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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 2, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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look at here jam, of here. >>because it is kind of a holiday week robin is off. >>awful lot of people are often we're hoping that the weather cooperates with july 4th john yeah we are looking at a bit of fog out there this morning also likely to have some fog on july 4th, but we also have some sunshine mixed in there too so it's a safe bet to say you'll still have some girl gear ailing weather but some fog up the coast as we make our way through your forecast. this is your look from the suture tower marine had winds are under abundant sunshine but the peninsula as condit up over the past few minutes you see the fog are right there on the peninsula really elsewhere in the bay though it is nice and clear to be kicking off this morning. and skies are to remain clear for much of the day and that's going to set us up for some really comfortable weather just one to 2 degrees cooler than yesterday. not a big difference, not really something going to notice getting out there just enjoy all that sunshine, we've got not just for the day today but 3 are forecast which i'll get to more still to come. rebecca. >>well, it's getting better
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and better and especially kicking off the 9 o'clock hour. the bay bridge toll plaza approach the back of not nearly as bad as what we've seen even within the last hour. we're seeing it had just in the cash lanes and just passed the 8.80 over crossing. so not too bad things are really getting lighter and lighter and less than 15 minutes for your commute into san francisco. and that things have really line up here at the ricymond center fell bridge. you got a lot of room make your way up to the north bay only 10 minutes as you are connect with one on one. i'll take the san mateo bridge coming up in just a bit daria thanks. a lot is 9. >>no one in breaking news from overnight a hazmat situation and facebooks mail facility in menlo park. crews removed the package they thought it might contain the deadly nerve agent sarin the test came back negative this morning. calm for sarah stinson is live in menlo park with the latest sara. >>yeah what a relief for everyone here at facebook that that package did and testing negative for. it wasn't the case yesterday when they have
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and hazmat crews here for 14 hou i safely. the packages tested just like any other package here at facebook mailing facility in menlo park. this one and actually did test positive for some toxic chemical and that's why employees took this very seriously calling upon county officials they came out here immediately. initial reports show 2 employees have been exposed to a chemical, but no one was in fact since now we know no chemical was even found in the package and this did not pose a threat to the public or the community. now this all started around 11 yesterday morning when san mateo county officials received report. >>about a suspicious package at the facility or on him hamilton port menlo park fire crews they arrived shortly after they began talking with facebook employees that's when they realized we needed hazard to materials response team to come out here and assess this they came out here at 11 30 yesterday morning. eventually
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even the fbi and the u s p s were requested out here because this package was mailed by the us postal system. several hours later the national guard civil support team came out here because they actually set specialize in these types of incidents. crews didn't actually i obtained the package until 10 30 last night when they started to use a more sophisticated detention equipment. that's when they got it safely and it was until this morning until facebook come out came out saying we know for a fact this package did not contain annie of that took type of toxic chemical so huge really for people who work at facebook it's business as usual here. they're just a facebook spokesperson said they're just glad that their system works well, i'm live in menlo park sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah, 9 oh s left one person dead another seriously injured the 3 teenagers crash in santa rosa's fountain grove area kron four's dan thorn has
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more. >>flowers lay near the crash site where a 16 year-old girl was killed and another was seriously injured. it's a growing memorial where friends have been paying their respects. police say the 3 teens were driving near sky farm and thomas lake harris drives in santa rosa, when the car went off the road. >>it just feels unreal that that could happen that was a shot and it took a while for me to really like understand that that actually happened that might be lost someone so kind. >>up a funny guy rock says they're all students at maria correio high school like many others up he wanted to share her condolences at the site. >>it's really everybody because nobody expected it came out of nowhere and. >>snapped tree limbs and uprooted grass show the deadly path the car went down earlymor course fairway police say the 2
