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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>and that's right santa rosa police arrested a 47 year-old man a resident of santa rosa. now we have video earlier of what police was searching. you do see the white van that was described by witnesses that hit that chilearlie we do hear that she is recovering from her injuries, but police say 47 year-old hector larios was behind the wheel of the white gmc van that was caught nearby leaving the accident. the police say he hit that 2 year-old girl as that child ran onto the street near coddington center and a range avenue here in santa rosa. she has not yet been identified. >>we arrived on scene the child was. still in the street unresponsive medical to the jail to a local hospital. my understanding that the child is being airlifted to.
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>>again that child is expected to survive her injuries as for alario stabbed a man who was arrested tonight. he does have an up past history of duis and officers initially found his vehicle and just about i'm not even a mile down the street from the accident. his vehicle turned out to be same description as a hit and run the police were already investigating. >>now behind me is where the accident happened you can see the area is. again that girl is expected to be okay and roads that get along kron 4 news. >>all right, thank you. gayle that is good news while across this nation and now immigrants living in the us illegally they're bracing for impending raids this coming weekend, 10 cities were previously listed as being targeted for these ice raids, san francisco is one of the while the focus is on the upcoming weekend raids, immigration attorneys in the bay area say those raids have
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already begun. >>kron four's dan kerman went to the ice headquarters in san francisco and spoke with an immigration lawyer. >>a group of area immigration attorneys entered federal ice offices in san francisco during the noon hour thursday, to demand information about upcoming immigration raids. >>we would like to know what their plans are who they are targeting and where individuals will be process so that they can have access to attorneys attorneys say these raids actually are already underway in the bay area we seen an increase in ice activity since this past sunday. >>i'm in a manner that's consistent with a large cooperation actually commencing this weekend. >>in the bay area they say ice continues to refuse to let detainees know they have access to the free legal help. these attorneys provide unless the attorneys know the detainee's name there is a history of. >>for having attorney access not only here at the building in san francisco. but a new processing center in stockton. >>attorney siobhan waldron was centrally gaal diller asa says ice is not only targeting
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those without immigration status. but those with status, so everyone must educate themselves before ice shows up at their doorstep. >>do not open the door if ice comes to your house they cannot into your house without a warrant signed by a judge they almost never have a warrant signed by a judge rather ice has warrants signed by ice agents. they used those do not authorize entry into a house so simply don't answer the door attorneys also say there are rapid response teams of attorneys. >>all counties of the bay area they say it's important those in fear have those numbers accessible before trouble arrives at their doorstep in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan several california lawmakers are denouncing these upcoming raids. >>governor gavin newsome posted this message to twitter today. >>in california want folks to know you have rights know your rights learn more about the rice legal protection know that you should continue send your kids to. summer school know that you should feel
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confident going to work we have your back without a warrant. >>governor newsom went on to tell people without a warrant out you do not have to open your door. california senator kamala harris is echoing that message she sent out a tweet saying rounding up immigrants and potentially entire families is despicable. >>and an assault on our nation's values know your rights, dozens of people showed their frustration over the ice raids, they shut down sansom street in front of the ice offices. >>in san francisco today to protest kron four's dan kerman or other dan thorn i live for us tonight. dan, what did they have to say. >>vicky a number of people as you mentioned did take over the street here come out against these raids. they're calling them repressive and racist attacks by this president and they want the administration and nice to know this isn't going to fly on their watch.
