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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 11, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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robin with checks of weather and traffic and look at the headlines in a moment, but now the roads are they still moving. yes moving slowly, you know it's not bad out there and some of the 9 o'clock hour. so this is what we hope that the drive times start going down. i will check the bridges will see tower forgot. >>that it's i kind of starting out there. >>yeah, it's starting to get there for a lot of areas which is definitely nice get those son. >>it's a sun don't wear them i hear on daryn are talking just the other serwer my sunglasses and i don't even know it's called looking outside their at timber on you've got to make simple some fog and then some sun as well. >>you can see there in the foreground a little bit of brightness now making its way down to the ground you couldn't see this you about an hour ago, so yeah we're starting to clear out across a lot of areas right along the coastline, your visibility still not the best but really
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elsewhere in the bay we're sitting pretty good at this point as we make our way into the afternoon 6070's and 80's is where we're going to be getting close to 90 in a couple of spots, not san jose though just mid 80's. i'm talking a weekend in the 90's. still ahead robin. thank you john cash lanes and fast track lanes still stacked up at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>i'm noticing that the over crossing looks a little bit better so that is considered a slight improvement, you are still backed up right down the middle of may it just west of the bottom of the maze. so it going to ok trip this is not bad. it's only 60 minutes to make it in over to fremont street which expected to stay like this for the remainder of the 9 o'clock hour. no hot spots dumbarton bridge under 20 minutes to make it across sand to bayfront to 3718 minutes, normal from milpitas to sonny bill daria. >>thanks a lot 9 oh one and breaking news from overnight ice raids on undocumented immigrants are coming they're expected to happen on sunday across 10 different major
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cities. >>in the us including here in the bay area with kron 4 sarah stinson reporting on the story for us live in the city sarah. >>that's right i'm live here at the ice office in this in san francisco's right behind me and people are have been lining up all morning for their appointment with the immigration department here. but as you said now we're learning that ice raids are expected to begin on sunday. we knew that they were going to happen and that's because of acting director of the us citizenship and immigration services, he said they're absolutely happening. he said that in a press conference. he said i can't tell you when the new york times was able to get some sources in the homeland security department to to confirm that they're going to begin this sunday in 10 in major cities across the country. one in those cities that was threatened last time when this book postponed was san francisco now. families are ressa together a mostly in when they are they're held in family detention centers in
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texas and pennsylvania. but since most of them are almost filled up. some i have to stay in hotel rooms until their travel documents are prepared and about 2000 immigrants are expected to be targeted who have been ordered to be deported. and some who have failed to appear in court ice agents will also be on the lookout for any other undocumented immigrants while they're conducting these raids that means they can take any one area and they can question anybody and they will not hesitate to detain these people now ice agents worry many of the people that they are targeting may have left their known addresses since president donald trump tweeted about these raids about 2 weeks ago now, and they said that acting director said they are actually going to happen. there's approximately a million people in the country with these removal orders and we checked in with people in san francisco and i've got to tell you a lot of people telling me they are uphold that this is happening. >>they say think it's totally
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inappropriate said it's definitely not a time to feel safe and i have friends who heard very much impacted by this administration and just living in fear. i think guys raids are outrageous. it's against the american principles, it's. >>not right and and 2 terrorize people that way. it's really inhuman. >>as i mentioned earlier these raids were supposed to happen back in june there were postponed by. president trump. he was saying that you want to postpone them in the meantime all democrats and republicans they sort out their differences try that come to an understanding about the southern border. but now that now we're hearing that that those raids are going to happen this sunday, you know we know last time the 2 to the 10 cities that were targeted were oakland, san francisco. both mayors stepped up in support of their community saying you know we are sanctuary cities. they wanted to educate their. residents and say you need to know your rights need to know everything
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ask any questions you you have. and that's why they were just saying we have this as they have systems in place to alert residents and to keep them safe so definitely check in on those services and we have a ton of information on our website kron 4 dot com for different services you can look into for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks. a lot sarah. >>time now is 9 oh 5 more breaking news president trump is expected to announce that he'll take executive action to put the citizenship question on the 2020 census. the president tweeted that he be holding a news conference this afternoon to talk more about his plan. the supreme court as you may know last month blocked. the addition of the citizenship question to the census. so this is the president's way of getting around that if in fact is what he's trying to do critics say adding the question could discourage minorities from participating in the and lead to an undercount the country's true population will carry the president's announcement live on our 24 hour streaming service, it's called kron on