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passengers rejected one girl later dying at the hospital. >>it's shocking and it's it's scary. >>kelly fox as this area is a popular hangout for kids her age. it's also a place well known for a fast driving teens to know that like i've. >>driven on this road and my friends have driven on this road fast and she was just doing the same thing the teen driver suffered minor injuries. >>and police arrested her on suspicion of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. fox says there's deadly accident is teaching a tough lesson. >>i don't know i feel like coming out here just made it so much more the real. every aspect. >>santa rosa city schools of in providing counseling for grieving students. police say the teen driver was given a citation and then released to her parents and it's not believed that drugs or alcohol
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played a factor in this crash reporting live in santa rosa dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>in the east bay investigators have determined the cause of a grass fire in freeman and made an arrest we first brought you this story last week. and now police have discovered the fire was started by 2 people who got into an argument and they arrested 43 year-old christina holler they say she fired a flare from a pellet gun and a man but missed him and the flir landed in hit some dry brush that caught on fire and the fire spread to about 5 acres before they could put it out. she is going to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and unlawfully causing the fire. look at this burglars broke into a jewelry store in sandra fell and they ransacked the place to 7 on june 23th, and this is the surveillance from inside the village jewelers on forestry in sandra fell. the burglars got in they smashed the front door that used a rock and then they smash away at the display cases in 45 seconds. they got
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away with everything they could sandra fell police se and that because the way they did this they think that this crew has a hit other jewelry stores, the same way. new this morning president trump says he's considering getting involved in the homeless crisis in cities like san francisco in an interview with fox news, the president talked about the problems face to face in new york, san francisco and l a. >>but new york city, san francisco, los angeles say they've got a major problem with it's very sit with self. the why is that. it's a phenomena this started 2 years ago. it's disgraceful. i'm that may be and i'm looking at it very seriously. we're doing some other things you probably notice that you can have what's happened where police officers are getting sick just by walking the beat him in the getting actually very sick. were people getting sick where the people living there living in held to san francisco. i own property in san francisco. so i don't care except it was
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so beautiful and now areas that you used to think as being you know really something very special. you take a look at what's going on with san francisco's terrible. so. we looking at a very serious that we may intercede we may do something to uh get that whole thing cleanup. >>the president however did not give any specifics on how he might intercede 9 oh 8 is the time. and the us border officials are investigating af after a facebook group for current and former agents was discovered attacking immigrants. it features jokes about migrant deaths and derogatory comments about latino lawmakers. nick valencia has a look. >>us customs and border protection under fire and under investigation digging into what it calls disturbing and completely inappropriate social media posts, allegedly written by current and former employees in a closed facebook group propublica first exposing on 1015. the group reportedly named after a code for undocumented immigrants in
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custody, one post about the father and daughter who drowned last week crossing the rio grande. according to the website one member asked if the photo could have been faked because the bodies or so clean when questioned about the disturbing posts, president trump said he did not see them. >>the border patrol. they're patriots, a great people. they love our country they know what's coming in. >>cnn obtaining the screen grabs from the group responding to a story about a pregnant teenager and baby health in cbp custody for over a week. one commenter posting from the bottom of my heart. >>i don't according to propublica members also shared lewd and sexist content about letting a congress members including alexandria ocasio-cortez's these do not represent the thoughts of the men and women of the us border patrol. >>each one of these allegations will be thoroughly investigated. >>all this comes as the new york congresswoman torre to west texas detention facilities with other house
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democrats. the lawmakers leaving outraged by the conditions. what we saw today. >>never be separated. their parents. >>congressional hispanic caucus chairman joaquin castro managed to capture some of what he saw posting this video to twitter showing women inside a cramped cell. >>when we went into the cell. water was not running. there was a toilet but there was no running water for people to drink. one of the women said that she was told by an agent, the drink water out of the toilet. >>cbp tell cnn the claim of people drinking from toilets is completely untrue for.
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>>officials with the us border patrol say employees who violated any standards of conduct will be held accountable. 9.10 is a time right now and coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, baseball fans are mourning the sudden loss of a major league pitcher. he was found dead in his hotel room and he had just played here in the bay area to we'll have more on that. plus after a strong debate performance, california senator kamala harris makes a big jump in the polls. who's dog is this?
