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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>you're watching kron on the bay area streaming news 24 7. >>one of the mine i just got to keep them dropped. and he was screaming and drops on the floor that's the guy that was shot in the stomach. in their mind to cover. >>as some hit in stores and other started running towards the exit. a staff sergeant with the malls army recruiting center came running towards one of the victims. >>when is the money went out the back we are chopped off percent. it really a little bit because you say that you want to die. what are you not talk to do it, you know keep them told him he wasn't died. luckily, we got to the hospital. >>wednesday, the mall was
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moderately busy that those who work here say they would like to see security beefed up. >>we need more security. >>now so. >>this happened they need to be. up an empty lot walking around coming to the stores every once in a while just to make sure everybody's ok. >>again 2 suspects are still out on the loose somewhere again police reviewing surveillance video trying to identify who each of those people are hoping to make an arrest at some point but at this point they're not letting on in terms of exactly what they know we're live at that and friend mall in san bruno dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dan we want to give you a closer look at the exactly where this shooting happened inside the mall. witnesses say one shooter was firing from an elevator area near the store that numbered to 23 can see it over there in the mid section circled in red. it is also an area that overlooks the food court very close to that one of the
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victims being treated a few doors down near number to 14 circled in blue, you see it there that spot also close to the entrance of the movie theater. big story tonight as we get ready for fireworks show here in kron 4 in contra costa county all fireworks are illegal. >>and as kron forcefully do dot reports for us tonight if you get caught a setting any fireworks off you might be on the hook for a big fine. >>inevitably every year on the 4th of july as much as the east contra costa fire protection district does to implore the community not to use fireworks reminding neighbors all fireworks in the county are illegal. even those billed as safe and sane fire marshal baer says too many people don't get the message every year we're on a number of different calls. >>approximately anywhere between 1020 different calls that are caused by illegal fireworks. >>the contra costa county sheriff's office says deputies will seek people out who are
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illegally using fireworks with offenders possibly facing fines ranging between baer says his crews have the authority to conference k fireworks as well everything is extremely dry. it out at this point in time so every little spark cause a major confirmation burn down some as property or house or interest council member kevin roenicke remembers a fire near his neighborhood from a few years ago caused by fireworks, some of the boyne bother rockets often a neighborhood burned the back fence down. >>it took 18 minutes for fire trucks to arrive. now unfortunately he's contra costa fire protection district. does a great job out here. but there's only 3 stations covering 250 square miles make says oakley police will staff extra patrols on independence day to crack down on fireworks. >>he suggests opting for city sanction fireworks shows and either antioch pittsburgh for concord rather than risk causing a fire. we're getting in trouble with the law or
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wait until saturday. when hopefully celebrates 20 years of city, good freedom high school including a fireworks show in oak leaf believed it all kron 4 news. >>for a check on weather, let's take a live look outside of the golden gate bridge of me was for breezy and warm day nice day. >>breezy rodriguez here to tell us look the burning question now are we going watch the fireworks show tomorrow. >>it depends on where you want to be along the coast. it is going to be a little bit of an issue but as you head inland, better clearing and drier conditions, mostly sunny sky out there right now in south market in downtown san francisco. but we can see that fog bank looming just off the coast near half moon bay right now reducing visibility and also increasing that high cloud cover as well that's why temperatures for you less than 2 degrees and where you were 24 hours ago in the same for most of the coastal areas that fog bank inches closer in that cool sea breeze strengthens right now our interior valleys
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a little bit warmer, especially in the tribe alleys, mid 80's for conquered in antioch widespread 60's and 70's for everyone else in the bay area and current wind speeds out there right now pretty gusty throughout downtown san francisco, sustained winds at 25 miles per hour the same with fairfield everyone else breezy around 15 miles per hour or less but wake-up planner forecast is going to show an increase in cloud cover tomorrow, especially along the coast. all have your full 4th of july forecast because all eyes will be on the sky, especially for the fireworks show set to kick off at 9 o'clock tomorrow night. the key and catherine back to you. >>thank you with the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the u s mexico border, more state and local leaders are calling for action. they say they will not help ice if they conduct raids after the 4th of july holiday today oakland mayor libby shaft talk to cnn about what she's doing to prevent anybody being deported. >>you know this community cherishes our immigrant
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neighbors and we as a city have made a decision to put city funds into legal defense as well as a rapid response system that sends legal observers when ever a raid is detected. and we have done a huge information campaign to ensure that all residents know what their rights are that employers know what their obligations are under california sanctuary laws. oakland has always been a sanctuary as mayor i have strengthened those laws and really tried to do my job which is protect my community. >>today the acting dhs secretary is calling for an investigation into a fence of social media posts saying they were allegedly made by current and former border patrol agents within a closed. facebook group course all this comes just a day after a government report found squalid conditions at border facilities, kristen holmes has the latest now from
