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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 1, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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she has the latest now on the investigation taylor. >>well the menlo park fire marshal came out to tell us that the latest results from the last tests were inconclusive so they had to bring in a new crew to swap out now as you can see we're still waiting for that you can see some people outside but again we're still waiting for them to suit up and head back inside to do testing for a second time as you can imagine this is a long and very careful process having to suit up take samples run tests and wash down a process that can take an hour to an hour and a half now check out this video from earlier this is what we can expect to see again here you can see that hazardous material team coming out of facebook's mail facility after being inside the building for an hour testing that suspicious package, this building has been empty evacuated since 11:00am when a bag of mail tested positive for sarin gas during 2 of 3 examinations, 5 people were inside at the time. 2 people handled the bag in the park fire says there are no medical issues and those 2 are not thought to have been exposed
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to any dangerous material. >>i'm open we have the right equipment yeah that's what we are looking at and trying to evaluate so we'll see what we can do to at least rule out. >>what we have. >>now this building is about a mile from facebook's menlo park headquarters and again we're still waiting for a second team to suit up and go inside to confirm whether or not it was a dangerous substance at that on that mail bag or if those results were just false positives which have happened at this facility before bring live in menlo park tiller kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor workers in 7 various cities are seeking a hike in their minimum wage today, this city of milpitas says the increase actually is a positive for the local economy there. but as conference do well bella reports for us tonight, local restaurants are really starting to feel the pinch. >>we have to read the amendment rights and that's what have to do azteca has been serving homemade mexican food in milpitas for almost 40
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years i've been coming here off and on for my guys i would say what. yeah at least 25 to 30 years right owner hari the hall says being a small business means having a relationship with customers, the community and they ask for the nation and we never say no and we do it and label >>what he worries the restaurant won't always be able to stay afloat may be out but sometimes you know >>the rent is so high of just a moose is so high. and now you they going to so it's so hard to survive the you know. >>the on monday minimum wage in the city ticked up from 1350 an hour to $15 flat lapidus economic development director alex and ride a says it will be a positive impact for the local economy. >>i believe that i have a positive externality it'll put more dollars in people's pockets, so that they can go out shop dine and put that
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money right back into the local economy. >>ari has about 25 full and part-time employees because of the high key may have to cut back on some of their hours. menu items will likely rise about $4 kennedy is so much. >>but if we don't increase that it will be out of business so hurry worries higher prices will cause his customers to go elsewhere. >>one is we spoke with say they aren't going anywhere. the additional for sure this this and they have to slightly raise their prices in order to fulfill i have no problem with that i'm still willing to pay it. >>employees will start seeing the reflection of that wage hike in their paychecks on july 15th in milpitas noel bellow kron 4 news there are. >>other new laws going to go into effect today, one is the state's law requiring background checks to purchase ammo under this new law all ammunition sales mutts take place in person even if the
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initial purchase was made online individuals who have to pick up the m o at their nearest gun store. if the gun owner is already in the state registry and cleared with a background check. they will pay one dollar each time they go buy ammunition to run the background check is a quote spot check to ensure there are no new criminal convictions or mental health red flags. if they're not in the database buyers will have to pay $19 for a more extensive check. meanwhile, a starting today a gallon of gas will go up nearly $0.6 per gallon that's thanks to the voter approved a gas tax the 2017 law is designed to raise about billion a year for road and mass transit projects that november back then there was a a lot of it going to fix potholes and rebuilding our crumbling roadways bridges and
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public transit. there's a san francisco are also going up starting today a single ride fair will now cost $3. >>if you pay in cash or by a limited use ticket. but if you use your clipper card or the muni mobile app fares will remain at $2.50 officials say the fare increase will allow new need to keep pace with labor and other rising costs and the cost to cross the golden gate bridge also went up today and it's not expected to go down any time soon the toll hikes we'll continue to go up for the next 5 years with the final year putting the price of nearly $10. our first resist asioreaks down the new numbers and what all this means to commuters. >>just like the towers tolls will soar in the next 5 years to cross the iconic span. take a look this is what the golden gate highway and transportation district board of trustees recently approved option 5 as you can see it calls for a steady rise across all platforms so that whole