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>>protesters take a stand in front of san francisco's ice headquarters. they're calling for the end of the agency and for the raids to stop. well waving signs and chanting people want to show their solidarity with the undocumented immigrant. they say the trump administration is using racist tacks to stop people who are seeking a better life in america. we >>we have to actually say that immigrants are at a very essential part of our social they contribute to our economy and they're a vory important not only to our communities i largely a a. >>people rallying are also calling for the closure of controversial detention camps where people who are crossing the border are being sent. they're torturing children. >>and and adults for that matter and it's a horrific in its own right. >>protesters say it's up to the people not the government to stand up to the trump
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administration and stop what's happening to undocumented immigrants. >>people got to understand do what needs to be done in the face of this. >>people also tell me that they are planning a another one of these protests on sunday if these raids to continue in the san francisco bay area. that's the latest here live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan, san francisco mayor london breed posted a statement on twitter regarding the raid saying quote, san francisco is and always will be a sanctuary city that stands up for immigrant residents with possible ice raids happening this weekend. we want our entire community to be prepared and know their rights breed is encouraging residents to report raids to the san francisco rapid response line. you can also get deportation legal assistance, the number for all of that right there on your screen 4, 1, 5 200 1548. if
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ice does come to your door you do not have to open it if they do not have a warrant signed by a judge. if you are arrested, remember you do have the right to remain silent. president trump is backing down on his administration's request to add a citizenship question to the upcoming 2020 census. >>instead he issued an executive order today ordering agencies to hand over data on non citizens to the census bureau late last month the supreme court blocked a citizenship question from being added to the 2020 census. the controversy centers around whetr the administration can ask the question a move that could impact the balance of power in the states and the house of representatives which are based on total population. the last time people were asked if they were us citizens was back in 1950. the trump administration and democrats in congress certainly clashing over the issue of administration. coffers washington correspondent alexander lamone reports the democrats are pleading for the exact opposite re humane treatment for migrants.
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>>please on the father. that little girl. >>kawhi senator mazie hirono was in tears when addressing the situation at the u s mexico border, if you weren't appalled. by these pictures then something is dead. we're dying in your hearts democratic senators introduced a bill they called the stop cruelty to migrant children at it would end family separations set minimum health standards for immigration detention centers and provide legal aid to unaccompanied minors is changing the entire mistreatment of children from beginning to end while humanitarian organizations like amnesty international support all of the provisions of this bill. >>they have criticized republicans and democrats for voting to pass the billion emergency spending bill last month with no strings attached just what the us government
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gave. >>the trump administration was a blank check to engage in more of the same the trump administration has made it clear it will continue to crack down immigration and customs enforcement agents are preparing to launch raids and round up undocumented immigrants. they're absolutely going to happen there's a. >>approximately a million people in this country with removal orders, democratic lawmakers fear families and children will be caught up in the rates which are expected in large cities, including san francisco, los angeles new york and miami. >>in washington. alexandra the mound. and we have continuing coverage on these ice raids. our web site. >>there you can find when and where the raids are expected what to do if they happen and how lawmakers are responding it's all on kron 4 dot com. the fbi is offerg a $5,000 reward to help find and semiautomatic rifle that was stolen from an agent's car as with that looks like it's a cold and 4 semi automatic rifle it was taken along with a magazine for the rifle and a
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jacket with official fbi markings it happened in the parking lot of the hague and burger shopping center in oakland, if you have any information you can leave a tip on the weapon at tips dot fbi dot gov. >>some dramatic video look at this release today of the coast guard seizing 17,000 pounds of cocaine from a submarine in the pacific ocean it's a not a military submarine is a drug running some rain. you can see the officers leaping onto the vessel demanding the smaller stop the coast guard confiscated cocaine as well as marijuana valued at more than $569 million. officials say the drugs are part of a multi-jurisdictional seizure in international waters over the past. 2 months, the coast guard found the drugs by intercepting 14 different vessels mostly from central and south america. the defense has officially rested its case in the ghost ship warehouse trial. after weeks of testimony in hearing from both defendants the trial is now
