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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 10, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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only at jack in the box. ♪ tonight -- queen bey, lion king night, raising eyebrows and why sasha fierce is going radio silent. surprise, babiy archie has an unexpected public playdate with his cousin. and tv host in crisis. >> not a fun job for me every day. >> will "the view" change up their cast? >> new drama for matt lauer. and wendy williams' new health balt then, if you think jessica simpson can't be more unfiltered. >> i'm a loose cannon. this is "entertainment tonight."
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meghan kissing and cuddling baby archie. so cute. we found out everything about their very first outing today. >> i was so full of love last night. another famous mom, because queen bey rules again. dropping a surprise single, in the lion king and slaying the red carpet with her little lion cub. beyonce and her 7-year-old daughter blue ivy won the night, holding hands in coordinated black and silver ensembles. check out the mother mother/daughter details steve mcqueen tuxedo jackets, tulle skirts and intricate braids. in classic beyonce style -- she dropped a surprise "lion king" single fierce during the premiere. ♪ and while beyonce dazed on the
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red carpet she didn't do any interviews. last her tv sit-down was in 2013. she talked to kevin after her super bowl triumph. why avoid reporters now? she talked about protecting her privacy in her 2013 hbo documentary. >> i always battle with how much do i reveal about myself? how do i keep my humility. how do i keep my spirit? >> she does talk after all directly to her fans on instagram as of this morning, her lion king post had more than 3 million likes. donald glover knows everything about beyonce love. >> this is my son's favorite movie. i wasn't going to tell him i was in it, i was just going to let him see it and see what happened and i was, like, hey, do you want to see "the lion king" tomorrow yesterday? and he said, yeah, beyonce's in it, right? i was like, yeah, daddy's in it,
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too, though, like daddy's in it. >> you're singing on the soundtrack with beyonce? come on, man. >> what an honor for her. >> stars showing off their cubs. her destiny child's sister kelly rowland brought her son. jamie foxx hit the red carpet with his 9-year-old and her friend. then there's the red carpet fashion. dress code was, quote, savannah chic. and a fierce interpretation. come on, sa vannah chic. you follow the dress code. the newlywed of six months brought along her husband and they were definitely feeling the love. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪
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that solo was interrupted by keegan michael key who invited the couple to the premiere. >> thank you. >> key chains. >> you made these in. >> meghan trainor. >> can you see that? >> that's amazing. >> well, keegan michael's high-pitched voice definitely came in handy, he plays the hyena. the secret to perfecting the hyena laugh. >> here what it is -- when i get into the hyena, i go deep. >> i love it. such a special moment. but not as special as this. but not as special at this -- meghan smothering baby archie with love on their first public outing.
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meghan planted a loving smooch on her son, as they showed up to watch harry play in a charity polo match. archie's surprise appearance to watch prince harry and prince william in a polo match. the tension between them could be on the mend. prince william's team defeated harry's squad. this is first time we have seen archie with his royal cousins. we're about this cuteness overload. check out this shot of little louie, donning a pair of adult sun glasses, sticking his tongue out at archie. kate is like us. kids seen taking a snack break. it seems like we'll soon see another duchess date out. they'll attend wimbledon together just like last year. the controversy over meghan's fourth of july at the tennis tournament continued. her security team tried to stop some fans from snapping photos of her.
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tatum o'neal who was yuns married to john mcenroe. did some meghan bashing on good morning britain. >> when you think of princess diana and how absolutely inclusive she was i just -- i had so much hope for meghan. >> that went from zero to 100 real quick. i don't even know what to say. well, we've also got big updates on some real-life daytime dramas starting with matt lauer and his ex one step closer to divorce. >> are you enjoying married life? >> no major injuries right now. >> today, "e.t." confirmed annette roque finally filed official divorce papers. the foer model and disgraced anchor split in 2017, and while lauer is reportedly not contesting this final move to end their 20-year marriage. no word on the settlement, but earlier reports said annette would get $20 million. a source told "e.t." they chose to sell this $44 million estate, ironically named strongheart manor, because of the divorce
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and that "matt plans to stay in the hamptons. he has the privacy he needs and is at peace there." next, could meghan mccain be out at "the view"? >> it's not a fun job for me every day. >> a source tells "e.t. despite airing her frustrations on live tv, "she does not want to leave," but hates the negative attention, and every day feels like she's going to war. >> don't feel bad for me, i'm paid to do this. okay? >> the source adds, "the other hosts don't appreciate how she handles their disagreements. she crosses so many lines." but we're told joy and whoopi aren't actually offended by her standing the ground because that's part of the show, they defend their individual takes that's what "the view" has always been and will continue to be. and finally, wendy williams' new outing after revealing another health crisis. >> hey, wendy. >> the talk show host needed some help walking around in new york just one day after explaining why she's been seen holding hands with various men she isn't dating.