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do have coastal fog looking pretty likely that days in the daily thing pretty good all today's but our clearest one we do see just touch of fog out there really on the peninsula for the most part you are looking down at san francisco skies get brighter and brighter and a san jose not a bit of fog in the distance out there nor are you seeing any of that out in the east bay towards mount diablo it really is just or right up and down the coast, let's zoom out across the region. we do have an area of low pressure to our north resulting in rainfall for the pacific northwest resulting in also subtle cool down for us here in the bay area. it is nothing more than just a degree or 2, but and the right direction as far as temperatures go taking
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us into the 70's 80's another dose of fog to spread up the coast for the most part tomorrow morning most of the bay will be starting off on free for your wednesday. but then comes thursday and this is what everyone's talking about obviously the 4th of july could see some coastal drizzle right up and down the peninsula as well as into the east bay and also some areas of fog it will be patchy and you also see some sunshine. but definitely the potential of its streaming through around firework time. 60's and 70's for most of your daytime highs today we do have still a few 80's out there like in concord napa santa rosa and then down into morgan hill livermore in san jose you fall into the upper 70's for your highs today while redwood city in the mid 70's today, speaking of those fireworks have been talking a bit about the fog temperatures won't be a all that bad at all some 50 is for san francisco in sausalito on thursday at 09:00pm when those fireworks shows are taking place for areas like san jose mount view richmond and berkeley you've got a range of 60's to enjoy at that time. today tomorrow
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into the 4th on thursday temperatures for daytime highs won't be changing much will be staying pretty steady up to that point. afterwards though we will be rising into the weekend. close if not to 90 degrees inland by saturday. rebecca. >>thank you john the commute set for your tuesday morning starting to wind down around the bay area we're definitely starting to see a bridge approaches that thin out and we're seeing it here at the bay bridge toll plaza approach the back of not nearly as that or as intense as what we saw earlier in the morning and then the drive time well improved only 13 minutes trying to get san francisco across the upper deck, not bad at all. the san mateo bridge shot looks really good. yes, it looks like at the span is pass back to the lot of cars cars but they're moving really well your drive time only 16 minutes, getting over to the peninsula. i'll check the richmond sandra fell bridge and also the golden gate coming up because both looking good as well daria. >>9.16 a real shock in the sports world angels pitcher tyler skaggs was found dead
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his hotel room in texas at the age of just 27. john lawrence has the story. >>the mentos left outside of angel stadium to honor the life of tyler skaggs. >>i think it does come down here the flowers. skaggs was drafted by the angels in 2009. 3 years later his major league baseball debut, the 27 year-old was found unresponsive monday in this hilton hotel near dallas was pronounced dead at the scene foul play doesn't appear to be a factor in a police spokesman told the los angeles times suicide is not suspected be just recently pitched this past weekend so. such a young age it's hard skaggs his last game was saturday going 4 and one-third innings against the oakland a's. here and our respects pitching. >>he again he was in his prime his career important we all kind obviously keep in our
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thoughts and prayers, but also have just a perspective of. >>his team issued a statement calling skaggs an important part of the angels family and moments of silence for skaggs were held at baseball stadiums across the country. >>it to feel sorry for the family right now just a. >>i'm john lawrence reporting. >>a california mother is accused of murdering her 12 year-old son and attempting to kill her 17 year-old son and police say this isn't the first time that she has tried 45 year-old sherry tell this was arrested saturday just north of porterville in san joaquin valley. an autopsy confirms her 12 year-old son was drown the 7 year-old son remains in critical condition. deputies got the call from somebody who said the town this was she took her 2 boys to when a
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cornfield when the deputies got there they found the boys unresponsive in an irrigation ditch. the oldest boy the 12 year-old died on the way to the hospital. the other boys in the hospital and their grandmother says the family is in shock. >>jacob or a here it has little. well rather. >>tell us tried to kill the 12 year-old when he was just 10 months old when the family lived in montana. the mother pleaded no contest to child endangerment charges back then and was sentenced to 10 years in a mental hospital. >>hospital patients from illinois was arrested while out with a walk with his ivy drip shaquille dukes was being treated at the hospital last month for asthma and pneumonia, one point his
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doctor said that he should take a walk. so we did and they wait security guard you see there stop them. the guard accused him of trying to leave the hospital to sell hospital equipment on e-bay this was all caught on cell phone as you can see dew says filed a complaint claiming he was racially profiled the department says that a 3rd party investigators going to collect information and investigate this. it's 9.20 right now and if you are they getting hit the road for july 4th holiday. so is everybody else a record breaking number of americans are expected to travel this independence day karen caifa has more. barbecues fireworks. her aides. and traffic for americans across the country this 4th of july is likely to be filled with summer fun. >>and potentially some headaches as a record breaking number of independence day revelers get away for the holiday. it's going to be busy. we are projecting at 49 million americans will be traveling more than 50 miles away from home this year. >>that's what a 4% increase from what we saw in 2018.