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increase that was approved was for the maximum amount that was being considered it a total of a million that will be brought in over the next 5 years. >>and of that 25 million is. >>more than needed for every operations that means that we're able to then reinvest that money into transit services we're really looking at using that funding to improve our larkspur ferry service in particular and potentially bus ridership as well. >>looks for ferry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last decade, it has been growing year over year over year and now we're stopped because we're at a point where we're literally at capacity. we have some women are early morning are late morning trip to the the main commute runs in the morning and the evening >>especially tuesday through thursday, so we want to make sure we do is provide enough space for those who want to come commute by ferry to be able to do that comfortably so this much rain will be extending from sandra fell here larkspur we're super
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excited about that happening we're not sure exactly how many customers are going to be coming from the smart rain over here to look to the ferry terminal. it's a short walk we're looking forward to those customers coming we definitely want to provide them with the services they're hoping to get. >>currently 2 boats are out getting necessary service to make sure that people don't feel the pinch the ferry system is entertaining a visitor. >>the rhode island ferry is on least to us for one year we have several boats that are going through scheduled maintenance this year and we didn't want to cut back on our reach. >>the district is also moving forward with wiping out a large section of the toll plaza that has no historical significance that bridge eliminated toll workers back in 2013. traffic flow has improved significantly and clearing the existing bruce will also help the district says that they know the increasing toll costs negatively impacts drivers but they add that they're doing their best to try to balance safety and quality transportation county stasio
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kron 4 news i take a look outside for a breezy day with mild temps so. >>a mostly across the bay as we take a look from our sutro cam over san francisco twilight showing off this first day of july meteorologist dave spahr in for. >>lars this pretty nice day all around. >>you know the the breezy conditions like there's a climate control factor with that what's good breeze and some fog but we'll take you keep those temperatures in check doesn't feel like july we're a little bit on the cooler side compliments of the cool coast to win so that's looking pretty good as it takes us some of the i 4th holiday warming up those we start to finish off it looks like the week ahead, here's a live shot check it out here mount diablo beautiful sunset is happening here and looks like just a little bit away some fog tomorrow morning little bit more fog down south by the way looks like in monterey bay. so what this is a shot from golden gate bridge were just talking about it just a recently there you can see a nice shot of it and in the meantime it will be just a
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little bit away some fog coming our way that's a lot to contend with check it out so the current winds, mostly in on shore flow in most locations there looks like the winds are double digits in spots we can see that the up there around the delta little bit. now this is what happens in the future cast for going into the future. we have winds coming from the west but take to hold together a little bit up in the north bay, a touch and those spots down the peninsula as well a couple little pockets inland. not tomorrow morning though, pretty quiet and then building by the afternoon. but everybody is getting involved in this onshore wind event as you can see even inland so we like that that's a good climate control, not just for the bay and for the coast. but also for the inland areas we're going to lose that influence. however, when we get into the end of the week, 59 by 11 by a midnight word, 58 or so for a lot of those inland valleys dropping into the 50's that will be somewhat typical house tomorrow shape up 61 san francisco, the coast lower 60's cool with that cool breeze in place pretty cool to looks like for the bay side of
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the northern end of the peninsula lower to middle 60's upper 60's to the south palo alto pair 7.74 from mountain view. we'll do about 75 for san jose. maybe an 80 cracking morgan hill east bay shoreline upper 60's lower 70's, 70 pleasanton tri valley 84 going on for livermore ok some warmer temperatures to be found here and there waller creek about 80 near about 70 or so on the east bay shoreline you can see there with berkeley 72. the laos, 7779 napa going to wine country. can really start feeling the heat again until post july 4th. 84% of rosa 70's back down to moran and speaking of which 10 some beach at 66 a little chilly may be at the beach is warming up though for the weekend gather that we've got lower 90's by the time we get around saturday back to you. thank you. dave today, san francisco, the transbay transit center and sales force park. >>reopen to the public finally both have been closed down for
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several see here while crews repair damage to a walkway over fremont street near mission kron four's charles clifford was at today's reopening. >>well here in san francisco on monday sales force park where i'm standing right now has reopened to the public the sits on top of the transbay transit center in below sales force tower and you might recall that about a year ago last september. this all closed down after they found some structural problems in one of the walkways over fremont street they have since picks that damage and as of today july first they have reopened the park the public can come down here check it out there's lots of amenities there's a half mile walking trail. it's kind of a mini golden gate park in the middle of san francisco. there's also starbucks and some food and amenities here now sales force park also a features a gondola which you can catch down to fremont and mission and you can write in about a minute or so up to this level here to sales force park it's kind of a one or a one-way ride you can go from below top here, but then you've got to find another way down it's kind of a neat little thing doesn't take long and it's free. here's a spokes first