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>> i'm unsteady on my feet. you know, i've got the vertigo and lymphedema, by the way, i've been diagnosed. >> the condition causes fluid buildup in her legs. >> it's not going to kill me. i've got it under control. >> of course, we're sending all of our love to wendy. now to a drama-free zone in new york, the tickertape parade for the world cup champions of u.s. women's soccer. ♪ it's party in the usa >> fans packed the streets for a glimpse of the players. some even got a champagne shower. >> shake that bottle and make it pop! >> while they have moves off the field, too, dancing at the press conference where they got the key to the city. tonight, the party in the usa continues for the champs, on the opposite coast. after the big apple parade the
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team hopped on a flight to l.a.x., to attend tonight's espys, hosted by tracy morgan. >> this is an athletic version of the oscars >> oscar winner sandra bullock is one of the presenters. if ladies are up for the best team award coming up -- >> this is moment you have been waiting. >> the crazy new costume. plus the richest entertainers revealed. then, we're first on set of the veronica mars reboot with the surprise kristen bell never saw coming and the truth comes out in our "american pie" reunion part two. >> who do you like better -- us two. >> who do you like better -- us or your "how i ♪
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♪ two. >> who do you like better -- us or your "how i ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ taylor versus kanye again. who tops forbes'
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tomorrow on "e.t." -- big daddy you better not let another girl take my place. >> his first sit-down interview since losing the love of his life, his wife beth, tomorrow on "e.t.." >> dwayne also opens up about the new show he finished with beth before her passing. you can imagine how emotional this all is for him. don't miss our exclusive conversation tomorrow. and here's another exclusive, after 12 years,
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kristen bell is back as veronica mars, and i got the celebration started on set. can i give you a little gift? we were on the set with you. >> i already have a tablet, but i love it, this is a great case. thank you. >> we were on the set the first time, i know our "e.t." vault is amazing. >> how many lengths of hair can one person have? a lot of hair lengths. when i first read the script i thought this is some of the best stuff i have ever read, ever! >> what are you talking about? you don't know what you're talking about. >> by far the best pilot i have ever read. >> you had only read two pilots. >> oh, my god. >> she is so cute. >> it was the best pilot i ever read, because i have only read two pilots. >> we love how kristen keeps it real, something she's been doing since landing the role of teen sleuth veronica mars in 2004. >> little girls need role models like this, to know that they can have an opinion about things.
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i am not prouder of anything than having been a part of this role that my daughters will see one day, because veronica knows how to act in the world. >> yes, indeed. >> back away from the car, would ya? >> the season four revival is an eight-part hulu miniseries that has veronica tracking down a serial bomber in her town of neptune. and kristen is already down to do a season five. >> i will play this character well into the "murder she wrote" years, until every one in neptune is dead. still ahead -- if you love jessica simpson -- >> what. >> you're going to love what she told us. >> somehow i always make for one-liners here and there never before seen footage from jfk jr.'s secret wedding. we're with the guy who captured all on camera plus, more with our "american pie" reunion, 20 years since the premiere. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ jessica simpson's reported billion-dollar empire is to get even bigger as she announced her first book on february 4th. quote, i have opened my heart up in a way i have never before. well, one thing for sure,s jessica's not afraid to keep it real. >> i'm a loose cannon. somehow i always make for a one-liner here and there. >> pop the hips out, own the
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waddle. >> lot of sweat, a lot of pushups, not to keep things up. i'm bikini ready. >> just a few moments that jessica shared with "e.t.." what can we expect from her book? hopefully everything from beauty tips to sex advice. thank you, eric john zblon we always love to practice. >> she's been supercandid about her pregnancy, broken toilet seats and swollen feet. ♪ when the bow breaks, the cradle will fall and down will come baby, cradle and all ♪ >> that's scary. you're like, dropping your baby. like, so, i just say, sing the national anthem. >> we're told jessica's new book will cover her career struggles, including details about the very public breakup of her first marriage with nick lachey. what's our on your career bucket list in. >> i'd love to one day write a
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book. i think that would be amazing. >> also, happy birthday comes out to her. because today she's 39. >> happy birthday! and we're only the show that got the cast of "american pie" together again. what do you remember about that premiere? because there were a lot of famous folks. >> yeah. >> look at this, so beautiful. tara reid, oh, my god. >> ben affleck. >> how are you? sorry, what are you going to do? >> two things i love -- america and pies. so i got to be here, you know. >> that's when it hit me like, wow, this is big. i can even remember being at that premiere, at the time i was dating eddie furlong -- >> are you guys together now? >> okay. >> we're really good friends, extra good friends. >> us sitting there, kind of
