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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 17, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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>>thanks for joining us for the finest hour. we hope i'm darya whether traffic to start the hour, although it hasn't been all that fine on the roads up to this point was that we had a rough period might not want stalls major delays that's all behind us now. well, it's improving not great just slowly improving. oh i guess we're going do i feel that's right to drive time has decreased we're down to 36 minutes which is not great. >>but much much better because at one point it was almost an hour or so this is westbound 92 it was at the high rise when a car stuck in the lanes there for quite some time as you can see from this like yeah along backed up through the tolls on to the which is also
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will slow commute from san leandro all the way through hayward but it is slowly improving here's the bay bridge traffic which is also improving. it looks better on the suspension we had a major crash in fremont street that was walking about 3 lanes that's gone, you're still backed up into the maze but thinning out on the bridge itself so 13 minutes into san francisco, we'll look at some more bridges and drive times coming up john. and sky's also improving it didn't take long today though really to see some sunshine overhead. >>and really the only spots that you are seeing fog that is wrong right across the golden gate bridge and on into the bay, your typical and i in a fog that's inching its way and while the rest of us are sitting under sunshine all across the bay area. temperatures in the 50's and 60's as we speak a little warmer than at the same time yesterday really because we're seeing more sunshine earlier on fairfield right next to 70 degrees right now conquered at 68 while berkeley oakland and san francisco all currently in the 60's. now later on today will level out in peak just
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around the same as we did for your tuesday 70's for san francisco and oakland with a tease continuing really most everywhere else i've got the rest your forecast still to come back to you. breaking news from overnight police in richmond are investigating a deadly shooting that happened near 18th and chancellor. >>that's where they found a man who died died of his injuries. no other information on the shooting. >>also breaking overnight a carjacker was arrested following a high speed chase that went from san francisco into oakland. police say it all started when a couple was parking their car near o farrell street just after 2 in the morning. they were approached by a gunman who basically took their car and fled and police eventually found him then they had to chase him that chase to come over the bay bridge into oakland where the driver crashed that stolen car in the seminary avenue and that's where they arrested him 9 oh 2 and. >>and our top story, why it was a noose on the campus of stanford and who put it there.
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those are the questions this morning to disturbing story we want to get the very latest now from kron 4 sarah stinson sarah. >>yeah, that's the real question why would someone do this they placed a a new say hung it from a tall bush behind me in front of one of the housing. the student housing here is called columbia a and usually it's a house that's full of a a vegetarian say don't cook me inside they're human rights civil rights oriented they hold us of events and that type of about that type of information but then we also talked to people who live there now it's summertime so these are high school students are living here. those surgical program and they're pretty shocked to find out that someone put could put that outside their house, let's take a take a look at the picture of it you can see in the photo on your screen. this is what deputies saw when they responded to the report over the weekend they saw this white rope approximately 3 feet long, the loop at one and suspending from a tall bush. we talk to people in the area one woman who lives her
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husband is part of the faculty of stanford and she said she's shocked that someone would put that in her neighborhood. i'm just. >>i'm so disheartened by that i mean i think i just think that's horrible. i don't think that that reflects the values of this community. at least that's my sense having lived on campus said live on campus for about 8 years. >>now it is being investigated right now as suspicious, but if more evidence comes to light it could be classified as a hate crime, it's being investigated by the stanford's acts of intolerance office. but sanford did release a statement to us saying we feel it is important to state that a noose is recognized as a symbol of violence and racism directed against african american peoples such a symbol has no place on our campus. and that's kind of what the woman said she said this is just not tolerated. she can't believe that this would be happening in this community. sanford also said that they do not put up with discrimination or hate they have no presence on the stanford campus. now
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we're waiting to get an update on the investigation, but as a last check stanford administrator is really hoping that someone will come forward with more information they want to figure out what the motive for this is and why someone would do this and who did this in the first still a lot more for them to learn and this investigation for now live at stanford sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah anne a lot of parents in the east they're concerned because a former east bay basketball coach and school employee is facing dozens of sex-abuse charges sophomores will tran on that story for us this morning live from walnut creek. >>will. >>32 charges altogether dairy and they're fearful because he spent a lot of time around children. so many parents are asking their kids have you seen this man here let me show you his picture he was arrested last week in walnut creek he 60 years old his name is paul field there you're not even from walnut creek but instead from sassoon city.