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spokesperson for sales force park kind of explaining what's going on for this basically what is a soft opening. we have. >>though our regular programs that are open so 22 free public programs a week we already had yoga and meditation this morning. we'll have live music in the plaza today at noon crafting night from museum of designing crafted by 05:00pm. so that's part of our regular schedule that will take place all year long. >>of course this is a transit center and it is open to the public, however they have not yet started rerouting buses through this transit center. they figure a probably be a few more weeks before people be able to catch their muni rider ac transit riser golden bus service rides here, there's still waiting on figuring out those last minute logistics over the time being you can check it out but a probably a few weeks before you can actually catch a bus but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>and here's a look at the tiline of events related to that transit center august 10th of last year the billion center opened following 8
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years of construction, bus service started on the 12th. ok all good september 25th the center had to be closed and evacuated after a crash back in a load-bearing steel beam was discovered. another crack was discovered the next day to get 2 cracks the center was only expected though to be closed for a matter of weeks october 15th, fremont street reopened to traffic. however at this point in the process. there was really no clear timetable for the center's reopening repairs ended up lasting until june 11th. so just last month and today the park in center reopen to the public. but now bus service, actual bus service is not expected to return to the centers 3rd deck until august. the full year after the center initially opened. >>to the east bay now police have identified a man who died in an illegal street race from over the weekend police say the man's name is stanley reese the 34 year-old lost control of his car and crashed into a utility pole in oakland
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saturday, happened just after 5 o'clock that evening on the 5100 block of san leandro street and the city's melrose neighborhood police say that we says car veered across westbound lanes hit a curb roles more than once and then struck that light pole emergency crews had to cut the car's roof off to remove reece's body. police are still looking for the other driver reese was racing. 2 people are d ad and several others injured after a wrong-way crash on highway 24 happened early yesterday morning near or in des the chp says the driver of a saturn was heading in the wrong direction when he slammed into a car full of people. a passenger in the saturn was found dead at the scene and the driver later died at the hospital 5 people in the other car also suffered major injuries. investigators say the driver of the saturn may have been under the influence when that accident happened happening now, san francisco police are looking for the gunman in a shooting that killed a man that happened early sunday morning. >>near the intersection of
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gary boulevard and steiner street the victim shot several times officers say 2 people were seen driving away from the scene but they do not have a detailed description. and in the south bay, one person is hospitalized tonight after crashing into a building in santa clara this happened at 10 30 this morning at being drive near the latin drive. these are pictures from the scene here officials have not yet said what type of building the driver crashed into. but they did note that it's a residential area, one person injured the cause of the crash is still being investigated. >>an investigation continues after a massive fire at a condo complex construction site in santa clara. it happened on friday on el camino reality neighbors say that there grateful that the firefighters save their homes. but they initially opposed the project because of just how close it is to their homes. a city council member says the fire is a major setback as the city is facing a housing crisis. police detained a person of interest in the fire but released him friday afternoon, the cause still under investigation. rallies
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expected around the bay tomorrow to protest conditions at us immigration detention centers. organizers plan to hold close the camps rallies in san francisco and santa rosa and woman creek, san francisco that rally will be held at noon in front of a us senator dianne feinstein's office on post street. santa rosa's protests that will also take place at noon at old courthouse square. then in walnut creek rally will be held at 5 30 in the evening at the corner. i did not valley road and north civic tries. >>world news now president trump is back in washington after making history as the first sitting american president to walk into north korea now a new deal could be on the horizon that allows north koiea to keep its current nuclear weapons stockpile that in exchange for a freeze on future nuclear weapons production. kaitlan collins explained. >>president trump back in washington today after taking historic first steps into north korea. his impromptu sit
