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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>well was while it lasted goodbye to brooklyn and hello to. so hello goodbye to the bay area. hello to little confusion right there. i'm still in mourning that kevin durant is going to be leaving us here. >>in the bay area. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >>so i'm justine waldman yeah, announcement was made the decision to join the brooklyn nets was made online in that picture that t there thank you for joining us, i'm j r stone durrant won 2 titles with golden state was injured for much of the postseason and that loss in the nba finals kron 4 sports
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reporter. kate rooney is here to break all that down. but basically decision may dear and heading to brooklyn. >>yeah, this is one of the teams that we always knew was in the mix but we're crossing our fingers that he want to continue calling the bay area. home we try to ignore the signs the week's east and new york. the rumors about his good friend kyra going to brooklyn but in the end all the finger crossing from golden state fans didn't do the trick kevin durant's has played his last game as a warrior and is set to sign with the brooklyn nets kd is taking a four-year deal with brooklyn at million will be joined by fellow stars irving and dion tree jordan. the nets made the postseason this year for the first time since 2015 they lost to the sixers in the have signed with the warriors on a 5 year deal worth 221. million dollars pic now in 3 seasons with golden state he won 2 nba championships to mvp finals. awards and was an all-star each year. so nothing can be
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made official on paper until july 6 but durant did announce the news today on an instagram account for the board room which is a streaming series of which he is the executive producer and. did this month long speculation that we've been dealing with pretty for most of the season. >>you know we're talking about the 7 o'clock it's almost like we shouldn't be surprised because of all the talk all this season, but i feel like there is a sense of surprise tonight in what happened and i'm sure you'll have much more tonight at 9 on sports night live the minutes were up. and the feeling. thank you so much k. well it's a bittersweet announcement for the nation's first go on. >>is live now from oracle arena with fan reaction gayle. >>yeah just teenage a are bittersweet as you can imagine, especially after the outcome of the nba championship game. and i'm lawyers moving across the bay to san francisco and of course
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now kevin durant heading east to new york city. i'm devastated. >>i'm a huge qatif and so it hurts the heart that i wish him all the best. >>we'll miss kevin duran well he's the best player in the works for 3 straight years, the sox. >>why does that fact. >>is a heated faced a business as a team, but like to see a 3 p like to likes him get back on top of shocking news for golden state warriors fans. >>to time finals mvp kevin durant is leaving after 3 deer and announce his decision found a the start of the nba free agency period on the instagram page for the boardroom in on might series produced by deer and. >>the instagram post says he is signing a max contract with the brooklyn nets. >>the eu says. >>brooklyn has man that >>congratulations candy we found this new york band excited for deer and but he's not rooting for the nets and i understand durant's going to be in new york but not playing for the player from brooklyn
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which is cool. >>it's a new york team that is not the next to me they'll this horribly. what i'm a faithful fans from when i was a kid in 80 so it is what it is the max deal is said to be 4 years and about million. >>if you're and could have gotten 5 years and million from the board and the warriors if he stayed with them, good luck >>he gave us 3 good years in golden state i think that's fantastic looks like he wants to move on to some different things i think that's great. >>and while you're at is recovering from that ruptured achilles tendon that could keep him out of the season that could keep him out of the next to bed like but gayle ong kron 4 news. >>moving on now to a big story we're watching 2 people are dead and several others are injured after a wrong-way crash on highway 24 the california highway patrol says the head-on collision happened in the westbound lanes