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investigators from the walnut creek police department they say that he arranged a meeting with a minor in walnut creek. they were aware of it they intercepted him and arrested him. he is being held because of the nature of the crime involving a child that he's being held on 3.2 million dollars bail. he's been a youth sports coach in solano county. he was also a campus supervisor at at least one high school. but they're not saying what high score the name of the high school at this particular time. he made a court appearance yesterday not a lot was done yesterday but we do know that he will be back in court. next week for his arraignment and at last check he has not made bail. thanks a lot. well. >>well he's faced with instructor who is facing trial the charges is now out of jail on bail. 18 year-old james happ was a sore instructor at the wave in dublin. police say they found pornographic material on his the chronic devices he since been fired from his job at the wave.
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>>federal investigators are examining the wreckage of that helicopter crash in hayward they're trying to figure out what went wrong on monday afternoon that brought the training flight down killing the flight instructor wayne pro jer. and injuring his student. he has critical injuries. >>most helicopters do not have black boxes that collect the data so they don't have that. >>and to use in their investigation. >>9 oh 7 people in fremont some of them are concerned about a homeless center that is being planned the out they're not too happy about a crime for us christine to take your joining us now live with more on the plan and the controversy surrounding it, christina. >>yes good morning. it is been a very divisive topic here in town and the city has proposed a safe navigation homeless for many and they have 2 sites and they'd like to build it on, but this has a lot of residents up in arms so much that a group of residents made a group change dot org you broke up it had a petition up there and it now has over 8
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1008 1000 votes on there for them to not bring the safe navigation center here to fremont that we've even had viewers calling it the million about the has and hundreds of residents that have been heading to city hall to express their concerns about this coming in the city has been in between 2 locations for the center as i had mentioned the parking lot here at fremont city hall in the back area with the extra parking lot for the dakota surplus property, least area next to reagan nursery not far. now these 2 locations are within half a mile from food services and bus stops you can help me plead people to fart residents who have signed a change petition to not want to see the center go up near the dakota surplus property there stating it's too close to residential areas with thousands of homes as well as it's about half a dozen schools. according to the city the temporary navigation center will provide 45 beds and up to 6 months of housing to homeless and told when
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transitioning to permanent housing the navigation center will be operated by bay area community services will provide 24 hour staffing, this is the same group that provides a staffing. 2 one navigation center in berkeley and 2 and opened now the city says rebuilding this navigation center is a response to the growing homeless population here in the city. recent data shows that fremont homeless population grew over 25% over the past 2 years. women that i spoke with this morning. both tell me this is something that they've seen here in the city this homeless population growing and growing and they do know they need to do something about it have they were in those shoes like how would they feel if they have and like. >>they didn't get help from anybody that just like in the street like everybody else has. >>from all the people i spoke with this morning. they have all agreed that they do need to do something here in the city with the homelessness issue so they're not against the idea of green the navigation center necessarily to the city, but they do not want to see it in the location over by the nursery they are rather see behind city hall or maybe further out as well. now
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the city says that they are going to be taking public comment as well as addressing all these concerns without their throughout their city council meetings leading into the fall september is going to be the city council meeting the date is to be determined, but they're going to be chatting deciding location in which site they will be putting that navigation center in at that meeting reporting live here in fremont christian teatro kron 4 news. thank you christina. >>more breaking news mexican drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman was sentenced this morning in federal court to life in prison plus 30 years. the 62 year-old was convicted on 10 criminal counts earlier this year. the drug lord was brought to the us to stand trial after he twice broke out of mexican prisons. the guilty verdict triggered a mandatory sentence of life without parole. guzman told a judge before he was sentenced this morning that e was denied a fair trial. guzman is also accused of ordering and taking part in the murders and torture of more than 2 dozen people.
