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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 8, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>a horrific crash in the called katona late last month leaves 2 dead and 5 unders injured tonight in a story you'll see only on kron for the family of one man paralyzed in that crash speaks out about his long road to recovery. thanks for joining us. everybody on the qb ico said i'm j r stonin for grant lotus tonight chp believes the wrong way driver was under the influence of the
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time that driver and his passenger died they slammed head on into a car full of 5 men among those injured. >>25 year-old darryl london kron four's tailored to sack he spoke with the family she's live. a john muir hospital in walnut creek where he is recovering tonight in taylor. i know you spoke with the family for a good while this afternoon who says that his life is forever changed. >>are unfortunately that's right they tell me that he's paralyzed from the chest down given only a 5% chance that he'll walk again. now he has friends and family members were all leaving a family members birthday party in the wrong way driver slammed into his car. >>now because of someone else's mistake. lot of his choices in the future no longer his teammate. he's going to have to worry about this but this family and i are very supportive when darrell london known as daryl to friends and family. >>is now paralyzed in fighting to recover from severe injuries. chp says a suspected
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drunk driver headed down the wrong way of highway 24 slammed into london's car late last month initially there was some some alum. >>brain trauma time a subdural hematoma. we worry us the beginning. there blunt trauma spine, spinal cord injuries. multiple fractures medical team tells us is the best in a 5% chance. >>one thing's girlfriend. alexa tao tao and his cousin, derek or yell are still stunned by the news saying this could have been prevented surreal like it me that was real that this is actually. >>that happened i don't want to be a beat saying you the driver had it's just there's so many resources nowadays to avoid driving theirs. uber there's lived it's just frustrating that people are still choosing to drive >>both the wrong way driver and his passenger died soon after the accident. london had 4 other passengers in his car all family and friends in their 20's. his family says 2
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of them william temple and william bernardino are still in the hospital recovering, but london's injuries are the most severe he didn't deserve this that. >>and they know they deserve is special we're live someone else's life in jeopardy. >>now family telling london's also waiting in other major surgery, but the doctors had to stop with it because he's not strong enough so they hope that with his injues that he'll get better soon. they started a go fund me page to raise money for those medical bills and you can find that on our website reporting live in along a creek tillery sackey kron 4 news taylor. thank you. >>a new search is on for another person wanted in connection with that shooting at the 10 for and mall, san bruno police are looking for 19 year-old deondre gant he's from san francisco. 2 teenagers were injured in last tuesday's shooting. investigators are still looking into what led up to the shooting so far. police have arrested 2 other teenagers in connection with the shooting. and to the south bay now 4 men were sent to the
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hospital following a shooting in san jose, those men were found saturday night after several people reported hearing gunshots and a drive and hillsdale avenue. all the victims are expected to survive police are looking for the shooter and have not released a description of the suspect. >>well dozens of properties in southern california may have been damaged in recent earthquakes, it's considered yet. another reminder that everyone should be prepared for a natural disaster. and that means putting together an earthquake emergency kit kron 4 sarah stinson reports from san francisco. >>earthquakes in southern california are giving people here in the bay area flashbacks of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake that devastated a lot of parts of san francisco. >>i mean i've been through the collapse of the embarcadero i've beenhrough the work. she was about 7 months old when that happened so that was pretty scary so. >>those who experience that
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6.9 earthquake tend to be a bit more prepared for the next big one expected to hit northern california. how are you prepared. >>2 weeks of water 2 weeks of food getting solar battery and assault. >>to have a kid at home i have a kid that i had. >>recent earthquake in ridgecrest is a wake-up call to those who are not prepared. >>the health wise old thing, i'm ready. it is and like that which is where do covering for big earthquake. soon. really important to be prepared. >>in the bay area we're susceptible to not only earthquakes but also wildfires so having a disaster kit is extremely important to survive, and the kid you want to have enough water and nonperishable food to last at least 72 hours. other helpful supplies or flashlights with batteries, a portable cell phone charger a blanket first aid kit just to name a few also make a plan with your family and co-workers as to what you'll do and where you'll go if and when an earthquake does hit we spoke
