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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 28, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ britney's new photo-shop fail i'm skinny as a needle. >> why fans are schooling the pop star after this throwback selfie. then, lori loughlin's lonely life. her new prison fears today. plus, three big star summer weddings. >> if iened up crying i have a shoulder to cry on. >> inside sophie and joe's star-studded i dos and who just married her music mogul man in london. but, who will be next to tie the knot? it's an a-list race to the altar. and gaga in tears. we're backstage for her big new york surprise. >> i really, really love you. this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. >> let's get right to the latest hollywood news. britney's photo-shop fail? ♪ >> britney rocked her throwback "baby one more time" schoolgirl look on instagram, 20 years
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after the song's release on her debut album. ♪ hit me baby one more time >> some followers, however, say britney photo-shopped her waist in the image, pointing out the telltale "warping" of the drawers behind her. the 37-year-old was spotted out yesterday with her bodyguard, clutching two water bottles, after a hot yoga session. the singer's been super-focused on fitness and workouts lately. >> this is how i am right now, and i'm skinny as a needle. >> by the way, britney's "lucky shamrock" t-shirt inspired even more nostalgia for fans. ♪ meanwhile, britney's ex kevin federline was spotted on daddy duty. he and britney share custody of their two boys. the 41-year-old picked up 13-year-old son sean preston yesterday. a source tells "e.t." britney's boys live for the most part with kevin, but visit and stay with their mom whenever possible. and we're learning more about what could be in next britney
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conservatorship which has been in place since 2008. britney's dad jamie is her sole conservator which means he oversees the singer's business and legal matters. attorney tamar arminak who represents amanda bynes' conservators says that could be a turning point for britney. >> if she really put her foot down and said, i don't want to be under this conservatorship, by the end of this year, we could have a mini-trial between britney and her father regarding whether or not britney spears should still be under a conservatorship. now to lori loughlin. "e.t." has new details about the drastic change her life has taken in the wake of the college bribery scandal. according to our "e.t." source, quote, lori feels very much alone. she is feeling a "fall from grace" having had a persona as a wholesome mom and now being seen as a pariah. >> some doors have been open, now it's up to them to do what they will with it. >> hi, lori. >> i'm happy to guide them and
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get them up and running. >> last week lori got herself up and running from a photographer in beverly hills. our source says the stark reality of facing up to 20 years behind bars is setting in, quote, she realizes that she might end up in prison and this might just be her last months of freedom for some time. >> i don't really care about school as you all know. meanwhile, lori's daughter and social media influencer olivia jade appears to be replaced from amazon. >> today, amazon is coming to shoot some of my room, because basically they hooked me up with everything in my dorm. >> this photo has since been taken down from her instagram page. but reese witherspoon's 19-year-old daughter ava recently posted a very similar ad on her page. the caption, quote, getting excited for fall semester at school with my new decor from amazon. will it be j.lo? j-law? katy perry? hollywood's race to the altar is really started to heat up. >> we should say joe jonas and
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sophie turner have already crossed that finish line but they're preparing for a big ceremony in france. and here are the latest details. ♪ >> there's joe helping sophie out of the car. as they arrive to the rehearsal dinner. giant tent is up where they'll be saying i do. a source tells "e.t." the wedding will be much more traditional than their vegas ceremony, but will still have their fun flair built in. a live band and a performance by the jobros themselves. ♪ we're thinking the sisters will be part of the bridal party. which includes maisie williams. >> she's my maid of honor. >> that's amazing the wedding will be this weekend. but what about other celebrity brides to be? >> there's no rush to the altar.
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we really see this as something that's going to be forever. >> okay, jrod are taking things slow. but katy and orlando nuptials will be this fall. >> scarlett johansson and cogin jost announced w ed engagement month. jennifer and cooke are head over heels in love. >> it was a very easy decision. >> she's picked her dress and location. guests will include amy schumer and emma stone. check out the guest list for zoey kravitz's walk down the aisle this weekend. her mom lisa bonet and dad lenny
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kravitz. congratulations are in order for katharine mcphee who married david foster in london today. she posted, exactly 13 years ago today my very first single somewhere over the rainbow was released. now to the surprise lady gaga performance for a star-studded audience at world pride in new york. >> honestly, i really, really love. >> she thrilled the dozens that gathered in the street for the pride live stonewall day concert. >> backstage at the event, gaga greeted donatella versace. alicia keys got the crowd even more fired up. ♪ >> now, you. >> and in other news, there's a new song from the late
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whitney houston. ♪ bring me a higher love bring me a higher love ♪ >> "higher love," it's a remix of the 1986 steve winwood classic. it's been seven years since we lost whitney. and this collaboration with european deejay, kygo, is the first new music from her to be released in a decade. and celine dion kicks off summer with her new single. ♪ i'm flying on my own >> she sang "flying on my own" at her final performance at caesars palace earlier this month. today marks its official release. >> it's fun to have something uplifting and danceable for the summer months. have a good time. >> celine flew to paris for a vacation, but not alone. her 18-year-old son rene charles has been with her soaking up the city of light. the new single is part of an album that will drop in november. and in september, celine's heading out on her current world tour. now to a ben affleck health update, and is he a belieber? >> who you think is going to win the fight between justin bieber and tom cruise? >> yesterday in brentwood, the
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boxing fan grinned when he was both asked about justin's maybe-not-a-joke challenge and when it was answered for him. >> bieber, bieber! ♪ it's a no brainer >> we're believing in affleck, because he was looking better less than nine months out of rehab. a source tells "e.t." that ben has finally taken that step toward a healthier lifestyle, to exercise daily and eat well. he's also hard at work with his famous bestie. >> we grew up together. we both were in love with acting and filmmaking. that bonded us for life, i think. >> last week, ben was spotted at matt damon's house, laptop in hand, the boston buds are currently executive producing showtime's beantown-based drama "city on a hill" with kevin bacon. >> it came from an idea of ben's -- capturing the bostonness of it. that's really important to matt. >> as for affleck and his ex? they're civil and we're told jen garner helped "motivate ben by being a constant reminder that he must be the best he can for his children." coming up -- sexy stars steaming up the summer.