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>>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a breakdown the worst intersections in san jose will tell you exactly where your odds are real bad of getting hit. and a second various city now joining san
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>>may 13 right now checking out the weather seeing some sunshine. yeah, nice to see that sunshine a little sooner than yesterday. >>i'm making for really good
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morning did just get out enjoy announcing, i just put sunglasses and put them on yesterday for the first time many things brighter. >>today they did brighter that's supposed to my eyes, so i think it it's bright and a good way in the home, you know, he comes out the letter the law i don't what is that strange funny. let us notified of making his you turn a foggy day in goggles like i have goggles with different things you know for the and the snow and mix things brighter if it's a dark day where those and maybe it's not like that's going lower gun need sunglasses a second eventually and like us, you know we got some sunshine definitely i kind of a sunglasses kind of day ahead of us not a windbreaker kind of >>i have a warning us one stashed away for for a while probably actually because we're going to be pretty warm even with the cooling trend in the works for us in the days to come. >>san francisco just getting everclear and you're looking
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nice and clear already down in the south bay have been that way for most of the morning east bay has also been nice and clear so you go lot of sunshine for your wednesday. after what was a partly to mostly cloudy start to the day skies remain sunny today and tonight, a push of some fog it shouldn't be too intrusive shouldn't causing too many problems into the morning tomorrow and then we're going to repeat this process, a few more times on into the weekend starting off on the greater side ending on the blue or side with all that sunshine returning later on in the days now as we make our way over the next couple of days we're going to start to see temperatures dropping again but today we're really leveling out compared to yesterday your daytime highs all across the bay area whether you're at the coast or further inland are going to be very comparable with where they were for your tuesday low 80's and upper 70's for the southern part of the peninsula, mid 80's for the south bay in a range of upper 70's to low 80's and portions of contra costa county little bit further north a mid 70's return in oakland, while back just near 90 degrees in
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concord exact same temperatures yesterday. our 90's remain in pittsburgh in vacavill the 90's so very minimal change really anywhere you're looking at tomorrow you do start to see a couple of those changes though we fall into the low 80's by friday saturday and sunday so really comfortable weekend on tap for us 6070's and 80's, not a bad place to be robin. thank you john want to check inn traffic now heading over to the richmond center fell bridge. there is a lot. >>it's not a bad one, but it's going to be very busy here on west bound 5.80 leading up to the tolls word 8 minutes to make your way into the north bay and out to one o one checking in on the bay bridge traffic, it's also a busy but it has improved on the suspension, not much behind the toll plaza so no that's stacked up from the maze, yes, still slow but we're down to 13 minutes off to the fremont street exit. that's really not that bad especially after that major crash that we had a tree month street, one oh one 60 minutes brisbane to san francisco to 80 also 60
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minutes from daly city to the bottom of the 2.80 extension. >>tiger winners and losers with our financial expert, rob black and this one is getting a lot of talk. yes you call it. a winner over shopping. yes. w is can i get the stuff like is it in the trunk waiting for me. it is not ok, you're captivated audience when i talk on over drive to the airport for instance. >>well like we're on airplane there's that air mall magazine where you can buy like slippers that will feel secure house a week later. this is the same idea i think uber drivers the big winner here because they're getting a dollar per thinking by plus 25% commission on things like apple air pods amazon echo's away luggage plus ca makeup. us go devices how k a you may not want to be taken over to the morning drop because you may spend $500 on route around. >>and the endless what is the vathe over because i can do that for you that you get 10%.
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>>cash back for uber miles our low t basically a nice regular overdrive reading a nice perk for buying things through over. >>it's an interesting it's can raise products the company's called argos doing that over on the big investment in cargo. it's a nice way to make over a little different then if you like to shop that makes a little bit different and left we shopping through the overs shopping app i can go to amazon in andover it get you tell right kind of fluffy pr peace and i'm talking about it's a got to be an okay became public nothing very exciting look for exciting stories like this ok but they're only stories that got cash money they're not earning so cute. ok and fully gets to be in your winter column today too. yeah, a couple years we trash the company because that some illnesses and diseases in summer foods, our food safety issues, the stock fell huge. i'm down to 250 bucks now at 763 covered everything americans like to eat it's put way they did after nothing fancy like not just a that after hot press kcbs they just
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had to get the quality right and they did that the sco out of todd young taco bell and a strong same store restaurant sales is what did it 10% rise, average check size went up. they updated the market in got a great new loyalty program super important for restaurants at this point in time and they got digital ordering so it's ready for you when you get there, ok, there's something else that could go digital and it's sports. tell me about esports thing we know for no one yet has fast they're real they're made they're racing the racing. >>this is real electric vehicles. so its formula e they did brooklyn last weekend, it's just into their 5th season. they're predicted to fail after 2 they're now going into its 6th season. >>a lot electric vehicle innovations will come out of this like going further distances going faster. so the car companies like nissan mercedes-benz and porsche love it. >>saying that. as of watcher as a fan. i turner ace drivers
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after swerving inactivation zone. it triggers a 4 minute power boost in its called a power boost. the 5 scored the most likes on twitter during the race get an extra 45 seconds where the car actually starts to glow which is pretty darned cool. mario. >>like it's like that that game i play on the phone again. >>what's interesting about this is down the road i could see penalty flag stern and i fell games go to twitter if you thought was a penalty. let's see what the fans at home. i can see maybe a 4 point shot for stuff, hurry up. >>voted on electronics show you think while we're watching football or basketball, someday, fans will like the saints fans for example could say. >>absolutely 100% this will be in professional sports all 5 ye the popularity there's a lot of investment like viddy a.