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almost over. >>today we heard the end of cross examination of daraa come who has been on the stand after 4 days of pampers michelle kingston is outside the courthouse. now on with more of what happened today. >>the grace kim who lost her cousin and the ghost ship warehouse fire paul's a free max harris sticker off a light pole outside the courthouse in oakland. about derick almena and max harris notes about the 36 people who died. it's about my cousin died. >>she along with other family members of the 36 people who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire had been sitting through weeks of testimony but on thursday defense rested its case but cross examination of defended our g-men a coming to an end but not before prosecutor archery james continue to focus on the zoning of the warehouse in the lease oh man assigned trying to point the blame maina for being the one responsible for the fire amanda has appeared frustrated
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combative at times on the stand and it is no different on thursday often circling around the questions at one point prosecutors read a document written by amanda in jail about blaming others but in court amanda said he doesn't blame anyone. some family of the victims gassed in the courtroom as a certain >>al maine is a circuitous answers became affable and there's no stopping it in the court. >>we asked eric attorney how elmen is feeling now that he's off the stand, and no. >>do i do good did they do bad today and you're wrong. if you have to on asking all of those questions. >>and we want justice we want justice for everyone who is responsible. we want justice for the 36 people who have died. >>so what happens next will rebuttal evidence begins on
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monday in closing arguments are set to begin on july 29th in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news police in livermore looking for a witness to a shooting that killed a 16 year-old teenage boy on monday. >>officers released a picture of a white volkswagen today, that's what it looks like the a shooting happened just before 9 30 at night outside a taco bell on east, stan lee boulevard they say the car was in the drive-thru the time the shooting in the people inside may have actually seen something livermore police are hoping that the driver a to hoping the driver will call them meantime, police are still looking for the suspect 21 year-old jorge, tell as they say that he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you see him your advice to call police immediately. a babysitter and camp counselor will serve 30 years in prison for producing and conspiring to distribute child pornographer federal judge sentenced 21 year-old brian spencer of ap tossed today. federal prosecutors say spencer targeted children, he took care of as a babysitter
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the camp counselor and teacher in training, they say spencer molested at least 2 of the children he babysat including a boy who is younger than 10 years old the fbi began investigating him after they found child-pornography in a computer of a chess coach and tutor in the timber on area. >>and now for a quick check on your friday microclimate forecast we are going to continue to warm up not just along the coast, but our interior valleys as well about 2 degrees above average for downtown san francisco warming up to 69 degrees, 67 for those of you at half moon bay going to wake up to that stubborn marine layer, but expect mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. burlingame and millbrae warming up into the mid 60's, cool sea breeze will still continue to be an issue throughout the day, especially by friday afternoon and evening could see gusts upwards of about 25 miles per hour or less widespread from san mateo to mountain view low 70's for sam, a tale but flirting with a tease for those of you in mount view, 79
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degrees for your friday afternoon highs and widespread 80's for those of you in the south bay, san jose warming up to 85 degrees. morgan hill a tad warmer than that at 87 degrees, plenty of sunshine. there. but a mix of sun and clouds for those of you in the east bay and warming up at or near 90's livermore flirting with the 90's at 89 degrees. hayward though milder 77 degrees along the coast. berkeley 74 degrees and oakland 76 degrees for your friday afternoon highs walnut creek upper 80's for you but in the tribe valleys warming up into the low to mid 90's so conquered 93 degrees. john bill 91 degrees napa 86 in the north bay and santa rose at 92 degrees for your friday afternoon and we're going to continue that warming trend through the 1st half of the weekend until we cool down by early next week. >>state lawmakers today approved the funds utilities can use to pay for wildfires even when their own equipment
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is to blame all it needs is the governor's signature capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. >>with summer break just within reach state lawmakers in the assembly give the final ok on a b 1054 were in new frontier, we have to come in with our best thinking and plans that will allow us to move forward. not passing this bill. we don't move forward at the center of the bill is a multibillion dollar wildfire liability fund made up of money from investor owned utilities and attacks the state already collects the money will help utilities pay for future wildfires. they cause lawmakers finalize the bill last friday in fast tracked it through both chambers this week in the hopes of protecting rate payers and credit ratings of utilities across the state we are on. >>diverse. >>verge of a second or a 3rd. major utility being under the kind of stress that we are attempting to deal with here. >>president lee a handful of bipartisan lawmakers have spoken out against the bill.