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overnight. >>kron four's dan thorn is live in a rented tonight with more on what led up to this crash. dan. >>well j j r chp says the drugs or alcohol may be a factor in this crash. the westbound lanes here long 20 forward forced to be closed for about 3 hours this morning and emergency crews described the catastrophic scene. >>emergency crews us around a horrific scene along highway 24 in are in debt. a pair of cars ripped apart after colliding head-on chp says an unidentified man in a saturn was driving in the wrong direction in the westbound lanes between fish ranch and while the roads when he struck a toyota, full he saturn was found dead. the driver later dying at the hospital, 5 people in the toyota had to be taken from the scene all with major injuries. video shows some of them being pushed away
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in stretchers. westbound lanes were forced to close his investigators continued to survey the area. the closure helped a helicopter fly in to pick up one of the crash victims. investigators say the driver of the saturn may have been drunk or high when the accident happened the 25 year-old driver of the toyota is not suspected of any drugs or alcohol. the 2 victims who died in this crash have not been identified and the 5 people that were inside of the toyota. >>their conditions are unknown at this time, reporting live in orinda dan thorn on for news. >>and he's fame and convicted of possessing child pornographer able spend 10 years in prison, a federal judge in san francisco sentence 56 year-old evan day be hudson of alameda county on friday. court documents show hudson possess more than 100,000 child-pornography images and videos. the judge
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also sentenced him to a 10 year period of supervised released. and also ordered him to pay $100,000 in restitution to one of the victims. now to fremont where investigators are looking into a suspicious fire that burned a homeless camp. firefighters say the fire started shortly before 10 this morning near molly avenue and mission boulevard. no one was hurt. but the fire damage makeshift housing and items that belong to the people who were living there. >>happening now, san francisco police are looking for suspects in the shooting that killed a man overnight. the shooting was reported about one this morning near the intersection of geary boulevard and shot multiple times. officers say 2 people were seen driving away from have a detailed description. if you have any information call san francisco police. what we expect to learn more tomorrow about a shooting that seriously hurt 2 people in sonoma county. sheriff's
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deputies say the shooting happened about 9 40 last night on valley ford road just outside the town of bloomfield they say one victim's injuries were possibly life threatening. they did not yet released details about the victims or what led to that shooting. op>>let's take a live look outside right now on this sunday night as we talk about our 4 zone forecast and there is the embarcadero here in san francisco. >>beautiful day a beautiful evening here in san francisco trying right now by meteorologist but greece uh rodriguez breaking down the forecast not only for this week, >>yeah for the july just around the corner but expect some very seasonable temperatures from now until then here's a live look outside though south market in downtown san francisco in you can see that fog bank out in the distance and we are noticing cooler temperatures, especially along the coast and poor visibility as well down to 2 miles from downtown san francisco and half moon bay and even along the east bay shoreline as well starting to notice that impact of the marine layer making its way
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inland cooling down temperatures significantly, especially in our interior valleys. the coolest location right now. those of you in santa rosa, so temperatures in the mid 60's, widespread 50 throughout the san francisco peninsula and even some 70's as you make your way inland so a cooler air mass out there this evening. wind speeds fairly light and breezy for most of the bay area with the exception of fairfield tracking wind speeds of about 20 miles per hour or less and middle change from now even through your midweek forecast in the bay area but like jr was mentioning a big warm up is heading for a 4th of july weekend next weekend. details on how warm and hot it's expected to get in just a few minutes back to you daryn just seen. >>well thank you so much still had summertime is here. but now warning from the federal government about a parasite in polls that could make you sick for days. >>celebration right here in san francisco. we have a look at this year's parade that brought out thousands of
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>>and a homecoming for a us senator and democratic presidential candidate we caught up with kamel harris, a parade today got her thoughts
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>>san francisco celebrates pride this morning, the city hosted one of the largest lgbtq parades and the world.