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down with kim jong-un has reignited talks with the hermit kingdom but now there are questions about what those talks will look like we just had a very very good meeting with chairman kim the new york times reports the us may settle for a nuclear freeze instead of denuclearization. >>a concept the time says would mean accepting the north as a nuclear power. it's a far cry from the president's demands, they can surrender his arsenal, this is complete the nuclear is a shun. >>of north korea people and ih will be verified those trump's national security adviser john bolton said neither the national security council staff nor. >>i have discussed or heard of any desire to settle for a nuclear freeze. this is a reprehensible attempt by someone to box in the president, but it could be an attempt to box out bolton who was noticeably absent from the president's trip to the dmz because the us officials said he was on a flight to mongolia. bolton may have been missing in action for the
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president's daughter and senior adviser wasn't about the trump is facing new criticism over the outsized foreign policy role she played in asia. she summarized trump's meetings with world leaders, a job typically reserved for national security staff the prime minister modi and prime pay just concluded a meeting with president xi awkwardly squeeze out the stcretary of state in a photo off. >>and ivanka trump even crossed into north korea from behind closed doors while trump's chief of staff waited outside an experience she called surreal back in washington. the president is facing scrutiny of his own after warmly embracing multiple authoritarian leaders while in asia we met, and we liked each other from day one. >>he lavished praise on the saudi crown prince who the cia recently concluded authorized the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. >>they've been a terrific ally. >>and he touted his relationship with vladimir putin after joking about russian interference in the 2016 election.
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>>i get along with president putin i get along with mohammad from. >>a saudi arabia. >>meantime in hong kong 13 police officers have been hospitalized as massive protest escalate there over the past month millions of people marched through the streets demanding the government halt a controversial bill that bill but allow extradition to mainland china. many fear the bill's passage could lead to arrests of those who oppose the chinese government. today protesters clashed with police as they stormed the government headquarters this is something that we should seriously condemned. >>that does nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong. so i hope community at large. we'll agree with ice that's where these fallen accept we have seen. it is right for us. >>can damage. >>well the bill has been tabled some demonstrators are calling for it to be completely withdrawn and are demanding greater freedoms.
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the east bay city leader wants to shut down the street over claims that homeless people are stealing from the store and doing drugs outside of us. >>plus out dangerous parasites could be living in your swimming pool. >>and nothing can kill them. >>and get ready for a busy 4th of july weekend as thousands are packing up and hitting the highways. >>our forecast heading into the holiday weekend week actually looks pretty good mild temperatures complements that onshore flow just a whisper some morning fog. news
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>>or your money tonight if you think road for the 4th of july holiday you might want to do that before too late because traffic is going to be an issue yeah, a record breaking number of americans will traveling this independence day nearly 2 million more. >>then last year a lot karin caifa explains in tonight's consumer watch. barbecues fireworks. >>and traffic for americans across the country this 4th of july is likely to be filled with summer fun and potentially some headaches as a record breaking number of independence day revelers get away for the holiday. it's going to be busy. we are projecting at 49 million americans will be traveling more than 50 miles away from home this year. >>that's what a 4% increase from what we saw in 2018. >>according to triple a a $0.10 decrease in gas prices over last year coupled with a strong economy are likely
9:24 pm
behind much of the increase. >>unemployment is low americans have additional disposable income so they're taking an additional money and put it towards a trip with friends and family this year a record 41.4 million drivers are planning on road tripping this year but all. >>those extra cars on the road will likely lead to extra delays. a long as 4 times the average commute in larger metro areas that's that if you want to avoid congestion try to leave early in the morning or if your schedule allows try to actually leave on the day of the holiday and to avoid travel troubles on the road have your car inspected before getting out the door for consumer watch i'm karen caifa and you can celebrate the 4th of july with kron 4 watch live fireworks from around the bay. >>and across the nation right from home. we're covering shows him san francisco sandra fell conquered and san jose. it is the only local and live fireworks show the party kicks off. thursday july 4th at 09:00pm coming up next america's student loan prices reaches a nearly trillion bill congress is hoping to pass the
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solutions some time next year. and an east bay city leader wants to shut down a street ♪
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>>the story we're following tonight, a santa rosa teenager has been arrested after a crash that left one person dead and another seriously injured happened early this morning in santa rosa's found grove area. our first dan thorn is there now live with the details for a stand.