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if you don't know what that is go to kron on dot tv to sign up. new this morning plans to build a homeless navigation center along the bark and arrow in san francisco are being threatened now by a lawsuit some neighbors don't want it there let's get the latest now from kron four's christina tetreault. >>yeah a lot of people here in the general area not just to leave here, but also the weekend. want to see it, but it's been a very a rising topic, no actually this key behind me is the preparation for the construction zone on 33 off the embarcadero we're that propose and improve navigation center is set to be others a group called safe embarcadero for all near the group it is is basically putting together this lawsuit and who really a poll going in here to this you know highly trafficked area there are filing the lawsuit officially they filed yesterday in superior court after threatening to do so just last month, their plan is to go ahead and stop all progress of the homeless shelter being
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built here between the ferry building and joins oracle >>the lawsuit seeks to have state land commission act to protect the public from the development because the property is public trust land. the filing also seeks a temporary restraining order to stay in keep the development from progressing into the lawsuit is decided according to save the market arrow and the lawsuit more than 10,000 residents. many of them retirees and young families with children. we within 3 blocks of the proposed center. even after 2 appeals were filed against the proposed center and much pushback from people who live in the area, including those in safer market arrow, the san francisco board of supervisors voted to move forward with plans just last month. now the homeless shelter will have around 200 beds and it will be the largest homeless shelter. safe navigation center here in the city, others oppose the building here are breathing out more homeless presence today area i just got speaking with the gentleman who really said he likes the idea of there being beds and resources here. but however, he's worried about what having higher density of homeless population, one area would
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possibly bring like reoccurring issues over i also just before that spoke with the woman who you're going to see here on the screen in just one 2nd who really said hey we need to tackle this issue and need to tackle this issue and we need to d means we have. now this is something air breed proposed back in march and then officially was approved in april so you know as we've been discussing this very polarizing topic but so far on the sign right behind me it goes and in the head and shows that construction starting now in july. it's a expected to be finished up in november. that's what the sign here on the gate says and so right now we're just waiting to go ahead and see what this lawsuit continues how this lawsuit continues. the argument and fight between apple sites. the reporting live here in san francisco a tweet from.
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>>thank you christina 9 oh 8 east bay, the city of fremont is dealing with a homeless center as well they want to build a new center and they're 2 different sites. they're considering some neighbors are opposing here's the choice one idea would be to build it next to this plant nursery on to kowtow road the other side is a parking lot behind city hall. right now though this center is still in the planning stages. but when it's done they expected to house 45 people for up to 6 months at a time. >>a high school football coach who was born without arms or legs was honored at the espy awards in los angeles last night for the incredible achievements. he's done. >>rob mendez coaches, the jv football squad at prospect high school in saratoga and kron four's will tran is live this morning. so that we can get to know him a little better well. >>we are getting to know him but the people who've known him for several years now they
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say he treats everybody normally and more importantly, they treat him normally despite all the obstacles that he faces this get right to the video he's the jv coach started last year and it being 8, 2, he already has as a huge turnout for next season. he was an assistant coach for 12 years, but more importantly, let's get right to the obstacles, he was born without limbs a condition so rare that only about 7 people in the world have it but from an early age, his parents. didn't let him feel sorry for in selfie enroll them and everything a healthy all limbs child would do so he's had a normal life despite all of those challenges and then about 15 years ago james and area is sister introduced him to football by way of video games madden football. he like did. he wanted to coach football. and then for. longtime people in the bay area knew him. then yesterday world class athletes got to finally meet him listen to
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this powerhouse speech. >>realizing i couldn't play football. but i could coach football. now's the way for me to never give up from where the jimmy v that was my way of focusing on what i can do. says i can go further. that's my message tonight. >>and incredibles so get this when they first saw him on campus or heard about a new football coach people are saying yeah football coaches come and go. but when they finally got to meet him. they had their hair belong back listen in to maria. >>when i first met him i saw the cameras following my thought was going on here you on the set will here you coach a and the soyuz, no arms or legs and i went wow what and when i first saw him i just had to be at all you know like. and he's powerful when