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>>according to triple a a $0.10 decrease in gas prices over last year coupled with a strong economy are likely behind much of the increase. >>see unemployment is low americans have additional disposable income so they're taking that additional money and putting it towards a trip year. >>a record 41.4 million drivers are planning on road tripping this year but all those extra ar will likely lead to extra delays. a long as 4 times the average commute in larger metro areas. >>that's that if you want to avoid congestion try to leave early in the morning or if your schedule allows try to actually leave on the day of the holiday and to avoid travel troubles on the road have your car inspected before getting out the door for consumer watch i'm karen caifa those are not the best suggestions amen to give you the best suggestion right now to avoid traffic and that is stay home and watch from 4 because we will bring all the fireworks from around the bay right to your living room or your tv where everyone watches san francisco sandra fell conquered in san jose. >>it's the only local live fireworks show in the bay area
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and it's all on july 4th on kron 4 at 09:00pm coming up on the imrs. a shark is spotted in the water.
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♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ >>the back 9.24 plenty of sunshine over san francisco. despite the fact that just south of the city. we do have quite a lot of fog actually streaming through over the
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peninsula, currently looking out at temperatures you do see most current temperatures in the 60's with redwood city at 67 san jose here to cool 66 dublin in livermore at 65 while getting close to 70 now in pittsburgh and fairfield rebecca. at 5 foot shark. >>spotted next to some beachgoers hanging out in the water in daytona and now shallow water. it came within arm's reach of these people who didn't even notice it behind them. it was only around for a few seconds though, and then it swam off it has been 2 days since the teen surfer was bitten on the foot by a shark at a beach right there nearby daytona it's 9.25. >>news the move that a city leader is looking to make to reduce crime, i'm near businesses in the east bay.
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>>everybody's thinking about july 4th some people have to work today, others are off already it's pretty nice out there. yeah, not a bad day at all if you're celebrating maybe a little bit early barbecue started up. our thursday which there is forthright too bad either a good little bit of fog but it's something you just expect kind of around 4th 8th and francisco doesn't have the only fireworks show so there's others that have a chance to be less very exactly and
9:29 am
usually the further away you get from the pacific your better chance is that she won't be looking at any fog whatsoever it will just be some patchy fog looking likely in san francisco, anyways for the 4th. this is you look outside at timber on skies have been beautifully clear you can see that fog way on the distance out towards the golden gate bridge, it's been primarily clear day, especially when you light up next to what we did see yesterday which obviously was quite a foggy start to the morning. skies are nice and clear at this time you are seeing that cloud cover showing up on satellite and radar mostly on the southern end of the peninsula. most of the bay area has enjoyed sunshine. throughout the course of the morning you're going to see a lot more of that today. there's that same fog right there that has a lines up pretty well with that cloud cover showing up on satellite and radar. it's going to hang out up and down highway one south of half moon bay if you're heading that direction the rest of us though you've got pl nty of sunshine to expect if you are inland, especially didn't even see the fog this morning nor will you see it tonight. temperatures today, those will rise into the upper 60's for
9:30 am
san francisco oakland, the low 70's for you while for san jose expecting some upper 70's. these temperatures just a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday's. i'm talking about where we're headed next and what exactly the force looking like all still to come darya. >>states like john 9.30 and national news california senator kamala harris says narrowing the gap in the polls. you can see here she's done really well since the big debate. the latest poll from cnn shows. she's trailing by just 5 percentage points after her strong showing in the debate against senator joe are a vice president joe biden phil mattingly has the latest on the race among the democrats and as well as the latest birther controversy. >>in the first cnn poll since the first democratic debate. a dramatic tightening in the race. joe biden no longer a double digit front runner dropping 10 points since may. and now just 5 points ahead of the field and senator kamala
9:31 am
harris jumping 9.17%, fresh off this explosive debate exchange with biden over busing. >>no there was a little girl in california. who is part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day. and that little girl was me. >>harris's trailed closely by senator elizabeth warren and 15% who had an 8 point jump of her own senator bernie sanders also losing ground dropping 4 points from may and now sitting at 14% for harris, the numbers further boost the campaign's momentum. she realized her debate performance to raise more than million in just the 24 hours after the exchange with biden according to her campaign. harris also added 2 new endorsements to report representatives bobby rush and frederica wilson members of the congressional black caucus, south bend mayor people digits it's a distant 5th in the new cnn poll of 4%