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some taking issue with how it could restrict public utilities from expanding assemblyman marc levine thursday citing a recent wall street journal report showing pg any ignored repairs on aging power lines. it is hard not to see this bill. >>as something. >>of a reward. >>for monstrous behavior. pg e's bankruptcy process continues after the company was found responsible for the state's deadliest and most destructive wildfire in butte county the lawmaker representing part of the area conflicted but ultimately voted yes on the fund. >>do i deal with the devil that i know. for the devil that i don't. >>if we let it all crashed down it would be just desserts. >>for a company that has been isn't a good negligent is this one. >>the genie did not take a position on this bill but a spokesperson tells us the company appreciates the governor and the legislature for their work on this issue reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>martz is losing millions of dollars each and every year because of fare evaders and now the agency. this trying to
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crack down on that gate jumpers with modified gates like one in for bill yeah, they're also trying a different version at the richmond bart station right now from forced sack the check them out today's joins us live from the newsroom. so taylor. >>the questions are are these going to work. >>well so far riders are split there's a people are still sneaking through but the new gates are making it harder well as their today by police was also there monitoring the gates and still us all some people slip through the cracks. >>writers trying to skip out on paying our fair it's really the last 2 days, someone. he did in front of me so the night last 2 days in a row finding new ways to slip their new gates at the fruitvale enrichment stations with >>stations because first of all they have the smallest a re a fare gates so there are fewer fare gates to mind. and also because our from land there's like our station agents have identified the stations. >>while fruitvale has added pop of barriers richmond's
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modification are stacked gates. we have. >>gates stacked on top of their game to increase the height, richmond station with the same ideas that is stop people. >>into affected even with bart police watching teen people will go seen people baseball slide have been seen people up in over whole thing. it's crazy him while writer nolan purtell has seen a bunch of new moves. he thinks they stop some. but you can stop the brazen people might they killed us up to the roof, some will just that medal game it's the like, they'll figure land there will always be someone to others disagree not very effective. the writers like charles johnson saved our kids to work on a new concept. together maybe. >>now barred says the modified
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gates of fruitvale enrichment are just prototypes. they're encouraging people to share their ideas. bart says they're collecting research now on how well these gates are working in they'll bring those results to the board in the fall from there they'll decide whether to keep the new good idea keep the good ideas or go back to the drawing board live from the newsroom tell him to sack the kron 4 news i taylor got to figure out something meantime of voters in san francisco get to decide if the city. >>and the cigarette sales to the city elections division certified a measure for the november election. the measure is funded largely by san francisco based vaping manufacturer juul labs and is in response to a new ban on vaping sales that was approved by supervisors last month. the measure's backers say increased regulation will help reduce youth vaping while still allowing adult an alternative to cigarettes. >>dozens of passengers were hurt after their plane hit seeere turbulence. an air canada flight was on its way to australia with about 269
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passengers, 35 of them suffered minor injuries. the plane was diverted to honolulu. tonight passengers are recalling the frightening moments and a lot of screaming. a scene from a day. hit the the quest to get ahead and actually snapped and broke it and the oxygen came down. >>and a little panicked. we're in a sort of struggle why. what they were >>we're all sort of dozy and the cabin was pretty dark just seeing green just saying can then. out lady in front of us. i don't think she ever say she hit the ceiling. >>that's why they tell you to always wear your seat belt even if it seems smooth air canada says the plane was about 2 hours beyond hawaii want to hit that what it's calling severe clear air turbulence. >>2 deputies are recovering tonight after an inmate attack them with a self made weapon details on what the inmate
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used coming up. >>and new orleans going to be under water as the city prepares for an approaching storm. the price on the condos are going up fast ♪
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>>tonight about 64 million americans are going receive social security benefits this year and the average payment is about $1400 a month little more than that's that's money that can help boost your
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retirement income. but you're going want to make sure you're doing everything you can to maximize as social security payout social security benefits are calculated based on your top a 35 working years. if you come up short of that. 0 is factored into the years where you weren't working. double check your earnings statement each year to make su it is accurate. you can start drawing benefits at age 62. amazon workers are planning a labor strike on prime day according to bloomberg the 6 hour work stoppage will happen on july 15th in minnesota, the workers want better pay and working conditions. but amazon says it already offers quote competitive hourly rates ranging from 1625 to $20.80 an hour with benefits. the warehouse in minnesota has about 1500 full-time employees amazon prime day is the annual shopping event exclusive to amazon prime members. the company does not expect any disruptions in shipments to customers during the strike
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and rally. >>i'm a prices maybe you've noticed they are skyrocketing wholesale prices on the pitted fruit more than double what they were just a year ago a chorus from mexico cost a whopping 100 29% more most of that is being passed on to the consumer with retail prices almost doubling analysts attribute the spike the growing global demand and the natural seasonal dip in production both and mexico and california. it may pay to curb your walk a craving for just a while anyway prices our forecast to come down in about a month when production in mexico ramps up again. >>next series and farmers around the bay area are so concerned about and invasive type of fruit fly. coming here. the number of people catching parasites from pools of that is on the rise coming up ways to protect yourself and your family. >>state inmates are smuggling in thousands of cell phones every year now.