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you meet him he's very powerful he knows what he wants. and he's just he's so and i can't describe resist. he's them. >>he left on friday, according to maria and he should be back in a couple of days from now so they can't wait to hug him again he refuses to have prosthetics because he says that he wants people to see him as he is so you could be an inspiration to everybody who lays eyes on and i got to tell you gene story of maria promised me when he comes back she will call me and then i will bring my kids to get a life coach personal pep talk from coach mendez how you like that this i'm happy man this morning, the at the u k. >>it's an amazing story and anybody who hears it has the same reaction we all get the same goosebumps thanks him on stage i his 5th key sortie one. i was doing the mask has
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when i was the first reporter in idaho. i do this story about a little kid with no arms or legs and it's a very rare can general thing to be one is right there like 7 because or something and he was probably 7 years old at the time ok and he and i saw how he saw cissy and the was a different person. >>you know it's not him that i interview what and i saw how his parents deal with them and he. >>what role right from room to room and he had to get his stuff that he moment that i didn't do it was to come self-sufficient it was amazing and he was a little boy and now to see what this guy did. all these years later it's incredible and the wom-n how she said that it's his you since his strength the money talking strong personality strong person that's. >>something that had to be forged over the years as he was growing up learning to to deal with an over you know have the difficulties that life dealt him. well done. >>oh yeah last more ahead here on the ground for a morning news in the 9 o'clock hour big
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developments in the go ship fire trial. there is a an admission on the stand from one of the defendants. >>and new efforts by state lawmakers to protect uber uh-oh, looks like someone's
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still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. >>a canine 16 right now as you're getting outside look at this we are starting to see some clearing skies and just enjoying watching the clouds from above it sure has been a
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beautiful morning looking dow at the fog that the rest of us are said and then and now not really enjoyed probably too terribly much you can see some with skies clearing out there that's one neighborhood the san francisco. as for san jose, you got some clear skies overhead just as you have all morning long up to this point and berkeley only getting clearer and clearer to you have a few clouds out in the distancc but look at that blue it's coming back out. so skies they are in the process of clearing really nice conditions ahead of us really nice but really warm especially into the weekend. high pressure is going to build back in and in the process of doing so our temperatures are going to scoot upwards we're going to feel some of the warmest temperatures we felt this month so far as this warm dry air gets into place, especially for inland areas. today, we're holding close to our seasonal averages, albeit just a bit warmer than we have been mission district you're up to 70 today while elsewhere in the city, some 60's 60 stretching from daly city to half moon bay as well some 70's mixed and when you head
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on down to millbrae burlingame went down to foster city 80's now in san carlos redwood city in palo alto 70's for the same spots yesterday and for the south bay. it's mid 80's today, san jose and campbell among those spots, 84 while more 80's and 81 degrees, dublin, 82 and nearing 90 in concord 88 today, very comfortable for richmond berkeley, oakland and san leandro mid 70's, there while a range of 70's 80's and our first 90 of the week up in vacaville at 91 going to be joined bad out more 90's come tomorrow and really all the way through the weekend as daytime highs in winds peak on average in the 90's for friday saturday and sunday and in some cases reach near triple digits if not hitting that mark in areas like vacaville. they also seeing a modest warm-up not quite as noticeable as other areas but up into the mid to upper 70's come saturday and sunday. time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black thank you joining us from always good i
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suffer story, i guess we have a new poll that came out. >>showing that people who are less likely to not spend on luxury things. have the highest credit card debt. yeah. credit cards dot com does a poll in good way of getting their name out there obviously but people with credit card debt are less likely cut down on things that they want not a silly things that they need. >>americans owe more than trillion in credit card debt in the number goes up every month every quarter. every year. it continues to grow this could be a problem down the road. you got paid at some point in time where you go bankrupt, me pay it then you don't have much cash but in the economy. if you're bankrupt in the banks will lose money in the process and less likely to lead to in the future. household credit card debt, outspent those with no debt in most discussions, spending categories. 18% household of credit card debt or unwilling to cut down on any of the non essential. they still want to travel they still want subscriptions this to what fitness they still want take out the storm beauty. those are categories
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that you don't have to have. and 18 americans spent a collective billion in credit card interest. that's money. the banks are making that's not money is in your pocket and put back into economy. that's a 49% job in just 5 years. you know the debt that we had out there. a mortgage debt continues to grow student debt continues to grow automotive bill high that continues to grow. so now the us household debt rose about trillion. that's not even corporate debt so there's a lot of iowa use out there that will come back to haunt us we're living too close to the edge. and i it's bad sign down the road. right now at 8 help an economy a top of the stock market down the road of mars at the next bubble. you think may burst is i think the card mobile i think next bubble as mister bubble. predict next but student they're all problems itself, okay do