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thousands of people lined up along market street to watch hundreds of different floats and performers. the pride parade also brought out people of all ages and kron four's christina tadros spoke with a 10 year-old who was attending her first pride parade. >>it's the grand finale if you will of pride month and weekend. >>nathalie martin just finished up the 4th grade at today is her first pride parade, even at the young age of 10 she sees no gender boundaries. >>let everyone who they want it's not in need. and should have the right to levy tent. >>reporting here in downtown christina tetreault. >>now the parade route to come to a halt for about an hour after it started today, police say that a group that was opposing what they call the corporate takeover of the pride parade blocked the route
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air dryer shot this video protesters on market street near 6th. the protesters sat on the road linked arm in arm. police say that those protesters broke down barricades threw water bottles and even injured one of the officers. police arrested 2 people from the protest. >>senator and presidential candidate kamel harris came home for the pride parade of late. she has made international headlines with her back and forth between her and joe biden at the democratic debate the other night kron four's nobel spoke to harris about the meaning of pride. >>for double and rainbow sequin jacket pamela harris showed her deep support for the lgbtq community. the 2020
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presidential hopeful certainly wasn't alone sunday as a sea of supporters marched behind her. paris overwhelmed many as she shook their hands and listens to their reasons for being there. city hall. there reminded a large crowd of her longtime support for marriage equality. cards married. and san francisco
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noel gallo kron 4 news. >>harris also responded on the issue of race in response to a tweet by her critics. the critic who identified as a an african american tweeted in part kamala harris is not an american black. she is half indian and half jamaican i'm so sick of people robbing american blacks like myself of our history. president trump's son donald trump junior, shared the tweet with his millions of followers asking quote is this true while a trump junior spokesman told the new york times it was a misunderstanding the tweet has been deleted. harris told us today the issue of race should be considered seriously. >>history of raising its to secon i was stationed may
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make some people uncomfortable. >>harris spokeswoman also spoke out today explaining that people including president trump. use similar rhetoric to question barack obama's birthplace. >>pride celebrations took place from coast to coast today and are looking now. parades in new york city, chicago, seattle and omaha nebraska. lots of fun all around and as we take a live look outside right now. as we talk about our 4 zone forecast asked here is sfo. just sunny day looks like it's going to black a the cameras back this. >>right now by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez a foggy night maybe foggy morning tomorrow as well yeah we are going to notice some patchy dense low clouds and fog right along the coast of the bay area better clearing for interior valleys, typical summer like pattern yet again today so near the coast at or slightly below normal and our
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where we should be for this time of year and stormtracker 4. >>right now tracking the visibility the poorest along our coastal areas specifically for downtown san francisco in half moon bay and even along the coast of the east bay as well seeing that poor visibility but better clearing as you make your way inland and right now tracking that fog bank right along the coastal areas of the bay area cooling down temperatures right now and still seeing that cool sea breeze influence as well pushing in that low and high cloud cover right along the immediate beach areas of the bay area temperatures right now as you head out the door, widespread 50's throughout the san francisco peninsula. low 60's throughout the bay area shoreline and still in the low 70's for try valleys and even redwood city night and overnigh we'll be a little bit warmer tonight, thanks to that blanket of cloud cover overhead says seeing a lot more mid 50's for your overnight temperatures and wake-up planner forecast is
8:19 pm
going to show very little change along our coast and bay area's because we are going to be in the mid 60's along the coast. low 70's throughout our san francisco bay shoreline and interior valleys, warming up a few degrees into the mid 80's. so right about where we should be for this time of year very seasonable temperatures right now in the bay area. downtown san francisco 65 degrees oakland, 71 in san jose, 82 degrees for your monday afternoon highs in tracking wind gusts upwards of about 20 miles per hour less so well below advisory level conquered 83 degrees tomorrow napa also hitting that low 80 degree mark hayward 72 and half moon bay in the mid 60's as redwoocia look ahead at the through your 4th of july th fireworks show shallow marine layer if any thursday night and then above average temperatures next weekend with no record breaking heat, jr and justine back to you.
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>>thank you so much coming up tonight at 8.45 an exclusive look inside a star-studded event hear from the celebrity panel on the importance of gender equality everywhere. >>but first the current box office king toy story 4 face 2 new movies right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit >>welcome back to kron 4 news today, 2 new movies opened in wide release this weekend. but neither could touch the
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reigning box office champ david daniel looks at the top 5 films in theaters. keep the secret life of pets to state in 5th place making million for a domestic total of 131 million. >>11 is up to 306 million in domestic ticket sales after a 4th place weekend worth >>the beatles inspired yesterday debuted with $17 million a better start than expected. annabel comes home open with million much less than expected. but enough for second place. >>howdy to say they're the sort the you you're not a father down. >>as expected toy story 4 topped the chart for a second straight weekend earning million for a 10 day total of 237 million in hollywood, i'm
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david daniel. >>aladdin and toy story 4 already the 3rd and 4th highest grossing movies of the year so far domestically. >>next to the 30 president trump makes history as the first sitting us president to visit north korea. what this means for the denuclearization talks that failed that the president's second summit with kim jong hoon and. >>plus many of you are stocking up on fire works for the 4th of july how to make sure you're celebrating without breaking the law. >>and a tragedy in texas, a plane crashed at an airport killing everyone on board. here you go little guy.