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there's activision blizzard that's ok i don't sell they can do it don't you gave me all the companies i don't doubt the fans would like to put teams would hate this with a. >>but they can only about the rest of the day they want made that i want people out there to sign a promise they have you. >>they want the people who are under 35 years old the people who are engaged on their phone the whole time as 5 g starts to really get traction they want those people they don't want are they already have her. they want people who are new to sport ice has been in decline for 4 straight years. and people of baseball gets disabled sport last 100 years, it's tradition, it's maureen we need to like get a bike for outsprinting likes a shrink those got so like i was and they get smaller i want to make a bigger change. the ref. she ok check get your buck off the it would be a it would at wild card and we've got your question. >>antonio says i work for dominoes is the stock a good
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idea. >>it was the best stop for 10 years in the us and p 500 and that usually is a recipe for not having the stock the next 10 years. it's in a quandary because opening more stores close to your home the pizza gets there faster to your home. but uber eats doordash grubhub are all delivering rusher quality food, so we don't have to settle for just pizza from a delivery company they're in a quandary there they're trying to get more stores closer deal. that's expensive but they're also competing with more competitors which deliver high quality for your home unlike ever before so i don't i don't have an answer other than to say it squandered oh and don't quit your day job he's already working for dominoes how about on those the steve event in it and >>that's a that's a bad well, there is kind of a way that you can vote and you can chime in and that is to e-mail rob directly and you can reach him on facebook. >>and twitter as well. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter.
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♪ trspicy chicken all-it s try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>we're back at 9.25 a family in utah is grieving now after young girl was killed by a golf ball. that was hit by her own father. the 6 year-old was in a cart next to the tee box where her dad hit an errant drive that ended up striking her in the back of the head. she was flown to the hospital but didn't survive her injuries. she was a golfing buddy, she loved doing it she would always be on the car the senate and that some of important them but some police are investigating the
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incident but they say little girl's death. it's a tragic accident. the prosecution and defense teams have rested their case in the oakland ghost ship trial, max harris and eric elmen a both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in the warehouse. back in yesterday to refute the testimony of prosecution rebuttal witness officer hector chavez chavez told the court that he responded to an illegal party back in 2015 at that warehouse and actually got into a fight with harris. the other about a witness was an investigator with the da's office she testified that emails between al and the owners of the ghost ship warehouse. did not ca communicate information in any way about the owners telling him to lie about people living there. the trial is in recess until closing arguments which are set for july 29th. >>woman 13 years 2 of his wives are immigrants. he is not as big racist republican
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>>right now let's take a peek of what the commute the weather like for the late risers rob us of very nice improvement. i think they'll be happy it's better now compared to the early hours at. >>approving once again, and like is any fog usually clears out how are things doing right now really good very fine right now on the 60's out
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there. first the 70's that's like the perfect kind of whether you like in the that fog are really has cleared out just a bit of its streaming on through the golden gate and sitting across the bay, san francisco as well as really the rest of the bay area at this point is fog free now those temperatures i mentioned well into the 60's at this point was san mateo just below 70 degrees same for you and pittsburg% conquer dublin in fairfield. >>berkeley oakland and san francisco all in the mid 60's at this point. now into the afternoon today we're talking 70's for san francisco and oakland with san jose at a warm but still comfortable 84. more on your forecast still to come rob and they want to check back in on the bay bridge traffic which has improved on the suspension. >>but not behind the toll plaza we're looking at traffic leading up to the pay gates. and yes, it's still at a crawl and yes, it's backed up into maze but idt this morning earli at fremont street that really tied up the traffic on the span so that is no longer the case your average in 14 minutes. we want to take a look at some more freeways
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like 5.80 it's okay, 22 minutes to make it to downtown oakland. the nimitz a bit heavier as usual at its recovering from minor issues like a crash at hagan burger. so it's low from now right around washington to downtown oakland. and then to 80's starting to loosen up that still crew 23 minutes, san jose to cupertino >>all right, thank you very much rob and to the south our traffic collisions are the leading cause of injury and death in san jose, south a law firm henshaw and henry pc hired a company to look into the most dangerous intersections. it found the intersection of mclaughlin avenue and story road is the most dangerous and that research was based on data collected from 2013 to 2017. during that time there were nearly 8,000 intersection related chris crashes across the city 103 people died. more than 10,000 people were hurt. the study looked into the number of injuries at each of the locations. and new this morning, oakland has banned the use of facial recognition