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>>vicki several people have come out here tonight for a vigil to remember these 3 girls police say all 3 of them. we're in a car when they went over an embankment. the 2 passengers were ejected from the vehicle and one of them died and i spoke with some of the friends here who say that this accident is hard for them to believe. flowers lay near the crash site where a 16 year-old girl was killed and another was seriously injured. >>it's a growing memorial where friends have been paying their respects. police say the 3 teens were driving near sky farm and thomas lake harris drives in santa rosa, when the car went off the road. >>it just feels unreal that can happen that was a shot and it took a while for me to really like understand that that actually happened that night we lost someone so kind. >>pain fatigue iraq says they're all students at maria correio high school like many
9:29 pm
others up he wanted to share her condolences at the site. >>really everybody because nobody expected it came out of nowhere and. >>snapped tree limbs and uprooted grass show the deadly path the car went down early monday morning eventually it landed on a golf course fairway police say the 2 passengers rejected one girl later dying at the hospital. >>it's shocking. scary. >>kelly fox as this area is a popular hangout for kids her age. it's also a place well known for a fast driving teens to know that like all right. >>driven on this road and my friends have driven on this road fast. >>then she was just doing the same thing team ever suffered minor injuries. and police arrested her on suspicion of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. fox says this deadly accident is teaching a tough lesson. >>i don't know i feel like coming out here just made it so much more the real. every
9:30 pm
aspect. >>santa rosa city schools have been providing counseling for grieving students. police say the teen driver was given a citation and then released to her parents and it's not believed that drugs or alcohol played a factor in this crash, reporting live in santa rosa dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>thank you dan in oakland city councilman wants to close a street behind home depot where people are living in rvs he says they're stealing from the store doing drugs and bringing unwanted crime to the business is happening in the city's fruitvale neighborhood kron michelle kingston has more on what the city councilman is proposing. >>the public health issue in a safety issue. >>tents are these grills trash in blight this is how oakland city councilman noel describes 37th avenue just behind home
9:31 pm
depot. the street, he says needs to be sensed off and shut down to reduce the increase in crime outside the hardware store the fruitvale neighborhood, it's a dead end street in our cameras saw very little activity there on monday. a man in a dog, some cardboard boxes alongside the are these not only are they stealing their plant material. they're building material. >>they're there. bush cars and everything everything else that you can think about. >>the just homeless people behind the home depot but also in the parking lot and right here in this encampment just in front of the store as well now you know for the last i would say for the last year you've had campers back there. >>you had 10 specter. >>illegal dumping the large homeless encampment is very visible to anyone pulling into the parking lot at the store. the says safety at the home depot has declined dramatically. so much so the home depot has hired 2 off-duty oakland police officers to guard the front of the store 10 hours a day.