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with a u c berkeley seismologist about the recent ridgecrest earthquake and she believes that he will not trigger another earthquake right here in northern california. but she said we're all already long overdue for all a separate earthquake. so it's time to prepare in san francisco, sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>we'll shake alert app is already being used in los angeles county. but it did not work during the 2 recent big earthquakes. no warning went out to neighbors in los angeles county during last week's earthquakes because the shaking levels in their area did not reach the system old in los angeles county for sending out an alert. >>one of the steps that we seek immediately. city is to lower the basic for schadler it's not for fun it was recently 96 fund. >>shake alert is already sending out information directly to trains and public transit systems in the bay
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area. so they can slow down ahead of any shaking vicki. >>a big story tonight, lawmakers are moving forward with the governor's proposal to help utility companies pay for future wildfires when there equipment is to blame. the governor proposed this measure partly in response to pg e's bankruptcy and role in recent wildfires. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. >>it was standing room only in the senate hearing room for a be 1054 to love these are the backbone of our. >>economy and the necessary background. >>of our daily lives at the heart of the bill is a $21 billion fund to help you to the companies pay for their future wildfire costs when they are to blame the money would come from utility companies and from a fee californians already pay from the energy crisis in decades ago dozens lined up in support including union reps for electric workers and energy groups wildfire victims are divided on the issue there are many people still struggling and financially even if they have insurance that i hope you
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don't forget it so there is less oversight. >>and less accountability in this bill then current state. >>supporters say the bill will make sure victims get paid and protect rate payers from skyrocketing costs but critics are concerned how far that protection goes isn't completely clear his present form today. >>i can supported up without explicit proof that our victims are going to see a significantly enhanced payments and being fair to those victims and taking into consideration. the rate payers stone was one of 2 senators who rejected the bill in committee as it heads to the senate floor it will need supermajority support the governor is hoping to have this on his desk by friday. >>make no mistake. >>this is not a utility bailout. it's a ratepayer bailout. >>official representatives for pg e we're not at today's hearing. but a spokesman did tell us the company has not yet taken a position on the bill reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>i take a look at the weather and our 4 zone forecast great
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earlier in the day but the turning into a beautiful twilight that's a live shot in san francisco's embarcadero and certainly is a gorgeous shot joined right now, but chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to break down this weather system that we've been seeing and what to expect later this week. yeah, i think oh we're going to heat things up in the latter part of the tomorrow going to kind of split here to see that fog in the morning. we do have area of low pressure that's off the coastline interesting it's a pretty strong one for this time of year, but most the energy from that is going to head to the north of the pacific northwest of the head up to seattle up in the portland area likely going to see some rain will see deep into the marine layer not going get the rain but likely going to see some drizzle now outside tonight we are seeing some that patchy fog it has made his way for sfo causing some problems in the afternoon in fact that a lot of blaze. there still seeing some blazer to 99 minutes and that's because of all the low clouds and the fog out there making it difficult for a pilot to get in there. the sfo tonight so a blaze there temperatures coming down across the board around the bay area most spots
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almost 10 degrees cooler, some spots inland today compared to 24 hours ago so the numbers running below the average in fact all across the board 61 degrees in san francisco today, 67. in oakland 72 degrees 10 degrees below the average in san jose 73 74 in concord a little more and a cocker really well down those numbers usually upper the upper 80's by this time of year. i'm not today. it looks like those temperatures going to stay down just a little bit too for tomorrow. follow clouds begin to make its way back on shore 60 degrees in san jose right now 58. in livermore 57 degrees in san francisco cool along the coastline with that patchy fog to 60 degrees and flail 57 degrees in petaluma 60 degrees in the napa valley, but fog low clouds likely to fill in overnight tonight. we're going to see some drizzle along the immediate coastline and maybe even inside the bay tomorrow to sort out some clouds early on in the morning giving way to some partial afternoon clearing. clearing back to the coastline as we head toward the middle of the day and then the week ahead, sunshine and aa