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mister koppel following the war he signs. alright topic number 2 want to go overseas we have france, i guess kind of. >>putting barry tech companies in the cross hairs when they just do real popular put their take on this in the cross hair and if you own a home the bay area this it could be a potential negative as these companies will face fewer profits down the road. >>senate approved a tax of about 3% from digital copies big digital companies like google amazon and facebook it's the final warning from president trump and his administration says it unfairly targets american companies keep in mind trump's having a big summit today of social media without any social media companies they're just right wing a agenda people who kick it out's he anymore. so it's easy to target these guys even on the front you do it trump doesn't like it, but he it himself. the 3% tax would apply to french revenues of roughly about 30 major companies. a representative of trade in the united states for lighthizer said that you can investigate whether this is it discriminatory against the united states. amazon said
9:22 am
it's a poorly constructed and discriminatory a action adding significant harm to american french consumers alike, worthy of note com it's easy to hate tech companies. some years we hit from a single company some years, we hate oil companies. some years we hate big it's it's it's always a cycle on wall street. there's always going to be with that said i still like the tech companies. >>all right and then finally our last topic we've gotten intended is revealing a new console called the switch, a light. yes, the switch lite so it's a cheaper version the nintendo 2019 2020 it could be a big year. the video game industry. it's a $100 less the typical nintendo we love video games in america. it's like the game boy game boy color game boy advance intended. yes 1010 to 3 ds you can carry it along with you it's portable. this one doesn't connect to your tv like the nintendo switch does that's the nintendo switch they're not that switch lite. american spent $43 billion in 2018 a video game content mostly for says hardware, 65% of adults play video games. it's a
9:23 am
164 million americans big investment sony $0.10 microsoft nintendo activision blizzard electronic arts amd and nvidia apple all good investments in my opinion long term because if exposure to video games and computers. all right get enough thank you and we are out of time. keep questions coming in that will try to answer and when we can rob i can be accessed via regular e-mail facebook. >>twitter and our website at kron 4 dot com right thank you as always absolutely.
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>>back to the kron 4 morning news and welcome back to the fog across the golden gate bridge. you may be the wipers coming across this morning. but we can see the traffic a little bit better now and it's looking good in both directions. no problems into or out of san francisco, so it'll be roughly 22 minutes novato to the tolls that's good. the bay bridge traffic doesn't look too good right that this is normal, it's just creeping along still stacked up from the maze. >>i've even though to set the 80 over crossing has filled back in about 10 minutes ago was clearing out. oh look at this person backing up maybe they're in the wrong lane that it is arpool lane but dangerous to go back it had the bay bridge toll plaza because all these other folks have to go around now do so don't do that we'll check more traffic coming up after the break. >>9.26 and still ahead and on the kron 00:04am morning news. we're going to see why jay z is partnering with the bay is partnering with the bay
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>>and that we've got weather and traffic for thursday morning how evil and improving improving in several spots, the bridge is still heavy though time. >>and weather wise we finally seeing the sun breaks through yet. yeah we're starting to see a break in through my favorite time of day just to get the clouds parting makes for some really pretty a shot so there we go well though, it's crystal clear already that signal to you to see a bird enjoying those clear skies in the distance to just as the rest of us will later on today hopefully it is really going to be a nice day ahead of us as this cloud
9:30 am
cover continues to clear you are seeing still some hanging on right along the coastline. it's going to stay there for a lot of the day around half moon bay. so do watch your visibility if you're traveling up and down one other than that you're good to go today, lots of sunshine and temperatures warming that they've been up to this point this week, san francisco in the upper 60's oakland in the mid 70's today all san jose in the mid 80's talking 90's and triple digits for the weekend for many parts of the bay still to come. robin checking back in on the san mateo we have a flight to decrease in the drive time last time i checked it was 19 minutes. >>now word 18 minute head there you go a slight improvement for the trip across the san mateo bridge. it's going to take a little bit longer at least another hour to really clear how did the commute is winding down. but it's not over so you still need to leave early because there was a crowd. the 2 have to deal with off to one o one. we're checking the bay bridge traffic and i've noticed a to the over crossing has filled back in so this is like another wave, heavy traffic coming from the 80 connector
9:31 am
and then rightown the middle it's still quite heavy from the bottom of the maze. carpool lanes are the only lanes that are wide open at this point traffic tracker showing some okay numbers for san francisco, one on one a little sluggish one to 80 to 80 and then 2.80 a little heavy from alimony to one o one and again right at the bottom of the 2.80 extension heading toward downtown james stories. >>for the 3rd day in a row defended erica minute took the stand in the go ship warehouse trial yet he's aitting to not having the proper permits and to making the changes inside the building without getting proper approval from for special kingston has more. >>his attorney says he's exhausted been able to sleep but derek domino return to the stand for the 3rd day in a row prosecutors appearing to do what they can to catch him in a lie. poke at his credibility on wednesday pointing to body camera footage and a police report about a wild party at the warehouse that amanda did not throw but where his son found a used condom.