9:32 am
had his own show of force monday. >>thank you. >>$24.8 million raised in his 2nd quarter, cementing himself in the top tier of the crowded democratic presidential primary field when it comes to campaign cash that's more than triple what he raised a quarter prior from nearly 300,000 individual donors and nearly $23 million cash on hand who did it is first out of the gate number now becomes the barometer for other top tier candidates finds campaign sent an email to supporters saying they quote blew our fundraising goal out of the water feinstein did not release a specific dollar amount yet. all is harris continued to receive onified support from her democratic challengers after this tweet from donald trump junior, the president's son that season alive perpetrated on social media that harris is jamaican and indian descent meant she was not black. trump junior deleted the tweet but not before candidates like sanders level this harsh charge donald
9:33 am
trump junior is a racist to sanders tweeted shocker. >>the next round of democratic debates is set for july 30th and july 31th. and oakland city councilman wants to close a street behind a home depot where people are living in our v's. the big homeless encampment is on 37 that of a new and it's very visible to anybody who pulls into a parking lot over at the home depot councilman noel says that the street needs to be fenced off and shut down to reduce crime. >>the public health issue and this is safety issue you've had 10 specter, illegal dumping is a big win an ongoing issue only are they stealing their plant material. they're building material. >>they're there. push cars and everything everything else that you can think about. >>the oakland city council is going iscuss plus a blue the possibility of closing the street at their next meeting
9:34 am
next week. in santa clara, the investigation continues into a big fire that broke out at a condo complex that's under construction. it happened friday take a look this is on el camino real. the firefighters were able to stop this huge fire at the construction site from spreading to any of the homes that are occupied as you can see nearby a council member says though this fire is a major setback because the need. the housing in that area. police detained a person of interest in the fire, but they released him on friday, so the don't know if anybody said it they don't have anybody in custody at the moment. the cost of cost the golden gate bridge just went up the toll hikes continue for the next 5 years and eventually it's going to cost us 10 bucks to cross the bridge kron four's theresa breaks it down. just like the towers tolls will soar in the next 5 years to cross the iconic span. >>take a look this is what the golden gate highway and transportation district board of trustees recently approved option 5 as you can see it
9:35 am
calls for a steady rise across all platforms so that whole increase that was approved was for the maximum amount that was being considered it's a total of a million that will be brought in over the next 5 years. >>and of that 25 million is more than we needed for operations that means that we're able to then reinvest that money into transit services we're really looking at using that funding to improve our larkspur ferry service in particular and potentially bus ridership as weol looks for ferry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last decade, it has been growing year over year over year and now we're stopped because we're at point where we're literally at capacity. we have some room in our early morning troops are late morning trips but the main commute runs in the morning and the evening are especially tuesday through thursday, so we want to make sure we do is provide enough space for those who want to come commute by ferry to be able to do comfortably.
9:36 am
so this much rain will be extending from sandra fell here larkspur we're super excited about that happening and we're not sure exactly how many customers are going to be coming from the smart rain over here to look to the ferry terminal. it's a short walk we're looking forward to those customers coming in we definitely want to provide them with the services they're hoping to get. >>currently 2 boats are out getting necessary service to make sure that people don't feel the pinch the ferry system is entertaining a visitor. >>the rhode island ferry is on least to us for one year we have several boats they're going through scheduled maintenance this year and we didn't want to cut back on our reach. >>the district is also moving forward with wiping out a large section of the toll plaza that has no historical significance that bridge eliminated toll workers back in 2013. the district says said they know the increasing toll costs negatively impacts drivers but they add that they're doing their best to try to balance safety and quality transportation emery county, theresa kron 4 ne >>across the bridge or fast
9:37 am
track wow. chicago police have released prevunseen footage relate actor jussie smollett and the incident in january we he says he was a victim of a hate crime in the cops say that he is the orchestrator of it take a look at the video small it you can see they're walking into a building. and then he heads for the elevator. and then there's some more of a another angle you can see tossing something into the trash. and then goes to another set of elevators as a white rope you can see visible around his neck in that piece of video in january small it said that he was the victim of a hate fueled attack. he was indicted though on 16 felony counts press prosecutors thought that he actually orchestrated the thing to get attention but then the prosecution unexpectedly dropped all the charges. it's 9.37 coming he's staying.