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washington. >>images of overcrowded slum like conditions at border facilities sparking outrage. >>these children are being treated. very poorly. it also illustrates that president trump will do anything that he can to try to appease his base when it comes to immigration and that he is using these migrants is as pawns in a political game and that is just and that's absolutely sick. >>and in a new department of homeland security inspector general report, a border patrol manager calling the situation quote ticking time bomb describing adult a cramped and is standing room only sells families without access to showers or hot meals forced to sleep on the floor. border patrol agents pushing back on the report. >>we are maintaining with the law with the court requirements whether own agency policies. however, our challenges that we have so many people that were apprehending for which we were not designed to hold those people. >>this has a different report is now also under
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investigation after propublica uncovered a closed facebook group allegedly comprised of current and former border patrol agents, posting jokes about migrant deaths and vulgar comments about latina lawmakers in a series of tweets the acting homeland security secretary announcing the investigation into what he called quote disturbing and inexcusable social media activity in washington, kristen holmes kron 4 news. >>homelessness of course a major issue all across the state but one east bay city is taking an extra step to try and help out crime first hernia was in west oakland today, taking a look at the newest shelter to open. >>the average person the sheds me look like storage. between the cities. tremendous partnership that we're getting from the state of oakland
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mayor libby emeryville mayor alley medina and tony too far sub caltrans introduced oakland's 5th community cabin site on mandela parkway in. it's designed to alleviate was this. the area. each of these cabins to house one to 2 people in on each bed their items for personal use like toothbrushes socks and cold starr also fully equipped with electricity. the fire alarm. double pane windows. that while interviewing major shot inside one of these cabins doesn't merely hear noise from the construction site that was only away. >>most people. >>when offered the privacy and comfort of one of these cabins has taken us up on the offer and that's something that's very important to us we don't want it 10 like we're helping
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people. we don't want to just push the problem somewhere else week actually want to reduce harm and help people. >>that money will come from the state of homeless emergency aid program and while the sheds are meant to house the homeless they're only temporary goals for the homeless then. >>the sea of services and move on. >>others the popular beaches were many folks. i think that clothing is optional. >>also san francisco boys, they're looking for this man they say that his pug toddler outside a grocery store will have details ahead plus it's now illegal for dress codes to ban hairstyles like afros braids or dreadlocks in california will tell you about california will tell you about the ne buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it
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>>governor newsom signed a new law today prohibiting natural hair discrimination in work and school kron for capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the details. >>with the stroke of the pen. the first state in the country banning discrimination against natural hair, the measure gives people of color the power to flow their hair freely in the form of curls locks or braids without fear at work and at school had not needing alter that to me
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coming out his comfort level surrounded by black women and the governor says he was moved last year one in new jersey wrestler was forced to cut off his braids to be eligible for a match that is played out. >>the work places played out in schools, not just in competitions in every single day all across america in ways so it weighs senator holly mitchell authored the bill her proposal made it through the capitol without a single no vote every supreme court case we lost employers have won. >>that's why the deal is so critical. 2 of include natural hair and protected hairstyles a beauty industry leader from new york who flew across the country to celebrate the signing it seems like that. while california is the first state to pass this legislation both new york and new jersey
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are also considering the measure. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>officials are cracking down on public nudity at lake tahoe beaches, which have long been considered clothing optional according to police increasing the enforcement of clothing was prompted by a an encounter with nude sunbathers they say that nude men at creek beach were making inappropriate and lewd gestures towards officers last weekend. the carson city sheriff says public that is against state and local laws, but actually enforce minute lake tahoe has it been a real high priority. but times have changed officers now monitoring the beaches and telling newt sun bathers to put their clothes back on. and joey chestnut will try to defend his title in nathan's annual hot dog eating contest. this is video is that just that weighed in today. last year. joey down 74 hot dogs in
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10 minutes, just that holds 11 mustard belt, the competition is held at coney island each and every year the eating starts tomorrow at 09:00am our time and for what it's worth just not weighed in at 224 pounds. and while joe is eating hot dogs in new york san francisco's get ready for the big fireworks show and joy was going all in to weigh in. >>a conference theresa she talked to cruz at pier 50 about what it takes to set off all the fireworks. >>out here in san francisco and i went this special group is i put together all the fireworks for the big show on 4th of july. joining me is john erickson. and this whole process and there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes, there's a lot involved in setting up a fireworks show this is going to be 25 or 20 minute firework show. but it's 2 days of it's set up those 20 minutes and we're about 3rd of the way through the set up when they're putting together and they're hammering away on all of this. they don't really
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know, but they're just following like a patterned what we know what to >>shells were going to be fire in the number and the caliber of the size diameter, the shelves and we are given they sort of draw lines of how they're going to be laid out the actual order which cells are going to be fired there is actually computer based is that we don't even see that and when we're fire in the show. we will know what's going that what we have sheets and if we will fall along that we will know all we do is sit there on the computer and we have with the cold dead man switch. we hold that down in the computer does all of firing for us we have to just ensure that the floor like today and tomorrow morning. that we've looked up everything correctly so when the computer fires, a shell of thinks is right the right shows up. >>i will we will look forward to the magic with a john and his crew. but that will wrap it for us and san francisco, theresa kron 4 news.