9:32 am
>>god, you know we've heard of my grabbed shouldn't catch you know. now we have to hear about condom i i you know are they in week are they that do they feel their show far behind that they have to resort to that kind of sensationalism. it glaze and it shows 2 dash allman as attorney tony serra says the police report is not relevant that it was character assassination. >>the judge allowing it. >>my god, what what were we treated to today the biggest thing something to you know with his son. when i won't even go into and defamatory that was at times it's uncomfortable to watch the cross examination now made are not answering questions directly often leading to alameda county prosecutor ah
9:33 am
chee james having to repeat questions over and over again all manner coming off as irritated and combative. >>some family members of the victims of the fire not believing a word he says he won't take a credibility for anything that done and >>a man has attorney believes cross examination will wrap up on thursday morning. but we haven't even gotten to the night of the fire yet so. >>we'll see what happens in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>police in san francisco want you to see a picture of a car that they're looking for for a hit and run on a tourist that happened tuesday, the palace a legion of honor and there's the car, they're looking for the silver four-door bmw. the tourists was a father he was in san francisco with his son and they were visiting and they were at the museum when he noticed 2 men tried to break into his rental car. and when he took out his phone to take a picture that's when the fees got in their car and ran him over as they took off and right now there is being loaded into the ambulance he still in the hospital. a vigil
9:34 am
was held for a teenage boy who was shot and killed in the mission district in san francisco, 15 year-old avon hand was killed monday morning near 24th, the cap streets, san francisco police allege a or to chase and they've tried to catch the shooter about the shooter got away, friends and family say that the boy was a youth violence prevention helper. this miles little room. >>his ways his demeanor was beautiful. his presence was world changing and we saw him as a world changed her just being developed and getting equipped and ready. no mother should have to go to this and our mothers out consistently point to this. >>there's going to be another vigil for him tomorrow night at 6 o'clock at the gene friend rec center. >>the death of a scientist from oakland is now being investigated as a homicide. the body a 59 year-old suzanne eaton was found on the greek island of crete on monday 6
9:35 am
days after she vanished, and now police say she died from asphyxiation epa work in dresden germany, she'd been attending a conference in creek when she went missing back on july 2nd. a driver intentionally drove into local police officer sending that officer to the hospital. so police are investigating a car that crashed into the grace baptist church that was on 98 afternoon and while they were doing that a separate car drove into the marked police suv with an officer inside. the driver was trying to make a getaway actually from hit and run just a few blocks away. police ended up arresting that driver. they say when they searched his vehicle, they found a stolen loaded gun inside. the officer that was in the suv he was taken to the hospital and has since been released. >>still to protect drivers working for rideshare companies like lyft and uber is moving forward but not everybody's on board. the bill would redefine independent contractors as employees. those that back the bill say that companies misclassifying
9:36 am
rideshare drivers as independent contractors to get around the minimum wage and overtime in workers comp but rideshare companies and other groups are against the measure opponents are worried that the bill would hurt small businesses start-ups and workers who enjoy having flexible schedules. i think it's going to be a blow to our economy. >>um i don't know how new businesses are going to get started and be ablto come up with one again most small businesses start. >>on a shoestring the idea that they will go quietly into the good night is i think delusional all of our parts i appreciate the conversations that are ongoing. >>the bill now heads to the senate appropriations committee before it makes its way to the senate floor in the east bay, the city of oakland is going to close as street behind a home depot in the fruitvale district to fight problems associated with homelessness in that area. the unanimous decision by the city council means that people living in these are v's and
9:37 am
other vehicles are going to have to move the section of 37th avenue that's going to be closed will be shut down for 8 months to try to curb crime and illegal dumping home depot which had been asking the city to remove the homeless from that area agreed to pay for the fencing to close off the street. >>only 2 major earthquakes in southern california bay area fire departments now getting better prepared should another big earthquake strike closer to home. we have the menlo park fire department demonstrating new equipment that they say will help them respond faster. after a major earthquake. when a quake strikes. >>now the station's alarms will sound automatically and the doors will automatically open as well not a lot of crews feel to get out much quicker. the fire chief says time is of the essence right every second counts during a natural disaster. the district also showed off a new k 9 unit, some heavy rescue equipment that they have currently for cure it and some new drones to that they say will be used for rescues. >>or for surveying damage.