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like being really tough '90s, kurt cobain was big, we're like, smoking, i'm wearing a lot of black eyeliner. >> everyone knew a stifler in their high school. >> because it was at universal city walk, right? and i had walked past the store that i used to work at called scientific revolution, where i wore like a lab coat and sold glow-in-the-dark stars and sci-fi puzzles, like a year before. and now i get to go to this movie premiere. it was unbelievable. >> do you remember how life changed after the movie came out? >> are you trying to seduce me? >> yes, ma'am, i am. >> i remember there was that party, me and biggs got tickets to some mtv awards ceremony and we were so excited and we went there and we sat in the corner and didn't speak to anybody but each other and -- >> and we barely did that. >> and then us, we're the schlemiels of the group, and now we don't even get invited anymore. >> and now we don't get invited anymore. >> it comes full circle. >> and such is the cycle of life. >> if there's one thing that
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this movie means to you, what comes to mind? >> strip? >> slowly. >> this for me sitting here now at 41, with two kids, and i'm looking back and just saying to myself, wow, like, i have literally grown up. >> everyone's career really went on. there's very few movies you do the whole ensemble cast is still working, and it's 20 years later. >> to the next step. >> just absolute gratitude. we now get to sit and talk to you on an "entertainment tonight" special 20 years later that says it all right there. >> i mean, that just -- that doesn't happen that often, so to be a part of that i will forever be grateful. >> just real quick, who do you like better, us or your "how i met your mother" family? be honest, though, be honest. >> i love you both. ♪ >> and this is brought to you by pie. >> i got to tell you guys, thank you so much for being here today. it means a lot to us, so thank you. >> thanks for having us.
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[ applause ] >> we're applauding ourselves. >> listen alyson if you don't celebrate yourself sometimes nobody else will. so clap -- clap for yourself. in a bit of art imitating life, shannon elizabeth couldn't be part of the reunion because she's now living abroad in south africa where she works in animal rescue but she did post the throwback photo of the cast to commemorate the anniversary. let's move on now to the late jfk junior and carolyn bessette-kennedy. next week marks the 20th anniversary of the tragic plane crash that ended their lives way too soon. but now, a new tlc documentary is taking us back to one of the happiest moments in their lives -- their top-secret wedding. >> oh, it's beautiful, isn't it? >> so cool looking, yeah. >> the ceremony was filmed at candle-lit. that's how things happened.
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it had this sort of beautiful backdrop and sort of golden. she had this amazing angelic pro pro file. >> tiny wooden chapel, located in cumberland, georgia, it's a remote location that required a very un-kennedylike form of transportation. >> oh, look at that. >> yep, pickup trucks. >> you can see in the passenger seat is senator kennedy and his wife vicki is in the middle. but the thing that is so funny is that there's like 17th century chippendale chairs from the dining room in the backseat of this chevy truck. >> john junior's best friend captured the footage that's highlighted in the tlc special. >> this was obviously not well planned. all sort of haphazard that was the fun of it. the uniqueness of it. >> every time i see those images i think wedding dress stood the test of time. >> who knew the classic calvin
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klein -- >> i love it. up next -- your first look at the return of masked singer. and who's the highest paid h >>pseudo for the san francisco, 49 ers what that uld look like or even the dallas cowboys like to see it. i mean honestly he los like he's not aged looks exactly the same as did i think he actually has said recently too that like i could go back and still play like what makes you think i can play right now in a tv interview was with calling coward he's like there's no way you can play he's like what are you talking about i can still play in. i think it will look good. i think i can see it. all right i'm here for it top athletes capable of making a successful comeback. this is all in honor
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travel consideration provided by --
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who's behind the mask. >> the moment you've been waiting for. >> here's your first look at season 2 of "the masked singer." on fox. spot 5d fox, a flamingo and a creepy skeleton. i'm not here if that. mystery thanks to forbes we know now which entertainer made the most money. >> a singer tops the list. taylor swift raked in $185 million, mostly from the reputation tour. it's the highest grossing in u.s. history. >> two members of the kardashian fami family, kylie and kanye came in third. this caught our eyes, dr. phil cracked the top ten at number
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nine, he made 95 million bucks. >> making that money. the doctor is in. take care, everybody. dr. phil. >> good night. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>nowadays what is for former entrepreneur or jay z have in common with joe montana and martha stewart to we can tell you it involves money and marijuana. frightening story of the tourists whose car was burglarized in san francisco and what happened when he tried to take a picture of the thief. residents of a tiny mojave valley town still struggling to recover from 2 strong earthquakes. well here in the bay area fire department takes a pioneering step in protecting the public.


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