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this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ >>welcome back. we are following a developing story tonight out of texas, a small plane crash this morning killing all 10 people on board. investigators say the crash happened at a municipal airport in addison about 2 hours north of dallas. >>they say the plane was taking off and it crashed into a hangar and caught on fire. a witness described the smoke coming from the scene. >>it was really think like you can tell there's some burning chemicals or the no gas or oil. it definitely looked black unafraid it's a b serious. >>no one on the plane survived and no one inside the hangar. no one was inside the hangar at the time of the crash. also a man and riding motorcycle died this afternoon after crashing into a truck in san
8:28 pm
mateo county the california highway patrol says the crash happened around behind a road about 3 miles north of the unincorporated community of a honda. troopers say the man was in his mid 30's and was headed west when he ran into the hood of the truck, turning from the east bound behind a road on to a private driveway. the man then died at the hospital. and take a look at this oakland police are investigating a street racing incident that killed the driver of this car you can see how badly damaged it is. officers say the racing happened some time after 5 o'clock last night near san leandro street and 51st avenue police are now asking for witnesses to come forward so if you saw what happened before this deadly crash call opd traffic investigators. >>a man from the bay area's missing in the grand canyon. the national park service police report, 66 year-old peter schwab from healdsburg was last seen friday, a river trip on the colorado river. police say schwab was reported
8:29 pm
missing after a day hike to the narrows in the national canyon. rangers are searching the area. in national news president trump is back at the white house after making history. >>this morning, he became the first sitting us president to step inside north korea and he met with north korea north korea's leader and said they will continue negotiating denuclearization david daniel has our story. >>president trump and kim jong hoon shaking hands in north korea after crossing the demilitarized zone and taking 20 steps into the hermit nation's trump made history as the first sitting president to set foot on north korean soil. >>i just want to say this is my honor. a lot of friendships have been made and this in to a great friendship. the 2 leaders met for just under an hour after the historic handshake while no new commitments out of the meeting trump said he and kim agreed to revive talks.
8:30 pm
denuclearization negotiations fell apart during their last summit in february what we're doing today is a step. and probably it's a step in the right direction as far as another. >>and meeting i think less see what happens today before we start thinking about that despite the hopeful tone between the 2 leaders former obama era intelligence officials remain skeptical of north korea's intentions when it comes to the hard business of negotiating i think that's another story on >>personally don't believe the north koreans have long-term any intent to the new clues why should they if they're taken to survival. i'm david daniel reporting. >>rallies are expected around the bay area on tuesday to protest conditions at us immigration detention centers. organizers plan to hold close the camp rallies and san francisco santa rosa and walnut creek and san francisco rally will be held at noon in front of us senator dianne feinstein's office that one post read. santa rosa's protest will also take place
8:31 pm
at noon at old courthouse square. and walnut creek a rally will be held at 5 30 in the evening. at the corner of ignacio valley road and north civic drive. >>red flags will soon be flying in santa rosa, the santa rosa fire department is joining fire agencies across the noma county to prevent wildfires. so when the national weather service issues, a red flag warning locally all santa rosa fire stations will literally fly a red flag and a red flag warning means that there is an increased risk for fire danger because of warm temperatures very low humidity. and strong winds well fire will be lighting up the sky. >>on july 4th and many of you have already started fireworks shopping this weekend in the city of dublin, the more than a dozen city approved vendors open up their books on friday. within the city limits, but as kron 4 slips to dollar ports. they're only legal if they're safe in saying. >>as soon as that moves opened to customers were waiting outside in dublin. prime
8:32 pm
pickup, what they'll be shooting off on the 4th of july, 13 vendors approved by the city are scattered around town with volunteers standing by the cell and all the proceeds we have go towards equipment uniforms for athletes and is a great to be on the proviso we have about valley christian high schools booth is located at the dublin retail center off dublin boulevard and the dublin partners in education have their set up on the opposite end of the same parking lot it's an annual event that's been happening here is open for say the and the beneficiaries are all nonprofits and if you're in alameda county, dublin and union city are year only 2 options to purchase safe and sane fireworks meaning fireworks that don't leave the ground or explode by right time. >>and so make sure it's all legal and me in the right case something goes wrong. but it's important house fire works will be permitted in 3 parks from 10 in the morning through 10 at
8:33 pm