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>>the national hurricane center is predicting that tropical storm barry will strengthen into a hurricane before it makes landfall in louisiana on saturday conner powell joins us from new orleans with the very latest. >>tropical storm barry is moving closer to the gulf coast and it's intensifying forecasters say it will become a category one hurricane by the time it reaches landfall in about 24 hours. it's expected to dump anywhere from
9:30 pm
12 to 20 inches on the already rain soaked region. it scares me. >>store shelves emptied and sandbags filled as people get ready for barry. >>the heat every single warning we're going to get heavy rainfall for up to 48 hours it could be very currently a tropical storm is predicted to become a category one hurricane before it makes landfall on saturday. the slow-moving storm is expected to bring heavy rainfall flash flooding. >>in storm surge the number one threat is going to be water is going to be the flooding and the heavy rainfall. the state of emergency has been declared in louisiana with mandatory evacuations ordered for low lying parts of the state. >>flood gates who started to close to lower the risk of flooding. the amount of water expected from this storm is a huge concern for state officials the national weather service or they're using terms like life, threatening floods.
9:31 pm
parts of new orleans already experienced flooding this week there's car out the front of the house that basically police and match and the mississippi river is forecast to crest saturday at levels not seen in almost 70 years this will be the first that we've had a hurricane making fall in louisiana while the missiippi river. >>was at flood stage. >>all eyes right now and the next couple days will be on the mississippi river it's been running high for several weeks now because there's been so much rain in this region. >>forecasters say could get near about 18 to 20 or so feet cresting up there that would put it right at the upper limit of the height of the levees if it were to go over the levees you could see widespread flooding here all over new orleans and other parts. right now forecasters are saying they think it will crest just below the top of the levees that's the hope at least in orleans county town now back to you. >>good samaritans trying to revive a woman who went under water at a central valley
9:32 pm
reservoir today and despite their best efforts stephanie modine a 34 year-old mother died. a sergeant with the stands last county sheriff's department says that mothers death marks the second tragedy this week. just a few days ago mann from the bay area drowned reporter to recede went to that reservoir. talk to a woman who tried to save the mother. >>percent of all says her day of family fun, it would work reservoir turned into a rushed to help a stranger wednesday afternoon. >>did what i could got or i kind of knew shoes are ready. >>n double says she ran to the shore where she found an unconscious woman. she performed compressions aided by a 911 operator will a 10 year old girl remain by her mother's side shoes. humid ena tells fox 40 off camera that her sister stephanie drowned she to stephanie had been swimming with her 10 year-old daughter trying to get to this island when she had a panic
9:33 pm
attack she a less than a 100 yards offshore we should be in the struggle and shia unfortunately drowned sergeant joshua clay mrs. is the second person to drown in woodward this week, the first was a man from the bay area who hit the water around 02:00am sunday, even if your profession swimmer make sure you have some type of flotation device or you have a spotter from the shore that watching you courtney says their family had lost their home in butte county. the camp fire survivors. now they are in mourning at that point and my concern was a little girl. you know that's just going to have memory of a mom. >>percent of all says she tried her best to save mud end his life. still her mind is on the daughter who stayed by her mom until the it was more devastating scene a little girl just holding her hand. >>in the north bay now to sonoma county sheriff's deputies were injured when an inmate attacked him in a cell at the county jail happened yesterday morning when the deputies were just doing routine inspections. they say
9:34 pm