9:38 am
>>the warriors say nobody's ever going to where katie's number but apparently katie already gave the new nets shirt off his back to his brother just when you thought you were done painting...
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9:40 am discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! >>it's 9.40 and time is running out on a wildfire build a governor wants to a an act before the state legislature goes on its summer break. the governor's plan would create a new liability fund to protect utility compa blamed for wildfires in the future p g which has been blamed for the deadly
9:41 am
camp fire would not be eligible for any funds unless to get out of bankruptcy and takes care of recent fire claims by 9 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle sent a letter to the governor in opposition to this bill. of the >>we're looking that approach we're taking it us to approach under the circumstances is perfect i'm not committed to every. com so michael and. >>in order for this to pass it requires a 2 thirds vote. it has a hearing in the senate committee later this week. >>a pretty nice day ahead of us were already really nice across the bay with temperatures mostly in the 60's at this 0.72 in antioch i'm talking more about
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>>nike is pulling the plug for this sneaker the betsy ross flag sneaker because colin kaepernick has said that it racist the shoe features an early version of the american flag and it shows 13 stars in a circle to represent the 13 colonies and cap are nick said that he and others think that that flag is offensive is associate with the time of slavery and he for one did want to see this shoe walking around town 3 years ago. he started the movement to kneel for the national anthem when he was with the 49 ers and that took off and so this shoe is going nowhere. gillette is
9:45 am
recalling 87,000 venus simply 3 disposable razor, so if you t them because they could cut you not to shave you because they think their little too sharp and present a high risk of nicks and cuts the recalling 2 different products sold from january through may. we have the details on our web site john. well we are. >>looking at nice weather ahead of us today, definitely a good one to be stepping outside there's a touch of fog stream and its way right over the peninsula, but most of the rest of the bay area is under abundant sunshine such as you're seeing right now down in san jose as well as over in the east bay looking down from berkeley at the bay itself not looking bad at all that sunshine overhead something you definitely want to enjoy as we make our way through your day today you can see that fog and cloud cover hanging out offshore, but that's where should remain for your tuesday low pressure to our north resulted in heavy rainfall across the pacific northwest overnight through this morning, not resulting in rainfall for us, but it is helping to keep temperatures moderated no 90's in this
9:46 am
forecast really know upper 80's either we are in for a comfortable one ahead of us today with daytime highs just below seasonal averages. touch of fog up the coast again tomorrow morning tomorrow's fog is going to be similar to where we're at this morning. then comes thursday fog increases as does marine layer and you can see even some coastal drizzle on the peninsula and in the east bay to start your independence day. so fog of for the evening hours on independence day. it of it. the next couple of days will be focusing on today though a lot of sunshine and 60's for san francisco as well as up and down the pacific shoreline looking at 70's really for the rest of the bay with burlingame at 7372 degrees for your high in foster city while redwood city in palo alto each at 75 south bay numbers in the upper 70's to the low 80's. morgan hill right at 80 degrees, san jose and campbell at 79 for your highs east bay numbers in the low to upper 70's for your highs. still a
9:47 am
couple of 80's out there that includes from danville up to concord while oakland and richmond will barely achieved the 70 degree mark, a few more 80's to note , isome of our wa temperatures in fact up there towards vacaville while 70's and nevado center fell in petaluma today tomorrow and independent state looking like nice days to be getting out there doing some barbecuing low 80's for average inland bay high with some 60's 70's by the coast and by the bay come friday saturday and sunday temperatures begin to rise up into the upper 80's and the low 90's. >>well we're checking out to a lot of a good traffic right now because we're thinning out across the bay area that's what i'm seeing and pretty much all the bridges look at this the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and lights up for your drive into san francisco and look at the time only 13 minutes into san francisco. the backup and not near as what we saw of course during a the high high peak commute hours. you're just barely touching that 80 o4er crossing
9:48 am
gh the flat section and not tracking any problems on the high rise. so you're westbound 92 ride problem free over to san mateo ss 16 minutes so far right now and it's pretty much near not going to share with many folks here the richmond sandra fell bridge. speeds are at the limit 8 minutes to make your way from the pay gates up to the connection and no one on one in the north bay, a nice shot of the golden gate bridge and the it's been problem free pretty much all morning long so out of the north bay. if that's your commute through moran you're going to see it's a really nice into san francisco. i'm tracking drive time of only 23 minutes. >>clay johnson uses the wolf of wall wall street to an end said he bleeping leaving that was the good news