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>>and you can celebrate the 4th with kron 4 you can watch live fireworks from around the bay and across the nation from the comfort of your home. the fireworks show at pier 39 will be featured the big display in san jose will have that and we'll cover the shows and sandra fell and conquered it is the only live fireworks show in the bay area on that it will be party kicking off tomorrow night at not a party catherine meyer going to be hosting it so you can count on that so it's going to be fine. >>a recent will we be the scene. yeah we're going to a times tonight i will. >>yeah it's ok ask away because i am tracking better clearing for interior valleys but along the coast unfortunately that stubborn marine layer is going to hang tight right along the coastline, cooling down temperatures pretty mild so make sure to dress in layers because by 9 o'clock when the fireworks show starts outside it's going to be pretty chilly, especially along the san francisco peninsula and even south toledo in the mid to upper 50's everyone else so in the low to mid and upper
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60's so i am tracking that fog bank making its way into the bay area tonight and even bring us some patchy coastal drizzle during the overnight hours and into your thursday morning commute, some clearing by the afternoon. so if you do have any 4th of july barbecue plans. you're in luck it's going to be a beautiful day a mix of sun and clouds if you love today's forecast you're going to love tomorrow's daytime highs very little change in the temperature department but it's that coastal fog that i am tracking more clouds than sun for most of the san francisco bay area coastlines. but as you can see we are going to notice the low clouds and fog extend inland even along the east bay shoreline, better clearing though by the early evening hours for those of you in the interior valleys and as you head inland, so if you do want to see the fireworks show that's that is just had in london said the coast because you are going to get the best fireworks show in the bay area. here's a live look outside in the north and as you can see there's that fog been creeping up along the coastline. 60's along the
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coast 70's as you make your way inland and even some 80's in the tri valleys and even santa rosa in the low 80's right now but we're all going to cool down into the mid-fifties and very little change near average temperatures a few degrees below normal. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees oakland 71, san jose 79 degrees in santa rosa, 85 degrees for your afternoon highs and then warming up for the 1st half of your long holiday weekend until we cool down by sunday into monday catherine and vicki back to you thanks for still ahead on the company minor in support of flight to germany when he was supposed to be flying to sweden. >>airline took hours to contact is folks about the mix up we'll tell you about the trip to grandma's house that wasn't and getting through airport security can be pretty rough and it's worse if you're disabled what lawmakers are
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paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! >>there's a new push to make it easier for disabled vets to adjust back into everyday life yes, this is a new bill that would waive tsa precheck season would make the air travel process at least a little bit smoother for washington correspondent raquel martin reports. >>i got a pretty thorough pat-down was very a possible is on public i've been taken into a separate to strip to that they can see my devices it got to a point where i had to file a complaint. >>when it comes to passing airport security disabled veterans like sherman gillum's and even us senator tammy duckworth have their share of
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horror stories the full pat-down every single time and for a while they are x-raying our limbs stockport says thankfully the days of routine x-rays are over. she said it's time to make getting through the airport even easier for disabled veterans, i figured you've been wounded and the defense of this country you should be given a little bit of a break she is pushing a bill to waive the costs of tsa precheck for disabled veteran ice think that it's the right thing to do many of our veterans are you unemployed, especially disabled and they did a little bit of a help tsa precheck normally cost $85 for a 5 year plan it allows someone to speed through security. now under doc ford's plan roughly 300,000 veterans would be able to enjoy the hassle free benefit. we want those men and women to get out of their houses to see the world is that's their desire. >>and the world itself to be more accommodating marine veteran sherman gillum's was paralyzed 17 years ago during a training exercise he says free precheck will open doors
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for veterans. >>it's not a lot to ask spent a little more will the people. we suffer loss at the hands of defending freedom. >>court says the plan has bipartisan support it is hoping it will pass congress by the end of the year in washington recall martin. the news at 5 preparations are underway for the 4th of july extravaganza at our nation's capital but not everybody is happy with the cost of those celebrations. >>well explained and a little boy was bitten by a dog outside a trader joe's in san francisco and tonight police are looking for his owner, the man you see in the photo they say. >>and the 3
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>>tonight at 5.30 kron four's already always tracking local stores. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now happening now in san francisco police are asking for help in identifying the owner of a dog. >>that attack a little child that happens trader joe's store on the sonic. back on june 19th and these are images of the man that they're looking for. police say a 3 year-old little boy wasn't going in his store with one of his folks win. it's a small dog, but suddenly lunged at him and bit his hand. witnesses say the owner of the dog left it outside while he was shopping inside. police say the man then left the store without providing any time and id or vaccination records the little boy now undergoing a series of rabies shots. also happening now pg knee


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