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combination of fog. and temperatures will be heating up i think especially in this we're going to see a wide contrast in temperatures by the end of the week. maybe 30 plus degrees from the coast to some of the valleys air quality is looking good over the next 24 hours will see enough of the sea breeze to keep things nice and clear there's the low that i've been tracking here that is headed up on the city's northwest. high pressure to hold on just enough in fact that ridge to the south is going to build in the bay area as we head in toward lot of part of weekend that will start to warm things up but for the next couple days that a storm system will flatten out this ridge somewhat bring some more milk lot of fog in the bay area cool down the temperature so what at least along the coastline is sort of low clouds and the fog probably going to see some drizzle early on tomorrow morning then giving way to some sunshine in most spots accept right at the coastline likely to be pretty great up for the beaches guys back to you lawrence will for the first time derrick coleman, a the master 10 and tobago ship warehouse that caught fire in 2016 killing 36 people. >>he took the stand in his own
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trial. >>a man is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. this afternoon. elmen a broke down in tears for questioning even began. kron 4 michelle kingston was inside the courtroom has more on our menace testimony. >>derick almena looked like he was going to be sick. the very first question was for him to just say and spell his name and he couldn't even get through selling all manner without breaking down the entire courtroom was silent as he wiped away tears wearing a navy blue suit solo been in his hair derick almena them pastor tenant of the go ship warehouse took the stand in his own trial for the very first time monday afternoon. he looked terrified, sitting up in front of the courtroom after breaking down spelling his name his attorney tony serra asked how he was doing. man has said he was tired broken hearted and just so sad talking about the go ship bell made a steady build something he dream something and that he
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attracted beautiful people to his space. >>directly mogae take responsibility any and show yes i do. you know, and we'll never you know forget it sara. >>if he feels resentment for the 36 people who died at the electronic music party at the ghost ship warehouse on december second 2016, how man has said. when asked if he feels remorse he said there is no word. he said he feels death loss of life forever. he called the 36 people who died it beautiful beautiful people. >>not a tough criminal is an and this is destroying him as well and show everyone how i lived in the warehouse with his wife and 3 kids among other tenets. >>he said he wanted to expose anyone to danger. he returns to the stand on tuesday when you put on client, it's kind of like. >>having a baby you don't know you know going to happen.
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>>in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>california officials are experimenting with a new diversion program for criminals that includes allowing victims to directly confront their offenders. the budget took effect july 1st and includes million to fund the program for 5 years and san joaquin county programs for offenders of all ages. it will pare victims and offenders before they are convicted. offenders who complete the program can avoid having a criminal record. victims can demand restitution for expenses like medical bills or time lost from work. advocates of the program say programs like this can help survivors heal all helping offenders avoid committing new crimes. one the south bay to man and a woman were arrested after an 8 hour standoff with police happened last night on stone avenue, not far from the plant shopping center. police were initially called to the home because of the dispute
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and there were reports that one person had a gun. 8 hours later 3 people emerge from the home peacefully and they were arrested. police are still trying to figure out why the standoff started what happened inside the home during those 8 hours. >>to the east bay now antioch police are looking for the gunman in a shooting that critically injured a man over the weekend. police responded to reports of shots being fired at a car near the intersection of lone tree way and davis and drive that's not far from center delta medical center. paramedics took the victim to an area trauma center he is in critical condition tonight. police have not released any information about the shooter. also in the east bay, a firefighter was injured while battling a fire in pleasant hill started yesterday afternoon an old rogers ranch court there was extensive damage as you can see there to 2 homes, especially on the roof tops. a couple who was inside one of the homes had to leave behind 2 cats. a firefighter hurt his
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ankle but is going to be ok tonight. >>a man is in jail after he stole a fire truck and then led police on a 3 county chase and the bay area. all started at the oakland fire department, the man stole the truck from station 23 at foothill blvd firefighters noticed it was gone around 10 30 saturday morning. officers followed the fire truck on the freeway and into vacaville. that's where police were able to disable the truck and arrest the man. no one was hurt no word on what charges the suspect will face a 32 year-old man is in jail after he barricaded himself inside a convenience store in fairfield it happened yesterday afternoon at the 7.11 near central way and pittman road. police say matthew vickers was in a nearby fast food restaurant, when someone called police because they believed he had 2 guns on him. officers arrived, they say vickers had barricaded himself in the bathroom of the 7.11. after 3 hours vickers surrendered and was taken into