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technology by city employees. the ordinance stops police from acquiring the software or using it even if it's used by other police agencies city leaders approved the measure citing the limitations of the technology. the lack of standards about its implementation and the potential use for the persecution of minorities oakland now joins san francisco in banning the software 9.32. >>sfo is adding more security and barriers to stop the homeless from sleeping at the airport as and barred are teaming up to try to crack down on the homeless problem you can see people have made it into the airport calls where they've just been stealing while some of in stealing luggage. others have e hire a fare gates, bigger barriers and also haand barr is making news new addition to their cars to help commuters who bring bicycles on the trains. they're adding these new straps on the rails that
9:33 am
way it prevents the bikes from tipping over and damaging the bikes or maybe hurting someone. >>family owned jewelry store these bays been broken into and the whole thing was caught on camera. here's the video you'll see 2 masked men they're coming through the door, they smash open the display cases ransacked the jewelry. the robbery happened in newark last sunday at 6 o'clock in the morning. police are still looking for those robbers this morning. also in the east bay richmond police are looking for these 3 men who robbed a convenience store surveillance video captured the robbery at 6 points express mart that's on second avenue. the 3 men who you can see where masks jump over the counter ransacked the register and made off with about 9.33 an news, the house of representatives has passed a resolution condemning president trump's attacking for minority congresswoman. >>the tweets falsely implied that the women were all born in foreign countri came from while on the house floor speaker nancy pelosi broke house rules yesterday
9:34 am
because she called the tweets racist. she was temporarily barred that language. repubca push to have a comment stricken from the record. both of those attempts however failed the resolution passed passed along party lines. 4 republicans voted to condemn president trump's comments as well. there is no place anywhere for the president's words which were not only divisive. but dangerous and had legitimize increased fear and hatred of new americans and people of color for the president not >>and i think the tone of all of those is not good for the country. >>president trump is standing by his tweet saying also he's not a racist he called the house resolution a political stunt. >>and there are some republicans women republicans said that are standing by him in coming out or randi kaye has reaction from 8 female
9:35 am
lawmakers from texas. i think what the president said was race >>these 8 republican women from dallas don't see anything wrong with president trump telling for democratic congress women's to go back where they came from he was saying that if they hate america so much because what we're saying out of them hearing out of them. they hate america. if it's so bad, there's a lot of places they can go up. brown skinned woman. illegal immigrant i agree with >>that's 3.67 not offer. think that's just not it's a demonstration of how there. ideology spills over even though their american now so to speak they're not acting american the i'm glad that the president said what he said because all they're is if they're there it's they're inciting hatred and division and that's not what our country's about we it's that it's not about that at all and
9:36 am
i met with the president with some of his own commons his own races kind he didn't say anything about caller you know the president is not racist. he he loves people. hispanics, a black people all across the board. let me share with you the definition of racism from merriam-webster dictionary and. >>i believe that greece is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial difference is produced inherent superiority of a particular race based on that definition do you not think with the president has been >>woman 13 years 2 of his wives are immigrants. he is not as big racist. the black billionaire is endorsing president trump's him how can you call the in these >>these congressman who said they ran for congress ran for office because they explicitly love this country you're saying. >>that's a lie. so, yes, yes. his country. yes, you have a rough seas quite sunset. >>to hear what she because
9:37 am
when you don't you think it's racist your kids your casey. asking you what might be a tow we can't it's still around it has nothing to do with the real has nothing to do with the pros so the issues were never. do you think it's just a coincidence that he's for congressmen that the president is going after none of them are white yesterday. >>i don't think it matters. it's idiotic club they're saying so it doesn't matter whether they're white man woman. brown yellow anything. be friended one of their white female. congresswoman colleagues and her joy as they won't a good many of you still plan to vote for president absolutely