27 year-old sean seaman lunged at them and tried to stab him with a toothbrush that had been filed down and then wrapped with o'clock handle. the deputies were able to fight him off and suffered only minor cnjuries seaman was in jail in connection with an attack on a at a coffee shop and forced fell last year. an 80 year-old woman from napa is in critical condition tonight after she was hit by a car in a crosswalk police say the woman got a hit in a marked crosswalk at some skull avenue near pear tree lane about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon she suffered head and facial injuries and the driver and a witness remained at the scene. police say they don't believe alcohol and drugs were involved and a pedestrian was hit in san francisco while crossing a street police say an 84 year-old woman was crossing stock is treated. >>columbus avenue north beach around noon yesterday when she was hit by a car. she was taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries, there is no word yet on the driver if that driver faces
9:35 pm
any charges every year thousands of cellphones are smuggled into prisons all over the country congress is working on a way to make sure those phones won't be able to be used but washington correspondent just eaten or tells us why some prison rights advocates want lawmakers to hang up on those ever. they're committing then within the prisons too often criminal activity doesn't stop when a conflict begins life behind bars. >>the fcc reports, many smuggling cell phones that can keep them connected to crime summer ordering ordering murders tennessee congressman david ca stop is working on legislation with arkansas senator tom cotton to allow state prisons to do with those at the federal level are ready can jim contraband phone signals it would give jails and prisons, the option of using this technology but some prison rights advocates argue congress should instead focus on keeping contraband cell phones out of prisons in the first place it really is an example of. >>closing the barn door after
9:36 pm
the horses got david foggy as the national prison project director at the american civil liberties union, he says most prisoners depend on contraband cellphones not for crimes but to call their families, something that cost them about $10 a minute if they use a prison found if we make those phone calls affordable cell phones with them. but the fcc doesn't currently regulate the cost of those calls turning its focus to blocking mobile signals. in washington, i'm just eaten or. report says. >>using certain ingredients in cigarettes could save lives or lessening some of those ingredients coming up americans want to see lessons. >>and in sports former mvp russell westbrook. leaving oklahoma city march going to tell us where he's
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>>well we are in the middle of july and the nba still finding a way to dominate the news cycle. another superstar duo has been form tonight as oklahoma city guard russell westbrook has been traded to houston. chris paul joining the thunder westbrook reportedly leaving okc after 11 seasons, a run that started with him playing alongside james harden they'll reunite now there was heavy indication westbrook would be traded after oak isis and paul george to the la clippers. this now means the rockets lineup features 2 of the last 3 and the peace harden won it last year westbrook this season before over the last 3 years,
9:40 pm
he's averaged a triple double house for paul he joins the thunder after a two-year stint in houston for the last the warriors in the playoffs and back to back seasons. also worth mentioning through all of this this summer alone okc has acquired 8 first-round draft picks and back in the bay area we've got some warriors news to be excited about assistant coach and defensive wizard ron adams staying put in golden state. reports emerged over the last several weeks the lakers were interested in interviewing him, but he'll remain with the warriors he's been voted the league's top assistant for years in a row and during his 5 5 seasons in the bay area, the warriors defensive rating as never dropped below 11 time now to go to the all england tennis club serena williams moving on to the wimbledon finals for the 11th time, the seven-time wimbledon singles champion overwhelmed. streak overall 6, 1, 6, 2, in their semifinal match today. the 11 th-seeded williams who was a 23 time grand slam singles champion. face seventh-seeded
9:41 pm
simona halep in saturdpy's championship match serena needs one more major title to equal the all-time record of 24. >>set by margaret. >>and finally we go to pamplona, spain. the crazy video the running of the bulls washington redskins cornerback josh norman hurdles, the ball standing in the middle of the pad right off 2 feet and over that wasn't enough as norman lead over the bull a second time before quickly finding safety. pretty impressive stuff here, although the redskins that likely none too pleased when they caught wind pleased when they caught wind of this just wild ♪ ♪ pleased when they caught wind of this just wild ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf.