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custody. the guns turned out to be replica handguns. well police are looking for 2 men who robbed a jewelry store in gilroy here's the surveillance picture of one of the suspects. robbery happened saturday at a business in the 200 block of east 10th street. 2 men entered the store and stole an unknown amount of jewelry before running away. no one was hurt. >>there's a plan in the works to drop one and a half tons of poison pellets on the farallon islands. it's a move aimed at eliminating the rodent. population there is one of the critters their critics said they're sounding off against the government proposal saying that it puts many other species at risk. our first justine waltman has the story. >>for hundreds of years mice of called the farallon islands home and the invasive population of rodents there is now extreme at peak there are almost 60,000 of them there's so many mice you can see it looks like the ground is moving the farallon islands to
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27 miles off the coast of san francisco is home to marine mammals seabirds and native plants. >>but the mice have caused ecological damage. according to scientists which now after a decades long abuse. >>fish and wildlife services wants to drop by helicopter. almost 3,000 pounds of a poison on the island to eradicate the mice saying it will help restore other native animal populations, there are ways to control. >>rodent problems that do not involve poisoned while care a major center and wildlife hospital in sandra fell, does not disagree that the mice should go. it's how methods it recommends setting traps removing the rodents food source and relocating its main creditor the burrowing owl which while care called the real culprit because it's baby birds and eggs when they can't find nice problem is the owls that if the mice. >>dumping one 0.5 metric tons of poison. on the islands to
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solve the problem from 6 to 8 burrowing owl seems excessive fish and wildlife services says the poison is the best approach because it's the most effective and that the hundreds of the road or education. >>its user growth at the site. what europe. the fish and wildlife report said it's unavoidable that other species like seagulls about 1700 of them. >>would probably die after eating the poisoned rodents. >>which is what critics of the poison concerned about other animals die. >>the long-term impacts on water quality and the poison moving its way up the food chain should not be an option is a dumping of 2,917 pounds poisoned on the island it just that cannot be the only option. this plan is not a done deal. they're still hearing with the california coastal commission. >>coming up this wednesday. i'm justine waldman kron 4
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news. >>happening tonight, the livermore city council is set to give final approval to a ban on flavored tocco in the cigarette sales. a number of bay area cities are already done so san francisco recently ban the sales of e cigarettes but livermore will become the first city in the tri valley area to a ban the sale of flavored tobacco now if approved the law takes effect in 30 days. ok it turns out that when teens are legally allowed to use weed. they smoke it. yeah new study finds that in states where recreational marijuana is legal usage actually dropped among teens. there was an 8% decline in teens using marijuana over the last 30 days and a 9% decline for those who used it 10 times in the last 30 days experts say more research is certainly needed to determine why this association was president. they didn't find a link with the medical marijuana usage. it analyzed data from 1993 to
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2007 including about one 0.4 million high school students here in the u s. the presidential race for eric swalwell why the democratic candidate decided to drop out of the race for president. >>plus you may be a little picasso in the making we catch up with this bay area 5 year-old who shaw guard is making its rounds across social media. >>like this could be all yours for the price of $20,000 the tech company. this getting in the business of real estate. >>attention direct tv. an a t n t u-verse subscribers as of july second kron four's been removed from directv and atnt universe the lineup. they have on those 2 systems, yeah, 18 t apparently is refusing to extend the existing distribution agreement meaning that you can no longer. >>watch kron 4 and its programming next our which is our parent company is negotiating with atnt and has offered to extend our current deal as we work to reach an
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agreement. >>if you want to continue watching kron 4n shows like doctor phil inside edition entertainment tonight. call 8, 5, 5, 5, 6, 7 1569. intel directv and
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>>we are money the night, you know a lot of people think that the best way to stop overspending is just to cancel your credit card. >>not so fast though some say this could actually hurt your
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credit score. mary maloney has a closer look in tonight's consumer watch. >>parting ways with plastic. >>it may seem like a good idea to avoid getting into further credit card debt, canceling your credit cards but according to a recent survey by bankrate dot com. >>that's a decision people may not realize can do more harm than good. that's because canceling a card you've had for a long time short is the average age of your credit history. any scoring models that means lower credit score. but just 42% of credit card holders surveyed know about the negative impacts while 15% didn't think that there was any effect at all older generations are more likely than younger consumers to have closed accounts, 72% of baby boomer cardholders have canceled at least one card that's compared to 61% of gen x card holders and 50% of millennials the most popular reasons for canceling are having paid off debt not using the card enough, and high interest rates or annual fees.