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>> little crazy, you know. >> from hemsworth, to mcconaughey to beckham, where we spotted the celebs on vacation. and jen aniston to the rescue >> i was just so surprised. >> how she stepped in to help olivia munn. then -- everything you need to know about the veronica mars reboot and the famous faces who got their acting start on the original. >> it was nothing.
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minutes away on "e.t." -- with country star chris lane telling all about his emotional proposal t
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♪ our favorite celebs are taking some time off and no one does it better than chris hemsworth. does this man even own a shirt? not that we're complaining or anything. down under, he and his wife elsa pataky are making the final touches on their gigantic coastal mansion. meanwhile in northern france, david beckham and his 7-year-old daughter harper, watched the england women's soccer team win their world cup match. we have a feeling that this won't be the last game they take in together. as the world crumbles around
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renata on "big little lies," laura dern looks like she doesn't have a care in the world with her daughter jaya off the island of capri. ciao bella! >> he's got the keep living, man. >> and it's a vacation for matthew mcconaughey as he hit greece with his family including mom kay. olivia telling "e.t." online had jen had her back during an awkward interview. >> when she just jumped in like that, i was just so surprised. she did it just like another human being just like, "that's not what we're here to do." and i remember she said something like, "why do you have to go with something negative? just stop." >> it's nice to be around women that support women. i think it's great and it's important and it's a good thing. >> i really value that in people, people who can speak out and speak up for other people when they're not asked to. >> everyone should be a little more like jen. but olivia's no slouch herself,
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the 38-year-old actress is the star of starz's new drama "the rook," and it looks like it's going to be a wild ride. >> you work for a supersecret wing of british intelligence that recruit people with certain abilities. >> "the rook" is a psychological thriller with supernatural undertones. my character has extreme strength. she can push out a deadbolt with her thumb. >> what kind of monster am i? >> so what superpower would olivia pick for herself in real life? >> i think i would actually have the ability to heal myself, which is very wolverine. >> i was thinking that you were going to say, you could hear what your dogs were thinking. >> i already think i know what my dogs are thinking, that's how weird i am. i'm always like, i know exactly what he's saying. he wants the next season of "the bodyguard" to come out soon. i'm like, chance definitely wants that. olivia chance the dog is on point. i mean, who doesn't love richard madden, right? back to olivia, her show the
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rook premieres sunday on starz. still to come -- we flash back to when we first met kristen bell. and recognize this gladiator? >> i'm a multifaceted man. >> you won't believe what russell crowe went through to become roger ailes. >> only we're in the clubhouse with andy cohen to celebrate ten years of watch what happens live. >> it's been the best hangover you could imagine. closed captioning provided by -- right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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♪ ♪ andy cohen celebrated ten years of "watch what happens live" last night with some of his biggest fans including chrissy teigen who just may have to turn in her honorary key to the clubhouse. >> please complete the housewife song lyric. "you say i'm fake, i say i'm --" >> fabulous? >> chrissy did not do great in the game. >> i don't know. this is way harder than i thought. i'm so tired today. it's so hard. >> even though she's a superfan and bff with andy, here's something that even he didn't know. >> i wasn't allowed to do the show for two years i got so blackout. >> really? >> who wouldn't allow you? >> marissa. >> marissa your publicist?