9:38 am
absolutely. >>and that made it clear i misspoke those were voters republican voters in texas, not lawmakers james. >>the call for more news, scientists are predicting even more hot weather throughout the year here in the bay area will have the latest findings in a minute and an earthquake strikes, the east bay may be assaulted h
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9:40 am
>>the us is poised to see a
9:41 am
staggering expansion of the frequency and the severity of extreme heat in the coming decades. >>yeah, we have some new warnings from scientists over the climate crisis. the number of extremely hot days has been increasing over the last few decades and they say the number of days of dangerous heat in the bay area could triple by the middle of the century. >>in alameda county we've historically seen about 11 days per year where the heat index was over 90 degrees. by midcentury that would triple to over 30 days per year with that level of heat and by the end of the century would expect to see about 60 such tease. >>reversing the heating trend will take some work. scientists say we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and get energy from other cleaner sources like wind and solar 9.41 com. >>we'll have the nerve to coast the most famous golfer on the planet. how annoying is it that the number one guy in his sport doesn't even have to practice plus an app that lets
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and back to the slowing i was hoping that it will look a little bit better by now on the san mateo bridge but we're getting there just slowly traffic recovering from a stall of the highrise long gone, but the backup is still there so if you plan on leaving hayward you're going to have to sit and this before the toll plaza continuing on the flat section and yet that's like that all the way over to the high rise. we're checking in on the bay bridge. we are hot spot free for now
9:45 am
we've had a few this morning nothing happening right now just a lot of slow traffic. looking a little bit better for the fast trackers but overall still stacked up from the maze so be prepared for this slow from the maze through the tolls and stretches up toward the tunnel, not too bad on the suspension and the skyway here's another trouble spot as you leave san leandro heading into oakland north of davis may be right before 98. we have a new crash and i'll step out of the way you can see that backup spilling to about 2.38 so little hiccup in your slow down there for the nimitz that's bumping you back up to 30 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland with that new crash national definitely consider 5.80 instead of the nimitz del martin also busy 36 minutes for 84 west too head over to the peninsula and for san francisco for san francisco bound 14 minutes, north one oh one from brisbane to the 80 split john well, robin skies that there are no quick today we did see a few clouds earlier on but those have parted ways with us and now it's just the sunshine to
9:46 am
look for to berkeley. >>looking really good in that house for a few hours now this helped temperatures to rise pretty swiftly and what we're looking at is currently in musher right at the shoreline of the pacific. some really nice clear skies. golden gate bridge also a bit foggy still looking outside a future cast tonight we're going to see some fog pushing in yet again it's not going to be super intrusive kind of like we saw this morning just a few low clouds and fog and we work our way into the weekend and we're going to see more of that year grace starts to the days and then also your sunshine to expectant here afternoons today's daytime highs very similar to where we wrap for your tuesday 70's and 80's for most temperatures with concord again right below the 90 degree mark as well as napa and santa rosa in the mid-eighties oakland 74 again almost a repeat of yesterday across most spots of the bay area tomorrow we start that cooling trend again temperatures fall just a couple of degrees, not super noticeable by friday saturday and sunday though all that love added up and will be to about 10 degrees cooler than
9:47 am
we were this past weekend for inland areas. >>the best golfers in the world are in ireland right now getting ready for the british ope . well, tiger is you want to get to know the course before he tees off tomorrow but not brooks koepka he doesn't practice which may explain why he ghosted tiger. >>a funny story, texas takes a brooks you know congratulations on another great finish then when he thought he would he's. i mean what he's done in the last 2 or 4 major championships and. has been just is unbelievable have been so consistent so so solid so. there's been in contention to win in the beach every major championship and. i do the unity in mind a fight they don't take a long time package from i've heard nothing. and just practice before the majors. runs on practice you see me on tv
9:48 am
that's my fight off. >>so he's the number one golfer kept it is in the world and he doesn't practice. >>some people just have the gift so the noise a lot of you % know it always practice winks. >>it slows down the game. i don't want to see wagle i want to see you do your thing 50 million times just take the ship. it could be a great show you just wasted only got one good swing and i got to make it out yeah, you know we're ok no no we should not golf together then will any support i don't want to see you like if you're a if you're and playing pool when you can walk around i do this do this do this and get it. now really bring the bridge out i do it all. i talk maybe a part of it'h think the whole plumbing say everybody is all you know line