9:32 pm
they're also portable security cameras in the parking lot home depot officials say they cannot discuss details about their security measures that they have not threatened to close the store dial though says they came to him asking for help a homeless man in the area says closing down 37th avenue will not fix the problem. >>i don't think that closing the street. would necessarily solve it because you know its people. the situations of these bags, they're back there is such that it's an easy target then just closing that street they have stopped it from being an easier target they'll just have to carry stuff farther city council will discuss the street closure at their meeting next week. >>in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>mayors from all over the country are teaming up to try to do something about the homeless crisis la mer eric our city is leading the charge and he's getting help from mayors of 13 other cities, including oakland mayor libby shaft our city says they're
9:33 pm
going to push washington to pass the ending homelessness act which you put more than billion into addressing homelessness a big chunk of that money we'll go to building affordable housing. >>time is running out on a new wildfire bill that the governor once enacted before summer break the governor's plan would create a new liability fund to protect utility companies blame for future wildfires. pg e which was blamed for the deadly camp fire would not be eligible for any funds unless he gets out of bankruptcy and takes care recent fire claims by next june. 9 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle sent a letter to the governor in opposition. >>we're looking at we approach we're taking the best approach under the circumstances, none of this is perfect not committed to every. comet. >>so michael and. pastor rick ares a 2 thirds vote. it has a aring in a senate committee later on this week. across the
9:34 pm
country have racked up about one trillion in student loan debt. >>critics of a recent rule change worried that that number will only now continue to climb. our washington correspondent just eaten or reports on the new development and a potential replacement. at the end of last week the trump administration eliminated and obama era rule. >>that aim to ensure for profit schools were providing programs that let students into jobs that paid enough to pay off their loans. education secretary betsy devos said his gainful employment rule did not treat all students in schools, fairly democrats called the vases action a gift to predatory programs and for profit colleges, however, a top republican in the senate says he's working on legislation that would reestablish and expand the gainful employment rule. >>making it simpler and easier to go to college but rather than measure students debt to income ratio, tennessee senator lamar alexander wants to measure their actual progress repaying their debt. the plan he's developing would apply to every college program
9:35 pm
so the degree that you pay for is really worth it alexander also wants to simplify the repayment system for borrowers are 9 different very complicated ways to do that now we think we can do it in 2 ways to make college. the more accountable co sponsored by washington democratic senator patty murray alexander hopes to introduce the legislation in the fall. another priority of his before he retires at the end of 2020 in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>alexander also proposes simplifying the f a sfa application for him more than a 100 questions to 2 dozen which could add 2 million more students to the 20 million who fill out the form every year. a former usc gynecologist pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting 16 patients. doctor george tyndall was charged last week with 18 counts of sexual-assault and 11 counts of sexually battery by fraud. according to the criminal complaint from 2009 to 2016 he
9:36 pm
inappropriately touch, 16 women between the ages of 1729 10 to work at the university student health care center for 30 years. he was fired in 2017 and denies any wrongdoing. if convicted on all charges to know could face up to 53 years in prison. police in modesto are investigating after a woman's body was found on the side of the road christy grosz has the story. >>series to a truck driver and his way to the 2 years but something on the side of highway 99 just out of the corps my i just looked over and i've seen someone to look like so just laying down an ice plant grows on the side of the freeway ryan fox has been telling for nearly 9 years, he says at first he continued on a saturday afternoon coal business as usual. that he said when he finished up an uneasy feeling settled in the same kind of a weird spot for some. >>don't know something inside me just told me to go back and just check and see if that person was as he made his way back to crows leaning road
9:37 pm
just as the south down 99 highway on-ramp. >>the me and shocking discovery i got out of the truck on the freeway on-ramp topwalked up and uh a person was laying down. >>on their belly and they were responsive and it looks like they were breathing at all so i called my and told that they need to come out here. >>chp confirms to fox 40 it was the body of a 39 year-old woman, first responders pronounced her dead at the scene. >>it was a horrible thing to see that that's the last spot for someone to spend our last so i mean it was just just to wind up there like that is just you know it's warm and chp says for now they're investigating the woman's death as suspicious pending an autopsy to determine how she died stanislas county coroner's office is still working to notify her family though fox and doesn't know who the woman is he tells fox 40 he has a message for her family, i know any time you lose a family member to anything whether it be accidental or. >>the other something mind it's still it's devastating to a family so i just hope that
9:38 pm
they get some peace out of it and really in charge of their family for their loss. >>in modesto christie grows. >>ahead a look at your forecast as we see some fog come in just a little bit but a clear view we can bridge will have a. >>plus a man's act of kindness going fire a look at those 2 after he bring some comfort to a boy who has autism the boys on the plane load sports kevin, duran leaving us after the big
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>>starting tonight with the warriors seeing the end of an era this weekend not only has kevin durant left but andre to dolla has been traded which means no more hamptons 5 and the landscape of the league has changed entirely with durant's decision to head to brooklyn teaming up with the le point guard. has agreed to a four-year million contract in this has reportedly turned into a sign a treaty with the nets not all bad for golden state which the warriors have acquired all-star guards d'angelo russell from brooklyn signed him to a max contract now with to rent recovery from an achilles injury, the to time finals mvp expected to be out for all of next season, so we'll take some time to see this next decision pans out warriors ownership issue to this response on that the rent news in a statement, joe lacob
9:42 pm
said 3 years ago we were thrilled with the arrival of kevin duran today as he starts a new chapter in his incredible career. we thank kd for all of his contributions for being an integral part to one of the most prolific runs in nba history. wish him well as he continues his hall of fame journey as long as i am co chairman of this team, no player will ever wear number 35 for the warriors again all class now on a positive note. klay thompson isn't going anywhere the all-star from here to a player made it official today. he's agreed to a 5 year $190 million contract to remain in golden state was widely expected he would stay. now the warriors are able to keep together their core of steph curry draymond green and as tom also coming back a lot of transactions. mourners began to vallone he's reportedly agreed to a 3 year deal million a contract of great value to golden state considering he could have garnered much more from other teams only really solidified himself as a valuable contributor. especially in
9:43 pm
this most recent playoff run is a personal center and while he's returning can say the same about jordan bell reports have him signing with the minnesota timberwolves coming up on kron 4 sports attended there is no off-season in the nba get a look at some young warriors from to just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology.