9:49 am
on a day that all the headlines are about kevin durant right heading into the sunset from here to new york on. >>his bicycle i don't know how he peddled it with his ruptured achilles. splash on instagram was a great pick me up. too bad that he will actually be playing for a while, but at least we know the warriors are holding on to clay and while they're not holding out hope that katie will come back the warriors are holding on to his jersey to show appreciation for helping 2 more rings warriors owner joe lake of says that as long as he's the boss. no other player will wear the number 35, but it appears the duran already gave the new shirt off his back to his brother he showed off the nets jersey on instagram this is from tony durrant tony is 3 years older than kevin actually played college basketball for a time, but he didn't really wind up a year
9:50 am
they were both of the pros like the curry brothers now let's talk the williams sisters, serena is about to start her first round match at wimbledon 8.40 our time and just got beat by a 5th dean year-old. the youngest at defeated 39 year-old venus williams, the oldest there. the talented teen took out her idol 6, 4, 6. yesterday, the innocence arena are the reason that she even picked up a racket and why her family moved sisters did his job to be her coaching traveled the world with his little girl. he used to be a college basketball player, mom used to be a gymnast in college and she quit her job as a teacher to home school. coco and here's a picture of
9:51 am
cocoa when she met serena in 2016. and serene has actually said that coco reminds her a lot of venus after beating her coco thank venus for being her inspiration. she says she wouldn't be here if it were not for the williams sisters so we could be potenti%lly seeing a sort of changing of the guard in the tennis world. you know what else is changing monopoly just like the real world, your cash is no good here monopoly is going can nationalists. no more paper bills and no more banker instead. he there's a little thing in the mlddle sometimes is shaped like a half or like this little digital thing and that is a voice assistant, that manages all the buying and selling. so you press it and you could say something like pay rent on marvin gardens. happily moves the payment to your opponents of counsel. scam a 100 bucks for my sister's pie well when she goes to the back rome. right, you know and
9:52 am
engine thp the tank and the green light to organiz all out i'm so thankful that this is happening because it's being a banker stresses me out the. >>i want to keep end up being a banker she >>only thing that they could change that would help me out is if they would make it go faster that game takes for ever >>it's an all day long. >>gay and then what do you do do you tally up when you're done like let's just so you ever won one or do you leave it there from week after week honestly i played it may be 3 or 4 times over the last few years yet never actually finished it. at the break for dinner and move on we never get willie's promise to come back to win ever come back tell you what you know because it takes so long to play its kresa fixed at that. >>and to get the gas to fix that that survive.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm rebecca strong in for robin this morning and we're seeing great to commute times if you're taking here a self into a san francisco if you're carpooling you're looking good fast tracking paying with cash pretty much all the above look at that it's a really cleared out here at the pay gates a 40 minute dre we've seen so far a here at the san mateo bridge is well a nice way to wrap up traffic wise only 16 minutes for your commute from the east bay over to the line connecting with one oh one star and thanks a
9:56 am
lot. >>the stars of spiderman far from home took some time to visit kids at a hospital in los angeles. tom holland's and and jake gyllenhaal all dressed as their characters and cut big smiles. well, you know backflip young patients loved it the kids are changes special advance screening of the film too that movie hits theaters. today. let's take a peek at the 7 day around the bay forecast, it's very important as you might be in for a day off for july 4th a lot of people might even take the 5th off so they can have a nice long weekend it looks like have some pretty nice lunch and a warm temperatures heading in to what might be a long weekend for you 80 8185 and by saturday. we're looking at 90 degrees. and even the bay is pretty warm mid 70's, the coast doesn't look too bad, but probably still the best place to be if you want to cool off if you don't like it more than 60 i would suggest the beaches for the 4th of july that's it for now see you back here tomorrow
9:57 am
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>> announcer: she says her husband's image is used as catfish bait. >> they new details about our family. >> they would have pictures from the inside of our home. >> announcer: could he hold the answers? >> no. >> dr. phil: you've been getting played. >> announcer: for an unexpected twist. >> dr. phil: the catfish is here. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: today will be a changing day in your life. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you. [cheers & applause]


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