9:38 am
we'll take a break coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, we'll take a look at why jay z. >>excited to partner with the bay area part company. also a majority of people who live in california now considering now considering buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. >>and we're back 9 40's. a south bay pot company has rapper jay z the rap. hip with >>mobile. >>and san jose based to leave
9:41 am
a announced that jay z will be the company's new chief brand strategist customers that we spoke with. we're pretty excited about this new partnership on light. >>there at the end of the 2 touched turned to go easy get involved in trying to bring some awareness to all of the social justice issues that have gone on for many many decades. >>to me is awesome. yeah not only will jay z be helping with the creative decisions for the company but specifically be focusing on how to improve the representation of previously incarcerated people in her still being kept out of the legal weed business. a new survey shows that more than half of the people living in california right now are thinking about getting out because the cost of living is too high. according to edelman intelligence 53% of residents are now considering making that move and the age group most likely to leave millennials and here in the bay area, 76% of those who were surveyed say the cost of living the cost of housing in the shortage of housing is one you're thinking about buying a
9:42 am
home. it's more than a million dollars. >>41 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning buzz, a bay area coach who said. says i can all of his life he's an inspiration at the espys and team usa women also shined and you've got to hear where they got dressed plus i on williams has any means but they're not just when you thought you were done painting...
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>>the 5 on this thursday morning we've gradually been getting warmer and warmer all week but there's something we've kept along all all along the way which is that morning fog which continues to be seeing this morning. you can see those clouds from center tower still sitting across coastal areas while other areas either having been clear all morning long like in san jose or in the process of clearing out such as the case in berkeley she can see the fog and cloud cover well out in the distance can also start to see the very edge of san francisco telling you that those eastern parts of the city are starting to get in the mix as far as sunshine goes, plenty of cloud cover still sitting offshore waller inland areas much the opposite already clear and having remained clear through the morning and plenty more sunshine on the way as a dry air mass along with this high-pressure ridge really sets up shop across the area this is going to keep us very warm into the weekend and really that's the biggest thing to be talking about the weather in the coming days is just how hot our inland areas are about to be getting as for today, coastal areas still
9:46 am
hanging on to 60's and 70's are really comfortable day in san francisco with abundant sunshine into the afternoon. 60's from daly city down to half moon bay and 67 today. well, a mix of 60's and 70's along one o one on the peninsula and a few more 80's out there than we saw yesterday palo alto redwood city and san carlos, each among those areas in the low 80's for your daytime highs, south bay also range of a tease for you campbell in san jose 84 each santa clara, 81 nice for you just getting a little toasty year especially into tomorrow. the weekend ahead will bring temperatures in the 90's for some of these spots are seeing on your 4 zone forecast that are in the 80's today, so just know that even though it might be hot out there today, it's only getting hotter in the days to come vacaville are for spot officially hitting the 90 degree mark today and there will be more of that ahead of us especially friday saturday and sunday with a few far inland areas flirting with the triple digits. robert thank you john as i predicted it is still quite slow on the san
9:47 am
mateo bridge hasn't really picked up much. >>we're still holding at 17 minutes with a lot of heavy traffic from the tolls across the flat section and that will continue and stick with you all the way over to the high rise so be prepared. the bay bridge traffic, it's still stacked up as well from the maze at least the bottom of the maze, we're down to 15 minutes because it has thinned out on the upper deck, just not a whole lot behind the toll plaza on oakland side just got word of a new accident here as you lee freeman heading into milpitas 80 south dixon landing 3 lanes of traffic blocked by a new accident, it's still a little sluggish for you leaving hayward union city in fremont heading into milpitas so now with 3 lanes blocked that's going to add to the jam 36 minutes from to 38 to to 37 and an accident south 6.80 auto mall. parkway has things a little tight for mission. 21 minutes out 6.80 dublin to fremont because of that crash. >>in the buzz a bay area football coaches getting props
9:48 am