night on independence day. >>alamo creek park emerald glen park and shannon park. >>unlike past years this time around dublin sports complex will be off limits due to ongoing my favorite thing percent my family loves them and there's a place in town to do it safe and sane fireworks can also be used as single family homes but not apartment complex is setting fireworks off anywhere that hasn't been designated by the city. >>could result in a hefty fine in dublin fleet of all kron 4 news. >>and a reminder that if you plan to watch the 4th of july fireworks show on officials urge you to avoid treasure island because of all the construction there. well, there's really nowhere for the public to be right now really is very little space. >>we used to have about 4 acres of open space right now we're really limited in terms of space and parking and roadways for that matter. >>the construction is setting the stage for what will become
8:34 pm
new housing units on treasure island project won't be fully bills for 10 years and you can. >>watch the fireworks show from the comfort of your own home just tune in to kron 4 on thursday night and we're bringing you the only live fireworks show in the bay area. in the they're presented by the city and county of san francisco. also see the show happening in san jose they mcenery convention center also be covering the shows at the marin county fair and in concord. and now for a check of your bay area forecast seeing very mild temperatures out there right now with seasonal daytime highs to start your workweek monday you're microclimate forecast coming up next. and next just how safe is medical marijuana here from health professions. professionals who say that they're worrie
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 8 medical marijuana is commonly used these days to treat a host of physical and mental ailments said some mental health professionals are questioning using cannabis to treat mental health disorders kron four's has it been unit brings us now both sides of this debate. >>mental health professionals here at john muir behavioral health in concord talk about thpo today's highly potent forms of marijuana, 20 or 30 years ago. >>the average strain of marijuana had about 2 to 3% thc. today i can have more
8:38 pm
than 10 times that amount of jeremy top that is a licensed clinical social worker certified addiction specialist. >>and director of job near a behavioral health outpatient program to copper top that says there are several mental health disorders associated with exposure to cannabis there are. >>are clear links in scientific research between marijuana use vulnerability to developing all kinds of mental illness, including a psychotic disorders mood disorders like major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder anxiety disorders medical marijuana advocates david goldman did michael cohen of the brownie barry democratic club of san francisco. y there's no proof l today's potent strains of cannabis to liddy mental behavioral disorders it's just not true.
8:39 pm
>>this country gone way down. >>mental health professionals and medical marijuana advocates both agree, however that people should consult with their primary doctors before cannabis products to treat any mental health symptoms it conquered haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>you will want to listen to this before you head to the polls there could be something in the water that could literally turn your stomach. the centers for disease control and prevention is warning you about a parasite called cryptosporidium. crypto for short, it's spread by feces and the cdc says they're seeing more and more people come down with it. health experts say it can cause quote prof use watery diarrhea for as long as 3 weeks. it could be worse for kids, and anyone who has a egnant compromised immune system. so if you go to the poll make sure you take a shower
8:40 pm
afterwards. >>well if you're looking to perfect your summer body grab an extra cup of coffee. a new study shows your favorite cup of joe could help you fight fat. researchers at the university of nottingham claim that coffee help stimulate brown fat reserves which play a role in how quickly you burn calories. scientists say the still need to do more research to figure out exactly what it is that's in coffee that help speed up weight loss. a message of encouragement for young women in the bay area we will give you an exclusive look in
8:41 pm
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>>so when the clock strikes midnight there's going to be a couple of changes across the bay area. >>the new month is bringing some new laws and taxes that's increasing the new gas tax starting monday. drivers will pay 6 more cents per gallon. the money will go into fixing aging bridges and roadways. in the state got my guest today. also on monday a muni ride will cost you more a single rival now cost $3 if you pay with cash or by a limited use ticket. but if you use your clipper card. the muni bi officials say the fare increase will allow the sfmta to keep pace with labor and other rising costs. >>also on monday, a new law regarding the release of police body camera footage goes into effect. police to release body camera footage
8:44 pm
within 45 days of an incident when an,officer uses a weapon and as of tomorrow, california will become the first state to require background checks in order to buy ammunition. governor gavin newsom says it will deter gun violence and save lives. opponents are suing hoping to change the law they say it places an unfair burden on millions of law-abiding gun owners. >>did the bay bridge approach you can see a clear cell and if you happened in making your way in the san francisco, my guess is that most people are making their way out of san francisco. mabrisa rodriguez. >>with our help in a weak yeah we are tracking some cng but until now we are going to notice some more clouds making its way along the coastal areas of the bay area tracking that marine layer right now.
