynicism. that's because a lot of activists groups for the immigrants have long said that they believe that donald trump uses all these threatened sweeps as mere political grandstanding. >>we seen this from the trump administration since the day he announced in running his campaign in 2016. he's been doing this to feed the trolls to beat his supporters to let them know that he's doing something about the quote unquote immigration problem, and it's just part of his his presidency. activists here had already set in motion a series of measures that they thought what help these immigrants among them free legal counseling. they
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were also setting up what they would call the sanctuary network where people could go to churches or homes and this. the red cards they got the word out in a myriad of locations that these immigrant should know that under their 5th amendment rights they have the right to remain silent. so they would need to talk to an ice officer, and they also made it clear that under the 4th amendment that they did not have to allow anyone into their home. this would be an ice agent who basically did not have a search warrant. that was signed with their name on it so they were prepared and they say that this means they will be prepared here in the future. if there are any more threatens.
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>>5 men and 2 women, ranging in age from 42 to 62. investigators say they were members of a motorcycle club for marines. the state police say the crash happened when a pickup truck pulling a trailer collided with the riders on a 2 lane highway. they're still looking into why. >>the us military says a service member assigned to help secure the u s mexico border died in southern arizona. they say the incident is under investigation, but foul play is not suspected. this is the second military death at the border this month, the first one was reported on june first also in arizona. military officials said foul play wasn't suspected in that death either. president trump aside several 1000 troops to the southwest border in recent
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months to support the us border patrol. >>a gruesome story out of new york tonight where police are investigating the death of an active duty air force member and her 2 toddlers as diana rocco reports the father is also a member of the military, and he is in custody. >>young family murdered the father now in police custody a crime so gruesome, it's left a community horrified. >>that not be babies. >>a mother and her children a 3 year-old girl in 2 year-old boy were murdered inside their staten island home early this morning. the crime scene units collect evidence from the house on palace 8 street even removing the family pet, the bodies were found around 10:30am the police got a 911 call for an assault in progress and when they arrived the second floor was on fire. >>upon entry to the residents. the bodies of the 36 year-old
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female, a 3 year-old child and a 2 year-old child were discovered. the ems responded and pronounced the all 3 individuals deceased at the scene. >>sources say it appears the children had been drowned all 3 together in one room of the house hours earlier police picked up the children's 36 year-old father walking the streets of bay ridge near the bqe and took him in for evaluation. he is now being questioned well parents are active duty military friends tell eyewitness news, it was a co-worker of the victim called 911. police say they have been called to the home before for domestic dispute, well, it's still not clear how our what motivated this unthinkable act. it's left to the victim's family military friends and co-workers all in shock as they waited outside the house this afternoon leaving without comment. neighbors say they had seen the kids playing outside, and it's hard to believe they're gone. the
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families very sad how to had no idea of a million years is the most quiet for blocking sand island. >>i saw them walking up and down the block the kids playing i really don't know the family. it does remind my heart goes out to everyone. was dan reporting tonight the medical examiner will determine the cause of death but a homicide investigation is ongoing. >>reorganize your department. of next week based on data. >>a tense town hall today in south bend, indiana in response to a deadly police involved shooting last week. investigators say a white police officer was responding to a report. a suspicious person breaking into cars when
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he fired one shot that hit a 54 year-old black man, officers body camera was not on at the time. police say the camera wasn't automatically activated because the officer driving slowly without emergency lights on that led to some tough questions for the city's mayor and democratic presidential candidate to judge. >>our. >>this nonsense. >>the policy was approved by the board of safety. i didn't know who drafted it but i believe that it was drawn from model policies for around the country. for the general order. when an officer on a
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call encounters a civilian. the camera should be activated. >>but judge told the community he would send a letter to the justice department requesting that its civil rights division look into the shooting. he also said he would ask for an independent investigator. the officer involved has been put on administrative leave. >>healeh officials in southern california are investigating if 2 measles patients exposed others to that very contagious virus. the los angeles county department of public health says 2 people in the county were diagnosed with measles after recently traveling outside of the country. officials now believe they may have been exposed to the virus and to come expose that virus to customers at to businesses. the county diagnose 10 people with measles so far this year as well as a people who traveled through los angeles county, many of them, we're not vaccinated.
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>>toy story 4 hit the big screen this weekend with expectations between a million did it need it. we have your weekend box office top 5. >>and wrapping up our first full weekend of summer with cooler temperatures along the coast, but still warm and land but world going to see relief from the heat early this upcoming week more coming up in my microclimate forecast and this bay area. ran 135 mile it is not. across death valley in the middle of of summer. his next mi ♪
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♪ of summer. his next mi this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news
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at a with some pilots in the bay and they're soaring their diving twisting above the sacramento river. >>ken wayne join them a daring flight for tonight's flying tales. pspend1many of their weekends doing this flying their little planes with big tires and the places where there are no airports we're even anything close to a runway. the planes are built to land just about anywhere. it can stop and less than the length of >>even on a gravel >>we ask permission for isn't the only land we supposed to look at rice we get in trouble now it's said got the bug for this kind of flying after a trip to alaska. he saw planes
8:46 pm
going into back country places he didn't think the plane's speed i think that they the aviation general enables us to be and jeff so much freedom single police is that we haven't seen before. >>he found other pilots here in the bay area who share this passion, even a corporate pilots who steps out of his goal stream for this this is completely different the only difference. i've told a lot of the guys that i fly with this airplane empty weighs 850 pounds, most jet drivers. can fly anything and i tell them this world humble you did you have to know what your plane can and can't. >>you need to survey you're flying and landing and takeoff areas watching out for power. another potential danger. can go. so there's a map and there's a many had out there that you can look what is public land. >>and they have cameras to document every spectacular
8:47 pm
shots shot showing all 4 planes in action stop here. if you see one is landing. one is our and team in the air. >>seems wherever they show. the most remote places across the west. >>people somehow find them. >>one of their surprise and is like what's going on and then when they hear about that now actually just flying out here that to get together check out the area see the scenery and at that point like wow this is neat i'd like to do this very often takes his 12 year-old son but i imagine you like video games. >>yeah. what's more fun. mister video games states. it claims she can put them together yourself and buy them for as little as $30,000. >>or you can buy one already built for double that or more could fox and highlander are the models here. after a heart pounding adventure, the planes are parked next to the river and we gather in the shape of the wings to talk about what we did and what comes next.