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the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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>>along the peninsula. the california department of food and agriculture is moving quickly to squash a potential fruit fly invasion kron four's charles clifford has the details. >>well right now i'm in palo alto here in santa clara county and the end of june beginning of july vector control. found 2 male peach fruit flies. now these fruit flies if they were to get established or invasive if they were good stab list here in santa clara county or california that could be a big problem because these flies eat about 42 different types. fruits including peaches and apples and avocados now the plan is to put out traps of course, but they're also going have crews driving around about a 15 square mile here in palo alto spring, a male fruit fly attract and onto street trees and when the male fruit flies a flight to the trees, they'll be killed by this attract and there's also an insecticide in there. this method has been used successfully in the past. i
9:45 pm
talked to an agricultural commissioner from here in santa clara county today says you know the sort of thing happens from time to time they discover these fruit fly past, but they moved quickly to try to stop them, there's quite a few that we're. >>that are notorious, we know of them they're all tropical. they have great reproductive potentials they eat a lot of the things that we love we don't have a winter here so they would all survive here, we have plenty of food for them here, that's they like that. >>so the plan moving forward is that that the crews will drive around probably for about 3 days covering about a 15 square mile area here in santa clara county. and then they'll monitor with those traps and not keeping an eye on the situation probably for a few months doing this occasionally these treatments until they're confident that these fruit flies have been eliminated. in palo alto charles clifford kron 4 news. >>west nile virus is showing up in parts of northern california experts say the hot weather on the way for inland parts of california could only make it worse. mosquitoes are the big concern experts say 2 species found locally that can transmit west nile are the
9:46 pm
same mosquitoes that are common in our own backyards, possibly breeding in flower pots pet bowls and container lids. >>excuse or actually the one of the deadliest creatures on the planet and they're responsible for more deaths because of the diseases that they can transmit. >>last year 211 people contracted west nile in california, 11 of them died. the centers for disease control provides information on his website regarding insect repellent including what types to use and which ones are safe for children. >>and now for a quick check on your friday forecast. we are going to notice that increase in low and high cloud cover tonight during the overnight hours. specifically along our coast and even bay area's shoreline visibility could be pretty poor at times and we also could make up to some patchy coastal drizzle for your friday morning commute, better clearing and mostly sunny skies by the afternoon, interior valleys you're going to start and end the day with plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures as well.
9:47 pm
overnight lows tonight will be on the mild side widespread 50's along the coast santa rosa little bit cooler at 51 degrees. but as you head inland, specifically the tribe valleys, relatively warm overnight lows in the low to mid 60's. antioch only cooling down to 64 degrees conquered 60 degrees, san jose 59 degrees for your overnight lows and hayward and oakland both in the mid-fifties as his downtown san francisco wake-up planner forecast is going to show a mostly cloudy start mainly for our coastline and then better clearing by the afternoon with plenty of sunshine, coastal areas will actually warm up into the upper 60's so we are going to be a few degrees above average and even along the bay as well warming up into the mid 70's and inland areas at or flirting with 90's so let's take a look at your friday afternoon highs specifically in the tri valley has conquered in antioch warming up into the mid 90's scorching heat for antioch though almost hitting that century mark at
9:48 pm
95 degrees livermore flirting with 90's though at 89 degrees in santa rosa. you're going to reach that low 90 degree mark at 92 degrees. napa though staying relatively mild in the mid 80's. downtown san francisco, 69 degrees bull widespread mid to upper 70's along the east bay shoreline and even san jose warming up into the mid 80's. so we're all going to be a few degrees above average and that warming trend is going to continue at least through the 1st half of the weekend. we're going to see widespread 90's for interior valleys by saturday. somn relief on sunday, but then we're gradually going to cool down by early next week with near average highs and then slightly below average temperatures about 7 days from now, but along our coastal areas and even along the bay we're going to remain relatively mild in the 60's and 70's, not only because of that shallow marine layer, but also that cool sea breeze wind speed throughout the upcoming days and even for your friday forecast about 25 miles per hour or less enjoy. for your
9:49 pm