and the publicity that he deserves rob mendez has no arms, no legs and no boundaries he has never let the body he was born with stop him from living his dream of coaching football. he learned the game playing madden video games when he was a kid and eventually he became the head coach for the jv team at saratoga high school last night he got the espy award for perseverance. >>realizing i couldn't play football. but i could coach football. 1000 wait for me to never give up from where the jimmy v that was my way of focusing on what i can do. says i can go further. that's my message >>he's amazing. >>his parents told him that he could make a lot more money being a motivational speaker but he said no. i love
9:49 am
football kind of like the us women's soccer team except for now they're the world champions again, and they would like to get paid more. they made the appeal from coast to coast at their parade in new york in the morning and then on stage in los angeles last night. >>not only occur on the playing fields they had more story telling as bad women to continue to show that we are more than athlete. alex morgan won best female athlete and the us women won the best. >>team award and i i think they should also get a prize as for best dress and fastest turnaround. you got all dolled up on their 6 hour plane ride as for the men here are a few of the standouts this is the best i think drew brees is 3 sons dressing to match their idol who isn't dad. williamson so they coordinated and then there's von miller who made a
9:50 am
statement with this coordinated red and black suit. >>and it says as a statement that says i like shorts and then. >>later he changed and when he was on stage i think the statement was. let's show the statement. >>i want to go hunting after this. >>and then here's odell beckham junior who sported a vet. with a really big power. >>then this is just that at the next step writes got to be. >>the warriors are staying classy with a goodbye video to kevin duran here's a little sample. >>don't even know my life will be without the game of basketball. the 11 that to be honest. this for me to even think about that. not knowing what my life would be without this game. i made recreate.
9:51 am
>>it's just an unbelievable tales. >>so obviously no hard feelings you can see the whole thing online time. >>i don't know why i keep showing this i love what he posted. the good bye photo. i just i guess a envision him riding his little bike all the way to new york with that ruptured achilles plus he has no helmet which is you know is not safe, but we never were held that's when i was a kid. i'd wedged under the window find the back seat where the cats sleep well. this one is in the front. but i would like to view, but what you call shotgun we used to call i get the shelf and then if it's a fast up you know we drill human this. you know my i never wen this far and this is for real this woman left her kids ride. this happened in
9:52 am
dixon illinois and when the cops pulled her over. she said that she inflated the pool at a friend's house and she was using her 2 little girls to hold it down the weight of them so we didn't fly off of the roof on their way home. >>i can't even begin it is and how many ways that's a bad idea. >>but james you can strap and should no but i had it all i've got a story i had an inflatable raft like that you go, yeah wife and i were first married and we decided to fill it up at home where we have light up and each of us held it with one arm al i couldn't do it the wind can hold it, you know it's one of you know needed. you needed candy to kids as you guys can hold it like that you need believe that's a real thing. ashley was arrested
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>all right check this out a close call in arizona when a cactus when smashing through someone's windshield. what are the odds and scary luckily. the driver was the only one in the car at the time or this could have been much different. a kind of story because it went right into the passenger side seat that's bad enough something going but that's like cover for a dole's yeah. again no word are we
9:56 am
still has been made public at how the world that but you know flying cactuses again sir thank you know, we know how this happened the baby bird. >>one northern california fire department over the last year. a dozen babies were born to spouses of the reading fire department. got right around the same time 12 babies 9 moms, so there you go 3 sets of to see in all of that. >>and there's a picture is not >>very kenya. all right it was by the way i was happened it was just before most of them ended it was before the car fire right so the firefighters went off to fight that fire and then they'll come back the bombs were due at the same time. >>of them, but is now ok will be plenty of a play dates to be had i'm sure here's your 7 day forecast. so the babies would take toll down that the graph >>you need all of all right
9:57 am
the big weather theme going forward is the warm a little temperatures heading into the weekend saturday. we max out with inland highs getting into the mid 90's maybe for some spots, even upper 90's so as gracious john was saying inflatable pool weather so safety first and then get out enjoy it will be back here tomorrow morning starting at 04:00am in the meantime if you have the kron on app. >>it's news 24 7 nonstop. no commercials just go to kron on dot tv to sign up. >>we'll see you guys tomorrow to give everybody.
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