9:26 pm
experts say instead of it helping your credit score canceling actually hurts your number they recommended that you should just keep old counts open even if you don't use them which will positively impact your credit score. for consumer watch i'm mary moloney. >>amazon is now selling tiny homes for a few $1000 and some elbow grease you can have your own sweet tiny hall prices range between 5 $20,000 everything from one room to 2 floors. listings claim that you can build these into 3 days. but that's not taking into account things like plumbing. up next the earthquakes in southern california people across the state on edge. >>we'll tell you when there'll
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be a time we believe everything is over. that will be the beginning. today ends our presidential campaign. the field democrats running for president has just gotten smaller. >>east bay, congressman eric swalwell dropped out of the race today at kron four's dan kerman went to dublin or swallow held his news conference. >>he's a congressman eric swalwell thank supporters and campaign workers monday after announcing he's dropping out of the race for the democratic presidential nomination. if
9:30 pm
there was a viable chance i would not be standing here today but at a news conference monday swalwell said his poll numbers didn't improve after the first round of debates, we have the money in our account to continue to. now try him qualify for the upcoming debate. but we believe that even if we've done that that when you look at the september debate just when that up and so again we want to be honest with ourselves and with our supporters still swalwell says he has no regrets believing his pro gun control stance during that first debate made a difference every candidate should pledge that they would support a ban in buyback of the 15 million assault weapons. and our country and on the one opportunity i had to do that. our 3 front runners. they were on the stage with me vice president biden and senator sanders and senator harris all 3 said that they supported that. so we've achieved that joe biden was right when he said it was time to pass torch to a new generation of americans 32 years ago.
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>>it's still. >>it was also during the debates that swalwell called on former vice president joe biden to pass the torch to the next generation of leaders. monday swalwell maintained it is that next generation that will solve the nation's problems i really believe that the best matchup against donald trump is to have somebody who lives in the president, but never ever stops thinking about the future swalwell did not endorse any of the other democratic presidential contenders. >>but he does say he plans to run for reelection to congress believing now they'll be even more effective to advocate for the issues he cares about such as health care reform and gun control. in dublin dan kerman kron 4 news. >>wildfire victims share their stories at the state capitol this morning. and hopes of shaping future policies. those survivors are hoping to see assembly bill 1054 get passed into law. now if passed the bill would provide more legal protection for fire victims
9:32 pm
create more safety regulations for utilities protect ratepayers and utility companies from there into much of the financial burden. >>p g is responding tonight after the mayor of san jose called for an end to the utility company's total control over power a blackout as we've been reporting pg e has permission from the state to cut power. if it decides that weather conditions increase a wildfire risk but as kron four's noel bella reports tonight. san jose's mayor says local government should be involved in that decision making. >>where their life or safety impacts on the public. we need to have the decision maker that's accountable to the public. not so many simply accountable to p g shareholders, san jose mayor sam liccardo is taking a strong stance against pg e. >>stating their public safety power service program is not trustworthy i am concerned. >>that this is not an agency that safety of my community or anyone else's community and
9:33 pm
talk foremost in their mind. and i have very good reason to have those concerns based on the pga last decade. >>in hopes of reducing wildfires this summer the california public utilities commission who gaze pg need the ability to proactively shut off power stands by their decision making it clear the measure as a last resort in a statement today, they said quote the cpu see has set up parameters and guidelines for public safety power shut off to ensure appropriate customer notification pg e says they plan to give 48 hours notice if and when they need to pull the plug, you know that. >>this >>both ends and where we've working with local governments utilities. >>first responders well in advance to talk about public safety power shut off what this means for them. but those talks haven't convinced merlo cargo and he wants local emergency operations teams in the room when pg e is making
9:34 pm