8:45 pm
>>patchy along the coast off of golden gate bridge as you can see noticing cooler temperatures right now 57 degrees, half moon bay, a degree warmer at 58 degrees and widespread 60's along the bay area's shoreline and even some 70's in our interior valleys. specifically the tri valley is in concord an antioch both in the low 70's and overnight lows tonight will be a few degrees warmer so seeing some more widespread 50's for your overnight lows. let's take a look at your microclimate monday forecast as you start out the work week it is going to be a short week for a lot of you because of the 4th of july holiday, but we are going to start out with near average temperatures to downtown san francisco, 65 degrees, half moon bay, 64 degrees. so going to wake up with some patchy dense low clouds and fog along the coast but better clearing as you make your way inland. millbrae and san bruno in the low 60's burlingame warming up into the mid 60's for you redwood city low 70's apollo alto and san matteo mid 60's for your monday afternoon highs in wind speeds will be light to breezy
8:46 pm
could see gusts upwards of about 25 miles per hour or less with that sea breeze still making its way throughout parts of the bay area in san jose warming up into the low 80's santa clara 74 degrees. morgan hill flirting with a tease but 79 degrees for your monday afternoon highs hayward 72 degrees union city a little bit milder at 66 degrees but livermore warming up a few degrees into the mid 80's conquered as well mid 80's for you and walnut creek 80 degrees for your monday afternoon highs berkeley, 69 degrees in napa in the low 80's, sonoma upper 70's and santa rosa 83 degrees. so let's take a look at your allergy outlook low to medium amounts of these top to allergens and as we take a look ahead. our holiday week forecast. we are going to notice very seasonable temperatures all the way through 4th of july thursday, but then by next weekend i am tracking above average temperatures with some of our interior valleys, warming up close to 90 degrees. but 89 degrees for your afternoon highs. a few degrees of
8:47 pm
warming along the coast, but a lot milder there's if you want relief from the heat just head to the beach back to you jen justine. country music star trisha yearwood is out with a new single called every girl in this town and she talked about the song in san francisco, the panel. >>and gender equality kron 4 was the only local media in the room to capture the celebrity in action. >>and this story that you will only see on kron 4 theresa breaks down why the star traveled to the bay area. the message she has for everyone. perry >>it was a star-studded event with kron on friends center to give you this exclusive ticket to the action and titled women as anger, a community breakfast, the panel held at the gaming companies. downtown san francisco headquarters
8:48 pm
presidential candidate kamala harris made a video presentation to the private group to let it is >>that doing up on stage for women's health court. >>fun philips was anger sponsor of the event author sarah lacy ceo and co-founder of chairman mom for a buck at covington webber actress, currently starring in the san francisco seduction of hamilton and country >>there's a leader in this on this as you guys say now. >>yearwood recently released a single called every girl in this town with its strong female message. they complimented the focus of the event zeroing in on equality across the entertainment industry. >>know we're going back. >>see your would won her first grammy back in the 1990's she shared stories of hardship during those days, i'm being
8:49 pm
criticized and wants for her clothing choice. >>inspire fire girls who are not the room girls who don't think they are pretty enough or saying that his i the same worries saying as you the other women shared some of their struggles time the jury. dna on or know >>and they added what they are doing to fight back on what they have faced for yearwood she's making changes in her world. >>a on it and so.