help tonight. most americans actually want less nicotine in cigarettes that's according to a new report. >>from the centers for disease control and prevention according to that study 80% of us adults favored reduced nicotine levels. a previous study found it's a change that could potentially save 8 million lives over the next century and prevent 30 million more people from smoking a director of the cdc says lowering nicotine levels could help smokers quit and make it less likely for future generations to be calm, addicted. officials at the centers for disease control and prevention are renewing their warning of a dangerous parasite found working in some swimming pools. the cdc says illnesses linked to the so-called crypto parasites rose an average of 13% annually between 2009 2017. the parasites cause severe stomach issues that can last as long as 3 weeks. most people are infected to places like neighborhood swimming pools when they accidentally
9:50 pm
swallow water containing human waste. >>even a pool that's properly chlorinated crypto can survive that this chlorine levels and that's why it's so important to keep it out in the pool rather than trying to get it out once it's already contaminated. >>first thing to do is to read soft before you jump into the water and keep all time safe and clean also remember to wash your hands and face and clean off after you get out of the swimming had good advice. >>coming up next a brand new edition of dine and dish we're going take you to a gem in san francisco's 6 street area,
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
>>and you can't quite make it to a mediterranean island for the that's bad enough at least you can eat like you're on the >>tonight on dining dish i take us to a hidden gem in the city 6 street soma neighborhood it's called project. >>the island of rota system 16 't tell that george. only home island is not far from his mind. this is a new cafe called argenta project. rina and her husband dimitri here you'll challenged it definitely a favorite. greek as you can get from donors, even the soda pop from greece.
9:54 pm
street area of san francisco is. you know what do you say. well 5. if you want to taste the mediterranean you could we're just all of oils are fine wine so anything that the new language along the way like. we're at 50 still put up with >>so i don't believe means thank you very much. if you want to submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery, your food truck to dine and dish you can nominate them by sending an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can just go to our dine and dish of facebook page like leaving a ending a show 100 that wraps up kron 4 news at night. time
9:55 pm
coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore is here with kron 4 news can thanks to you both next at 10 o'clock people in cities all across the nation are on edge tonight as immigration raids are set to begin. we are told some of those rates have already started and tonight a number of lawmakers here in the bay area are sounding off and a big protest blockalev streets of san francisco today a live report is coming up plus mark is taking even more steps to prevent fare evaders the new modified gate he will see if some of the bart stations and if writer's think the experiment is working and just into our newsroom. singer r arrested once again the new charges he now faces don't go away. our 3 of kron 4 news in prime time starts right after the break. who's dog is this?
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>>across the nation immigrants living in the united states illegally are bracing for impending raids this weekend's 10 cities were previously listed as being targeted for ice raids, san francisco being one of them. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore while the main focus is on the upcoming weekend raids, immigration attorneys here in the bay area say the rays have actually already started here. kron four's dan kerman went to ice headquarters today and talks with an. >>immigration lawyer. >>a group of area immigration attorneys entered federal ice offices in san francisco during the noon hour thursday, to demand information about upcoming immigration raids. >>we would like to know what their plans are who they are targeting and where individuals will be process so that they can have access to attorneys attorneys say these raids actually are already underway in the bay area we seen an increase in ice activity since this past sunday. >>i'm in a manner that's consistent with a large cooperation actually commencing this weekend.
10:00 pm
>>in the bay area they say ice continues to refuse to let detainees know they have access to the free legal help. these attorneys provide unless the attorneys know the detainee's name there is a history of. >>for having attorney access not only here at the building in san francisco. but a new processing center in stockton. >>attorney siobhan waldron was centrally gaal diller asa says ice is not only targeting those without immigration status. but those with status, so everyone must educate themselves before ice shows up at their doorstep. >>do not open the door if ice comes to your house they cannot into your house without a warrant signed by a judge they almost never have a warrant signed by judge rather ice has warrants signed by ice agents. they used those do not authorize entry into a house so simply don't answer the door tony's also say there are rapid response teams of attorneys and all counties of the bay area they say. >>it's important those in fear have those numberses


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