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♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ >>before you head to the listen up there could be something actually in the water that couldital turn your stomach, gross it's a parasite called crypto it's
9:46 pm
spread by. >>feces and the cdc says they're seeing more and more people come down with it. this new report says that they've seen nearly 13% increase every year between 2009 in 2017. most people who get crypto get from the pool, but you can also apparently get from lakes and. it can be worse for kids pregnant, women and anyone who has a compromised immune system and chlorine and there not enough to keep crypto way so if you do go to the pool, your advice to shower afterwards. >>there are new guidelines for the hpv vaccine today an advisory committee with the cdc voted to recommend. men get the vaccine through age 26 that's the same age advised for women. the cdc also updated recommendations for older adults ages 27 to 45, who have not been vaccinated to your doctor about maybe getting and united's hpv is often spread through secs and can lead to 6 different types
9:47 pm
of cancer. this a story i really like if you're looking to perfect your summer body grab an extra cup of coffee. >>i think a new study shows your favorite cup of joe could actually help you fight back. yes, researchers at the university of nottingham claim the coffee help stimulate brown fat reserves which play a role in just how quickly you burn calories. scientists say they still need to do more research to figure out exactly what is in coffee that help speed up weight loss. >>and the >>turning our attention to the 4 zone forecast stake, a lot live look outside this is the embarcadero and san francisco, the wind is a look 2 ferocious space on this shot, but hey anything can change we don't see too much fog out there of course, it's still a few days before the big fireworks show you on the problem is we might run into some issues there because there's a little system dropping in just time for that thursday night at some the kind of look out for but we're getting a coastal impact and as a that he was pointed out pointing out we
9:48 pm
don't get a lot of fog from this, but hey we're getting some cooling effect small that so we'll take that part of the program which we're getting a lot of. >>a look at current winds, they're still with us a little bit. well losing some of the edge most of the arrows are coming directly from the west along the east bay shoreline inland. they start to become diverted a little bit. but the general pattern is what we like to see here good on shore flow in place like this. so look ahead of the game plan here is mostly clear skies for tonight little bit of whiskey with peach whiskey wispy fog in and around the immediate they though patchy coastal they fog too then for tomorrow, it's mostly sunny and breezy mild on the thames and then we get to the holiday there's steady until midweek now they do have this week system coming thursday. that's going to drive not just the winds but also some fog lingering that's thursday night unfortunately may be a problem in some coastal areas may be the bay they will watch warming into the weekend though one is high pressure starts shorts or itself along the west coast. checking out the winds will be little bit breeze holds up together in sonoma county up there are in.