8:50 pm
>>with a room dominated with women in various industries throughout the bay area. the pound's positive push for change. we certainly well received. >>kron 4 news. >>kron four's vicki liviakis also rahm to trisha at a restaurant so tonight on dine and dish vicki talks with the country music star. and also the food network celebrity about her life with music legend garth brooks making sweet music and of course, food. >>i think you know, i mean i've been just hours for many many years, there's a lot of really great goodness town and there's every every kind of thing you want is in this town that was really cool. but um yeah i think what people i think when people crave food, it's really about creating connection. getting together with people that you want to have station with over. i know in my family that was where the family was always running crazy but that was where we would gather at the end of the day and that's where those conversations happen so that's what's really about the matter what you're eating. it's about
8:51 pm
the people that you're with. >>starting >>is like were not scripted our show is about making food as comfort food and and telling the story is as a way to show love i mean i really do put love into the that i make is i i enjoyed together. it going together a lot to so much about. >>like when he hears on the radio for 20 years ago, you know exactly where you are exactly who you're with food is the same way the guards loves my cooking he loves my recipes was in the surest way to a man's heart is through its stomach is quite funny or cocaine. >>he is like i mean you have to like i'm not the best cook in the world like there are other people who are really really good at what they do, but i think for him. it's is again that love saying you know it's like i made this mail for him until it meets its to taste better to him because it came from a i think that's the way he is he's is a big fan is a big cheerleader from 8 really awesome. but
8:52 pm
your favorite restaurant bar or even food trucks be featured on dine and dish just head over to our dine and dish. >>facebook page or email, dine and dish at kron 4 dot com. there is nothing like the start of nba free agency we've been waiting for some of today's announcements of for a long time even though we might not like the result. that's because kevin durant's. >>will be a brooklyn net so many folks in golden state hoping he'd remain with the warriors instead the superstar announced today he'd signed with brooklyn for a four-year deal with a 164 million dollars will be joined by a good friend of his and superstar in his own right kyra irving and also deandre jordan heading to brooklyn from the next now we just learned less than 30 minutes ago that d'angelo russell, the current brooklyn nets will join the warriors as part of a sign and trade deal between the 2 teams so that means
8:53 pm
there's going to be a lot to unpack on tonight's episode of sports night live and j r stone and i will be ready at 9 with all the free agency talk and more that's coming up right after news so much to talk about tonight. there certainly is and you know just in wall the news talk about. >>her being the reason that kevin duran came here because of wonderful conversation that she had with kevin duran early on that. this whole or you the reason that he left to prop a friendship made during the a flight here the sweet story between these 2 strangers
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
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>>welcome back a social media post about an act of kindness is getting a lot of attention tonight, 10's of thousands of people have reacted positively on facebook to a man who looked at. who has autism who was sitting next to him on a plane 7 year-old landon had to fly from las vegas to portland to a neighbor that would be sitting next to him on the plane helping that that person would help out she also stuff some cash inside as a thank you. that lucky seat says that the flight was just full of nonstop activity. >>after welly yes get that
8:57 pm
making that jokes. >>captured this photo ai the end to assure land it's mom that all was well as for that $10. he says he donated it to the autism society. inland and honor. i like feeling good at the end of the show i do too several of them warriors is starting to make me feel a little bad. >>no no there's some positive to and we're going to get down to the positive news that's breaking in the last 10 minutes on sports night live coming up. we'll see them for more news at 10. ♪
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"this is kron 4's sports night live." despite all of the hope and optimism here in the bay brooklyn...that's where kevin durant will make his new hoops home...set to sign a 4-year, 164 million dollar deal with the nets...he'll be joined by fellow stars kyrie irving and deandre instant super team. he announced it on the instagram account for a


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