decisions and frankly from our conversation so far genie, it's not fair to us. >>and that's official preparations have been made we want to ensure that there's a veto by someone who the health and safety of the public foremost in their mind. >>though mayor look is planning to meet with pg andy tomorrow to go over plans. he does say he's still planning to create a coalition of cities that will try to change pga knees control of the grid as for now though pg any is urging all customers to update their contact information so that they can be alerted in a timely manner if and when a blackout is going to occur in san francisco. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>a big story tonight, the 2 earthquakes in southern california. they're reminding residents all across the state that the big one could hit at any moment, cnn's sara seigner talk to concerned residents. >>surveillance video capturing the moment a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. rattled ridgecrest
9:35 pm
california. intense shaking inside said anything that wasn't tied down flying. outside it tossed around parked cars, sloshed water at of pools broke apart highway, one 78 created a huge crack along the desert for and terrified residents wherever they were we thought the worst was over after experiencing a 6.4 quake the day before. >>intro to california, 25 miles away from ridgecrest the byrd family opted to sleep outside in the desert heat instead of under their own roof for a few nights and that's what we did without it was safer that way because they sent another one was coming. and if it was worse than that one. it definitely didn't want to be in our half to 8. >>so we can decide where to stay here and spend the night because. we were to where they and mother bid actually her.
9:36 pm
>>damage us so you got out by the window, what was it like inside. >>they looked like a tory just came into our house and just. >>now the destructive party is over and clean up has begun. everything that was tucked away in cupboards are on shelves ended up on the floor in their home. for most homes near the epicenter of this major earthquake. you can't really tell there's damage until you go inside the homes. >>but for this particular house, it is very clear on the outside you see that crack we're told it goes all all the way through the entire home. back in ridgecrest the largest town near the epicenter. it was fires that caused the most visible damage. >>i looked up and the flames were all a shooting out of the one knows. >>bob lewd act watched as his neighbor's home burned down he says the difference between the 6.4 7.1 quake was night and day. the second quake made him consider moving after more than 30 years in this town. >>to be honest with the eye in no way we're going to get out
9:37 pm
or not. what do you mean right in the year and you know i didn't know we were going make it i hope to never goes or something like that again. >>but seismologists say after a major quake like this residents could feel aftershocks for years to come. >>sarah side near reporting for us. researchers at the usgs predict a 70% chance of a major earthquake hitting the bay area along the san andreas fault before the year, 2030. >>a boy is gaining popularity after drawing some impressive chalk art we need a little caso after the break. >>and coming up in sports a's 3rd baseman matt chapman the late fill in for tonight's home run derby. slugger kicked of
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>>starting tonight with the major league all-star festivities, the game is tomorrow night in cleveland representing the giant is closer will smith while the a's rep is 3rd baseman a man chapman and chapman was part of tonight. home run derby is father jim was pitching to him unfortunately for chappy have to go up against wladimir guerrero junior in the first round after guerrero put up 28 jacks chapman had his work cut out for him talita respectful 13 home runs but not nearly enough to advance chapman elite participant filling in for an injured a christian yelich's the guerrero would
9:41 pm
make the final with an epic 40 to 39 win over john peterson as 40 home runs but he did lose to eventual champion pete, alonso the new york mets past with after hitting the winning homer pete alonso the 2019 home run derby champion end the fix up million dollars. the to the nba. the warriors continue to retool their roster in today, they're moving on from one of their young players center damian jones has been traded to the atlanta hawks in exchange for big man omari spellman was an end to a stint in golden state marked by injuries the warriors drafted jones at a vanderbilt 2016 couldn't play in his rookie year because of a torn pectoral muscle. he suffered that same injury in the early part of this season missing the majority of the year. the warriors has made adjustments at the center position recently signing willie cauley-stein mensch and giving him his deal still to come on moon. nhl, the sharks making an offseason transactions. ford kevin labanc in san jose for at least one more year, the 23 year-old has been one of the team's young impressive stars
9:42 pm
putting up career highs in goals assists and powerfully points in the postseason he really stepped up 9 points to 20 playoff games instrumental getting the sharks to the western conference finals. and finally tonight 15 year-old coco gauff dream run at wimbledon has come to an end the teenage prodigy the youngest woman to play in the round of 16 at the all england club in 30 years goff facing former world number one simona hallett the veteran 2 strong. the feed goff in straight sets. but what a story for cocoa she entered the tourney rate of 300 13th in the world the world now be moving up to the top ♪ ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter?