9:49 pm
we lose it overnight tomorrow morning. winds are not much a feature. then tomorrow to kick back up again due west which we like to see and some of those pockets in the east asia will notice as well, here's the return that we see as late as about wednesday. but don't forget that when that trough is coming in our direction that will drive some winds maybe even some coastal sprinkles wednesday into thursday, cool morning 11 about 60 was 50's for the bay in the coast 61 for the coast about high noon 76 going on for a noon as we get to the afternoon. right through the 80's we go about that about 83 or so with the coast at about 63. berkeley we to step up the shot from berkeley little bit the way some hazy faa going on for right now beautiful view of the as you can see do you view of the lights temperatures for lows tonight, we've got the middle to upper 50's said work livermore maybe about 53 lower 50's up there to the north bay 55 san jose. highs tomorrow the inland areas are going to warm up but nothing too crazy here will call the heat spike this being
9:50 pm
the second of july we could easily be well in the 90's or even beyond 85 we'll take it any auc 83 concord run the east bay shoreline upper 60's lower 70's, 63 for san francisco, a warm 85% of rosa, it could be going into the wine tours up there in the north bay well by the time we get to thursday and friday will start warming up a little bit. here's how it lines up for us lower 90's there again not quite a heat spike is it looks like heading on into the weekend and holding a little bit into the following week grant vicki. thank you days, great story here social media post about an act of kindness. >>that happened on a plane that was traveling from vegas to portland is going viral. 10's of thousands of folks reacted positively facebook to other way. a man look out for a young boy with autism sitting next to him on the plane and it's been shared more than 30,000 times probably more than that here is the story. >>were you nervous to go on your first flight 7 year-old landon was pretty scared to take his first solo flight but his mom alexa buren son.
9:51 pm
>>had a whole different set of worries i 5. >>sitting next to look at him burden of the car. i can help this get through the day linden has autism and traveling can be a bit turbulent. she didn't know how we do alone so she wrote this note to his neighbor on the plane hope and they help out. >>she stuff some cash inside as the thank you, cracking jokes and. >>after welly yes get making that jokes. >>then draws a secure the lucky seat he says the direct southwest flight from vegas to pdx was full of nonstop activity. he captured this photo at the end to assure alexa all was well. when the $10 thanks. he donated to the autism society inland and honor their stories since gone viral men's generosity, capturing hearts online there. >>these are swooning over you on the internet saying all.
9:52 pm
>>but >>then we'll take the compliment but just hopes the attention stays on autism awareness. you think you made a new friend on the sas play with them. 2 new found friends in the friendly skies. >>up next human g's making its way back to theaters will tell you how soon you
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>and if you're not ready for the next you might its top time to get ready releasing the official trailer today teeth. funny twist to this thing. i'd weigh in the rock johnson kevin hart, jack black among others are returning, danny devito and danny glover will be the new additions jumanji the next level hits theaters 2 weeks before christmas on december, 13. >>and it's hard to believe, but 40 years ago, 40 sony released its first portable cassette player, you know man hit the market on july 1st 1979 for a 150 us dollars. course it became an instant hit selling 50,000 devices in 2 months and revolutionize the way we listen to music even to this day, you know i had you had left will kids. a crime
9:56 pm
for newsnight tonight our prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore is here with kron 4 news >>key a grant. thank you both so much to next at 10 o'clock a santa rosa teenager arrested after a crash that left one teen dead, another seriously injured. we hear from friends who gathered to remember the young life lost plus hazmat crews still on scene at a facebook mail facility after a bag of mail tested positive for sarin gas. now we're learning crews had the test that package again after the first test results inconclusive. governor gavin newsom catching heat for his new plan to address wildfire liability as many say his plan helps the utility companies. we hear from the governor as he defends his plans though go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. ♪
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15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >>the santa rosa teenager has been arrested that's after a crash. that left one person dead and another seriously injured. thank you for joining us tonight i pale more than i'm grant lotus ken wayne has the night off the crash happened early this morning in santa rosa's found grove area kron four's dan thorn talk to
10:00 pm
students. >>who have been visiting a growing memorial. >>flowers lay near the crash site where a 16 year-old girl was killed and another was seriously injured. it's a growing memorial where friends have been paying their respects. police say the 3 teens were driving near sky farm and thomas lake harris drives in santa rosa, when the car went off the road. >>it just feels unreal that that can happen. and it took a while for me to really like understand that that actually happened that night we lost someone is so kind. >>pain fatigue iraq says they're all students at maria correio high school like many others up he wanted to share her condolences at the site. >>really hard and everybody is nobody expected it came out of nowhere and. >>snapped tree limbs and uprooted grass show the deadly path the car went down early monday morning eventually it landed on a golf course fairway police say the


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