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>> it doesn't not feel like it's been ten years. it feels like it's been the longest and best hangover you can ever imagine. >> he's hosted over a thousand shows. what's the secret to his success, for starters you never know what's going the happen. >> you were caught texting during mariah's performance. >> that was a long performance. >> okay, okay. >> that took the show from once a week "housewives" recap to five nights of starstudded debauchery. >> never have i ever stolen something? i attribute the longevity of the show to the authenticity of the experience. >> but the guy who actually started out as a programming executive for bravo before getting his own show isn't >> pleading the fifth. i still want to get on michelle obama, madonna, the list is long. >> and impressive. he'll probably get them all. andy is also succeeding on the
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parenting front. his son benjamin is 4 months old and andy is considering having another child. >> kristen bell gave veronica mars fans life when the cult favorite would be back on hulu. you can actually catch up on the first three seasons on hulu starting monday, but we have even more reasons. it's "e.t." bingeworthy. ♪ we used to be friends >> kristen bell. veronica mars is a strong-willed young woman. she's a little sarcastic, cynical. she's jaded for a 17-year-old. >> kristen was 24 when she landed the role of teen sleuth veronica mars. she was the first to audition and beat out a hundred other women to win the part, including amanda seyfried, who was later cast as her best friend. >> i've got a secret. >> it's sort of a twist on a teen drama. "twin peaks" meets "buffy," meets "the o.c." >> this whodunit is full of mystery and murder, and just like veronica, you can't stop until each case is solved.
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>> everyone knows this story. it made "entertainment tonight." >> the role helped kick-start kristen's career. and it's hard not to fall in love with veronica's witty one-liners onscreen. >> flat? >> just as good made me. >> and kristen's charm in real life. >> this looks like somebody's underwear. this looks like one of the camera guy's underwear. >> another reason to binge? the long list of famous guest stars. this was jessica chastain's second role ever. >> it was nothing. >> and kristin cavallari's first time acting. >> i'm a lesbian, veronica. >> oh. >> other celeb cameos included lisa rinna, paul rudd and paris hilton. >> no one cares what you think, veronica mars. >> i'm mostly wearing my own stuff because i didn't like what they picked out for me. >> so what can diehard fans expect from the new season 4? >> well, marshmallows can expect the same characters but also a lot of new characters and a much more adult show. >> eight new episodes drop at the end of next month, so
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there's still time to binge the first three seasons. fair warning -- it will take you about 45 hours. >> back away from the car, would you? >> 45 of the best hours you'll ever spend. the new season of "veronica mars" premieres july 26th on hulu. oscar winner russell crowe is a long way from his gladiator days in his latest role, crowe is giving us the crazy details behind his epic tv transformation into controversial fox news exec roger ailes. >> television is the most powerful force in the world. >> i used to call it face jail. you know, it wasn't fun at all. >> it's war. >> crowe's transformation into the late news boss initially took six hours of makeup and the showtime shoot lasted seven months. >> it was a hell of a long job and a very difficult job. but ultimately i'm just grateful. >> siena miller plays roger's
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wife. >> you look in the mirror and you can't recognize yourself. >> former fox news anchor gretchen carlson is portrayed by naomi watts. >> i wore a wig and this is my eyebrow -- >> gretchen. >> roger. >> in part with carlson's sexual harassment accusations that eventually forced ailes to leave fox. carlson was at the premiere for the limited series. >> bring attention to this whole issue. the more we talk about it the more we fix it. >> as for any blowback from fox news? crowe is not worried. >> this has emmy written all over it. coming up -- our chris lane exclusive. his first tv interview since proposing to "bachelor" alum
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lauren bushnell. tightened up do
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stretch when they saw the warriors are coming right at them and it was defensively i mean the way to defend to pick a roll lately game between german green steph curry double drag series. >>like then. so it starts door under this is a simple. going to the lane wide open. response to the lame duck and why don't like they got to get tougher or not the exact cause is a guy take a bullet around you got to figure out what to do with moe harkless and al-farouq amido feels like it's just way right now in a squad and of course a terrible injured in our kids where is he going to
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we have run out of time tonight, but we have one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> have a great weekend. bye-bye. >> only we're with country cutie simpk chris lane who popped the question to bachelor alum lauren bushnell last week ♪ i'm going to a ask her to mar me ♪ >> i could see the look on her face and i'm not an emotional person it made me tear tear up. >> before he got down on one knee, he wrote a song for lauren "big big plans. >> i heard this song for the first time even though i recorded my parts, i heard the song literally an hour before i proposed. >> chris and lauren aren't wasting any time.
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wedding plans are under way. >> i think she's going to give me two jobs -- one is to find a pastor who's going to marry us and two, find a deejay. i've been waiting my whole life for this. ♪ you ready? are you? ♪ woo.
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♪ >>somebody a shocking memo citing the goal of the fire get more running and see this my head and it's just like fed knows about 100 of the leaves. >>more questions tonight surrounding this massive fire at a construction site in santa clara today as a person of interest was detained, questioned and released. good evening, everybody i'm pam moore and i'm grant lotus in today for ken wayne, what was said to be a luxury condo complex is now a total loss the fire started late this morning.


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