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>>allen boyd who just turned 6 from west oakland is becoming an internet star after videos of his sidewalk chalk. went viral. his impressive free hand dealing is captivating thousands of people all across the tonight kron four's dan thorn met with the young artist he joins us live in the newsroom. >>with more dan. >>well they are the students got some serious talent is lighting up the internet right now with millions of views of his drawings and he's making it look easy. they say a picture's worth a 00 words that's certainly true for 6 year-old yvonne mostly junior. using the sidewalk as his canvas. this west oakland boy has garnered the attention of thousands with his impressive dueling.
9:46 pm
>>videos of his drawings have been viewed millions of times on twitter like hear word yvonne is shown easily sketching the video game character sonic the hedgehog >>a lot of the people reaching out from all over the world. something that we went in expecting it was just a random post. >>april littlefield is to vonn's grandmother. she says divides gift for art actually came as a surprise he always given me pictures from other they. >>i didn't know that he was actually your and then i thought they were coming out a coloring book. >>his talents maybe wowing the web right now, but graham on family have enjoyed a front row seat, it is. >>he doesn't have that raise me being he doesn't have have a picture next to him. he does have his own image inside his of his >>when the vase not playing with his favorite toys he spends his time drawing his favorite characters from black panther to captain america.
9:47 pm
the list doesn't stop there. and for wdiv on this all comes naturally never had any formal training. >>no one ever encouraged him no nothing new with ever taken out here and if they drive you. he looked at a future he played with the toys and then he did drop them. >>so why does he do this. >>to >>and ask his family. his story is only just beginning. >>i want the world to get ready for the van mostly junior because he's coming. >>we are definitely getting ready for him and his family says a number of professional artists have actually reached out to support the little boy. they're hoping this will turn into something great down the road but for now they just want to be a 6 year-old enjoying life and we do too. reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>i love that story great story right there as we move along to our 4 zone forecast and take a live look outside
9:48 pm
it. what what has been a very busy spot this evening, san francisco international airport yet meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the weather it's going to be heating up. >>more like summer. yeah, i think as we get towards specially the end of the weekend temperatures will be warm away from the coastline tomorrow, but boy look at that off the coast right now we've got a. >>a significant storm system out there unusual to see one the strong at this time of year, but here we go to the northwest. you're going to get the brunt of this you know to see getting closer and closer now up in portland seattle you get some rain out of the maybe clipping far northern california not going to get the bay area received 2, i clouds and it's going help to deepen the marine lab that means more low clouds and fog and some cooler weather for us in the san francisco tomorrow, partly cloudy in the afternoon faughey by you by the sunset will be cloudy there all day long temperature about 63 degrees downtown oakland, you're looking at 70 degrees becoming mostly sunny. at some patchy morning fog and 77 sunny warm in the san jose
9:49 pm
clouds storm system working its way up from 7 northwest there it is you kind of see that hailing edge of that as it to work its way in the far northern california leave the bay area dry except we are going to see them realer deepen up enough that we're likely going to see some drizzle along the coastline and maybe even inside the bay to so temperatures they're going to say downplaying a 58 degrees in the sunset about 6, 3, downtown san francisco, 59 of pacifica tonight in daly city 64 going to see some sunshine in millbrae then you see some 60's and 70's you move inside the peninsula and 70's maybe couple low 80's in the cupertino to 80's pop up in the east bay tomorrow afternoon about 83 degrees in concord 74 degrees in richmond 76 and laos 76 in the napa valley koestler is going to keep it cool and in the fog next couple days, those temperatures staying down and then we start to heat things up again on thursday and by friday, some 90 showed up in the hot spots a month. thank you lawrence for your health tonight, the us has the worst rate of maternal deaths and one of the highest rates of infant deaths, globally this hard to believe.