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>>they can these point to alaska and what might this whole thing started it's one that things days know my bucket list. >>it's a long trip there in a little plane like this this kind of lying isn't about getting they're not marines. it's about enjoying the ride. >>well look at facts, let's take a live look outside right out sfl it surprise. els and then the airport to see what you did there i want to see those flights over a cell phone too. takes a little differently situation. meteorology rodriguez is here now with a look at our forecast for this week a little bit cooler. already tracking june gloom right off the coast. so today we did notice, cooler temperatures for most of our coastal areas but still. >>warm inland temperatures. he were a little bit warmer today just because that cool sea breeze it really extend into your area. but in the coming days, we're all going to notice relief from this heat and storm tracker for all already tracking very dry and calm conditions for those of you in this mid 70's for the
8:49 pm
next couple of days, but you're going to notice cooler temperatures by the middle of the week as well increasing cloud cover and also tracking cooler temperatures for you as well so here's a live look outside golden gate bridge already tracking some of that fog bank out there this evening and we're only going to notice that dense fog get thicker and more widespread in the coming days, widespread 60's throughout the bay area coastline but still seeing some 70's and 80's for interior valleys and overnight lows tonight, dipping into the mid to upper 50's for our overnight lows of temperatures going to remain on the mild side and we are going to notice cooler daytime highs even to start your workweek monday forecast, partly cloudy skies by the afternoon downtown san francisco, degrees for daly city, half moon bay also in the upper 60's for you brisbane 69 degrees but no brake and burlingame in the mid 70's and even san mateo and palo alto getting some much needed
8:50 pm
relief from the heat mid 70's for your monday afternoon highs and we are going to see widespread low to mid 80's for most of the south bay, san jose cooling down to 86 degrees. 84 for bowl pitas and campbell 87 degrees by your monday afternoon wind speeds will be light and variable around 20 miles per hour or less. but we are going to notice that cool sea breeze effect livermore flirted with 90's but 80 degrees for your afternoon highs of still about 5 degrees above average. hayward though near average highs at 76 degrees and conquered in the low 90's to start out your monday's if you want relief head to the beach because i'm tracking whites for low to mid 70's for the east bay shoreline. still about 5 degrees above average there but napa cooling down to 83 degrees. and santa rosa, 86 degrees. let's check out the next 7 days because we're going to be about 5 to 15 degrees below normal to start out your midweek forecast continuing on thursday rebounding nicely by friday could even see some coastal drizzle throughout the week, thanks to the cooler onshore flow and then by sunday
8:51 pm
warming up slightly above average back to you jen justine thank you so much mabrisa disney now has the ears for highs box office debuts avengers endgame captain marvel 11. >>this weekend's number why david daniel has the top 5. >>the secret life of pets to made million for 5th place in a domestic total of 118 million men in black international went from first to 4th on weekend ticket sales of 10.8 million. a latin stayed in 3rd place, million pushed the musical adventure to 288 million domestic. >>however >>the remake of child's play debuted in second place with million slightly less than expected. >>he didn't go to kindergarten, know you're trying to on trouble. no of course not even disney isn't immune to this year's franchise fatigue. >>toy story 4 dominated its
8:52 pm
debut but earned only million not the 140 to 150 million analysts had predicted in hollywood, i'm david daniel, a. >>time now for schools. >>well summer is officially here and that means things are heating up in major league baseball as well just a couple weeks into the all-star break and both days in the giants trying to make some magic before that but today. of the bay area teams, the giants with a chance to sweep there arizona diamondbacks on. but they fell short in extra innings losing 3 to 2 after rough outings. >>pitcher sean anderson and marks the land sending out tomorrow orange and black come back to. for 7 game. homestand we'll talk about what to expect. at 09:00pm tonight. >>are going to talk giants and a's who also lost today plus breaking down the warriors draft picks. i don't want to give too much away, but maybe even some nasty car. so a
8:53 pm
little something for everyone on tonight's sports night live that's coming up right after news at night. >>can you believe are leaving the show baseball tonight. >>3 young women from the same family graduating from the same high school ...6, 7, 8 high school ♪ ♪ ♪
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big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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while battling a 3 alarm fire at the elite roofing supply
9:00 pm
company near the state highway. highway for loveridge really interchange in pittsburgh. we're told he's in moderate condition and he is in dr. but he's expected to be released later on this evening earlier we reported that the fire was at the peak at piedmont lumber contra costa county fire officials are now saying it was at the elite roofing supply company now. in national news --- president trump says he still hopes for talks with iranian leaders rather than any escalation of military conflict. the president called off a strike against iran just minutes before it to begin. it was meant to be a response to iran's downing of a u-s drone earlier in the week. iran says the drone was in their airspace at the time --- but the white house says i he learned that up to 150 people could have been killed in the strike --- and he didn't think it was a proportional response to iran shooting down an unmaned aircraft. the administration is now considering new sanctions as their response. ( marty ) ainst a new sexual as allegation from advice


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