9:49 am
it just hit the ball pitched the crash is lost in the air and see which way the winds i understand you know we talked about how he gets up at or no like last week is get up at 3 in the morning or 2 in the morning. so he's had what now and how many boots for surgeries on his an on his bed, you know the guy's 43 he's like an old man he's like an old body of an old man. actually see what you look like his old man james there's an app you can see how you're going whether is it which is really fun if you like a baby-faced assassin it and then you have a break is anymore. that's why for the clay johnson, let's check it out. his beard looks good. could be in check out joint now doing wade he posted himself old and current so you can really see it okay or you do really young people with the south like the jonas brothers. is it weird is it
9:50 am
kelly pierce brosnan a great job with the hair and everything well in some cases other cases doesn't touch your hair, let's look at lady gaga kept her hair the same. she looks like an attractive older woman i think that one came out really well katy perry. i liked how she looks very like like a nice old lady looks very friendly. murray on a. the ages 5 shooting a look at old in that shot them and and then i think we have barack obama there so when you're you out. ray does it look like your grandfather like to say is when you do it yourself actually john did it for both of us did he sendoucan't stop looking a laugh and a during the pentagon. now you notice, i'm not showing it right. but this on tv but i'm not. a crazy and i king and look at it scares me. the even
9:51 am
changes. making is that gross actually looks like you look like not, but you're younger see the younger you are it is. it's cancels i don't like the way kept it's slow. it's like keeping the hair. re receiving like on track. it's like the way back here at my are you know it seems like you notice that we didn't we didn't share the sewer going like why didn't you show it wanted to i didn't show up because i want to show it about the flying manned could just go out with a flying man allen plus flying man is a date and the event that away to fly out a report will show you video as we go is that it is for real is wise he is a jet pack it in france, he's able to do it they showed it off at a military that we show the video. >>he showed it off at a military. yet a military sing in france. the guy really is flying my it's come true. is the
9:52 am
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>>54 the earth shook yesterday in these day maybe a felt it may be a didn't they don't think roger too high of having anymore no particular because of this fault that happened on yesterday it hasn't seen too much activity in a as many years but you never know right this was just east of black autos fell from the mostly they're in walnut creek as far out as tracy livermore course even as far north of
9:55 am
sacramento. now there were some aftershocks reported out near byron livermore but scientists say that tuesday's earthquake on the greenville fault is just. i was probably what we're going to see there's only a 4% chance will feel anything bigger coming out of that fall. the 4.3 certainly is a gentle reminder in our backyard that we do live in earthquake country and earthquakes can and will happen. >>so there you go very strong earthquakes again have happened on that fault in the past 20 years. but the last real strong one was a 5, 4, and a 5, 8, that was back in 1980. >>we caught up with some people who felt it yesterday we were talking about was a split here. you and rob insulted john and i did not feel it it kind of depends where you are. >>my son lives over in oakland he text me right away, he's and did you feel it so he killed and over in oakland. >>i heard like that the house can moving a and my dogs got a little freaked out which is it more >>it was a wake-up calls people like to say at the time
9:56 am
an earthquake isn't that bad we just have to remember ok what it was and that gets ready to make and a disaster planning got to know where your family is and when and a great way to know what's going on with the kron 4 mobile app is free download that you can see we send out a push alert immediately when that quake happened the breaking news weather traffic. they're all right there. >>all right now to another cool story today check this out at a washington dc, the washington monument. >>and for it now an e how cool is that it's been transformed and was asked to call the dye yet to what they're doing is. they're projecting the saturn 5 rocket on to the side of it so that's the. >>well actual size of the rockets pretty incredible most powerful rocket ever built and that's what propelled the astronauts to the moon back during the apollo 11 a mission and that this exhibit is being done to help honor the 50th anniversary of the apollo that is a you know we've seen like the cases where they light landmarks in a different color like that. >>but actually projects
9:57 am
something on and make it look like or i would seen anything like that that's for let's take a peek or of the 7 day around the bay forecast before you leave us and you can see that it's going to be still pretty warm today and then we slide into a little bit of a cool down over the weekend looks like temperatures bounce back as we head towards the middle up next week that's it for now if you're watching the kron on app. >>after all the news never stops go to kron on dot tv to sign up for a commercial free 24 7 news app. all right that's it for us jon robin wave in from the wings by by everybody will see tomorrow. ♪
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