9:50 pm
>>but while some states have taken action to prevent deaths, many. remain complacent kron four's washington correspondent raquel martin reports on the new plan. >>to set national maternity care standards. >>we're losing them they're losing their lives. the number of mothers and newborns dying from health complications in the us is soaring making america the most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world. according to the center for disease control, roughly 700 american woman die each year from pregnancy-related complications. and the cdc says 3 out of 5 are preventable that's not acceptable in the united states of america, michigan democrat senator debbie stabenow says the numbers are alarming and while some states are taking action to reduce deaths on their own she says it's time to set national standards to protect every american mother and baby what's happening for 2 new moms and babies is that they're not getting the health care they need stabenow is
9:51 pm
plan would give hospitals more money to reduce the number of unnecessary c sections and induced deliveries before 39 weeks. both serious risk factors linked to the rise in deaths. they're also linked to a rise in federal health care costs that's nearly half of us burst are covered by medicaid, taxpayers are spending roughly $48 billion a year on deliveries so it makes no sense. >>and we need to make sure we've got high quality standards. >>the health and human services department estimates by reducing early deliveries just 10%. taxpayers would save more than million and medicaid standards aren't met. stabenow says hospitals could lose funding. the plan has bipartisan support right now it remains and the senate in washington recall martin. >>the measles outbreak in the us shows no sign of letting up the number of cases nationwide stands at 1109 as of last week that's up by 14 cases over the previous week and it's the
9:52 pm
highest number of reported in the us since 1992. the cases have been confirmed in some 28 states. >>released its first trailer
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>the first trailer for disney's live action remake of milan is out it premiered during the when the woman's world cup final on sunday.
9:55 pm
>>the movie is based on the 1998 animated movie about a chinese woman hooper tends to be a man to spare her father for military service, the long stars chinese actress crystal crystal lou. as the title character and jet li is the chinese emperor, new movie hits theaters march, 2020. well target is launching a big today's sale july 15th. at the same time as amazon starts prime day i see the competition, the discounts include 40% off furniture. >>30% off appliances and cookware and while amazon charges. $119 for a yearly prime membership target's a big sale does not come with additional price tag. and it doesn't stop there. other companies like ebay and nordstrom are also offering big discounts next week. and if you're craving you have to do is dress up like up. tuesday's cow appreciation day at chick-fil-a the show up dressed like a cow and you'll
9:56 pm
get a free entree it is a tradition 15 years strong last year nearly 2 million people dressed up for a free chicken. tomorrow the promotion from the time stores open until 07:00pm. >>nobody calls me a chicken move k that rounds up kron 4 news at >>for prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour and can wait is here with kron 4 news at q vicki and j r next to 10 after a tragic car accident 2 people are dead 3 are still recovering. in a story you'll only see here on kron 4 we hear from one of the victims family members who says their loved one is now left paralyzed plus a road we take over the rat poison plan to be placed on an island off the bay area and the reason wildlife advocates are trying to put it to a halt and expect to see some blackouts across the bay area this summer. the new efforts pg e is making to try to prevent wildfires. they'll go away our kron 4
9:57 pm
news in primetime starts right after the break. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
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in the call the cops on a late last month left 2 people dead and 5 others injured tonight in a story you'll see only on kron 4. >>the family of one man paralyzed in that crash speaks
10:00 pm
out about his long road to recovery. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne. >>and i'm j r stone pen pam moore has the night off chp believes the wrong way driver was under the influence at the time that driver and his passenger died when they slammed head on into a car full of 5 men. among those injured, 25 year-old darryl londron 4 up a sack he talked with his family. she's live at john muir medical center in walnut creek where he's recovering taylor what's the latest. >>well unfortunately his family tells me he is now paralyzed from the chest down given only a 5% chance that he'll walk again he has family members and some friends were in the car heading home from another family members birthday party when the wrong way driver slammed into their car. >>now because of someone else's mistake. a lot of his choices in the future no longer his teammate. he's going to have this family and i are very supportive when darrell london known as daryl to friends and family.


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